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SWTOR KOTET Q&A and Wrap up Livestream Coverage

SWTOR KOTET Q&A and Wrap Up developer livestream coverage and notes.



General Notes


  • Community Topics
  • New Class Ability Animations
  • 5 Year Anniversary

Community Topics/Promotions

  • Character Transfers – Sale will run from Nov 29 to Jan 18. 90CC transfers. 150 CC for cross-region transfers
  • Rapid Recon Walker – Be a subscriber on Nov 27
  • KOTET early access – Be a subscriber from October 25 to Nov 27.
  • No pre-Fallen Empire companions will be coming back in Eternal Throne. They can allow you bring back companions you have killed off in the story via the terminal in Odessen if players want this.

Black Friday Sale

  • Collection Unlocks are 50% OFF
  • Friday – 50% off armor sets (except the Nathema Zealot)
  • Saturday – 50% off all decorations
  • Sunday – 50% off Appearance customization and species
  • Monday – 50% off all mounts, vehicles, toys, and pets.


  • 9 New Story Chapters
    • Two new planets
    • Outlander Character token to start at 60 or 65.
    • Chapters are repeatable with challenge levels (KOTFE too)
    • New Gameplay Innovations
  • Galactic Command
    • 5 Brand New Uprisngs
    • Dark vs Light
  • Five new levels
    • New class abilities
  • No more story until the next expansion after KOTET once you finish the 9 chapters.

Eternal Throne Story Overview

  • The Alliance
  • Vaylin
  • Senya &Arcann
  • Valkorion
  • Two new planets: Iokath and Nathema.  See backstory of Arcann and Vaylin in Nathema.
  • What is happening with Jedi/Sith will be revealed in the expansion and you will get visit some of the Capital Worlds.
  • Drew Karpyshyn was involved in writing all of the story chapters.

Repeatable Chapters

  • 25 Chapters from KOTFE and KOTET
  • New interface to launch chapters and change difficulties.
  • Story and Veteran mode at launch, Master mode to follow in January.
  • Choices from your first playthrough carry forward but you can try out new choices.
  • Veteran mode is available from your very first playthrough and scale to your level.
  • Veteran mode is balanced for mid tier end game gear and an Influence 20 companion.

Gameplay Innovations

  • Brand new gameplay experiences as part of the story
    • Pilot a walker
    • Go undercover as a Zakuul knight
    • Remote control a mouse droid
    • And more…

Galactic Command

  • Accessible from anywhere for subscriber at level 70. No plans to allow non-subscriber to access this right now but may reconsider in the future.
  • New to Galactic Command – Uprisings
  • Access to game activities such as Warzones, Uprisings and Operations
  • Earn Command Experience Points to get Commnad Crates
  • Command Crates contain items including cosmetic armor, weapons, schematics, end-game gear, and more.
  • They are planning to sell a  20% Command Points Booster in the Cartel Market.
  • There is a Command Points Weekly Cap that is unreachable unless you exploit.
  • Anything that is not killing normal mobs will give you Command XP. Ranked PvP and toughest operations will be the most rewarding in terms of Command XP.
  • Once you get to Command Rank 300, you can still get command crates but you just won’t level up. You will also get flairs to denote your Command Ranks.
  • You can get green, blue, purple and legendary tiers of gear. Legendary is a new gear tier they are adding with the expansion and it is very rare.  There will be 12-13 different sets of armor you can get from the Command Crates.
  • Since Command Crate has a RNG element, they will closely monitor and if people are getting screwed over with set bonuses by the RNG, they will adjust it.


  • Uprisings are 4 player and intended to be fast paced
  • Five uprising comings with Eternal Throne
  • Accessible from anywhere through Galactic Command at level 70
  • Story and Veteran mode at launch
  • Master Mode and more Uprisings to follow early next year.

Dark vs Light

  • Starting at Level 1, earn dark and light points to sway the balance of the force
  • The war will be fought on every server
  • Winning will cause large-group boss battles around the galaxy. Six different planets to spawn and each boss have like a bunch of possible spawn points with a 20% chance to spawn there. You have to go there with 8-16 players.
  • Galactic Command highlighted activity affects Command Experience Point and Dark and Light point gain.
  • Everyone will earn rewards based on their character alignment
  • New reward currency: Dark and Light side tokens. You can purchase brand new cosmetic stuff that are particular to your alignment.
  • Laggy Clips shown of DvL bosses in Dromund Kaas and Tatooine.
  • One side will win every couple hours.

5 Year Anniversary Rewards


  • Vendor on fleet that sells them for 1 credit
  • Senya Holotrainer
  • Celebration Jawa. This Jawa counts for “That’s Just Wrong” achievement where you need to kill players with the Party Jawa out.
  • Stronghold decoration featuring the loading screens from each expansion and the original game.
  • Dromund Kaas/Coruscant stronghold will be 5 credits each.


