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Revelation Online New Player Guide

Revelation Online New Player Guide covering all the basics of the game.[toc]

Game Basics

What is Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a game developed by Netease, a giant tech company in China and published by (Russian company with HQ in Amsterdam). It is a high fantasy game with some scifi elements set in an ancient Chinese Wuxia backdrop.

It has action combat, dungeons, raids, 3v3 Arenas, battleground (10v10, 20v20, 30v30), territory/guild wars, open world PvP, reputation grind and minigames. It has a very large open world with no load screens (unless you are teleporting around using waypoints).

Current level cap in China is Level 79 but Closed betas are capped to Level 49. We might see a cap of 59 at launch.

Lolis are present in this game, if that is your thing.

Lastly, this game is not your typical Asian MMO grinder. Leveling up is easy but to actually progress in the game you need to do doing group content with other players. Endgame is all high end group content like hard dungeons and raids.

Is it P2W?

Hard to say as we don’t know the NA/EU business model and cashshop won’t be available in CBT1. In the Chinese version of the game, it is somewhat Pay2Win as you can exchange cashshop credits for ingame credits to purchase equipment upgrades at a faster pace.

Cosmetics are also not cheap in the Chinese version with costumes costing hundreds of local currency and things like Wings costing thousands (a few hundred US dollars equivalent). However, the Chinese players are on the average quite wealthy so their business model and prices cannot be compared to the NA/EU servers.

Gameplay Options

This game support 3 different gameplay options and you can swap to any of them anytime you want. You will need to make a selection once you load into the game but can change this selection anytime after.


  • WASD with Tab Targeting – Standard MMO gameplay style.
  • Action Combat – You use your mouse to target, left mouse click and right mouse click are bound to abilities. Similar to Tera/BnS/BDO.
  • Mouse Move – You click on the ground with your mouse to move, similar to Diablo games.

Action Combat is fine for most classes but healers may need to use WSAD due to the need to target different players. You can get around this by using the hotkeys to target group members.

Something healers need to setup is a keybind for target self. This is in your keybind options, by default it is ctrl. Holding ctrl and any of the healing abilities will cause it to land on yourself instead.


What Class Should I Pick?

Revelation Online has a trinity system (Tank, Healer DPS) so you will need to pick the role you play first.

Vanguard – Tank (Plate) Spiritshaper – Healer (Cloth)
ro-vanguard ro-spiritshaper
Blademaster – Offtank/DPS (Plate) Occultist – Offhealer/DPS (Leather)
ro-blademaster ro-occultist
Gunslinger – Pure DPS (Leather) Swordmage – Pure DPS (Cloth)
ro-gunslinger ro-swordmage

Offhealer and Offtanks are usually not used to main heal/tank the hardest content ingame but they can do fine for daily dungeons and activities.

Swordmage, Gunslinger and Blademaster are all competitive on the DPS rankings. Occultist can be competitive but it is not a pure DPS class so it will never able to out damage the pure DPS classes assuming they are equally geared/skilled. It does however provide plenty of support buffs and can hold out on its own when used as a DPS.

Revelation Online does have a system where you can swap out attribute/skill presets out of combat so healers and tanks don’t have worry about having difficulty doing quests or soloing as they can swap into a more damage heavy role.

What Race Should I Pick?

There are 3 races for each gender. Classes are not gender locked but they have limitations on what races it can be.

Race Vanguard Blademaster Spiritshaper Occultist Swordmage Gunslinger
Buff Looking Male X X X
Normal Looking Male X X X X X
Feminine Looking Male X X X
Female with Long Legs X X
Normal Female X X X X X X
Loli X X X X

Here is a visual guide to the different races. They all have different idle poses, voice, and different actions for emotes.

Buff Looking Male Normal Looking Male Feminine Looking Male
ro-races-3 ro-races-4 ro-races-5
Female with Long Legs Normal Female Loli
ro-races-6 ro-races ro-races-2

Some races do have a few unique hairstyles.

Character Customization

Character Customization is fairly comprehensive in this game.


You have presets you can apply without having to fuss with the customization.A large selection of hairstyles (some are unique to specific races) and sliders for everything from breasts to butt size.


One thing to mention about hand slider is that it affects your character’s weapon size in game. So if you want large weapons then you should make your hand as large as possible on the slider.

Once you have decided on a customization, you can save it as an xml file that can be used later or shared with other players.


Game Interface

General Interface

The interface is fairly standard, you got your minimap, quest log, chat windows, and buttons for accessing other functions of the game but there are several things I want to point out. On the top left corner of your screen is a button to customize your interface. Clicking it will activate the customization interface where you can move everything in your UI.


There are other buttons on that top left bar that are worth mentioning.

Clicking the little square on the leftmost side of the bar allow you to customize what appears on the top bar.


This little pin is what you press when you get stuck, it will teleport you to somewhere nearby.


This little keyboard allow you to change between the different combat modes (action, WASD, mouse move)


Revelation Online features a camera mode where you can take picture of your characters or scenery. In this mode WASD moves your camera instead of your character and you can change the focal length, focus, light, depth of field, and rendering mode.



If you have played Black Desert Online, you know what autopathing is. This game also features autopathing. You can click on the underlined quest text in your quest log and it will auto path you to the NPC. Clicking on the little feet icon next to the underlined text will directly teleport you to the location (this consumes an item).


You can do the same on the map by right clicking on location and it will autopath you there.


World Map

Pressing M will bring up the world map. There are filters and tabs on the right where you can select/deselect items to be displayed on the map. On the top right of the map are buttons where you can search for a NPC, send your current coordinate to the chat window, and an option to set up custom makers.



This game features Waypoints much like the system in Guild Wars 2. They are these blue orbs objects you can find all over the open world. You need to unlock them first by running next to it.  Waypoint around costs not only requires game currency but it also consume a special item for each waypoint.


Character Sheet

Press C will bring up your character sheet. Here you can see your armor/weapons, attributes, and combat stats. There is also a costume section devoted to all the costumes and accessories you can equip. You can also see your gearscore here on the top left.



Attributes points can be gained every level starting at Level 20. There are 5 attributes. Which attributes you need depends on your class but everyone will need some Constitution unless they enjoy lying dead on the floor all the time.

  • For Occultists, 105% of the Dexterity is converted to either Magic Damage (in Shadow Form) or Healing Power (Light Form).
  • For Gunslingers, 100% of the Dexterity is converted into Physical damage.

Main Stat/Secondary Stat

  • Blademaster – Strength. Dexterity as a secondary stat.
  • Vanguard – Physique. Strength as a secondary stat.
  • Gunslinger – Dexterity. Strength as a secondary stat.
  • Occultist – Dexterity. Intelligence as a secondary stat.
  • Spriitshaper – Spirit. Intelligence as a secondary stat.
  • Swordmage – Intelligence. Dexterity as a secondary stat.

The game has automatic options to place attributes in either balanced, offensive, or defensive options.



