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SWTOR KOTET Story Livestream Coverage

SWTOR KOTET story livestream coverage where Charles Boyd will go over the story and the new planets.


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Community Topics

  • Returning Companion? Not many returning companions with KOTET chapters. The reason for that is that we looked at feedback from Fallen Empire and people didn’t felt like they didn’t got enough closure. We spent a lot of time reintroducing the old companions and making backgrounds on them which meant we spent too much time on them and not enough on the main story. It ultimately felt a disservice to the story. Some of the returning companions we hoped to do won’t be in KOTET because of this but that is not to say they are never coming back.
  • Command Crates opening: 232 gear from Command Rank 90+. These are tier 2 crates.


Story of Eternal Throne

  • The Alliance – Gained strength by defeating Arcann. Whole bunch of forces are flocking to your banner, hoping to join you and earn some victories. Republic/Empire are wondering where you are going as some of their factions are joining you.
  • Vaylin – Her story will be the key of KOTET.
  • Senya & Arcann – Senya is desperate to save her son. Her main mission is to get him healed both physically and mentally. Both of their fates are up to your decisions. There are some choices you can make that can have serious consequences. This is our deadliest expansion yet as you can kill off a whole lot of people in this expansion. You will also get involved with the Republic and Empire factions.
  • Valkorion – Still plays a major role. You will learn his backstory and how he became Valkorion and what his plans are for you.
  • Each class will still have specific lines/interactions appropriate for your class.
  • Voss will be the first planet you will visit. Might want to complete the Voss Star Fortress as there is some story related to it in the new expansion story.
  • Is there a Dark Council? If I were Darth Acina I wouldn’t build a council and just declare myself the Emperor.
  • Koth – If Koth has upset you, he will not go unpunished.
  • Can we romance Arcann? You will be making some big choices around Arcann, his fate is ultimately decided by you. Romance is something that we might be interested in if the playerbase asks for it.
  • LucasArts review everything we do. We work closely with them and they are deeply involved.
  • Can we romance any of the family members? (Vaylin, Senya etc). You don’t want romance Vaylin.
  • 6-8 month has passed between KOTFE and KOTET.
  • Darth Jadus is not returning but he is a huge favourite among the story team.
  • Drew Karpyshyn short story about Senya and Vaylin is now live!

Two New Planets


  • Iokath – Totally new to the star wars universe. Entirely mechanical/artificial planet. It is a Dyson sphere.
  • Nathema – Birthplace of Tenebrae, who became Valkorion. This is where Vaylin spent her time as part of her training. It is a dead world, there is no life on the surface. Horrifying place to go as a force user. Some forces loyal to Valkorion have been doing experiments there for him. It has been long enough that you can use force there with help of Valkorion. It is also in the Revan book.
  • These planets are just story instanced planets but they might expand them to be dailies planets later on.






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221 replies on “SWTOR KOTET Story Livestream Coverage”

People say: we want Kira, Elara and Jaesa back. Biofail say: you won’t get them back because of people’s feedback.How stupid do they think their players are?

But… But… you can have them back…? Via termial…? Hmmm… On Odessen…? Hmmm… And it’s fully operational…

We want them back in the story, not just as an in-game companion. They’re meaningless if they’re technically not even there as far as the story is concerned.

companions are worthless you could have 500 of them and it wouldnt make a difference thier all the same now no difference lol

Companios coming back via story or Alliance Alerts are additional Companions, if you don’t get them in your vanilla class story.

Where is this terminal and what do you have to do to access it?
I’ve done all 16 chapters and every “available” alliance alert on my Sniper, but have found no usable terminal on Odessen
I have not done the HK-55 Alliance alert or chapter because “Sub rewards” so if those are required then well done game..

It’s obvious why they aren’t doing it. Voice talent costs money. Jaesa is Rachel Leigh Cook. I think it says a lot that they’re not willing to spring for a B-list talent to give us a couple dozen lines of dialogue.

A great deal of dealing with feedback is interpreting it. We liked the stories around the new companions more than we liked the main thrust of the story… because they had spent most-to-all of their time on those stories and almost none on the main plot arc.

The biggest problem with KOTFE was how thin the main story was. A lot of that was a result of Chapters 10, 11, 13 and 14 being primarily about picking up the old companions for a side-mission that got a macguffin for the main plot, but very little about the primary characters.

Only bringing back companions that are central to the story (like how SCORPIO was handled) is likely a better option in the end, because it will give more time to the main story.

I think that’s what they meant. They put too much effort into alliance alerts when that time could have been spent on the main story.

The main companions, basically the romantic ones, were in the main story, while the rest were scattered throughout small side missions with cheap, KOTOR style dialogue. If they want to release the remaining companions in a more meaningful way, I’m all for it. I just want my Elara back.

I wonder now, after seeing the drops from those chests. How many tiers are there? If tier 2 is 90+ and it drops 232, where does tier 2 stop? The distance seems veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery spread out, isn’t max rating something like 242/244? So there are what, 300 ranks to gain to get to top tier or something?

