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SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.0 V2

SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.0 Version 2. Some of these items will be part of the upcoming Eternal Command Pack. See previous upcoming post here.[toc]

Armor (Stalwart Leader Command Pack)

These armor are part of the next pack (Stalwart Leader Command Pack)

Imperial Admiral’s Armor Set – Gold


Bold Hellion’s Armor Set – Gold


Relentless Insurgent’s Armor Set – Silver


Arctic Scout’s Armor Set – Bronze


Opportunistic Rogue’s Armor Set – Bronze


DvL 1 Armor


DvL 2 Armor



TC-6 Voyager – Gold


Royal Fyrnock – Gold


Survivalist’s Tauntaun – Silver


Z-88 Blackjack – Bronze


Rapid Recon Walker (Subscriber Reward for KOTET)



Companion: K1-Z3N – Gold


Regen: Fearsome Rage – Gold


Pet: War Hound – Bronze


Pet: Ember Akk Dog  – Bronze (Stalwart Leader Command Pack)


Pet: Eternal Command Probe – Bronze


Viridian Corona Color Crystal – Silver


Unknown (Tuning?)


Flair: Eternal Command – Gold


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201 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.0 V2”

I hope the actors also recorded exclusive tantrum screaming or the fearsome rage regen will just play stock battle roars for sure

Seriously which armour is recolered? just the Koth jacket, stop complaining about “recoloring” for once, tell me something new perhaps.

There isn’t a problem with your ears, but with your eyes. get some glasses and take a look at the armors. Maybe you’ll see it.

imperial admiral is VERY nice, but why, WHY did it have to have a fucking CAPE!? Capes are idiotic (just ask Edna Mode) and they hide your character from your own view because you only ever really see your own character from behind while playing.

Agreed. Definitely can see the Director Krennic vibe. Perhaps tweak the rank insignia a touch to make it more prominent, but aside from that I quite like it.

Only – MAYBE – if you look at the chara from the front! Since you’re always looking at your own chara from the back, if your chara’s wearing a cape you’re looking at a piece of canvas. You can’t even see most of its movements. I’m not talking about incessantly staring at your chara’s (pixel-)ass, I’m talking something much more basic here, all due to your perspective as player of this game. floor-length capes and robes often obscure your charas basic actions. Plus, robes are very unflattering!^^

I’ll be using it as a ‘low-profile’ Sith outfit, personally. Nothing about it says ‘Admiral’ to me, especially not a cape.

Hmm. Didn’t Roman Generals walk around in capes? Purple ones, to show their status? Or were those more cloaks, against the cold?
Also Gilbert and Sullivan would probably approve of Admirals wearing dramatic capes!

What is this V2? Does this mean the armors previously mentioned are not coming with 5.0? Or are we getting two packs with 5.0 instead of one?

“Version 2” just means that it’s a new patch of 5.0 on the testing server.

As for getting two packs with 5.0, I doubt it. Recently packs have been datamined in pairs, but they still release separately.

Ability to reproduce Kylo Ren pathetic tantrums is what we needed in this game 😛

Jokes aside, actually pretty nice designs here. Good change from regualr god-awfulness.

I hope they make like 45-50 different flairs, I’ll get all of them. 37 is the bare minimum, so I need more then that.

We weren’t “promised” anything. These pics and those other ones were data mined, they were never officially shown to us by BioWare, so they didn’t promise anything.

Check your facts. This pic has been advertised as the lower tier reward on the official website since day 1.

Also, it’s one thing it’s a concept art; it’s another when you can tell features of it (chest pouch, belt) have been amputated and transplanted to create another outfit reward with minimal effort.

The pic on the rewards page is the first armor, but with black cloth and the second armor’s torso pouch.

Unfortunately, the first armor is the lesser reward armor :/

LoL… This regen… I mean c’mon really…? I wanna know who whinnie so much that they decided to add this piece of s*** to game… This game is really on collision course with iceberg…

Fact that one can buy Flair: Eternal Command tells us how little bioware actualy care about player actually earning titles ingame… disgusting.