  • Every 1 point give 1 Physical Damage
  • Every 10 points give 4 Force (each force give 1% Physical Attack)


  • Every 1 point give 1 Magical Damage
  • Every 1 point give 0.6 Healing Power
  • Every 10 points give 4 Spirit Power (each Spirit Power give 1% Magic Attack)


  • Every 1 point give 29 HP
  • Every 10 points give 4 Brawn (each Brawn give 1% Physical Armor)
  • Every 1 point give 8 Physical Defense


  • Every 1 point give 25 HP
  • Every 1 point give 10 MP
  • Every 10 points give 1 HP recovery
  • Every 1 point give 1.6 Healing
  • Every 10 points give 4 Arcana (every Arcana give 1% Magic Armor)
  • Every 1 point give 8 Magic Defense


  • Every 1 point give 2 Crit


There are two types of Experience points. One is your normal character experience which allow you to gain levels and another is Excelsior that are used for talent (purple icon). You won’t have to worry about the Excelsior until you reach Level 49.

Starting at Level 39, you will no longer automatically level once you gained enough experience. Instead, you will need to click on the orange button to level up.


Aptitude is a mechanic that increases your experience gain if you don’t play the game so that when you log back in, you can get experience faster. Every day at daily reset you get a fixed amount of aptitude and this aptitude is used up as you gain experience. This aptitude increase the amount of experience you would normally gain from activities. So if you are playing everyday and does everything the game has to offer, you will run out of aptitude points and gain experience at a normal rate rather than an accelerated rate with aptitude. You can see how much aptitude you have with this button.


Aptitude upper limit increases as you level up and depending on how much Aptitude you have you get different kind of experience bonuses. While you do get more experience bonus with more Aptitude stored, you also consume them faster when you gain experience.

  • 0 Aptitude: 0% bonus
  • 1-71 Aptitude: 100% bonus
  • 72-142 Aptitude: 200% bonus
  • 143-213 Aptitude: 300% bonus
  • 214 Aptitude +: 400% bonus

Ascension Stone is something you collect from doing various activities the game has to offer. Once you collect 25 of these stones, you can double click it to receive an Ascension Essence that you can consume to gain a ton of experience.


There is a weekly limit on how much Ascension Essence you can consume based on your level range. You can only consume them after level 20. If you cross the threshold to the next level range without using up previous level range’s weekly limits, they add up together.

  • Level 20-29 – 5 times/week
  • Level 30-39 – 15 times/week
  • Level 40-48 – 30 times/week
  • Level 49-58 – 45 times/week
  • Level 59+ – 60 times/week


Skills and Talents menu is accessed by pressing K. You won’t be touching this menu in your early levels but starting at Level 40 you will start getting skill points you can spend to improve your skills. Here you can see your skills, talents, special skills, and flight skills.

For a more detailed discussion of the whole skills & talents system, see this guide.



You can open up your inventory by pressing B. Your inventory has a sort function and its size can be increased via using bags.


Your inventory has 6 bag slots at the bottom. The first slot is unlocked automatically but you will need to pay for rest of the bag slots. You can only place bags in unlocked bag slots.

  • 2nd slot costs 100 Gyth Note
  • 3rd slot costs 500 Gyth Note & 20 Backpack Expander
  • 4th slot requires 40 Backpack Expander
  • 5th slot requires 80 Backpack Expander
  • 6th slot requires 160 Backpack Expander

Backpack Expander can be earned by doing quests from the Warehouse Maid and also by purchasing it from the Ausgyth Points NPC (80 Ausgyth Points Each). Here is the Ausgyth Points NPC location in Sulan.


You can buy backpacks from the NPC next to the Warehouse Maid in Sulan for Gyth Notes (6 slot or 8 slots) for 3000/10000 Gyth Notes The Ausgyth Points NPC also have 18 slot bags for 9920 Ausgyth Points.



You can salvage any gear you don’t need by using these two buttons. The first button salvage a single item while the other button salvage a stack of items. Salvage items will give you Gythil and Hematites.


Bank/Material Warehouse

To access the bank, you first need to unlock it by press V and then going into the second tab. The bank unlock is on the top left. After unlocking it you can go to the warehouse maid and use your warehouse.


There is a material warehouse to store your crafting your maps. To unlock the material warehouse, you also need to unlock it in there but you also need to reach social level 20 (which you can get by gathering/crafting or eat food in the Hot Springs). You can check your social level in the social tab of your character window. Once you reach social rank level 20 you will get a quest from the warehouse maid to unlock it.



There are 4 major currencies in this game.

Gythil ro-game-interface-25 Currency used for trading between players. Can be used if there is not enough Gyth Note. Gained from quests or selling stuff to other players.
Gyth Note ro-game-interface-256jpg Currency used for buying stuff from NPCs and unlocking game functions. Gained from dailies/quests.
Ausgyth Points ro-game-interface-27 Used at a special vendor. Gained from Demonslayer/PvP weekly rank up chests and from leveling rewards at level 9/19/29/39/49/55/59. Very limited resource.
Cashshop Credits ro-game-interface-28 Cashshop credits purchased with real life money.

Other Key Interface Functions

There is a group finder for various dungeons/activities you can access by pressing T.


You can access the friends menu by pressing P and chat with your friends directly. Use Shift +C to access your Personal Space. See this guide for more information on the friends system.


Auction House can be accessed by pressing R. You don’t need to visit an Auction Maid for buying items but to sell items you will need to visit an Auction Maid until you activate the functionality in the crafting tree.



Leveling Process

Tutorial Island

You will be on the tutorial island from level 1-16. You will be introduced to basic aspects of the game here such as combat, flying etc Keep following the main story quest until you reach level 20. You will get your horse mount at level 17.

Level 20-29

  • Do your easymode Darkfall dungeon at level 20. You can do this 5 times a day. Grab a high level player if there is one so they can get Emperor Social Points.
  • Open up your quest menu (L), do all the quests there, especially the orange Practice and Growth quests and purple Study Guide quests
  • Open up your daily menu (U), there should be a daily to do Four Kings solo activity that grant you a ton of XP.
  • You can also join a guild at level 20
  • You can start looking for mentors at level 20 (alt +Z for the mentor menu).
  • At Level up Hot Springs and Scour Dungeons daily activity opens up
  • You will get your wings for flying at Level 29 via level up rewards box (press O –> Awards and then click on the Level 29 Rewards to claim them)
  • Eat your Ascension Essences if you are not level 30 yet after you done all of the above.


Level 30-35

  • At Level 30 new dailies will open up on the daily menu (Daily Dungeon, Guild Quests)
  • Your Guardian interface will open up at level 30 as well (press C, go to the last tab).
  • You can also do hardmode Darkfall dungeon at level 30 (5 times a day)
  • You can start doing guild daily quests at level 30.

Level 35+

  • At level 35 you can start doing the Misty Hollow dungeon trial mode (Ragescale Trials). It is a daily activity on the daily menu.
  • At level 35 you can also start doing easymode Deserted Shrine dungeon  (2 times a day).
  • At Level 35 you will also get your Secret Market in the daily menu.
  • Level 40 unlocks the hardmode Deserted Shrine dungeon (once a day)
  • Level 45 unlocks the normal mode Misty Hollow dungeon and Godmode Abandoned Shrine. Godmode is a step up on difficulty from the dungeons you have been doing.


