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SWTOR Uprising Gameplay and Endgame Armor

Bioware has released some images of the new endgame armor as well a gameplay of the Hoth Uprising.

Endgame Armor


Uprising Info


Coming soon

  • Veteran balanced for gear with augments. Has lots of unavoidable damage and avoidable damage that can potentially one shot you. Scaled like difficult hardmode flashpoints.
  • Balanced for rating 240+ purple gear (i.e. balanced for people with rating 220/224s with current gear).
  • Going to need a mix of mid and endgame gear. Goal is that you won’t be able to walk into Veteran on day one and suceed.
  • Goal is 15-30 minutes per uprising.
  • Veteran mode has no extra mechanics, just more damage output/HP.
  • No solo mode right now but you can do it with less than 4 players and have companions join you.
  • There is a command point bonus for being in a full group for uprisings/operations etc
  • Uprisings should be one of the most efficient ways to get Command XP
  • Currently you don’t get a token everytime you run an operation so you shouldn’t expect a set bonus gear to drop every command crate. You will still get one gear per crate, just that it may not have set bonus.
  • Combat Training area on the Fleet has been converted to an area with Uprising Terminals and terms for heroic quests.
  • Working on something new for Life Day. No details yet.

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I’m glad they invited players who regularly play the game for this stream. Now I can match faces to the voices. It cannot be unseen. I thought they were older too.

Yeah except I am pretty sure it had direct sale in the data mined info, so means buying for cartel coins.
Personally, I hate it, you can’t craft with them, and all they can do is dps, if they were all roles I would get one, but I am not fast enough with heals, and do not like tanking, never run dps/dps except on starter planets.

That is something I might even consider buying, although its a serious missed opportunity to add some easy content… I can’t justify purchasing anything anymore though, I don’t play enough. Its just the same thing every time, I make outfits, I do ops I’ve done to death, and watch people I taught the game too through my own patience and love of the game, now talk shit about people who aren’t up to their standards…which breaks my heart when I see them doing it.

Counter to that, last night I bought some really cheap armor set pieces I wanted to try out a theoretical nightblade tank build with, where I’d have a 50% chance to do big lightning AoE’s when hit, and something else that would heal me when getting hit, and had the most fun I’ve ever had just goofing around being nearly indestructible and murdering trash like it was a joke, its a terrible build for 1v1 tanking though, so, tonight I am gonna try something else. ESO is a blast.

Played ESO for awhile, gets boring after you start hitting max… try FF XIV seems to be a pretty good game.

I am not really interested, one shot stuff is stupid.

The whole update is stupid, I do not do ops or HMFP, and yet I can grind the hell out of heroics, maybe redo chapter 13 a few times for the laughs, and get set bonus gear, which is kind of nice, but feels like a huge screw you to raiders.

I hope they do a solo version.

Yeah this xmas will be 4 years solid sub for me.
It’s like crack, I know its bad but I can’t help myself, except unlike crack I have millions, and nothing to spend it on.
Although if there is a slap with no kill quinn, arcann, or koth, I will drop my sub.

The 230 Trooper/BH chest actually looks almost like Valkorion’s armor.

And the trooper helmet doesn’t come anywhere near the warrior/knight one.

Currently you don’t get a token everytime you run an operation so you
shouldn’t expect a set bonus gear to drop every command crate. You will
still get one gear per crate, just that it may not have set bonus.

They have altered the deal, pray they don’t alter it any further.
This deal’s getting worse all the time.

So you don´t get to gear up just like before by working, now you have to work and you get your gear maybe, maybe not. Sounds lame.

Thats been one of the biggest grips as an incoming change SWTOR is about to get.

Random gearing. Do all the work, expend all that play time. Get to pull the slot machine gearing handle. And let me tell you, every slot machine ever created is created to be against the one pulling the handle. BW is no different.

No, you just don’t get to gear up in a day like it is in 4.0, with almost no work done by you since your guild is carring you through EV/KP HM.

You might not get to get all your gear at all. Thats a problem with the gambling slot machine handle pull. BW made sure to answer the question about was it possible to never get items or full sets. That answer from bw was yes. You might never get what you need. They are making sure gamers understand just how against them RNG gear is.

If they really wanted to control gear distribution they could have still used the command ranks how that creates a secondary leveling system but stattered gear tokens in the leveling process. That would allow them to control gear and the time it takes to get it while letting gamers chose which item they still need to fill out a set.

bw should have taken the existing system and adapted it to command ranks. Not went full stupid and RNG everything.

If RNG goes through, and it will, this game will suffer more than it already is with it’s massive lack of content and mediocre story. Screwing up a very good gearing system we had for RNG gear might just be too much for many gamers.

at the game start you were getting 1 T1 token in FP and T2 token drop in HMFP from last boss. so it were 4 ppl in that HMFP who wanted that token. So with T2 you could go do SM OPS for T3. And to do the HMFP you had A) Craft. B) Go and do FP. And it was great. I would chop my leg off to turn back in time and play again in vanila SWTOR when people were not so spoiled as they are now.

As always, Troopers/Hunters and Smugglers/Agents get the worst looking endgame armor. Oh well, at least I’ll have my Havoc Squad armor and DvL armor for my Trooper, and lots of stuff for the rest. My Hunter’s Mandalorian armor is staying just as it is.

Ah, tionese/columi/rakata sets, campaign/dread guard sets, underworld sets, resurrected sets. IMO non-Force users get much better gear.

Sorry but gear looks have always been bad, might think about hiring some of FF XIV’s artists they have good looking stuff and even there character gen is better…

And then find a way to mount that spade on a helmet and call it a new look. Too much of their armor looks similar. They might want to start hiring from DeviantArt

Yeah character creation is woefully out of date and basic compared to the newer MMO’s.
SWTOR however is awash with good gear, practically any look you fancy can be achieved if you look on the GTN.

I hope the “something new” for Life Day is a Story-Driven Mission Series (Something having to do with Wookiees would be awesome.) and not something stupid like throwing snowballs at other players and NPCs.

Having to chop some trees on kashyyk would be ok … at least it would give us a new planet to travel.
And hopefully one that would stay in the game even after life day.

Jesus Christ, I know we’re bad here at Biowurr, but even I think that the new end game armor looks like someone smeared a pile of shit on the pallet and called it a done job.