Also, green shit dropping, that is just bad. When they opened the packs it was basically: one gear item (which could be green, so total shit), one cosmetic item (which is bind on pickup, not bind to legacy) and one other thing (comp gift, reputation, scraps). SCRAPS REALLY!? Pfffffff

And they even said they are “tweaking” the numbers, this was old shit they showed. I don’t know, it feels like a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig grind to me.

3 tiers. Tier 3 I guess starts at level 100. Level 100 is the highest RANK, nit you will continue getting crates after reaching rank 100.

It looks like Teir 1 and 2 will be a grind . . .

3 tiers. Tier 3 I guess starts at level 100. Level 100 is the highest RANK, but you will continue getting crates after reaching rank 100.

It looks like Teir 1 and 2 will be a grind . . .

It’s not about “crazy”, it’s about that she’s got the intellectual and emotional maturity level of a 3rd grader. Creeps me out when people claim they want to romance her.

…I mean, I know my Sith Inquisitor finds her oddly hot… but she tends to avoid sleeping with anyone crazier than her.

Yeah. The Inquisitor. Little Miss “Make me a Colocoid” :D.

I agree. Would be a great replacement for my DS Jaesa seeing as how she won’t be returning anytime in the foreseeable future.

You say that because you probably haven’t dated a crazy woman. Or maybe you’re still dating one, in which case wait for it…

You sure? You won’t be able to cheat on her. She’ll probably kill Lana, just to make sure she is not related with you in any way.

So we get two new planets, but not really … what kind of crap are they pulling on us? Non revisitable new planets????? Only story instanced. W T F!

I definitely want to romance Vaylin, it should be the same as with Arcann — “if the playerbase asks for it.” COME ON BIOWARE DO IT! VAYLIN ROMANCE!

hate to break it to ya son, but when someone said you need to get yourself a bunch of pussy that isn’t what they meant….

my point is its a waste of a planet anywhere else you can run around do other things its just a total pointless waste

I agree with you. They should have at least added a small expansion to the map with a few dailies.

They could make the Manaan stronghold underwater, just replace one of the big rooms with a glass dome looking out to sea.
Maybe close to the top of the ocean so there is sunlight and water effect, perhaps some form of bio-luminescent plantlife if they place it at the bottom

If you wander around Manaan, you’ll find a dead-end hallway that has a sign saying “No entry” due to maintenance.

I bet they made that so that, in the future, they can expand on the area if they wanted.

They should have Alliance/High Light Side get to romance Arcann, and very Dark side get to romance Vaylin. How can two evil people not agree on death and destruction

So, the new 5.0 raid equivalent gear is 236/240/244 and at Command Rank 90 we got one 232 piece and a bunch of utter junk. Oh, and really, green at CXP Rank 90. You have got to be completely kidding me.

This is going to completely kill a good portion of the game. The more I see of this system, the more it appears to be a completely terrible idea.

Also, these are not two new planets. Planets are areas like Tatooine, Rishi, etc. These are instanced areas like Darvonis (in the Mandalorian chapter), Odesson and Manaan.

There is literally like 4-6 hours of new content and the rest is reskinning (and adding god awful RNG) to the same group content we have done for two years.

This is completely depressing.

If they promised us that we can get higher tier gear on higher ranks, i kind of expected to get 236 tier gear at rank 90, not some random crap of tier 232 and lower.

I hear pts is now closed… So basically anything that was on update 14 is going live. Check as they are one of the few that didn’t bow to the BW gag order.

Yes 300 cm ranks… Previously 100. Crap gear cuz they wanted to make sure a casual player could get at least 1 box per night. So they probably diluted the needed drops by an equal proportion.

“You will be making some big choices around Arcann, his fate is ultimately decided by you.” Didn’t we already decide his fate? (Spoiler) At the end of KOTFE?! They’re sort of saying again and again that your choices didn’t matter before, but they do matter this time – as compared to the at least 3 other times they said ‘your choices matter’ with previous content

Infiltrator ship or riot!

According to datamined info, you will decide Arcann’s final fate in KotET. At least one of his fates will give you something interesting 😉

True that… 🙁 Such Clear BS again and Add / Adhd Eric Musco so hyped again when explaining and doing Livestream.. It’s just really Mind Boggling for Adult Gamers to see action like that done by Adult Community Manager & Developers.. Devs who should be Professionals.. Shame on to @bioware crew at @swtor :/

I watched the first 2 minutes of their last stream and turned it off. Couldn’t believe how unprofessional and unprepared they seemed. Like, “Hahahaha…everything’s funny…damn, guess we actually have to do this BS stream. Let’s just get it over with.”

I want Kira back so bad and it be great if i can also recruit Jaesa but If they cant make that happen(due to their bloody incompetence)at least make Lana customizable!

How hard is that?
I bet its way easier than creating a two new planet.

(I bet alot of people want to see Lana in Slave Outfit) xp

The outlander went thru so many outfit changes through the trailers but Lana is still wearing that ugly vomit green outfit.

For the companions:

They should have Jaesa join up with kaliyo since both are crazy And maybe Kira & Dorne joined up with Jorgan and Andronikas joined up with Gault and Vette and maybe Akaavi & Mako with Torian.

No new Ops,FPs,and rubbish storylines and cartel items

They should hire better designers,community manager etc.

“I bet its way easier than creating a two new planet.” – Not when you don’t actually create two new planets.