Like the TC-6 Voyager, reminds me of one of the landspeeders from SWG, and the Imperial Admiral outfit looks sweet. Urgh at the DvL armour though. The concept art of the armour on the rewards page seems to indicate the set with the chest pouch is the first armour unlock, but going by the names here…

The pic on the rewards page is the first armor, but with black cloth and the second armor’s torso pouch.

Unfortunately, the first armor is the lesser reward armor :/

i wonder if it will go for the specific class you have ie: force class use lightsabers and non force use their guns

OK, for real. The gear in SWTOR is such a disappointment. They need a new design team, not because the gear looks bad but they are really just recycling the same concepts over and over. I honestly believe a completely new team would breathe fresh air into the game. Back off of the gambling. Lighten up on the Cartel Market. Give incentive to actually subscribe. This could be such a better game than it is.

it could be that they are not allowed to put up better designs that have too much in common with movies… That prolly is most items which would capture star wars spirit. look how littte jedi outfits there are on the cm. apparently there are legal issues with stuff that everyone is familiar with.

This had crossed my mind as well. The KotoR armor sets for example, all were released pre Disney and I don’t believe there has been anything in terms of (old school) lore items or armors etc. since. Its food for thought if nothing else. Disney cherry-picking from the original Lore and not wanting other pre-sale licensee’s from distorting their vision of the SW universe.

As long as people continue to buy crap to get the few good items nothing will change, this is our fault, if we don’t demand quality why should they bother?

We have all but stopped playing the game at my house. At one point we had six accounts and were spending like $100 to $200 extra per month. At this point we have cancelled everything except for one account and spend ZERO dollars on coins.

well you have one guy buying a 150 packs and carebears/dress up whores who cant get enough of this thier not gonna realize thiers just gonna get these tools into a gambling addiction and mortgaging there houses for cartel packs lol

This is a rational post that contains no swearing or slurs. Who are you and what have you done with John Smedley?

I really wish that they would stop making Cartel comps. It was neat for ONE of each type, and now it is just bullshit because I have over 40 fucking companions on my main.

This armor is depressing… wheres some armor that looks like from patch 1.2? now those were sick!
these look like starting smuggler and trooper armor.

Only hope is that the Viridian crystal is the same hue as in KotOR II, because that was my favorite crystal in the game.

Otherwise same inspiration-less armors, some “meh” mounts, and some potentially good other stuff.

First: It’s funny! 😀

Second: You’re not supposed to find Kylo Ren intimidating and menacing, like the other movie Sith were. You’re supposed to see him as a joke. As a worm. As a pathetic little emo brat trying to be like Vader.

Remember Darth Jadus’ daughter from the Agent storyline? He’s like that, just not quite as pathetic.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that him hitting his wound during the final fight in Ep7 to psych himself looked a bit like he was jerking himself off?

Kylo’s story isn’t done, it’s just started, and it’s a fantastic place to begin a strong, three dimensional villain.

I don’t know what they thought we’re “supposed” to see him as, but whatever they intended, he’s just a little, whiny bitch who has literal tantrums when he loses. What kind of shitty villain is that? This idiot is going to be the main villain of the third trilogy? It’s a classic Disney thing, having a bumbling idiot or some other kind of failure as a villain, so the hero has a really easy job defeating them. Then there’s the weird, giant hologram guy who hasn’t done a damn thing yet, and an Imperial version of Hitler. Face it, that movie has really bad villains compared to any other Star Wars movie. Jango Fett and Darth Maul have better backstories and movie appearances than Kylo Ren, and they got about ten lines and twenty minutes of screen time between them.

