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GW2 A Crack in the Ice Achievements Guide

A guide to A Crack in the Ice Living World Season 3 Episode 3 achievements guide.


Cold Resistance

You will be taught how to make the elixir to make your cold resistance buff in the story instances but the buff only lasts until reset. If you need to make the buff again, use the following instruction.

Gather 10 Winterberries, 8 Frostbitten Suet, 3 Eggshells, and 1 Grawl Firestone. Grawl Firestone can be purchased from the grawl heart vendor after completing the heart. Once you have all the items, combine them in that hot spring location. This buff will last until the daily reset.

If the Grawl vendor won’t sell you the firestone, restart your story to that part (Elixir Recipe).


Meta Achievement

This meta achievement is worth 10 AP and requires 21 achievements for completion. Unfortunately, there are only 21 achievements eligible for this meta achievement so you cannot skip out on any of the required achievements. Upon completion you will receive a pair of Glacial Gauntlets skin for all weight classes.

  • Koda’s Blessing and Heart, Moxie, and Many Sweaters do not count as part of the meta achievement.


Story Achievements

Precocious Aurene

There are two achievements in this story instance.

New in Box – 5 AP

During the step where Aurene need to find fish, run ahead and go to this little area. You will find a box of toys underwater. Interact with it and you will get the achievement when you talk to the Priory Arcanist later.


Vigilant – 5 AP

For the step where you need to save the Vigils, you need to ensure no vigil NPCs are killed by the invading Mordrems from the portals. When the first two portals spawn, do not talk to any of the vigil NPCs but instead focus on killing the first two portals. After that, you can talk to one of the Vigils to start the escort event. Doing so will allow you a chunk of time to escort the Vigil NPC without having to deal with the mobs.


When the remaining two portals spawn, just focus on keeping the Mordrem mobs off the NPCs. You do not need to kill off the portals as the event will complete as soon as Aurene finish escorting sufficient NPCs.

For the Ooze Generator Step, you need to kill all the oozes in between you and the ooze generator and lead Aurene to the Ooze generator to destroy it.


For the last boss in this instance, you need to step on the big white circle while it appears and use the special action key to get Aurene to break the Mordrem’s breakbar. This will allow you to damage it significantly. Repeat this until it dies (may take a few rounds).


Journey to the Bitterfrost Frontier

You don’t need the mastery for this, just keep picking up torches from the brazier until you get one with all the skills unlocked and press F to interact with the ice block to get in.


Frozen in Ice

The only annoying part of this story step is getting the Svanir leg armor to drop, just keep killing svanirs until you get it to drop.


Elixir Recipe

You will need to collect 4 things: Frostbitten Suet, Fresh Winterberries, Cold-Resistance Eggshells, and Firestone.

Frostbitten Suet

Just kill mobs on the map until you get enough

Fresh Winterberries

Gather them on the map, they are an excellent source of Unbound Magic when consumed. Their icons only show up on the minimap.


Cold-Resistant Eggshells

Talk to this NPC/Heart Vendor and he will tell you to collect abandoned eggs and put them in the egg warmer.



Talk to this NPC and build a shrine for the grawls.


Chicken Feathers can be obtained by kicking chickens in the cave nearby. The chickens are not marked so just look for chickens on the ground.  The Flexible Sticks and Shiny Ice can be gathered from nodes in the area.


Playing Chicken – 1 AP, Chicken Chaser title

Repeatedly kicking the same chicken until it explodes and down you. You will get this achievement right away.


Elixir Cookin’

To cook the elixir, you need to use this hot spring at the marked location.


The Bitter Cold

The Bitter Cold is a short instance with only one boss. To kill the Champion Unstable Abomination, you have to kill larva next to him and they will explode and damage him. He is immune to normal damage otherwise.


Larva Conservationist – 5 AP

For this achievement, make sure you don’t kill any larva unless the Champion Unstable Abomination is next to it. Each larva death takes a certain % of the abomination’s health. If you kill the larva while the abomination is further away, its death may not damage the abomination and you have therefore “wasted” a kill.

