SWTOR Crafting in Eternal Throne

Bioware has posted a blog post explaining on the details of crafting in 5.0.

Crafting in Eternal Throne | 10.28.2016, 08:14 PM

Hey folks,

As we discussed yesterday on the livestream, one of the goals of crafting is that it will be a mechanism where someone can gear up an alt, catch up to their friends, or even gear an off-spec. With the launch of Eternal Throne you will find that there is a new grade of materials and higher level items which can be learned from your Crafting Trainer. For endgame crafting, the intent is that you will be able to craft items which are within 2 item rating of the best gear in that tier, but without a set bonus. The exception to this rule is tier 1, where you will be able to craft items equivalent to the best item rating in that tier. All of the gear that you craft in this matter will be static, meaning that you cannot move mods. However, crafters will also be able to craft mods of those same item levels.

If that is confusing let me give you some examples using made up numbers from Fallen Empire:

  • Tier 1 – 216 with set bonus
  • Tier 2 – 220 with set bonus
  • Tier 3 – 224 with set bonus

You would be able to craft at the following ratings:

  • Tier 1 – 216 without a set bonus
  • Tier 2 – 218 without a set bonus
  • Tier 3 – 222 without a set bonus

Let’s talk about how you get access to craft these items.

  • Gear: You will earn the schematics to craft gear from their respective Command Crates. Ex: You will get schematics to craft tier 1 gear inside of tier 1 Command Crates. These schematics will require materials earned from Conquests in order to craft them.
  • Mods: You will earn the schematics to craft mods through either reverse engineering the mod, PvP, or looting the schematic from an Operation boss. These schematics will require materials earned from Operations or PvP in order to craft them.

This is a summary of how crafting relates to gearing in Eternal Throne. Let me know if you have any questions.


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138 replies on “SWTOR Crafting in Eternal Throne”

Haha, so before reading I thought – there should be a trick to prevent f2p guys from crafting gear. And here IT is. The Free to play can get end game gear by crafting. But schematics are Command Crates only. Very clever. Of course you can say that there is a GTN, but I guarantee that the prices for schematics and materials will be much higher than f2p can afford because of credit limit. So that’s it, Free to play guys are officially banned from endgame, and thus from game in general. Good move, Bioware.

Oh really? They never could get end game gear? They never could get loot and gear from flashpoints and operation bosses? They never could stock up commendations and buy nightmare or warzone gear? They never could buy passes to have a run in operation? Seriously? So now they cant do any of these thing.

Preferred and F2p are on the same status in this case.

Neither are subscribers (which is required for Command)
Both have a credit cap (which basically means they will not be able to afford the crafted end game gear)

In short….like Kirill said…unless you are a subscriber…then you probably will not get any of this stuff unless you happen to be in a guild that is willing to dish out the creds to get said gear for you.

There really is not a reason for F2p to be in the game unless they simply want to play the storylines.

And then what? If they have those “tokens”, they can’t redeem them since you need to be level 65 to redeem and use them, you can’t get to lvl 65 as a f2p or preffered player.

I wonder what will happen if they lose all the f2p and preffered players, they are a part of the game and CM literallly runs the game, I know they don’t buy/spend CC but there are other people who do this thing and sell it for credits to prefs and f2ps. Don’t mention the queue for wz/fp/gsf and ops ( which is low but still a thing)

Maybe they will do something like this:
UNLOCK: GALACTIC COMMAND ACCESS. 9283498237498237498237498237492374928342 CC

The only reason the subscriber count is high is because they force you to do it. If they just had the story free I can guarantee you that the sub numbers would be lower than what they are. I would also hazard a bet the sub numbers were/are high right now is because of preorder bonuses (for whatever reason because who wants another stupid companion and mount) and people who subbed up to play all of the KOTFE chapters at once and then unsubbed a month or two later.

Don’t get me wrong I am a sub right now because of Shae Vizla 🙂
I don’t buy sub every months maybe once a year or two months a year.

Whats the point of crafting the gear if the schematics drop in ops that you already are geared to run? My point is yet again, they pretend to make the same content appealing, its not.

You will most probably be able to run story mode operations even naked, since they will have bolster… but people that run operations on a regular basis, will not need the schematics anyway, because they will get better gear…. Even people that do NOT run operations, will be able to just grind content so that they can get better gear than the crafted one… so I don’t see the point in crafting personally…

While I agree with everything, the point of the crafted gear is mostly for alts and bad RNG protection I think. (In case you get like 50 belts and are missing that MH/OH hilt/barrel).

