GW2 Braham’s Wolfblood Outfit and Crystalline Dragon Glider

GW2 gemstore has released the Braham’s Wolfblood Outfit and the Crystalline Dragon Backpack/Glider for 700 gems each.

Braham’s Wolfblood Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern

















Crystalline Dragon Backpack/Glider – 700 gems

Not dyeable, wings flap in glider mode (see video)


  • Viking Guy

    That outfit needed to be armor skins…these outfits are becoming a real PITA…I want to mix-n-match…grrrrrrr…..

    • Asda


      • Emilee

        I think we all kinda need to let this go. They know we prefer armor. They keep making outfits. Expansions and PS for new armor only. It wont change.

        • Archi

          it’s just especially annoying here because the helmet by itself is really awesome

          • Emilee

            It is 🙂 i have a lot of outfits and wish pieces of it would be sold separately believe me I understand lol … well … here’s hoping for better looking armor like your helmet and toggling shoulders! ^.^

        • Dosko

          I think they miss out on quite some potential sales tho. I bet theres alot of ppl like myself who refuse to buy outfits simply for the fact that they are outfits and not armor (while they do have the same price). Mix n match was such a neat idea, a shame they went the easy route,

  • asdq

    That helmet looks absolutely sick :c but it’s on outfit. Buy buy it separatedly with gems if I could…

  • Taiwan Wolf

    hip weapons clip really bad on the outfit. 🙁 They float so far away

  • nadrian3k

    Ok those are the first wings i will say are fully wort it. Besides looking 10x better then any they added in the gemstore, they have both runnibg animation (they swing a bit) but also have flying animations (flapping).

  • Ardenwolfe

    Those wings are awesome.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      You’re awesome.

  • King of Nornia

    why is the glider better looking as the LEGENDARY backpack/glider?????? WHY????

    • Outfitz

      One word: gems

  • Sorean

    Nice outfit!

    And as expected…Aurene’s wings from that HoT personal story is now a glider! AAAAAAND a backpack! nice…but it doesnt fit easily with any armor…

  • James Krolak

    What is it with all the awesome looking gliders that aren’t dyeable???

  • Ares Zax

    OK, even though the new glider is pretty much just ripped straight from the HoT story/Sanctum adventure, that’s still pretty awesome.

    ANet, any chance you could update the other “wing” gliders like the Hawk wings or the Valentine’s wings to also flap? 😀

  • Krystal S. S.

    The glider actually looks pretty good and the outfit for the Asura is so adorable.

  • HadesClutch

    Dude, coolest mask ever. Why can’t that be separate. Damn these outfits ruining mix and matching.

  • Sinis

    They don’t have originality anymore. Its just like SWTOR with reskinned stuff garbled together with a few ‘new’ stuff on it so it can make the deadline since this team has problems creating armor as they stated it took over 5 months or so to create something from scratch. Other MMO developers make new armor pieces in a month with the same amount of team size.

    This update isn’t too bad but there are a lot of improvements that need to be done or brought in. Gotta milk it every 2 to 3 months, can’t rush things or chaos will erupt over there at ANet…

  • Sinis

    I call it BS as they focus on other things and agreed. I rarely see anyone else wear the outfits they put out. Sure I’m guilty of owning some but don’t fancy’em at all for 24/7 wear lol.

    Least most outfits on GW2 aren’t skimpy like a plate bra top or something along the lines like that lol. There are some outfits that are borderline close but nothing like most of other games lol.

    • jadu

      i can only speak for myself but the reason why i dont use outfits is because i think theyre just “that”…outfits. non prestige and not particularly good looking. theyre just “cheap”, in my opinion, mainly because the only thing you need to do to aquire them is to take out your wallet. whooptidoo, how impressive 🙂
      the only exception is the halloween and wintersday themed outfits, which i do have a few of.

      • Dosko

        Prestty much same reasons i dont buy outfits. Plus mix and match was so much better in therms of individuality and customization. Too bad they completely abandoned that for who knows what reasons.

        • Outfitz

          The reason is really simple. It takes them about 2 weeks to make an outfit and about 5 months to make an armor set. Gemz, baby.

  • Outfitz

    Classic outfit – the same lame robe as all other outfits with only different part being the shoulders and the helmet. Sorry, not buying a plain robe just so I can have a cool headpiece.

  • Dosko

    Yeah, pls add tons of slutty underboob outfits so gw2 becomes like the crapload of asian shit-mmos out there. No thx, i have to dissagree. If u r into this stuff, play tera. This is a western mmo, pls keep the overall style, i agree tho that the armor-designs in general could need some more awesomeness.

  • Sinis

    If its feminine that’s completely understandable but dunno if I’d want to wear a metal bra on my tank. I mean, everyone likes tits (tits or gtfo lol) but not sure if I want to do a Madonna missile bra into battle. That kind of stuff is where I’m getting at lol.

  • Akhu

    Anet. I thought we had this discussion. Six nip nops or none.
    Both the charr and asura female models have furry weird looking bras????

  • Zack Maxwell

    I’m pissed that this is another outfit, with no obvious reason that it couldn’t just be armor like the other Braham set. But at least it does look awesome for once <_<

  • Ainseland

    is there a blackfriday sale?

  • jake

    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wearing this outfit in game yet. But then the body armor is so generic I think you would be hard pushed to identify it as this outfit at a glance if someone ran past wearing it.

  • BlackPrinny .

    I don’t like the Skin of the Glider…however I like the flapping Animation very much. I would definetly buy an alternate Glider with Wings that flab like this one in the future.

    Oh and regarding the discussion the armor plated bras…I give you the best Light Armor in the game:

    That is more or less serious (aside the hood but luckily you can hide it) nun-look ;-P
    I actually wear that skin with pretty much all light characters simply because it is elegant/lean/minimalistic and has lots of colorable areas.
    Less may be more…not regarding showing tons of skin but going for simple designs and not all that over-the -top crap which doesn’t look practical to wear at all.

  • Bryan Turner

    What Weapon set would you recommend for this outfit, I was planning on buying this Outfit and finding weapons that match the style?

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