Yeah but he’s funny rather than frightening. When he tells Rey he could teach her I actually laughed out loud in the cinema. Genuinely assumed it was there for comedy, because it was funny as fuck XD

Glad someone else thought the villains were absolutely shocking. Seems everyone loved TFA but I had trouble even staying till the end. Plot was copy/pasty, main character was literally just there for raging feminists to flick themselves over and the villains were just piss-poor.

Like you said, Hux was just Hitler (and not even inspired by, but a fully-fledged copy/paste, like the plot) and Ren was just a bitchy little emo kid- literally one of the biggest complaints about Anakin’s character in the prequels, yet somehow everyone loves it and it’s ‘three-dimensional’ in TFA just ‘because’? :S

Only redeeming feature was (oddly enough) BB-8 as the comedy droid. I was expecting BB-8 to be as groan-worthy as C-3PO, yet actually found his shit entertaining. Oh and Finn/Poe bromace felt pretty solid too. Other than that, yeah… give me the prequels any day.

I think they were going for a torn, divided between Light and Dark character… and failed miserably in the case of Kylo Ren. They rode a pretty thin line between that and being unwillingly funny, and it turned out to be comic rather than deep.

I must agree, the plot was weak. Too much “haven’t I seen this before” kinda thing. But the movie had great pace, the photography and special effects were top notch ( George Lucas RUINED the prequels with blue/green screen overdoses). Overall, I would rate it above Eps 1 and 2, but bellow any other one.

The droid was super, Finn was a welcome surprise, I had no problems with Rey ( c’mon, we NEEDED a hot Jedi girl in there somewhere)… And let’s not forget Harrison… Harrison was his usual self, and I thought he did great. AND they finally let him have his way: He finally got killed…

Oh don’t get me wrong I have no issue with Rey because she’s a female lead (point of fact, I’m in the middle of tweaking the first draft of a book I’ve just finished writing in which the lead character is female) but because of how stupidly her character was portrayed.

She literally excels at everything she does. Flies the Falcon with enough skill to out-perform TIE pilots (trained members of the navy), repeatedly rejects Finn’s helping hand in some petty feminist protest that was so blatant it wwas pathetic, manages to reverse Ren’s attempt at mind reading and read his mind (which led to a line that was so forced it made me cringe) instead.

Then she uses a mind trick without any reason to think she could do that whatsoever before heading out onto the (inexplicably snow-covered) Death Star 3 to hand Crylo Ren his arse in a lightsaber duel. Wounded or not, he’s had training for years and should have dealt with her pretty swiftly (same with Finn, who also makes Crylo look like a joke before the plot demands he gets knocked out). Keep in mind that earlier on in the film Ren captured her with ease.

I’m sure there’s more (there’s a good list somewhere, comparing her to Luke but also explaining why what Luke does in ANH is actually justified by his upbringing rather than militant feminism) but right now that’s all I can remember.

I love the old Star Wars. Grew up with it so it’s hard to see it all dismissed as meaningless by Disney, but I still went into the cinema with an open mind and ended up so bored that I was checking my phone to try and guess how much longer I’d have to wait. I’ve read a lot of fan fiction with more deserving plots than TFA, and it’s really put my off seeing the next film.

That said, Rogue One looks more like what TFA should have been like, so I’m looking forward to that.

I blame a lot of the stuff for Rey being a Mary sue on bad writing. I can sort of attribute her abrasiveness to the fact that she was abandoned by her family on a shitty world where her only means to her shitty survival is scavenging and her only friend was that old dude and he was murdered (it’s been awhile since I saw it) shit I’d be pretty pissed if my friend was killed, doesn’t Leia forget her entire planet, family was destroyed during the new hope. Other than that she was a likable lead besides being hot, I see you Paulo. I’m sure you complained about Anakin blowing up the trade federation ship and shooting down those vulture droids (nigga straight up landed in the hangar and shot some missiles and blew the whole thing up or some shit honestly what the fuck). Anakin also won the Boonta eve without ever riding a podracer? It was already established that Rey can work a staff pretty good(lol) before she used a light saber. Maybe she was able to use the force because of some Revan forced amnesia bullshit god Abrams fucked up. I mean if your going to complain about anything at least you didn’t complain about a black storm trooper I mean the people who did are fucking cunts this is 30 years after the ot films so the empire/first order would be doing some restructuring and the empire was moving away from Jango clones between episode 3 and 4 and they were reaching the end of their lifespan(fuck anybody who says Battlefront II isn’t cannon(Disney, Filloni, Lucas))