Revelation Online is a very daily focused game. If you are not doing your dailies, you are lagging behind. The daily interface can be found by press U and you can access this interface starting at level 20. More dailies start to unlock at level 25, 30, 35, 45 etc.

Daily reset occurs at midnight Pacific Timezone for NA servers. If you click on a daily, you can see the possible rewards and clicking on the little orange button will auto path you to the daily area.


Here are the dailies and what levels they unlock. Any events and dailies that only appear on certain days of the week will also show up here.

  • Level 20 – Four Kings Daily
  • Level 25 – Hot Springs Inn, Scour Dungeons
  • Level 30 – Guild Daily Quest, Daily Dungeon
  • Level 35 – Misty Hollow Trial, Secret Market dailies
  • Level 45 – Shadow Demons daily activity.

Doing dailies will give you daily points, as you get more daily points you unlock more rewards. This feature seems to be absent in the NA/EU CBT currently.

  • 20 Pts – Feathers that allow you to reset the cooldown of your teleport to NPC function
  • 40 Pts – Roses you can give to players in their Personal Space to increase their popularity
  • 60 Pts – Fairy Handwritten that are important to purchase items from a special store for upgrading your equipments
  • 80 Pts – Qing Jades used for handcrafting armor/weapons

Dailies Categorized by Rewards

There are different types of dailies that reward different type of rewards

Icon Reward Type Dailies
ro-new-player-guide-28 EXP
  • Four Kings
  • Scour Dungeons
  • Hot Spring Inn
  • Ragescale Trials
ro-new-player-guide-29 Gyth Note
  • Secret Market dailies
ro-new-player-guide-30 Demonslayer Points
  • Daily Token (Merit points for rank up/weekly reward)
  • Ragescale Trial (Demonslayer Points)

Time Strapped?

If you are short on time, do these dailies. Four Kings, Guild Daily and Hot Springs Inn can be done solo.

  • Four Kings (10 minutes, good source of XP and Incomplete Pages to upgrade your skills)
  • Daily Dungeon (must for Guardian Points)
  • Ragescale Trial (XP, Accumulated Guardian Points, Special Skills rank up)
  • Guild Daily (5 minutes, need to get those contribution points or you may get booted from guild).
  • Hot Springs Inn (for overnight AFK).

Four Kings Daily (Solo) – Level 20

This is a solo activity that not only grant you a large amount of XP but also give you Incomplete Pages necessary to level up your special skills. You get 20 minutes to finish this activity and every death inside removes 5 minutes from the timer. Once you complete the activity, there is a leaderboard to rank your performance. This can be done once a day.


The activity is divided into rounds, each round with a different challenge. At level 49 you get a new version of the Four Kings daily that has more rounds. If you beat all the rounds, you will enter a hidden round where you have to face against a copy of yourself.

Hot Spring Inn (Solo) – Level 25

Hot Springs Inn is an AFK activity that grant you experience and social experience. To benefit from this activity, however, you need to purchase Spa Wine and Food from the NPC at the entrance. Wine grant you character XP while food grant you social XP.


You can potentially consume a maximum of 5 Wine and 5 Food a day at the Hot Spring Inn as you are limited by your food/drink appetite/tolerance. Each drink/food you consume decrease their respective appetite/tolerance by 100. You only regenerate 100 food and drink appetite a day however so you can only consume 1 food/wine per day usually. If you don’t go to the Hot Springs for a couple this, this can accumulate back up to 500 appetite/tolerance so you are not missing anything other than daily points by skipping out.

Hot Springs Inn is a good place for mentors/mentee and married couples to hang out as there are specific actions they can do there to increase the XP gain. See this guide for more info.

Daily Tokens(Group) – Level 30

Daily Tokens activity is one where your and a couple other players go into a daily dungeon that resembles the existing dungeons in the game but is actually a lot easier. It is pretty quick, the boss have less HP and hurt less. The dungeons are on a daily rotation so everyday you will experience a different dungeon from the previous day. The NPC to enter this daily activity is always at the same place.


Daily dungeon is super important to do because it provides a huge amount of Guardian points necessary to rank up your Guardian Ranks.

Scour Dungeons (Solo/Group) – Level 25

Scour Dungeons is an activity where you go into a specific dungeon for your level range and beat the crap out of 250 mobs for experience mostly. This is also a good place to awaken your gear later on when you are at Level 49 cap. You can do this activity solo but it will be faster in a group.

There are three different dungeons for this, each for a specific level range. As you get deeper into the dungeon onto other floors the mob levels will increase. You can check to see how many mobs you have left for the day by clicking on this button from the top bar.


If you have any double XP boosts, use them here. Herbalist can also make teas that allow you to kill more than just 250 mobs. This is also a good place to raise cohesion/mentor points between friends and mentors as each mob killed grant cohesion and mentor points.

If the Scour Dungeons place gets too crowded, you can try and see if there is a second instance you can enter where there are less players.

There is a NPC that will give you double XP for 1 hr per week. She is in Sulan. Talk to her and you have the option to receive 1 hr of double XP or to freeze your double XP bonus if you don’t plan on using it.


Ragescale Trial (Group) – Level 35

Starting at level 35 you can enter the trial version of Misty Hollow. This is basically a place where you defeat waves of monsters and four bosses that spawns between waves. This place is good to level up your special skills and also grant a ton of XP and a good amount of Guardian Points.


For players that are above level 45, make sure you are picking the trial version (level 35) as you also have access to the normal mode of the dungeon at level 45.

Secret Market Dailies (Solo/Group) – Level 35

This is basically a set of dailies you do to make more Gyth Note as you will need lots of them for skill upgrades, equipment repairs and other things. Depending on your level range, you will get different dailies to do that involves either collecting items or killing monsters. For killing monsters, it is always better to group up to get it done faster.


Guild Dailies (Solo)

Guild dailies are available once you are level 30 and in a guild. You need to be doing guild dailies everyday to earn contribution points. These contribution points not only help your guild but also your character as you spend these contribution points to obtain permanent stat boosts and temporary buffs.You will get books and items you can donate them to the guild to use for guild upgrades.


It is a 10 step quest that only takes a few minutes to do. The last step usually require another guild member to either hug, duel or trick (trick can be done on a NPC, you need to use an item in your quest inventory).


There are certain activities that only pop up certain days of the week or can be only done a certain times a week. You can see a list of them on the 2nd tab of your daily interface. Currently the weekly tab is unavailable on NA/EU CBT1 so you will need to press O, and then click on the weekly tab to see them.

ro-new-player-guide-25 ro-new-player-guide-116

The key ones you need to pay attention are

  • Fairy Garden (not available in CBT1) – show up every Monday and Saturday and done once a day on those days. Best place to get Soul Grid materials and gold grade earrings. Need to be level 35 to participate. Solo activity.
  • Hunting Quest – Can be done 5 times a week. Need to be level 35. Group activity.
  • PvP weekly quest – Once a week. Solo activity.
  • Weekly 120 Step quest that give you random schematics for handcrafted armor and weapons. Solo activity (Appears to be bugged for CBT1)

If you need more activities to do after you have finished all your dailies and weeklies, you can click on the third tab of your daily interface and see what else you can do. It is divided into various categories.


