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Revelation Online CBT1 Start Times for Nov 3

Revelation Online CBT1 will be starting at 15:00 CET on Nov 3 but the times may changes.


Assuming everything goes well in the last steps of warm up we will quietly kick off around 15.00 CET. Opening time is very likely to be subject to changes so it’s best not to set your personal plans based on punctuality…


15:00 CET is 10 AM Eastern, 9 AM Central or 7 AM Pacific for those in North America.

Finally, the long-awaited moment is here and the CBT1 should start at 15.00 CET on 3rd November.

Make sure to visit our Download Page if you haven’t downloaded the game yet.

If you don’t have access to the CBT1 yet, you can guarantee your participation in the CBT1 and all the other phases by heading to our Founder Packs page!

Server Selection & Known issues

We will have a dedicated NA and EU server. In order to choose your server, head to the Game Center, click Revelation Online and choose North America or Europe in the “Server” drop down menu.

We would like to remind everyone that this is a closed beta. The purpose of this first beta test is to test our hardware and infrastructure, which means that you will likely encounter the following:

  • Localization issues: occurrences of Chinese and Russian texts
  • Architectural issues: Login queues, Server downtime and maintenances at irregular intervals
  • Stability issues: Program shutdown, Frame per second instability

We will be updating localization and stability issues regularly, so the game experience might change several times during this beta test. You can also read in full the known issues patch notes below:


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One reply on “Revelation Online CBT1 Start Times for Nov 3”

The EU server was down when I got back home, then it went up, logged in but the queue… oh my God that queue… After an hour of waiting I got in, but it was already too late so couldn’t do much in the game. But from what it looks like, it’s really an interesting game. I’ll play more during the weekend.

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