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Revelation Online CN Assassin Class Coming Dec 16

Revelation Online China will be getting the new assassin class on Dec 16. Neteased has released a brand new trailer to showcase the class.

Class Trailer


Assassin Class

The new assassin class uses dagger as main weapon and chain whip as its secondary weapon that enables it to fight at both melee and at ranged. It is only the class in the game with stealth skills, changing the gameplay.

The producer responsible for the new assassin class also worked on other South Korean games such as Vindictus.

Other Game Changes coming Dec 16

  1. New Class change option that will allow players to change their class for a small fee
  2. New Class base option. Each class will have their own class base and learn new class special skills. A second update to the class base will come in April 2017 with more features and quests.
  3. New Fairy Mushroom inspired furniture with new tables, chairs, screens, and bathtubs.
  4. Better home decoration options allowing the player to choose the floor, wallpaper, and windows.
  5. Open world housing available allowing players to build their homes next to the sea or looking over a valley.
  6. Weekly Guild Alliance battle will be turned into a cross server event where you have to fight for your server.


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4 replies on “Revelation Online CN Assassin Class Coming Dec 16”

Most interesting notes to me other than the assassin, is the class base system and the cross server guild alliance battles.

If there is going to be a class base for each class, does this mean in the future patches, there will be sub-classes/specializations?

Also having server pride and rivalries is a nice way of promoting community. So I’m looking forward to it!

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