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GW2 Koda’s Blessing Achievement Guide

A guide to getting Koda’s Blessing Achievement and the new Koda’s Warmth Enrichment Infusion. Special thanks to SilentFisher.7015 for their help in locating some of these.



This achievement rewards 5 AP and the Koda’s Warmth Enrichment, which gives +15% karma and has a fire aura effect.



Getting Started

This achievement is fairly costly and not for the faint of heart as it requires quite a bit of gold. You need to make 19 Offerings to Koda and they together costs 950 Globs of Ectoplasm and 209 gold minimum. This is in addition to the 9500 Unbound Magic and 95 Fresh Winterberries you need to farm from the new Bitterfrost Map.

You will need to purchase Offering Baskets from the Unbound Magic Exchange vendor by the Sanctuary in Bitterfrost Frontier. They costs 500 Unbound Magic and 1g each. You will need to purchase 19 of them in total.


After that, you will need to combine each Offering Basket with 25 Elder Wood Logs, 50 Globs of Ectoplasm, 10 Icy Runestones, and 5 Winterberries to make an Offering to Koda. For 19 Offerings you will need

  • 475 Elder Wood Logs
  • 950 Globs of Ectoplasm
  • 190 Icy Runestones
  • 95 Winterberries

Icy Runestone can be bought from the vendor by Jormag in Frostgorge Sound when the event isn’t active. Winterberries are farmed from the NW part of the new Bitterfrost Frontier map. They can be gathered once per day per node per character so you can farm them on multiple characters to speed it up.

Double click the Offering Baskets once you have the right amount of materials in your inventory to make the Offerings to Koda.



Once you have the Offerings, go to each of the location below and double click on the item in your inventory. If you are at the right spot, the item will be consumed. Some locations like Dragon’s Stand or Frozen Maw are something you might want to do it ASAP rather than wait to do them last.

1. Offering for Steadfast Refugees – Fireheart Rise [&BA8CAAA=]


2. Offering for Jungle Restoration – Dragon’s Stand

Next to the Mouth of Mordremouth chest platform. You don’t need to succeed in the meta event, all you need to do is glide close the final platform where the chest is and spam click the item in your inventory. This is useful if your map isn’t going to succeed in the final event but managed to get there.


3. Offering for Elemental Restoration – Mount Maelstrom

Run up the middle tree trunk in Hidden Garden. Don’t need to do any part of the jumping puzzle.


4. Offering for Elemental Peace – Kessex Hills [&BBkAAAA=]


5. Offering for Quaggan Survival – Timberline Falls [&BEYCAAA=]

This is inside Coddler’s Cove jumping puzzle. You don’t need to do the jumping puzzle, be present at the beginning of the jumping puzzle is sufficient.


6. Offering for Peace – Fields of Ruin [&BM4AAAA=]

Summit Peak POI in Fields of Ruin.


7. Offering for Draconic Redemption – Auric Basin [&BNcHAAA=]

Tarir Inner chamber, where the egg is kept. This is the regular instance you enter via Tarir, not the one you port into via the exalted portal earned from episode 3.


8. Offering to Restore Nature’s Majesty – Tangled Depths [&BA4IAAA=]

On top level of The Great Tree in Tangled Depths, next to the Flax Farm.


9. Offering for Overcoming Corruption – The Grove [&BH8EAAA=]

Take the pod up to the very top level (Omphalos Chamber)


10. Offering for Kodan Sanctuary – Frostforge Sound [&BIUCAAA=]

On top of the Kodan Ship near the waypoint.


11. Offering for Exiled Emissaries – Snowden Drifts [&BLwAAAA=]


12. Offering for Racial Cooperation – Lion’s Arch

Anywhere in Lion’s Arch


13. Offering for Cooperative Strength – Brisbane Wildland [&BF4AAAA=]

Skittsburgh Throne Room


14. Offering for Reunion with Nature – Verdant Brink [&BB0IAAA=]

Obtained next to Lord Faren in Verdant Brink Shooting Range activity. Need to be daytime and also completed the Nobles escort event, the defense event and slayed the Hylek Champion for Faren to spawn.