  • No plans to have Command XP system to be legacy wide but they think it would be cool to have catch up mechanic for alts later on. If you want this, let them know on the forums.
  • Unused gear tokens in 5.0 will be converted to credits.
  • Uncompleted missions will be reset once 5.0 goes live.
  • Horizon Squad is a new group of Knights that are loyal to Vaylin.
  • No new strongholds in KOTET
  • The companion for DvL will be the light side Master Ranos companion

Life Day Teaser

  • Wampa Companion available from the cartel market



Class Changes/Animations

New Class Animations


General Combat Changes

  • Choose your advance class at level 1
  • All stances are now passive
  • New tier of utilities for each advanced class
  • Big changes to each class – patch notes coming Monday


  • Removing Phase Walk to tune down the mobility
  • High damage single-target skill on a 15s cooldown that is useable from stealth or within 15 seconds or landing a critical hit.


  • New Ravage/Blade Barrage animation. Changed from a channeled ability to activating instantly. Adds more mobility to the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight .
  • New ability for Vengeance/Vigilance Discipline. It replaces Vicious Throw/Dispatch and has a 30m range.
  • New ability for Carnage/Combat discipline. High damage ability that hinders the movement of your enemy and reduces their armor.


  • Gunslinger/Sniper: New ability which replaces Debilitate/Dirty Kick, allow you to stun a target from 10m away.
  • Operative/Scoundrel: Use Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand to do AoE damage for 6 seconds. The Medicine/Saw bones will be able to use this ability from 30 meters away.

Bounty Hunter/Trooper

  • Mercenary/Commando: New ability which absorbs all single target damage, reflect 50% of it and heal you for 5% of your health each time an attack is absorbed.
  • PT/Vanguard: New ability which replaces flame thrower/pulse cannon, which have been removed from the game.
  • PT/Vanguard: New ability which replaces death from above/Mortar volley, which are now mercenary/commando exclusive.
  • PT/Vanguard: New ability which replaces Explosive Dart/Sticky Grenade, which are now mercenary/commando exclusive.

Forum Q&A

KOTET Livestream – 11/23 | 11.23.2016, 05:43 PM

Originally Posted by Jerba

I have one question left, what will happen to the Crystal of Nightmare Fury? Specifically what crafting materials are we going to need? The sooner you can get us the answer, the more time we have to prepare in farming materials. You promised to get me the answer to that but I (and most other nightmare guilds) are still waiting on that.

The crafting of the Crystal of Nightmare Fury is unchanged! You can get the Tier 1 Exotic material from the Jawa Scrap Vendors.
Also, to answer a question from the stream. Alliance Supply Crates will still come from Heroic Missions as they do now.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

329 replies on “SWTOR KOTET Q&A and Wrap up Livestream Coverage”

“They are planning to sell a 20% Command Points Booster in the Cartel Market.” Well that’s it, I was planning to resub for the story at least and give GC a chance. But if they do this, I refuse to give them any more of my money.

Because this new RNG based system is bad enough. But trying to grab more cash by selling boosts for it, is just a big fuck you. Especially since you have to be a subscriber to acces the whole system in the first place.

It doesn’t affect you. Anyone else’s Command Rank means NOTHING in PvP. They are no more effective in PvP due to bolstering. Outside of petty jealousy for someone else having shiny stuff you don’t it doesn’t impact you in the slightest.

Nowhere have I suggested someone else’s command rank directly affects me, so not sure why you go on about that. My point is that it’s a cheap tactic to make people pay to access the gearing system, and then try to squeeze some more money out of people paying a monthly subscription, with these boosts. I don’t want to incentivice that sort of behaviour by continuing my subscription.

In addition, it gives Bioware all the more reason to ensure that grinding gear will be a lengthy process, because longer gearing times mean more boosts sold and thus more revenue made. Meaning it’ll take even longer to gear up toons to the point I can actually use them in content that I actually want to be playing.

I’ll close on this, even though you’re mostly right about bolster, we’ll just have to wait and see if that actually will work like that. Currently gear still makes a big difference, even in bolsters warzones and storymode operations.

And where exactly did I say it’s P2W? And as I explained, them selling these boosts will without doubt affect gearing speed.

how does it not affect you when someone gets better gear LONG before you do, becasue the pay to get it faster? giving a player a distinct advantage through the real money purchases – advantage that cannot be acquired with in game means? is a DEFINITION of pay to win.

Hi, you must not PvP much… so i’ll translate for you… /pat

Command rank = higher tiers of gear
command rank boost = 25% boost to speed
bolster is not level sync… gear still matters with bolster
Ranked warzones will not have bolster…

making this undeniably a Pay-2-Win element

tl;dr more gear and higher tiers for boosted player

What are you doing in this game then??? Actually running group content???Omg you guys STILL exist! And here I was thinking you were all extinct…

Vendor on fleet that sells them for 1 credit
Senya Holotrainer
Celebration Jawa. This Jawa counts for “That’s Just Wrong” achievement where you need to kill players with the Party Jawa out.

Does that mean i can buy a skill trainer only for 1 Credits and the Party Jawa, too?

