Black Desert Magoria and Kamasylve Concept Arts

Black Desert Online Japan recently showed out a video of the upcoming Magoria and Kamasylve update with some concept art of the new regions and the dark elf class.

Video (Japanese)

Dark Elf Class/Tier 9 Mount


Magoria Update (Port City)


Magoria Update (Sea Creatures)


Magoria Update (New Ships)


Kamasylve Content Update


Coming Soon


  • Nadiir

    I’m so hyped for the naval update!

  • Astat

    Screw gender lock

    • Ohagimaru

      Gender Lock BANZAI!

    • Chris

      Yeah, upset the Dark Knight can’t be male 🙁

  • Syced

    i cant wait to see how big that fish will actually be in game.

    • Vunak

      Seeing as there is a comparison of the ship in one of the images. Its gonna be pretty !@#$ing big.

      • Syced

        while true there are many games which did this for other creatures added and they ended up not even being remotely close to that size.

  • megafilipe

    i want that t9

  • Ohagimaru

    Coming soon..I don’t know if we can wait that long before trump and his deplorables fuck everything up.

    • Steve

      You’re still able to play games with a job, you know.

      • Ohagimaru

        You assume that I have no job?

        • Chris

          This is a game dear. Calling people deplorable is why Hillary lost ( that and 1000 other reasons), Sanders would have trounced Trump, but Hilary CNN and others committed fraud to get her the nomination. My point stop being the reason for your own failure. We’ve had bad presidents before and survived. We’ll survive still. Play the game, have fun, live life and leave politics out of places people go for a release from life.

          • Ohagimaru

            Play the game, have fun, live life but it doesn’t mean that you should live in bliss.

            “We’ll survive still.”
            Yes my dear, go tell that to the Muslims, the undocumented immigrants, and the blacks. Raising awareness is annoying but it has to be done.

            • Lichdar

              I’m a black supporter of Trump and proud to be deplorable. Go find some one else to snowflake for.

            • Douglas

              The ILLEGAL immigrants who have no rights, or place here to begin with?

              • Ohagimaru

                Talking about yourself? lol Pretty sure America belonged to the native americans…..

              • Douglas

                Even more incorrect. They’re not indigenous here. Not their land. They crossed the Bering Strait and MIGRATED here. You bleeding heart liberals are always the last to know I guess.

              • Ohagimaru

                Since this land is not anyone’s land to begin’re basically saying that this land doesn’t belong to people of the U.S as well? Which…proves my point?

                Keep playing the faction game while the 1% is screwing us over.

              • Douglas

                I’m going to go ahead and assume you don’t know what “Terra nullius”, “acquisition through occupation” and “right of conquest” are. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t make such easily dismissed “arguments”. That’s just not how it works. You have no point.

                Blaming the 1%? How old are you….

              • Ohagimaru

                Laws created by would be invaders?

  • IslaRose

    Kamasilve looks amazing.

  • Zchu TheKitty

    So we are getting an Elven region and STILL no male Elf race? Oh but we needed a second female elf of course *rolls eyes*

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