15. Offering for Dimensional Stability – Queensdale  [&BPwAAAA=]


16. Offering for Elemental Stability – Iron Marches [&BNwBAAA=]

This is the area for the Flame Shaman event. Need to be on a map where the event has completed.


17. Offering for Elemental Recovery – Wayfayer Foothills [&BJsGAAA=]

Obtained by doing the Frozen Maw meta event. Make sure to consume the offering when you are looting the chest.


18. Offering for Life’s Balance – Straits of Devastation  [&BPACAAA=]

Lightfoot Passage in Straits of Devastation


19. Offering to Restore Magic Balance – Bloodstone Fen [&BEUJAAA=]

Right above the Temple of Renewal in Bloodstone Fen.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

65 replies on “GW2 Koda’s Blessing Achievement Guide”

i think so too. Cause it uses the amulet slot so no agony loss. 200g which is about the same as ghostly infusion maybe less just without the combat stats (but everyone knows we buy those for the auras)

Heh, I guess ANet decided to put in another HUGE sink for Ectos given how low they’ve dropped in price lately. With the upcoming nerf to AB multi-farm coming soon too, if you’re planning to complete this achieve, it might be worth stocking up on ectos now while you can.

It gives +15% Karma. As for appearance, I’m guessing it may look like the “Warmth” buff when you’re near the Kodan braziers (a fiery glow with black smoke emanating from your characters chest). This is just speculation, though.

Is there a particular time during the Fire Shaman meta you can use it? I went to the exact spot in the picture, and it said no presence was there. (for # 16)

Ah. I went and they had just walked off the platform and Fire Elementals appeared. No shaman, but it wouldnt ping the achievement.

Might need to do event?

Don’t think they’ve collected the last one yet. Reunion with Nature could be anywhere – lots of nature stuff lol.

that much investment for just a small light thing? Not even on par with a ghostly infusion thing?

Welp, not doing that.

There’s no dialog, or any npcs involved, no side bonuses or funny gizmos to be gained, and they don’t have to do it 19 times.

So? I’m not arguing for precursor chains as long as the old ones, I’m arguing for chains of this length which end in legendaries.

Let’s assume there was an offering which could only be made after the other 18 had been made. The last offering is made in the “bitter cold” area of the map (where the quaggan and kodan herd froze) and rewards an item called “Gift of Koda” with the description “This frozen baby Quaggan teeters on the edge of death. It is likely beyond conventional healing”

Finally, to forge the new legendary shield in the mystic forge, change the final recipe to: precursor+gift of Koda +vial of liquid flame+gift of shooshadoo.

See. Zero extra effort and a story which makes you feel attached to the quaggan you using as q meat shield -.-

Im guessing the character modeling is far easier with auras than weapons as you need to properly fit them to each race, do footsteps, think up a legenday backstory etc.. auras they just gotta slap a cool effect to an infusion and hey ho lets go. Also they cant add a legenday chain this short as this i think this is too easy for a legenday.. this is just a matter of money not dedication

Talking about using the Kodan offering achievement as an introduction to a legendary weapon, not comparing the effort required to make infusions and legendary weapons.

This achievement is not compatible with a legendary quest. Legendary guests have 4 parts and a story behind them. This achievement can be completed in 10 minutes after you gather the materials. This quest also forces people to grind the season 3 maps, which was not the point of the new legendaries, and it’s not a big enough gold sink.

Even ignoring this, it’s only 1 weapon. They would need to make new achievements like this every time a new legendary is introduced, which brings us back to square one, with quests stalling the introduction of legendaries.