No1 is going to clear vereran mode on day one only if uprisings are glitchy AF or not even working. Which is par for the course. If they drop glitch free uprisings day one i guarantee I among many people will be clearing it

Nevermind, I read the first part of your post in a different way that you meant… I meant exactly what you said, that there will be players clearing Uprisings in Veteran mode on day 1.

Increasing damage and hp is the single worst way to add difficulty. Purely adding dps/ heal checks is lazy and boring for the players. Why did they remove NiM EV/ KP again?
Also, this will easily be cleared day one as all midcore content in this game is tuned for idiots so actual good players will have no issue at all.

They removed NiM EV/KP because they would have been too easy for players to get NiM gear . . . . because farming HM EV/KP for NiM gear is muuuuuuuuch harder . . . .

So I see no difference between flash points and this the dev is talking about we don’t want people just aoeing to win well it was aoe city thats lazy fucking devs this is not wOrth 15 bucks a month lol hey people are stupid enough to fall for this /smh

Anyone else notice that on their end the fram rates never got over 45. FFS make a second swtor with a new engine. Even your devs cant get 60 fps in a 4 man Meanwhile BF1 has 64 players flying planes and zeplins. Riding horses. Driving tanks. Explosions every where. And on the same pc the fps wont ever drop below 60.

Bioware. What are you doing? Do you ever look around the office and ask the other 3 people working on this game what the fuck you guys are doing? You should

Yep – pretty shameful. Though Musco acknowledged they made a mistake with the engine he also said the would never consider changing it whilst he was in charge.

Replacing the engine basically means rewriting the whole game
Which takes a lot of time and money, for relatively low reward

Let’s face it, BW won’t make any money on such an investment, if they wanted a different engine, they’d have had to change it a long time ago

Good thing Musco isn’t in charge. He’s just CSR, his job is to relay information from the devs to players. He says what they tell him to say.

ilum at launch was the worst i would have stayed if they had an engine capable of large scale battles fuck that warzone shit

let me know when we go back to 1.0 style armor sets…. you know the ones you looked at and said, “yeah i could see that i guess”

1.0 Trooper gear was very good. Black Hole Trooper gear was great too. PvP Trooper gear the same; it was great. Actually now that I think of it, vendor Trooper sets are always much better than other classes.

There won’t be a developer stream about class changes, instead we show you some dudes you may know or not playing our new engame content “voids ‘n’ adds” errrm “Uprisings” for one hour…

“Working on something new for Life Day. No details yet.”

There are details for anything available so far? Oh, I forgot: they still have stuff to announce… maybe.

Serously guys.Did anyone after 5 years wear Endgear Clothing? Since they put the setboni on the mods, i wear my own gear.

omg could people try and not complain for 5 mins? Why try enjoying the game you’re obviously interested in and accepting that the chapters style expansion thing is a thing and it’ll run its course and then there’ll be a new thing (maybe ops – or maybe an innovation on that medium for play). Just please … take some happy pills or go camping with some doves or something ….

I love whinging. I like mine mild. You know the kind when they mix it with half hot and half bbq sauce. I live in upstate NY and we have some of the best wings around. I could eat 2 dozen. Whinging is the best!

I like this “new” Uprising system, which is basically Flashpoint 2.0. I like the armor, the high HP numbers, the new endgame sets are not as cool as they could’ve been but it’s alright, we already have many sets that we can choose from (A.K.A. Underworld gear for my knight, hoods off version please). Agree with me or hate me, I like that you’ll be able to get gear without having to rely *solely* on Operations for endgame gear, even thought it will take longer just running Uprisings with a friend.

I still wish this Alliance Command system was more like the Paragon system on Diablo 3 but, oh well, can’t have it all! This is as close as my dream will get apparently! 😀

The thing is, you don’t need endgame gear if you’re not doing operations. How many people do you think get a full 224 augmented set and then they’re like “Nice, I’m finally able to run through the story”?

Lol all these people moaning about the new armour, and here am I, who haven’t changed my sniper’s looks since like 1.2.

Am I the only one who thinks for himself and isn’t locked into the mindset of full sets? Gear like this often has good parts. ie: the legs of this one, the boots of this, a belt here, a chestguard there. If you’re not creative enough to mix and match pieces, you will have less creative armor. That’s just a fact. If the lack of good full sets bothers you, then take my advice.

So whos up to playing hours upon hours and have a CHANCE to get armor token drop?

Are all eager to play and grind command points?

*sighs* and if it’s an MMO in your world does matter how ?
Pointless whimmering. Better to point out the points you do like or don’t.
Not if it fits a label which everybody sees differently anyhow.

Ignore this chimpo, he just here to jerk off his poison because his ass got banned.

SWTOR is a great game, if you’d think otherwise, you wont spent so much time proving it wrong.

I think underworld gear is very good, probably best what this game have. Also named armors like Tulak Hord, Fredon Nadd, etc.

everything beyond patch 1.5 has no uniqueness. look at patch 1.2 armor for swtor. thats what it should be. all of this new brown and white plane crap is just horrible

People here moaning about gear and group fps on a live stream showing off the new content…
You know what that means.
It’s what they’re not saying that is the key.
It looks real cool….and they know it.
Ok it’s not new op’s……it’s not meant to be, but they hint at that too.

I’ll say it then.
Looks too short.
Lacks substance.
Takes no thinking to complete,blind charging into npc’s is fun for a few times then its just button mashing boredom.
With no cutscenes it’s got no heart.
Will be part of the game that will get forgotten about in 6 months time and then it will become like GSF ->completely abandoned content.

Looks to short….for what, it’s not an OP, it’s a half an hour blast to earn Command points. You want to wade through npc’s longer? (which is also your complaint.)
Lacks substance….like what? People moaned about the length of FP’s they can take an age, this was a quick solution – no spacebarring just killing fun.
In all MMO’s/games you charge into mobs and mash buttons, don’t get what you mean.
No cutscenes…if you like cutscenes that everyone shouts at you to press spacebar through stick to FP’s. Enjoy.
Last part your jaded opinion.