Frozen Out

This is the last story instance and is quite annoying with all the veteran mobs that hits like trucks. There are two achievements for this instance and they all have to do with the last boss.

The Champion Ice Beast is immune to 99% of player damage due to a buff on him. To remove this buff, you have to kill off all the minions which are also immune to 99% of the player damage. What you need to do is to stand behind the minions/servants and let the Ice Beast charge them at them. This will kill off the servants. Once all the servants are dead, interact with a newly spawned scroll and Braham will fire an arrow from his new bow that will remove the beast’s buff. Whenever the beast charges, it will have an arrow teleport in front so make sure you position yourself behind some servants whenever you see that arrow.


Beasts Slain Quick – 5 AP

Kill the beasts within 5 mins. You basically need to waste no time in killing these servants by letting the beast charge them.

Stay Unfrosty – 5 AP

Avoid getting frozen during the battle with the Beast. The frozen seems to come from the ice rock that Rox was encased in so avoid that ice rock during the fight. The Beast sometimes has a frozen attack as well that you need to avoid.


Scavenger Hunt Achievements

Koda’s Blessing – 5 AP

Very expensive achievement, need about 950 Globs of Ectoplasm and 210 gold minimum but rewards an infusion with an aura, See guide here.

Thorough Sampling – 7 AP

See this guide on acquiring all 19 chests for the achievement.

Cultural Attaché – 5 AP

Bring Aurene sourviers from Tyria. Must have done Precocious Aurene story instance. Once you have all 7 items, use your Exalted Portal Stone to teleport to Aurene instance and give her all 7 items to complete the achievement.


Watchknight Statue – Divinity’s Reach [&BCwDAAA=]

Sovereign Weapon Vendor next to Crown Pavilion Waypoint  in Divinity’s Reach for 1 gold.


Small Charr Car – Black Citadel [&BKsDAAA=]

Weaponsmith by Hero’s Waypoint in Black Citadel for 1 gold.


Souvenir Eir Statue – Hoelbrak [&BI0DAAA=]

Karma vendor south of Eastern Watchpost Waypoint for 7000 karma.


Model Asura Gates – Rata Sum [&BBQEAAA=]

Vendor south of Magustan Court Waypoint in Rata Sum right next to the Arcane Council entrance.


Sylvari Potted Plant – The Grove [&BLsEAAA=]

Karma vendor NE of Reckoners’ Waypoint in The Grove.


Caged Orrian Chicken – Malchor’s Leap [&BKcCAAA=]

You need to participate in the event chain with Agent Livilla that is east of Doric’s Waypoint. You must tag the event and she will sell stuff to you as a vendor. You can buy it for 1 gold. Event chain respawn every 15 mins and starts with killing the undead chicken coops and ends with killing the Inquest Ornithologist.


Model Zephyr Sanctum – Drytop [&BIAHAAA=]

Purchase it from the vendor at the entrance. Map must be at T1. Check back at close to the end/start of the hour if your map is not at T1. It costs 10 geodes.


Quirky Quaggan Quest– 5 AP, 1 Mastery Point



Found the first stanza

Use the Thermal Tube just south of it and glide midway. It is inside a fairly secluded area


Found the second stanza

On top of the frozen waterfall.


Found the third stanza

Found on the path leading up to the vista, need to do a small jumping puzzle to get it.


Found the fourth stanza

From the third stanza, use the Thermal Tube nearby to shoot yourself across to the little hidden lake north of the Hot Springs. You can also climb there if you don’t have access to the Thermal Tube or starting from somewhere else.


Found the fifth stanza

Jump in through this crack in the ice and you will find the quaggan at the bottom near the big rock.


Found the sixth stanza

Jump through the crack in the ice near this sixth quaggan and you can find him near the bottom next to the wall.


Delivered all lost stanzas to Neekoolaa and obtained the seventh stanza

This quaggan is on top of the Sanctuary on the roof. To reach this guy, first get on the vista and then just run across the roof to him.


Misc Achievement

Gift of Aurene – 5 AP

Craft your own Mini Aurene with this achievement. To craft this on your own you will need 5000 Unbound Magic and 450 crafters but you can also buy the components off the trading post. See guide here.

