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GW2 Halloween Festival Ends on Nov 8

GW2 Halloween Festival will end on Nov 8, you have one more week to enjoy all the activities.

Hey there,

We wanted to let you know the answer to the most-asked question of the week! 🙂 The Shadow of the Mad King (Halloween) Festival will run until November 8, 2016. We hope you enjoy this final week of the festival.

Hooray for more Clocktower, Mad King Says, and Labyrinth runs! 🙂


With regards to why they can’t give an end date before…

There are a lot of working parts in a game, and things can interweave. Festivals are only part of what we’re offering, what we’re working on, what we’re releasing. So sometimes, giving an end date is not possible, when looking at the Big Picture(tm). As a player, I certainly understand the desire for a finite period. But as a member of the dev team, I can see where that’s not always possible. I’m happy we were able to give the week’s notice, and that we didn’t do — as some players seem to have expected — an unannounced closure at Midnight this morning.

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6 replies on “GW2 Halloween Festival Ends on Nov 8”

Thank god. I was getting tried of Costume Brawl daily. Yes I know I don’t have to do it but it’s one of those easy daily but ends up becoming annoying!

So basically you are complaining about something repetitive being easy, yet you still do it because it’s easy, yet you complain it’s repetitive. On top of it, you already know there’s other things to do.

If I were you I’d seek professional help.

I just hate the fact it’s annoying to get after Mad King Says when everybody get thrown in the pot. You get that one annoying git who has the scythe item or others who keep on attacking and cc you eventhought he or she had already won.

I wonder, will we get more electric people deaming of electric sheep hopping through electric portals or will we get chapter 3 of ls3?

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