SWTOR Combat/Class Change Livestream Canceled

Bioware will not be showcasing the combat/class change livestream this week and going to turn it into a livestream on KOTET chapters.

KOTET Livestream – 11/3 | 11.02.2016, 06:37 PM

Hey folks,

We are making a slight change in the schedule for weekly livestreams. Originally tomorrow’s stream was going to cover combat changes. We are going to move that stream out and we are replacing it with repeatable Chapters. We are going to showcase a KOTFE Chapter and show the difference between story and veteran difficulty along with answering any gameplay questions you may have about Chapters. Also, Charles will be answering story questions about KOTFE and how they tie into KOTET!

Here are the stream details:

We know that everyone is anxious to hear more about the Class/combat changes coming with KOTET. We will be making posts throughout the week, next week, with a highlight of some of the changes we are making.



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92 replies on “SWTOR Combat/Class Change Livestream Canceled”

My guess would be most of the dipsticks who come here and complain about the game are watching them. Clearly you’re all still invested enough to complain and leave comments so watching a livestream isn’t all that much more work

I watch the recaps. I get banned every live stream and im tired of making new twitch accounts. Everything is slowed anyways. Can only comment one a minute. So by the time you try an post they’re already on to the next comment. Till you get banned.

BTW if any of you devs are reading this please let Taint know i still think hes a Gaping asshole. Just a giant, giant, sarlac pit of a gaping asshole. TAINT you censorship nazi asshole you.

You get banned?
But your such a level headed eloquent speaker who patiently evaluates any given situation with a level head and open mind.
I now love this ‘Taint’ guy.

no point watching when dulfy give us the full script.

part of watching streams is asking questions in chat but SWTOR team ignore the chat completely.

inb4 “we are going to change the chapters livestream to a cartel market livestream! We can’t wait to share with you all the crap to spend your money on!”

99.9% of it is crap so I don’t spend my money on it. I let other mugs spend theirs so I can buy what I want with virtual money vs real money.

I’ve played the 16 chapters about 12 times now. Why the fuck would I want to play it anymore, and be repeatable?

What the fuck is going on over there at the studio?

didnt you know thats there routine trying different ways to get you to do the same thing over and over and over. I wont fall for that shit wish others wouldnt but unfortunately lot stupid people falling for this

Yep, it’s so stupid that some people enjoy things you don’t. FYI for all it’s faults KOTFE had a hell of a lot mode replay value than the six billion whiny posts Sean Hargrave floods on every Dulfy thread. Whine about people subbing, complain about the CM, post two dumb memes, rinse and repeat ad nausium.

This ^ is what I mean by stupid people falling for this crap real genius here he must be the guy who bought 150 packs lol /smh

Nah. No it didn’t. I could only stomach kofte once. Not a single one of my other alts made. it through. Every time i attempted it on an alt i turned it off and booted up my ps4.

They realized with the DvL event that what the fans want is to repeat all content from scratch again and again and again.

You are going to replay it again, just like every other piece of content over the past 5 years and like it. Then you will go spend money on the cash shop and enjoy dressing up your toons while hanging on your guild ship or the fleet.

12 jeez I only managed it a few times.
I never liked the KOTFE story so only did it on 3 toons and that was a chore, thankfully it’s not compulsory for endgame and is just a sideshow for Story fans.

Yeh I dunno why they even do a full stream of one small change per class but then the streams are:
1) Promotions
2) Promotions
3) Promotions
4) The actual topic the stream is about.
5) Promotions
6) Promotions

so they don’t actually have much time to fill.

They can’t even talk about this stuff 4 weeks before launch?

They announced it weeks abo?
is there anything they can do right?

In other news, Dishonored 2 is coming up soon, so that’s sweet. Oh, and I already know what the difference between story and veteran difficulty is; the veteran is harder. More and/or tougher mobs, boss battles that don’t feature new mechanics, they’re just more tedious, and token gear designed for the content you just beat.

It would be nice if the remaining half dozen devs at EAware saw this video as it marks the paradigm shift from an MMO to a ‘let’s get the latest fashions in Second Life with Sabers rpg’.