Daily/Weekly Lockouts

You can see how many runs of each dungeon you have left for the daily/week by pressing O, clicking on the instance tab and vierw the lockouts.


Character Progression

Getting Your Wings

Basic Wings

You basic wings unlock at Level 29, you need to claim it via the Awards Menu by pressing O and click on the Awards button.


Wings have something called energy, once it runs low on energy, the speed decreases. To replenish this energy, you need to purchase potions from the Wing Items Merchant. There are two versions, one that replenish 10 and another that replenish 50. For your basic wings you can just purchase the blue potion but your level 49 wings will need the purple one.


Lightfeather Quad Wings

These quad wings are obtained at level 49 via one of your orange Practice and Growth quests. You need to keep doing your orange quests until you get there. The quest will give you an orange looking stone in your inventory.


Once you have the stone, unequip your basic wings and right click the stone to upgrade your wings to the purple Lightfeather Quad Wings.


Curious Events

Curious events is the most important way to get your Faery Orbs, which are used to exchange for important gear upgrade items at the Faery Agency Outer Base Shop. It takes Faery Orbs and Ausgyth Points but each Faery Orb counts as 40 Ausgyth Points so you can use Faery Orbs instead of the limited Ausgyth Points.


Item Normal Price Price with Max Orbs
Faery Notes 8 Faery Orbs
Backpack Expander 2 Faery Orbs
Fury Star Essence 2 Faery Orbs
120 Ausgyth Points
5 Faery Orbs
Fury Star Scroll 2 Faery Orbs
320 Ausgyth Points
10 Faery Orbs
Fury Beast Essence 1 Faery Orb
320 Ausgyth Points
9 Faery Orbs
Fury Beast Scroll 6 Faery Orbs
1720 Ausgyth Points
49 Faery Orbs
Divine Phantom Daoist Star 18 Faery Orbs
400 Ausgyth Points
28 Faery Orbs
Depleted Phlogiston 1 Faery Orb
80 Ausgyth Points
3 Faery Orbs
Argent Phlogiston 2 Faery Orbs
400 Ausgyth Points
12 Faery Orbs
Red Ticket 18 Faery Orbs
400 Ausgyth Points
28 Faery Orbs
Tier Bead Bag 2 Faery Orbs
240 Ausgyth Points
8 Faery Orbs
Yulong Angle 1 Faery Orb
80 Ausgyth Points
3 Faery Orbs
Special Skill – Broken Seal 6 Faery Orbs
1800 Ausgyth Points
51 Faery Orbs

Getting Faery Orbs

Faery Orbs are a special currency earned by doing these Curious Events with your Peculiar Tickets. These are group activities that usually require a group of 5 players but for some events 3 players are sufficient. You will need 2 Peculiar Tickets for entry for these Curious events.


There are four different Curious Events, they all give Faery Orbs and some side products. The side product for each Curious event is different.

  • Ersich Dream – Fury scrolls used to enhance your special skils.
  • Fish party – Tier Beads used to unlock the 4th awaken bar on your gear.
  • Velvet Lea Wedding – Fury Essences used to modify your special skills.
  • Secret Alchemy – Yulong Angle used to unlock more gem slots.

Fish Party and Velvet Lea Wedding are daytime Curious events while Ersich Dream and Secret Alchemy are nighttime. Daytime and nightime starts on xx:05 of the hour and ends on xx:55 of the same hour. Entire 24 hr cycle ingame is 2 hours in real time.

Fish party is the most commonly done event since it requires no combat and only 3 players. All you need to do is to have one person swim around to find fish while the rest of the party stays at a designated spot indicated by the quest. Each player will need to perform a different action on the fish (i.e. remove scales/eviscerate etc) and there is a cooldown so you must alternate between 3 players.

Upon completion of these events you will reward some Faery Orbs, treasure maps that lead you to more Faery Orbs or side products, and items you can combine to form a treasure map once you have three of them (just right click them in your inventory).

Peculiar Tickets

Peculiar tickets are required for entry into these Curious events. There are a couple ways to get more of these tickets.

First make sure you have done the purple quests related to these Curious events. This a chain of quests that rewards you with quite a a few Peculiar Tickets

You can buy them directly from the beaver NPC for Gythil. There are different prices and a limited stock for each price point. Once other players bought out the cheapest, you will have to buy the more expensive ones.

  • 11500, 13000, 15000, 16500, 18000, 23000, 24500, 26000, 28000 are the different price points and you can only purchase a limited number of each per day assuming it isn’t sold out.


Weekly travel quests. Press O and complete these two weeklies for a ticket.


Weekly Imperial Merit Society quests, pick the middle reward and it will reward you with 1x Peculiar ticket. You can do this 3 times per week.

Getting Your Special Skills

Two Star Skills

There are two ways to unlock your skills. For some of your Special skills you can purchase them from the Guardian Bookseller. Click on this button in your Order tab (press C) and click on this button to be autopathed to the vendor.


The Guardian Bookseller next to this vendor will have the books. You need to be Level 29 to use the books. The F3 book costs 200 Demonslayer Points and requires Demonslayer Rank 1 while the F5 book costs 400 Demonslayer Points and requires Demonslayer Rank 2.


Additionally, there is a NPC that sell sell all your two star special skills. This NPC is located here and takes 20 of those pages you get mostly from Four Kings per skill.


Three Star Skills

Three star special skills must be purchased separately from a different vendor. They are also Level 49 skills only. You will need 20x Special Skill Broken Seals. These Broken Seals are obtained from the Ausgyth Points NPC in exchange for Combo Incomplete Pages or at the Faery Agency Outer Base Shop in exchange for Faery Orbs


Special Skill Broken Seals need 2020 Ausgyth Points normally but you can reduce its price down to 20 Ausgyth Points by spending 16 Combo Incomplete Pages per Broken Seal. This is only available on the Ausgyth Points NPC in Ji City and not on the NPC in Su Lan. Additionally you can purchase the for Faery Orbs and Ausgyth Points. This costs a minimum of 6 Faery Orbs and 1800 Ausgyth Points per page but you can reduce it to 51 Faery Orbs per page.


Once you have 20 Special Skill Broken Seals and are Level 49, you need to purchase it from this vendor. Purchasing it does require silver rank with the Immortal Annex reputation so you will be needing to do your reputation quests for this group.


The reputation for Immortal Annex can be found here, there is a one time quest and a daily reputation quests chain you can repeat.


After you have done that quest, make sure you do the blue reputation quest here and it will give you silver rank with Immortal Annex in one day! There is another NPC with more blue reputation quests after you have done with this.


You get one of the your three star combo skills for free as your 7th day login reward


Getting Your Gold Weapons


Keep doing your Practice and Growth orange quests until you get to Level 35 where you will get the Equipment Gliding quest.This quest will teach you how to make your Level 37 Gold Weapon.