“(I bet alot of people want to see Lana in Slave Outfit) xp” – Only 15 year olds with no access to pics/vids/actual view of naked women.

Well Iokath technically is not a planet, more like a Death Star or something like a Starforge and Nathema is not a new planet but they need to more work into designing it than making Lana customizable.

I dont think only 15 year olds.Even they have access to pics/vids/actual view of naked women.

Exactly… ALL Well Said & Unfortunately True.. Except last part as nothing unfortunate there.. Just normal way of life 😛 For 15y old kids “sometimes even older when not mentally grown up yet” wanting that.

Lana as a cartel-hutt slave to be rescued would be a smashing success. The writers, however, are locked up in their prequel nonsense of a royal family that nobody really cares about. It’s the sub-characters, the hardware, and the sandbox of Star Wars that the ‘whales’ of this once MMO truly care about.

2 new planets! Err… Umum… We mean instanced heroic area.
Better than cross-server!… Wait, why you no love Eternal championship? Maybe we give you more comms?
Comms are too complicated! We must simplify!…. GSF? What! Is that part of swtor? OK those comms stay.
Uprisings!!! Better than raid group content!… Think tacticals with endless incoming skytrooper spawns…
Veteran mode! Think, Lost Island HM! Ooohhh!…. Well what we meant was… Think tacticals with 2x damage and hp.

We are listening to your feedback and will be posting more as we get closer to launch…

At this point I’m convinced swtor is just a social experiment so EA know where the breaking point of SW fans is for future releases they’re actually investing in.

Lucas did this with episode 1-3… The sad reality is… There is no breakpoint. Quite honestly, I almost walked out of episode 1… And most fans were very critical of its failures.
But box-office wise… It was a resounding success… Merchandising wise… He hit a home run!

I strongly believe BW has also realized this and now just wants the low hanging fruit. Fans that just want to do something starwarsy…

Why spend so much time to balance raids or pvp for enthusiastic gamers… Math is hard…
One 30 min story per month and a bunch of reskins… Brilliant!


Well Summed up m8.. well summed up..the SAD situation of this Star Wars Dress Up Game called Swtor that’s been made with Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine.. Which is still being whipped by Spiked Whip on late 2016.. :/

So some of peoples most wanted companions are not coming back this time? Well that’s one way to dangle fans along bioware

Commendation confuse players. That#s why we get green gear in RNG boxes.

Companions we like confuse us with the main story, that’s why BioWare keeps them away from us.

They really listen to us!


Not sure which player feedback Bioware is talking about but from what I personally saw on various forums over the past year, most people ask for Kira, Jaesa, Elara, Khem and Malavai (for obvious reasons). Surely everyone’s list is different but as I said, those five names I kept seeing over and over. It would really be a shame if they aren’t coming back.

For every one player who is happy to have Broonmark or Rusk back, I assume there are hundreds of others who couldn’t care less about Broonmark or Rusk, but would like to have someone more meaningful back.

I`m happy to have Vette and Blitz. Gault too. They returned pretty much alot of good companions. Ofc I`m missing Khem and Kira, but hey, not everything at once!

They more than likely aren’t bringing back Khem. He doesn’t even have a stronghold deco as a Companion, they physically replaced it with the one of their new Dashade.
Secondly, people only want Malavai back so they an kill him theirselves.

i dont get why we got skadge, guss, and rusk back. like.. why??
why there is no interaction between vitiate and him, not even at the end of SoR, nor Ziost.. wtf

Indeed… Go Figure Eaware’s Oh Mighty Storytelling 😀 Can say easily that in past 4x years there’s been way better storytelling in some Rpg / other Genre gaming Industry Products..

I want Scourge, and he should’ve played a major part of any expansion that deals with Vitiate. The perspective he could’ve added would’ve been intriguing. But all those 5 are indeed high up on the list of my favorite (or as for the backstabbing coward, hated) companions.

“I want Scourge, and he should’ve played a major part of any expansion that deals with Vitiate.”

This. They pissed away Scourge’s potential in SoR and they’ve pissed it away again here. He would have found the alliance by now. That’s his mission in life; kill the emperor. Yet he’s nowhere to be seen…

Because that’d be harder to write. Then it gets too complicated, because they can’t just ignore the Jedi Knight then, so not ”one-story-for-all” anymore. 😉

100% agree. And he could have some really cool class specific dialogue too with the other classes:

SW: That he’s teaming up with his successor against their former master, SW would almost be more interesting at this point than the JK.
SI: Joining with one of the most powerful and accomplished Siths, could have loads of dialogue regarding the Empire etc.
JC: Going from one Jedi to another, lots of talk regarding dark/light (sort of topical considering the DvL event).
IA: Have seen the Empire behind the scenes, can talk Jadus and the madness of the Dark Council.
BH: Both have worked in the Empire in a sort of unofficial capacity.
Smuggler/Trooper: Empire vs Republic, foolishness and arrogance of the senate, force vs no force and still getting things done.