SWTOR spine is the cutscenes. It’s whats sets it apart from every other mmorpg.(the devs love to keep reminding us about that)
Its not half an hour long, closer to 15mins.
I want to wade through content longer since its primary the only new content we have apart from story chapters coming in 5.0 so 15mins of speed running into npcs is abit poor.
Mashing buttons I mean that there’s no thought going into pulling the npcs, the guy even says he wanted to remove any thought about CC’ing some npcs but for people just to engage.
Its pure Leeroy Jenkins stuff.
I imagine it will be fun 2 maybe 3 times then people will stop because when the content is that soulless people will tire of it quickly.

It’s also worth noting that they probably spent less on Uprisings than most other group content in the past, as it uses graphics/locations that already existed in SWTOR, just like the Tython/Korriban FPs.

Yeah but at least Tython/Korriban were actually interesting and made sense. Re-using assets is fine, imho, when it isn’t just a cheap cop-out.

Agree, making old planets with new questlines is good way of using existing content. what drives to play is interesting stories, and worthy rewards.

I really think you wrong here.

Even KotFE have ALOT of cutscenes. But what gives replayability is good level design and mix between main story and instance story. SoR have it all, I really enjoy Rishi each time I do it.

Devs showed gameplay, they cant really show everything in a livestream. So I think/hope new mechanics will include story based cutscenes, not just a kill all area wipe.

fairly sure they said uprisings as zero cutscenes and its just loading screen then pull mob after mob.
Pretty much what you said a kill all area wipe instance.
Let the spamming of AOE attacks begin.

The reason why people aren’t greatly excited or haven’t commented on Uprising is because (as some people in my guild have described it) it looks too much like Star Fortress, and that was a complete flop. Most people have run Star Fortress just once or twice just to get the achievements and that’s it.

The old Flashpoints were great because they told a story and were engaging. Even running Black Talon for the 1000th time was interesting.

They haven’t commented because it might be a complete flop?
Have you been on this forum before?
Are you new?
Every flashpoint I do now involves everybody shouting ‘hit spacebar’ or finding a way to avoid mobs by driving around all over the place.
Is this not better?

I love letting the time go completely out when someone constantly cries “SPACEBAR YOU FUCKS”

or you exit it out after a long cutscene…


I’d rather reward the smarter/seasoned players that know what they can skip to more efficiently get Command XP, rather than the average player that kills everything and watches the stories and complains why there are players better geared than them.

Uprisings take the seasoned knowledge out of knowing the “FP”, which makes learning them give no great advantage to a smarter player. In every other game, if you know the tips/tricks/shortcuts, you can clear the game quicker/easier than the average player.
It’s catering to the lowest common denominator (casuals). It’s a common problem with games these days becoming popular enough that developers can start pushing aside the mechanics that made true gamers first pick it up and praise it, instead focusing on the mainstream mechanics that new customers will gobble up.

Would you rather enjoy a game with 5 million players, but most of them have no clue what they’re doing, and have no intention of ever improving; or a game with 500 thousand players, where most of them are experienced and play smarter.

Uprisings look really cool? Do you honestly believe that? Uprisings are probably the worst endgame content that has been released with a new expansion. At least the Star Fortresses had a cool boss and a theme, you got new companions, the last fight was interesting, the Heroic mode was actually challenging. This now? Nothing interesting…

They do look cool from what ive just seen, far better than the same layout star fortresses, and how many companions do you need?
You like rinse repeat game?

Still haven’t seen ANYTHING besides the new chapters that is of interest to me.
It’ll be a short playtime for me, but at least they’ll get a month’s sub out of it.


After the Outlander claims the Eternal Throne, the Alliance becomes the “Eternal Alliance,” an empire that has control over most of the galaxy (Zakuul’s conquests).

Different groups respond to the new empire by forming their own alliances and attacking the Eternal Alliance in a series of Uprisings.

I do hope you’re joking because that’s just retarded. Wasn’t the point of the alliance to defeat Zakuul? Why go for a power grab? What sense would that make if you’re not a sith going on a galaxy dominating spree? Man, I don’t wanna turn negative before I’ve seen the thing myself, but you sure aren’t making me positive.

The Eternal Fleet goes berserk without someone on the throne, meaning the Outlander is forced to claim it.

SO the JK (because lets face it the story makes little to no sense with all the other characters) becomes the Emperor in all scenarios?

I think it works for the warrior too, and sort-of-works for Darth Nox (reaching new heights both in rank and Force power is the theme of the Inquisitor story, after all), but yeah mostly it feels written for the Knight.

As for your question; from what I’ve read (which admittedly isn’t everything) yes, taking the throne is not optional.

That sounds sort of like the Lich King, must always be one to contain the Scourge, at least we won’t be frozen to a throne – yet….

As for aspirations, making slight adjustments to our clothing by purchasing rehashed armors sounds totally worthwhile….

It looks like each class pair (i.e. Warrior/Knight) will get 4 tiers of new gear w/ 3 new looks:

-Veteran Outlander (green quality from chapters) (210)
-Eternal Commander (two tiers) (first pic)
-Iokath (second pic)

Probably the other way round about the pics, mostly white or black gear is usually set pieces gear, the kind that up to know you only got from token drops.

Doesn’t even look like the book of style Ralph McQuarrie / Joe Jonston Star Wars anymore. Looks like the leather tight pants brigade. I do like the way they brought back that ultra purple legacy items like which haven’t really been seen outside the Chevin event. I miss Sith looking like Sith and Bounty Hunters looking Mandolorianish. They need to get their vanilla designers back.

Everything in vanilla SWTOR except some knight, consular and inquisitor sets was cool. It has been a slow downgrade since then.

Vanilla designs were dynamite. You actually knew which class they were for and actually looked like Star Wars. Since 2.0 we’ve looked like scarecrows or robots.

I mostly agree with you, but in my opinion they used new trilogy designs model more than vintage McQuaree concepts for original vanilla gear. Actually, the designs of 2.0 and 3.0 end game gear were very good, and even 4.0 was ok apart from Nightmare Radiant gear. But still this new outfit is shitty, you should be able to recognise classes by gear, and you can’t. What’s bad, it’s lazy designs practice, it’s like Oricon.

I agreee, this game should more look like classic Star Wars.

But I disagree on Bounty Hunters looking like Mandalorians. because only one fucker did. Boba Fett. Ventress was a BH. IG-88 was a BH, Dengar was a BH, Cad Bane was a BH, Zuckuss was a BH, Bossk was a BH, … + Boushh.