Codex: Kodan – 3 AP

First you must have Koda’s Flame mastery. Then walk up to a Flamebearer near one of the Kodan Braziers not too far from the entrance of the zone. You will need to purchase and learn all 5 skills which requires 250, 500, 750, and 1000 Unbound Magic for the last 4 skills. This will cost you a total of 2500 Unbound Magic. After that talk to the Flamebearer again and go through all the dialogue options (don’t need to listen to him talk) for the achievement.


Heart, Moxie, and Many Sweaters – 5 AP

This is a rather easy achievement to do but requires a character that does not have the Cold Resistant buff. You will need to run your character to the NE corner of the zone into the Bitter Cold region. Over there you will get a stacking Bitter Cold debuff that deals increasing damage. You just need to not be complete dead at 20 stacks and you will get the achievement.

If you are really struggle to get the achievement, bring a Revive Orb. You will die and get revived with 20+ stacks by the revive orb and get the achievement instantly.

Mastery Insights

There are 3 Mastery Insights in this map, two of them are fairly easy to get.

Griffin Old Growth Mastery Insight

Use this bouncing mushroom to get up and glide across.


The Svanir Hive Mastery Insight

Run up to the top of the dragon head and glide down to its mouth.


Bitter Cold Mastery Insight

This is the mastery point on the NE corner of the map. You will need cold resistance buff for this. Follow the video below.


Dive Master: Cold Feet – 1 AP

Not very hard achievement but you do need the Cold Resistance Buff. Aim for the white patch under you for the dive master achievement. The ice will break and you will land in water if done correctly.



Delicious Desserts – 1 AP

You will need to purchase a Winterberry Sorbet from the Heart Vendor in Hot Springs or purchase the recipe to craft your own.


Then go below the Sanctuary under the water and find Koollan the Little Builder in one of the pods in the middle.


Talk to him and give him the Winterberry Sorbet to complete the achievement.


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87 replies on “GW2 A Crack in the Ice Achievements Guide”

New in Box:
When asked to cook for children during the first chapter, wait until the Arcanist opens the door. You will find the toy bundle in the same area as we have vendors when outside the instance. (Second lake room reached through a narrow passage).

The Stanza’s for Quirky Quaggan Quest are found on dead Quaggans. There is no name plate so they are somewhat difficult to spot.

everytime i did the dive i bellyflopped onto the ice and insta died. then the ice broke. 🙁 by the time i run back 50% of the time its frozen again and when it wasn’t i never got any credit?

There is a point on the map in the Dragon Teeth’s section tp the right, there is a point of interest with “cauldron” in it, no access to the game at the moment, you have to brew it there. Ask in chat if you’re not sure, you’ll get a response since there is no mission marker to go there (bugged).

Go to the POI east of the spiral shaped hot springs. There’s a small spring that’s hotter. That’s where you cook it. Blister Cauldron [&BHwJAAA=]

Idk if anyone has had this problem yet, but if you redo instances you will lose the ability to make the thaw elixir because neither suet nor the firestone will be available to you. I had to redo the whole story until the point where you get the elixir to be able to make it again. Idk if they’ve intentionally made it like that or if it’s a bug (I hope it’s one, it’s pretty annoying).
Also, the achieves for the story boss fight are only per instance holder – also very annoying. We had to redo it plenty of times for the whole party to have it. You can cheat your way around the not getting frozen achieve by not getting hit by the elite in the first battle (so just stand away from him and let the others kill him) and not entering the last room after talking to braham to trigger the event and letting the others kite boss away from the scroll. Pick scroll up when boss is distracted and there’s virtually no way you can get frozen. It can be done with just two people, as Braham will kill boss on his own/rez the other party member when their dead.

Do you not get the mission to make the elixir? The firestone you can buy from the heart vendor without the mission, from what I can tell.

