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SWTOR KOTET Story & Chapter Livestream Coverage

SWTOR KOTET Story and Repeatable Chapters Livestream notes and coverage.

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Community Topics

  • Commendation > credit and item costs in KOTET.
    • Rank 5/6 Companion Gifts – The intention is that they won’t be cheap in Eternal Throne. You will be getting companion gifts in command crates so the intention is that buying them directly won’t be the optimal way.
  • Livestream schedule change –> class changes overview will be posted on forums on next Monday/Tuesday. 


  • Rapid Recon Walker – Be a subscriber on Nov 27
  • Early access – Be a subscriber from October 25 through Nov 27

Influencer Program

  • New program to highlight SWTOR content creators: streamers, bloggers, podcasts, youtubers and more.
  • Reach out to Musco if you are interested in joining.
  • Will be hosting streamers

Repeatable Chapters & Challenge Modes

  • Player feedback on replayability and story difficulty.
  • All 25 chapters from KOTFE and KOTET are available (bonus HK chapter is only available on storymode).
  • New interface to launch Chapters and change difficulties
  • Story and Veteran at launch, Master to follow.
  • Choices from your first playthrough carry forward
  • Can try different choices in a Chapter to see their impact and earn dark or light side points.
  • You can repeat chapters to keep earning companion influence with LS/DS points.


Veteran Difficulty

  • Available from your first playthrough for a greater challenge
  • It will be one of the best sources for getting command XP solo.
  • Scaled to your level, including your level. (60-70 for KOTFE, 65-70 for KOTET chapters)
  • Balance for mid-tier end game gear and an influence Level 20 companion. Made the assumption based on a DPS player playing with healer companion.
  • You can scale difficulty down at anytime, even during the Chapter. Scaling difficulty up requires you to restart the chapter. They don’t want you to blow through the trash at easier difficulty and then turn it up for bosses. Gotta clear hard trash as well.
  • New achievements to earn for playing on higher difficulty.
  • You can bring friends to help you on the Veteran difficulty, it will be easier of course.
  • Observations based on gameplay
    • Damage seems to be scaled up on trash, to make wading through trash more annoying.

Steam Plan

  • Nov 10 Livestream with special guests
  • Nov 17 – New planets/story insights with Charles
  • Nov 23 – KOTET wrap-up and Q&A

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

289 replies on “SWTOR KOTET Story & Chapter Livestream Coverage”

“You can bring friends to help you on the Veteran difficulty, it will be easier of course.”
This right here will redeem any downfall this expansion brings. Being able to play WITH friends through the story content is the biggest thing they’ve missed out on since axing it for 3.0-4.0.

That you have to run 4 times so everyone in the group gets the achievements and the exp, cause if you think you are going to get command exp in someone else chapter you are crazy.

If they are going this way they need to add a selection auto skip cut scenes and auto generate conversation responses take a chapter down to about 10 min and save the keyboards, can you imagine the abuse the space bar will get dear god.

What else are they putting in command crates now. We got several different tiers of gear, then we got companion gifts 12 -13 different kinds, then random recipes for 6 crew skills, they gonna put trash body drops from npc’s in there too? does each crate open like the CC crates with 1 armor/mount/dye and a companion gift, or just 2 totally random things?

I suspect that there was a detail the the person asking forgot to mention and that they didn’t think to address in their response. As I understand it, it has been possible since KotFE launched to do “summon group members to instance” (like a guild flagship summons but it’s free and only works in 2-4 man groups and inside instances) and get your friends grouped with you while you run the chapters. The problem, and the cause for the question, is that people do not want to have to repeat a chapter 2 or 3 or 4 times so that each individual group member can have their own separate run where they’re in control of the choices. People want to just let it be up to a group roll on the choices and get credit for everybody at the same time. People have deliberately forgotten that grouping up like that is possible because it’s not the way they want it to work. Odds are that that will continue to be how it works though.

It’s always been that way since launch. Sith warrior goes to the class story part on Korriban and brings another warrior.

They would have to run the instance twice to get the credit for both. Same if it was an Inquisitor and a Warrior. One cannot influence choices on the other in class instances.

Now it’s story instance but same thing.

True, but there also were the normal planetary quests and heroics which were often fun to do as a group (unless you were doing them for the 122nd time already!). When I was running all that content together with friends the closed instances of class missions only took up a very small part of our group adventures, as we would all do those things separately before joining up again. And if you are all playing the same class you can even compare your individual experiences of those dialogue scenes to get a glimpse of other possible outcomes.
Used to be quite fun for a while.

This sounds like great news. Been wanting to replay Chapter 1 and Chapter 12 very badly. Anytime I can chill out with Darth Marr, the better!

Thank you John. We are excited to bring you new content that you can replay over and over and over again until you get carpal tunnel.


Really you cancelled class changes and combat stream for this basic info most of which was already known. Bravo well worth it. Not

The whole stream information in a nutshell:
You can repeat chapter in different modes, from easy to hard.

Companion gifts become RNG drops or expensive items from the vendor.

It was painful boring to watch.

We hold the best livestreams of any MMO. How dare you say this comment. We are here to cater to your needs. Our communication with players has never been stronger.

While I like the sound of them sorta giving shout0outs to the SWTOR community content creators, who podcasts SWTOR… or any game for that matter?

Hey players,
Here you go.. replay the same 16 chapters. AGAIN. Or play the new chapters once and go back to playing the same raids that have been here for 23+ months (+ referring to the earlier ops). Oh and gearing? Random! Rewards? Random! Class changes/combat? “It will be great, trust me” -Trump/Bioware

Hearthstone, WoW, Steam sales, Pokemon… Plenty of new and cool stuff. I already unsubbed, im tired of replaying the same crap for the gazillion time.

I just occasionally visit sites like this to rejoice in watching swtor players suffering, refusing to unsub and use the only tool they have to express disagreement: their money.

