SWTOR KOTET Rule the Galaxy Teaser

Bioware has released a new KOTET teaser called Rule the Galaxy that features some new footage from the upcoming expansion.



The teaser has some interesting footage including an expected fight betweeen the Outland and Vaylin


Arcann dropping in with some neat looking bodyguards


Gravestone the leading the assault against the Eternal Fleet with a glimpses of the new planets.


Dromund Kaas under attack..


and the Outland walking towards the Eternal Throne with corpses of his friends and foes alike littering the ground.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Or the biggest kick in the unmentionables. Bioware makes sure that before claiming the Eternal Throne, any LIs you have/had lie dead before you.

Considering that Revan was at some point the PC of a BW game, he must’ve boned a lot of women (and men, and been a woman in some alternate realities) since if there’s one thing we’ve learned from BW games, it’s that their PCs are horny bastards with tons of options. Probably got loads of offspring who had no idea who their dad was….

Nice. Just re-use Revan’s mask directly for your original character stand-in guards.

Not lazy at all, Bioware.

You’re assuming there’s no relevance or tie-in with Revan in the presence of those masks. Wait and see instead of rushing to scorn and assumptions.

Yeah I can’t wait for Revan Reborn Returns the DLC where his character isn’t dead yet and they beat a dead horse into paste.

Revan’s gear from KOTOR is Mandalorian. I don’t know why you are raging about something you have obviously looked very little into.

Yes, the Revan mask everyone loves was actually a Mandalorian mask he took in the Great Mandalorian War. Well spotted.

Well, either way, its his canonical look. So this mask IS associated with Revan, its less relevant how he aquired it before.

What on earth gave you any expectation that they weren’t going to be lazy? They have been getting lazier exponentially for a long time.

Fool me once, same on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me 8 million times, man I’m really easily fooled…

Rist assassins use the same mask model as Dramatic Extrovert, not Revan.

Also, they wear green-colored agent style armor.

Haha! There’s that one guy at BW that just can’t over that punk Revan and keeps being able to insert reminders of him in his work. For all his fame and effort his end result was just full of FAIL!

So now we see if Koth stealing the gravestone makes any difference or if he shows up with it anyways….Choices Matter!

I’m still salty about that. The only choice that would have matter was to force choke him to death or force snap his neck or run my light saber through between the eyes…I’m 100% darkside yet Bioware forces me to play nice. Grr.

Same. I don’t give a fuck about the galaxy. Just need ma ship and some stuff to deliver to some shady people who pay me.

They forgot that people play different classes to have different endings and lifestyle of their chars, sadly. If only smuggler could say at the end of the story: “Fuck that throne, I`m outta here!” that alone would double my attitude to this xpac.

Ohh so that’s why we have like 50 comps, their going to kill a bunch of them. I’m ok as long as Quinn meets his demise at my hands, and my BH’s hands, and my agents hands…….

Is that horse dead yet, or should I beat him some more?

Once you’ve killed Quinn beat up his corpse, resurrect him, repeat until you need some variation by switching character and do it all over again….

They really should just make him a FP boss that’s extremely easy to kill….

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Exactly. Something I’ve said many times before. This Forum is a lot more fun than the game, unfortunately…

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Well, I never saw you do that, to be honest. So I can’t really say that that was your purpose. But it does raise some interesting points, because I suspect a lot of people here do that.

While I agree with most of Shawn’s points of view on the game itself, I NEVER wished anything wrong on TOR. Rather, the reason I comment is because I’m a little afraid that the current status of the game will lead to that. Even without logging in to the game for over a month or so, I have no ill-will towards the game or ANY player.

So yeah, although I do feel closer to Shawn than to most other people that defend EA/BW no matter what, I don’t share ALL points of view that Shawn has. But in his particular style of speech, he does have some good points, immo. He’s just a bit caustic in speech… But then so are a lot of other people here. Some of them inveterate liars… But that’s another story.

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Would work well as a main villian, would probably try and build a Dyson sphere around some galaxy to keep the aliens out. Not just any sphere but the greatest sphere.

