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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 15 – 22

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 15 – 22


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46 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales November 15 – 22”

The confusion on swtor reddit is hilarious to read. The official forums closed ages ago, and according to a BW employee I met at a certain bar in Austin last week, they’re getting pretty annoyed att all the emails they get from confused gamers…

Don’t know about other servers, but Red Eclipse is getting to be worse and worse. Today at aprox 7:30 am (UK time) was on fleet only 1 instance with 45 people. Don’t remember that extremely low population for long time (maybe never)

I see, thanks. Will take a look at it. When I moved to Progenitor after the Great Server Exodus, I sticked to it. Maybe its time to try something new.

Yes, this is exactly what i am expecting. Compared with times as used to be year and more ago, this is tragedy. But i am not blame noone, because not playing this game anymore aswell

I’ve been on Red Eclipse for 5 years and seen very little movement in terms of server numbers.
As Bogdan said looking for big numbers at 7:30 am is crazy.
If I go to my local Asda at 7:30am its empty, I go at 7:00pm it’s heaving.
People are working or schooling!!

Had to wait almost an hour for a HM FP a few weeks back, as a tank. That was around 8:00pm, and it’s the longest I’ve ever waited. Ultimately gave up and alted to actually do something productive instead, but it’s certainly worrying.

I certainly remember worse, but that was before the first server merges that happened in like year 1 or 2. Back then there wasn’t multiple instances and it was not uncommon to have <15 on fleet on my server.

Seriously, you think everyone here plays? Have you not seen the trolls bitching about how bad it is? You’re actually responding to one of those trolls.

Populations during the school year do drop off, sometimes badly…which is why MMORPGS don’t often dump a lot of new content at this time. We should see a pick up as the breaks happen. Also, thanks to the US elections, there are quite a few people with much bigger fish to fry. Lastly, the whole DvL event burned out a LOT of players. A lot that I know of have been waiting to take a break and now are, maybe to return in January.

Actually, a lot more people are active online during this time of year because it gets colder and going out is not that great compared to summer time.

Yes and no. You see it more on the weekends and sometimes Friday nights, but a lot of players in high school and college don’t have the time, especially if they also have part time jobs, sports, activites, dating, etc.

Summer however has a lot more free time the whole week. Breaks get a big boost. Adults have almost the reverse, as when the kids have more free time, they have less.

Alot of folks told EA to get bent after the forced lvl capping and no real gear for comps. And I will not ever sib to this pile of – ever again. And I was a sub for 3 years.
For me it was- after spent weeks and millions of creds- gearin comps with top Augments- and forced zone lvl capping of max level toons. nope will never touch that again.Haven’t logged in since preview of KotET-and sure as hell- don’t miss the nerfing the nerf hearders.

I left due to their over stating of companions when they did this. Game lost all fun when the game more or less played itself with OP companions. I’m actually going to give it another shot with KOTFE and their scalable difficulty. I’m not optimistic it will win me back, they’ve fooled me far to many times before, but eh, I sub a month and run through story before I leave again.

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