Oh yea and i post here bc i can. If i make only 1 person to unsub from this crap, it was worth it already. Fock swtor devs.

abaddon is one of those people who like abuse and bieng shit on by tor cant get enough of it apparently be glad your leaviing the carebears behind think of that poor loser who bought a 150 cartel packs lol you made a good decision to say the least

“Scaling difficulty up requires you to restart the chapter. They don’t want you to blow through the trash at easier difficulty and then turn it up for bosses. Gotta clear hard trash as well.”

One thing I remember from playing ch I-IX in KotFE was that stuff went a lot faster for my 2 mains who were both stealth classes due to them skipping all trash mobs that weren’t tied to bonus missions, compared to the other toons who had to kill all of those. It was also way easier to grind heroics with stealth toons since they could skip most (in some cases all) combat in those missions.

Wonder if they’re gonna make stealth pointless by giving mobs the ability to attack you no matter if you’re in stealth or not. Or if they will give stealthies a reason to kill the trash, XP won’t be an incentive at all most likely, neither will loot.

That’s weird. I was playing KotFE chapters on a stealth character close to when they launched (usually went through with my marauder first but the operative wasn’t far behind) and my operative was ALWAYS getting automatic aggro on spawned in trash maps that ignored the fact that I was stealthing through everything. I’m not sure that there was anything in any of the chapter instances that it actually let me sneak past.

Yeah, I got into the habit of using the restealth on those mobs whenever it was on a CD, or timed it for the most annoying mobs after the first run through it. Wasn’t in all places they put the mobs, IIRC Asylum was the worst place, had those mobs everywhere.

So, if I replay the entire KOTFE story, will those new choices carry over to KOTET, or will my original choices still be the basis for future content? For example, if I let Kaliyo stay in my original game and banished her when I replayed the chapter, which choice will carry forward?

Yes! I want to know that too. And will recruitment missions count too. I want to kill Broonmark and few other companions.

Maybe if you replay the chapters from start to the end, it would give you any difference. Dunno, i could be wrong.

They said that any choices made in replaying one chapter would not carry over to a replay of the next chapter.

This is the problem with ‘Choices Matter’.
People were screaming on here that there was not enough choices, and it’s a farce, you should be able to make big differences, but the truth of it is people make mistakes and there’s no going back.
Choices and MMO’s don’t mix imho.
Hope it works out for you man.

I’m not going to risk choosing anything else. If they ever do any story again you just know it’ll bug out and choose choices you made of your seventh playthrough instead of your first :’)

I love that last part on here.

“Damage seems to be scaled up on trash, to make wading through trash more annoying.”

Someone sounds about as thrilled about wading through all those Skytroopers as the rest of us.


Torque’s difficulty was an accident. That is the reason we fired our Operations team. Our players felt that torque was too strong. We at bioware believe in defeating bosses easily even if it is hard mode.

We believe in easy hard mode. And we will fire anyone who stands in our way.

And the WORST, I MEAN WORST PART of it is there is no point in taking a stealther because most of the Skytrooper mobs agro AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN A ROOM!!!!
And even if you smoke out YOUR STILL IN COMBAT!!!

Damage seems to be scaled up on trash, to make wading through trash more annoying.
Damage seems to be scaled up on trash, to make wading through trash more annoying.
Damage seems to be scaled up on trash, to make wading through trash more annoying.
Damage seems to be scaled up on trash, to make wading through trash more annoying.
Damage seems to be scaled up on trash, to make wading through trash more annoying.


Well done for quoting what we all saw.
I guess it needs dumbing down for your followers into a format they understand.
Your life will now be complete.

My followers? What are you on? How much is Bioware paying you to post here?

Well according to the livestream you can be an official “influencer” now. Don’t expect to get paid though… you will probably be rewarded with HK themed decorations for your stronghold and maaaaaybe an exclusive HK mount

I can assure you sir that we are not paying anyone to post on or reddit. We at bioware hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability and we work for you.

If you ever have doubts please send an email to musco or ben irving. In the meantime tell your friends to sub.

Thank you.

We offer repeatable content because our players want repeatable content. They demand, we supply. It’s that simple.

Thank you.

We do not even play card games. This is an attack to our integrity and I demand an apology. Please stop playing our game but stay subbed.

Thank you.

They are going to dump a whole lotta Companion Gifts in the game and then expect that these items are “not going to be cheap”…..hmmmm, I believe the law of “supply and demand” will prevail once more.

they mean at vendors. aka – grab them now for crystals because once costs convert to credits, you will lose out on that conversion.

There was one chance for BW to gain at least some respect from players.
And they blow it.
I want to replay my character class missions. Not KOTFE or KOTET.
I finished KOTFE only on 3 characters becouse it was so freaking long and boring…
Seriously, Bioware must officially re-name themseves into Biofail.
Becouse that’s what they usually do – fail.

They have that: It called re-rolling your character. Some time it just better that way. You get a better sense of the character a second time through. Twice is enough though (four time total if you want/have both Adv. classes). More then that is way more work then anyone should give any MMO


Grind GC exp in the Epic Warrior/Knight story…
…incredebly boring unsatisfying faceless Outlander story.


Desicions… Desicions….

It’s my personal IMHO, but Outlander’s story is cool and don’t event start with choices. They matter no more then in vanilla.

That’s the problem, you can have real choices in an MMO because people regret their choices or people say they’re not sweeping enough (but you can’t have a few MMO’ers changing the galaxy for everyone else.)
They should have never used the Choices matter tagline – that was their error.

cant have choices matter when other people are involved in making the choice it only works on single player kotor not swtor

Good point, the outlander story has a disturbing lack of Darth Baras too. If they add in the option to kill Quinn when we should’ve been able to do so, would be even more awesome… (same with Skadge for BH)

All class stories are pretty fun to replay, except maybe the consular one, and it makes for more variety when you switch alts compared to one story for all classes.

“Made the assumption based on a DPS player playing with healer companion.”
and who does that, its uber easy, or when playing without hands on keyboard.

Okay, replay is all fun but… Ensign Temple uses Kaliyo voice files when in healing stance. Lana and Theron need to be able to wear outfits, and need costumizations. We need more options to reject companions: having Yuun on 8 characters is dumb. I’ll never use him.