Nah, as I specifically stated, this only happens when you REDO an instance. E.g. you go and do story alone. But you wanna get the speed achievement for the last boss and go in again, alone or with friends, doesn’t really matter. Now, as soon as you do that, you lose you’re capability of making the elixir. Now you have to start again, so you can “relearn” to make the elixir, because suet and firestone won’t be available. Suet won’t drop and the vendor won’t sell you firestone. A buddy of mine had the same thing happen to him. Others in map have also complained that they suddenly couldn’t interact with certain vendors dispate having done story and the heart. When you’ve got the elixir “relearnt” again you can just drop out of story mode and it -should- be no problem. Will know more once it resets.

Yes same happened to me the 2nd day run through got grawl stone remade elixir np but after I tried redoing the story to get some achievements on day 3 no grawl stone available after doing the heart.

Time or Crisis cannot change Anet habits. Make hard achievements, use the money to win. It’s the same, nothing new. Just make it harder to keep you guys in GW2. That’s why most people are bored and stop playing this game.

Achievements are -meant- to be difficult. And you can’t buy them lol. Easy shit is mind numbing and is more likely to drive people away.

Do I have to do the story instance with every alt? Because I’m trying to make the 100% map with an alt and the cold resistance elixir doesnt appear and haven’t done the story with this one, just my main.

No, ever since LS3 all achievements can be earned on a first playthrough (given two choices aren’t mutually exclusive)

Every character will need to invoke new cold resistance daily. Everytime you get the elixer, you get the debuff on that specific character until the daily reset.

So what is the best spot for the daily magic gatherer in BFF? The blobs seem to be rather scarce throughout the map tbh.

Most are in the water but otherwise there is one good stack at the hotsprings (where you make the cold resistant potion) which you can easily reach by taking the thermal tube there as it propels you straight up.

There’s a more “accessible spot to do the daily ubm gatherer, imo.
At the end of the frozen river with all the ice drakes, in the forest, there’s an opening in the ice. Drop there and you have 5 ubm right there, swim towards the lake and on the right, another “room” with 3 more ubm. After that just swim a little further in the lake and you’ll get the 2 more needed. To me is more convenient than the hot spring ones since it takes a lot longer to get there, while this is right in your path as you clear the berries.

“Stay Unfrosty” is really easy . Just party with two people . One will be killing the boss and the owner of that instance will be outside where he will not need to do anything . Yes then he need to carfuly run there and grab the scroll .. while his friend will keep the boss busy . But after that he can just go back into his hideout outside of that fianl boss cave :3 Works perfectly just takes a bit longer. You know better be safe then sorry 😉

“Stay Unfrosty” can be cheesed since both gram and braham don’t die. Just start the fight then stay back and watch the beast charge at gram and braham till all the minions die.

If the beast gets stuck or goes into a loop pattern where he isn’t charging any minions, just move from your starting area where you were waiting, to the west area, but don’t attack at all just move there. The beast will switch target to attack you as you run past, thus changing his attack pattern and breaking him out of his loop. Run far enough back at the west area and he will stop chasing you and go back to attacking gram and braham and killing off the minions.

Once all the minions die, it may take a while depending on your rng luck, you still don’t even need to attack the beast. Braham and gram actually do quite good damage on him. Stay back and let them do all the work. Wait till about 10% health then range him to ensure you get credit and bam achievement done. Easy mode, 100% safe cheese method.

When getting the elixir you probably should make and use it right after reset to get the max amount of time on it. I made it today 4 hours before reset and that was all the time I got with it. Thank goodness I had done this on another character when this first came out and got 24 hours. It should have a timer on it rather than reset. I would have been mightly ticked making this a few minutes before reset and finding my efforts wasted…

Also when up at the mastery point there make sure you take a torch with you when using the thermal tube to get there and thaw out the cub at the back. He will appear in your home instance and will follow you around…He is adorable!

So, I’m not sure where to leave this and I’m sorry it’s already been mentioned somewhere, but I think I got a new homeinstance cat from the new map

I went to gather my notes today and ran into a snowleopard cub that I don’t recall seeing before. I do remember defrosting one in the Bitterfrost Frontier. It’s up the waterfall in the bittercold, where you go for the mastery insight. If you bring one of Koda’s torches you can defrost this little fellow and he’ll roll at your feet playfully making hearts at you.

you did, it’s from bringing fire to the frozen snow leopards by the bitter cold mastery point. I’ve heard you need to unfreeze all 3, but I’m not sure if you just need to get the right one. Doesn’t hurt to do all, though!

