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Revelation Online Skills and Talents Guide

Revelation Online skills and talents guide that covers all the customization for your skills and talents.[toc]


Milestones are able to be unlocked at every 9th level starting at level 29. You will need to be doing your orange Plot quests in your quest log and you will eventually get quests at the appropriate levels to unlock your milestones. There are also other requirements to unlock your milestones such as activating a certain number of skill points, acquire a certain number of talent points etc.


You can see all the milestones on the 2nd tab of your character sheet. The key milestones are at Level 39, 49, 59, and 69. They are essential for unlocking further skills and talents and absolutely essential to unlock for your character progression.

  • Level 39 – Can specialize in your Special Skills and gain access to flying skills
  • Level 49 – Gain access to beginner talents and able to unlock more specialization for your Special Skills
  • Level 59 – Gain access to intermediate talents
  • Level 69 – Gain access to advanced talents.



You get skills starting at the first level and all the way until level 50. Each class have 12 skills. You cans see all your skills and what level you learn them at by pressing K. As you learn new skills, they will be automatically place on your hotbar.


Starting at character level 40, you will be able to earn Skills Points to improve your skills and level them up. You will get more skill points every time you increase your character level. Skills have a level from 1 –20 and are leveled by spending Skills Points. How much skill points you spend per skill level depends on their level.

  • Skill level 1-4: 1 point per skill level
  • Skill level 5-9: 2 points per skill level
  • Skill level 10-14: 3 points per skill level
  • Skill level 15-19: 4 points per skill level

There is also a cap to the skill level that is determined by your character level. The max skill of level 20 can be only reached by level 75 characters.

  • Level 41: 11
  • Level 45: 12
  • Level 49: 13
  • Level 53: 14
  • Level 57: 15
  • Level 61: 16
  • Level 65: 17
  • Level 69: 18
  • Level 71: 19
  • Level 75: 20

Level up your skills isn’t free, you will need to spend Asterion Taels in addition to skill points. This can get fairly expensive. Once you have decided on your skill points allocation, click on the green button at the bottom to spend the Asterion Taels and activiate your skill points.


You can reset your skill points for Asterion Taels until level 59 by pressing the orange button. From then on you will need to use special items that can be acquired from the cashshop or via leveling (you get one copy from leveling only). Up to level 68 you can reset your skill points using a cheaper item but above that you will need to use a more expensive item.


It is possible to have more than one set of skill points allocation. Once you reach level 41, a new button opens up allowing you access to more than one presets for skill points. However, you will need to pay for this by using either the cashshop or the Bronze Feathers. You can purchase items that either give you 7 days or 30 days duration for a particular skill preset. Once the time runs out, you won’t lose your allocation and can reactivate that particular configuration anytime.

  • You can purchase Scroll of Combat in the cashshop that give you an exclusive preset that last for a certain number of days.
  • There is also a preset exclusively for PvP Arenas that allow you to allocate skill points without having to spend Asterion Taels.



Talents are unlocked at Level 49. You will be able to click on this button in your skill points page and access the talents page.


Let take a look at the talents for one skill. You can see 3 columns of talents, they are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. They are unlocked at level 49, 59, and 69 respectively once you have achieved the Milestone requirements.  To get an intermediate talent, you must have spent talent points on the beginner talent in the same branch.


Most of the beginner talents are free and automatically unlocked once you achieve the Level 49 Milestone, however a few of them are locked and requires you to purchase the appropriate talent books. For intermediate and advanced talents, all of them require the appropriate talent books to unlock.

To acquire these talents, you will need to spend talent points. The 0/2, 0/3 you see on the talent trees are how many talent points you need to fully learn that talent. Take this 2/2 talent for example, you will need 2 practice points to fully master this talent and it will increase the healing effect of that skill by 20%. The 3/3 talent after in the same talent branch is only trainable if you have acquired the beginner talent first in the same branch. 


Talent Books

There are a couple ways to acquire talent books

  • Random drop off certain dungeons/raids (Level 59+ content)
    • Great Wall Battle Royal (Level 59+)
    • Hard Mode Ryongyon (Level 59+)
    • Easy Mode Mechanical Maze (Level 60+)
    • Hard Mode Mechanical Maze (Level 60+, 10 players)
  • Buying certain ones off the Guardian/PvP vendors
  • Buying them off class vendors using God Language Pages.