Thank you Cole. We are catering to players like you. The ones that love to replay our content over and over again on all your 20+ alts.

We do not have plans to nerf shadows. However, we have plans to nerf operatives. Our employee bonuses depend on this.

Thank you.

I apologize for this. Please know that shadow nerfs were an accident. The previous combat design team has been fired. We have a new team now ready to serve you, but if you don’t stay subbed they will be sad.

You don’t want that do you?

Thank you.

Edit: The team replacing the team that was fired has now been fired. A new team is being assembled as we speak from the Cartel Market to further enhance your combat experience.

Thank you for your time.

lmfao. New Ability for shadow: Force Pack: Unleash hell on your enemies with a ferocious flurry of unlockables that reduce health over time by 5%. Last 5 hours.

I am kind of enough of repeating. Waiting for the news and I only found out more repeating content wrapped in different package.
I just wanna some good choice matter plot and make my dark jedi the fucking emperor. XD

I understand your concern. But we at bioware felt that wading through trash was too easy and players felt there was no immersion in fighting brain dead NPCs. By boosting the power of the game’s trash mobs we have both directly and indirectly boosted our subscriber numbers by 200%.

Our metrics don’t lie.

“It will be one of the best sources for getting command XP solo.”

Replaying the same story with the same toon… over… and over… again… yeah… /me pass.

It gets even better when you bring out an alt from the other faction and do the exact same thing over and over some more but in different outfits…

I can’t believe crafting sounds more fun than this. But guess what? It sounds more fun than repeating the same old shit

After watching the stream one thing was in my mind: “Wow, they are so disconneted from their game and their player community.”

That’s not new. Since Rise of the Hutt Cartel….THE LAST SUCCESSFUL EXPANSION this game had, it’s been a disaster.

so funny story… I wonder if that lifestream has anything to do with the cost of 2 month card dropping to $18.69 on amazon. it could be a coincidence, but the irony is, thanks to the life stream I’m actualy for the first time no tempted to buy it, in case I may want to come back, becasue that lifestream has done the exact opposite and kinda reaffirmed my decision to stay unsubbed

(especially the part about replaying kotfe being best source of command xp. i can’t finish the damn thing the first time on alts, I find it so boring. and you want me to keep replaying it? oy)

Depending on your gaming pace, 5.0 will give around 1 month worth of content. So you can sub for a short time (whatever the shortest option is) and play the new chapters once or twice, then check out the new Uprisings, open up a few RNG gear boxes and then… well, not much to do then I guess.

That’s about what I’m looking at. I’ll give it a try and for a month at least it should be good, because by itself I do like SWTOR, but let’s just say these Uprisings will have to be pretty damn fun to keep me going after that month.

I’ll have about a week or so left off my current time card once expansion drops, so that should be enough to finish the story on the one character I actualy managed to take through all the chapters of KOTFE (I really found the story so uninspiring and the waves of skytroopers so tedious, that I couldn’t force myself to do it more than once). maybe look into an uprising or two. whatever rng crates I will end up with is going to be purely incidental. I don’t plan on renewing my subscription though, I’ve actualy been having fun with too many other games recently. heck even Division post 1.4 is actualy a lot more fun, so..

I just said hell with it and am being a throughly evil bastard in Skyrim. Much better use of my time and money. Still hope someday a dev will come along that might actually have a clue about what the players actually want.

been mostly stealing my way across ESO lately. I have no damn clue why I find it as fun as I do but in a nutshell, aside from one tamriel, IMO thieve’s guild DLC was the best thing to happen to that game in its existence. well.. I’ve also been playing through story content and rampaging across the delves, but also… stealing 😛

“It will be one of the best sources for getting command XP solo.”

replaying chapter 12 as a healer in veteran mode : 2 hours ? Arcann on asile : 2 hours ? Nah seriously, i’m fed up.

Replayable story line would be defintely a nice idea. Replay boring chapters freaks me out. At least, I hope that H2 will remain the same.

I assure you we have the highest subscriber numbers we have ever had. Our game is doing very well. In fact we project that our subscribers will increase by 600% in Q1.

No sinking ship here.

Nice seeing new faces/names commenting on unsubbing or their disbelief at the direction of the game. I mean bioware wanting to make the adds annoying just to keep you involved with extra minutes of the “new content” is a spit in our face and another way of hiding their lack of content, and lack of desire to produce anything that isnt CM related.

I just wanted to inform you that the cartel market is our highest priority. Our players have spoken and they have stated that they want customization, packs, dyes, etc. We provide these at GREAT PRICES on the cartel market.

In fact we’re so confident that you will love the content of our packs that we will expand the cartel market AMAZON style and the whole game will soon involve buying a cartel market pack before you can play our game.

Thank you.

First they pump out decent story that has 0 replay value in MMO game. Alright whatever, and now they straight up want players to grind STORY. Are you fucking retarded?

How dare you. The team at bioware is focused on bringing new content every month. We are recycling current content but providing you new difficulties which is NEW content. Thank you for being a valued player of our community. Stay subbed.

Do the new story in two days…. then….. a few new uprisings I guess. Re-Grind the same old content to get gear to do the same old ops. I feel like I’m watching the movie Groundhog Day.

No, that class was taught by SoE when they introduced the NGE “New Game Experience” for Star Wars Galaxies. This is merely a continuation, more like a 112

swg will always be the superior game open world no exhauastion zone crap free roam open space playable wookies i could go on and on tor is such a joke in comparison

I am sorry you feel this way, but stay positive. We project our subscriber base to increase by 600% in the coming months. Floods of new and returning players will come to our game.

Are you ready to have the best time of your life in SWTOR?

im probably not the only one but repeating chapters is one of the worst ideas. after doing the KOTFE Story twice i was like ok this is enough, i was completely sick of it and i find it extremely difficult now to even try to wade through it again on alts for the DvL event. i really dont see how repeating story chapters over is even remotely interesting to the players.