Guy, you started off by implying that precursor quests are too much work to create, then in this post state that the Kodan Offering achievement is not long enough to introduce a legendary weapon. Your conclusion apparently being that you’d rather have no quest to get the legendary then a medium length one.
That aside, a singular quest could have easily been woven in to any of the new living world maps we’ve received – giving a story (and thus a soul) to the legendary weapons just released.
The rest is just idiocy. My opening point was that we routinely getting achievements elaborate enough to warrant legendary quests anyway – so no extra effort required, just a gift at the end of the achievements already being included. Grinding a living world map is no different to the map grindings required by all other legendaries – and if unlocking the maps perturbs you, the cost of unlocking the map can easily be factored out of the cost of crafting the legendary. The fact that you can gather all the time-gated materials before starting the crafting as opposed to the old collections which required the materials to be obtained in a specific order? Big woop, who cares.
But I’m still trying to get around the mentality of saying “If we can’t have a 4 collection mega quest, then I don’t approve of having a single collection with a compressed, meaningful, story point.

The problem that they have stated is that not enough players got to experience legendary journeys so it was unfair for them to sink so much time into developing them for such a small subset of players. Yet I wonder how many players are going to flush 1000 ectos down the toilet for what amounts to 5 achievement points and a small map specific karma booster and infusion

You’ve combined 2 relevant but separate points. The price of crafting precursors is exuberant. The way the precursor system is set up, one has to pay for the precursor as one goes through the motions of doing the legendary journeys.
If legendary journeys could be embarked upon without the cost – with the single “spirit-of-the-precursors” item being awarded at the end, I’m pretty sure that most players would play through most of the journeys for the added content.

I am working on my 3rd legendary, I suppose of if they doubled the cost of making the final step of the weapon I could get on board with that, but part of having a legendary is not everyone has the same weapon. I would make all the precursors if what you are saying is true, which kinda defeats the purpose. Everyone can make the old legendaries and sell the resulting precursor if they only wanted to do the content. That option is out there for most of the weapons

I bet there’s going to be people walking around with the ghostly infusion, koda’s warmth, queen bee, nightfury, winter’s presence and the super aura…what did I miss?

ghostly infusion is pretty bad, it made your completely awfull visage, remove any color you hard way fit to your char, i am really thinking about leave any bonuses from it to go back for full color of my armor 🙁

atleast it seems like something you can do in the long term and calmly and not time gated like the season costumes like nightfury

“950 Globs of Ectoplasm” Holy crap-a-moly…

I’m a pleb at gathering stuff in this game compared to GW1. Always farmed my ass off for other stuff but never really went after the Ecto farming on here…but 950 ecto? I’m too Jewish to part with my Ecto stack (if you want to call 41 of them a stack) for this.

Think I’ll take my sorry pleb of an ass to the other room and keep farming for those damn shovels…

Offering for Elemental Stability isn’t working. I’ve cleared the event from start to finish twice. It just keeps telling me You don’t feel Koda’a presence in this location. It’s the Fire Shaman event.

I was there and beat the boss. I think I figured it out though. The first two times I was in a downed state when the boss was beaten. The third time and I was finally able to finish the achievement I was up when the Shaman went down. Should this effect the achievent probably not, but that’s my best guess as to what was going on.

Anet is high in sugar or something when they made this achievement that expensive. Thank you but I rather buy the enrichment for laurels lol

not exactly, but i know, that some % of account are pretty rich, i saw few account with tens of thousand of gold, richest acc i saw was about 150k gold, so this stuff is pure gold sing, like carneval weapons from Ember Bay, its have no real purpose, just remove gold stack from game or for ppl, who dont know what to do with their gold :/

That would make sense if there were not achievement points attached. It irritates me when achievement hunting costs more gold than many players will ever reasonably possess. According to GW2 efficiency, my account is in the top 25% of players registered with them, and yet there is no way I would throw gold down the drain for no real purpose. That aura effect is only good in that map, so it isn’t like it is a skin that you can show off throughout the game… unless I am misunderstanding

#12 is not working. I’ve tried standing on the same spot as Dulfy shows in her picture in Lion’s Arch, but it says “you don’t feel Koda’s presence”.

Alternative to farming 9500 Unbound Magic, the Offering Baskets are not account bound and can be purchased from TP for approx 2 gold each.

I thought one of the missions of the original GW2 developers was to reduce the grind of other MMO’s. Yet so much of the new content is grind grind grind, repeat repeat…I’m getting so bored with the repetition.

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