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SWTOR Uprising Overview Livestream Notes

SWTOR Uprising Overview Livestream notes and coverage.

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  • Community Topics
  • Uprisings
  • Uprisings and Endgame
  • Stream/Blog Plan

Community Topics

  • Catch up mechanics for gearing – crafting. If you need gear for another discipline or need to help catch up in gearing you can craft gear. The crafted gear is not the highest level of gear but it is quite high and let you catch up.
  • They are going to post the details of crafted gear either today or tomorrow morning. Including details on where to get schematics, bound/unbound etc. Higher level crafted gear require schematics/materials that drops from the hardest content in the game. Set bonuses will come solely from Galactic Command and not available from crafting.
  • Cartel Market Passes – You can refund the passes when early access for KOTET starts. They are going to give you full cartel coin value for them regardless of how you got them from. Passes in guild banks need to be taken out of the guild bank before 5.0 early access starts or you won’t get the refund.
  • Commendation conversion rates – Going to post the exact conversion rates tomorrow morning.
  • F2P players can’t level up to level 70, they can still access the old flashpoints and content but no Galactic Command or Uprisings for them.
  • It is their intention you will get every companion back eventually. KOTFE’s story feels a bit stretched out and the choices didn’t seem to matter so for KOTET they are really focusing on this.


  • Accessible through Galactic Command at max level. Don’t need to finish story, just need to reach level 70. It is a static/designed content like flashpoints and not randomized.
  • Available for our premium players only (subscribers).
  • They are currently faction specific but might be cool in the future to have cross-faction groups for them.
  • You are automatically placed into a queue when you click on the Uprising button in Galactic Command.
  • New 4 player content that is fast and action packed. Compared to flashpoints, it is story-lite and faster. Huge wave of enemies, giant bosses. Roughly 15-20 minutes of content.
  • Has 4 challenge modes (story mode for the easiest, veteran mode will be like Hardmode Lost Island, Master mode will be like Nightmare difficulty). Only story and veteran mode will come at launch, master mode will come soon after. Story mode is not solo content, we want to focus on multiplayer content. It will be like tactical mode in difficulty.
  • Power-ups available much like the ones in KOTFE story. They will be scattered around the level, some hiding inside crates.
    • Tempest Rocket Launcher – It is a rocket launcher
    • Thermap Devastator – Like thermal detonator, but more devastating
    • Combat Clarity – no cooldowns, unlimited resources, move faster.

Uprisings and Endgame

  • Coming with KOTET
    • Galactic Command
    • All new story and veteran uprisings
    • 9 new chapters (25 total) with story and veteran difficulty. Your first playthrough of the story chapters will be the one where your choices are saved.
    • 16+ player world bosses from dark vs light
    • all existing end-game content scaled to 70
  • Coming after Eternal Throne (more info in mid-late Nov)
    • Master Chapters (solo difficult content)
    • Master Uprisings (group difficult content)
    • These will be the toughest challenges balanced for the highest level gear in the expansion.
    • Additional group content planned as well, more to share in Jan of next year.

Stream Plans

  • Nov 3 – Galactic Command: Combat and class changes
  • Nov 10 – Repeatable chapters/difficulty levels
  • Nov 17 – New planets/story insights with Charles
  • Nov 23 – KOTET wrap up and Q&A

Galactic Command — Uprisings

Introducing Uprisings, a brand new combat experience that will launch with the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion on December 2nd. Be at the center of action-packed 4-player battles that challenge players of all skill levels. Once you hit maximum level, you can jump into Uprisings through the Galactic Command interface, accessible from anywhere in the game. If you want to learn more about Galactic Command, head to our overview blog.

What is an Uprising?
What sets Uprisings apart from other activities such as Flashpoints and Operations? It’s simple. Uprisings are meant to be faster-paced and action-packed combat adventures where you must fight through multiple enemies at a time as you work your way towards more challenging foes. In Uprisings, you will jump into the action quickly, taking on some of the most dangerous foes in the galaxy. Those enemies have spawned these Uprisings, questioning the very power of your Alliance.

With the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne you can customize your level of challenge in any Uprising, choosing from multiple challenge modes including Story and Veteran. Veteran Uprisings will be among the most challenging battles in the game. If you can succeed, playing through a Veteran Uprising will be one of the greatest sources of Command Experience Points that contribute to your Command Level, allowing you to unlock increasingly more powerful gear, weapons and more.

As you’re fighting through Uprisings, look for special power-ups located throughout the area to help aid you in your fight. These power-ups may include:

  • Tempest Rocket Launcher – Fires an unstable prototype missile that explodes on contact to unleash torrents of lightning in all directions. Enemies caught in the blaze are electrocuted and stunned for 3 seconds while continuing to sustain heavy damage. Additionally, the initial impact deals massive concussive damage, knocking enemies backwards and down to the floor.
  • Thermal Devastator – The most powerful and feared explosive in the galaxy, the Thermal Devastator emits an incendiary concussive wave that sets enemies ablaze. While the initial impact sears foes in an all-consuming conflagration, the follow-up wave of force launches them through the air with bone-shattering force.
  • Combat Clarity – For a brief period of time you will able to move faster and use your most powerful abilities with reckless abandon.

With these power-ups at your disposal, you should be able to dispatch any Uprisings that appear throughout the Galaxy.

Get ready to join your friends and guildmates in fast and challenging Uprisings!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

396 replies on “SWTOR Uprising Overview Livestream Notes”

Well, it’s one thing to have champ mobs thrown at you from everywhere and another to have some tactics beyond red circle = bad so I’ll reserve judgment for those uprisings. It sounds like the Eternal Championship so far and that wasn’t terribly impressive – easy for the veterans, hard for the new guys. All in all, I don’t think anybody is still bothering to do it.

You noticed they said they want to FOCUS on multiplayer content but they won’t release ops and plus let’s say someone actually finishes all of them in 15 or 20 minutes that’s a 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes of content and then there is nothing else most likely until next expansion that is IF we get multiplayer content in the next expansion!

from what ive read it sounds like its just world bosses lol who knows its so fucking vague as usual hard to make heads or tails of anything there

Did they say anything about roles? Are Uprisings 4 DD? Or 2 DD, 1 T, 1 H? or like tactical and Hardmode are now?

But in an nutshell, Uprisings are Flashpoints. Kill enemys of different strenght with 4 players. Calling them Uprisings and not new Flashpoints is just a marketing stunt.

They are like FPs. So Story is Tactical and is role neutral and Veteran is HM and role specific. They said the Veteran difficulty is around the Lost Island HM difficulty

so based on what i saw uprisings are just rehashed fp/tacticals with 4 people that you have to que for like i was saying no random sith lords appearing and attacking corusant with 16 people or more and they think this is going to get people to sub? this a sub only thing hell you can just do the already prior rehashed fp/tacticals how are people not seeing this lolz

Lets be honest. What that looked like was a ground version of the old space combat on rails. Run down this canyon, try not to get hit, take out objectives and big boss at end.

The “random sith lords appearing and attacking corusant” are a function of the DvL war, not uprisings.
Furthermore, there is more to this that only subs can take advantage of in addition to uprisings.

Sub only = queue for ever
That’s why those prefered and f2p players are important to the game! by lokcing them out they cut all benefits that a f2p model adds to a game.

Bioware is actively trying to turn back from F2P into a sub only game. I feel it is kinda shitty practice they are doing. The F2Pers helped to keep the game alive when it as struggling and now you are just basically giving them a giant middle finger.

there going to lose a good chunk of money from those f2p players buying things even if its a low amount of money coming that was money coming in either way pretty stupid

Maybe it’s not as much as some people want to believe. Maybe it’s gotten to a low point that made this move easy for them…who knows? I don’t, I’m betting neither do you.

either way it was money coming into the game regardless of big or small it was money no one can dispute that

Listen if you have a choice and go left to get 10 bucks or go right to get 20 bucks, would you not abandon the left choice and go for the 20 bucks?

what if in the middle there was a vending machine making money for you with 50 bucks over it i would choose the 50 bucks

Well, show us the vending machine then because I don’t think it exists. That’s just wishful thinking at that point.

Or it’s the 10 bucks option, because if it was the vending machine EA would’ve stopped them already. No, they see money in this decision. That much is clear and just because you don’t want it to be that way, doesn’t make you right. Either way, time will tell. The decision was made already and they’re not gonna suddenly change their mind a month before release.

see money? there removing things that made money LOL the cartel market is a vending machine plain and simple you push a button buy something it shows up in your inventory. I wasnt saying i was right or wrong it was just viewpoint as yours is yours and yes time will tell

Hihi.. “see money? there removing things that made money LOL the cartel market is a vending machine plain and simple you push a button buy something it shows up in your inventory.” Eaware.. 🙁

Even though they said this would not happen, it’s only a matter of time until Command Crates are in Cartel Market, complete with chance for stat gear.

I am not too familiar with the set up as I was always subbed, but isn’t F2P locked at level 50 and you need to spend money to go beyond that?

removing those passes is going to make a lot f2p just leave not saying they should get a free ride but they were buying passes what would have been ideal is to make the passes higher and a longer time if anything meh pretty stupid

I have to wonder if it was F2P or Preferred that were using the passes mostly. On the GTN they went for prices that F2P players couldn’t afford so it seems to me that the biggest market was Subs that were getting passes together so they could drop their sub for a while. It could very well be that that behaviour is what triggered this decision. It may very well be that it was too interesting for people to drop their subs regularly and only sub once in a while for a month just so they can stock up again.

Well, in the end someone should buy passes with CC, so bioware would get their cash anyway. I don’t see a problem here.