Everything will be spinning around that stupid galactic command. the more i read about it the more i start to dislike it (and when i first heard about it i thought it was neat idea). For me, a guy from beta, its finally an end to play star wars.

seems pointless to worry about gearing when the game produces 0 end game content. but i LoL at the shell this game has become.

So you get no set bonus and cannot remove the armoring, mod, enhancement because they’re just built into it. What the fuck is the point then? The gearing grind in this expansion is going to be abysmal. I thought at first what they were doing was kinda good. It would eliminate ninja’s and bitching about gear in ops. You’d take 4 minutes to kill a boss and then have 10 minutes rolling on loot and people bitching about those rolls on loot. But this is just… urgh. The more I think about it the worse it gets.

Schematics drop from the command boxes so doesn’t matter.

Either way, this is just going to be a ridiculous grind. Bitching about a grindfest in an MMO is redundant but this is going above and beyond what could be considered reasonable. I mean you get gear boxes from leveling up Galactic Command, those gear boxes have a chance to drop something you need but there’s also a very real possibility you could get 4 belts in a row followed by two bracers, you get crafting schematics from those very same Galactic Command boxes but the gear that you can craft is beyond sub-optimal and cannot be modded. How do you get the materials to craft? You grind conquest now. The mods and stuff use materials from Ops and PvP, but to make something like say a relic you now have to grind out conquest over a week meaning only one (possibly two or three if they bump it up but I doubt it) per week per toon.

Why are they linking the materials for crafting gear to Conquest? Cuz. That’s the reasoning. Just cuz. I know they have that one tied to conquest right now, but let’s be honest too, almost nobody uses it. It’s making crafting all but irrelevant. There’s no real reason to bother with it just due to the headache and hassle to go through with it. In the Dread tier of ops I’d go, run Dread Fort and Palace HM, get a relic, a MMG, and reverse engie that relic. Craft one or two with mats that I had, put them up on the GTN for 1.7 million, or trade them on fleet for mats plus 300k tip. Rinse and repeat. It was easy. There’s no real logic line here though. They have some mats tied behind conquest of all fucking things, others tied behind ops/pvp, the ones from conquest make the gear pieces, the ones from ops/pvp make the mods. They’re trying to simplify the game, but how is this simpler?


Great rebuttal. Really. 10/10. Post more shitty comments all over this fucking thread. Oh wait, you already have.

Lots of work, no reward. Only end game players will be able to afford the prices people will charge for the crafted pieces and no one wants needs to actually get the crafted stuff now when running a few H2’s and maybe a couple FP’s will get ya a box.

They already said that running raids will get you more boxes than other content, something like 3 boxes per raid, and I’m pretty sure they were talking story mode when they said that. H2’s and other solo content will roughly get you one box an hour.

So in theory you can get the same number of boxes from a raid by doing 3 hours of H2’s. I personally could not sit down and play this game for 3 hours of non stop H2’s, but anyone who can stomach that for 3 hours, deserves the gear.

Musco did say that Ops would earn you boxes at a faster rate, I believe that his comparison was with NiM level content.

Some raids will take you sometimes hours, smoke breaks, dog needs a walk, baby is crying,blah blah blah.

So in order to craft you need to do ops, which has a what 1 in 4 chance of getting the mats, and by the time you get the mats you will probably have the gear drop from an op.
You can if you spent insane amount of time, get set bonus gear from never do an op, but in order to get non set bonus gear you need to run an op, or spend insane amounts of money, where is the logic.

But his point is still valid. You don’t need to do an op to get the gear with set bonuses, but you do need to do ops to get the gear without set bonuses(crafting mats).

You do ops, you get GCX, they give you gear, so you do get gear drops from doing ops, but not from actual bosses.
Still you completely missed the point.

Actually the point is that folks want the gear to continue to drop from the bosses as it does now. Keep the method of earning gear the same as it is currently. A system that every game in existence has had for as long as I can remember (I have been playing video games since the original Atari was brand new) and still has today.
That is the point many are trying to make.
What is the point of completely changing the method of gearing like this?