I like that we can at least set the story to veteran immediately. I don’t relish the thought of repeating it a lot, but I do appreciate the story missions having a little more bite to them. And looking at the way they stumbled through that demo encounter and still survived, “Veteran” still looks pretty easy.

I just hope the skytroopers won’t be too much of a hassle. I’m excited to have somewhat more difficult bosses though.

Thank you for this comment. We are listening to you and the rest of our players. We promise an increase in subscribers and you will soon be playing in 10 instances on the fleet.

Yes we project each server to quadruple in population.

Thank you.

Even bioware’s white knights are having problems defending their recent decisions. This game’s days are counted and the end is very near.

…. like they’ve been numbered since, say, the 1.2 Biochem nerf. And in a few year’s time, people will say that its days are numbered with the 7.2 Synthweave nerf. Just play the game or don’t dude, you just sound sad.

“This game’s days are counted and the end is very near.”
No and No however much you want it to be.
However this does look awful, never liked KOTFE, KOTET will be the same and the thought of replaying all those chapters now with harder mobs which will take even longer, hell no.
Thankfully it’s optional.
Still waiting to see how command and uprisings pan out they look interesting.

How they pan out? Easy….A mix between Heroic 4 and Star Fortress but with pickups to help the dummies that can’t reach 2.3 dps even if you buffed their abilities by 100 percent each.

By dummies you mean new players or players that need a bit of help.
Another self absorbed pro, thought so.

FFS you are ridiculous and delusional. It is because of ppl like you that the game is the crap it currently is. But eventually you’ll bite the dust too.

I wanna see what you comment when it is posted here at Dulfy’s that the game is shutting down. I wanna see your fucking comment, and i’d liek to see your fucking pathetic face.

The fool…

The only story line that’s worth repeating is the story from level 1 upto Revan skipping Makeb and Orion. The KOT- stuffs are not worth repeating since there are NPCs there that just gets in my nerves and the game doesn’t allow me to kill them.

This storyline is worth repeating too. Give it a chance. You will love it. In fact we’re so confident about this coming expansion that we’re going to give you 300% XP boost for 2 weeks.

And if you’re a subscriber, we will boost the toons for you.

Thank you.

Look, Koth exiling himself was the best part of KOTFE since he gets in my nerves and you forced my Emperor’s Wrath control himself from strangling the life out of that big mouth useless piece of…*sigh* — and seeing him return later just to steal something from me is the biggest F’k you coming from the Devs.

No sir/ma’am, I won’t repeat that BS story. You already forced me to keep the sniveling useless companion Quinn where I could have stabbed him as a prelude to Baras’ death right there and then when he betrayed me. I would have space’d him long time ago, but nooo, Bioware Devs knows better. No thank you. I’m playing the game because I enjoy the original story line and have multiple characters for each interesting paths (e.g. Sith Warrior with evil Jaesa and Sith Warrior with good Jaesa).

Also seeing that after all these time I am yet to see my Jaesa is unacceptable. Yes, I expedited her return, but she’s not the same. Even Vette is not the same. My Personal Ship (Fury) is a ghost ship, not even I uses it anymore.

The original story have the Main story, the planetary story and the side story from my companions having to get to know them better with their own personal agendas. KOTFE is monotonous and really not worth replaying. I will play KOTET and judge then if it is worth replaying. Thank you for your time.

lol, I don’t play the game unless I’m subbed. I resub if I’m playing the game. I hated the “free” or “preferred” way of playing the game. That’s how it has always been.

Like I’ve said, the only thing worth playing is the original story line up to Revan. These KOT-stuff, in my opinion, are waste of time and the story, acting, and the characters are not that great — they’re boring and some are infuriating. Expanding the original story would have been better in my opinion.

“Story and Veteran at launch, Master to follow.”

I can see the countless bug reports already

I just can’t imagine doing that story over and over. Most of it was just bad.

In turn I can’t believe we cannot use any companion we want should we chose to do the stoy but MUST use the companion from that story chapter. Thats a screw up in design.

Please understand that the team at Bioware feels this is the best route. We feel that currently companions are outperforming the actual players. Our coders have made in-game companions too strong and therefore we have to limit how they are used by players.

In fact, we’re so confident companions are overpowered that if we gave you the ability to duel your companion, you’d lose.

Thank you.

There is too much negativity on this thread and I would like to address it.

Please note that we made these changes because you wanted them. Our players have become very vocal and we listen to their every demand. You want raids? We will give them to you in a few years.

You want pvp? We will give you pvp when we finish our KOTET story line.

You want less cartel market? Impossible. You the players have told us personally you love the cartel market. Without it the game would die.

Our communication with players has never been stronger. In fact we’re so confident about our communication that we will provide you with our personal cell phone numbers.

Call or text us at any time.

But in order to get our phone number you need to subscribe for 5 years.

Thank you.

I love the Cartel Market and I would have bought more stuff if the items doesn’t go in rotation. The timing of its availability usually doesn’t coincide with my financial availability. Typically, when funds are available, the items I want to buy have already rotated out, so the funds either sits there or I go in Steam and spend — most of the time it goes in Steam.

In-game mobs and NPCs have been an important component of our winning formula. In fact, we’re so confident that our formula works that we can report players have gotten better at the game by destroying countless NPCs during long periods of time, on all their alts.

What you call trash is simply part of the game that you must never ignore. However, if you feel that the fights drag on too long please send an email to Eric Musco and he will reply to you when he has time.

Thank you.

People bitch that KOTFE was too easy “you can face roll the trash”. Now they make the mobs harder for a little more challenge and people still bitch?

Trolls live under bridges. I’m beginning to believe a lot of the people on here are f2p or pref, they can’t post on the SWTOR forums so they just come here to bitch.

But they didn’t really make them harder just padded some stats. This isn’t for the longtime players this is for people new to the game. If you want to try this super hard mode you’ll need a 20 influence companion on heals. (Really?)