Guardian/PvP vendors

Guardian/PvP vendors sell two of the Talent books for each tier of talent. The vendors for them can be found in Ji City from the cluster of the Guardian and PvP vendors there.

  • Beginner Books: Guardian Rank 3, 600 Guardian Pts/ 1 Rank Shi Ying, 400 Military Pts
  • Intermediate Books: Guardian Rank 5, 2400 Guardian Pts/Order A Leopard Ride, 1600 Military Pts
  • Advanced Books: Guardian Rank 7, 6000 Guardian Pts/ 1 Rank Hu Wei, 4000 Military Pts


Buying Off Class Vendors

In Ji City there are class vendors that will sell you numerous talent books in exchange for God Language Pages and Asterion Taels. This is a rather expensive way to purchase them and should be last resort for most cases (except for Beginner talent books as they are hard to acquire otherwise).

  • Beginner books: 8-13 God Language Pages, 9000-11500 Asterion Taels
  • Intermediate books: 90-150 God Language Pages, 270,000 – 340,000 Asterion Taels
  • Advanced books: ~500 God Language Pages, ~800,000 Asterion Taels.


God Language Pages are earned from a number of places

  • Dungeons/Raids
    • Great Wall Battle Royale (Level 59+)
    • Godmode Great Wall (Level 59+)
    • Mechanical Maze Escape (Level 62+)
  • Purchased from Bronze Feather vendors for 88 Bronze Feathers each (free if you have God Language Bookmarks)

If you are below level 59, you won’t be needing much God Language Pages for your beginner skill books so your best bet is to buy your God Language Pages from the Bronze Feather vendor and then buy the books from your class vendors. You can find the Bronze Feather vendors by right clicking this button on the 5th tab of your character sheet to be autopathed there.


Talent Points

Talents Points are acquired by spending Soul points which are earned as an alternative form of experience. You get soul points from completing dungeons and experience points can be used in place of soul points.The amount of soul points you can earn is usually 10x your experience points for the level. You can see how much soul points you have at the bottom of your character window.


To turn soul points into talent points, you need to click on this button in your talent page to open up a new window. This will show you how much soul point and Asterion Taels you need for the next talent point. If you do not have enough soul points, it will take them from your experience instead. The soul point and Asterion Taels costs will increase steadily as you get more talent points.

  • The practice handbook you see at the bottom is acquired by gaining 100 daily points each day and may not be available on NA/EU release. It is intended as a catch up mechanic with each book worth a certain amount of soul points.


As you unlock more talent points, you will gain passives for your character that are different for each class.

  • First passive is automatically unlocked
  • Second passive requires 30 talent points
  • Third passive requires 60 talent points
  • Fourth passive requires 90 talent points.

You can see your progress towards the next passive in the talents page and all the passives you can unlock in the skills page.


Special Skills

Special skills are your F1 to F6 skills. They are divided into one star, two star, and three star special skills. You can see them by pressing K and clicking on the 2nd tab.


One star special skills are unlocked automatically as you level up. Two Star and Three Stars must be purchased separately.

  • F1 skill – Level 14
  • F2 skill – Level 29
  • F3 Skill – Level 37
  • F4 Skill – Level 17
  • F5 Skill – Level 34
  • F6 Skill – Level 39
  • Three Star skills– Level 49

In total you get 8 special skills and 6 special skill slots so you must choose which two to leave out. You can arrange these skills however as you like, but skills on the left side can only go on F1-F3 slots while the skills on the right side only goes on F4-F6 slots. For the guide I will assume you don’t move these special skills around when talking about F1-F6 skills.

Unlike regular skills, these special skills uses a special resource pool that you only generate in combat via attacking, healing, taking damage, or using certain type of skills. F1-F3 skills uses a separate resource pool than F4-F6 skills and they generate their resources differently. For example, Spiritshapers generate their F1-F3 skill resources via damage spells and their F4-F6 skill resources via healing spells. Three star special skills uses more resources than two star skills which in turn uses more resources than one star skills.