Yeah but people don’t necessarily play all the time so the math could be simple that if x amount of these people subbed, it would gain them more than via the ops passes. Not everybody plays every day or every week and people focus on one element generally so it could mean that they limit what they do in game as well. I mean, I don’t know the answers why, but they seem to have their reasons to do this and there’s gotta be something that makes them think this is the way to go.

those people were f2p for a reason though removing there playtime from activities isnt going to make them sub when they couldnt in the first place there trying to force/push people into subs with this and i dont see it working personally its just gonna make people leave b/c they can do less and buy less lol even

You´re so right about this. I´m pref, I sub ocassionally, mostly because where I live, I should pay like 450 bucks per month to sub- Locking content is not a good choice, since the subs are less every day and the queues take forever.

now your gonna have even less in ques and even longer que time lol this whole thing makes me think of obamacare haha if you freeloaders wont pay for the subs insurance then well for you to sub!

either way it was free money they were getting those uprisings are going to make people sub lol another genius move on ea’s part

I agree, its great to give perks for subs, but they need to keep a substantial player base. Let them level all the way up, and participate in end game content.

As a paid sub, I find it hard to agree with the current plan. I am paying to play, I don’t want to wait longer in queue than I have to, I want to do storymode ops with my friend. If they let all the FTP into tacticals, unranked and group finder flashpoints it should at least keep those queues active.

I agree with keeping command behind the paywall if thats what they want as their subscription carrot, but keeping FTP out of base endgame content is really hurting everyone, not just FTP.

To the FTP’s who want gear?

“Ain’t no gear for the Unsubbed.
Command don’t grow on trees.
You got subs to pay,
you got CC to buy
and ain’t nothin in this world for free.
I know you can’t Unsub, and still do ops,
even though, I wish, you could.
Cause there ain’t no gear for the Unsubbed,
until they subscribe for good.”

(end part from an earlier post that ended up in a dead thread)

Your first playthrough of the story chapters will be the one where your choices are saved.
Dont like this, hoped you can reverse some choices if screw up first time. Thats not very good for multiplayer game where you invest so much in character. Not some single player game where you can load last save or do magic with save files…

I wonder if it will be possible to unlock some achievements, like killing Aric, in such a chapter replay, without having the consequences.

Then in the beginning it was bad decision from devs to implement this in the game. Damn i dont like this, even choices most of the time dont matter anyway.

I have found that when i do what feels right, I am comfortable with my decision…even if I lose a companion such as that psychopath, Broonmark

They said that the choices you make the first time you play a chapter are permanent. If you replay the chapter, it changes nothing.

Thats why im not happy with this, hoped you can redo some things to make better. Also this 3 reply wheel shows short variant of what you will be saying, sometimes i say what i didnt want to say.

They said in this livestream that only the first playthrough’s decision count. Redoing the chapter changes nothing.

Oh relax, choices would not matter anyway. Remember the whole KotFE “choices matter” thing? I do. I was so excited for that, and in the end only choice that is real is only if Koth is with us or no. 1 friggin choice in whole 16 chapters. And it is about a companion. In expantion where you have so many companions you don’t rwaly care about them anymore, because they are just staying there, on base, doing nothig at all.

So if you don’t actually piss him off he stays and doesn’t take the ship?.
I have only ever pissed him off, even my most LS characters made sure to do everything to piss him off.

Yes, just like that. You don’t piss him off, he stays. All the differences in KotFE. I don’t know how to gorce myself into finidhing KotFE on all my alts, done it only 3 times. (1 Light 1 dark 1 neutral) and they are giving us “difficulty levels” to redo same lame chapters again and again? No Thanks.

if all existing endgame content is scaled to 70, and f2p/pref still has access to them, how will they gear to play the scaled content if they cant reach lvl 70 or get lvl70 gear

pref can reach 70 during a sub and get gear during that sub but this still leaves f2p out of the loop

i hope so, f2p can reach 50 and with a pass do any of the sm ops via daily gf. they are bolstered. will that remain so in 5.0? bolstered to 70? if i queue via the GC will they be in my pug group bolstered to 70 (or do they now have to make a premade and enter manually?). i get the impression they dont need a pass anymore and can still enjoy endgame (up to 50) and afaik there are still equipment autorisations to be bought to wear purple gear.

Full on F2P without any expansions will still be at level 50 with access to the original stories. Everything to that point will only scale to 50 at most the gear will go up a few ratings as well and be craftable.

This is the problem I see about locking content; personally, I only sub from time to time, 2 months top, since where I live, I´d be paying like 450 bucks per month for the game – leave aside if it´s worth it or not, I just cant afford it. I have the expansion so I can hit 65 with no troubles.

Right now, as a pref, I´m having troubles with queue pop for hardmode flashpoints and for warzones. For ex; when you´re facing a fp like Rishi, if you have a lvl 50 in your group, you´re fucked up and we all know it, no matter the bolster. And after hitting 65, wz queue takes forever to pop, because there are not as many 65s pvping as you´d need.

Put both things together with wz and ops passes not being there to buy from other players, you have a very low population of players doing end game content, why sub if you cant play group content because there´s not enough people playing? That´s why this game is going to be single player centered from now on, EA simply can´t force people into subbing and I´m not saying it should be free either.

Tl;dr.. no new endgame.. uprisings are 15 minute zombie style game with powerups.. crafting is the new thing and raids scaled to 70. This is sad, whatever i had hoped for the bring me back to the game in terms of uprisings being actual endgame prog raids will now never exist again, this is now clear. Gg bioware and good luck with this horrendous expansion.

If Uprisings are just PvE warzones with mob waves…why not do 8 and 16 player modes? This is like when they added an arena last expansion, and didnt think to do an ops tuning on it. Argent Tournament Arena style. Its like nobody in the office is switched on anymore.

The engine probably could handle it. The game looked pretty choppy with just 2 to 4 people in there during the stream.

So what I see now, is that they want to go back to sub based model. I see that they are trying to hit f2p guys as hard as they can, set aside the fact it’s ungrateful, because f2p guys saved this “game” back in 2012 when it was dying, there was no new content and population was dropping. I’m ok with sub based model, but, let’s look at what we have. We have 9 hours-chapters of dialogues and cutscenes, story driven unrepeatable content. And we have 5 new flashpoints 15 minutes long so it’s 1,5 hours new multiplayer repeatable content. So actually we get 1,5 hours repeatable new content to do in nearest 3-4 month before they release something new in february (hopefully).
Keeping in mind this fact, and the fact that EA wants us to subscribe for that, I just want to ask one thing: are you fcuking serios, guys? Look at Legion, guys. They really know how to make people WANT to subscribe, not to FORCE them. Because I don’t see a reason to pay my sub. If you don’t know how to make an MMO, ask Blizzard, they’ll help.

P.S. my fellow camrades gamers, think about one thing. Imagine how long will warzone, ops and flashpoints queue popups be after release of this “expansion” when f2ps will be banned from end game and probably leave this sinkng ship. Enjoy 😉

I’m probably going to resub for about a month, burn through the story on a few characters then unsub. Between the crappy communication, lack of bug fixes (courting gifts fixed when?) and how 4.0 was basically you 1 shotting groups of enemies then pausing for a cut scene there’s not much announced here that’s probably going to keep me interested.

The change for passes pretty much means there’s no way I’ll be playing as preferred either. I don’t get how they don’t know they already had one of the worst F2P systems out there.

I remember the hardmode Lost Island. By the time the only people able to clear it out were the dudes wearing Ratakan sets.

And it was still an unforgiving misery grind. Anyone saying “those were the good old days” is either a masochist, or full of crap. And all I got for my efforts are this stupid black orokeet..who wants chickenwings?

You could clear Lost Island in Columi with some Rakata. It was actually the way we got a few people the Rakata Mainhand. It was the best method for getting that piece if you still needed it (especially for classes which couldn’t just use the Rakata offhand.

Sounds like FP but with waves and waves of spawning troopers as if that was interesting in the story.

Insert famous SW quote: “I have a bad feeling about this.”

I imagine (and I may be giving Bioware too much credit) that they involve DPS checks and other assorted mechanics where in, say, nightmare mode, falling behind in DPS means falling behind in waves == wiping.

So why would you go in to the hard modes and risk wiping? That slows down CPX gains for GC levels and slows doing your gearing chances.

I just can’t see someone wasting all that time in content that might make them wipe a lot.

So did my group but this is different. Gearing is different. We jumped straight into hm, got a bit of gear and jumped straight into NiM.

Now there is no planning for gear and raiding to be the most effective. Now it’s hope you get lucky with your slot machine gearing pull and hope you get what you need and not your 23rd belt.

Going in and wiping all night for RNG gear chance if you get enough CXP to get a crate at all, I don’t see it happening

I thought it would just be a glorified flashpoint.

Also why does it say 4 modes, but only 3 are listed.

Certainly wouldn’t want to try this on the smaller servers, 3 difficulties will take forever for pops.

They said 4 modes during the stream, but that could have been a mistake. Unless Story and Tactical are separate modes, then there are only 3 modes.

They way these guys promote their expansion is below amateur.
Why isn’t someboding going in there, slaping them at the back of their heads and screaming: “Stop goofing around, prepare your shit and give the people some real infomrations they don’t alredy know!”

This is the shittiest ingame footage a game company ever presented! It has no value at all. And Musco is to dumb to make a note with the conversation rates for commendations to tell them on the stream? You know you would be fired after such a public presentation if you would do it that way in your company!

4 man nightmare?

Heh, pugs couldn’t handle ads who enraged in hard mode flashpoints… This is catering to players who no longer play the game, like me.

Yeah, yeah, fancy shmancy makeshift content, but all I personally care about is the info that the old companions will not be returning for the foreseeable future. We’re not getting a single one more of them back in this “expansion”.

Sure, BW may claim the best intent here, but I vehemently refuse to believe “the need for good storytelling” is the cause for such indefinite delay, not if you consider how shitty the whole storyline has been so far. It’s far more likely they’re just cutting the costs and hoping that, in time, we’ll just give up on those companions and forget.

