Black Desert Partners with Silicon Studio for Enhanced Graphics

Black Deserter Online developers are partnering up with Silicon Studio for graphic improvements to the game.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – November 15, 2016/ Pearl Abyss, developer of Black Desert Online, has signed an MOU with Japan’s Silicon Studio for bilateral technical cooperation. The two organizations will be working together on graphic technology research and engine development, leaving Black Desert Online to benefit from resulting advancements and breakthroughs.

Black Desert Online already boasts outstanding graphics, but with the cooperation of Silicon Studio, we will be able to elevate the game’s visuals to an even greater degree of fidelity,” says Pearl Abyss CEO Kyoungin Jung.

One of the world’s most renowned graphics technology companies, Silicon Studio has been working in the digital entertainment business from the beginning of 1999, developing a variety of middleware and game engine solutions for PC and mobile game titles. Silicon Studio’s YEBIS, used in games such as Bloodborne and Dark Souls III, is famed as being the best post-processing software for optical effects.

“Pearl Abyss is a very competent company. With their help, we will be able to bring out the full potential of YEBIS and foster a new generation of technology development,” says Masaki Kawase, Lead Software Engineer at Silicon Studio.

Black Desert Online was launched in Korea in 2015 following five years of development. It has since expanded to other territories following a partnership with Kakao Games, the publisher servicing Black Desert Online in North America and most of Europe. With the new synergy obtained in the signing of the MOU, Black Desert Online is set to rise to even more ambitious levels of quality.

▲ From the Left: CEO Kyoungin Jung, CEO Takehiko Terada, Lead Software Engineer Masake Kawase, Producer Daeil Kim

  • Filippo Chinello

    I’d like to hear about a similar goal in pvp balancing..
    we will end up with the most beautiful mmo in the world, rotten inside.

    • Chainezo Deathhunter

      they cant realy balance pvp without everyone having the same/similar gear and after fixing desync

      • Filippo Chinello

        i like to think that desync could be fixed with the overall improvements of the game engine.. but i can’t tell the same about pvp.
        They should sure make it more accessible, i can understand the gear gap is huge, but that’s an mmo and we all know how mmos work.
        The problem is that only a few part of the players program to spend infinite time in an rng function to upgrade the set. others just fish and harvest or do quest.

        An easier (and faster) enhance mechanism could do the work

        • Jakub Mazurek

          Safe upgrading of accessory and past +15 is the answear, even if it would cost shitton.

  • Ohagimaru

    They need to fix or refine their story-line quests. They’re not linear. I find myself go to and from places and end up opening random cut scenes-in which I have no clue what took place for me to get to that scene. There should be some indication telling us which quest this is and which quest it comes after, stuff like that.

  • Jack

    Well, they need to update engine to support low level apis – DX12 and Vulkan is a must + optimize it highly.

    • Athanati Este

      Yes, please!
      Vulkan is now a Must!

      • having learned a little about vulkan and its performance boosting powers, i think it would do wonders for bdo.

    • Jakub Mazurek

      from every game I tested on dx12 it always ran way worse then on dx11, not even talking about early stage of api development

  • Ronsonn Swandom

    Desync isn’t an issue, thats just how ping works. If someone has 300 ping then it takes their connection 3/10ths of a second to reach the server. This is why fast paced online mmo games are hard to make a reality

  • Oh cool just what I want, more vaseline smeared all over my screen and more flashlights shone in my face.

    Basically, it just looks like something ReShade can do, usable by anyone.

    Unless it comes with heavy optimization (dx12/vulkan upgrade would help the game SO much), then this is just more visual garbage most people will turn off immediately.

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