Not really, SCORPIO was with “an agent” before she joined the alliance, and it’s already in the game lore that Vitiate was defeated by a jedi if you’re not a JK. Thus Scourge helped that jedi and it wouldn’t be too hard to make him join up since that jedi was “lost” somewhere *(if you’re not a JK), akin to all the other comps we get. His goal and purpose is to defeat Vitiate, and he’s already established that he’d work with anyone to do so. Let’s say he had another vision with the Outlander.

So, in SoR, a VOICED JK companion, after that a major companion for all characters.

For all the things i dislike with TOR, not voicing Scourge is the thing I hate them the most for. He had the coolest story potential of all companions.

Don’t worry Jakarro will come back because listening to fan feedback he was the key companion missing. Also Shae and Ranos if you did DvL or subbed early.

I honestly hope we will get a couple companions back. But with the voice actor strike on and them releasing this all at once, “I have a bad feeling about this”. It does sting because this was the carrot dangled last year to keep us subbed.

Wait what? So… Arcann will return… And he will be our allied against Valiyn… And probably we will able to choose that we gonna kill him or allow to became part of the alliance? Wow… I mean WOW!!! Really???!!! WOW!!!!
You don’t even let us wait but already throw in us your troll face and saying that whole KotFE story in general was pointless…? Oh c’mon really? Is this is your great and epic story telling Bioware? IMO it’s pretty lame (again) and has nothing to be even around epic…

Why it is lame? Is it hard to imagine that you can redeem Arcann? You can also choose to kill him and Senya if you would like. Personally I prefer to know that I can save as many lives,as I can. Its effective. Killing spree is for the mad sith emperors.

Lame because whole KotFE we were told that Arcann is total badass… And now it’s looks he is just Nothing… And second reason is why the hell we were forced to fight Arcann when it’s all about Valiyn… And Valkorion knows that, Senya also… So what’s the point if KotFE? 16 chapters of pointless fight… And this have nothing to redeem anyone it’s just shows lame and lazy of Bioware.

First of all KotFE is about building Alliance, gathering whats left of 2 worlds – Republic and Empire. Arcann is a personal goal of Outlander and the main enemy.

Second, can you imagine, that Arcann was heavily injured during the last fight? Possibly he lost someall his power after defeat. So Senya had to save him and restore his body and spirit.

Third, Vaylin was mad, but she never had an ambition for a throne. She just follows her VisionVisions of future, as we surely know that she can see things others, even Force users, cannot.

Fourth, use your imagination, or you do as you told, and play as you told, and live as you told?

All of your story would have minimal sense if people in alliance have not know about Valiyn more important than Arcann… But Senya (yea the one who was ready to do everything to protect Zakuulan citizens) knows so as Scorpio and they never mention about it especially Senya who has full knowledge about Vailyn’s power and her psychological disturbances…
But now this whole story is pointless and I don’t need to use imagination coz this are facts now…
And if you able to remember during whole KotFE we were feeding of crap that only by defeats Arcann we will be able to stop Eternal Empire and this was main point of KotFE not the personal enemy theory.
So I think if they would say us that Vailyn is key from the very beginning and Arcann is only way to get to her it would pretty much better to whole storyline. They hype Arcann… Only Arcann and again Arcann… And now they are laughing “OMG they actually buy this…”
So are you such ignorant that you are not able to see that at this point the whole KotFE don’t have any sense.

If you like to be spoon fed, go ahead.

Its RPG, meaning that this game requires at least some element of thinking outside of box. It seems that some people need to be told everything, even how Vaylin did her Wee-wee when she was a child during that terrible rutials.

Yes, it’s so out of the box with ”villain gets beaten, then redeemed and helps you as his psycho-sister now takes over.”
It’s the easiest, safest way to go, and they took it. It doesn’t require creativity, creating new characters, nothing. The status quo has been entirely reset – first you had an alliance fighting Arcann, now you got it versus Vaylin and SCORPIO, whose betrayal only an idiot wouldn’t see coming. If Vaylin is gone, what then? SCORPIO takes over for season 3?

Jeez, you really are funny, telling people they require to think outside the box for a story that in fact _does_ spoonfeed everyone the way-too-easy plot.

You’re arguing with a guy who tried to claim discounts on Togruta and Cathar species unlocks were the standard Halloween sale items the week after the Halloween items had been and gone. You’re really wasting your effort here.

Out of the box was about getting Arcann healed, that he lost his power, think before you post.

Vaylin and SCORPIO taking the throne was obvious as a plot decision, the guy above was raging about that we having Arcann as an ally. I`m not saying that this was the best idea, but this is a good idea considering this is all according to the Vitiates plan.

The Alliance, so you know, is the sole purpose to fight against threat, whatever it is Arcann, Vaylin or radioactive space chickens. And SCORPIO reasoning is explained – she wanted to free the Eternal Fleet, its her priproty, she never claimed to be a faithfull ally. Her real purpose is selfevolving and her own species, she couldnt care less about organics.

You are funny, thinking that even if story is delivered as blatant as it is does not require any thinking or imagination from the player. If you play RPG for PVP or Raids, you obviously hate KotFE and KotET. People like me play for their own created stories and universes. We play our own game. Sad you cant understand that.

Some people cannot be reached. We all see this in different ways, all that can be done is agree to disagree.