And it makes me absolutely furious, so there will be no sub money from me, co CC money from me, until BW delivers on that promise and I have all my old companions back through extensive cutscenes and full story integration.

Hahahahah. Good joke, I made myself laugh.


Not sure how you reached to that conclusion? It doesn’t actually specify when the old companions will arrive. Some of them could very well arrive either through story, either through more alliance alerts, during KOTET.

It was said the old comps are not the focus of KOTET and will not be there. It was also said that bringing them back will take a hell of a lot of time and that “they will keep us posted”, which equals to “we have no idea, but most likely never because of money.”

Anyway, here’s the full quote Re: Companions:

Eric: When will I get ‘X’ companion back?

Charles Boyd: “Well, I’ve definitely seen a few saying, “will I get all of them back?”, and that is impossible. There’s definitely still a lot left, and that’s on us; so I know that and it’s something that pains me literally everyday because I really want to get those companions back. I can kinda talk about this for twenty minutes straight, cos it’s something that’s really important to me, it’s a key part of the story; balancing, moving the storyline forward, feeling like you’re seeing your decisions pay off quickly, that you’re seeing results, that we’re tying off story points like: what’s the deal with Arcann, what’s the deal with Valkorion, where’s this stuff with Zakuul going – balanced with getting characters back, introducing them to people who don’t know them, reminding you of them if you hadn’t seen them in a few years, and that sort of thing. It’s a really tough thing to balance out, and I feel like we probably didn’t quite get that balance right, at least not as best as I would have liked it last year – so we wanted to focus this year’s storyline on moving the story forward, giving pay offs, giving resolution to a lot of the things that people were really wanting to see that we felt like were stretched out a little too much last year. So that’s really the focus of the Chapters. Now: does that mean we’ll never get any of those companions back – absolutely not, I have said many times, and dug myself deep into a hole that I will probably be murdered over it at some point – it is my intention that you will get every companion back eventually as part of the story. Because to me, that is critical, they are awesome characters, they deserve storyline reintroductions that are appropriate to them, that really give you the feeling that you miss and give you the pay off that you want getting those characters back. I wanna really do them justice. But of course there’s quite a few of them left, that’s going to take some serious time to do. We’re going to do our best as time proceeds, we’ll figure out what the best way to do that is, and we’ll keep you all posted as we go.“

Taken from here:

Thanks! Based on their short responses, I thought we would actually see many of them during KOTET… but now I realize that we will have to wait a very long time…

On the other hand, I don’t care THAT much, simply because I don’t think I find any of their post-KOTFE stories interesting, so with most toons I don’t even begin the KOTFE story.

They made:
1. SCORPIO (one of my favorites) evil and pointlessly greedy for a throne she shouldn’t really care about.
2. Kaliyo an even worse asshole than before
3. Aric Jorgan pretty much the same as before
4. Bowdaar the same.

And characters like Vette, Gault, and many others, basically just join your alliance either for no reason, or because you knew them from before, or because fuck you that’s why.

Yeah, apart from turning some of them into one-dimensional caricatures of themselves, it is quite horrible how BW reduced the rest of the old comps to just cardboard decorations with nothing to say and no actual development. It’s especially glaring with the love interests.

But then again, the new KOTFE-introduced companions aren’t any better in that regard. It’s clear BW only put minimal effort into them and aren’t really interested in actually building upon the entire companion system.

Honestly you aren’t going to like the DVL companion then as he pretty much tells you when you ask him about certain companions that they are likely dead thus giving BW a way to write themselves out of having to bring certain companions back due to conflicts with voice actors and the like.

Before KOTFE: Companions are an important part of SWTOR. We’ll make them more awesome with the KOTFE expansion.

Than they stole them. Changed their main weapons for no reason. And gave mostly the boring ones back. Added some Zombie Companions that can’t be dressed up… never added any Customization for KOTFE Companions in 1 year! And never fixed any Companion bug that came with KOTFE.

And with KOTFE they just say: What? Companions? Yeah, fuck it, won’t gonna happen! Forget about them.

THANK you BioWare. That’s so AWESOME what you did with our Companions!

“They are currently faction specific but might be cool in the future to have cross-faction groups for them.”

Does that mean when there are 4 subscribers playing the game, 2 on each faction? Some time around March then?

“We’ll put that on the list” == “Yeah, that idea is very obvious, but we didn’t think about that. Shame it will never happen.”

Wouldn’t it be cool though? I mean it’s not like they did away with the Empire and Republic then put everyone in the same faction. Oh wait….

What was the point of doing away with both sides if we still can’t group up outside one random pvp map? We’re all supposed to be fighting the same fight. But outside of passing each other in the cantina while buying comp gifts and between chapters we still have zero interaction.

It should be that way. Unless you would believe that jedi an sith are just going to throw away everything they were taught.

None of this new story makes sense. They pretty much have to make their own cannon cause disney wouldn’t piss on this pile of burning garbage

No love for a PART of the game is a very different thing. But reading comprehension is hard for some people, so don’t worry about it.

Yeh the new season with 9 chapters will be more your thing. Uprisings are basically FPs without story lines and are about instant combat and just blasting your way through. I suppose the best comparison are the co-op maps in Mass Effect 3. You could call them PvE Warzones as well, I guess.

Yeah if only the story interests you then that makes sense. Sadly we don’t have individual class stories anymore because that would give you more of a reason to stay subbed at least for a while longer.

They completely recreate the game to focus almost entirely on story and ruin any remaining MMO pieces that remained and you get mad about the tiniest little bit of new group content. Cry me a river

U r having more Singleplayer Mode Story with Singleplayer Mode Kotet Chapters.. Knowing that i have no idea what’s up with ur msg 😮 Enjoy gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Oh I will be playing… the new chapters. And then I’ll unsub.
I just meant that uprisings and the re-hashed stuff they’re offering is not enough for me to stay subbed. I’m looking forward to the new chapters though! 🙂

I got to ask. Why would anyone waste time doing the hardest content and possibly wipe a good bit learning it but in turn doing nothing but hindering their chance at gear at the highest level.

With RNG gearing and how it’s designed to be against the gamer getting what they need. Gamers are going to want to hit and clear content that gets them the most CXP and quickly so they get another chance at gear they need.

I can’t see anyone wasting time on hard content and getting nothing when now they can do any content and eventually get a chance at the same gear.

No need for progression and wasting time. Just run it Hm or whatever mode you can clear fastest, then rinse and repeat for more gear chances and CXP.

Bw has to have some kind of gas leak in that building.

there is no reason for gearing at all actually.
Why do you need better gear? To run the content you are already doing 2 seconds faster? Meh. no thanks.

Story content and sm modes yes.
Anything else and you may be asked to leave if in a group with no bolster.
However you may find you struggle on the *ahem* harder story bosses.

That’s already the case under the current system though, too. Even if you can kill a certain boss for a certain gear token, you have no guarantee you’re going to get it, assuming you’re with a team of your peers, you’ve only got a 1/8 chance of getting it at all. Under the new system, you may not get what you need, but you’ll definitely come away with something.

There are many reasons.
The challenge.
Maybe better gear.
More CXP to get more gear boxes.
We can all run EV HM and KP HM to get 224 gear but we don’t because that would be moronically boring. We mix it up with the other op’s for a challenge.
Same with this.
If your goal is just the destination then that’s up to you, but for some it’s the journey to get there that’s the fun bit.

In most MMOs the journey at max lelvel is over. It’s time for bed game gearing. Sure some want challenge but till they have soem higher ranking in GC, it will be about gear and RNG throwing a wrench In that. Do content for the challenge and at the hardest difficulities has always been a small percent.

SWTOR will boil down to how to get CXP the fastest and screw the journey if there ever really was one at max level.

Yes that’s how some people will play it and they will be the first to get there and shout ‘more more’. 🙁

Yep.. 😀 Pretty lolz.. :/

Sub since launch here and y should’ve canceled it already after gameplay Simplification started at 3.0 or at least at 4.0 when things started going Nutz.. Dropping before November’s Automatic Renewal in 3rd week so now have some time to gather some good Memories.. I did also buy some Cartel Coins few times in 2015 so can say that gave my share of support for 5’ish years. In Swtor that used to be pretty Solid Mmo until it went onto road of Star Wars Dress Game & very simplified gameplay.. Where Devs realised good way to get some dime & that’s advertising In Game Store everywhere.. Twitter & also in Twitch Livestreams.. 😀

More talk about In Game Store showing there than any other F2P or B2P Product Crew Does.. :/ Having images in Client Launcher & in Website not enough.. Wish nice gaming to all in whatever game that will be 🙂 For me Going to be back to Azeroth & also adventuring in beautiful Tamriel @Elder Scrolls Online <3 I was in Azeroth from Aug 2005 to late 2014. *Asking Force each week to bring Adult SW Mmo proper SW Mmo some day & without Ea ofc.*

How is Raiding in ESO compared to Say EV to DF-DP days in swtor? Also is ESO stories voice driven or all text? Are the main stories decent as far as keeping your interest? Just asking so I know what ship to jump to as this one is sinking lol

It’s a good question because they say the story mode version is like tacticals, but you can’t q for tacticals with companions. So not sure how they figure this. They certainly made it a point that it’s 4 man content and no longer up to 4 so maybe what they showed wasn’t entirely realistic or they went in the q with 4 and one person dropped so they got a companion out.

Lol, No level 70 for F2P, no endgame content for F2P, no anything for F2P.