The only things you really need here are the 3x Hematite I. While you get can them via salving your gear (mostly from purple gear), the fastest way to get them is via the Imperial Society Merit vendor (right click on the Imperial Society Merit icon to autopath there). It costs 100 Imperial Society Merit each.


Now you are probably wondering how to get Imperial Society Merit, you get them by running low level dungeons with low level players.

  • Darkfall (Easy). High level player must be level 30 or higher and low level player must be level 29 or lower.
  • Darkfall (Hard). High level player must be level 40 or higher and low level player must be level 35 or lower.
  • Deserted Shrines (Easy). High level player must be level 45 or higher and low level player must be level 40 or lower.
  • Deserted Shrines (Hard). High level player must be level 50 or higher and low level player must be level 45 or lower.


You get your Level 41 offhand from your 3rd day login reward. If you don’t login on the third day, you won’t get it. Don’t panic though as you can craft it later on.


Sharpening Gear

Once you get your gold gear, it is time to sharpen them by adding (+ levels) to them. To do this you need to visit a Refinement Master which you can find on the map by looking for this symbol.


To sharpen your weapons you need two kinds of mats. Depleted is for +1 to +4 while Argent is for +5 to +8. Magma phlogiston is for +9 to +12 but your gold weapons only goes up to +8.


You must put the exactly amounts of Phlogiston to reach success chance of 100% or more. You can use more than 100% for better chances at sharpening. For each sharpening level you can get anywhere from 2%-6% stat bonus and this is chance can be improved by using more Phlogistons. If you get a bad roll (i.e. 2%), you can keep trying to improve the %. You can either get the same or a better roll.


Sharpening Level Sharpening Material Amount to reach 100% success chance Success chance at max mat (8) Refining Bonus at max mat (8)
Level 1 Depleted Phlogiston 2 400% 4-4%
Level 2 Depleted Phlogiston 3 272% 3-4%
Level 3 Depleted Phlogiston 4 200% 3-5%
Level 4 Depleted Phlogiston 6 136% 3-5%
Level 5 Argent Phlogiston 2 400% 4-5%
Level 6 Argent Phlogiston 3 272% 4-6%
Level 7 Argent Phlogiston 4 200% 4-6%
Level 8 Argent Phlogiston 6 136% 3-6%
Level 9 Magma Phlogiston 2 400% 6-7%
Level 10 Magma Phlogiston 3 272% 5-7%
Level 11 Magma Phlogiston 4 200%
Level 12 Magma Phlogiston 6 136%

If you need to get more Depleted Phlogiston/Argent Phlogiston, you can purchase form the Ausgyth Points Vendor (right click the icon). It costs 120 for the Depleted and 480 for the Argent. Faery Orb vendor also sells them so that is another option if you are low on Ausgyth Points (see section on Curious Events).


You can transfer sharpening levels from old gear to new. Just visit a refinement master and pick the second option to transfer refinement levels. Place the item with the higher sharpening level on the left and the item with the lower sharpening level the right. Sharpening levels do not stack, so if you transfer a +3 item to a +1 item, you will end up with your desired item with +3 and the old item without any sharpening levels.


Precious Stones

You can slot precious stones on your gear to increase/reduce your PvE/PvP damage out and damage received.

There are 4 different types of Precious Stones, two for PvP and two for PvE. Blue and Green precious stones give you PvE damage reduction and increase while Red and Yellow precious stones give you the PvP equivalent.


  • Yellow Stone – PvP damage increase. Can be only used on Mainhand or Offhand, Boots and Gloves.
  • Red Stone – PvP damage reduction. Can be used only on Mainhand or Offhand, Helm, Chest, and Legs
  • Blue stone – PvE damage increase. Can be only used on Mainhand or Offhand, Boots and Gloves.
  • Green Stone – PvE damage reduction. Can be used only on Mainhand or Offhand, Helm, Chest, and Legs

There are different tiers of these stones and you can upgrade these to higher tiers by combining 4 identical stones of a lower tier by clicking on this button in your inventory. For tier 5 and beow this doesn’t cost any money but for tier 5 and above stones you will need a few other materials.


You can buy these from PvP and Guardian/Demonslayer vendors but they become bound after purchase. You will need a special item earned from leveling your Guardian and Military ranks if you wish to purchase the unbound version. Do not buy the Blue and Green stones from the PvP vendor or the Yellow and Red stones from the Guardian vendor as they cost more unless you only PvP or PvE.

Putting in Precious Stones

To put Precious Stones into your gear, press N and click on this button. There are two tabs, one for adding in stones and one for removing stones. Both actions are free of charge.


Unlocking Precious Stone Slots

Most gold gear have 2 gem slots (1 PvP and PvE) unlocked by default but you can unlock more (up to 4 or 6) by visiting a Unpacking Prints NPC found next to the Equipment Cleaver. Only armor and weapons have precious stone slots. Accessories do not have them.These require these green thingies that you can purchase from the Aysgyth Points vendor (120 Ausgyth Points each or 3 Fairy Orbs) or by doing the Curious Events group activity in the mushroom village.


Gear Awakening

Most gold gear (except your Level 37 and 41 mainhand/offhand) have awakening bars you can activate by spending Hematite I. To do this you need to level up your gold gear by doing your daily Scour Dungeons. Killing a few mobs (<50) should completely level up your equipment to the purple bar.


You will get a icon on your screen when your gear is ready to be awakened. You can also check the degree of integration % on your gear to see if your gear is ready to be awakened. The icon will disappear after you click it so you can also do it by pressing N and select the hammer icon.


To awaken your gear, you will need Hematite I. The amount you need depends on the gear level but for level 40-49 gear you will need 7 Hematite I to fully awaken the first 3 bars. The amount are doubled for 50-59 gear.

To unlock the final and 4th bar which is locked by default, you can either visit a special NPC Equipment Activator found in major cities


It is very expensive to unlock the 4th slot as it costs a huge amount of Kai Ling Zhu so only do it on gear you are planning to use for a while. You can transfer over the 4th awakening slot when upgrading from 40-49 to 50-59 Guardian synthesized gear for example but this option costs more Kai Ling Zhu so it might not worth it to unlock the 4th awakening level on lower gear tiers.


Getting Rest of Your Gold Gear

Right now the most reliable way to get rest of your gold gear is crafting them via the Equipment Forgers. You will need to reach Demonslayer Rank 3 at least and be running Deserted Shrine Export Mode (2 or 3 star) to get the materials. In addition you should be running Deserted Shrine hardmode (Level 40) and Misty Hollow normal mode (Level 45) to get Mist of the Soul that allow you to purchase these material off the Guardian vendors.


These materials can be purchased mainly from the Guardian Vendors.


Material Requirement


Material List

The Soul of Mist you need drop off dungeons such as Misty Hollow Normal (Level 45) and Deserted Shrine Hardmode (Level 40) so it is important to do them daily. You can run them once per day.