Actually you don’t know that it’s a 1 in 4 chance of getting the crafting mats. It is entirely possible that everyone may get a mat. They are revamping the gearing so every op may drop the needed mats to every player. It’s also possible there could be 1 mat dropped for the entire group. My point is don’t get your knickers is a bunch before we know.

So… I think people who are saying there will be no point at all are missing a few details. The thing is, the old commendation (crystal) system will be GONE now. So crafting (or buying crafted items) will be the only way to fill in that missing pair of boots you’ve been waiting to have drop forever (until you luck into the drop). And for those who think the non-moddable items are useless, remember that the new crafted mods and the unmoddable gear will be the exact same rating.
Which isn’t to say I like this system at all. I totally agree that they’ll be driving a lot of people away. Just pointing out that crafting will be the new endgame fill-in armor.
Unless I’m mistaken and they’re going to put the endgame vendors in but with cash purchases instead?

Yes, will have the same rating but will not be BiS. As they said, crafting the endgame items is just for getting a start into endgame content. If you want to do HM/NiM you’ll still have to farm the gear tokens which give BiS stats and set bonus.

problem is… moddable items mean you can transfer those mods into a pair of boots that have a augment slot already added, so that you only, hopefully replace an armoring once you finally get that set bonus. I understand what you are saying that they want us to craft fill in items rather then grab some off a vendor, but the way they are going about it is just so ass backwards and annoying that I basically “lost the ability to can”.

The thing is, the schematics to craft these things drop at the same place the actual gear drops at. And it’s just as random. If you are unlucky, you won’t have either. Or get a pair of boots, then get the schematic for boots, then get arms, then get schematics for arms, then get schematics for stuff to get that stuff right next time, or you are super unlucky and don’t get any gear of schematics at all.

Does anyone know how to block these fucking adverts on Dulfy in Chrome that keep popping up continuously? They are driving me mad! I never used to get them, but now all of a sudden they appear & play all the time! I cant keep any Dulfy pages up while im playing Swotor anymore.

I never used to get any Ads on this site, but very recently a pop up window has started to appear, with an advert for Lego followed by something else. If you let it play it reappears a few minutes later & plays again ad infinitum. I installed the Chrome addon Ublock Origin & it seems to have cured it.

This new system is going to be very frustrating, because the more gear items you get the luckier you need to be to get what you are missing. If in the first crate ever i have 50% of getting a piece i need (assuming a class with 2 functions i.e. DPS/Tank or DPS/Healer), by the last piece it’s 13 times worse (can use the same implant on both slots). And that’s not even factoring that different DPS disciplines within the same advanced class might have different optimal stats.
This will quickly become very frustrating and tiring, especially since each new CXP level will probably be harder to get than the last.

What will also likely happen is that you will get tier 2 gear before you will have completed a tier 1 set. Luck is a factor indeed and crafting sorta is meant to fill that hole but I do have to wonder if crafting is really worth doing anymore. Time will tell how many people actually need gap fillers because you can rip mods from excess gear anyway.

The first crate you get will give you 100% a piece that you need. According to what they said, the gear that drops will be based on your current role, so you can’t get healing set bonus if you are playing a DPS commando for example.

Whch means that you cannot go into OP’s with your healer in case if you want to build up some DPS gear. You must play as DPS to get DPS gear.
And Biofail doesn’t care much that you are currently wearing healers gear. You MUST play as DPS.

The gear type is determined by the spec you have when you open your gear crates, not by spec you used when getting the CXP. So you can do your operation as a healer, get crates, spec dps, open crates, have dps gear.

I think it could be much better if we could choose from 3 different boxes.
Like those which drops in heroics?
If you play sin – you can choose tank or DPS box. Sorc – DPS or healer box.
Problem is – Biofail is always Biofail. And it will fail….
As always…

AFAIK they confirmed that gear will be dependant on the tree you are playing, so functions don’t matter. If you are skilled as tank, you get tank stuff.

Which means you cannot collect DPS set for your tank.
So if you go into OP’s with your tank just to get DPS gear…
…well “FUCK YOU!!!” – said Biofail.

Hmmm…. For what I understood, You play any role you want DPS,Tank or healer. Before you purchase your item with commander points, you switch to the spec you want to gear up and then purchase the item.

you can if you reskill to DPS. Really, the great majority of people would be pissed when they try to get their DPS set and only get tank equip. This way is the best. If you want Tank equip, play Tank. If you want DPS equip, play DPS.