Are you trying to phase out F2P and go back to Subscription only, BW? Because I feel like that can of worms has already been opened, and there’s no putting them back in. If only there had been some people to tell you that going F2P was a bad idea… Oh, that’s right, there was: LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

As for Uprisings… basically a poor man’s Flashpoint, but at this point, I’ll take it. Oh, and keep teasing like there’s gonna be an Op announcement in January… maybe someone will actually believe it. Not me, but someone. And if you do think there’s an op coming in January, I’d just like to say: Have I got some gorgeous beachfront property in Arizona at a price you can’t afford to not pay.

yes, no fucking content at all, imagine that. nothing worth paying. and don’t worry, more than half of player base moved along already. and i’m not the only one who knows shitload of examples where you get content without paying for game.and it’s more about WHAT you pay for, not if you’re able to pay

Yet you are here?
This game has shit loads of content I can’t be bothered listing it all i’d be here all day.
If you don’t like it move along you won’t be missed.

How much are you paid to say this? Or!!!!!!!!! I know your a dev undercover! Has to be it. The only option left is a lack of oxygen issue at birth.

*sigh* of course I must be eh… because someone can’t enjoy something you don’t like.
True though my brain cells are diminishing answering these garbage posts….jeez soon I’ll have the IQ of shawn hargrave!!

Don’t waste your energy & time for this Blind Swtor & it’s Eaware Crew Defender. Y there r many good examples like: GW2, FF XIV: Realm Reborn, Star Trek Online, Elder Scrolls Online & More. Oh and yeah Swtor’s Singleplayer Mode Chapters that started coming at 4.0 Semi Singleplayer Expansion are not Content. Unlike Silly Dev at Swtor’s Livestream said week ago in Galactic Command introduction Livestream. Silly man when thinks so.

Take care Enjoy gaming in whatever game that is o/ RIP Swtor as Good Mmo. Pre 3.0 & esp. 4.0 days always remain in Heart’s Mmo Department <3

That is an incorrect representation of my statement. I never said anything about how much content there is or isn’t. Also part of the subscriber benefits is not just content but also amenities. Now clearly for group content nothing much has happened over the last two years, but that wasn’t the point here.

M8.. Announcement Doesn’t mean that launch would come Right away. Usually takes 4-8x Weeks from announcement. Even if they would finally Give love for Adult Mmo Community with new Ops & hopefully not watered Down even in Storymode a.k.a Softmode doesn’t mean that Swtor would be worth of Sub. Whether there be Rng looting or not & mostly cause of rehashed content..

Trololz.. Ability to Replay Chapters with higher Diff… Sure & So cool when they have about 0% Replay value.. 😀 :/ Eaware Dev’s mind really dazes many times. Soon For me GW2 & beautiful Tamriel “ESO” & amazing Pvp & in Q1 2017 to have Housing =) Dropping Swtor’s Sub finally before November’s automatic Renewal on 3rd week.

Was active since launch & y i know that weird why took this Star Wars Dress Up “Here take this armor with other dye & just name changed” Half Mmo this long x) Take care & enjoy gaming in whatever game that is o/ Sayonara take care o/

*Ooh sry fingers still have ot make one reply to this Silly Swtor’s Greedy Half Blind Devs Defender..* Uuh ur trying to teach Mmo Veterans how to think about properly made Mmo’s.. yaiks.. 😀 Swtor hasn’t been True Mmo for a while now & 5.0 not changing that so far what we’ve seen :/ It used to be, but shame that Devs slipped out of that path. When Mmo done Properly “as happened in past with some products” then No Dev crew wastes time like this what Eaware did for 5.0 replay Chptrs.

Same as they revamped Opses at 3.0 when followed Wow’s Footsteps on that & happened much sooner than Blizz for Azeroth. No surprise as Swtor was planned as Wow Copy Paste with SW chars & Universe.
Then put badly though Core a.k.a Game-Engine for it that has very little space for stretching when comes to adding new features etc. Making that move for one of the biggest Franchise Mmo.. Eaware.. :/

U can post as much as Mental replies to my Comments in future, but Don’t worry i won’t reply anymore & your mindless Replies not affecting to my emotional state 🙂 No reason to waste time & energy for such Blind Swtor Defender. Sincerely: Not Indoctrinated Eaware fanboy.

Blind swtor defender….yawn.
If you bother to read my posts I have made many complaints against the game…I have always said I hate KOTFE (although last few chapters were kinda fun but the rest was awful) gearing and help for new players is too tough and inconsistent etc..
It is an old engine we know that but what they have done with it is amazing and they are constantly working hard with many QOL improvements.
I myself groaned at another lvl/gear increase but hey that’s change, embrace or move on.

lmao gearing for new players is too tough and inconsistent? The Vanilla stories and xpac stories are eaiser than ever, add how you can eaisly solo heroics for common and glowing crystals so you max out glowing crystals in no time there is your gear easy as ever. And if ya want 220 crystal gear there are many easy ways to get those. FFS when you finish the KOTFE story you get a good 224 relic, a 224 for letting your comps do all the fighting and you call it difficult lmao. Gearing is easier than ever atm. Now in 5.0 that changes, will take hours and hours on each alt to gain command levels to get good drops. And what help do new players need that is not on thousands of guides all over the internet, its not that the help is not avail its that they are too lazy to use google. Also we are not complaining about another level/gear increase. We are complaining about another gear increase with no “truely new” endgame content in which to gear for years now, that is not normal for any MMO not this long. Figure it out or stop posting for your sake.

If you had read I said NEW players.
I was chatting to new players in the guild last night and they were about to hit 65 and they weren’t sure about alacrity/crit levels, one guy didn’t even know that a commando didn’t need any defense so your conveniently missing the point entirely because your seeing it from your point of view.
You’ll have to do some work to get to get geared at lvl 70?..awww shame if it’s too tough try minecraft, I personally relish the challenge.
New players don’t tend to use a lot if guides imho they just play and enjoy and ask guild mates, you don’t like….tough.

Ok i’ll bite, so define ‘true Mmo?’
As a ‘Mmo Veteran’ (your words) you should find this easy.
And your saying Swtor copying Wow the most successful MMO of all time was a bad thing?

Copying Wow Theme was very bad & Showing Very lazy Non Creative work. Was highly unexpected from Ex Bioware that’s known for their fine Createive work. Wish u nice gaming & remember to give some time for your Wife & 3 Kids from this Silly Swtor Defending when it comes to how bad direction it has taken for 2’ish years now.

True Mmo example: World of Warcraft upto Moment when Icecrown Citadel Raid was launched in Wrath of the Lich King. If another example for True Mmo then FF XIV Realm Reborn. Houston Signing out comms between u & me forever now o/ Sincerely: Mmo’er since 2004.

you have got to be the dumbest person on this thread. NO MMO MAKES THEIR END GAME PLAYERS PLAY THE SAME SHIT FOR 5 YEARS!!! Digest that you fuckin asswipe

Don’t worry in the end they’ll have to ease up on F2P restrictions as well as merge the viable populations onto one server.

This must be some reference I don’t get. I’ve heard of heterosexual of course, but what’s the reference with hedrosexual?

I’m very happy you find yourself comfortable with your sexual orientation, but still fail to see any correlation to this game or topic…

Never going to buy another title from bioware ever again. This is the most deceitful gaming company to date. And these 3 Devs are the faces of it. So kudos to you. I can’t wait till 10 years from now when we laugh about how shitty these devs were.

Musco is developing a way to communicate with the community, without having any useful information in this communication.

Was there are useful point in there somewhere? I get that not everybody is equally excited about Uprisings but just throwing around wild accusations doesn’t exactly help anyone either.

I understand he’s the community manager. Explain to me again how he can’t give an honest answer about when we can expect to see operations if at all. And then try to convince me my allegations are false or even “wild”

Dont’ forget his power tripping banning of people violating things they deem as exploits. Not so much these days as the population has tanked.

Have to agree. I started playing Mass Effect and Dragon Age purely because they had the Bioware logo on them, and after playing kotor I saw that logo as a stamp of quality. If I saw it now though it’d be a warning label, and apart from seeing ME and DA through till they’re concluded I won’t be touching any more games churned out by EA.

Well… I did not like Dragon Age or Mass Effect that much either. But at least with Mass Effect 2 it gets better. Still these games were really not on par with KotOR or Baldur’s Gate I, II. But still DA an ME were much better than first Neverwinter Nights. Jade Empire was ok though.

Still there are so many great RPGs from other companies – VtM: Bloodlines, Planescape Torment, Fallout 1, 2, New Vegas; Neverwinter Nights 2, Pillars of Eternity, Might and Magic VII, Witcher 3, Shadowrun: Dragonfall… In the end we are ok with or without Bioware.

I still like what Bioware can do with a game story though. Some of the class stories were really good in SWTOR (Agent obviously – but I liked Trooper, Smuggler and SI as well).

Well most of the writers for Baldurs gate and fallout 1/2 ended up with either Obsidian or inExile. The new Torment successor do look really intriguing if you’re into story and RPing a char, tried the beta and it looked really promising.

Bioware seems to have lost some of their top writers, and fallen into a formula for their games that they don’t break. ME 1+2 were great, same with DA:O, and the core game of TOR is great as well. ME 3 was cool except for the shit ending (and the first time we learned to be cautious when BW says “choices matter”). DA2 had its moment but was still bad enough that I haven’t even bothered with DA3. And then there’s the decline in TOR xpacs…

Really hope they make something good out of ME andromeda, otherwise I’ll just give up on them altogether.

At least they they haven’t yet completely pissed on what made a franchise special like Bethesda did with Fallout 4…

Fallout 4 is epic. I’m amazed at how much is under the hood of that game. Just bought the Far Harbor expansion for $25 bucks. Compare that to one $40 hypercrate that gives you RNG filler you can’t sell on the GTN. Boy was I naive to think buying from the Cartel Market was in some way funding new content for the game itself.

Yeah as far as stuff to do and a big world to explore etc, FO4 is good. Plus Cait is awesome and sort of reminds me of Annah from PS:T. But they completely nuked the dialogue in the main game, which was one of the greatest things from 1 & 2. Didn’t spend anywhere near as many hours on it as I did on 1, 2 and New Vegas.