I just noticed Senya now good looking, at least i think so, seems they update her model, i wonder will this affect kotfe too? I mean retroactively.

Vaylin gets a new look. Fair enough, she’s now relevant to the plot.

Senya gets a new look; for absolutely no legitimate reason, but whatever.

Meanwhile Theron does not get a new look. Please just change Theron’s outfit for God’s sake :'(

Mhm, outfit is the same but they’ve done some work on her face for whatever reason.

You’re really missing the point though. Theron needs some attention! Really thought that the ‘Secret Agent’ set released a little while back would be his new outfit. No such luck it seems 🙁

I get the point. I agree with you 100%. I was also hoping that the Secret Agent set would be used for him in KotET.

There’s still a slim chance that his model could be updated by KotET’s launch.

See what a day at the spa can do for a woman, I think it is a hint at the new content: Spa Day! An event that allows you to rest and relax before taking on the pesky troubles of the galaxy.

Arcann is now in a black and white outfit (notice his “normal” arm is in black and some part of his outfit are also black) with a lot of gold. Does it has something to do with Thexan ? Or did they just put him in a black/white dye ?

Maybe Arcann being part White and Part Black represents some kind of force/mental/alignment balance that he didn’t have in KotFE?

Didn’t trigger me. Just a bunch of boring scenes of people, in the usual ugly SWTOR armor, slicing each other. Makes me sleepy, not exited.

Mask is just a mandalorian helmet, nothing special to be honest, even so Revan used it for a long time. BW oftenly used some cartel stuff pieces of armor for different npcs. For example some of the revanites in SoR expansion on Rishi had a Marka Ragnos chest armor.

That one planet looks kind of death star like. But it would be cool if it was the source of the eternal fleet like I assumed we would find out in an older post of mine. Where the emperor sucked the location from Revan’s noggin. It would be even cooler if it was implied that it was where the designs for the death star came from. A device that could destroy worlds and harvest the debris to make an eternal fleet….I mean, that would be awesome to find out that the deathstar was intended for a similar purpose, but was destroyed before it started pumping out star destroyers. It would explain the world devestators too… is too boring to play, but star wars nerd in me is too happy to nerd out not to be excited about things…..

It’s probably Iokath.

You might be on to something with your theory about it being the source of the Eternal Fleet 😉

I am in the same boat, the star wars fan in me keeps me playing. I imagine most of the players are like that actually. I like the idea of that being the source of the Death Star plans as well, but I don’t think we will see that. Bioware always manages to take something that could be really cool down a few notches.

Stealth, anonymity, deception… These are your tools. – agent trainer

Or… Be a galactic celebrity and lead a revolution against gray force users with the help of vitiate. Cuz chosen one and what not.

Looks like maybe killing everyone who knew me identity wasn’t so necessary.


I still don’t buy it, I bet we get to the final chapter after being forced to save Arcann and Senya’s life, we beat Vaylin only to find Scorpio and Thexan’s ghost will be next seasons boss.

I still do not understand why Valkorian is just willingly giving us his precious Zakuul and command of the fleet, or is it like being the emperors wrath and having to save civilians because some angry pub kitty cat says too, and just ignore the stupidity of it.

Well they said it will be seasons from now on, and will follow on, so season 3 will probably pick up from the end of season 2, like how They did SoR which lead to Ziost, to KotfE to KoteT.
I would say season 3 will be after the events of this years stuff, but with a new enemy, after all the whole thing is supposed to be about the outlander unifying the galaxy under one banner, no more pubs or imps.
Maybe time for the return of the Hutt Cartel 😛

You again. The guy who said there will be no Kotfe, then when it was out, that there will be no kotet. please say that there will be n no new raids!!!! you will do us a big favor.

When i said there will be no KoTET, i didnt know they already recorded the voice overs when they did KotFE, my bad, however, they have no more voice overs, there will be no more seasons!

