GW2 New Items from A Crack in the Ice Patch

A gallery and list of items from the A Crack in the Ice patch. Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s datamining post.


Mini Arctic Quaggan – [&AgGnNwEA]


Mini Icebrood Ogre – [&AgEgOAEA]


Mini Aurene – [&AgGWNwEA]


Mini Owl Griffon Hatchling – [&AgGeNwEA]


Mini Chicken – [&AgHNNwEA]


Mini Ice Beast – [&AgEFOAEA]



Glacial Gauntlets (Reward from Meta Achievement)

  • Light Glacial Gauntlets – [&CnQbAAA=]
  • Medium Glacial Gauntlets – [&CngbAAA=]
  • Heavy Glacial Gauntlets – [&Cl4bAAA=]


Fire Quiver Backpack – [&CmQbAAA=]


Icebrood Horn Backpack – [&AgHWNwEA]



Fire Longbow – [&Cm0bAAA=]


Fire Staff – [&Cm8bAAA=]

Preview window bugged

(Sword) Caustic Nightmare Thornblade – [&CmMbAAA=]


(Dagger) Caustic Nightmare Anelace – [&CmEbAAA=]


(Focus) Caustic Nightmare Corsage – [&CmsbAAA=]


(Shield) Caustic Nightmare Nettleguard – [&CmwbAAA=]


Nightmare Anelace – [&CmgbAAA=]


Nightmare Corsage – [&CnkbAAA=]


Nightmare Nettleguard – [&CmcbAAA=]


Nightmare Thornblade – [&CnYbAAA=]


Trust – [&Cm4bAAA=]


Loyalty – [&CnIbAAA=]


Friendship – [&CnsbAAA=]


Shooshadoo – [&CnAbAAA=]


  • Asda

    Fire quiver looks great.

    I’m kind of disappointed with this “just mash all the dragon powers together” theme they’re going for with monsters now though, seems kind of lazy.

  • Sorean

    What about that Frosted Weapons or something like that?

    Also,they may be thinking of killing both Jormag and Primordus without a proper fight,the way I see it…

    It would speed up the story a bit so we can finally reach the most mysterious dragon,the deep sea one.

    I don’t really care for Primordus. Jormag is kinda interesting I guess because I like ice. lol

    Kralkatorrik is meh

    • Isa Insanity

      Uhh, you mean steve? Steve is the best dragon.

      • Archi

        I’m shocked that more people don’t already know his name is Steve

        • tjan

          Taimi made a reference to this in LS3 episode 2. Rephrased, “the name escaped me right now… It starts with S…”

          • Aix

            That’s not a reference to Steve, she’s just repeating old knolwedge. The reason we started calling the sea dragon Steve is because all we knew about him was that his name started with S.

            • Nedra

              And before that, people called him Bubbles XD

    • lithlius

      Anet is NOT going to just eliminate two dragons at once on a Living world story. Thats missing out on actually making an expansion. plus we all know its all about Kralkatorik. Theres been MULTIPLE hints that Jormag and Primordus are just decoys, smokescreens for the real next expansion

  • Alastor999

    Dat Fire Longbow and Quiver will go great for my burning-condi Berserker…

    • Naro Zakheim

      same 😀

  • Ares Zax

    I’m REALLY liking the look of those new Nightmare/Caustic weapons. Shame they’re only for 4 weapons. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe this might mean more Toxic armor skins as well; I’ve been wanting a full Toxic armor set ever since they brought the gloves and shoulders out. 🙁

  • PJ

    Who is Aurene?

  • Alastor999

    I have a huge issue with Shooshadoo… sure it looks cute, but… don’t any of you realize you’ll end up using a baby Quaggan as a shield you monsters!?!?

  • Emilee

    how do you get the fire quiver backpack? 🙂

    • Sinic

      It’s not in the Wardrobe Storage, so there is no way to get it at the moment.

  • ʇǝɹɹnʇ ǝɹqɐs

    Am I the only one that watching the shield remembers this?

  • Adre

    How to get the Fire Quiver backpack please ?

    • Sinic

      It’s not in the Wardrobe Storage, so there isn’t a way to get it at the moment.

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