As someone who plays a merc my soul died a little bit when he said you can’t just use sweeping blasters the whole way through. Do they even play these classes? Wow 20 influence I bet I’ll never be able to get influence that high. Oh wait influence on any companion you use regularly should be 40 to 50 by now. Especially if you craft. If you just run the story for DvL most comps can be at 20 to 30 influence by the end of the first chapter unless you stick with Nico, Treek or HK.

you think this is bad, wait till Jan when ops come out: “we want more ops!!” ok here are your ops “we want you to nerf them to the group cause they are to easy” ok here is the nerf. “we want more ops cause the last ones was to easy”. it’s a vicious cycle

There is no way that there will be new ops in January.And judging by their announcements and vague answers to players, there will probably never be new operations, but some other kind of content.

And no one wanted them to just add more trash to the corridor shooting KOTFE chapters to make them more interesting and not that easy. There is no vicious cycle, asking to nerf a specific boss in story mode is perfectly normal if it makes the vast majority of the players wipe.

If they did something GREAT with 4.0, was that all story mode ops are now doable by players who don’t have to be hardcore raiders. The balancing of ops at lvl 65 was perfect actually, and for raiders you still have HM and NiM so that they can sense achievement and progress.

why i dont give stupid people money i think if i was to give a homeless person 15 bucks they would put it to better use then these idiots

It was never the difficulty, or even lack thereof that was the problem.

It was the absolute tedium, particularly egregious in chapters 11, 12, and 13.

And I suspect that they’re still not getting this.

Seriously people, calm down. It’s a game. Either one will enjoy playing or not. Either you will be a sub or not. You want stressful situations, think about this upcoming Tuesday’s Election.

2 things … Can’t that sword be a vibrosword in the game. Number 2 … Why oh why isn’t there a Darth Baras mask for me to buy?

Me ….. that’s why I’m asking for it …. and Yes, I admit, I’m being selfish … but also being honest. That set aside, just saying let’s either have fun playing this game or move on to another one.

Actually donald, what we hope is that every one of our players remains subbed even though they’re not playing the game. I mean we created a great game. If you no longer like our game you can move on but we DEMAND you stay subbed to us. It’s the least you can do for the work we have delivered over the years.

Thank you.

A Star Wars game isn’t a game, and never will be. You aren’t a Star Wars fan if you don’t understand it. Please leave the game and play Tera, WoW or Guild Wars!

Having peeked in on the test server, I like what I see. The game feels more streamlined and less bloated. My only regret is that there are no difficulty-based instances (yet): so if you want to play through your class story from the beginning at a higher difficulty, you can.

Yeah still no cross server though. The content sounds great, but if you no one to play it with constantly, it’s a drag. That’s my only gripe is that some servers are alienated from the experience the higher-populated servers get because of hoe the queue is currently setup.

Repeatable Chapters & Challenge Modes! just what we need that will up the subs more rehashed content! white knights of swtor assemble and throw your money away!

It is not our fault we have a strong legion of white knights defending our each and every decision. You see, we at Bioware have a perfect and reputable track record. Our company is the gold standard in gaming because we deliver what our players want. You name it. Whatever it is, we will deliver it. Does it take a few years to deliver? Sure. But we deliver it.

Thank you.

I think they could make better repeatable content. Just do like Skyrim,
random generated quests specific for your class. Here quick examples:
Jedi KnightJedi Consular: Random republic officerJedi mastersomeone says:
“Master Jedi, we have problem (insert here) with Sith lordimperial
agentsomeone on planet , please travel there and resolve
Republic Trooper: Random republic officerJedi mastersomeone says: “MajorColonel, we have
problem (insert here) with some super weaponimperial agentsomeone on planet
, please travel there and resolve it.”
Smuggler: Random republic citizencrime lordthe Huttsomeone says: “Void wolf, we have
problem (insert here) with some undelivered cargosomeone on planet
, please travel there and resolve itdeliver it.”
Sith WarriorSith Inquisitor: Random imperial officerSith lordsomeone says:
“Dark lord, we have problem (insert here) with Jedi Masterrepublic
troopersomeone on planet , please travel there and resolve
Imperial agent: Random imperial officerSith lordsomeone says:
“Commander, we have problem (insert here) with some super weaponrepublic
troopersomeone on planet , please travel there and resolve
Bounty hunter: Random imperial citizencrime lordthe Huttsomeone says: “Great champion of the Great hunt, we have
problem (insert here) with some unfounded individualsomeone on planet
, please travel there and resolve itfound himher.”

thats just me few minuets thinkingwriting. Imagine what big company
can do with that. Yea, in Skyrim that was not always fun, but it was
something, reason to explore and travel to locations you never been
before, or locations that already re-spawn their mobs and loot and you
forget you were there before.

Смирись, мужик. Во главе EAваров сидят дебилы, которые сливают игру.

ok the KOTFE story was fun THE FIRST TIME playing through it. Repeating this shit will kill me, it has no replay value seriously, fuck

Problem is KOTFE was pretty much a Jedi Knight story class. It is good but makes little sense with the other force users and absolutely no sense with the other classes.

And how about the Emperor saying he needed my smuggler?….O_o

Seriously, i am only going to finish this with the JK and maybe if i am bored/curious with the other force users. The other classes i will headcannon they are still missing…lol

Yeah, I just laughed when the Emperor was telling my BH that she alone of all the yutzs in the galaxy attracted his attention. All I could think was ‘It’s this beautiful ass isn’t it? I knew those pants were going to cause me trouble…” Seriously though, what the were the devs smoking when they decided to run all the classes through KOTFE exactly the same? They sure as hell were not listening to the players.

your point that its a jedi story and that why LvsD is rigged so Musco can get his jedi comp. He has been drooling over that jedi comp. He has said many times in live streams he wants her bad. So we are getting a jedi comp. Pretty simple the devs are PUBs 100%. Keep that jedi comp and give me Jaesa, Lord Scourge, Ashara and Sparr back. Hell for that matter where is Kira, Dorne and Nadia at ? All those comps released so far i could care less about. 50 comps on a toon thats went thru kotfe and can only use 6 in crafting.