Also, biggest difference between single player RPG and MMO RPGs is the customization. There’s a crapton of mods for both FO and Skyrim, which also adds content. No point to have cosmetic addons for money when you make your own armors and clothing for the game. Which is impossible in TOR, but that’s not because of BW but rather because it’s multiplayer.

Most drivel in the above statement i’ll leave to you as it’s your opinion.
“they fuck their employees over. Have to wonder why we have laws if these companies can do whatever the fuck they want without a slap on the wrist from anyone.”
Care to elaborate?

‘Defend’? Against you? Please.

Google the voice actor’s strike and listen to what they have to say if you’re actually interested. Otherwise, back in your box.

As usual you’re having trouble with comprehension. Maybe re read his statement and it will be clear this time. Or just result to name calling is frustration.

have you not read any posts from some of the SWTOR vanilla-Oricon employees? Go read some of those and maybe you will understand this a bit better. Be informed before you flap your gums fanboi

Which is why I asked the question moron, I’ve never heard or read these post.
That how you find out things in life but i’m guessing that logic has passed you by.
If someone can link them I can see validity of his statement.

Indeed that is the way it’s been going with Eaware “Used to be Golden Bioware” & no end in sight atm. :/ As long as EA Crew are their Overlords & they remain stay as Lapdoggies. Take care o/

You aren’t sorry. You’re an asshole.

And In my country we have freedoms like free speech. We got spots for refugee’s if you need one

And just like it was your freedom of speech to write that pile of irrelevant garbage on this forum it is my right to call you a twat for writing it.
Childish?…. i’ll concede you that but I couldn’t resist.
You gonna flame you gonna get burned.

Is your argument seriously going to be “If you haven’t been a dev, you can’t criticize their decisions”?

If he’s going to say someone is “shit at their job and deceitful” I would like to know on what level he can critique their work.
If it’s just “I want new ops…I don’t like single player” as I suspect then his comment was disgusting.
I work for a living and if someone said that to me I would flatten them but on a forum it’s ok eh?

You missed my meaning completely (which doesn’t surprise me) and I never said I would flatten you, as a threat of violence over the internet is about as impressive as well….your ability to rationalize your emotions over a computer game.

1. “shit at their job” is an opinion for sure, but…given some of their decisions and things that get left in the game (3.0 launch anyone?, 4.0 repeated cred exploits, crappy KotFE storyline/design, going back to a RNG based gearing system etc.) it’s not a stretch to assert that. We also can look at other market MMOs and compare the job their devs are doing and wonder what could have been. 2. As far as “deceitful”, come on, they have deliberately led the operations players on for over a year now, refusing to say if or when an operation will be in the works. Instead, they dangle carrots like “group content, but can’t specify what type at this time”. All folks wanted was a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. There’s also the matter of them making some of the gold items in the cartel packs rarer than gold drops, with nothing to warn the players of such, until one of the dev posts accidentally outed it by admitting it was the reason they were creating a platinum item tier. You could also go back and look at Ravagers exploit and cred exploits from 3.0 and 4.0 respectively that Bioware claimed initially to only just realize were in the game (3 months after launch), when in reality, they had been made aware by testers in closed beta that these were issues and chose not to address them. And that’s not even touching all the “rename something and call it new” that they’ve pulled since 4.0 started.

What an impressive and well laid out argument.
1. Yes it is his opinion however I have the right on a forum where he made his comment to call him on it. You have listed a few issues where they have made mistakes, hey I’ve made many in my job myself as I’m sure many people have but what about the amazing universe they have created and populated for us to play on, Dozens of planets along with a myriad of player options for creating characters that exist within this universe, I counted 70 Heroic 2’s last night not including bonus missions, hundreds of smaller missions dotted around planets multiple story lines to progress through, events like Rahkgoul, multiple operation 8 or 16man in different difficulty modes the list goes on but hey lets focus on a couple of exploits where cheaters got their asses burnt and an completely optional Cartel system that they run that has no effect on the game itself but goes to pay for the game running.
2. As far as deceitful goes, well they always made it clear for the last year that focus was on story content, they main avenue in which players pick up the game before heading into group content. They won’t specify this because when they do they are roasted for not meeting a deadline by this community. They have said group content is incoming so it’s for them to justify that when the time is right.
I’m not sure what you mean by “rename something and call it new” but all MMO’s will do this, move around mobs in a area, a bit if window dressing and call it new, that’s normal.

1. So, in other words..”eh, no one’s perfect?” Interestingly, most of your examples are from the vanilla game, which IMO, is pretty good, though some of its glitches still persist unfixed. The expacs have gone downhill in both quality and quantity ever since. I don’t know the exact numbers, but at least a good chunk of devs that worked on the vanilla game are no longer at BW Austin. So we’re not talking the exact same group of people.
2. Strange answer. Deliberately changing the drop rates on gold items to be rarer without letting players know= deceitful. Claiming you didn’t know about something(s) before you left on vacation when, in fact, you were warned about it, but chose not to bother with fixing it=deceitful. People ask “yes or no” about Operations, and they reply there will be group content, but refuse to say anything else= deceitful. Screaming/Marketing from the rooftops that it’s an epic story where “choices matter”, when they actually don’t= deceitful. Posting in your Dark v Light event announcement that the outcome will have an effect on the state of the galaxy, but it actually doesn’t= deceitful. How do you not see that, or do you just not think any of that matters? IDK about how often other MMOs do the repackage thing, but I doubt they do it as much as swtor has recently: 4.0 was one huge rehash outside of the KotFE story, DvL event wanted us to do everything again, 5.0 is nearly the same as 4.0 in terms of anything new to do (some story chaps and a few FP like things that will likely be reconfigs of things we’ve already seen).

1. The vanilla game has changed massively for the better with a lot of streamlining being done to skill trees, combat etc and they have added in Oricon, Makeb, Rishi, Yavin4, Ziost and then the KOTFE planets Rahkgoul, gree, bounty hunter etc, so there has been considerable work, creating all the H2 in new format, constant up scaling, many QOL changes and all this with a smaller team which is why my original point about his comment being disgusting stands. He doesn’t get what he wants and the toys are outa the pram, that’s what this guy does.
2. I don’t understand how my answer was ‘strange’ but your point in cartel market items is odd, a drop rate of .001 to .0001 doesn’t make much of a difference unless you open a thousand packs and are expecting a result but remember the cartel is purely optional, a rng game with real money played by idiots. Doesn’t have any effect on the game itself. Deceitful – doubtful
As for exploits, I left my bike in the back garden as a kid and it was stolen. Is that my fault or the person who robbed it. People know the rules and if they don’t have the strength of mind to say no to ruining the economy of a game then they deserve everything they get.
They did give us choices in the game, they were few because as expected people moaned they made the wrong choice and couldn’t go back (i’ve seen them on here) or the choices weren’t enough. You cant have too many choices on an MMO where it effects everybody.
Deceitful? Hell no get a grip.
DvL ‘change the state of the galaxy’ is just a tag line to make it exciting basically if the slider bar moves one way or another it decides a light/dark side comp. I saw that straight away. Marketing ploy yes, deceitful – omg laughable.
I’ve played many MMO’s and still do on some and their updates are a mixture of rehash and new content exactly the same as SWTOR.
Nothing new.

1. The fading quality of the game is evident in the successive scaling down of quality and quantity of content on each of Makeb, Oricon, Rishi, Yavin, Ziost, and KotFE “planets”. This applies to story, missions, and functionality IMO. The Rakghoul, Gree, and BH events have been around for years. Their handling of skill trees and QOL is also subject to opinion. That’s probably down to what class you’re discussing and how soon you think they should’ve had some of the QoL stuff that’s been asked for implemented. Since I haven’t kept up with all of them (classes that is), there’s not much point going there. I WILL, however, cry about not getting my commando “rocket out” ability two years earlier when they first introduced ranked and all the dps mandos/mercs quickly became fodder since they didn’t have enough ways to escape getting globalled right off the bat. The players said then they needed some other cooldown or escape, and Bioware agreed…two years later.

2. Marginalizing the results of Bioware being deceitful doesn’t mean it wasn’t deceitful. In each of your examples, you’ve basically blamed players for “not seeing through stuff”. Were you playing swtor when those exploits were issues? If you were, then I would’ve thought you’d remember pretty much everyone was affected by them, regardless if they were active participants or not. Having only one or two choices matter in KotFE was a big deal to a lot of people (see forum critiques, and that one thing keeps coming up), and I haven’t heard anyone complain about their choices getting them burned in KotFE other than maxxing out comps affection that then betrayed/deserted them. But, I digress. This same discussion is probably on the swtor forums tenfold. If you don’t see anything they’ve done as deceitful, I don’t know what to tell you. You still like playing the game, fine. Keep having fun playing it, but for myself and others, 5.0 is just the latest/last in a several year long line of missteps by the devs/EA/BW that’s finally pushed us to greener pastures. Not just “no ops, waaah”.

1. Your point about specific classes nerfs/improvements is an old one and yeah some people will be pissed that their fav OP class was nerfed ( I played Sorc and it was crazy in PVP) but balance is going to be an ongoing thing with a game that juggles PVE and PVP cause one group shouts for balance and the other group wants more power to kill adds/bosses so you cant make everyone happy, not possible.
As I said before they don’t have the vanilla manpower yet they still manage to produce year after year and I don’t see a scaling down I see a re-focus on Story (which although I didn’t like) was a massive undertaking.
I loved the old ‘build your own skill tree’ but could be confusing with multiple builds so it was streamlined, makes sense.
2. Marginalizing = reality sorry, none of argument showed true deliberate deceit for a purpose.
Players not seeing through stuff, I assume you mean the tag lines, well – Anti aging cream doesn’t make you really younger – Lynx Deodorant doesn’t make you sexier to women and Mc’Donalds: I ain’t lovin it!
Just lines to pull you in that the companies use – not deceit.
I played through all the exploits and yes I was effected by them massively as I played the GTN more back then which brings me back to who’s fault it is – hence my bike analogy which makes my point clearly.
I was taking to a guy here last week who raised a ticket because he turned away a KOTFE comp and was told to roll another alt and he was pissed so the choices tag is a complicated issue.
We obviously have different viewpoints on these things and i still love the game after 4 years and look forward to the challenge on 5.0 and wish you all the best in your future gaming wherever it is.
Take care man.

