Black Desert October 26 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online patch notes for the October 26 Game Update which brings in Tamer awakening.

Event & System

  • Tamer Awakening has arrived!
  • Improvements have been made to the issue where other players were warping irregularly when mounted on a horse or wagon.
  • The use of Shovels and Empty Bottles has been re-enabled, we apologize for any inconvenience while this was being fixed.
    • Players who took advantage of such exploits have been permanently removed from the game. You may find additional info > here. <
  • New and returning explorers event has been extended until the 9th of November.
    • Players should claim their reward before the maintenance cycle of November 16th.

Class Changes


  • Awakening quests and skills have now added [Awakening: Daru’s Celestial Bo Staff].
    • Please note we are aware of an issue with the Tamer’s Skill description for the ability ‘Echo Pierce’ where the percentage of accuracy is not correctly displayed. The correct numbers should be 4% and 5% for version II, and III of the ability.
      * This issue will be resolved in a later update.


Witch & Wizard

  • Fixed the issue where the incorrect alert was shown when stamina reached zero while using Magic Arrow.

Item Changes

  • Fixed the issue where the Special skills of Tier 2 Batian Dog, Tier 2 Shaggy Dog, and Tier 2 Curly Dog were not being applied correctly.
  • Halloween BGM will now be played between 22:00 ~ 04:00 in game time for major towns. Enjoy the beautiful music!

Pearl Shop Update


Mechanic Changes

  • When more than one pet is out at a time, pet sounds effects will play less frequently.

Quest Changes

  • New level up quest series [Six Steps for Personal Growth] has been added.
    • Level 50 or higher Players can receive the quest from Black Spirit.

Interface Changes

  • Improved the size of the Force Enchantment menu for better legibility.
  • [Game Setting] ‘View Workers’ option has been added.
    • Workers will become invisible once this option has been checked, however this requires a restart to take effect.
    • Workers tasks will continue as normal, even though they cannot be seen in game.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where getting knowledge of [Hansen Radolf’s Logbook] was not possible.
  • Fixed the issue where the Set Effects of [Decadent Dilettante Furniture Set] was not applying the intended interior points.
  • Fixed the issue where the [Returning Explorer Event’s] day 2 reward; ‘Value Pack (7 Days)’ did not include the Merv’s Palette effect.
    • Players who already activated the above mentioned Value Packs will receive 1 Merv’s Palette (7 Days) by in-game mail.


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