None of them looked like a Mandalorian.

Bounty Hunter and Mandalorians are something totally different.

the person we saw playing wasn’t a developer, he was from bad feeling pod cast so he was just like me and you except i have a raza naga so i don’t click

Anyone who has cleared any HM/NiM op other than EV/KP will be able to clear this day one on vet. Promise you that. The remaining NiM guilds could prob clear on alts with 216/220 at max level. Get real Bioware.

How about you wait until it goes early access or live, depending on if you pay or not before you say things that you can’t possibly know.

It’s always been like that…
With every xpac this game ever had, when old ops where scaled up, ppl who were runnig them for months clear them in the same week, usually with same gear they had at prvious lvl cap (with slight upgrades), the only reason it wasn’t day one was the fact that you have to wait for 7 other guildies to reach lvl cap 😛

Its not 24/7 junkies. Its actual players who know how to raid and play their class that the devs continue to shit on.

And why, for all reasons, BW should target “raiders” as target server population?

And no, devs doing their job making this game more adequate to current casual player requirements. It doesnt mean old pre-3.0 SWTOR was bad, but it for daum sure means that game getting better for casuals.

Yeah, i heard that in 6.0 all bosses will be dieing the moment you enter the instance, in case some casual doesn’t know how to use his skills.

isnt it great? I mean after that the last bastion of nolifers pride aka “I killed a bunch of pixelz on x difficulty and u cant cuz u suck” will fall!

I honestly 1000% up for that!

so i will be looking for your twitch stream day one on clearing this. please send me your link and i will be checking this out

New life day stuff would be nice. Granded I don’t expect/need much. A new decoration or two is probably the best I can hope for. My Swtor wish of course would be Gree event back for Xmas, tunings unlock in collection, and some little bug fixes here and there (companion voice files not being mixed up, capes and helmet clippings fixed)

Yeah, the greatest thing they ever made… I considered it to be a blunt spit in my face from the developers…
So i set up my mouse to keep right clicking and left my char in the casino over night.
And then never came back again.

i still dont understand the need for upping the level cap or giving new gear ratings when there’s nothing to do with it all… play the same ops that have been there for years and years? or is it to create the illusion they are producing MMO content? ahh well. the past two “Expansions” Or lack there of i like to say, drove me to finally quit this game

“Currently you don’t get a token everytime you run an operation so you shouldn’t expect a set bonus gear to drop every command crate. You will still get one gear per crate, just that it may not have set bonus.”

As expected.
Fucked up again with full glory.
Nice one, Biofail.

Like every armor set in this game, 1 or 2 parts can be taken to build you own set, that looks like Star Wars shuld look like. But the complete set sools like it belongs to some other fantasy of science fiction/space game, not Star Wars.

What’s the matter? Your beloved American’s same ones who creating “best game in the world” (u said it once, right) and you don’t wanna pay for their product? One of the best American game? Really? U must be sick or something…
Almost everybody said this before but you defended BW like mad dog… And yes you have right it’s not worth to sub this game anymore… Glad you have finally noticed it…
And yup my english suck I know….

You can always go sub a new game that will suck a few months later.
Its the same story all over again, Blsht history is repeating it self and no one is remembering it.

You know, I can agree, the Game is not worth sub. So I went on a big search of other MMO. Wildstar, EvE online, TESO, GW2 and finaly WOW. I bought every game, every dlc, I got to endgame and run it for 1-2 month. And in the end I’ve realised, they are all the same. And we are all the same, gamers, we became little spoiled bitches thet are whining aboaut everything. Then I realised that in my country SWTOR is the cheapest from them all, and SWTOR is the game I’ve played for 5 years. So why change it to other game that I will be hating like this one in the end? Why even bother? And to make it clear, I’m not protecting SWTOR, I’m just saying that no other mmo there is better, not even WOW with it’s legion and recent 7.1 patch. All the difference – it has more people playing and cross server feature. Maybe, just maybe, the FF14 or other asian mmo is more interesting, but I just can’t handle those art style and charachter design (one of the reasons GW2 got deleted from my pc)

What is your criteria for ‘better’ cause some of the other games you mentioned have huge populations. And games with no population like Wildstar give you access to everything free. Totally agree with you on the ‘look’ of these asian MMO’s. It’s like they are trying to condition westerners into embracing transgenderism and pedophilia. No I don’t want to raid with an 11 year old girl and a tall long haired man in a dress.

What!? How dare you not embrace transgender men or woman? I don’t know what to call them. Society will shun you. It’s like with the Amish, only you will have to go live with the Amish instead of among “the English”.

Just curious here. You say you tried all those mmo’s but outside of EVE, I agree, they are all pretty much the same. But what about games with truly unique systems like The Secret World? Ever tried that?

Totaly agree and I’ve said it many times on here that all MMO’s are the same.
I’ve played and given up on Wildstar, Eso (old version), LOTR online, Wow and GW2 and they were all deleted off because they were boring.
Hey that’s just my opinion however I don’t populate their forums spreading nonsense just because a game doesn’t meet my expectations.
This lot are a bunch of self absorbed whiners, most of whom were banned for cheating (which hilariously they blame the developers for)

No. You must purchase a Major Mat Converter from the Cartel Market. Good news though! They’ll be on sale, 50% off regular price of 1,500 CC!

when it comes to tor its very serious business for captainR and luis they are the tor police lolz and this is a serious violation here!

Now now, get those panties out of a bunch and relax. Not everyone has to love the Orange one, just like not everyone has to love what BW has done to the game.

For daum sure it also means that there are some who likes Orange. Whats the point for all this shitshow except for them being an attention whores?

Asking them to do this is like asking a monkey to repair a Rolex watch. They would literally have no idea where to start.
If they had happy live’s and enjoyed gaming they would be doing exactly that.
The fact that they are here doing what they are doing speaks a thousand words.
Pity them.


Made multipule suggestions as many did on the forums, to customer service etc and for the exact same result. Nadda. They are deaf to anything that isn’t stroking them or the great game they have made.

Never ran into such a bug but it goes without saying number 1.

Your point to all this was?

Or we could go the carebearR route defend the game no matter what at all costs! Insult and be a carebear not be able to handle the slightest criticism thats posted and rage and demand that people leave! Lolz how mature

The only thing that you started and continue to inslut me personally is a best proof that you dont care about the game itself, bad or good it is.