I am honestly worried about the fact that you think this is rigged. Most people I know prefer the Jedi companion, because of her species, her dual weilding, and because she just happens to be cooler in general. Don’t worry, I am sure we’ll get the other companion via the Cartel Market soon enough.

When LvsD first started, people were saying it was “rigged to get the Darkside companion”. Now its “rigged for the lightside one”. So much conspiracy XD

what does it matter all the comps are the same anyways could have 5 million it doesnt matter they all the same now

I fully agree with this. I have run the story on my sage, warrior and operative. The operative was just immersion breaking. I haven’t even tried it on any of the other non force classes yet because it just did not add up story wise. Did I not prove my abilities that I was my own person. By taking down sith and jedi along with every other threat throughout the class stories.

Now poof: You got the touch, you got the power!

So the Sith Ravager set (or whatever it is called that looks like recolored Marr) and the Revanite Pursuer as well as tons of others still have hood/helm clipping issues. Either stop selling shit for real money or sell shit that works please.

not gonna happen to many carebears/fanbois are buying this shit by the truckloads they had a guy on here the other day bought a 150 packs so they can sell different colored bantha poo and these carebears will take out a second mortgage to buy it

Pursuer actually works okay depending on the graphics setting at least for me, but the Reaver’s Set which is a white marresque one clips with almost all masks. Maybe it’s the body type I play with or something?

I absolutely hate the direction that this game is going in. The KOFTE changes to the companion system largely ruined the SWTOR experience for me. It’s just not the same anymore.

Before you used to feel like you had your personal story to some degree. Now everybody is playing the same damn story. Yes, there were other players playing as SI or JK or whichever, but at least they were playing the SI or JK story. Now everybody is going thru the same shit.

It’s fucking lazy on their part, and at this point it doesn’t even feel like Star Wars anymore. Which begs the question: How the fuck you take one of the best Star Wars IP and fuck it up so bad?

I used to be a die hard fan of this game, and I’m honestly sad what it has become.

PS: Fuck you Musco.

while I mostly agree with your complains, you are directing your anger at the wrong person. Musco is just a community manager, he doesn’t design or implement any of this stuff, he just has a dubious honor of telling the players about it after the fact. don’t hate the messenger and all that

When its the community manager’s job to manage us, part of that responsibility is to listen to us. It is clear he does not as none of these changes would be occuring. Instead we are constantly fed pipelined shit from EA/BioWare and forced to believe their motives/reasons, just like Trump whenever he says “trust me.”

you have a very skewed view on what community managers can actualy accomplish or the amount of power they have when it comes to development. hw can listen and pass along the information, but it doesn’t mean that developers will listen to him.

@Gabriel Mican fair enough.

we don’t have to like him either way its just blaming him for things that are out of his control is essentially blaming the messenger is all. passing along the information is the extent of his power.

they definately sucked all the uniqueness out of the comps thats for sure i dont get the appeal of so many comps when they all the same now? It is hard to believe this is a stars wars title they dont treat it like it is thats for sure. I hear ya it is sad and i still find it hilarious that swg is the superior game to tor the open roam space open world the housing with nieghborhoods playable wookies thats ea for you im hoping they go to far with the cartel market and do something to get enough mad even the whiteknights but i dont know ive never seen people take abuse like this from a video game company

They will never do enough to piss off the white knights. Those will go on fluffing the dev team until the final day then say what a great game it was throughout. The blinders they wear are permanent it seems.

Anyone knows, if it will be possible to play KOTFE Chapters on Veteran-Mode without a sub ? They should still be accsesable in general if i’m not mistaken.

Available through Galactic Command, which is sub only. BW is slowing walking back the f2p model, eventually basic story (ch 1-3) will be the only content really accessible to non subs.

Conquest, repeat old content. DvL, repeat old content. Galactic Command, repeat old content. 15 bucks a month? Begs us to ask the question what kind of cars do the 5 remaining kids at EAware in Austin drive. I’m thinking something European.

Meanwhile Free games like STO got a graphic update that makes SWTOR look like KOTOR on iPad.

You really focus only on things you want to see, right?

Devs said that after releasing KotET they will start working and releasing group content. Also new mechanics will come with Uprisings – first new group content.

Ah, why do I even care, you just here to whine anyway.

One question. How many times have they told us they were ‘working’ on group content with nothing to come from it?

They said that last year and again earlier this year

Quote: Originally Posted by BenIrving View Post
The harder part to address, because you have to take my word for it, are all the features and content we are working on that we haven’t yet announced…. …and we have started the early design phase for new, non-chapter, content…. …we have some REALLY cool stuff to talk about later this year and the whole SWTOR team can’t wait to announce it.

Ah you F2P and Pref player that bought every unlock you ever need just to not pay $15/month. I feel very sorry for you and actually feel you guys got the wrong end of the stick for once. It seems you will have to keep up a Sub to do anything in KOTET, which is fine for me, but bullshit for most others.

Love or Hate-eff SWTOR, but going back to a Sub model again it the wrong way of doing this. They should had at least kept it the way KOTFE was and allow you to “buy” chapters by Sub every few months. Even then its still bull.