Oh the days, I used to be like you. Full of hope. And then BW just took it away bit by bit. Don’t worry you’ll see the “light”. Good luck young padawan

That’s good on some cases i know by experience.. I just hope you haven’t been throwing Cash via Milking Market to Eaware & Ea when new Recolored items come to sale. Sincerely i hope so 🙂 Wish u good weekend and enjoy rest of the year 2016 & Succesful 2017.

Never giving up is not the same as bashing wall with head, I just follow what I feel right and what I like =)

Thanks, you too have a good and successfull next year!

Yes indeed it is not the same & i wasn’t saying that 🙂 I just always think that it’s good to share Positive & Negative sides of the Product to others. So that can save other ppl for going into Trap “if that product is made so badly” heh. Other reason ofc is to get more ppl in to show support if product is well done that it deserves it. I mean for those kind of good products i’ve always given my Full support with any way that’s possible 🙂

Big thanks. Sayonara o/

Indeed & Not to forget that Lazymode Silly Last Encounter vs Arcann.. Such Simplified Combat again where Health Bar barely goes below 60% or even less.. No matter if stand still for 30scs or longer and Drink Ginger Tea & Enjoy some Blueberry Cookies.. Also Funny & Sad thing from Kotfe Cutscenes is that Sentinel fought only with 1x Lightsaber on both Encounters with Arcann.. Didn’t use any of this Abilities & same for Gunslinger who blasted with only 1x Blaster Pistol..

So both of them were rendered meaningless in a way.. Fk that Was disappointing to see.. I posted video about it to Suggestions Box Forum.. Sentinel is Dual Wielding class so for the video that linked would’ve looked 100x better with keeping 2x Lightsabers down point close to ground <3 Same at end Cutscene Vs Arcann.. Or something similar with Dual Sabers like Jedi Knight's Advanced Class is meant to do..

Almost like in beautiful Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 where bud Drags the Lightsaber's top on ground & sparkles fly. Maybe Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine "HeroEngine" has restrictions for Creating Dual Wield Cutscenes, but i doubt it as we've seen those in the past for advertising Rise of the Hutt Cartel & others. Shameful Design for Cutscene with Dual Wielding Class:

Years long Sub here & finally canceling the Automatic renewal before
December's charge. Heading to Elder Scrolls Online & Star Citizen.
Been Sub to Eso since it's launch. Wish u nice gaming in whatever game
that is 🙂

just like when Rock Lee almost beat the crap out of Gaara, then Naruto had to do it, and it was only then when Gaara was ‘redeemed’ and became a good guy. Same thing happenning to Arcann. Look at his face when everything is falling apart, and he finally understand that he is not the untouchable badass he thought he was.

i think is in the story of knight, where satele says that not even the sith emperor is beyond redemption (could’ve been tol braga. or other sith). Arcann joining us is really plausible.

Arcann – so BW/EA doesnt have to make another story, do more computer graphics work, hire another actor for voice overs,etc.

If KP-S/V can be made over three times, then surely Arcann can be ‘happy go lucky guy’ once


Please. He was one of the only Sith who didn’t have his head wedged up his ass, and it’d make sense, given what’s known of his character and abilities, to have either sat out or been manipulating this all along.

Can see the cutscene now…the Outlander has spent months running down leads, following clues to find the mysterious figure that has been haunting their dreams, slowly enters a darkened room, the door slams shut behind, and the serene voice issues from the darkness in front, “So…you’ve arrived at last”.

I have to agree… From all the siths that we encounter in the game, Jadus was more a sith than everyone else, maybe exept valkorion / vitiate… rest is well, madmans or people with too much ego, that it crush their tiny brains.

Damn that annoying Crap Chapter.. With Soooo Annoying Childish Femdroid Voice Over & some childish interaction between those that Femdroid & Ugly Hk-55 Droid.. On that Chapter easily came out the Pegi-12 😀 🙁 Chapter known as: Finding Dory in SW Universe via Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine.. Still in late 2016 :/

Couldn’t stand Jadus. His big reveal was shite. ‘I wanna make everyone really scared all the time’… really? That’s your super-awesome scheme? People complain that Kaliyo’s nothing more than an anarchist yet Jadus is essentially the same. I liked him as a character, but… wow was that a sucky end to the chapter.

>You don’t want romance Vaylin.
– They tell me, who my inq wants to romance. Fu. There is no one as bitchy and evil in this game other then Vaylin to fill a hole with Darkness in Nox’s heart.

To be honest, I care far more about returning companions than I do about the ham-fisted Zakuul story line. Even their little re-introductory sections are better than Kotfe as a whole.

Bioware Dev-Team: “The Force Awakens had another Death-Star?!”
Bioware Dev-Team: “WE need another Death-Star!”

A Dyson Sphere is not the same thing as a Death Star.

I didn’t watch the stream, but going off what is noted here… they didn’t correctly make a Dyson sphere. A Dyson Sphere can’t be a planet…

A Dyson Sphere is an artificial shell structure that encloses an entire star system so that all of the star’s solar energy can be harnessed.

The more of these streams they do, the less I like the sound of the ‘expansion’ (and I use that term very very generously). So the story is about these people I don’t care about… I thought it was supposed to be about ‘me’, the ‘outlander’. I’ve wanted to kill Senya ever since I met her and her kids were the BAD GUYS, I don’t want the story to revolve around them. They’re the antagonists.

