Black Desert Nov 2 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online Patch Notes for the Nov 2 Game Update.


Event & System

  • Daylight Savings time has ended for Node / Siege wars. You may find additional details >here<.
  • The Black Spirit’s Adventure Game has made its return, find out additional information >here<.
  • A brand new event will be coming on the 4th of November, if you’ve got a creative itch that needs to be scratched the ‘Picture the Seasons’ event is for you! Help create a calendar for 2017 full of awesome memories from Black Desert Online. Check our event page for more information on the 4th!
  • Don’t forget to get your Halloween pictures in before the decorations disappear on November 9th!
  • Please note the “Fixed” boss armor boxes from the Attendance Reward event will be delivered via the in-game mail system with today’s maintenance.

Item Changes

  • Fixed the issue where the hunger differed depending on the tier despite being the same type of pet.
  • Fixed the issue where the pet Dog [Kaia Jackal] and [Witch Hat Charlotte’s] hunger status value was incorrectly set.
  • The hunger value for the Dog [Kaia Jackal] and Cat [Witch Hat Charlotte] has been increased.
  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of white shorthair cat changed even while set not to.

Pearl Shop Update


Mechanic Changes

  • When more than one pet is out at a time, pet sound effects will play less frequently.
  • The Black Spirit’s Adventure Game has made its return.

Monster Changes

  • Additional monsters have been deployed in Hexe Sanctuary.
  • The basic ‘standby animation’ of the following monsters has been modified:
    • Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Warrior.
  • The aggro distance of the following monsters have been decreased:
    • Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Warrior.
  • HP of Witch Tower in Hexe Sanctuary has been increased.
  • Monster positions in Rhutum Outstation have been adjusted.
  • Movement of Skeleton Wolf in Calpheon Hexe Sanctuary has been refined.

Resolved Issues

  • Players can re-arrange the order of their characters from within the character select portion of the game by deleting ‘userCache’ file. * This method is only necessary for players who were unable to change the order manually.
    • Location: Users\(WindowAdminName)\Documents\Black Desert\UserCache
    • If you can not locate the file, delete ‘UserCache’ folder.

* Caution: All of the user setting information will be reset if you delete this folder.


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