As you learn new special skills and level up your existing special skills, your resource pool for them will increase. There is a special bar to keep track of your resource pool to let you know how your resource pool compares to the max value.


Two Star Skills

There are two ways to unlock your skills. For some of your Special skills you can purchase them from the Guardian Bookseller. Click on this button in your Order tab (press C) and click on this button to be autopathed to the vendor.


The Guardian Bookseller next to this vendor will have the books. You need to be Level 29 to use the books. The F3 book costs 200 Demonslayer Points and requires Demonslayer Rank 1 while the F5 book costs 400 Demonslayer Points and requires Demonslayer Rank 2.


Additionally, there is a NPC that sell sell all your two star special skills. This NPC is located here and takes 20 of those pages you get mostly from Four Kings per skill.


Three Star Skills

Three star special skills must be purchased separately from a different vendor. They are also Level 49 skills only. You will need 20x Special Skill Broken Seals. These Broken Seals are obtained from the Ausgyth Points NPC in exchange for either Fairy Orbs or for Combo Incomplete Pages. Fairy Orbs are obtained from Fairy Handwritten notes you earned by reaching 60 daily points and Combo Incomplete Fragments can be earned from doing your daily Four Kings activity. 


Special Skill Broken Seals need 2020 Ausgyth Points normally but you can reduce its price down to 20 Ausgyth Points by spending 16 Combo Incomplete Pages per Broken Seal. This is only available on the Ausgyth Points NPC in Ji City and not on the NPC in Su Lan.


Additionally, with 6x Fairy Orbs you can reduce its cost to 1800 Ausgyth Points. If you have more fairy orbs, you can completely eliminate the Ausgyth Points cost by spending an additional 45 Fairy Orbs per Broken Seal but this is rather a waste.


Once you have 20 Special Skill Broken Seals and are Level 49, you need to purchase it from this vendor. Purchasing it does require silver rank with the Immortal Annex reputation so you will be needing to do your reputation quests for this group.


You get one of the your three star combo skills for free as your 7th day login reward


Leveling Special Skills

Much like regular skills, Special Skills also have a level range from 1 to 10. You can level up your Special Skills to be more powerful in a number of ways. When a special skill is ready to be leveled up, you will get an icon on your screen and the + icon on your special skills window will also lit up.


You can click on the + sign next to your special skills to see what you can do to level them up.


Using Your Skills

While using your special skills is the surest way to level them up, it is unfortunately not the fastest. You can see how much you need to use a special skill to level it up to the next level by clicking the + sign. It will tell you how much each usage will progress it to the next level. In this example, one use adds +1 so I will need to use it 100 times to get to the next level.


There is a good place to level your special skills. That is the Misty Hollow trial mode (Level 25) that you have to do as part of your dailies. Inside there, your special skill resource generate rapidly and you can just spam all your special skills to level them up. Another good place is the Underground Palace daily area where you need to kill a certain number of mobs a day. You can grind the mobs there to level up your special skills. Healers can just let the monsters beat them up and heal themselves back up using the special skills to level up their healing special skills there as well.


Lower level special skills level up fast using this method as you only need to use them a few times. This increases as you get higher level special skills. The amount of times you need to use your special skill to level up also differs based on their resource usage. A three star Level 5 skill that uses say 45 special resources will require less use than a two star Level 5 skill that uses only 15 special resources. As you get higher special skills levels, you may need to use them thousand of times to level up. So if you are leveling them up based solely on usage you may want to look at other options.

Combo Incomplete Pages

Starting at certain special skill levels, you can use Combo Incomplete Pages to help you level up your special skills faster. The level you can use the Combo Pages at depends on the star of the combo skill.

  • One Star: Level 6
  • Two Star: Level 5
  • Three Star: Level 3

To use them, just click the + sign to open up the special skill you like to level up and then click on the button next to the Incomplete Pages. You will need to have them in your inventory and it will consume them directly.


You won’t be able to use just Combo Incomplete Pages to increase your special skill level as there is usually a cap on how much of the skill level increase can be done using them (usually 30% or less). Additionally, as the skill levels up, you will need to use more pages. For example, here is a sample 2 star Special skill. At level 5, each page would give me +3 but only +2 at level 6 of the special skill. They are both capped at 30, which means that only 30/100 of the skill level increase can be done using them.