Ah well. Sub for 1 month. I’ll see where that story leads. I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt.

Hey Guys Remember this giant load of bioware semen that was shot at our faces?…..

Hi there!

My name is Ben Irving, Producer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I don’t often make posts in the forums, in fact, this may be my first ever post. Despite that, our whole team, myself included try to digest all of the internet for SWTOR information – The forums, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Recently there have been questions and concerns around the quality of our releases and the ongoing support for SWTOR and I wanted to stop by to address those concerns.

First off, I want to apologize for some of the issues you have experienced in the last couple of months. The monthly chapter release schedule is new and it has come with some unexpected bugs. It has caused problems for some of you and I want to say I am sorry. At our core, the SWTOR team are all gamers, just like you. We empathize with the excitement of wanting to play a great game only to be blocked by a problem. We spend all of our energy striving to make SWTOR the best game possible and when bugs and other issues get in the way of your player experience, we take it to heart. We are committed to doing better and I think Chapter XII: Visions in the Dark shows we are serious about listening to your concerns and making meaningful changes to address them – a high quality chapter, released on time that we hope has met the expectations of our players.

Onto the future. Is SWTOR going to receive ongoing support? The answer is absolutely yes.

It’s worth starting with the things we have already announced, we talk about them on the monthly Producer Live Stream but I think they are still worth mentioning. We had the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire – 9 incredible story driven chapters, 14 companion recruitment missions, Star Fortress, 5 new player levels, 30 flashpoints upgraded to be challenging again, 50 operation bosses upgraded to be challenging again, too many heroic quests to count, a revamp of the 1-60 levelling experience and a huge number of quality of life improvements. More recently we have kicked off our monthly chapter cadence and our third installment – Chapter XII: Visions in the Dark – was just released. That cadence will take us through most of the year ending with Chapter XVI, our story finale for Knights of the Fallen Empire. In addition to all the monthly chapters we have built great supporting content – Recruitment missions to explore the galaxy with some of your favorite companions, the Odessen Proving Grounds Warzone, the Rishi Cove Arena, the Eternal Championship and new levels for crafting. That’s actually more content following a major expansion than we have ever released and the team is really excited for all of you to play it.

The harder part to address, because you have to take my word for it, are all the features and content we are working on that we haven’t yet announced. If you follow Charles Boyd or Paul Marino on social media you may have seen some hints of this. The team recently visited our MoCap studio to create new animations. Charles Boyd spent a week at our VO studio recording more lines of dialogue for future story content. The two most exciting things to share are that our writers are deep into the plot summaries for the next season’s worth of chapters and we have started the early design phase for new, non-chapter, content. You all know the drill here, I can’t talk about any of the specifics (yet) but what I can say is that we have some REALLY cool stuff to talk about later this year and the whole SWTOR team can’t wait to announce it. Soon. TM.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is the most successful expansion we have ever produced. It received critical acclaim from press and fan sites but most importantly, it has been successful because all of you have supported us through the expansion launch and the release of the monthly Chapters. In the eyes of all of our partners, SWTOR is a huge success. BioWare supports this game. EA supports this game. Lucasfilm supports this game. Disney supports this game. In fact, for a game that has been live for almost 5 years, we are receiving an incredible amount of support from all of our partners. It’s both amazing and humbling.

If there is anything I would like people reading this to take away it’s this: SWTOR is absolutely being supported into the future. We have a lot of content coming over the next few months and even more exciting things to talk about later this year. All of us here at BioWare appreciate your ongoing support and we are committed to providing the best experience possible.

It’s because of you, our players, that this game continues to thrive. Thank you for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Ben Irving

Haha yep.. 😀 😀 😀 Sad But True.. Doing everything i can to spread the shameful Development for this product & Milking one of the biggest Fantasy franchise on this planet.. With such Horrible way & using Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine.. still in late 2016.. 🙁 Finally canceling years long Sub before December’s Charge & get to see the lazymode Silly 5.0 changes before that..

I imagine that they cause some Nightmares for nights to come, but i hope to win the fights against them.. Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is. Shameful Work Eaware..shameful.. Milking the real dime from Half Blind Sheeps via Cartel Market.. 🙁

just unsubbed due to companions. This game completely is a loser. Awful ‘story.’ Can’t customize the look of the new cast (who are all terrible as well). None for me thanks. Original game was and played for a long time so thanks for that.

Really? I have more companions than i know what to do with as it is. I cant even spot them efficiently in the listing.

Not to mention you can get your crew back anytime. So what they don’t get a story. My Jaesa is the only one with presence level 50.

Good move 🙂 Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂 Meee Years long Sub who finally cancels the automatic renewal before December’s Charge. Also supported this Mmo “Unfortunately Half Mmo now & been for a while” with CC purchases for few times until noticed that nothing’s gonna change with Development going to crap direction.

Heading to Elder Scrolls Online that has got lots of great content & it has nice Voice Acting. Housing coming to it in Q1 2017 & i’ve been Sub to it since launch. Also have Support Star Citizen with 65€ so far & happy to Support Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂
Kind Regards: Mmo Gamer since 2004.