You just an attention whore, nothing more.

Care to pass my little test, attie?

uh no dude you responded to my original post starting this little carebear ragefest. I dont care about blind fanboism and thats what i see with you. As for attention whore your the one who says i dont care yet replies to my post over and over and over LOLZ i tell like it is cant handle it /shrug

I reply because its the best way to shut up idiots like you. Simple as that. The more you answer, the better I feel. So go on.

The best solution is that you leave dulfy, but lets be realists, you cant. You must spit your poison and regret.

Well your a super epic fail then lolol im gonna be REAL with im not going anywhere so your in for a bump ride kid you need to learn to take criticism ive run off more carebears on here then you could ever know not that i wanted anyone to leave in the first place so heres a tissue for your carebear issue. The best solution for you is to suck it unlike you i dont demand you leave could care less /shrug

Thats exactly what I wanted to hear, keep posting, make this look better for me and prove that this game is worth defending!

And dont hesitate to show off how rude and stupid you are, this is only working against you. And no, you will fail, because you cause in nothing, and my cause is noble – protect what I love. So you already suck, so terribly sorry that you dont understand that. Maybe when you`ll grow up, you`ll understand what does it mean – to stay against stupidity and anger and protect the things you love.

You wanted to hear your an epic fail? Lol ok i can tell you that again lmao. Ive been here long before you knew what dulfy is ive had this same convo with carebears who are long gone or banned off here. Yaaaawn still here

So sad you cant afford your sub now, really feel bad for you. I can pay for your sub if you want, I guess your marihuana plants not giving enough money. Or was it a stupid lie? Of cource not, you seem so serious about showing how adult and adequate you are.

Dont understand why are you still here though. Feeling sooo lonely? And dont worry, whatever you post, I`ll respond! I wont abandon you anymore, honey. Till you leave from dulfy. Oh, sorry, I forgot that you cant, your ass is stampted here.

Well, just continue to post here. Keep going! We all believe in you!

Whats a matter the crybaby cant stand peoples opinions and is gonna spend his time obsessing on making me leave lol

Lol i can tell you havent worked your first job yet lol. Why would i want to give tor 1 penny of money? Im not intetested in tehashed content and im not stupid like you to fall for it lol as for the rest talk shit all you like i make more in hour then youll make in a lifetime so go blow your daddys money on cartel packs

Exactly. We`re here to stop shit floods from your ranting asses.

Too bad you cant just leave, asspain asking you to post more.

Nah let them come, better they’re here than begging on the streets or walking aimlessly around parks shouting at the pigeons.

Its not you or crybabyR that decides who stays or goes its dulfy and by the way i own a medical marijuana dispensary that actually helps the homeless i bought and constructed a homeless shelter and deliver 35,000 in food monthly to it so thank you for bringing that up since i do more and make more the you 2 combined in a lifetime /smh

Like I said I don’t want you to stop, I find it amusing.
Normally people that come onto forums and brag about their charitable deeds or the size of their wallet are rightly met with laughter and derision, hell you could be a 400lb man whale living in your mums basement, but if you indeed bought a homeless shelter and feed them kudos to you bro, though why you would want praise on a Star Wars forum beats me tbh.
…and looking at your comments on these forums your charity seems
to extend only so far….

Not looking for praise just telling you like it is this isnt the carebear fanboi forums and everyone else shut up and gtfo im amused at fanboism in general

To bad you cant handle criticism to bad you cant realize your bieng used and abused. Btw were both joking and you fell for the bait lmao /smh rage on carebear!

Pwease, this is called anything but critics.

And I really, really dont care about you, honey. And last – your jokes are only funny for you two. It means… well, you`re not funny. Like at all.

That is not P2W is more like Pay-2-get-crates-earlier. If you dont buy it, sooner or later you will get those crates and reach those levels. Is like the warzone and FP exp boosts.

See reply above…
XP boosts only got you through the free stuff earlier… It had no effect for endgame gear.
Because lockout/comm system…

CP boost is all about paying to get gear faster.
They have said that they could sell gear on the CM and make moar millions… But don’t because that is pay-2-win… And P2W is wrong. (not a direct quote… But musco said something similar on a recent livestream)
And yet here we are…

Maybe I should simplify all my walls of text… Lol…
Imagine if there were 3 tiers till Max level ranked warzone gear, at a total cost of 500000 rwz comms. Something even devoted players may never reach before 6.0…

Except, there was a rwz comms booster that gave you 25% more per warzone.

Would the current pvp community say that is not pay-2-win? Would you still say it is not?

I must conclude… paying to get comms faster… Which means gear faster… Which means winning more….

Based on the info you present these boosts are no different from the current XP boosts that are specific to e.g. Flashpoints, class, exploration etc – Are these Command Boosts only available for cartels?

Xp boosts did not mean gear boost…
CP boost means moar gear.

XP boosts to endgame did not get you gear faster than the other guy. PvP it was how many matches you played and how well you played…

And the same is true with PvE, even if you got to 65 faster, the lockout system means that non boost players were not at a disadvantage.

But now when you get your first set of gear and meet a player who played the same amount of time but has a 25% gear advantage because he was boosted the whole time.
How is that not paying to win?

PvP will be like GSF when DvL first started… 1/2 the players = Total nubs with no gear and no idea about objectives getting globaled by ace pilots with fully upgraded ships.
For about 1/2 a year PvP will be a joke… Total nubs with L68 gear vs Elite War Heroes… with 4 tiers of better gear and a set bonus. And if they paid to get that power in 3/4 the time…

Yes, I certainly call that pay-2-win.

Its not P2W since you cant buy this packs directly for money. It just boosts your time when farming for them.

Dont say things you dont understand.

