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Revelation Online Reputation System General Guide

Revelation Online reputation general guide covering the basics of the reputation system and the cosmetics it offers.[toc]

Reputation Basics

Revelation Online has a very extensive reputation system that will take players many months to master. In exchange, you will receive some unique cosmetics and crafting materials not available anywhere else. Some of the best crafting recipes in the game also require Obsidian reputation rank in specific reputations, which can take months to acquire for diligent players.

To access the Reputation system, simply press C and click the fourth tab. It will list all the reputation groups in the game, your reputation with them, and how much honor you have with them. Since there are numerous reputation groups, they are divided into sections based on their location. Currently, there are 21 reputation groups to gain reputations with but generally you only need to focus on 14. Reputation is character based much like everything else in Revelation Online. One character’s progress will not have effect on another.


On the reputation tab you can also check out the goodies you can purchase once you reach a certain rank with that particular group. It also has a button to direct you to the closest reputation vendor where you can purchase these items.


There are 5 reputation ranks: Silver –> Gold –> Platinum –> Diamond –> Obsidian. The amount of points to reach the next rank differ between the reputation groups but follow these two paths generally. Silver rank can be reached in a few days, gold maybe a week or two. Diamond and Obsidian will require many months (Obsidian can take 4-5 months to obtain).

Su Lan, Flat Sea Town, Yu Kimura, Whetstone City, God Language, Ji City Xi Clan, Fairy Mushroom, Bear Clan, Wing Clan, Yu Beaver, North Wolf, Nine Tail
  • Silver: 16000
  • Gold: 43000
  • Platinum: 41000
  • Diamond: 80000
  • Obsidian: 115000
  • Silver: 11500
  • Gold: 33500
  • Platinum: 34000
  • Diamond: 73000
  • Obsidian: 105000
  • Total: 290500
  • Total: 261500

Earning Reputation

There are a couple of ways you can earn reputation. Some are repeatable, some only repeatable daily/weekly, while others are a one time deal. Some of the repeatable reputation tasks are tracked on a interface you can access by clicking on this button next to any of the reputation groups. You gain double reputation/honor every day for the first couple of repeatable tasks you do and you can keep track of this double bonus up top on the interface.

  • Job Board, Cooperative Area Tasks, and Daily reputation/honor quests are tracked this way and can be easily located by using this interface.


Reputation Quest Chain (Non-repeatable)

These quests are a one time deal. You need to unlock them by doing the main story. Some reputation quests chains require you to complete a previous chain. These chains are marked with blue icons on the map and you will need to enable a specific map filter to see them. These quests only reward you with reputation.


Heritage (Non-repeatable)

You can collect heritage of the various reputation groups by talking to specific NPCs and objects marked with specific icons. There is a whole interface keeping track of these heritage objects you have discovered and those still left to be uncovered. Interacting with these NPCs/objects will unlock a small cutscene and reward you with a substantial amount of reputation/honor. It is recommended you do this for all reputations that have it as it can reward you with a significant amount of reputation and honor. This is also a one time thing.


Fun Rest (Repeatable Weekly)

There are objects marked on the map you can sit on once a week for reputation. All you need to do is interact with them and wait while the bar fills up to full. You gain reputation at each division on the activity bar and you will get a mail at the end with more reputation/honor.


Dungeons (Repeatable Daily/Weekly)

Dungeons rewards reputation towards specific groups on boss kills. You will also get a random reputation tribute item at the end of dungeon reward screen (discussed below).

  • Darkfall – Su Lan
  • Deserted Shrine – Flat Sea Town
  • Misty Hollow: Yu Kimura
  • Greatwall Battle Royale: North Wolves
  • Great Wall: Wheatstone City
  • Lun Town Trials – Nine Tails
  • Mechanical Maze – Wing Clan
  • Mechanical Maze Battle Royal – Bear Clan

Reputation/Honor Dailies (Repeatable Daily)

Most reputation groups have a chain of daily quests that you can do once per day for reputation/honor. These quests are marked with a green icon on the map with a gold icon above the NPCs.


Cooperative Area Tasks (Repeatable)

Each reputation group generally have repeatable cooperative area tasks that generally require multiple players to participate. These tasks have multiple stages and you earn reputation/honor for each stage you participate in. Participation is rated on a scale of 3 stars for every stage and you will want to earn 3 stars for maximum reputation/honor. You can do these cooperation area tasks multiple times per day but you earn double reputation/honor on the first stage you do each day for each reputation group.


Find the location for these area tasks by using the repeatable reputation interface and clicking on the area tasks.