Well….I’m riding the SWTOR train till it stops. I enjoy the game and have been since launch. Yea content isn’t awesome all the time, but I’m still enjoying myself helping new people, farming, crafting, etc. Take a look at WoW for example, a lot of people left that game when they didn’t crank out stellar content. Now they’re back up in numbers. SWTOR may not be the best game out there and it never really was I don’t believe. But they’re committed to it and have the back up support from Lucas and Disney so I’ll stick with it. Based on the comments I read by the regulars here, a lot of seems like they’re just troll’n. I think it’s pretty simple, don’t like something don’t waste your time with it or drop posts on content you don’t care about. But then again, as always….the regulars here will always have some salty love to spread around.

So you’re about ready to get off with the rest of us. Trains about to derail, if you want to be in the crash, I guess bully for you!

“But they’re committed to it” LOL, that’s what you think when you see the game get more watered down each release. They are filing people out of development of the game one by one. It’s probably just 2 guys at this point.

if you listened to the people who went to the ny comic con cantina, they hands down said the developers of this game want more but EA is holding them back. that they are passionate about this game and do all they can do when the higher ups allow them. it wasn’t just from one person but from several. just like thesportsfan40, i’m sticking with it and always have since launch. my guild as been around since launch and it still full and we are doing our thing as well as with other people outside guild. haters are going to hate no matter what and just like 4 years ago when people said this game isn’t going to last the next year, we are still here and still sub. i will put money on it come next year this time with another expansion we will see the same post, probably from the same people, saying this game is dying, and will see it the next year, and the next year and the next year and the next year….

uh no tors budget went to mass effect andromeda the game is still here with a smaller playerbase shrinking even more after shitting on the f2p people. It doesnt matter how long the game is around what matters is the qaulity of the game and those playing it which seems to be dress up whores and 12 year olds buying 150 cartel packs yeah awesome success lmao /smh

Your comments about how you feel towards the game are accurate. I think your assumptions on the owners of the game are wrong as they are not represented by fact – just your opinion.

Exactly.. Veterans & Newcomers have same Rights to share Opinions on News / Content..Naturally can’t mention Chapters when speaking about Content as they’re not Content even the Developer who always sits on Middle in Livestreams thinks so.. Also sharing thoughts around the web “Negative or Positive” about the news / Content is important.

As it helps ppl to stay from horrible product or to dive in if it’s a good one. Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

1. Drew Karpyshyn is one of the best authors out there. If you don’t know who he is, look him up. He wrote the original KOTOR, the Darth Bane Trilogy, Mass Effect, etc. This is awesome news.

2. A Dyson sphere? Holy cow LOL. Really? Again, look up what a Dyson sphere is. It’s going to be sad to experience such an amazing concept by visiting one or two tiny cramped zones.

3.) The “Command Crates” seem so lame. This is NOT Destiny.

I’m pretty sure if Charles Dickens wrote the KotET story it would suck since he’s dead and the story would be pretty much non-existent….

“You don’t want romance Vaylin.” Is she anything like Zash? Lol, ok… No Vaylin for my male characters…
“You will be making some big choices around Arcann, his fate is ultimately decided by you. Romance is something that we might be interested in if the playerbase asks for it.” Yay!!! Yes, I want my characters being able to romance him… but he have to suffer a little more 1st. Not that I care about it all that much if I will see no continuing romance dialogs outside of main story.
“If Koth has upset you, he will not go unpunished.” That chapter will be my favorite one.

They’re pretty iconic and a lot older than star trek. Like pre-WW 2 old I think. Next Gen had Data, was he not okay with you? Just a “mixed” up c3-p0 or something lol? Geeze.

Freelancer might have been the first video game with a Dyson Sphere similar to Star Trek Online’s Solanae Dyson Sphere and Jenolan Dyson Sphere and SWTOR’s Iokath. In most video games, they seem incomplete or only visible from an interstellar view like Space Empires’ version and Star Trek Online’s Jenolan Dyson Sphere in the Delta Quadrant Sector Space map. Apparently, Aion is a fantasy version of a broken Dyson Sphere.

However, what is commonly accepted as a Dyson Sphere is known as a Dyson Shell according to Freeman Dyson. A Dyson Sphere is a bunch of satellites in orbit around a star to harness its energy.

Freelancer… Omg… Now that was epic storytelling…
Can we petition that studio to inherit starwars license?

(wishful thinking…. Digital anvil got microsofted much like bioware got EA’d)

You might be interested in Star Citizen if you’re not already familiar with it. I believe the guy making it was the guy behind Freelancer (could be getting mixed up, though I don’t think I am). Once it’s out there’s likely to be Star Wars mods released for it too, since they’ve said they’re all for allowing fans to make mods.

Y indeed Chris Roberts behind amazing Wing Commander series, Freelancer & some other good ones. Ofc not to Forget beauty Star Citizen where i have bought 1x Ship with real Dime. Y can get all ships with just gameplay later when it’s released, but it’s good option for ppl to support the Development with buying ships before release.

