Revelation Online English Patch for Chinese Servers

Revelation Online English Patch for Chinese servers. Last Updated Nov 23, 2016.

Remember to backup your Chinese and files before copy/pasting the English files. You will need these Chinese files for the next time when the game patches as you cannot update with the English patch.

Chinese server usually patches every Wednesday around 8 – 10 pm eastern (7-9 pm

How to Apply the English Patch

First thing you do before applying the English patch is to always backup your Chinese files. The two files you need to backup are and and they are located in your res folder.

  • Example: E:\Program Files (x86)\Netease\ty\res


What you should do is make a backup folder and then copy these two files to your backup folder. Remember where this backup folder is (I usually just make it inside the res folder) as you will need it next week.

Once you have backed up your Chinese and files, you can download the English patch, extract it and then copy the English and files into the same res folder, overriding the Chinese ones.

Patch Day

On Patch day, which is every Wednesday 8 – 10 pm, you need to do the following.

Go to your backup folder, copy the Chinese enties and gui files and paste them into res folder to override the English files. This is very important because you can only patch with the Chinese entities and files. If you accidently screwed this up and patched with the English files, you will need to run repair.exe found in the ty folder.


Once you are finished patching, copy the new Chinese and into your backup folder, override your old backups. Then download the new English patch. and apply them as per the instructions above.

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Please help. Mind helping, why the game keep crashing up.. I tried region changes to Chinese, turning all off firewall and anti virus.. still.. does not work.. any can share. 🙂 ty in advance.

that was a really quick reply and thx
so ill have to play the game blindly until he makes a new patch
and do u know when he will be back

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