Icon Name Source
ro-silver-stone_thumb2 Silver Stone
  • Reputation Vendors (SuLan, Whetstone, Flat Sea Town, Yu Kimura, Ji City) – Gold, 5000 Cloud coupons, 1000 Demonslayer points
  • Imperial Society Merit for 2000 points
ro-quenching-flint_thumb4 Hematite I Obtained from salvaging gear with a high drop rate from purple gear.

  • Can be purchased for 90 Demonslayer Points at Demonslayer Rank 3
  • Can be purchased for 60 Military Points at Military Rank
  • Imperial Society Merit for 100 points
  • Random drop off Misty Hollow trial mode (Level 35)
  • Drops from Shadow Demon daily activity.
ro-asagiri-cinnabar_thumb2 Asagiri cinnabar
  • Random Drops from Expert Deserted Shrine
  • Purchased for 200 Demonslayer pts and 5x Soul of Mist or cinnabar at Demonslayer Rank 3.
ro-asagiri-fluorite_thumb2 Asagiri fluorite
  • Random Drops from Expert Deserted Shrine
  • Purchased for 200 Demonslayer pts and 8x Soul of Mist or fluorite at Demonslayer Rank 3.
asagiri-spirit-ji_thumb3 Asagiri Spirit ji
  • Random Drops from Expert Deserted Shrine
  • Purchased for 200 Demonslayer pts and 10x Soul of Mist at Demonslayer Rank 3.
ro-asagiri-bright-jade_thumb2 Asagiri bright jade
  • Random Drops from Expert Deserted Shrine (2 star or 3 star)
  • Purchased for 200 Demonslayer pts and 40x Soul of Mist at Demonslayer Rank 3 and 4 once per week.
ro-first-leshy-heart First Leshy Heart
  • Purchased from Imperial Society Merit for 30 points


Making a Guild

To make a guild, you need to be level 30 and have 150k Gyth Notes. You probably won’t have Gyth Notes at first so here is what you can do. Ask players that are going to be in your guild to trade you Gythil, the tradeable currency. Gythil will be used in place of Gyth Notes for guild creation if you don’t have enough Gyth Notes. So for example if you have 100k Gyth Notes, ask people to give you 50k Gythil to get 150k in total. (the ratio is 1:1)

Once you have 150k, talk to this NPC in Sulan and make your guild.


Once a guild has been created, you can talk to the NPC again to enter your new guild base where you can do the guild dailies. Players need to be level 20 to join a guild.

Guild Daily

Once you are level 30 and inside a guild, you can do guild dailies. To do that you need to access the guild base, which is obtained by talking to that same NPC above you used to create the guild.

Inside the guild base talk to this NPC to start your guild daily. The first step is to sit on the tavern nearby and spend 300 Gyth Notes to buy a drink. Rest of the steps can be autopathed. You will need items like Inferior Wood, Inferior Forge, etc for your guild quest which can be obtained by gathering out in the open world.


For the last step of the guild quest it will ask you to do one of several things.

  • Duel a guildie inside the  guild base
  • Princess Hug a guildie inside the guild base (emote is on your hotbar)
  • Tricky Friend which you use an item in your quest inventory. You can use it on players or NPCs inside the guild base.


After you finish your guild daily make sure to donate the items you get to the guild by right clicking on the items to open up a donate to guild window and then right click the items again to place them inside the window. These items will be used for your guild to upgrade the structures.


Demonslayer and PvP


The no.1 mistake most new players make is ignoring their Demonslayer. They would be at level cap and never touched their Demonslayer Rank, missing out on weeks of progress and delayed their gear progression.

Demonslayer Interface

Demonslayer is a whole system you unlock at Level 30. You can press C and go to the last tab to view it once you reach level 30. The system is basically where you go and run the specified dungeons to level up and receive reward boxes every week. Once you reach high enough Demonslayer rank, you can purchase items from the Guardian vendor that are required to upgrade your equipment.


There are a couple of important things to note.

  1. Demonslayer Rank/Points
  2. Your weekly Merit reward box progress
  3. Activities you can do to level up your Demonslayer progress
  4. Requirement to reach the next Demonslayer Rank

While there are many activities that rewards Demonslayer Points, the only one that really counts for Demonslayer rank progression and weekly reward boxes are the ones on right of the Demonslayer interface (3). They are your daily dungeon (you do this via the daily interface) and your weekly dungeon picked based on your level and your Demonslayer Rank. These activities reward different amount of merit points.

  • Daily: 100 pts
  • Weekly: 250 – 300 pts

As you do these activities, you will earn Merit points to fill the weekly reward box bar (2) and this will also contribute to the Demonslayer rank up requirement (4)

Weekly Reward Box Bar

You will receive reward boxes when you reach the green, blue and purple marks on the bar. These marks 50%, 85%, and 100% of the bar. Basically you will need 500 points to receive the green tier reward, 850 points to receive the blue tier reward and 1000 points to receive the purple tier reward.


These boxes give you Ausgyth Points, Gythil, and a bunch of equipment/skill upgrade materials. The purple tier is very important to reach because it give you items that allow you to exchange them for unbound Precious Stones from the Guardian vendor. This means you can purchase and sell these unbound Precious Stones to other players to make a decent income every week.

Reaching the Next Rank

To reach the next Demonslayer rank you need to meet 3 requirements.


  1. Reach the required character level
  2. Reach the required amount of merit points
  3. Obtain the required amount of highest dungeon clears

There has been some confusion over the merit points requirement. There are two numbers: merit points and maximum merit points. The max just means how much points you can store towards the next Demonslayer rank after surpassing the requirement for the current rank.

Here is an example.  To reach Rank 2 Demonslayer, I only need 100 Merit points. However, I went over this requirement and obtained enough points to reach the contribution points max.of 1000 (Basically I got 1100 points). Any more Merit Points I earned after passing this max will not count. Once I level up to Rank 2, I will get 1000 points towards Rank 3 because of this.


Rank Up

You need to rank up ASAP after meeting the Merit points requirement, you do not need to wait until you reach the Merit points max. To rank up, click on the blue underlined link right below the Rank up requirements.This will autopath you to the NPC who will have a little test for you to pass before reaching the next rank.


For rank 3 Demonslayer you will need to do Expert/Godmode Deserted Shrine (one star is sufficient).

Merit Points vs Demonslayer Points

Merit Points is a form of Demonslayer points, but they are the type of demonslayer points that give you progress towards your weekly rewards box and your Demonslayer rank progression. Merit points only comes from the dungeons listed on the right of the Demonslayer interface but you can earn demonslayer points from running other dungeons and activities.  They are all counted as demonslayer points under your demonslayer rank. There is a weekly cap for the amount of demonslayer points you can earn as well.


Double Demonslayer/Merit Points

This feature is not available on NA/EU CBT currently.

You can purchase scrolls from the Ausgyth Points NPC that will double the amount of Merit/Demonslayer points you gained from the doing activities. They cost 320 Ausgyth Points and there are two versions, one that doubles your Merit points (up to 100 points) and another that double the Demonslayer points you earned from all activities (up to 800 points). The first scroll you have to buy daily before you do your Daily Token since it is used up after every Daily Token.

These scrolls are essential because they allow you to earn Merit/Demonslayer Points fast, do not skip out on them!