Years long Sub here & finally canceling the Automatic renewal before December’s charge. Heading to Elder Scrolls Online & Star Citizen. Been Sub to Eso since it’s launch. Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Bummer about the lack of returning companions. Maybe they can bring a lot of them back in Alliance alerts? I don’t understand why BW says a lot of there decisions are based on community feedback, when it seems like the major majority of players don’t like the new gear system. I guess I’m biased because I have such horrible RNG luck 🙁

I think the problem was that some of the companion focused chapters that came out after Chapter IX seem to divert from the main storyline of Alliance vs Zakuul.

Also, returning a companion in an Alliance Alert doesn’t always do them justice, especially since they aren’t featured in the chapters afterwards. .

Don’t forget that their character’s voices are on strike. Big part of the reason that the triple A titles got all the funding was so that they would be completed by the cutoff date and not get placed in limbo.

Personally I am still hoping that Alliance Alerts continue with “cheaper to produce” side stories involving companions we have reclaimed.

You know, I feel like this whole command thing wouldn’t be nearly as bad if it was just added in as a bonus new reputation system to allow all players access to all the stuff. While still maintaining the current end game token system for all the people that actually raid…

Like really bioware, when you add something new you don’t have to ignore or nuke other things!

It could be better, but it’s not getting worse. Two new planets that look great and a story I’m looking forward to. The news about the companions is not so good and I still don’t like it that they pulled a DA2 and made their armor unchangeable. I thought the lesson was learned after DA2 but stubborness dies hard I guess?

Two new story instances you can’t revisit unless you replay that chapter. No returning companions except maybe Jakarro, Shae and Ranos.

I just hope this is some good ass story.

There is one unreleased Alliance Alert with Zenith on Nar Shaddaa from KotFE (“Deep Strike”). Its time of release is currently unknown.

New Promo Companions:
-Master Ranos (“The Light Triumphant”)
-Shae Vizla (“Recruiting Shae Vizla”)

Note: There are 3 new KotET companions. Do you want to know who they are?

No source just speculation. Since they aren’t bringing back the good companions I figured he was the only one of the group from SoR that hasn’t made an appearance.

Also considering how much people hated him I figured the devs would read that as feedback that he was well liked. :p

Lol seriously Zenith? It’s like they are trying to build up more hate. I hope he still uses sniper rifle because they haven’t given us 4 or 5 sniper companions yet.

The Zenith mission has existed in some form since before KotFE hit the live servers.

Fortunately, he still uses a Sniper Rifle 🙂

Exactly.. Real Presentation by Eaware’s Swtor Dev: 2x new Planets.. Naah just Kidding.. Another story instanced area’s that are known as Corridor Running or Walking however u wanna move.. Keep Dreaming of Good old Early Days when we “or not we, but Swtor’s Founding Crew before EA Sacked them” gave you Planets That Can Be Called As Planets.

Even if they’re in Theme Park style, but still can be called.. Even Rishi & Yavin were like instanced Not so much of Planets, but still way better than what came with Kotfe. Also seems to be coming with Kotet Semi Singleplayer Dlc.. not Expansion atm. based on what we’ve have been shown 🙁

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂 Meee Years long Sub who finally cancels the automatic renewal before December’s Charge. Also supported this Mmo “Sadly Half Mmo now & been for a while” with CC purchases for few times until noticed that nothing’s gonna change with Development going to crap direction 🙁

Heading to Elder Scrolls Online that has got lots of great content & it has nice Voice Acting. Housing coming to it in Q1 2017 & i’ve been Sub to it since launch. Also have Support Star Citizen with 65€ so far & happy to Support Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂
Kind Regards: Mmo Gamer since 2004.

I can’t wait for this;

“Koth – If Koth has upset you, he will not go unpunished”

Trying to play it down? “Upset” is not the right word to describe this @$$4073.

In better circumstances, we could have been friends, just look at Pierce, we’re buddies, but Koth has to be an @$$ kind of character. Very bad character design.

You blew up his homeworld TWICE, first the sun generator and then while you were recruiting Kaliyo, and killed I-don’t-know-how-many hundreds of thousands of his people. So, uhm, what were you expecting from him? That he would be okay with it?

Koth isn’t a bad character design; he is just a simple guy and a patriot and that’s it. He saved you so that you could save his homeworld from Arcann. But instead, you started blowing it to pieces. There are consequences.

Koth is a whiny ass no matter if you go dark or light side. All he ever does is bitch and moan about everything. Almost disliked him as much as Skadge and that took some doing. Funny for the first two chapters he’s in then quickly looses any charm. Great if you like the puke but expect others are not so keen on him.

From day one, my Sith Warrior has never varied from his personal code: “Those who betray me will die.” I’ve been thwarted for TOO LONG by powers beyond my control in my desire to punish the traitor NPCs. I greatly look forward to visiting my wrath on Senya, Koth, and the arch-traitor, Quinn.

I’d honestly like it if there was a way to reward loyalty, as well as punish betrayal. Too bad there is no mechanic for promoting or otherwise rewarding companions and followers who have proven entirely reliable and loyal, like Broonmark and Pierce.

A planet lacking in the Force… So why not have Myrkr in the game in stead of Nathema, introduce Ysalamiri as vanity pets and Vornskr as beast companions?

It would be a nice tie-in to the official reintroduction of Thrawn into SW canon.

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