The speed with which you level through GC will be an important factor. From what I understand, it will go relatively quickly with the early levels. Musco mentioned about 30 mins per level early on. Now if you do bolstered SM ops and solo content, my guess is that you could actually get a full set of gear in a week or two max. Crafting will then become a filler solution and will take the place of the crystal vendors. It also looks like 216 gear that drops will be the gear you can RE for mods. I really wonder how much use crafting will have beyond the initial gap filler. It seems that for higher levels it may be kind of pointless because you will get gear with every GC level continuously. The mods in there will always be better, so I will be interested to see if the importance of crafting particularly for endgame will be reduced quite a bit.

My guess is you’ll be crafting gear for your alts, more than you mains. Crafting gear has always kind of been like that.

Perhaps but considering the early levels are fast, you might as well do them on your alts. Everybody is different in that of course, but in 4.0 it already became so simple to gear up in ops, that I had 28 level 65s fully equipped in ops gear, mostly 220/224 and fully augmented with full set bonuses. Not bragging because I think it’s not that big of an accomplishment if you do ops regularly. Mostly EV and KP HM, which are dead easy for raiders made it easy to do that. But you may have a point, I guess there won’t be any gear dropping anymore in raids and no vendors to sell gear for crystals, so that could mean a crafting boost.

Hehe. They really, really, want the F2P/Preferred to either sub or go away. Now they have locked the high-level crafting behind the GCS – which is only available to subs. In addition, are these going to be bound to character like the armor, so now we have to worry about having the right toon, with the right crafting skill, opening the crate?

The more I hear about these changes the more I can’t help but ask – what are they really thinking? None of this makes any common sense at all other than them thinking they are going to get more subs because of the paywall lock on the high end content. But yet, have they even considered the subs they are going to lose by going back to not one, but two systems that lived in the past resembling this that caused them to lose a metric TON of subscribers and go F2P. The difference this time though, is if they scare off all the F2P players, they won’t have F2P to save them this time.

I and 3 members of my aid team are prefered status players who raid using Ops passes and we purchased unlocks from the CM to be able to have all our quickbars, artifact gear unlocks even the ability to hide head slots, & unify colors. We put money into the system by purchasing CC or by giving guildies an item to sell for us on the GTN so they can buy us Ops passes. With this new system we can no longer raid with our team.

I personally have been playing ESO for almost a year now so I have good standing with a couple guilds there and sof decent end game gear as well. The beauty of it is that I bought the game, max leveled a character and geared that character by running the hardest content in the game and never had to pay a subscription fee. I started subbing recently because the rewards are pretty great and the restrictions on non subs aren’t overly restrictive.

and the best part of this new system is that you must be able to craft on the toon that you are doing ops on. so you can craft 1 thing. if you want to craft multiple things you must play multiple toons that will be hard to gear as fast since you are spreading your time between toons. so the idea that you can level alts on multiple toons by crafting really means you can buy crafted gear with creds to gear alt toons. and people will sell crafted gear for millions. so you need lots of creds. Bioware killed this game for me and so many others.

read what i wrote. i am saying since you can only craft on one toon you can’t craft a full set of gear , cause you would need to play that many toons to craft that much so crafting wont help you get gear for alts

Why can’t you craft a whole set of gear? Sure you can’t craft weapons and armors on one, but you never could. You can craft 30 items at once. That’s four sets of gear and change. People won’t sell crafted static gear for millions. Who buys static gear for millions?

To craft end game gear you have to get the scamatics from GC or ops. They said you can craft gear to get alt toons geared up quicker. But to make implants you need bio, mods, armourings, & ear piece is cyber. Relics and enhancements is artifice. So you have to level alts to get ability to create full sets. So you can’t gear alts quickly unless you buy gear.

I get what you are saying now, not that you can only craft one item, just one crafting skill. They didn’t say “quicker” they just said you can do it. If you have all the skills on different alts and then like ten other alts you need to gear you can do it for them. It is possible to do over time without having to buy on the GTN. Personally I never max out all my alts anyway. Too much work.

i have 27 toons on just 1 server. I have 10 legacy sets of gear (most of which is 224) That i share on my many toons i raid with. i heal dps and off tank. I don’t craft on any but 5 of my toons and gather on all others. This new system is stupid and kills my ability to level alts and craft on alts. I don’t buy crafted gear either, but if i want to play and alt (which i will not do any more) then i have no legit way to work on alts any means that isn’t slow. I am a raider, my guild is raiders. And they did say you will be able to gear up an alt quickly through crafting so that they could do hard mode content.