I hoping Vader murders all of those rebel scum in Rogue one, but I know it’s going to be some self righteous stormtrooper shooting gallery. Saw Guerra’s a war criminal too fuck em.

Not so fast, Paulo.

Han fell into a pit.

Think about it: No character in the history of Star Wars who fell into a pit has ever been confirmed killed. Hell, Darth Maul got CUT IN HALF and fell into a pit, but lived–AND THAT’S CANON.

I honestly just can’t stand anything about that movie. I actually wanted to leave after they had that dick measuring contest between the Death Star and Starkiller (went ahead and stole the name of one of the best EU characters) Base. The plot was either completely illogical or a straight up cut and paste from A New Hope, the characters were flat and not at all interesting, and the best thing about the whole movie was killed off because “POINTLESS DRAMA!”

Not to mentionall of the designs they changed for absolutely no reason. Ships, speeders, weapons, uniforms, aliens, everything! And of course, my biggest problem is the complete and utter nonsense that is this movie replacing the Expanded Universe.

Actually no, you are wrong about stealing the name Starkiller from the EU. That was originally Luke’s name. Even into filming it was his name. The script read ” I’m Luke Starkiller, I’m here to rescue you.” Mark Hamill said he came in to film that scene and was told his name had been changed. Sorry, nice try. Find something else to bitch about. As for changing the designs of ships and speeders and weapons for no reason, you’re right, Chevy, Ford and Dodge make the exact same cars they did in 1983…..

Fine, but I could name plenty of other examples of things taken from the EU that were warped into some new bullshit used by the new canon. And for fuck’s sake, am I tired of this design change argument. Why in the name of god would a crippled Empire decide to completely throw away every single piece of technology, every suit of armor, every starship, and redesign their entire army and navy? Did the Germans change uniforms, weapons, tanks, and aircraft halfway through World War 2? No, they developed experimental prototypes to supplement their existing forces as a last ditch effort to reinforce their crumbling lines. The King Tiger tank, the Ju-390 transatlantic bomber, the Me-262 jet fighter, etc. In the Expanded Universe, the Empire did something very similar, developing experimental ships, weapons, even WMDs like the Sun Crusher. They absolutely did not throw their entire army and navy into one battle above one planet, lose it all, redesign it, and build it back up in thirty years. That’s what they did in the new canon, because some people in charge of plot and backstory for this new canon wouldn’t know their ass from a hot rock, and they put zero thought into any of it.

Wow. Wrong again. The Empire fell, its now the New Order. Even if you say it is the Empire you’re argument is wrong. THis is like the Germans changing their military between WWI and WWII. For the sake of your argument why the hell would they keep using the same ships, guns, and armor that they used 30 years ago? Does the US Army use the M-16s from Vietnam or even Desert Storm? No. it’s called advancing technology. Other then Han and Leias son falling to the dark side I see nothing from the EU. So go ahead, name some of these things.

