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GW2 Thorough Sampling A Crack in the Ice Achievement Guide

A guide to locating all 19 chests for the Thorough Sampling Achievement.


You get 7 AP and 3x Frozen Exotic Weapon Fragments for completing this achievement.


Cold Resistance

You will need Cold Resistance buff for chest #15 to #19. Incase you forgot how to get that buff, you will need 10 Winterberries, 8 Frostbitten Suet, 3 Eggshells, and 1 Grawl Firestone. Grawl Firestone can be purchased from the grawl heart vendor after completing the heart. Once you have all the items, combine them in that hot spring location. This buff will last until the daily reset.


1. Svanir Supplies

There is a lever on the right side of the building that will open the door.


2. Hot Spring Depths

Swim down through the hole in the middle.


3. Hurler’s Hoard

Up the mountain next to the Veteran Jotun


4. Woomulla’s Cache

This one is on top of a tree which you can get to by using the bouncing mushroom below. Note that this chest seems to move around. Check all the treetops around the area just to be sure.


5. Eagle Flight’s Gear

Also on top of trees, use the bouncing mushroom below to get it. Note that this chest seems to move around. Check all the treetops around the area just to be sure.


6. Woomulla’s Supplies

Also on top of trees, use the bouncing mushroom below to get it. Note that this chest seems to move around. Check all the treetops around the area just to be sure.


7. Frozen Falls Stockpile

It is at the bottom of the frozen waterfall, you need to interact with this object to open it up.


8. Grawl Supplies

Inside the grawl tunnels/caves


9. Firestone Reserves

Also inside the grawl tunnels


10. Kodan Nest Egg

On top of the Kodan ship inside a cubby hole.


11. Bedside Dresser

Talk to this kinky Quaggan named Thoorne and get a key from him. Then swim down to one of the pods and open it to reveal the chest.


12. Dangerous Bridge Stock

You can get here via a small jumping puzzle.


13. Steam Crate

This one is slightly more tricky, you have to do another jumping puzzle that starts at the location marked by the arrow. Jump through some stone steps and a bridge to get to the other side where you can also get access to the vista.


14. Mushroom Trio Stash

Run south from Sorrow’s Eclipse waypoint and use the mushrooms to get up.


15. Unstable Remains (Cold Resistance)

This chest is inside the cave below the Mastery Point. It is the same cave you had to enter for the Bitter Cold story instance.


16. Diving Trunk (Cold Resistance)

This is the chest you can get to after doing the dive master achievement.



17. Frozen Ledge Package (Cold Resistance)

Glide to it from the top diving goggles.


18. Frozen Bridge Case (Cold Resistance)

On top of an ice bridge that leads to no where.


19. Frozen Peak Chest (Cold Resistance)

You can probably run up to here or glide from the mastery point location.


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22 replies on “GW2 Thorough Sampling A Crack in the Ice Achievement Guide”

So chests can spawn in different locations. For example, #4 Woodmulla’s Cache I had in the tree just south of the one you show. Also, #1 the door was closed at first but then something opened it later on, could be event driven.

Another different location: I found #5 Eagle Flight’s Gear on the tree in between the forest heart and The Titan Tree PoI.

I had already opened two of these from exploring before I started going for this achievement. Eagle Flight’s Gear was not activated until I found the third one.

if you complete the story first you cant buy Grawl Firestone from the vendor, now i cant access to the bitter cold and stuck to get the stuff inside.

I don’t have this problem, just bought it again, did you do the Heart quest first? (Don’t mean to be smart arse, just asking.)

did the heart quest with two different characters. one ahd the story the other didn’t. couldn’t buy it on any of those.

i have same problem too..i finish story in 1st day before reset.and got buff and buy Grawl Firestone from npc when i running the story..and today (2nd)i go back to heart NPC and he just selling mini chicken and other staff. didn;t have Grawl Firestone 🙁
Not sure is it bug or any problem . hope someone can help me 13. you can skip all puzzle, just use thermal tube at Blister Cauldron’s and fly from there using updraft (also there), you need to hug southern wall (with 2 stops on ledges) till get to Vista, from vista you take thermal tube and at the top of the flying arch you deploy glider and fly directly back and you will reach the chest easily

#13 Steam Crate you don’t have to do the jumping puzzle at all. You can use the thermal tube at Blister Cauldron, catch the updraft just above Blister Cauldron, then glide along the left canyon wall. Use the ledges to get to the thermal tube just below the vista. Take that tube, but open your glider at the top of the arc and glide back. You can get the chest for #13 and then drop down for the vista.

about the 8th, there is snow leopard there, i helped one that was in an ice block, and now i have a snow leopard in my home … it may be linked…

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