How many MMO’s say we are offering new content and give their subs DVL? Most of the players that were on the fence as far as leaving or staying had 20+ alts and did over 90% of ALL the DVL content many many times. So sure they will just pay 15 bucks a month to do “new” content that already covered 20 plus times? As for being deceitful over endgame content goes, watch some of the DEV interviews they constantly hinted at “multiple” player content coming in the near future.

Hinted = deceitful?
C’mon John.
I enjoy the content that is there so DvL was fun doing FP’s i’d long forgotten about and leveling an alt takes a less than a week these days. Swtor is full of rich content and it was always a stop gap after KOTFE they never called it brand new content.
KOTFE and alliance missions were new content and it was massive.

Hehe i guess he meant it like that 😀 :/ One of my friends has been game Programmer for 15+ years & worked for some well made products. Has told about Coding & how it goes in general. We’ve talked about Swtor’s Glitchy Outdated Game-Engine that kinda has reached it’s Peak with optimising. He also feels sry for Swtor’s Eaware crew as they spent 60m+ $ for Voice Over Payments & then Left out the proper Development for Core a.k.a Game-Engine.

Gameplay development relies heavily on Core & Eaware did the most silly move what Devs could do for Big Franchise Mmo :/ No Frostbite or CryEngine for Swtor.. :/ Nice to be now in beautiful Tyria “GW2 ” with precious Sylvari Elementalist <3 Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Same. Had enough already with DAI & now seeing how Swtor is done since 3.0, more crap at 4.0 & then Big time at 5.0.. So 5.0 was final blow to gut.. :/

Kind Regards: Mmo’er since 2004 & Sub since launch in #swtor & even bought Cartel Coins few times in 2015. Can say that given my share of support for Star Wars: The Old Republic 😛 Stopped buying after noticed that proper Mmo features didn’t come & even Galactic Starfighter didn’t get updates after Development was stopped in Autumn 2014 🙁

Chat system is outdated just as the Game-Engine. Dropping Sub before November’s automatic Renewal. Wish u & everyone else nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Not shit, but good valuable info there partially for possible new ppl who enter into Star Wars Dress Up Half Mmo that has Glitchy Outdated Game-Engine. Which brings lots of restrictions for new features & advancement. Take care enjoy gaming in whatever game is o/ Not Coming to waste my time to reply for your pointless comments. Sincerely: Have fun 🙂

Haha yep.. I wrote about that in this “CrapRising” Livestream & Tait the Community Manager who was Channel Mod didn’t delete any messages. Ofc good as Mmo Community that’s been feeding a.k.a Supporting Swtor’s Skeleton Dev Crew are justified to show their feelings 😛

Kind Regards: Mmo’er since 2004 & Sub since launch in #swtor & even bought Cartel Coins few times in 2015. Can say that given my share of support for Star Wars: The Old Republic 😛 Stopped buying after noticed that proper Mmo features didn’t come & even Galactic Starfighter didn’t get updates after Development was stopped in Autumn 2014 🙁

Chat system is outdated just as the Game-Engine. Dropping Sub before November’s automatic Renewal. Wish u & everyone else nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Great…regear all again to do the same ops…this announcement killed our HM/Nim group last week. Just when all group members where all ready to tackle some final bosses we are brought 2 steps back.

If you’re into raiding just give up on SWTOR already and play another MMO that cares about raids like WoW or FFXIV.

Y & also partially GW2 as it’s going to have more Raid Content in early 2017 if rumors are true. Good times ahead for GW2 as it gets new content again also to other areas 🙂

Kind Regards: Mmo’er since 2004 & Sub since launch in #swtor & even bought Cartel Coins few times in 2015. Can say that given my share of support for Star Wars: The Old Republic 😛 Stopped buying after noticed that proper Mmo features didn’t come & even Galactic Starfighter didn’t get updates after Development was stopped in Autumn 2014 🙁

Chat system is outdated just as the Game-Engine. Dropping Sub before November’s automatic Renewal. Wish u & everyone else nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

I wanted to like GW2 soo much got a Nord ranger to lvl 80 and there were so many reasons to love it but….it’s so dull.
Our swtor guild went there just after launch to try it and we all came back after a few months apart from 1 guy.
Sure some left to wildstar, eso and wow but all have come back and went again etc cause thats what people do in mmo’s/games.
Wow was dead endgame wise until Legion revived it, Eso was unplayable until recent changes.
That’s the life of an mmo.
Wake up.

The problem about drawing people back to SWTOR who left because they were bored is they need to introduce something new.
9 chapters of solo story and uprisings wont be enough for most.
EA/Bioware are capable of more they just dont want to spend the coin, which is sad.

I’ve never seen so many players arriving, 10+ guilds shouting for members on fleet.
I’ve got alt’s in a few guilds and they’re constantly growing so somethings working.
Yes many guildies have left but some guys had families, others play different games, some don’t play games at all any more, that’s just life.

here ye go..

Yeah populations is going through the roof pfff
give it the expansion then the movie and by end of January the servers will be back to ghost towns.
Oh and 10+ guilds asking for people to join doesnt indicate the place is busy but the opposite, it means their guilds are empty and they need players.

“Oh and 10+ guilds asking for people to join doesnt indicate the place is busy but the opposite, it means their guilds are empty and they need players.”
That’s a big assumption.
My guilds shout out nightly and they have 200+ members, 30+ on nightly each.

imagine most of those recruits are people with alts and from other servers doing the dark vs light event before it finishes.
SWTOR has dropped nothing new of any real magnitude in years.
Hell Blizzard just released a patch that had more content with it than the past 2 expansions from Bioware.

Blizzard Legion was essential because the players were moaning that endgame was repetitive and dull.

thats it? 10 guilds HAHAHAHAHA my god that says it all it used to 50 plus guilds and your saying 10 guilds HAHAHAHAAH thanks for the laugh oh yeah the subs are skyrocketing /smh

Hahahahah 50+ guilds advertsing nightly.
I’ve been on since early 2012 and never saw that many on general chat.
Your general chat must have been going like Wall street.

early 2012 just as i suspected so you joined tor later on not from launch i saw that many and more from launch thats all the chat was back then and gold spammers 10 guilds is nothing thats chickenfeed

So I missed launch by a few months I don’t see your point.
Are you saying it dropped from 50+ guilds to 10 in 2-3 months?

Unfortunately.. Now we Good SW Franchise Mmo Fans need to wait for miracle day when Ea “´That should’ve stayed on Sports Genre” leaves Sw Franchise on gaming industry. Then we have hope for Sw Mmo & in other Genres to return as well made 🙂 Shame that Disney Scrapped Lucasarts before their SW 1313 got the finishing move :/ Take care o/

they spend thier time trying to figure out ways to resell you the same content and ways to rehash content and sell it as uprisings and galactic commands and whatever else they come up with and with these carebears who are to stupid to catch on and defend this and think its awesome nothing will change swg will always be the superior game ill tell you that

We were a bunch of friends raiding together. We survived last year (everyone was op except for Ravagers and ToS then) but this and the RNG drops did it.

I concur. You know you are in a place that is ‘not it’ when your guild of 4+ years and 900+ members are inactive. The RNG announcement sent the last ones packing their bags for other MMO’s.

I’m surprised you lasted this long. People already had this exact issue last year. If raiding is your main thing, SWTOR isn’t the right game for you. It was in the past but that changed about 2 years ago.

Thought Uprisings could’ve been interesting, actually the only thing that sounded interesting.. but power-ups? Really..? Am I the only one who hated those things or something?

This deal is getting worse all the time.

They say their supposed to challenge players at all skill levels, but also say that their difficulty level is going to be similar to tactical. To me this sounds like they will be challenging to everyone, but their challenge level will be no challenge at all….

“Only story and veteran mode will come at launch”
“Story mode […] will be like tactical mode in difficulty.”
“veteran mode will be like Hardmode Lost Island”

I can mostly easily solo tacs; LI HM is.. well, I like it with a proper group, but an average pug has no chance of completing it

Assuming they are aware of the difficulty of their own content (which I admit is a rather big assumption at this point), this seems like a rather big jump.

Uprisings = tactical flashpoints with less cutscenes to spacebar through.
Bioware putting in less work/renaming and selling it as new original.
Bioware masters of the rehash.

“What sets Uprisings apart from other activities such as Flashpoints and Operations? It’s simple. Uprisings are meant to be faster-paced and action-packed combat adventures where you must fight through multiple enemies at a time as you work your way towards more challenging foes”
Nuff said.

They constantly tell us that what sets swtor apart from all the other mmorpgs is story and the cut scenes and now they introduce tactical flashpoints without cut scenes and people praise them for it.
Swtor fan boys do love to yoyo logic to suit themselves.

They make a decision to speed things up and your mad?
You seem mad at everything bro…you should play a different game.
Can’t imagine playing a game i’d be this mad at, i’d move on.

Mad when?
Perfectly calm.
Just because I’m not gullible like yourself doesn’t mean I have lost my temper, quite the opposite actually.

I would have & sometimes have that Look when See these Updates by Swtor’s Eaware Crew.. Can’t Resist of putting up that Look when see their Livestreams & these Updates since 3.0 😀 🙁 🙁

Haha indeed.. Couldn’t have put it any better.. 😀 This Eaware’s going is so Mind Boggling & sad.. So is the behavior of indoctrinated Eaware / Swtor Fanboys & Possibly ladies 2 who be like that :/

You are able to repeat BioWare’s BS bingo buzzwords, like “fast pace action packed”!