The US military doesn’t use the M16 as it was in Vietnam. We use the M16A4, or the M4 carbine, weapons that are almost the same in appearance, but have been upgraded internally and externally to have better function without changing form. You know why? Because the form wasn’t something that needed to change. Why would the Empire (yes, it’s still what remains of the Empire, even if it’s under a new name) scrap everything they have and make entirely new designs instead of building on what they have and upgrading existing tech? In the post Galactic Civil War galaxy, that would have been much more effective. They wouldn’t have the resources they used to, research and development would have to be conducted on a much smaller scale, and they wouldn’t have a lot of time to do it. The Rebel Alliance was winning, so the Empire needed to fall back and build itself up again. Hell, some didn’t even do that, they became warlords over their own little kingdoms, separate from the remains of the Empire. That made sense, that was a logical series of events following Return of the Jedi. The entire Empire gathering above one planet to take on the entire Rebellion? The entire combined power of a galaxy’s worth of the Imperial fleet losing to the Rebellion? No, the new canon is complete and utter bullshit, and no matter what you think about that, I know I’m right, and I’m done trying to explain it to people who won’t think about it for more than five seconds. You can go watch the new movies and enjoy them, because the producers didn’t think for that long either.

Lol. You just explained why the “Empire” would upgrade. You proved my point, the M-16 isn’t used because it is an outdated weapon, just like the weapons in the OT. Their guns, armor and Ties look almost the same, but they are not because they upgraded. You just painted yourself into a corner buddy. But thats ok because “I know I’m right”. That is the response of a fool that knows he’s wrong.

Oh, what was that? No response to my challenge to name things that were stolen from the EU. Go ahead throw your little temper tantrum and don’t respond. We all know you are full of shit.

I thought Ren was a great depiction of a young man with loads of power being hideously manipulated. I have competitive young sons and it isn’t hard to imagine how easily they’d go off the rails if taken from home and injected into psycho regime under the tutelage of a monster. Imagination folks .. use it.

There is imagination, there is hallucination and there is delusion. A tantrum throwing man child as a compelling SW villain? I think we know which category those people fall into.

See current US reality. A tantrum throwing man child is in the most powerful position in the world. Rather compelling I’d say.

You should’ve seen that comming since they added the bullshit saber. Thank god its platinum rarity so we wont see every little bitch running with one.

These armors look pretty awesome save for the Koth remix. Walker’s pretty sweet too. Especially love the Kylo reference.

I think he means without moving parts in the hilt. Senya’s pike clicks to full length, whereas pikes in the EU material were typically solid.

Why you don’t release that now :p These items look really nice , new armor skin and no reskins haleluja :p And the animal mounts …. got them all , love it ! Put this on sale right now and take my money ! And Adnn the BLOODY White module forh those who don’t want to triple XP non stop o_o
Oh! and This new comp …already mine :p

Oh no it is, believe me. Kylo’s tantrum scene can now be yours to reenact if you chance upon one of them in a pack.

Hellion and Imperial Admiral armors look quite nice, the rest is pretty good to meh, and then there’s one of the most cringeworthy scenes in the entire franchise, included as a regen animation.

“Hahaha guys look, our new antagonist is already ridiculously unthreatening once he took his mask off, now let’s have him start destroying shit for no reason whatsoever because nothing says incompetent like a tantrum about something you should’ve seen coming a mile off and have the ability to locate your escapee through the Force so it’s not a huge deal anyway”. No small wonder Luke went into seclusion after botching his training; I wouldn’t want to deal with him either. Then Kylo shacked up with a space prune who is more pitiable than intimidating, and the screaming ginger dickhead manages to so totally fuck up everything, accomplishing none of his goals except for yelling a lot, gets a planet sized superweapon destroyed because why bother coming up with new plot ideas when you can slap the name Star Wars on a product and it’ll sell? Rey was the only demonstrably non-incompetent character in the film, but they managed to bungle that by having the enemy she defeats be literally the most pathetic and milquetoast villain the franchise has seen to date. That entire film was a trainwreck of epic proportions, thankfully Rogue One looks like it has had actual effort and passion put into it.

The funniest thing about your post is that if Kylo was posting about the movie that’s the type of post i would expect of him, something fabulously over the top.

