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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales October 25 – November 1

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales October 25 – November 1


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16 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales October 25 – November 1”

Got Senya’s pike. I don’t remember getting it when opening the packs (entirely possible I could have overlooked it, if unlikely), and I found it unlocked for account when I know I didn’t unlock it (hadn’t unlocked any items at that point, I do that once I’ve opened the packs, compared with what I still need in collections then opened all the chance cubes I got- only then do I start unlocking anything I want to unlock, starting with bronze items, and I saw the unlock when I was checking what I was still missing).

So, there’s a bug that- at the very least- is unlocking that item for account use. Pretty sure it’s a bug that’s also collecting the pike for people who didn’t get it.

Not complaining, of course. Makes a pleasant change, and I hope (like most other bugs) they make no effort to rectify the error. I’m interested to hear if anyone else had this ‘issue’, though- at the very least to back me up before the fanboys rushing in to claim BW could never make a mistake.

It’s not just a visual glitch either- I’ve claimed and equipped the pike on multiple characters now, just to make sure it’s the full unlock. Quite chuffed with the result :’)

seems really hard to get anything worthwhile, probobly the worst pack for me, hope you guys dont waste money on this one πŸ˜›

That’s the force diciple’s hood, sadly. would be good to finally see some more hairstyles again, maybe zabrak styles as well, and a samurair hairdo for humans.

So happy ive already got my lightsaber pike just wished i had it opening only 1 pack like i got the lightsaber crossblades

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