Great, but not an answer on anything.

Everything every MMO does in essence is a rehash.
All they do is move the adds/bosses to another area and put a bit of different foliage here and there and call it new.
See WOW, ESO and GW2 of your not aware of this.

ive played all those and the difference is tor actually rehashes the exact same content with no bosses moved foliage thats the diffeence i suspect thats what these “uprisings” will be though

Amazing difference. I can’t wait to play Uprisings now. I am sure the queue will pop immediately, that there will be no issue with pug players trying to learn mechanics, that all these Uprisings will have zero bugs and glitches, and that the rewards will be totally worth the effort, while I have an amazing time playing those!!!

Because THAT was the problem with Flashpoints and people didn’t queue any more. The fast paced action that was missing.

Get a life.

Its flashpoints remade, and as for you thinking pugs will breeze through these? If what they said about these being some of that hardest content in the game is true. Think about the GF OP pugs now that cannot get past the 1st or 2nd boss, thats simple shit compared to these if what they say is true. GL with the quality of players we have today clearing those on any advanced setting.

People moaned about DvL yet FP’s, PVP etc have been popping non stop on my server because of it and the same will happen for this I’m certain.
As for pug’s learning mechanics… we go people Jonny’s a pro player step aside everybody *sigh*….we were all new to this once, if you don’t like playing with learners don’t play an MMO.
An MMO without some bugs…..where you get all the rewards you will always need….you need to get a life.
Try a game called minecraft John I think it’s right up your street.

Your server and your personal experience doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, since the vast majority of people in the 4 guilds I am, and in every single type of social media (facebook, instagram, SWTOR forums, Dulfy and the list goes on), have either already quit the game, or login for 1-2 nights a week for a couple of hours.

I actually love playing with learners, and I love teaching other people ways to improve their playing ability, because others did the same with me when I was a “noob”.

The gearing and the rewards system in 5.0 is a joke and you know it, you just can’t admit it.

It’s ok, we all know you are a SWTOR fanboy and will be satisfied even if they give you the same content for the last 2 years… oh wait, that’s exactly what has happened.

The guilds ive been in have come and gone and new ones have started same as in GW2, Wildstar, ESO and Wow that’s MMO life. Peolpe have lives outside games and it reflects on the games and they play non MMO’s too. Simple.
Your second paragraph contradicts your sarcastic statement above where you said you were looking forward to “there will be no issue with pug players trying to learn mechanics”. Backtracking lol.
Gearing sounds interesting, I don’t see much different to current system of RNG drops and roll offs for gear, time will tell i’m not gonna fill my nappy just yet.
Fanboy…..i’ve been called worse you however

To be fair, a lot of people complained about cutscenes and people not pressing skip to continue the flash points. So really, this is the answer to that complaint, is it not?

The only folk that moan about cut scenes are the ones that have done them loads and are bored with no new content.
Same people that will grow tired of these glorified tactical flashpoints in a few weeks.

all mmo must introduce new content and concepts, not 100 times recycled old trash. if they’re not they die out. thou there always are idiots who enjoy running the same shit over and over again til the end of their days, and gladly pay for that. GL

If you don’t like re-running old content then MMO’s aren’t for you.
I can’t think of one that doesn’t.

I cant think of one that does not add new content on a regular basis and has a healthy player base. If your talking about an RPG style online game then ya if they area bit slow on new endgame stuff its not a huge deal as there is not alot of that in an rpg. But for MMO’s all the good ones left Eve Online for one is constantly giving us new content.

Eve online has no character story progressions like SWTOR instead going for a non-linear tutorial approach and later story arcs whereas it’s a massive part of SWTOR.
Different beasts completely i’m afraid.

We are talking about MMO’s adding new content not if its a voice story driven game or not. MMO’s the good ones give you new GOOD xpacs every 6 months atleast and EVE is one of those. And yes eve does have character story progression, its just alot different that SWTOR, EVE just added Citadels and quite a few other end game content, EVE is about New Eden, figuring out how to survive out there and possibly get back home, their expansions work towards that story.. The statement still stands WOW was hurting as they were not delivering new xpacs with good endgame content, now Legion seems to be turning that around(never played wow and never will but I know plenty of people that do). ESO adds new content often, Final Fantasy online does the same along with eve. None of those games makes you wait 5 years for real end game content. And none of those games come out with “new content” that is just a rehash of of 4 plus year old shit hence DVL. SWTOR stands on its own as far as this goes

Swtor adds new content all the time, we just had KOTFE and the alliance missions, I don’t see your point. Did everybody like them no, but it’s still massive new content.
“None of those games makes you wait 5 years for real end game content.”
Serious man? Massive events in SWTOR in 5 years.
Star Wars is in essence a story driven game (because its from a series of films) with group content bolted on and ‘groupers’ are moaning that they want more group content and they story people want more story.
Whoever they please someone gonna cry that life.
God I wish I had the time to play Eve it looks amazing.

There are Several Mmo’s that are Old & Old’ish & they’re not pushing out Revamped Old Content or making update that comes with: Do this old Content & Torture your Mind more 🙂

Yep & yawn 2 for your Indoctrinated Eaware Crew Defending. Wish u nice gaming in whatever that is & good recovery times after treatment received for it 🙂 Kind Regards: Mmo’er since 2004 & Sub since launch in #swtor & even bought Cartel Coins few times in 2015. Can say that given my share of support for Star Wars: The Old Republic 😛 Stopped buying after noticed that proper Mmo features didn’t come & even Galactic Starfighter didn’t get updates after Development was stopped in Autumn 2014 🙁

Chat system is outdated just as the Glitchy Game-Engine :/ Dropping Sub before November’s automatic Renewal. Wish u & everyone else nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Lol the same cut and paste garbage.
For someones that’s left you seem to be spending a lot of time here.

Never said i’ve left. & enjoy o/ Have fun enjoy o/ Last reply to Silly Indoctrinated Half Blind Eaware Defender & really don’t care rat’s poo about your mindless replies 🙂 So your replies have no affect on my next zz time or emotional state 🙂 Not cut & paste, but Copy Paste 😉 Not 110% though, but only last section what helps newcomers to know about Swtor so not being fooled by Partially Badly Made Kotet CGI Trailer.

Dw if things not changing better for Mmo Community in Swtor the Dress Up Sw Product i won’t be posting here after January’s possible announcement. Sincerely wish u good treatment for your blind Swtor Defending & good gaming times o/

So in order to craft gear as an alternative for RNG drops you need schematics that are RNG drops from “harder content”…

Lets hope it’s blue 70 version from trainer and purple version from drops because otherwise that’s just moronic…

There hasn’t been a point to craft end gear for any xpac so far, besides possibly weapons from KotFE if you could stand the way they looked.

Well, Eric did say he would put a blog up today about crafting. It’s early morning there now so it shouldn’t be much longer.

“There hasn’t been a point to craft end gear for any xpac so far” Exactly.. 🙁

Kind Regards: Sub since launch in #swtor & even bought Cartel Coins few times in 2015. Can say that given my share of support for Star Wars: The Old Republic 😛 Stopped buying after noticed that proper Mmo features didn’t come & even Galactic Starfighter didn’t get updates after Development was stopped in Autumn 2014 🙁

Chat system is outdated just as the Game-Engine. Dropping Sub before November’s automatic Renewal. Wish u & everyone else nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

That is totally wrong I cannot make 220 hilts, barrels, armors and relics fast enough to keep a decent amount up on the gtn

They’ve had the easiest solution possible available for crafting for years, and have never even glanced at it: Craft Skill-exclusive gear appearances. Obviously cosmetics are very important, considering the booming Cartel Market business… if you want to make crafting attractive, give crafters exclusive gear sets and weapons that only they can make and sell (or give away).

There are some very old schematics that are arguably “crafting exclusive”, but they could do so much more with it. The only thing I can figure is that they’ve already considered and disregarded this idea, which is disappointing to imagine.

So that crafters can behave even more like tyrants? so that they can fix the prices of cool stuff, and control the market? No thanks.

Im already happy they are gonna remove the ability from cratfers to craft endgame gear, bc we will all be able to get it from Command Crates. Its enough of crafters chraging absurdly amounts for stuff.

What server are you playing on that you’re at the mercy of tyrannical crafters? I’ll make anything I can craft, with any profession, for the cost of mats, or for free, if the mats are cheap.

I’m not talking about endgame hilts and barrels, I’m talking about cosmetic gear: armour and weapons. Are you really getting taken to the cleaners for cosmetic gear? Swap over to Ebon Hawk, I’ll craft whatever you’re looking for, if I have it.

we can still craft endgame gear infact according to the article I read we can craft the highest level gear which we could not before, the gear will just be missing the set bonuses. So it would be like us crafting 224 gear now without the bonuses attached. And as for whats charged if ya dont like it get the mats and compete for the price you think is fair. An instance now is a barrel takes 2 DMC’s , 1 DMC is say 850 million creds so thats 1.7 million for those alone plus other items that add up to about 200k or so and we sell them for an average of 2.1 million. How is that charging alot? A 220 relic takes 3 dmcs and alot more xtras and we sell those for the 3 to 3.5 million mark. Do the math we do not charge a shit ton for what we make. And now we will be able to craft top level stuff (what is 224 now). Enjoy!!!!

Well it seems they prefer to put new appearances in the CM rather than in the game for the past 2+ years, so this is pretty consistent with their overall philosophy. Previously, you had a bunch of cool and unique armor models from random drops or quests, but most of that have disappeared.

I do agree it would be a great idea tho.