My maths are saying boosters will be able to pay money to get 25% more gear per second than average players. Thusly money = advantage

When an average player has finally got a full set of the second tier gear… Let’s say that takes RNG eons…
In the same amount of RNG eons boosters will have completed a full set of the third tier gear. Which is actually more than 25% faster… Because… The faster they get gear… The faster they can spam CXP content… For more gear… Thus the advantage is cumulative as in a accelerating curve on a graph…

Let’s say this is a race to a black hole..
In this race we are rewarded with gear that improves our ships speed for every light year we travel towards the black hole.
Also our acceleration to C* is increased in direct proportion to our proximity of said black hole…. Because gravity…

However, I can pay for a rocket booster that makes my pterodactyl able to swim a light year in 25% less parsecs. Thus making my non-linear graph curve to C much quicker/steeper…

Because we don’t know how long the grind is to max level CP, this boost might only give me a 30% parsec advantage… But if the grind is incredibly long… As it may well be with RNG… This cumulative advantage could be up to 60% or more… As I can even boost 25% past C*…

You argue that the boosers do not have an advantage as all our ships will eventually reach the same target. Except, boosters will also directly affect your progression by defeating you in warzone s, so you get less CP** and getting priority in previous, as they are chosen for more high level instanced content because of gear… And in world content, they will have a speed advantage thus leaving you to wait for respawns…

So, tell me again how this is not pay-2-win? Do you only play story mode solo content? OK… Then, maybe I can understand that ‘certain point of view.’

*C = speed of light… Aka max level… Since you can’t go faster than C… Well, that is… Unless you boost… I can still get gear at 25% greater speed even after hitting max… Theoretically making the advantage nearly infinite… Because… Math + RNG + acceleration.

**allegedly, I have no idea how CP and wz are related… If by medals classes that can taunt and self heal – juggs- have clear advantages… But if it’s rewarded by matches, then throwing a game will be an exploit…
And if by win/loss… Well… Nerd rage will reign supreme!

Are you a tater?

I said that boosters are not by any means P2W system. Because they BOOST your progress, which you must do on your own.

Pay-2-win means that you buy items directly from market/ ingame shop, that directly affect your character, giving him gear, healing or overkill buffs.

Still dont understand?

Special for tarts:

P2W – I pay big money and I get weaponz to kill stupid noobs like u!
Booster – I pay real money to get xp/cxp/pvp points FASTER. Not getting direct crates or any other items, just boosting progress.

Help me understand oh wise sage.
What do you call a system where I can pay for a 25% – 50% gear advantage?
You argue:
P2W – I pay big money and I get weaponz to kill stupid noobs like u!
Booster – I pay real money to get *weapons* FASTER… Is not P2W?


Again… Maybe you only play solo story content… I don’t judge you… Yes, in that context… It is not P2W.
In ranked warzones however, it’s as if they released 3 tiers of higher gear and I can pay for a 25% comm boost. Thus increasing the frequency that I pwn carebears like you; both slowing your progression and accelerating mine.

By the syntax you are right… I’m not paying for a guaranteed win.
It sure is damn close to P2W though.

Am I against it? Heck no… I have more credits than time and will utilize this exploit. That being said, I will never spend real money for these advantages.

And yes I am a ‘tater.’ But only in that BW is increasingly two-faced.

Have you hugged your gormack today?

Yeah I remember trying to splain that to him also…
The founder that has 4 toons in full 224 gear and said that raid loot has always been random so 5.0 doesn’t change much. His proof… 92% cm completion.

I’m sure he is an elite ranked player too… So no concerns about how pay-2-win will affect warzones.

I should probably concur with Paul and just ignore him… But his delusion and ignorance is just so strong… And wrong!

Why do they just not give us BiS gear buyable on the cartel market? I see no reason to waste cartel coins on surprise egg parcels with most of its content being cheap crap. I would not hesitate to litteraly spend hundred of bucks for BiS setbonus gear from the cartel market to avoid the nonsens I had to with with 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 … running the same ops same content over and over again for getting a HC/NiM raid gear once more.

I’m also questioning this galactic command chineses farming style the game has become since DvL. I deliberately did not create even one char or ran one achievement for this crap. And i wish most of the community would have done the same, completely ignoring DvL for giving a clear statement to BW/EA for not wanting such senseless refarming.
But no … most of the community answered YES to BW/EA for refarming the refarmed farming farm over and over again. So sad.

So… you just one guy who literally only after best gear. But there are also pet collectors, mount collectors, just collectors. Raiders, GSFers, PVPers, Casuals, RPers, etc. What about them? You dont care, do you?

And also people like me, who actually enjoyed the DvL. Maybe you should change your point of view and try to enjoy what you like in SWTOR instead of this useless, clueless whine?

Well, i think the cartel market should be just for items like mounts, lightsabers, armor sets and so on and only and i do mean ONLY for cosmetic reasons where you can just put mods in the slots, players think its becoming a Pay-2-Win game, but the truth is, if they did what you suggested, it would be.

You don’t seem like the type that likes MMOs, you just want the best gear without putting effort into it, you just want to throw your real world money at them and telling them ‘give me BiS gear’…..You are missing the point to be honest, i look forward to this Galactic Command, though i am not a fan of the RNG that comes with it, but it doesn’t mean i want to just pay for the BiS gear, i prefer to earn it by doing the content.

Loved DvL and loads of other people did too. I’ve never seen planets so busy, and fp’s popping so much, genius on EA/BW’s part.
‘Some’ of the community hate the cartel market so if you put BiS gear on sale it would be even more toxic than it already is.(if that’s actually possible – not sure)
Just work for gear like in all MMO’s.

Depends on what you mean by “worth”and “casually”. If you mean playing as a free to play, no, it’s a waste of time, there are too many blocks in the way. If you mean having a subscription, yes. If you listen to a lot of the people here they will talk about how bad it is that there is no new content and that it’s not worth a subscription. It’s simply not true for a new casual subscriber. There is plenty of stuff for you to do. There are 8 classes with separate storylines, make sure you toggle on the side missions on the map to be able to do all of them. Depending on what you mean by casual, you can get a couple years out of it.

My advice to a new subscriber is to only come here for news about the game, stay out of the comments section, its very toxic, undeservedly, it could turn you away from a great game. Don’t listen to the haters, I’m positive a lot are people that loved this game but were banned for exploiting. They can’t post on the official forums now so they come here to try and drag everyone else down with them.

I agree with most of what you said a part from ‘undeservedly’ (Bioware deserve the toxic feedback) and the people here post because they are banned from SWTOR forums (not true most have probs unsubbed so are locked out of posting on the forums)

If they are banned or unsubbed makes no difference to the point I was try to get across, not to listen to the opinions of people that probably don’t play the game. BioWare could care less about what people post here, they don’t care about the opinions of people that don’t play the game, so the toxic people are only really being heard by other players or former players.