“Guys, please accept our ongoing wholehearted commitment to cheap and easy mediocrity, and BUY MORE NOW, k?” (BioWare, Austin TX branch, a proud division of Electronic Arts)

I don’t like the Imperial Admiral’s set. Is it supposed to look like an Imperial Uniform ? It looks like a low lvl set :/ There’s no rank bar, the belt looks bad, big gloves are not something I want to wear with an uniform, there’s no Imperial cap… That’s just pure crap. Every other officers in the base game look better. I think the cape is here for the “Krennic look” but… Galactic Empire’s uniforms are cool, simple, one of the better design in the OT. Bioware really need to change the design/art team. At least, this design would look nice for a bronze set named “Basic guy with a cape armor set”.

There are no new armors. Everything is just taken from the big outfit lego box designer tool and put new together, as far as i can see. Nonetheless some of those redesigns look good.

But honestly I need none of those. All my chars have nice and fitting outfits (jedi armor for jedi, trooper armor for troopers, smuggler outfits for smugglers etc.). The GTM already swims in a extreme amount of nice outfits.

I understand the reasons for those surprise egg parcels. But if microtransaction are the only thing that keeps the game aloft like an old battleship hit by a torpedo … well then just let it sink down and die with what is left of a once great game …

Absolutely wrong. The Imperial Admiral’s set: completely new. Never had anything designed like that before. Period. Opportunistic Rogue’s Set: Koth’s armor, designed specifically for his character in KOTFE. Never had that design for player characters before. I’m sick to death of people like you suggesting every time a new pack comes out that everything is recycled. That isn’t true. If you don’t like it, say that and leave it there. But don’t make accusations of laziness against what has been the most successful free-to-play model in MMORPG gaming.

In terms of the revenues it has brought in? Yes, it is. Get a copy of their earnings report before you start mocking what you don’t understand.

It’s the F2P model. NOBODY else in the F2P MMO market is putting out monthly content like SWTOR has for the last year. NOBODY puts out new in-game currency sinks as regularly as SWTOR has with its Cartel Packs. You can accuse them of nickeling and diming, but you can’t say it hasn’t been successful. SWTOR is the second largest earner for EA after The Sims. By the books.

I’m really not sure if you’re trolling… monthly content? You’re fucking kidding right? XD

You mean the 20 or so minutes of drip-fed cutscenes and wading through trash that F2P can’t even play? (content that’s so good it’s led to a visible drop-off in active players through the year) And those ‘currency sinks’ (which are irrelevant to F2P anyway, since F2P have incredibly harsh credit caps) are directly tied to the IP too. You think people would put up with the way things are if this game wasn’t Star Wars?

It’s barely even a F2P model. The IP is the reason this game has made so much, their ‘F2P’ model simply milks the pre-established popularity of a franchise that’s been built up over decades and is loved by generations of fans. It’s hard to think of any IP that is as popular and long-running as Star Wars.

If you genuinely believe it’s the joke of a F2P model- which is a glorified trial, let’s face it- that keeps this game afloat then… well, I don’t know what else to tell you.

But I’d love to know what you’re taking.

I’m talking about the monthly chapters. I wish they were doing that for the next year. For me, and many others, it has kept me subscribed for the entire year without a break, the first time since SWTOR launched. And why? Simply for early access to the chapters and the exclusive rewards for being subscribed each time a new one rolls out. I am not talking about whether it’s a fair model, only that it has been an EXTREMELY lucrative one. I have spent over $4,000 on SWTOR in the last year and wouldn’t even be counted a whale by most standards. -Financially- it has been successful without parallel.

Well I sure wish I was so easily pleased with so little, this last year of swtor might not have been such a major disappointment if that were the case. But, hey, good for you. Glad some people are happy with how things are. I’ll never be able to comprehend how in God’s name anyone could think this past year has been anything more than poor, but it takes all sorts I suppose.

Again, though, Star Wars is the reason it’s been extremely lucrative. Not the F2P model, because the F2P model is simply bad. And that’s not an opinion, since we know what swtor’s ‘F2P’ offers compared to what real F2P games offer and they sure as shit offer more. We can see those, side-by-side, and swtor’s F2P is just not very good at all, to put it nicely.

