cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 8 – 15

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 8 – 15


New Discounts

No Longer on Sale

Notes from this sale:

  • Lowest recorded price for Cavern Varactyl
  • Lowest recorded price for Gemini Pack — these packs will most likely be removed in a week or 2

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21 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 8 – 15”

It’s sleazy marketing, they’ve been doing this for a long time; using a fictional base price to pretend a big discount.

Yes, it’s fictional because it never actually debuted at that price. Their new packs launch with a so-called ‘discount’ already applied. A marketing technique that is actually illegal in retail in the EU, but EA somehow gets away with.

see it as a discount for buying in bulk (which is pretty standard everywhere)
since the price when buying all the packs 1 by 1 actually would be 9k (as far as I remember, there has not been a single pack that has never been outside a discount)
the base price of the hypercrate is never used as selling price, but due to bulk discount
I don’t see how that makes the base price fictional

The regular price is already “discounted,” so this price is not 55% off regular price, but the full price that’s never actually charged.

That makes sense, can’t remember seeing a hypercrate for 8k + before, probably due to them almost always having a “price reduction” of some kind.

Remember to buy the pathetic customization options! We put them on a steep discount. Don’t look at the price. Trust us. That’s 55% off!

That’s 55% off a price we made up in the first place, based on how much profit we expect to make out of you all! Bargain!

Admittedly, that varactyl looks good ingame, and that blaster is one of the best looking ones (or best looking IMO) in the entire game. The less said about that 55% discount, the better…..

The Varactyl is one of my favorite mounts, it looks amazing. I loathe blasters that look like they come from the Wild West.

Why? Because my main (from even before the game launched when you could reserve names and pick classes on the forums) has always been a Chiss Sniper named Targeter. If you’re referring to Targeter, the Alderaanian rebel out of the EU, then I guess I see your point?

Yeah I’m talking about Winter, a cool but badly underused EU character…who was introduced in the same book as Thrawn and the Chiss. It’s there I see the irony.

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