I’m not a big fan of the change, I did want to see the combat changes. However, seeing everyone bash on this game really doesn’t do anything. You can be unhappy and voice your opinion, but being nasty does nothing. That’s why I’m trying always be optomisticly critical.

I believe optimistic critical is main reason why this game looks so bad now… Shadow of Revan was really masterful expansion compared to KOFTFE and probably it will be better than KOTET… Besides who gonna play this game when f2p and prefs will be cut down from endgame? I really do not believe case grind is worth paying regular subscription..

F2p and prefs cut from endgame. Good endgame should be for paying subs.
SOR and KOTFE are completely different beasts, if your in it for group content then you’ll love SOR and you’ll hate KOTFE.
Just because the game is in a different place just now (STORY) doesn’t warrant all the hate as Preston said.

But you realized that from few years this game exists thanks to f2p and preferred players right? And now they want to cut them from endgame…

Well erm…. WOW most succesful MMO have trial versions as does Eve and hell GW2 is no sub at all. And Wildstar.
What a moron.

Uh-huh, remind me how many of those games started with 100+ servers, then had to merge them to less than 20 and then had to switch to F2P? Or are you telling me you’re gonna ignore the time when there were servers with population literally just one or two guys?

P.S. TOR had trial mode too, up to level 15. Btw did WoW and all the other you listed made an extension to their trial to reach to the front door of endgame?

Wouldn’t waste your time with him. Musco could come here and agree with you and he’d still say you’re wrong.

He white knights so hard Musco should be paying him. We all have different views on the game and where it is going vs where it came from. Yes the original sub only was such a smashing success they had to switch over to f2p. Some people refuse to remember that. Time will tell what happens this time.

About last 3 years main source of money (something around 75-80%) in SWTOR was CC not subscrption base players… Also most of sunscribers become preferred players because Bio and EA have destroy this game with decisions they made…

Ahh another fanboy…
Maybe you can make up facts but clearly u can’t face facts… Truth is that including 3.0 and 4.0 this game have nothing to offer for pay sub for it. And another fact is 5.0 will go this same way and even more… It will fall this game to the ground soon as prefs and f2p reach level 70…

“Truth is that including 3.0 and 4.0 this game have nothing to offer for pay sub for it”
Your truth = laughable.
“And another fact is 5.0 will go this same way and even more… It will fall this game to the ground soon as prefs and f2p reach level 70…”
Again no facts only your opinion.

I thought the same when they did something similar for STO, but ever since then they’ve actually been cranking out season after season. They improved a lot of the performance of their game over the last several years. I figured it’d be done a long time ago. What surprised me the most was they ported it over to console. It’d been so long since I’d played it I wasn’t aware of how well it was doing and how many improvements they made on it. Looking at some of SWTOR’s new changes to classes, solo player content, and combat abilities, it feels like they’re streamlining the entire process and testing it on the PC (using us as the Guinea pigs), in order to possibly prep it for port to consoles. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they did this later on. I’ve always played the game using a PC X-box controller, via the X-Padder program, because I grew up playing most games on the console, not the PC. So, it’s easier for me this way. There’s only a few things I really need to use the mouse and keyboard for. It’s easier for me to use the controller on SWTOR, since it’s all ground combat than it is for me to use it on STO. I can only use it on their ground combat part. It’s still easier for me to use my mouse and keyboard on their space combat part of the game. So, if STO can port all that over to console play, it should be even easier for them to do that for SWTOR. It just feels like they’re using us as the guinea pigs for it and giving us the shaft in the meantime, you know?

Nah it’s cool to ramble man although i’m not too sure if this is an answer to my f2p preferred comment because I cant see the relevance.
Very interesting point though, I had never seen the streamlining of the game as anything but a way to make it easier for the programmers to implement changes and for newer players to enter and although I’d heard rumours of a console version it does make sense that the PC version would be used as an practice ground for what would be a bigger market in the console world.
Giving us he shaft? Hmmm I hear what your saying, I want a different path for the game too but I equally don’t think they would in any way kill their own game by shafting us, they’ve just taken it in a different direction than some of the player base want. In a game that juggles PVE Story, PVP and Group Content they are going to upset people a group of people all the time. This time it was the Groupers. Before that the PVPers. Next it will be the Story fans when they hit Group content next. It’s a no win scenario for them.
It blows my mind that you play the game on an xbox controller, how do you manage all the abilities quickly?