Job Boards (Repeatable)

Job Boards have repeatable tasks you can repeat multiple times day for reputation, honor and labor points. These jobs have a time limit and you must complete them before a certain ingame time. Ingame day/night cycle lasts for 2 hrs of RL time. Daytime starts and ends at xx:05 to xx:55 of one hour while the nighttime begins at the same time on the other hour. Day/night jobs must be completed before xx:55 of the hour or it fails.

  • Depending on your reputation rank, jobs will grant more reputation/honor and labor points. For example, at silver rank you will generally get 1.24x of the rewards on a job compared to below silver rank.
  • Some jobs are only open to those with silver rank or above.


Most job boards only open during the daytime ingame but some boards open during the night time as well. Some job boards are also closed during noon period, which is from xx:25 to xx:35 of the day hour and require jobs to be completed before then. All job boards are marked on your repeatable reputation interface but you can also spot them on the map.


Honor and Labor

Honor is a form of currency obtained by doing reputation dailies, jobs, and cooperative area tasks. It is a form of currency used to purchase items from reputation vendors. The amount of honor you earn from a reputation task is 10% of the reputation value (i.e. if a quest give you 100 reputation, it would also give you 10 honor).

You can see how much honor you have for each reputation group on the reputation interface as well. Reputation groups without a vendor usually don’t have honor.


Labor is only earned by doing jobs on the job board. Labor in combination with honor can be used to exchange for cloud credits, the currency you can trade between players. 10 Labor points and 20 honor can be used to exchange 600 cloud credits. This is a good system to earn money provided you do not want any of the cosmetic items from the reputation stuff. Otherwise you may want to save up your honor for those. The NPC to exchange labor/honor can be usually found next to the reputation vendor in each reputation area.


Reputation Tributes

You can earn reputation tributes for random reputation groups at end of the dungeon on the reward menu. If you are below silver rank, you can just consume these reputation items directly from your inventory. However, if you are silver rank or above, you can sell them to a Tribute NPC for more reputation. Tribute NPCs are found in Su Lan and Jin City.


Each reputation will give 30 reputation at base 100%. However, silver rank or above give more for up to a 200% (60 reputation).

  • Silver – 110%
  • Gold – 120%
  • White Gold – 150%
  • Diamond – 180%
  • Black – 200%


There is one specific reputation tribute for each reputation group.

Icon Name Reputation
ro-port-cargo Port Cargo Su Lan
ro-xi-pearl-bay Xi Pearl Bay Xi Clan
ro-story-spore Story Spore Fairy Mushroom
ro-daughter-tears Daughter Tears Peach Yao Yao
ro-town-spices Town Spices Flat Sea Town
ro-wing-feather Wing Feathers Bear Clan
ro-bear-meat Bear Meat Wing Clan
ro-wonderland-herbs Wonderland Herbs Yu Kimura
ro-yuan-beaver-wine Yuan Beaver Wine Yuan Beaver
ro-north-wolf-remains North Wolf Remains Whetstone City
ro-werewolf-blood Werewolf Blood North Wolf
ro-demons-blot Demons Blot God Language
ro-cloud-hanging-treasure Cloud Hanging Treasure Ji City
ro-famous-painting Famous Painting 9 Tail

Reputation Cosmetics

Some of the cosmetics here are purchased directly from the Reputation vendor while others are given for free upon reaching a certain reputation rank.



You can get a pair of Blue Dragonfly Wings for achieving Gold in 12 reputation groups (silver for Yuan Beaver). You will need to achieve gold in the following reputation groups

  • Su Lan, Xi Clan, Fairy Mushroom, Flat Sea Town, Yu Kimura, Yuan Beaver, Whetstone City, North Wolf, Bear Clan, Wing Clan, Ji City, and Nine Tails.
  • You also need to achieve Gold in Black City reputation, which is done by doing your Secret City dailies.


Each reputation vendor sells an unique Dragonfly Fragment for 2000 Bronze Feathers. Assemble the 12 fragments together and purchase a Dragonfly repair volume from the Black City reputation vendor for 1000 Bronze Feathers for a total of 25,000 Bronze Feathers in cost. This is a definite upgrade to your basic free wings and is an option for those who wants a good looking pair of wings without spending money on the cashshop.



These outfits require Gold reputation, 4x Fashion Item Unit Four, 15000 Cloud Coupons, 5000 Bronze Feathers.

Mushroom Raging
Fairy Mushroom Bear Clan
ro-mushroom-outfit ro-raging-outfit


All these waist items require Gold reputation rank and 7888 honor.

