GW2 Gemstore Update–Hovering Mirror, Ghostly Outfit, Bloodstone Glider

GW2 Gemstore updated today with three new items: Hovering Mad Mirror, Ghostly Outfit, and Bloodstone Glider.


Ghostly Outfit – 700 Gems

Dye Pattern


Video of the effects












Hovering Mad Mirror – 250 gems

Carpet like toy. Has some sound effect and animation when it moves



Bloodstone Glider – 500 gems

Cannot be dyed



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I know right?! I’m worried I’m going to miss it and cat/charr minis are the only personal collection I’m trying to keep complete.

If you have a bunch of characters in GW1, pop in and see what birthday presents you have. I collected minis, so when HoM dropped, I had my 30 points to unlock all the items already, and there were hardcore players in my guild who were scrambling to buy up more. Minis go a long way in unlocking that stuff and the orange tabby is a fairly early unlock. 🙂

The cat in the hat is summoned by the toy from the witch’s outfit. You can get anyone to summon it for you if you don’t own the broom, there’s bound to be someone in LA. Oh and if you want to feed it, it want to eat a frog in a jar bought from the heart vendor just south of LA by the frog juicers. Buy the masterwork version.

Also I noticed that once it was in my home it would go and claw a chunk off the candy node, eat the candy and then roll about with hearts fluttering off it… pretty cute.

Question: Could anyone please check if there’s clipping with the scarf (Sylvari, Asura) if you HIDE the helmet? Check both out of combat and in combat, please. 0:) Thank you! *offers cookies*

The scarf is rigged nicely around the neck and lower head, I don’t see any clipping right now. Any particular animation you have in mind?

Nah, that info is enough, thank you. 🙂 I think I’ll get it for my Asura, they look cute in this outfit. :3

This is cool! Not sure why people are bothered about not being able to dye the the head. Most people ive seen in game with look better without the head peace.

The outfit glows along the metallic trimming, the glow takes the colour of the main fabric. I also think it glows only at night.

They can obviously make a mount so why isn’t it a thing yet? They should at least increase the out of combat movement speed by 100%. Even the rank 3 mastery only adds 15%. I like the instant-travel via waypoint, but I love exploring the map most and the best way to do so is on a mount.

the day anet introduces mounts i am gonna uninstall the game. i’ve been playing GW since 2005, and i chose GW for several reasons. one being that it didnt resemble and remind me of WoW at all. if Anet starts copying WoW features like pointless mounts then i’m out quicker than lightning.

Mounts have nothing to do with WoW. It’s a great feature that will be implemented in the next expansion as a mastery. Thank god Anet is finally taking good mmo features like gliding and mounts and sticking them in.

It seems that during the Halloween, ArenaNet loves to resurrect this dead horse by adding items that resembles a mount. As long as they’re keep doing this, this horse is not staying in the Underworld.

Leave out the part where rank 5 in the Pact Commander mastery gives you FULL PERMA SWIFTNESS in cities to “prove” your point why don’t you.

The horses deserve more than you’re giving them. Let them at least have a peaceful death.

City speed boost can be acquired by talking to an NPC — this NPC has been there from the start. The mastery is useless and a waste of mastery points. What I’m talking about is exploration, a mount that can be used in traveling without the need of waypoint and that can be used in WvW.

Why the obsession for a mount in a game built around not having them? Is having a horse part of your identity in an MMO so much that you don’t care how or why it is added, only that it gets done.

If that is the case, then why add mobs on a mount? Or why even make items like the hovering mirror? It’s kinda pathetic to accept something that can obviously be a mount and not have buff on movement speed. All this does is so you can fool yourself and pretend to be on a mount.

This game used be built around not having gliders either, yet here we are today with gliders and mounts rumoured in next expansion! This game needs more general mmo content like mounts and housing really badly. Luckily the gliding is already a thing.

It’d be cooler if you could dye the head different colors, changing the auras around. Imagine neon blue flames or something.

Am I the only one who wishes the eyes of the outfit could be dyed yellow and then combined with the Wizard’s Hat?

no your not. Perfect Black mage disguise, although u can still make it happen with the right colors on a Sylvary, the Wizard hat the Legacy light armor from GW1 from the HoM and proper dying

That failed opportunity to have the head of the outfit have color instead of just staying black, not really interested the re-skinned carpet, and the glider looks decent.

I still see it as a fail opportunity to just release the head of the skin…not the rest. The rest looks like trash that someone actually got payed & wasted time to make.

Pif its simplistic and halloween theme’ed and it works. We dont need more stupid looking outfits with 100 spikes and 15 floating gems that dont move naturally on their own >.>

I honestly wish they would do more outfits that are simple and not overly compensating with spikes and large shoulder peaces you cant hide. This looks like something a person in this world would wear

Now if they would just do a full Grenth out fit instead of reselling that head peace.

What i wish is they would let us do something with our creativity instead of forcing “cookiecutter builds” down our throat both for game mechanics (skills) and aesthetics (skins).

There is no extra work needed..they already make them look different for each race…but they pack them under 1 full skin instead of letting us partpick and mixmatch whatever we like.

Everything in this game is one big cookiecutter.