And yes, there will be no more raids, ever in SWTOR, if they did manage to put one together (which i highly doubt) it would be the crappiest raid since 1.0. Their 8 man content will be some twisted version of uprisings or some other 4 man content they made 8 man so they can say they did it.

SWTOR as an MMO is over, they know it, most of the veterans know it, the only people who don’t are the new people or the few veterans that just wont give up and keep “hoping” it will get better.

Deep down i know you know it too, you just don’t want to give up, I totally understand, MMO’s are an investment of ones time (and sometimes money) and passion. No one wants to stop playing a game (MMO) they love. But, sometimes in order to get something better you have to let it go, then eventually “we” will get another, better one. Hopefully sooner rather then later, but we won’t as long as SWTOR continues, limping along, in it’s current state.

Those bodyguards look absolutely horrible. Revan’s mask, a random Trooper chest plate, and more random armor. What kind of crap is that? Oh right, Bioware.

So fucking stupid. You’re not the main character in SWTOR anymore. It’s Arcann and his families mommy and daddy power hungry issues.

It’s the Valkorian Family Blues! Sub for only $15 a month to keep up with the dysfunctional family as they vie for control of the galaxy as you play dress up!

wow holy shit bioware does not care about their own main characters….. i always thought oh revans mask is safe they wont ever add it to random npcs or recolor it and put it on another set bronze quality on CM =
and now i see this LOL

any other helm they coulda chosen… and they chose to use revans

they shoulda used the mask on right instead….. or any of the other look alikes… just uhg this should not bother me so much but it really does xD lmao

In all honesty, Revan’s helmet is mandalorian. During the Mandalorian Wars he defeated Mandalore and took his helmet and hid it as the ultimate blow to the Mandalorian people. He only gave it back to Canderous before going back to confront Vitiate. So yeah, there’s nothing unique about Revan’s helmet, it’s just an old mandalorian design.

“nothing unique about Revan’s helmet”

Tbf, aside from the T-visor it’s pretty unique in terms of proportions. How many other Mandalorian helmets are compact enough to fit under a hood, after all?

And once upon a time it wasn’t Revan’s helmet it was Revan’s mask. Never was sure why BW changed it, though a helmet does make more sense than a mask considering where he found it.

The House Rist mask that you’re thinking of is in the picture posted above on the right, though it’s usually silver/gray. They’ve definitely used Revan’s mask for Arcann’s guard people, though I’d argue this game has bigger issues than re-used assets so I’m kinda ‘meh’ about it.

What you think of possible adding toggle hood? Outlander in this video wears cm looking like armor, but with hood on back, but cm version have hood up. Or this just basic gear that given as rewards for completing chapters?

Hood toggle is in the game, but it’s not made an option. Any chestpiece with a hood loses it when put on a twi’lek or a togruta.

I know, and with some helmets, but this is little different, there hood just disappear, with this its laying on back of character.

there are a few of the newer armor sets where the hood is sort of doubled up so when you equip certain helms or what not it appears to be folded back. sanguine commando is like that

Yea, i think also temple guardian and resurrected consular armor have it. Sometimes it looks good, some times no.

hmmm few weeks before the expansion release and that was mediocre at best.
And I was hoping to go “woo, will do the story at least before unsubbing”

“It started badly, it tailed off a little in the middle and the less said about the end the better — but apart from that it was excellent.” – Blackadder IV

If I become a Pirate King you’ll be my first whore of the night within my reign to spit in your mouth to humiliate you and then begin slapping that ass until you bleed :3

Once I’m done degrading you my crew will have their fun next ;D

Just a shame it feels far more designed for force/saber users.
Did it on my P/Tech 1st and was very unfulfilling.

Yeah, the last story stuff any of my non-Force users did was when my Trooper did Makeb. My Bounty Hunter occasionally comes out for Bounty Week, but that’s about it when it comes to non-Force users.

Spot-on! It feels ridiculous to listen to Valkorion buttering you up as his only possible “equal” when you’re not playing a force user character.
Actually, it even feels unconvincing when you’re playing anything other than a Knight, because the Knight is the only character class that has a personal connection (of sorts) to Vitiate.
But even there you run into problems, as in all the previous encounters the Emperor never treats you as better than dirt!