Sure I’ve heard Bioware saying in the past they do read on here and reddit.
Plus they will want to attract new players AND old players back if they can.
So if they see past the anger/hate posts and read the justified criticism then it will benefit them and everyone. The current game population isn’t healthy.

If you noticed, they mentioned new promotion system for bloggers, youtubers and etc. So they are going to hit hard to adv the thing. Hope this will go along with some positive changes. More adv means more players and more funds. Who knows, maybe they will “make SWTOR great again” (C) 😀

im sure getting youtubers will ensure subs skyrocket lol yes thats what tor needs youtubers not new ops or anything else youtubers will save tor they should get angry joe he had a good review of tor lol

It’s definitely worth playing if you are new to the game. Especially if you love Star Wars. Even as a casual player you kind of need to subscribe at this point though. Try it out for free and if you like it

To be honest at the moment casual gamer’s are going to get the most out of SWTOR as you will find an unending amount of cool things to do, either class/leveling, PVE, PVP, flashpoints, Guild content/conquest and a myriad endgame planetary action.
It is truly vast.
Highly recommend going sub too as F2p is a VERY limited and gives a diluted experience of the game and it’s well worth the sub, endless amounts of fun.
Players that are classed ‘Hardcore Raiders’ should stay away however until they re-focus on group content which they say they will do in 2017.
Good luck and have fun and as Guest rightly says below come to Dulfy for news and her amazing Character class guides (with community support) as they are invaluable, however beware of the forums, they can be a bit….ahem lets just say different.

I am new to the game, just recently got a computer able to play it. I’ve played WoW since BC, but now that I am finally getting to play SWTOR, I am LOVING this game. Sure there are issues here and there, but overall, I Am Hooked! lol! There is SO much to learn, I am having a blast.
Currently working on leveling up yet another toon on Jedi Covenant. no guild yet, and I have yet to work on the social thing….I’ve been seriously burned due to toxic players in WoW and I know “they” are everywhere, lol, so I am hesitant to try it out. Same for other group content. I’m alone, I know no one in the game, so I play solo, but it’s fine, I’m used to it, lol.
I’m looking forward to all the content, hoping I will find a good guild eventually, learn how the OPS work, and working up the courage to try flashpoints. I have subbed to the game, and plan to stay subbed for a long time. Heck, I was subbed to WoW since BC, took a long time to burn out on it, and with the amount of content I’m seeing, I truly am looking forward to a long term fun time exploring it all.
If you are on Jedi Covenant, look me up, already have a Legacy name hehe, Lightborn, currently working on my toon Nemah Ren, am on Taris right now, waiting for the servers to come up so I can level her up. And if someone from Milk and Wo
okies guild sees this, give me a shout, I laughed so hard at that name, love it! I’m one of those ‘filthy casuals’ that hard core players love to pick on, but I don’t care. I am having fun, and that, to me, is what it is all about. Just an older player, having a blast!

Like Eban said change to a larger server. I highly suggest doing flashpoints, it’s a good way to meet people, you may want to start with tactical flashpoints at first. Most importantly as a new player you may want to stay away from the comments here as a lot of the people are really toxic and could discourage you. It really is a great game.

Man, I envy you. I wish I was in that position. The game has a lot to offer if you started recently. Just as it has been said, move to a good server (I used to play on The Red Eclipse), make your alts and scout for guilds to help you with group playing. Don’t put all your toons in one guild to start with… Experiment with different ones to see which one suits you best.

Yes, there are toxic players in TOR, just as there are assholes in all walks of life. Don’t let it get you down! If you have a bad experience just move on, make the best of the situation and remember there is another day to try it! MANY times I walked away from a group feeling depressed. It happens. Just be polite, absorb any information veteran players might have for you, and spread your own advice if you have some. If people are REALLY toxic, just abandon group. It’s a game, we have enough problems in our “afk life” as is.

Just as you burned out on WoW, I burned out on TOR. I’ve spent too much time here arguing about the game and it’s problems, to the point that I don’t care about it anymore. But it still has a lot to offer to a new player, and I wish you all the best.

May the Force serve you well!

Then why da hell you`re so toxic about it now?

I dont understand, why people here try to ruin this game for older players who still want to play, but answering terrinly polite to the “new onces”?

Whats the difference? You want to play, but cant because you burned out and you feel anger to people who havent? I just want to understand it.

Look man, I’m through communicating with you. I can’t stand your self righteousness. AND you are a liar and a bullshitter. I’m not commenting on the game, I’m not commenting on your lies. I’m commenting on a new player that posted something I felt a LONG, LONG time ago about this game. I did something POSITIVE.

You don’t have to understand ANYTHING about me or my reasons for being burned on the game. In fact, if you like the game so much, go ahead and play it, instead of trying to “understand” me. Go on, “veteran” player with 6 Endgame toons with BiS gear that doesn’t know how the current gearing system works.

This is my last post regarding you here on Dulfy, Captain Retard. Enjoy it.

So defensive, as I thought. Well, I tried to apply to something humane in such angry bitches like you, but it seems that it is long gone.

I really do want to understand whats wrong with you people, and you start to get so defensive, like I`m trying to rape you in your precious bums.

And again, I offered a proof that I`m a veteran and playing from day one, you on the other hand, havent. So its you who is liar and a retard. I really tried to be good with you, but you and people like you are so dense, that you cant possibly see that. Well, keep going on that course, it will lead you somewhere. But dont blame us, people with hopes and dreams, for that outcome.

You moan about him yet you respond to him.
From what I have seen on this forum you are one of the sad hangers on who bitch about a game you dont like.
Your weird.

You haven’t seen much then. Did you see ALL the 1189 comments I made on the game? Did you see my comments on the Class Guides, moving the discussions forward on how to improve gaming and general playing in Ops? Did you see my posts when I was supporting the game? I don’t think so…

yes paul dream for a better tor and in the meantime repeat the same content rehashed millions of time over and mortgage your house for cartel packs! its your fault you tor hater you rofl

hes quite clueless lolz he told me wants to tell him hes epic fail over and over not the sharpest knife in the kitchen here. gives you a good idea of tors target audience /smh

welcome to my world paul lol just have to put the carebears in there place not many left at this point about 3 it seems lol.