“Previously, you had a bunch of cool and unique armor models from random drops or quests, but most of that have disappeared. I do agree it would be a great idea tho.” Agree Well said & Sad :/

It’s one of those things WoW does better (despite their transmog system being a lot crappier than TORs outfit studio). While a lot of the stuff is RNG from mobs, i prefer that to gambling crates. And there’s been a few occasions where I went out of my way to do a quest just for the looks on the reward.

Loads were removed before yeah, though some of the models have mysteriously subsequenetly appeared on the Cartel Market . . . . strange that.

Hey this all sounds really interesting.
Uprisings sounds cool, different modes different gear drops, no spacebar story, not so impressed with the power ups but they will hopefully be sm only.
Looking forward to where they will be set.
Exciting news all round.

They explicitely said it would also be a means to beat the harder versions of the uprisings, like a difficult boss or so. So it will be present on more than the story mode difficulty.

and you are going through everyone’s post that criticizes Bioware?
You must have achieved legendary level fan boy by now.

It wasn’t trolling it was sarcasm and disappointment in a short post.
Trolling is generally being angry/offensive, like what you do in your personnel crusade to defend Bioware.

No, he was pointing out that the uprising can probably be defeated primarily by spamming one aoe ability to defeat what appears from the video to be swarms of trash mobs. Or force storm for sorc, etc, etc.

ahaha, that’s actually fun, let him try his best! i remeber someone complaining that there’s not a single fanboycarebear in comment section. here we go!

ahahah that’s right, keep entertaining us with your flaming arse =) if i cry, it’s out of laughter. Oh, so you have brain cancer? damn im so sorry.. not much success fighting it i see

Someone really said that 😮 Ouch.. I’ve seen about handful Blind fanboys / carebears here since Swtor started to go downhill from it’s True Mmo state. Y here we see one that’s going strong :/ If he wants to waste his time like this then i hope his wife & 3 kids don’t mind. Done replying to his silly Eaware defending comments & i’ve always been calm 🙂

Ofc Not saying he hasn’t. Now to beautiful Tyria with precious Sylvari Elementalist <3 Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is o/

Seems BWs crew is incapble of more. All that time and we get 9 chapters and maybe 5-6 FPs that are based off of old assets and old world instances. All they had to do was put in trash and some mini boss fights.

I’m start My to think they really are a skeleton crew over at bw.

Taint is a fucking asshole by the way. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that in enough forums.
But Taint. If you’re reading this right now.

I just wanted to let you know i think you’re a gaping asshole. Large of enough to swallow up a sarlac pit.

Mustgo and the rest of the fails at the cartel market you call an mmo should be thanking me. Cause I’m sure they couldn’t think of nick naming you Taint on thier own.

YW. You MMO baddies you

…Except they’ve already said there will be new ops next year, and from January onwards it’s back to group content.

They have not once explicitly said new operations. They’ve hinted at it, but until anything is confirmed it means absolutely nothing. And that itself is part of the problem. If they said, “Hey guys. We know you want operations. We’re doing them. Plan is such and such a date with such and such planned. Subject to change. Date isn’t set in stone. It can and probably will be delayed, but know we’re doing it,” people wouldn’t have so much of an issue as them going, “Yeah. New group content. Prepare to hold your breath while we fuck around.”

The only thing they’ve said was new 8 player content. A PvP arena qualifies. And there’s the problem. Ambiguity.

Nope. Just 4 man content.

The rest is 2-5 year old and well past it’s life cycle no matter what BW raises its level to.

I have a big issue with OPS. They are kinda story based which makes it tedious and wanting to repeat it less. I get it’s supposed to be “immersive” and shit, but that actually sucks ass. If ops would be redone into something like these Uprisings, fast paced simple digestible content. Kill npc > Kill boss > Get loot. Like in any other MMO it would have more repeat value.

“Like in any other MMO it would have more repeat value.” There are few Mmo’s to have such silly Simplified Mode like Uprising & ported into Raid.. Good that there aren’t in some of the Biggest Mmo’s that have Raiding.. 😀 Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂 Kind Regards: Mmo’er since 2004 & Sub since launch in #swtor & even bought Cartel Coins few times in 2015. Can say that given my share of support for Star Wars: The Old Republic 😛

Stopped buying after noticed that proper Mmo features didn’t come & even Galactic Starfighter didn’t get updates after Development was stopped in Autumn 2014 🙁 Chat system is outdated just as the Game-Engine. Dropping Sub before November’s automatic Renewal. Wish you nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

should care, if this keeps up it will be you and 3 others on fleet left lol. Hey!! that’s just enough for you do get a circle jerk running. ENJOY!!!

Indeed & It will as many Subbed Veterans leave & then only Casuals who Feed Milky Market “CM” are left. Sure Eaware likes it as Swtor has been up mostly thanks to Milky Market providing more items for Star Wars Dress Up game.. Enjoy gaming in whatever game that is & take care 🙂

Exactly 😛 Though not going back even if New Ops would come already in February 2017. If January’s announcement comes true & then new Ops or even 2x would be shown then launch prob. would be Early Feb – Mid March. I was sub since launch & well still am, but dropping it before November’s Automatic Renewal on 3rd week. Many important Mmo features still not there in late 2016 & much cashing in via Kids & Adults “adults by age, but not mentally” who are feeding Cartel Market in game store & Devs not giving proper Mmo features & Content :/

Glitchy Outdated Game-Engine is doing miracle as haven’t blown into Eaware’s hands already. They Bring Uprising “lolz” mode with 5.0 & sad thing on that is ability to use Overpowered Healing Comp. They should’ve taken that option off & y don’t have to use it i know & i wouldn’t if would come to 5.0 heh. Hopefully Diff.setting can’t be put lower & back up after entered into instance / started Chapter or whatever content it they can be used in. Some person tweeted in Swtor twitter that pls make it rdy for toggle down & up at all times. Trololz that’s just cheating yourself then.. Some folks 😛

Now to beautiful Tamriel via ESO 🙂 Orc Tank wants to do some Blacksmithing & Dungeon <3 Kind Regards: Mmo'er since 2004 & Sub since launch in #swtor & even bought Cartel Coins few times in 2015. Can say that given my share of support for Star Wars: The Old Republic 😛 Stopped buying after noticed that proper Mmo features didn't come & even Galactic Starfighter didn't get updates after Development was stopped in Autumn 2014 🙁

Chat system is outdated just as the Game-Engine. Dropping Sub before November's automatic Renewal. Wish you nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

See people, this man can leave a game behind on a good note. Not the trollish nonsense and moaning. He made his points clear and relate-able. There is no hellish moaning here.

Good luck sir.

not really 95% of the raiding community left awhile ago most of the people playing will be whats an operation lol

You might be right, but when they find that whatever endgame content they choose gets dull, they will most likely come back for SWTOR if the “New Content” is actually new Ops. Curiosity wins the battle for Biohazard every time

“KOTFE’s story feels a bit stretched out and the choices didn’t seem to matter so for KOTET they are really focusing on this.”

And they just say this now? KOTET will be no different, obviously. They said “your choices matter” over and over and over while promoting KOTFE, and now they admit that it didn’t. Can that be twisted into false advertisement?

Are we sure musco isn’t sean murray in disguise?!

It’s MMO. Nothing matters, MMO is all about mechanics, advantages, disadvantages and value. Only thing that they may attach “matterness” too is companions. Killing off or saving some because they made every single companion be the same technically and functionally as the others. But then if you kill your 50 lvl influence comp will you get those influence points back? If yes then people will kill all of the comps except 5 to keep them for crafting and get them maxed in no time. If no then nobody would kill them because they are useful and grinding influence sucks ass. So only thing that matters is the usefulness.

I know you want to protect yourselves by creating a barrier against of the lies and half-truths from Biohazard but be honest, you want to see SWTOR thrive. Hate-eff it all you like, but in the end we all just want to see this ship right herself and continue the voyage.

Actually no. Many want another SW Mmo or even SW Game with Co-op feature & both not to have Ea or Eaware touch 🙂 It is clear that this ship not turning to better after seen how low on gameplay & elsewhere it’s gone since 3.0 landed :/ I used to love it a looot from early beta days to 3.0 so for me this is even more heartbreaking. More than for some who haven’t been around from 1st beta day & registered to Swtor website on 2008 few days after it was created.

I wish you nice gaming in whatever game that is & i understand your feelings about this 🙂

-It is their intention you will get every companion back eventually. KOTFE’s story feels a bit stretched out and the choices didn’t seem to matter so for KOTET they are really focusing on this.
– 9 new chapters (25 total) with story and veteran difficulty. Your first playthrough of the story chapters will be the one where your choices are saved.
– All existing end-game content scaled to 70

Here is a visual representation of BioWare’s content release cycle:

“And here’s a visual representation of Fred Garvin’s latest effort…to make one damn bit of sense out of anything Abaddonsmummy posts.”

Fixed that for you 🙂

The problem with choices that whenever people made them they instantly regretted them.
The forums are full of people upset that they made the wrong decisions and cant go back and have to roll another character.
Choices ain’t foe MMO’s.

you cant have meaningful choices when other players are involved why they cant do it i do find it funny that people keep falling for it though

I do agree that it was a mistake for them to bring in the ‘choices matter slogan’ because they were gonna get hung for the few choices that were made by either people that regretted the choices or people that said the choices weren’t enough.
It’s a no win scenario.

So no more solo uprising? I can’t choose how to play Swtor anymore? If I’m more a solo player, then it stop for me as soon as I finish the 9 new chapters?

“Uprisings are meant to be faster-paced and action-packed combat
adventures where you must fight through multiple enemies at a time as
you work your way towards more challenging foes. In Uprisings, you will
jump into the action quickly, taking on some of the most dangerous foes
in the galaxy. Those enemies have spawned these Uprisings, questioning
the very power of your Alliance.”

All I’m reading is “We are reskinning the Czerka Flashpoints to feature some Remnant Imperial/Republic Figurehead from our random name generator and call it progress”

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