So will the top gear rating be 224 still? Will augment kits still max at lvl 9? Will mat grades still max at lvl 9? If not what are the new numbers?

No, they will increase the gear level, he just gave these numbers as examples, to explain how the new gearing system would work if it was applied now. I would expect everything to go to level 10 (kits, mats, etc) but we’ll see. Why would the number matter? 😛

Bioware doesn’t think like that, there’s no way they’d allow you to craft topgear for the current gear rating BIS.

Your questions suggest that you haven’t read up on this topic.
New endgame gear (rating 236/240/244)
Augments will be Grade 10
New level of mats will be grade 10
Crew skills increased to 600

Will there be a vendor where you can trade grade 9 mats for grade 10 mats? They did that before, there was a vendor for trading grade 8 for grade 9 1×1 trade.

So gear is RNG, schematics for crafters to craft items is RNG. Which means you could very well end up with say, armor and schematic for bracers, belt, boots and hands but no gear or schematics at all for head chest and legs, which will probably happen because RNG was invented by Satan….

And since they didn’t specify it, I guess reverse engineer is at a 20% base chance as usual, and that armorings are slot specific which means that being able to craft those is gonna be a pain in the ass because random chance, again.

But on the other side, it forces players to repeat content and hide the lack of depth in the end game…

No see. Now they can sell items for CC’s that increase your chances of success. Like in other mmo’s. Pay to succeed!

I mean, the way they had it with cheap unranked PvP sets for comms and more expensive ones for ranked, and the ability to transfer comms between alts was great (it made t1/2 pvp very worthwhile, thus filling up those tiers with players). Was no reason to change that. Having separate PvP sets, one for each class was cool.

You could make the case that the previous version with more expensive PvP items was better, but I think the latest short grind for an unranked set worked well. Plus, if you liked the look of another class set (or parts of it), you could spend comms on that one as well to use for cosmetic appearances.

This one from a PvP standpoint tho, ugggghh…..

not very clear. in 1 stream they say they change the whole gearing system because all the tokens and crystals are too complicated to handle and then a stream later they say: “nothing changes in gearing till you hit lvl 70 then GC comes into place”

“Heres some new gear ilvl. You get to run the same content again, without secured drops, and with bosses with just a simple health pool increase.” -Bioware past 2 years

I can only speak for myself but I’ve stopped playing, I’m still following the game in a vain hope BW gives me a reason to care again

Static gear. Bah. I stopped crafting with 4.0 (except Augmentations and Augment Slots) and 5.0 makes crafting even less fun for me.

Basically what 5.0 is all about forcing player to play different chars than just using legacy gear to transfer mods around.
I know it stucks but this is what they are not telling us. Instead Bioware explains how its going to be like it or not. This is all done for one purpose – forcing players to play many classes and same content over and over again while slowing down gearing with RNG in place.

No idea where you got that idea because you will still be able to rip out mods from the gear you get from gearboxes, including set bonus pieces. The only thing you can’t do this with is gear pieces that you craft, but the mods you craft can be put in legacy gear. So really, I have no idea where you pulled this idea from.

Did you even read the article? 🙂

“With the launch of Eternal Throne you will find that there is a new grade of materials…”
But I agree that it would be better, if there was none. New grade of mats creates a problem for me, since they are not giving us more storage space and mine is already full…

Arrrghh… You’re right… I forgot about my legacy storage being both maxed and efficiently organized.

I have an idea… Crafting is toooooo complicated…

Nerf white materials! Just make one versatile mat per tier…
Bambang! I’m a 5.0 dev genius!

(all converted white mats will be capped at 200…. Just because…) yang

So you can go to trainer and learn 220 blues, which re to 228 purples, and that is it, anything over that you can only learn from rng crates?.
What if you buy off gtn can you re and learn it that way?.

I fail to see the point in bothering to craft gear anymore at all, apart from Augmentations? I mean, if you NEED end game gear, this is because you are going to be playing end game content, and what do you get from this…..end game gear! Why on earth making it now weaker and still not capable of doing set is beyond me. Gaining the mats is hard enough, why not reward the crafter with comparable gear!

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