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GW2 Nightmare Fractal Teaser

Arenanet has posted a short teaser of the Nightmare Fractal coming Nov 21 with Living World S3E3.

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Sylvari loses her “mental shield” by using an asuran machine and gets in touch with the jungle dragon. He whispers sexy planty things in her ears constantly.

She plays with other “races” (some char, some dredge, sabotages the queen that can’t afford shoes) takes their technologies and combines them to make some retarded looking robots, in order to achieve her goal as in finding and activating a layline, thus awakening the horrible expansions which was the jungle plant noodle hentai thing which has the mind of a fat fuck and they call “dragon”.

There, i spoiled everything for you. Have fun.

i hope they find a way to include the s1 battles that were raid wide, like the battle vs the giant marionette or the scrimish at the breachmaker

Sadly the core problems of WvW cannot be solved without a complete redesign (lack of skill needed, devolving into numbers and blobvblob.

At this point it would be better to let wvw stay as is then create a new system that is 20v20 which can be designed to require skill, tactics & controlled numbers wise

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