Well by the plot you possess power much greater than the Force. Valkorion admires and fears PC. And maybe, I hope so, he is trying to use you in his plan in destroying the galaxy. That would explain alot

Wrong, to a point. You have it correct that the Knight has probably the best relationship with the Emperor, but don’t discount the Sith Warrior. It totally works. My beef is with the smuggler and other non force users…. totally sucks and I don’t feel it.

My SW felt about as connected to Vitiate as my JK did, but my SI, while never having much on a relationship with Vitiate, felt like the one that was truly powerful in the force and had way more potential than the other 2. And the SI is the one who’s on the council after ch 3, so it makes sense Vitiate would pay attention to Inquisitors as well.

Now as far as Consulars go I still can’t stand the awful companions, the voice which makes it sound like he/she is addicted to sedatives and the blandness of the story so no idea whether anything makes sense for them.

I feel that overall this game has never been very good at making you truly FEEL your character’s final growth and success. It’s always all just talk!
Take things like the Smuggler finding his “legendary” treasure – I didn’t really expect to find billions of credits in my inventory. But it is ridiculous that they couldn’t at least show you bathing in gold, or buying an army of hookers, or at least some nice things for your ship! There ought to be more resonance to those things, and even the SI’s vaunted power is almost never dramatized – shown – sufficiently in the cutscenes. Thanaton treats you with the exact same disdain at the end as he does in the beginning, when it would have made so much more sense to have him show at least a little fear. The same goes for that guy who steals the smuggler’s ship. Your continued successes in fouling up his plans never produces a noticable change of his behaviour towards you. He always treats you like a small-time annoyance, right up to the end. You don’t even get a satisfying gloat in when you finally take him down. That is hell’a unsatsfying story-telling!

She told me she was seeing someone new. Complained about something like “…he keeps having to try to choke me to get hard….. and he just doesnt have any talent…..”

Seems you need some training bud. No amount of adult hugs will fix that

No requirement to play, but that’s your only source for gear progression. So yeah… not sure if that’s better or worse…

Know a little birdie that was playing in the closed 5.0 PTS (that is now finished). They didnt even reveal what comps came back in the pts (Which has all nine chapters given). We have no clue. They will come back, but with what regularity is beyond anyone’s guess

We already know choices matter in regards to the fate of one of the two people we have been discussing lately 😉

Not really though since the story structure doesn’t change at all. Other characters just stand in for anyone who dies so everything happens the same way ;/

Might be as well part of the scene where Valkorion is talking about war cassualties and how you must take the throne to end this in the previous trailer.

Outlander vs Vaylin: Very clearly on/in Odessan base
Arcann and his guards: Background fits Zakuul, the skybox in chapter 10 at the Overwatch perhaps?
2 Walkers dropping in: Background architecture kinda looks like The Old World from Chapter 7
Senya slicing through the 2 Zakuul Knights: Room architecture fits the Shrine of Healing on Voss, kinda like the heroic area.
Vaylin’s energy burst from left to right: Vaylin, Unknown person, You, Valkorion ghost, Senya.
Make assumptions on the mystery person/critique my background guesses

I more meant locations for the ones that I did guess, but yea.
I got an Arcann vibe, be he’s in the all white outfit with real arms. Were it not for the real arm, I would say it might be Arcann without his facemask, he did look a little scarred.

I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that 🙂

I’ve heard rumor that it’s supposed to be Thexan, since the old trailer never really “shows” that he died. Opinions on this?

Dude.. what assumptions, You are aware that conversations from all 7 chapters of KOTET have been datamined long ago, no? There is no reason to speculate about anything, since one can just go to TORCommuntity or Jedipedia and basically read through entire plot of KOTET.
And Vaylin does in fact attack Odessen in Chapter 6. Where you finally kill her and then you have to deal with Valk and the throne. By that time Arcann and Senya are either dead, or with Alliance, depending on choices.

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