Star Wars, like sex, sells. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve enjoyed KOTFE immensely. It’s brought more story content, and far superior in a narrative sense than the base class stories I’ve been playing over and over again for the several years previous. I don’t need anything more than that, though I know others want more PvP and raid content. Not discounting that, but they’re meeting my expectations. As far as the business model, when I buy cartel packs it isn’t because it’s Star Wars. It’s because they’re putting out things I want. Armor, mounts, and weapons I want in my collection so I pay out until I have them. That is a successful business model.

Well, thanks for your answers. I`m doing pretty much the same, I enjoy current content, getting all the CM stuff and I love Strongholds, have the 1st rating on my server on all 5 strongholds (Progenitor) with around 350k+ of prestige.

Thats my way of playing SWTOR and I love it. But I also agree that there are little to no new Raid content, though I dont really miss it. Current raids still fun to do, even for the 100+ time. Its about people, not the new maps really.

Wait 1-3 years depending on your country, then find a specimen called “woman” and ask about sex. 1/10 will agree, most likely.

DvL 1 Armor NOW IS WHITE WITH.. gray?!?!1′ wtf… You’d expect BW thought about us playing this pos over and over to get Eternal level to get that specific armor and say ” hey, let’s give them this so amazing piece of gear for their effort and … suffering…. ” but no… ofc I can’t say much until it’s finally given to us… but so far it feels they are sooo gonna fuck it up. If getting to Eternal level is a pita, imagine getting to legendary, hahaha…. omg…

Yesh, the game is good since I still play it, but “successful free-to-play model” is a stretch. I don’t even play this game without subbing since I cannot take even the “preferred” way for playing.

Pass the drink.



Like Nasca says. That’s just the reward itself you see up there, not a CM set. Bioware’s made plenty of questionable decisions, but they aren’t that stupid.

BW please don’t fck up the reward I beg you if you are gonna do something good, don’t fix your bugs or the game, but the DvL 1 Armor reward please make it amazing looking pleaseeeeee

Well, people wanted less Jedi/Sith armour and more military based, seems they got that for a change.

K1-Z3N seems cool. Looks like leet speak for Kizen. I wonder if that’s someone (often a long-term employee, sometimes in memoriam, a contributive community member, something). I wonder when we’ll get a DU-1FY. 😉

Really Bioware? Regen: Fearsome Rage. Pretty much a verbatim Kylo Ren temper tantrum. Why not just add his armor while you’re at it, or better yet Darth Vader’s. >.<

well it’s not they have done that alot you know… Many Regens are based on stuff/animations from movies, they even added Vader’s surgery table, with the same animations.

Yeah the Regen toys are all very silly. Personally, I would have made a random object appear instead of a computer back (speeder bike, wall, bantha, Eric Musco, etc)

I swear to you now, if they DO make one with Musco getting mauled by a saber, I will gladly hand SWTOR my bank account.

Ok so let’s looks at a few positives in this early preview:

The TC-6 looks nice. Finally a few more actual landspeeders without a military bias…and don’t look like bad Lego projects.
The two top Gold armors, while a bit bland in color, do look rather nice.

“The two top Gold armors, while a bit bland in color, do look rather nice.”
Yes to this, thank god for dyes.
Relentless Insurgent’s Armor Set….pink? really bioware? Dye inbound!

The good new is thanks to crew skills we can easily create dyes to redo any of these armors. I look at less the colors and more at the dye-able areas and if they are matte or gloss. NOTHING my characters wear is of the original colors.

Remember back when Bronze Armors didn’t automatically have to be crappy re-skins of pre-existing assets?

If there’s a joke, I’m missing it.
Just expressing how sad I am that Bronze Armors have gone from the caliber of the Silent Ghost / Eidolon / Blade Savant armor sets to these re-textures and very simplistic model changes.

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