I’ll keep playing because I’m a jackass that doesnt mind the $15/month and doesnt care that much on the content (though the fact I went from daily raiding in Shadows (and before) to doing 5 total raids in all of KOTFE’s timeframe should tell you how I took to the game post KOTFE launch)

Tbh, the way things are looking with this ‘expansion’, I think it might be time to call it a day, personally. There’s just nothing to do except grind for CM items and it’s just not possible to justify spending money on a sub fee for what we’re not getting. With them axing F2P like they are a good chunk of the community will be leaving, too, and from the story spoilers that’ve been datamined it seems like the right time to get in the lifeboat and hope that, eventually, Star Wars will get the MMO is really deserves.

its all about dress up whores and carebears thats it dont give a shit about raids or pvp its just story and gambling packs now as long as we have idiots buying 150 cartel packs of pure garbage thats all its gonna be dress up and standing on the fleet with all there cartel crap with nothing to do /smh

Yep, as long as rich kiddos will keep going, you still have the time to whine here how bad it is to have money and spend them on things you want. Bla-bla-bla

Wow I feel sorry for you I bet you have a gold digger girl in your life that makes you mortgage ur house for a purse while she says she loves you and I’m bending her over in my office while ur at work lmao

No its not my problem it’s my enjoyment I did find one ur gold digger girl I got bent over keep buying that cc lolz

As Shane said below, as long as the Market money keeps flowing, SWTOR will survive. Even mighty Blizzard knows the Microtransactions are the way of the future. MMOs on the scale of WoW, SWTOR, even STO are fading into the darkness slowly. Look at Rift, Neverwinter, STO, and others. The F2P keeps them alive but just barely. Why? the Microtransactional cash.

There is no way to kill the Micro cash game. Flasy armor models, “unique” mounts, and “Packs” are what the world is now. I know there are people at Bioware that want to bring us the MMO we deserve, but EA will keep the focus into the black hole that is fast and easy money.

Add to that the new Star Wars canon is barely setup. You have the two trilogies, the two TV shows, Episode 7, and Rogue One. If they make another MMO, it will be in the Episode 7-9 timeframe, and it will be horrible. They dont care about the Old Republic era anymore. It’s Legends canon. Even if they said fuck it and made say a KOTOR 3 as a MMO in say Darth Bane’s timeframe, only the hardcore fans would come and play. There isnt enough of us left that know what KOTOR is for them to even try.

So we have SWTOR or nothing. That is it. Period. End of Story. Love or Hate it, its all she wrote.

You wrong in 1 thing – people who knows KOTOR and love it are not forgetting it and most of them are getting close to 30. At that age people dont give up their habits easily. At least I know I cant.

KOTOR have very huge fan base, not all of them knows or cares about MMO though.

I never said KOTOR didnt have a fanbase. I’m part of the fanbase ffs. I’m just saying the there are less and less of us that remember when it was new. These fresh teenagers and early 20s people were brought up on CoD, Destiny, and WoW. They have little clue what real old school MMO are. We KOTOR fans/old school MMO players know what real gear grinds are. What MMO massive raiding is.

I never touched Witcher, ESO, of FF as an MMO (FF 7 to 9 are what I played and still love) so I cannot talk about what I have no experience in. However, I have read countless reviews on those and their ability to generate new content is at a level SWTOR will never be.

The subscription model works if the company actually creates content regularly…that is the problem, regularly…the only mmo as of late that produces constant steady content is FFXIV and it is entirely sub only.

Every major patch (3-4 months) includes a raid, 2 dungeons, 1 boss fight, new story content, side quests, new features, etc. Expansions that are just as big as the original game (100’s of quests, 10 dungeons, 5 boss fights, raids, new features, etc)

The only reason FFXIV isn’t stronger then WoW is most people do not know what it is and think it’s some eastern grind fest MMO or console MMO.

It is in fact a western style themepark mmo, but with the quality and detail of a Japanese games company, not a half-ass US MMO team.

Most people who say they didn’t like FFXIV never actually played it, or did but didn’t get past a lower leveling range. FFFXIV end game has more content and more steady new content then any mmo out there, including WoW.

But sadly, people will never try it for them selves (at end game) and miss out on what a themepark really is (unless they played WoW and know what they can be)

ESO produces pretty regular content patches as well (and its perfectly playable without subscription, its just better WITH one) that said… if the game doesn’t grab you from the start – its a problem of the game, you cannot expect people to keep playing in hopes that it gets better (yes, I’m one of the people that tried final fantasy and no I haven’t gotten past the lower levels becasue as pretty as that game is? mother of god its slow. so… excruciatingly… slow…) final fantasy is not for everyone. its combat and story telling works for people who start off appreciating that style and not all people do and that’s fine. the reason FF isn’t stronger than WoW becasue Final Fantasy is far more niche then WoW ESPECIALLY when it comes to western market

I will agree with you that the combat starts very slow, I even tried it two previous times and couldn’t do it, then one day I pushed past the slow starting combat and it got so much better!

Sometimes to get to a great thing you need to push past the slow start, as for FFXIV as an MMO, if people can push past the first 30-40 levels or so they will see what a true themepark MMO is, what WoW used to be, and what no other MMO other then WoW has been.

I find ESO much more single player, while FFXIV is much more group content, mechanics based…

there is a LOT of group content in ESO – both instanced and open world. the fact that its soloable while providing plenty to do for groups? is a boon. incidentally, WoW was always super solo/casual friendly its why it blew up as much as it did, back when in every other MMo grouping was just about mandatory. there is a balance to be had between group and solo content.

more over.. 30-40 levels before game gets good? are you kidding me? the only people who would push past it are people who are specifically Final fantasy and japanese rpg fans… and that is why final fantasy will always remain niche. its fine with them though, so… I’m glad that it exists and DOESN’T try to sit on too many chairs all at once.

It’ll happen. I’d stake my life on it, in fact. Don’t expect it to be soon, but one day. SW isn’t going anywhere with the fanbase being as obsessed as it is, and tbh I wish they’d just left the KotOR era alone. TOR’s story has been made to fit, and from day one it never felt like a natural continuation from the first two games. The unintelligent say ‘this is KotOR 3’, but it never was and never will be, and I don’t think I’d want a third MMO to come anywhere near this era ever again.

Post sequel-trilogy era, though? Lots of potential without shitting all over the existing lore and characters. Not that I like the new lore at all, but Disney don’t give a fuck about the legends fans so it’s all we’ve got, like it or not, and though the new movie sucked harder than the Biodrones on this forum there should still be good games that manage to make it, sooner or later, and one day one of those games will be an MMO, of that I’m certain.

Hopefully developed by an actual games company rather than EA. The Witcher 3 proved that there are still some good companies who can meet their fans half-way and not rip them off for half-arsed content, so I remain hopeful.