I did all but the little fellow in my screenshot is the only one who came out alive lol. His family just dropped to the floor when I defrosted them.

So i was doing the living story “A Crack in the Ice” and had 2 achievements to do for the final reward “Glacial Gauntlets Box”.

I somehow did them both in the playthrough with this char. So I accepted all the rewards and opened the box to get my skins.

Now however, the story section where it says Master Achievement Reward is not showing as done. On some chars, you can’t even see the reward in that little box.

Probably not a big deal i guess. Since I know I got the reward, but i like to see that master icon on the story. Or does that only appear lit if I do the 2 expensive ones?

You have to complete the story on the character for the Master Achievement Reward to show up as completed, if you want the icon to appear on all your characters then you need to beat the story with all of them.

It seems that you need to do all the achievements under the living story for it all to light up. I did the under 5 min achievement with like 5 characters and it still is not lit up. I am now in the process of doing the final achievement.

You can kill the Bitter Cold Champion Abomination with a Necromancer with Vampiric trait or any skill that steals health so you can easily get the bonus achievement for saving some of the larvae.

You need to do 21 out of only 21 achievements, that’s ridiculous. The last story mission is so hard solo to get achievements, you can never get anyone to run it with you. So i’m never going to complete it, wonderful.

Hate to say it, but it’s an achievement for a reason, if it’s all really really easy then there would be no value in “achieving” it. Also, I recommend joining a nice guild or something if you find it hard to find people to play with. If you can’t do it on your own there’s bound to be more people out there looking for a partner.

Last achieves are ez…. Bring reflects and blocks as needed to mitigate missiles/cave ins/ice, use line of site around the rocks, If you get the beast to break the rocks or trample the mobs you get the scroll to use, run down the cave as much as you need, you also have the ramp and can glide stealth, you can even die several times and still get the achievements.

The trick I used was to stand behind a rock on the opposite side of the room and agro all the adds, using the rocks to line of sight mobs so they group up around the rock then let the beast trample them by making sure the mobs are between you and the beast all the time. gather scroll, run up ramp or down cave dance around wait until it is vulnerable and just nuke it. You do not need to produce any more damage than is necessary to aggro mobs throughout the entire fight until the scroll.

I guess the people are right that it’s not impossible, but it’s annoying af. Anet has never learned the difference between challenging and annoyingly unfair content. Plus having to run through Braham’s attitude time and time again to get to the boss is enough to make anyone rage. I’ll just run through the reward track in WvW once to get the gauntlets.

About the 20 stacks of Bitter Cold achievement… I got it by just being dead XD
Apparently when ur dead the stacks keep adding up and damaging u and I just… got it
(after I used the “risky” thermal tube)

I’ve done every achievement except for the hyper-expensive Koda one, and it’s not showing the “mastery complete” thing in my story journal or giving me the box of gauntlets. What gives?

Every one of them. I was mistaken when I said I hadn’t been granted the gauntlets, but under my story journal, my mastery is still not showing up as complete. This irks me.

Still no icon. I refuse to do the Koda one unless I know it’s absolutely necessary, so someone tell me if I need to do it to get the star thing, or if there’s something else I’m inexplicably missing. I’m getting annoyed.

I got to The Bitter Cold but my buff got reset before finishing the story… now when I try to make the elixir with the ingredients listed above, it won’t work and it tells me “I’m not ready. I’ll do it later”
Is it a bug? Do I have to restart the whole Episode? Do I actually need more ingredients or what?

you don’t need the orb for the achievment. just stay death for some seconds, and you should get the achievment.

A suggestion, on the Karma vendor selling the Sylvari Potted Plant, please add her name, Leanna. There are quite a few karma vendors around that location. 🙂 Otherwise, love your website and use it constantly. Thank you.

For the Precocious Aurene final battle it was bugged for me. It only drew ONE white circle so I couldn’t unlock the special skill. I had to die, then the next time it drew TWO white circles and if I stood on the larger one the skill would unlock.

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