Combo Incomplete Pages are earned primarily from Four Kings solo daily activity. You get quite a few of them each day you do it.

Special Skill Broken Seals

Special skill broken seals are used exclusively to level up three star special skills. You can start using at at level 3 of the three star skills. In a similar way to the Incomplete Pages, you are capped on how much Broken Seals you can use but each Broken Seal has a much bigger effect on the leveling process.

For example, on this level 3 three star skill, I can raise 18% of the skill level using Incomplete Pages that are worth 1.5% skill level increase each. I can also raise 60% of the skill level using Broken Seals that give me 12% per seal. This means I can do 78% of the leveling process via Incomplete Pages and Seals, leaving only 22% to repetitive skill usage.


Remember that you can exchange Combo Incomplete Pages for Broken Seals at the Bronze Feather NPC in Ji City. It costs both Bronze Feathers and Combo Incomplete Pages and you can specify how much of the Incomplete Pages you want to use vs the Bronze Feather cost. If you want the least Bronze Feather cost, it will take 16 Incomplete Pages and 200 Bronze Feathers for one Broken Seal.

Special Skills Development

Each special skill has a development tree where you can modify it further. To open this development tree, click on the pencil icon next to your special skills. This will opens up a development tree where you can modify your special skills.


Unlocking Node

In order to install modifications to your special skills, you first need to unlock the nodes on the development tree. The first 3 nodes are unlocked automatically for each special skill when you reach the level 39 milestone. To unlock more nodes, you will need to reach the Level 49, 59 and 69 milestones. Locked nodes have a chained appearance while unlocked nodes are grey in appearance with a ! symbol in the middle. How many nodes you have unlocked affects how many modifications you can install on a special skill since each modification must sit on an unlocked node.


Filling Node

Once you have the nodes unlocked, you will need to fill it to full before you can use them to install a modification. The first couple nodes have easy requirements such as using the skill X amount of times but higher up nodes have specific requirements of using the special skill at a specific location. To fill the node to full, reach 1000 on a node and then you will get a + button to click. Clicking that button will allow you to move on to fill the next node. It is very important to check your special skills page regularly to check for any nodes that are full so you can work on the next node. Any node that is filled and ready to receive modifications will have the ! symbol removed and appear entirely grey instead.


You can bypass some of the skill usage requirements to fill a node by using Fury Star Scrolls, Fury Beast Scrolls and Magic God Scrolls. Fury Star Scrolls are used for one star and two star special skills, Fury Beast Scrolls are used for two star and three star special skills while Magic Cloud Scrolls is used exclusive for 3 star special skills. You can press the special button to get access to a window where you can use any of the scrolls in your inventory to speed up the process.


Fury Beast and Fury Star scrolls are sold on the Bronze Feather NPCs using either Bronze Feathers or Bronzer Feathers and Fairy Orbs. If you were to buy them with Bronze Feathers directly, it would cost you 400 Bronze Feathers for the Fury Star and 1920 Bronze Feathers for the Fury Beast Scrolls. With Fairy Orbs however, you can reduce the price to 320 and 1720 Bronze Feathers with 2 and 6 Fairy Orbs respectively. If you have more Fairy Orbs to spend, you reduce their prices by 40 Bronze Feathers per orb.


Applying the Modification

There are four types of modifications you can apply to your special skills

  • Fire (red) – Increase skill damage/healing effect
  • Mountain (brown) – Reduce special skill resource cost
  • Wind (blue) – Reduce the cooldown
  • Lin (green) – Add extra effects or change the effects of your skill


To apply the modification, you will need to have an unlocked and filled node and then select on your desired modification. Depending on if the special skill you want to modify is a one star, two star or three star, it cost either Fury Star Essence or Fury Beast Essence.


There is an increasing material cost for applying better modifications of the same type so it is cheaper to have modifications of different types rather than going deep into one type of modification (i.e. if you applied the first modification of the fire type on your one star special skill, it will cost you 9x Fury Star Essence to get the second modification in fire vs only 3x if you picked say the mountain type of modification for your second node).