Yeah, I did go off on a tangent. Coffee makes all the difference. What I meant to add in there is that STO went F2P, but theirs you truly don’t need to sub in order to play through ALL the content, you know? Having a lot more F2P’s on there help our Fleet (Guild) build up our starbase real quick and everything. I guess their version of the Cartel Market (Zen Points) helped enough to keep the game afloat. One of my buddies went F2P on SWTOR and I was looking at his stuff when he was over one time. Man, they REALLY gimp the F2P crowd on here. That alone made me for certain I’d never play SWTOR un-subbed. I’m too OCD to have all that stuff go missing or inaccessible, you know? That’d drive me nuts.

To answer your question about the controller, it actually flows smoother for me that way, since I’m used to it. It’s like playing a third-person RPG or something, that way. The movement is much more fluid, too. You know how most of your abilities are just hot-keyed to actual keys on your keyboard by default? The X-Padder program just lets you assign your keyboard keys to whatever controller button you map it to on the program. Instead of having my 2nd ability tray under my main ability tray, I use just one tray and toggle the thing that flips between the two. I think it’s Alt+Arrow up or down or something that that. But that function is mapped to my controller, so I just have to press the right joystick button to toggle between the two. So, all those abilities mapped from number “1 to =” on your main tray use the same hot keys for your second tray, as well (but with tray 2 abilities, of course). So, you only need to map those twelve buttons and just toggle between tray 1 and 2 and you have 24 abilities easily usable on the controller. My target is mapped to my LB button and my AOE’s to my D-Pad and so on. Any other non-combat abilities, I’ll just assign a hot key to on the sidebar trays. It may sound confusing, but once it’s set up its real easy to use. I’m all about using hot keys to lock on to targets and spam my abilities faster.

What some people don’t realize (I didn’t at first, either, for a long time) is that if you have a NPC targeted, you can double tap a key that your AOE ability is mapped to and it’ll automatically perform that ability and it’ll be centered on the NPC that’s targeted. So, I can drop, say “Death from Above,” real easily by just double tapping my #8 key real quick and I don’t have to use the mouse to center that AOE circle. It’ll automatically be centered over the targeted enemy and drop it on them. If it’s a large group, I’ll target the one in the center, drop it on him, and the rest get the AOE damage along with him.

I found a forum thread with suggested key mapping for SWTOR, using X-Padder, back when the game first came out. I just tweaked it, as I went along, to suit my personal play style. Anyway, I hope that helped. Now I think I’ve had too much coffee. Catch you later.

Forcing folks to grind like they did conquest to get the gear they need for PVP and Ops is inane especially when they are for old maps and operations.

Well probably they cancelled it because they know that peeps will be really angry when unofficial data from jedipedia become official…

When first datamined became available it was obvious i think that this make to release except numbers of course, to balance them in the future.

I wonder if they expected a drop in subscriptions and players before the holidays if they released a lot of the info from the data mining? I know I wasn’t too pleased with some of the abilities they were removing from several of the classes myself. Some of them are very “iconic” abilities for that class, like flame throwers for the bounty hunters and shooting lightning for the Inquisitors. I was like, seriously?

IMO they just don’t care about anything… It’s really start looking like they just want kill and bury this game… 🙁

Are you kidding? Taking away lightning from Inquisitors? For f**k sake why are they doing that? Like the flame thrower for the BH and blue lightsaber for a Jedi that is iconic to the class.

The post is a bit misleading. Force lightning is being removed from Assassins, not Inquisitors. Flame Throwers are being removed from Mercenaries, not Bounty Hunters.

For the most part removals do make sense as those skills don’t actually get used in those classes rotations, some have fringe uses(*sadface*), some get improved versions that are used in the rotation but for these disciplines they’ll either keep the improved version or get a replacement skill.