Demonslayer Rank Requirements

Demonslayer Rank Level Requirement Merit Points Requirement Merit Points Max
1 30
2 40 100 1000
3 45 1000 2000
4 50 2000 4000
5 55 4000 6000
6 60 6000 7000
7 65 7000 9000
8 70 9000
9 75
10 80

Guardian Vendors

You can find the Guardian vendors to sell you gear and equipment upgrade materials by clicking this button on your Guardian interface, it will autopath you to the closest Guardian vendor. For lower Guardian Ranks the vendors in Su Lan will do but higher ranks require the vendors in Ji City.


For more information on how to upgrade your gear using Guardian vendor purchased materials, check out this guide.


Military System

PvP has a similar system to Demonslayer. It has Military Ranks and weekly reward chests. You can access the Rank tab by pressing C and clicking on the 2nd last tab.

You gain two types of currency when you do PvP in Battlegrounds and Arena: Army Coins and Valor. Army Coins are used to rank up your Military Ranks while Valor is used to acquire weekly reward chests.


There is a quest to level up your Military Rank to the next rank once you have acquired enough Military Points. This is a weekly quest so you can only level up your Military Rank once a week. However, you can accumulates more Army Coins than what is required to rank up. Just remember to rank up every week to keep up. The NPC that give the weekly quest to rank up is located here.


You can earn additional Valor  every week by doing some objectives that requires you to participate in different types of PvP activity. You can find the objectives for this by click on this button in the Military window. Additionally, players who are married ingame will gain additional Valor when they queue for battlegrounds/arena together.



You can queue for Arenas and Battlegrounds from the PvP queue menu (H). There is a tab for battlegrounds and another tab for arenas. Battlegrounds is 10v10 and 20v20 while Arenas are 3v3


The 10v10 Battleground has some MOBA elements. Each side has 150 points and killing enemy players and NPCs will deplete the other side’s points.

On the roads are various NPCs guards for either side. Once in a while a Captain will spawn that grant damage boost to nearby NPCs. Elite NPCs will be guarding the base at either end. Killing these NPCs and players not only takes away points from the other side, it also give your whole team points that can be spent to acquire buffs.

Additionally, 5 minutes after the match start, there will be special monsters spawning at middle left and right half of the map. Killing them will grant you their soul, allowing you to pilot them as vehicles to charge into enemies. If a vehicle is killed, special monsters will spawn again after 5 minutes.



  • Player –2 points
  • NPCs–1 points
  • Elite – 30 points
  • Captain –3 points
  • Tree Vehicle–20 points
  • Bird Vehicle- 10 points


  • Stealth Drug – 30 points. Allow you to enter the stealth for 5 minutes. Attacking cancels the stealth.
  • Regeneration – 30 points. 100% recovery of HP after usage
  • Suzaku Order – 100 points. Increase damage dealt to NPC by 20%
  • Basaltic – 200 points. Increase damage of your NPCs by 50%.
  • White Tiger – 350 points. Increase damage dealt to NPC by 100%
  • Dragon – 600 points. Increase damage of your NPCs by 200%.

Open World PvP

You can enter into Slayer mode after Level 40, allowing you to kill other players with penalties. You can only enter Slayer mode in non-safe areas (i.e. outside cities).

Click on the left corner of your name tag and you will see options to enter slayer mode. The first option is peace mode, which is the normal non-PvP mode. The second mode is the Killing Mode that allow you to attack any other player in non-safe areas. The third option is Defensive Mode which allow you to attack players with Slaughter value without penalty. The fourth button is setting is where you change who you can attack while in Killing Mode.


When you successfully kill other players in Killing Mode, you will get a Slaughter Value. This allow other players to kill you in return via Defensive Mode without gaining Slayer values themselves. Guards will also attack you. Slaughter value decrease by 1 point every minute.

Advanced Reading

If you like to do more reading to understand the nuts and bolts of the game, here are some other guides I have wrote.

Character Progression



Special thanks to Pincushion, LargeFarva, Cheap Uncle Seph, Adaptive of Epiphany Guild for their assistance in making this guide.


If you are looking to purchase Revelation Online founder packs for access to the beta, you can purchase them here and help support the site~ The first closed beta runs from Nov 3 to Nov 17.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

86 replies on “Revelation Online New Player Guide”

I was wondering the same thing since I see that word every where in gw2 and when you look up the word loli the definition usually says something like older guys wanting to have sex with young girls, if that’s what it really is then there is something seriously wrong with people like SERIOUSLY.

People in CBT are saying it’s really rough still, especially in terms of localization. The CH client has BiS gear locked behind the cash shop… soooooo… I wouldn’t buy in yet. There are also graphics issues (flickering – shadows and water) and it’s a question of whether that bothers you or not.

The cash shop in gw2 is ok I mean if you can even find anything you like from it and you don’t have to pay real life money for it if you don’t want to, also this revelation online game looks like it was made specifically for perverts, so yea not a good game imo. Still waiting for sea of thieves… I think that’s gonna be a quality game ☺

The thing about GW2’s cash shop is I can tolerate that because you can farm your ass off for gold and convert it. I know other MMO’s are about the same but I find GW2’s system quite balanced and probably the best out there. Currently trying Riders of Icarus and its not too bad but reminds me something of a twist between Aion and WoW but watered down WoW bits in it. I’ve been keeping an eye on Sea of Thieves myself but still waiting for Bless to hit while hoping that’s actually worth it. I’m almost burnt out on trying to find decent MMO’s to play. If City of Heroes didn’t bite the big one I’d still be on that…

Yea that’s what I was trying to say, gw2 cash shop is actually good the rest are stupid because they force you to spend real life money and lots of it so I’d never play a game like that either. The only issue I have with gw2 cash shop is they won’t make anything I actually like >.< But yea I don't think I'll be trying any other games, none of them appeal to me except Sea of Thieves if my computer can even run it, I still dabble in gw1 a bit and takes me a while to get the daily done in gw2 sometimes so that's enough for me. Every once in a while I'll even play Lord of the Rings especially when they have an event going on. New games these days just suck.

GW2 is -not- the only MMO that does that. It’s very easy in Rift, for example, to buy what you want from the cash shop by using in game currency to buy cash shop currency.

You can’t buy gear in the cash shop of Revelation, where did you get this information? Revelation Cash Shop and business model is paytoprogress slightly faster/pay for convenience. The only wearables are cosmetics, the mounts/wings unnecessary. You can buy upgrade materials from the cash shop but those are all easily attainable in game as well, AND it has a conversion system, where in game currency can be exchanged for cash shop currency.

There is nothing in the cash shop in RO that you cannot get through in game means.

You lost me at “Lolis are present in this game, if that is your thing”. Please for the love of god, try to steer clear of pedo games.

Follow up question about Ausgyth Points..its pretty valuable for enhancement materials but i dont know where can i get it.. 😀 how can we farm those points?

And yet you advise to use them up on inventory expansion. I think it’s better to advise people to buy Phlog things to upgrade gear to +8 at start it will boost their progress much more than backpack space.