  One Star Two Star Three Star
First modification 3x Fury Star Essence 10x Fury Star Essence 10x Fury Beast Essence
Second modification 9x Fury Star Essence 10x Fury Beast Essence  
Third modification 35x Fury Star Essence 35x Fury Beast Essence  
Fourth modification      
Fifth modification      

Fury Star Essence and Fury Beast Essence can be obtained in a number of ways from Guardian vendor, Military vendor, and Bronze Feather vendor.

Fury Star Essence

  • Guardian vendor: Guardian Rank 1, 330 Guardian Pts
  • PvP vendor: Military Rank 1 Rank Shi Ying, 220 Military Pts
  • Bronze Feather vendor: 180 Bronze Feathers or 120 Bronze Feather + 2 Fairy Orbs

Fury Beast Essence

  • Guardian vendor: Guardian Rank 2, 660 Guardian Pts
  • PvP vendor: Military Rank 2 Rank Shi Ying, 440 Military Pts
  • Bronze Feather vendor: 360 Bronze Feathers or 320 Bronze Feather + 1 Fairy Orb

You can make Fury Beast Essences from Fury Star Essences. To do this, you have to talk to a special NPC that will take 6 of the Fury Star Essences and convert them to 1 Fury Beast Essence. To get Fury Star Essence from Fury Beast Essence, just salvage the Fury Beast Essence and you will get 2 Fury Star Essence back.


Once you have put in the Fury Star and Fury Beast essences and applied the modification, you can change it around freely within the same special skill by using the retrain button. This removes the Fury Star/Beast essences from a specific modification but it still remains within the same special skill. You can do this without cost, allowing you experiment with different modifications for a specific special skill.


However, if you wish to take out the Fury Star and Fury Beast essences, you will need to hit the extraction button.This step cost another type of material that is quite costly.

  • Fury Star Unloading Magic – for extraction from one star combo skills
  • Fury Beast Unloading Magic – for extraction from two star combo skills
  • Magic God Unloading Magic – for extraction from three star combo skills


Fury Star Unloading Magic

  • Guardian vendor: Guardian Rank 1, 6400 Guardian Pts
  • PvP vendor: Military Rank 1 Rank Shi Ying, 4800 Military Pts

Fury Beast Unloading Magic

  • Guardian vendor: Guardian Rank 2, 12800 Guardian Pts
  • PvP vendor: Military Rank 2 Rank Shi Ying, 9600 Military Pts

Magic God Unloading Magic

  • Guardian vendor: Guardian Rank 3, 25600 Guardian Pts
  • PvP vendor: Military Rank 3 Rank Shi Ying, 19200 Military Pts

Flight Skills

Flight skills are currently very limited with each class only have 6 flying skills. It is a system that is rarely used so most players don’t invest into it.

At Level 39, you will get an orange Plot quest that give you first two flying skills for your class. There also a third tab for flying skills you can access on the skills interface (K). Finish your level 39 milestone to unlock the flying skill slots.


The leveling process for flight skills resembles the special skills some what but lacks the options to customize any further. There are 20 levels to level and you seem to level up by just increasing your character level. However, to increase the actual levels of these flight skills, you need to spend Asterion Taels so it get can get fairly expensive without much use.


To get rest of your flight skills, you will need to purchase them from the PvP vendor in Ji City, who seems to be the only NPC selling them right now. You also need to unlock the Level 49, and 59 milestones to start using them.


  • For your 3rd and 4th flight skills you will need 2nd Rank Shi Ying, 800 Military points and 20 Combo Incomplete Pages
  • For your 5th and 6th flight skills you will need Order A Leopard, 2000 Military points and 20 Special Skill Broken Seals

There are suppose to be passives you can unlock but the system is largely unfinished.

These flight skills can be used while you are in the air using your wings. Melee mobs on the ground cannot reach you but the damage you do with these skills is fairly low so it is not an efficient way to play.



Special thanks to Pincushion, LargeFarva, Cheap Uncle Seph, Mirai, Saucy, Vittora of Epiphany Guild for their assistance in making this guide.


If you are looking to purchase Revelation Online founder packs for access to the beta, you can purchase them here and help support the site~ The first closed beta runs from Nov 3 to Nov 17.


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