Wow, what an utterly pitiful, cowardly embracing of mediocrity ^that^ is…

Seriously, where is your self-respect? Is that seriously the best you’re willing to take? Is it, really? And you seriously think that’s how you can justify it? Do you, really?

If so, then you deserve to be shit on by the likes of EA, UbiSoft, NCSoft, and all that ilk.

You know, CAD/USD 15.00/mo just isn’t that much, and is more than worth it –I’m in the process of quitting a pack-a-day smoking habit, where I spent almost that much in a day (smokes are heavily sin-taxed here)– if a games company actually produces a good game with good, consistent content, and doesn’t treat its paying customers like complete garbage.

But if you’re seriously willing to keep eating the worthless slops these people throw you, and accept their con that it’s five-star filet Mignon, then, yeah…You deserve no better than the confidence-scam of “free”-to-play, second-rate garbage from second-rate devs that only lives at all because of the IP.

That’s fine, but don’t you fucking condescendingly tell the rest of us that this is how it is so you can feel better about your mewling cave-in to over-priced mediocrity.

Because some of us still have a little more discernment than that.

U BUY MOAR NAO, good little average, forgettable, anonymous consumer.

Christ, your kind fucking pisses me off, you and those who pander to you are everything that’s wrong with modern on-line gaming.

Woah woah woah. You are talking to a guy that hasnt stopped his Sub in 3 years. I have supported this game forever now. I’m the one the bitches at the F2P/Pref scrubs that bitch about what they get, but also understand why they bitch.

I was pointing out why EA and Bioware keep SWTOR around with as low of Sub numbers as it has. As long as the microtransactions keep the cash flowing, SWTOR will not die nor will we get another star wars mmo.

This MMORPG …. new group content … no, no … the new mechanics, new classes … no … how do we develop the game to do … story company and divide it into small pieces, releasing them every 2-3 months … and what to do next … a new group content … no, no … new mechanics, new classes … no … how do we develop the game further … I invented … add the old story of the company and add it all 3 levels of difficulty … genius

my theory is that the game was abandoned 🙁 and instructed to live up to the last on what was left, and the content that we produce today has been made for a long time, hence the lack of new operations, since it is necessary to more people and time for them all increasingly become a reality

although I oh I do not want to take it 🙁

classes comes with a story, and thats it.

I agree. We will not have new classes. We already have inquisitors, warriors, bounty hunters, and agents… and their pubside mirrors. Those four are broken down further into two advanced classes each, and each of those then has three different disciplines. That’s basically TWENTY FOUR classes… PER FACTION.

Does no one seriously appreciate how tedious that has to be to balance? And people bitch about how poorly balanced it is already! Adding more classes to the game, even if you let them start at level 70 and thus have no specific backstory, is effectively adding SIX new classes for each “one” you add.

Then you need new voice acting, for every single damn non-specific class quest in the damn game, from heroics to Makeb to ops-starting missions. I’m pretty sure you don’t want your shiny new class locked out of ALL old content, right?

I’m sick of people wanting new classes. It’s stupid. You already have TWENTY FOUR classes. FORTY EIGHT if you count the opposite faction and all their fancy alternate animations.

I am sorry, but you are talking about rotations, not different classes. There are 8 different classes to the game, end of story. Many people care about the story of these classes, their background, and the general concept of each class.

The rotation of each of the 3 disciplines of the Gunslinger for example might be different, but when you play with your Gunslinger, it always feels like you’re playing with the same class, no matter what discipline you have.

I am not the proper person to say if there should be more classes added to the game, and I never actually felt the need for that, because I am not sure what other classes you could include in a Star Wars game, but I do know that there are many other games that have successfully done this in the past with expansions, so it wouldn’t be THAT crazy.

The problems with SWTOR and 5.0 that I care about are far more important than new classes tbh.

No. Rotations are what order you do your moves in. You cannot have the same rotation if you have entirely different moves.

You’re saying my vanguard tank and commando healer are the same class?

That is the strangest thing I’ve heard all day. And it’s election day. Grats. You win some kind of prize, here.

I am not saying that your Vanguard and your Commando are the same class. The game says so. They are both examples of the Trooper class. Are they different ADVANCED classes? Yes. Still same class. And they still have many common abilities.

You completely ignored the point of my post anyway. When people ask for new classes, that’s because they want to explore this universe more. Not because they want to try different rotations. If I am questing and doing story or having conversations with my companions, it literally makes no difference whether I play with my Jedi Shadow tank or my Jedi Sage healer.

I am not so sure why you had a hard time understanding that, and then adding a subtle insult as well. Election day is proving to be far more of a nightmare so far.

The voice acting alone is going to kill the new classes dream if you really think about it for more than a second. Sorry. 🙁

Pre-KOTET I would agree. But now that class is no longer tied to story at all once you pass into the new format they could make classes that start at level 60 that would need no story requirement. Heck they could even make these new classes tie into this whole new empire they made and make a lot of sense.

I always though the whole point in a companion was getting them to run around with us to do the new things. With KOTFE we had no choice in which companion we took with us for a chapter. Every now and then that would be fine, but mostly I’d like to be able to run with one that I like. Also playing as a zakuul knight or mouse droid is kinda meh. If I want to play as a zakull knight, I’ll just buy the CM armor and stay on Valky’s good side. Just pleases stop making me run around with freaking Theron and Koth, not only are they annoying, but I’m not giving them any gifts so they suck a bit.

If i subscribed after 2nd December will still i be able to play KOTET or do i have to sub before
2nd December to be able to access it?

I have a question. When I try to restart a chapter just for the fun of playing it again I get this warning:
“This will abandon any main story chapters you are currently on and replace them.”

Now lets say I finished KOTFE and KOTET, I want to replay a single chapter in the middle of them just for fun. If I do will my original run and choices of the posterior chapters be fucked so I have to run them all again?

Please answer me, I’m afraid of replaying chapters cuz I don’t want to lose my original choices nor have to run the rest of chapters again when future story content gets released :/

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