You need to mail them to another character (alt) as nothing in this game is account bound, like GW2, but character bound. Warehouse, premium, outfits, etc all character bound.

95% lost me at “cash-shop,” 100% at “lolli.”

Lookit, far be it for me to try and mould a product of an obviously very different cultural sensibility, around my cultural sensibilities, but that doesn’t change the fact that that shit is just severely fucking creepy

You don’t have to be a loli in this game, and even the “loli” body type can be made to appear more mature. That being said, it’s definitely very eastern, and if that doesn’t suit you that’s fine. Bless Online will coming out eventually with races that are far less “anime”

As for the cash shop, there’s mostly cosmetics, and everything in it can be earned in game. From what I’ve experienced and researched, you can’t buy gear, only – at most, items that help you upgrade gear. But again, those can be earned in game. The cash shop also have a conversion system where in-game currency can be traded for cash currency.

Solid guide. Chuckled at how lolis were specifically highlighted in the very broad “What is Revelation Online?” starting topic.

Hey, for ascension stones – i’ve noticed that if i use them back to back, they give approximately 30% less exp, but if i space them apart (or maybe use it when im a different level) they give the “full” amount. Do you have any information on this?

Hi I just want to know, does the combat have any similarities to GW2? I haven’t played any MMO that you listed that were similar.

WASD mode is GW2 style – you move with wasd, right click to steer camera, left click to target. Action mode is similar to the recently implemented action camera in GW2, and Mouse mode is classic MMO like WoW.

I only hope they translate the rest of the game before next phase. Thanks to your guide i could find most things, looking forward to see more soon. Thanks.

Hi Dulfy, realy nice guid 😉

can u help me with two quests pls where i can find the full hunter certificate and where is the Mythos panel on lower right corner ….. thy a lot for this guid !!

Hi! I asked for the mythos quest today… Apparently is bugged, the mythos panel isnt available yet on NA/EU :c

In fact I read that you can’t in the Russian version either, so we probably cannot in EU/NA :/
Please let us know if you know otherwise Dulfetty!

We got this game REALLY quickly here in the US for an eastern MMO and the even the CH servers are still getting updates, with housing systems being added as recently as August of 2016, so a lot of content won’t be out immediately for us, including body types available for all classes.

Dear Miss(es) Dulfy. Thank you for this guide, and all the other guides on your page. Now, that the game is online, i wonder if you allready have something to say about Wings and Mounts. What is possible to do, upgrade, and so on, and how to do it? I would love to see this anytime soon. Thank you.

I made a character and logged in, I wanted to change something and noticed on char screen I could still customize him. Does that customization feature ever become locked? Like if I hit a certain lvl, leave starting area, etc.

you can change your character apperence 3 days after you make him, after that you will have to pay for that if you want to change it again, so you better change while you still have time

Thanks as always for your guides. Though I imagine this will need updated as more info changes with the open beta release and such. For example, the servers right now actually roll over at 10pm Pacific Time, and not midnight. But minor details, over all this is very comprehensive and was rolled out with much dedication to bringing us as much info as possible as soon as possible. Thank you!

Princess Hug a guildie inside the guild base (emote is on your hotbar) – this is called Lover’s Lift in NA.

I just started playing and OMG! there is soo much information to learn. Holy Cow! As always, thanks for the guide.

Also; the localization in this game is.. awful. Probably on par with WLO back in the day.
There are better translators who work for free, and I sincerely hope whoever did the google-translate copy/paste hack job is no longer on the team. They took no creative initiative to add their own writing in whatsoever, but from what I hear it doesn’t mirror the Chinese at all, either.

More importantly- do they plan on fixing it? I’m hearing mixed things ‘Oh it’s not done, they’ll patch it up.’, then ‘They said in CBT3 that English localization was complete’. Which one is it, though?
I’m glad I didn’t get a pack at this point- from what I’ve been through the questing is horrible, largely unskippable, and I can’t imagine going through it 6 times for each respective class.
I really want to like the game, but fug me sideways the dialogue is so nonsensical.

Question trying to reach demonslaying rank 4 and I’m confused by what I have to do to get my last dungeon. Currently I’m sitting at “Head to dungeon and earn… 3/4”
Any help would be appreciated.

I wonder what am i doing wrong.. I want my demonslayer tier 3, i’ve had 2/3 all last week on the “required dungeons”, i hadn’t done deserted shrine expert back then, so i figured when i got daily for it, i’ll do the 1 star one.. But i still got 2/3 so wtf! I am required to do deserted shrine expert for the rank, but when i do it my 2/3 dungeons does not change into 3/3… Ugh and after all the trouble i went through to duo it too with my friend.. (I do not usually party with ppl i dunno, as they’ll end up screaming at how bad i am anyways). So what on earth do i have to do to get my tier 3? If i already 2/3 dungeons before doing expert and the 1 star expert is required, why did i not get credit for it 😮

@OP Thank you very much for this wonderful, amazing, info packed guide. I hope a lot would be able to read it (though with the translated terms in NA).

Hello! Again thank you for the awsome guides and your reply to my question last time. I wanna bother you again with question about revelation. If you know anything about a Secrect Orb npc merchant on snowpine reach. This npc sells gold and platinum orb which we use to buy at the funland room 46 from Bela Foxtail. A guildie told me he bought one gold orb from him, he saw him on snowpine reach , but he didn’t pointed me the place, i can only say, he posted on the guild chat when we logged on after maint, and if I’m correct he must’ve bought it before around 7am-14pm CET on a wednsday, on the first weeks mycom had to do server maint a few times.
Have you ever found this merchant npc at snowpine or other location? The orbs he sells we can buy with coins or notes are they expensive?

I have a problem, one minute I had 7k HP and the next moment I suddenly have 5k HP. I am level 34. Any idea what I did wrong?

I’m really just curious what drew you to this game. I’m seeing a lot of similar concepts that are played out in other games, but I’m not seeing any real “hook” or new concept to reel me in. What am I not seeing here? What’s got you focused on this game in particular?

It’s nothing new no. It’s a mix of aion, blade and soul, TERA and black desert with a chinese story. Unfortunately it’s poorly executed and it is still beta (can better say alpha)
In the beginning it looked promising. Started myself with the first closed beta. Also purchased a founders pack. But when the open beta came out disappointment was there. It was just cbt3 with limitations and nothing was fixed. It had still chinese text, broken quests, bugs, glitches. And you couldn’t reply back to whispers. Netease and didn’t do anything with community feedback and added more shop items instead of fixing their stuff. That was the point for me to stop. Game was also flooded with goldsellers spamming the general chat and class chatchannels and crawling with bots. Sticked with black desert instead and in the meantime i also returned to aion.

Lolis are present? I had to look that up. It means child pornography cartoons. Basically, this is a game for child molesters.

RO had so much potential imo. It could’ve revived the Wuxia genre in the west and beaten Moonlight Blade, bringing back memories of games like Jade Dynasty and Age of Wushu, but sadly it went the Korean route and P2W and now look at the game.

I do like the Chinese voice acting, even though I do not understand any of it. It is much better than hearing jarring American accent in most mainstream MMOs.

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