GW2 New Hair Colors and Plush Aurene Backpack Cover

Small gemstore update today that has six new hair colors and the plush Aurene Backpack Cover

New Hair Colors

  • These are exclusive to the Total Makeover Kit or the Self Hair Kit.
  • Aquamarine, Banana Milk, Hazel Green, Light Cyan, Magenta, Moonlight Blue


Plush Aurene Backpack – 400 Gems



  • Doomsday Preparation Pack – 2250 Gems (Shadow Dye, Flame Dye, Shared Inventory Slot, Raiment of the Lich, Watchwork Mining Pick)
  • Shining Blade Backpack Glider – 700 gems (available for 7 days only)
  • Lord Caudecus’s Pistol Skin – 600 gems (available for 7 days only)
  • Lord Caudecus’s Sword Skin – 600 gems (available for 7 days only)

Upcoming Items

Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s post.

Marjory’s Shrouded Outfit[&Cy0AAAA=]

gw2-marjory's-shrouded-outfit gw2-marjory's-shrouded-outfit-2


  • Sakura Daidouji

    Honestly the outfit is nice, but its far too shiny. It’s supposed to be a Reaper outfit, right? it looks like its made of Satin. i previewed Shadow Abyss with it and it still looked like i was wearing liquid metal. oh well, still a cool design, and i like the shiny look to all the new hairs.

    • Dlew

      I personally like the shine on it. Though, I can agree that many others may prefer without. Wish there was an option for sheen (separate from dyes), but that would of course eliminate the need for various types of rare gem store dyes

    • Sinic

      Keep in mind the preview window has exclusive lighting. Dyes on metallic surfaces aren’t going to look exactly the same there than in all other instances.

    • Rosalyah

      I’m using medium graphic and all the newest outfits are like this for me 🙁

  • Emilee

    Finally! and the shoulders aren’t huge!

  • HadesClutch

    Whoa, Marjie’s outfit looks pretty dope. I might just get that for my Necromancer.

    • I like it okay, but the chains defy gravity, and that annoys me 🙁

      • Kit

        Just tell them you are defying gravity! Flying high, defying gravity! And soon you’ll match them in renown!

  • Viking Guy

    That outfit should have been an armor set. Outfits take away creativity and uniqueness. Armor Skins or armor set…but enough with the gorram outfits already.

    • RKC

      Ikr. What’s the point of adding the wardrobe system when they given out a set clothing. Sadly however outfit are the way to go now when it come to buying them. We only get armor pieces from the story content.

    • Zack Maxwell

      While I would prefer armor pieces, outfits aren’t fundamentally bad. The real problem is that the art team themselves are just bad, and all the outfits are ugly. If they were armor pieces, you could choose to only use the good parts.

  • steve

    I’m STILL waiting for the female g-string and pasties outfit…

    • Matt

      and it’ll be marked for heavy armor and have the most defense.

  • Tora

    that backpack is adorable nghhhh! im gonna be really angry with arenanet if they dare to apply the “kill the cutie” troope with her

    • Shaggy

      if they do, it wont be til the end. they have nothing to gain from killing her off until at least the fight with kralkatorrik.

  • Ellie

    Looks basically like every other outfit they made but with some added chains and skulls.

    • Diggity

      I’d buy every single outfit if it was offered as separate pieces. Most outfits have 1 or 2 good pieces which I would gladly use but no way I would use the whole thing.

      • Ellie

        Yeas they’d definitely sell more if they’d sell it as armor pieces, they’d also sell more outfits if they looked better but w/e it is what it is.

        • Donald

          This is really the sort of thing to stick to…new hair colors and plush whatevers…you know nothing of our political system or the reality of this country’s people…you just an easily brainwashed sycophant for a corrupt political party. nothing more.

      • RoyalPredator

        Exactly my point, mate.

  • RoyalPredator

    :/ I’m such unimpressed
    Where would these outfits even fit? HoT content?
    Dang, and we barely get any new armor skin at all. Why.
    Isn’t end content about fashion as well??

  • cba
    • Charrack_Obama

      whats that set ?

      • Answerer

        Discontinued towns clothes. Just like the jester outfit. Will propably never be realized ingame. Maybe in 5 years a gemstore item..

    • Suan

      If this thing is real, and they are gonna give us a japanese like school girl outfit without giving the two amazing swimwears that are in the game for years, I’m gonna flip tables left and right.

  • Outfitz

    Pretty good on human female, terrible on everything else.

  • Alot

    Odd. I’d have thought the doomsday preparation pack would come with a Canadian visa?

  • Bryan Turner

    I’m totally going to buy that Marjorie Outfit.

  • Ladrine

    Light cyan hair color looks like ones Largos have <3

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