Yeah… If we dish out on what we think is wrong with the game: we’re toxic. If we congratulate a new player with discovering TOR for the first time: we’re toxic… Damned if you do, damned if you don’t mate…

I notice these new carebears are more brainwashed they think theres nothing wrong any critism in the slightest its gtfo and your toxic lolz /smh

Glad you’re enjoying the game. There are toxic players in all games but I’ve met great and helpful players in WoW and in SWTOR. If you’re on Republic side JC seek out Vanguard of Valhalla when looking for a guild. Casual, active, multi-game guild; no drama, no cliques, real-life first, and supportive players of all skill levels. The first and only guild I ran with while playing SWTOR.

I know this maybe a stupid question but i want to reassure myself. if i sub after 2nd of December, i still get full access to KOTET right?

This is actually a little pathetic…

I feel awful for saying it, but it does.

I’m wondering what happened to the dev team, and whether they either layed off all the creative minds that worked on SnV, DF, DP, Ravagers, and ToS, or whether the dev team responsible for those raids is responsible for this…

SWTOR, when you die because the burst you’re expecting in sub numbers before patch drops doesn’t happen, I will miss you. You did get me into raiding though, and into subbing for an MMO. I don’t think I’d be playing FFXIV if I didn’t discover SWTOR.

By the way: “Currently you don’t get a token everytime you run an operation so
you shouldn’t expect a set bonus gear to drop every command crate. You
will still get one gear per crate, just that it may not have set bonus.”

The logic to this is completely wrong……………………………..

As I was running EV for the 100+ time, i cant help but look at the Soa fight and shake my head at this shit. That one boss is more engaging then this flashpoint.. it is one of the oldest ops but the different floors and shit, why cant Bioware go back to that? Fuck.

My comment adds 1 simple question you seem to fail to understand:

You said that you know that its hard to produce quality content these days. So I assumed that you`re a seasoned game developer and you know that for sure! So I suggested you to go and help EA and BW ASAP!

Are you not?

Im not developer, but its clear that current team not so good as team that develop this game in the first place. I just said what was on my mind, my opinion on this situation. And i didnt assaulted you, your attitude gives me thought of stop replying to your comments.

Be my guest. But dont say things you dont know. There are dozens of quality games, I can personally suggest you Star Citizen for example. And lovely Stardew Valley. If you like this game, do something that doesnt hurt it devs or its reputation. In other words – watch what you say, you might do worse, even if you dont realise that.

And dont take it personally, if you can. Most peope here cant.

I was saying only about this game, not all of existing games. I played beta star citizen, i think its excellent game and have great potential. But i doubt me saying here something can change something somehow, you probably worry too much.

That I do. Poisonous attitude that some people accumulate here affects me as well 🙁

I’m trying my best to stay civilized though.

Thats why i stop take it personal in the internet long time ago. Glad we agree in something and not create some commentary war.

They have artists that only know how to make skins, that is why you see CM updates. The uprisings are easy to do because it is nothing but putting in mobs and then a boss fight. The people who can make “operation like” material are gone. BW won’t go back to that because you, the players, have showed them they don’t have to. People stay subbed and dish out money for CM shit despite there being no real content. People are okay paying for KOTFE and KOTET.

EA/BW have heard the players who speak with their wallets.

Looking forward to the new expansion. (RNG not so much).

But skill > gear.

I kind of think it wont be much of an issue for the skilled veterans in PVP and PVE.
In a few weeks after release the dedicated players will have ok gear. So really only the new players who don’t know how to play there class or rotation will be the ones having a hard time.

In reality what will be difference in DPS in top gear vs set bonus?
500 dps shit gear vs top end. As i mentiuoned i think it will only be an issue if you are not skilled at your class.

That “endgame armor” is incredibly lackluster. Just looks like some crap you can find at level 30… Only the SW and Trooper’s are even mildly interesting, and they’re probably just recycled CM items. Where’s the detail?

This gameplay is only confirmation that 5.0 is something what is not worth of speeding time for… Sorry all fanboys… This will be shortest expansion ever… 9 chapters and nothing more… Maybe just once do Uprising thing and goodbye because I believe that no one is so stupid to repeat whole content form 5 years again…

OMG… Basically they say same thing during almost whole KotFE… Did you know that? And only thing what comes new was pissing off almost whole Ranked PvP community.

No you are lying they always said a year of story then something new coming 2017 which they now say is group content.
Kotfe was amazing and cant wait for Kotet then uprising and command then group next year. Exciting times.
Do you not visit forums or you just read what you want and spout crap?

KotFE amazing… Ok, another fanboy… So if u want to be such accurate.. They said that they working on new group content for KofFE and it should be available on second half of 2016… After June pass they saying that they discuss about the new group content… And then they announce KotET and nothing more… So even if they do something in 2017 it will be new FP’s which still not make it worth of time and money to be able to do anything in this game…

To be fair, they said, ” May, Possibly, Might” do group content in “early” 2017. And that we have to watch the “Jan livestream” to find out more.

I must express my contempt here, KotFE is a complete joke, it truly sucks. More crappy, incredibly predictable, linear story that came with it. They are not producing anything for long term subscribers.

We can read. We just believe the bullshit anymore. We aren’t fanboys that lose all sense of logic just because Star Wars is plastered all over the side. Face it, if it wasn’t for the IP, this game would be dead 4.5 years ago.

That is some of the most unimaginative armor I have ever seen in this game… It’s mostly reskinned, and you can clearly tell that it will not unify. Bioware in their precious “leather” SMH

When I read about people bitching about this game it’s mostly because they don’t realise that the reason for them to make old content relevant (somewhat) again I’d because they have a lot less money, funding, trust from higher ups then before. They lost a lot of player base, income and hence funding, this game is not going to survive for much longer unless they get a big fat check from somewhere and improve the game how they want(trust me they want to do all that cool stuff that you guys want, it’s just they don’t have money to do it), or this game dies and EA will make another MMO SW.

That’s only the case in some areas. If we’re talking Armor Design and Narrative Decisions, then no, that’s on Bioware.

wait does this mean there is 252 “tier 5 gear” coming at this point??? if so i quit, enough is absolutely enough we just got geared to 242 then they added 248 and now i just finished doing that as good as we can at least as gearing is the worst its ever been when i’ve been playing and now i gotta gear again? fuck it.

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