I never use Force Lightning with my Assassin and Flame Thrower with my Merc. It’s not part of the best rotation anyway. They might as well. I wish that was the only problem with the incoming changes :/

Just because a small percentage of the population doesn’t use them in raid rotations is not a reason to remove them. The real reason is the old standard MMO plan of dumbing the game down into the dirt in hopes that maybe some ten year olds or old-guy fans who have no idea what they are doing will come along and play.

Of course, this plan doesn’t work, which is why nobody uses it anymore. Unless you are the company that swore you would never ever look at the way MMO’s are done because you believe you are a special snowflake who can’t possibly do wrong.

“Of course, this plan doesn’t work, which is why nobody uses it anymore.
Unless you are the company that swore you would never ever look at the
way MMO’s are done because you believe you are a special snowflake who
can’t possibly do wrong.”

^Right there,^ encapsulates everything wrong with SWTOR since Beta.

It’s 100% BioFail’s fault, and I’m increasingly certain that it will prove this game’s undoing before too much longer. (And that’s assuming that these people aren’t trying to make this game crater –which, given rumblings I’ve seen of another possible StarWars game (link anon), it wouldn’t surprise me was the case.)

(I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a great example of Dunning-Kroeger Effect as 2011 –> present BioWare, and it just keeps getting worse. It’s downright comical at this point.)

Linky-linky (obviously, disregard the BattleFront débacle and scroll down a bit):

Repeatable chapters… That sucks. I was sick repeating the KotFE on alt already.

How about repeatable class story HM? That might actually get me interested. Class stories were far better than SoR/KotFE and I’d like to see my main going through one more time.

Considering the circumstances of the state of the game, this is actually a good idea. Would be far more enjoyable than repeating the same story with minor differences on x amount of alts x amount of times. Had a few alts that were created only to replay a few of the class stories, and once they were done I barely touched those alts again.

If you repeat anything in SWTOR people get furious, despite MMO’s being a repeaters nightmare.
It’s only a nightmare if the chapters are crap and if KOTET is like KOTFE then I won’t be repeating them.
Plenty more to do in the game instead.

I thought about it myself, always wanted to replay original class stories and not copy pasta one size fits all expansion campaign.

Why do swtor-employees pretty much never care a G-d-damn fuck about European players, when informing about maintenance/streaming times ? As if there are not those fucking European servers… just Austin and Los Angeles, sometimes New York…

Because they believe that US is King of the World and pretends that most of players are from US… But seriously… They have no idea about their own game and you expect that they will do such effort to check servers populations? M8 please 😉

Oh boo hoo! An American company is doing business in its own timezone instead of getting up at midnight to appease some ungrateful Euros across the pond.
Get over yourself.

I believe it’s more of an “business hours of operations” thing. They’re probably only going to be doing these while they’re on the clock at work. Since they’re in Texas, that means they’ll more than likely be doing these on North American Central Time. I know it sucks for people elsewhere around the globe.

Every Game company does it.
Asian and European Game companies, the few that release titles playable in the US, do their press announcements and game play live streams on their schedule. These streams, take Lost Ark World for example, happen when most people in the US are in bed. We therefore must wait until the video is reposted to YouTube or another fansite.
It is what it is and it isn’t going to change, not for any game development company on the planet.

With the DPS output and general squishiness Lightning has not been enjoyable for about a year outside of casual runs.

Because sorc/sage is reacting to well for new higher gear. And this time they are nerfing him just at start so later will be less qq

funny part is they keep nerfing the sorc while Operative and Jugs and maurauders are way more op xD

Data mined content shows that Fucking FINALLY Commandos and Mercs are getting an oh shit button in the form of a 6s lasting ability that absorbs all damage and reflects it back at the attack while regenning hp, a utility that makes adrenaline rush last 2s longer, activate twice as quickly and heal up to 70%…..if these changes actually do get implemented, I will defo be playing my mando a lot more, even in PVP!!!

Wait, what exactly are they changing for the classes ? skills, animations movesets, deciplines ? They’re so mum about what is going toget changed its making me worried

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