Liguor Echo Lo Small Mushroom Lamp Kotake Tank
Su Lan Xi Clan Fairy Mushroom Flat Sea Town
ro-liguor ro-echo-lo ro-small-mushroom-lamp ro-kotake-tank
Sweet Tianyu – Arrow Pei Glass Wu Drunk
Bear Clan Wing Clan Yu Kimura Yuan Beaver
ro-sweet ro-tianyu-arrow ro-pei-glass ro-wu-drunk
Qianjun Order Lone Wolf God Decree Scroll Jade Ring
Whetstone City North Wolf God Language Ji City
ro-qianjun-order ro-lone-wolf ro-god-decree-scroll ro-jade-ring

This waist fan from Nine Tail reputation has an expand function.



All these waist items require Platinum reputation rank and 9888 honor.

Dreaming Early Han Tidal Water Rainbow Mushroom Cap
Su Lan Xi Clan Fairy Mushroom
ro-dreaming-early-han ro-tidal-water ro-rainbow-mushroom-cap
Small Bamboo Bear Miners Cap Tianyu – Wing
Flat Sea Town Bear Clan Wing Clan
ro-small-bamboo ro-bear-miners-cap-2 ro-tianyu-wing
Cloud Crane Delicate Dice Archosaurs Pente Helmet
Yu Kimura Yuan Beaver Whetstone City
ro-cloud-crane-2 ro-delicate-dice ro-archosaurs-pente
Rose Golden Delicious Shi Li Roar
Ji City God Language North Wolf
ro-rose-golden-delicious ro-shi-li ro-roar
Magic Ear
Nine Tail

This head item require Diamond rank to purchase from Fairy Mushroom.


Hair Accessory

These items are reputation rewards for reaching Diamond rank.

Flash Ribbon Hairpin Sweat Hairpin
Su Lan Xi Clan Fairy Mushroom
ro-flash ro-ribbon-hairpin ro-sweat-hairpin
Cha Cha Hairpin Runaway Hairpin Strawberry Hairpin
Flat Sea Town Bear Clan Wing Clan
ro-cha-cha-hairpin ro-runaway-hairpin ro-strawberry-hairpin
Butterfly Hairpin Sweetheart Hairpin Cherry
Yu Kimura Yuan Beaver Whetstone City
ro-butterfly-hairpin ro-sweetheart-hairpin ro-cherry
Daring Hairpin Mahjong Hairpin Color Knot
North Wolf Ji City Nine Tail
ro-daring-hairpin ro-majong-hairpin ro-color-knot


These items require Diamond reputation rank and 15888 honor.

Stuporous Poseidon Sigh Glamorous Township Mushroom
Su Lan Xi Clan Fairy Mushroom
ro-stuporous ro-poseidon-sigh ro-glamorous-township-mushroom
Small Bamboo Seedlings Little Bear Amoy Tianyu
Flat Sea Town Bear Clan Wing Clan
ro-small-bamboo-seedling ro-little-bear-amoy ro-tianyu-back
Hua Stream Fair Beaver Absolute Guardian
Yu Kimura Yuan Beaver Whetstone City
ro-hua-stream ro-fair-beaver ro-absolute-guardian
Wolf Xuehaiwuya Golden
North Wolf God Language Ji City
ro-wolf ro-xuehaiwuya ro-golden
Absolute Piano
Nine Tail

The Stuporous back item from Su Lan can be expanded


Reputation Guides

Due to the length of the reputation guides for each reputation group, these will be divided into separate guides to be released at a later time. They will cover all the one time quests, heritage, dailies, and best jobs from the job boards.

Su Lan

  • Su Lan City
  • Xi Clan
  • Fairy Mushroom


  • Flat Sea Town


  • Bear Clan
  • Wing Clan
  • Yu Kimura

Ying Ling

  • Yuan Beaver


  • Wheatstone City
  • North Wolf

Royal Capital

  • God Language
  • Ji City
  • Nine Tail


Special thanks to Pincushion, LargeFarva, Cheap Uncle Seph, and Adaptive of Epiphany Guild for their assistance in making this guide.


If you are looking to purchase Revelation Online founder packs for access to the beta, you can purchase them here and help support the site~ The first closed beta runs from Nov 3 to Nov 17.


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Job Board is only open once a day. Only last about an hour and 55 mins. So unless your waiting right at the board when the two jobs pop, you are not gonna get many done. Which makes the factions that only have the job board as a way to increase standing ultimately undo-able.

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