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GW2 Gift of Aurene Achievement Guide

A guide to the Gift of Aurene Achievement that allow you to get your own mini Aurene.


Step One: Story Instance

Do the first story instance of this episode (Precocious Aurene) and you will get two items at end of the instance. They are both needed for the achievement. The Token of Affection is required to start the achievement and the Portal Stone is required to finish the achievement.


Step Two: Crafting


Recipes for the various items you need to craft for this achievement/collection can be bought from this vendor in Bitterfrost Frontier. It costs 1000 Unbound Magic and 5 gold per recipe and you will need all 5 (so 5000 Unbound Magic and 25 gold in total). The recipes are account bound on acquire but the items you craft from them are not (can only craft once per day for each recipe) so you can find them on the TP as well.


These recipes require 450 Tailor, Leatherwork, Huntsman, Artificer and 400 for Jeweler.

Dragon Hatchling Doll Frame – 450 Huntsman


Gossamer Stuffing – 450 Tailor


Dragon Hatchling Doll Hide – 450 Leatherworker


Dragon Hatchling Doll Eye – 450 Artificer


Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments – 400 Jeweler


Dragon Hatchling Doll

Make sure you have all 5 items in your inventory (frame, stuffing, hide, eye, adornment) and double click on any one of them to make this Dragon Hatchling Doll.


Step Three: Getting the Mini

Once you have the Dragon Hatchling Doll, use the Exalted Portal Stone to get ported to an instance with Aurene. Talk to Aurene and give the item to her to complete the achievement and get the mini.


The mini is quite small compared to the actual Aurene.


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28 replies on “GW2 Gift of Aurene Achievement Guide”

Quite the gold sink if you don’t already have the materials or levels needed in order to craft them. Thanks for the guide.

Not sure that it is cheaper than 400 gems atm. Since If someone doesnt have any crafting profession to 450 lvl it will require some money, if we take into account the luck of materials. Otherwise its definitelly a lot less than 400 gems. You can still order the items from trading post. They will propably drop in price as days goes by. You can get them for around 100+ golds right now from tp so still about 400 gems. Since i had all materials i had to waste only 20 gold for recipes. So its 100% worth for veterans only.

Agreed I had all the mats already and my crafting maxed.

So just the recepies was needed, but if not it would cost less as gems.

if you are lvl 400 in craft, you must add like 20g for all crafts to reach 450, so you can be at 80g + 54g for material, if you dont have it.

And here I am, getting 40g profit per day from crafting and selling the collection items. In the end I will get the mini for free and still made gold.

yep, i check price of doll parts, at peak, it was sold for 200g, WTF items with price 13g WAS sold for 200g, i dont have enough wtf, but now peak is over, profit now is about 3g only +-

BUT someone who will want craft for example crossing, this “event” just double price of crystals lodestone, its pretty 200g top to price before, just sayin

Leather – Domination – Pleasure – Pain – Tears – Blood = Dominatrix Mode. They love torturing us in many ways than one even if its the simplest of pleasures.

Except they’ve announced on reddit that they are doing something about the leather in the near future. Look on the TP its already at 74s down from almost a gold.

actually this is not bad idea and i am pretty sure anet is thinkink this way, at some old article anet adress leather problems (i mean that leather have no “node” to farm or some basic way, how obtain T4+ leather easy) and i am sure this easy way will be cost us A LOT of $

actually i read that article about economy too, and what i understand (between lines), we anet know about economy problems, insider trading etc, but we dont give a single shit about this, you whine about mystic coin, leather etc price, so BUY GEMS and convert them to gold, if you are poor, yours problem (i saw acc with more then 150 000 g on it) we are pretty fine with this.

deal with it

when 2 white circle appears, you will have to stand on the bigger one while aurene will run to the small circle one and use your special skill after that, it will melt the boss if you do it correctly.

How can I get to instance with Dragon? I see only egg all the time. I completed first mission as a guest with friend.

I have deleted the portal thingy long ago just came back to do the achievement soo the problem is when i go to her shes not there i guess here is where i need to use the teleport im given. My question is if i repeat the story instance will i get the Tp thing again or i need to thru it all again on another character in order to receive it? Thanks in Advance

Ups i already found a way so this might help others too you can just buy the portal from any Exalted vendor for 12silver and this solves it all.

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