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Revelation Online CBT1 Date Pushed Back to Nov 3

Due to some QA issues found in the beta client, will be pushing the start date for CBT1 to Nov 3.

Netease and are excited to witness such enthusiasm surrounding our first CBT1! Since our first announcement that we will be the partner for the western release of Revelation Online, we have worked tirelessly to prepare for that happening.

Week after week, we have built, one step at a time, the foundations of our game and the growing support of a community of passionate players. We committed to deliver you a first round of testing no later than October and we are getting more and more excited as the day gets closer in sharing that first experience together.


All the systems are ready and we’ve decided to implement our distribution service for your convenience.

You can now pre-download the game’s textures which represent the largest chunk of data required to install Revelation Online.


We hope that by providing you with this archive ahead of time will help members with slower download connections to better prepare all those participating in the beta testing phase.

We are now entering the last mile prior to opening which is in no way less critical. The certification of our CBT1 Release Candidate. Our Quality Assurance folks are putting our client through the most unforgiving hardware and software compatibility stress tests. For both developers and operational staff this step is as much feared as essential to make sure we can get the greenlight for live operations.

QA has encountered some client stability issues with certain situations. While not systemic, their occurrences would be detrimental to the experience of some of our players. While many testers would be inclined to forgive such an ordeal in early stage testing, we must take into account that it would risk leaving a bitter first impression of Revelation Online for some of you.


Even though slated as a “test phase” putting the project at risk of being met with mixed feelings could ultimately hurt what we all contributed to build together so far; A thriving community looking forward to seeing the real potential of Revelation Online.
We know also that we’ve failed to respect the promise made to players with the decision to postpone our CBT1 date and that it will cause a great disappointment amongst our fans. But we believe we choose the lesser evil by setting our new date to the 3rd of November 2016.

We also hope we made the right decision by trusting you would have chosen the same alternative should you know it could prevent some of us to participate in this collective experience.

We also hope you will be more inclined to forgive us for this delay however unpleasant and trust that we’ll double our efforts to be ready for our next milestone.

As a token of gratitude for your understanding and in an attempt to rub off the bitter memory of 25th of October 2016, we’ll communicate on that date how we plan on compensating this misfortune we all endure.

Please bear with us a little longer, together we will overcome the trial of beta stages and ultimately enjoy the early exploration’s days of Revelation Online.

Warmest Regards,



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

4 replies on “Revelation Online CBT1 Date Pushed Back to Nov 3”

For me its terrible , i understand the problem but now the begin date its on my travel days, oh well will be more days, Dulfy you know now when this close beta will end?

Kaeden said “The duration is meant to be the same so 2 weeks but of course with
testing, you can’t always tell for sure. At least that s the plan so far”

Wow, a delayed beta and they already apologise and talk of compensating it somehow. That’s a level of customer orientation I haven’t seen very often.

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