The game use to be this way but so many players mix matching skins like that was causing problems with the game. I can understand that if it was really a true reasoning. Its not easy to just write new code and mix it in with the games old base code and expect things to work. Its why they are limited on what they can do with new elite specializations. I would assume the same goes for making skin peaces work without causing issues in the game.

If gw1 could make their game in a way that it’s not totally cookiecutter where you can mix and match armors and have very beautiful armors/outfits that all looked different from one another, and a huge variety of skill combos/builds that all work then I don’t see why gw2 couldn’t… except for maybe having less experienced, less creative, less intelligent people making gw2 than the ones who made gw1. That’s the only thing I can think of that would be a real excuse for it, not that it’s physically impossible but just that they aren’t experienced enough.

God, I’m tired of people saying that the current crew are talentless hacks and that the GW1 dev team were gods; if people at least said names, but they don’t even know those… News to you, quite a bit of the “old godlike” devs are still with Anet and some even came back it seems these last 2 years. Also, Colin was one of the good old devs since Prophecies, and many feel that his departure was a good thing for the game, for he might be part of the original team yet he overhyped a lot and the game didn’t have a clear direction on its first 2 years. Plus, GW1 wasn’t an MMO, it was heavily instance-based, the closest was the GvG mode which had its own issues regardless of those nostalgia vibes.

The design issues from GW2 mostly derive on Anet deciding just to mod badly (as in saving money it seems) the Havoc-based engine they used on your dear GW1. Still, the backend from GW2 is one of the best among the current market, downtime is pretty much unexisting thanks to that, and it also made possible stuff like the wardrobe system, and more. Just look at WoW adding stuff in Legion that is pretty much a given in GW2 (but then many forget the founders of Anet were ex-Blizzard devs, from the “good old times”).

Ok well I never called anyone a talentless hack, that’s pretty harsh. And why are you so upset and stressed over what people say about a game or its makers do you work for them or something….people are gonna have their opinions on things, and if they didn’t want anyone comparing the 2 games then they should have not named gw2 “guild wars” especially since gw2 is absolutely nothing like guild wars and isn’t half as fun or stylish as guild wars, it’s a huge let down to some people who loved the original guild wars and was expecting the same amount of epicness from it’s replacement that shares its name.

But yea you might wanna try some aromatherapy or something to calm down, lavender and chamomile are pretty good for their calming properties and orange and lemon have a happy smell too ☮

“By the way, the cat I picked up to guard the vaults is coming in handy. The storerooms are spotless, and I haven’t seen any vermin for a week. That said, I’m pretty sure I saw her fly past on a riding broom just now…”
So…there might be a cat in the vaults? Or is it just a hit?

I also might be reading too much into this…

that outfit was so worth the 700 gems lol…. For get you guys who dont like outfits in the gem store XD
While im not a fan of the head but I can hide that 😀 (FINALLY AN OUTFIT WITHOUT STUPIDLY LARGE SHOULDERS) I was so tired of not being able to put some outfits on my charr because of how large the shoulders get scaled to when they retro fit them on the charr.

The aura on idle was a bit unexpected with this outfit though. I wish you could turn it off an on. I feel like it can only fit my necro now.

People bitch because they either have to grind their ass off for gold to gems rate or dish out real money to get an outfit. Reason why most people bicker about it but won’t admit to such things.

I for one have no issue just throwing 10$ for an outfit I like. $10 is one fast food meal you could not spend eating out and instead cook something at the house.

Skip out on fast food lunch on one day for a outfit thats permanent and will always be there whenever you want to play the game even if its 2 years from now.

Not a big deal to me imo
If you can shell out 10$ for something you like you shouldn’t whine about having to grind in game gold for it. After all many mmo’s don’t offer the option of converting in game money to cash shop currency to start with. Which means they wouldn’t be getting it at all.

I would just say people need to get jobs but thats rood not all players are old enough to work so…. yeah… 😛

Sorry, no damn outfit is worth skipping lunch. If there are people out there who do that I feel sorry for them in the truest sense of the word.

I didnt say skip lunch I’m saying have a more affordable one. 10$ spent on fast food can easily make at least 2 home cooked meals for 1 person.

Roughly if you eat out 5 days a week at fast food for lunch at 7$(Average) per meal thats 35$

for 35$ you can get enough to feed yourself for several meals a day fore those 5 days a week.

Be sides if your grinding all that gold its less likely you will think about lunch during lunch time anyways.

10$ is not a whole lot of money and 10$ now will be worth like 4$ a few months down the line. Some people dont have the time to grind out the gold for gems im just saying there are options like this out there that people dont consider and no one should be whining about outfits being sold in the gem store and not being given out for free.

Outfit is “meh” cause outfits are “meh” and lazy in general. Glider needs a matching backpiece to be worth a single dime. The Mirror is kinda cool though…

The outfit turned out to be excellent on my female norn necro. Close fit, decent feet for once and the grasping hands are right in the necro theme. It also looks good with Nevermore’s effects like the footprints and all that jazz. So yeah, 700 gems very well spent 🙂

I like the effects, unfotunately there’s nothing there for Heavy Armor aficionados so I won’t be buying this for my Reaper (I aim towards a Death Knight type look).

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