“NOTE: To claim your rewards, use the “Emergency Fleet Pass” ability located in your ability list (Type “P”) to get the Republic or Imperial Fleet. Then, visit the “Strongholds and Crew Skills” area of the Fleet. Visit the Strongholds terminal to purchase your very own Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds for only FIVE CREDITS each. Then, visit the “Anniversary Personnel” vendor to claim your 5-year Anniversary Celebration Jawa, Senya HoloStatue and 7-Piece Poster Art Collection.”

“No pre-Fallen Empire companions will be coming back in Eternal Throne. They can allow you bring back companions you have killed off in the story via the terminal in Odessen if players want this.”

fuckin seriously?

It’s too much to ask they get the voice actor for Khem back, apparently. Think of all the new dialogue they’d have to record, all those English words. He was a chatty one.

More likely it’s due to the strike going on right now involving nearly every voice actor they had in SWTOR/KOTFE. They cannot bring those companions back in without recording new dialogue, and that cannot happen until the strike is resolved.

I was being tongue in cheek about the fact that, given he has no spoken “dialogue”, they could get creative with rearranging his existing…language (?) audio files, shit, do it in Audacity since they do everything on the cheap these days. The ongoing strike sucks bigtime, particularly given how in demand voice acting is in games these days. No reason why they can’t bring back Khem in some capacity.

And I’m sure they will. There IS still the potential for companions being re-introduced in the new year. They’re just not coming at launch. They did NOT say in the stream that no companions are returning until the next full expansion. That’s a gross exaggeration and patently false. We know there will be further updates in the new year akin to the new chapter updates we’ve had with KOTFE. They will not be full-on story updates and are more likely to focus on group and PvP content but the devs have left the door open for companions returning before next fall if that’s what everyone is worried about.

Others are assuming that. Repeatedly, throughout this thread and even up in the news post. That was never said and I’m just pointing it out to quash the rush to judgment and assumption.

So in other words, we don’t get any more of our original comps back? That sucks. I was hoping to get Kira and/or Jaesa back and see what they have been up to.

No pre-Fallen Empire companions will be coming back in Eternal Throne. They can allow you bring back companions you have killed off in the story via the terminal in Odessen if players want this. (*NO. You cannot have back the companions you romanced and probably spent the most time with pre-dumpster fire in a way that incorporates them into the story even though we could do this with a brief message and dialog wheel convo somewhere. You can, however, possibly have back companions you chose to kill because you hated them. Ya know…if that’s something you’d like…but not the thing you really would like cause fuck off.)

Two new planets. (*NOPE…they are just instanced story content.)

No more story until the next expansion after KOTET once you finish the 9 chapters. (*They are even abandoning their commitment to story.)

Repeatable Chapters (*Cause repeating the same old crap is the real new content here.)

Gameplay Innovations (*LOL…none of those are innovations you silly rabbits.)

They are planning to sell a 20% Command Points Booster in the Cartel Market. (*Not P2W but a step closer to that line when you’ve gated all the new gear behind a RNG system that requires the currency you’re selling a boost for.)

Laggy Clips shown of DvL bosses in Dromund Kaas and Tatooine. (*FFS, you can’t even show off new content correctly?)

i kinda expected some lazy comeback from them. they didnt want to work to hard to bring them back… just lazys

They already explained the reasoning for no old companions coming back through story. They said that they felt that building the backstory behind their return distracted too much from the main story, and I fully agree. Playing through KotFE is like “oh cool, I get another backstory and, OH YEAH, some KotFE stuff somewhere”

For me that was the only reason I played the story to see who would show up next. Sadly I played through on my operative first who was suddenly the chosen force user. It never made a lot of sense but those companions gave me a reason to keep coming back.

It’s a shame because with the story coming all at once I don’t see a reason to stay subbed at this time. They might bring them back in a year sounds iffy. Unless they blow our minds in January with the group content announcement I have no faith left.

“No more story until the next expansion after KOTET once you finish the 9 chapters.”

So basically no new story content until new story content is released? Thanks for clearing that up.

honestly just let em ruin their own MMO, once 6.0 trys to make an appearance they will lose more dedicated players and then say good byw to swtor ppl….these Idiots from EA and BW dont know how to run a proper Starwars MMO comes to show they arent pros… time to fire these three idiots as well.

Ruin? I know of at least a dozen former players who haven’t touched it since launch who are coming back and that’s just my immediate circle of friends. Why? Because SWTOR is finally getting one crucial thing you and the other naysayers are overlooking: the Command System is an endgame, rewarding reason to log in and play every day. SWTOR has never had that. People will play for that reason alone. You may not but many others will and I would chuck away the entire rest of the expansion just to have that all-important bit. It’s revolutionary for this game.

Are you peaking bro?

At least a dozen of your friends quit at launch, and now since we are reverting back to the same things we had a launch they want to return. That rng appeal

“Revolutionary”??? It’s grinding! What’s so spectacular about that?

SWTOR has never had that? I’m so sorry: what was I doing since launch until SoR then? There was no Endgame back then? I must have been on meds then, I could swear there was Endgame content back then. In fact, I might go as far as saying that back then we had PROPER Endgame.

The Endgame you’ll be doing is EXACTLY the same material I had to do, save Uprisings and the KotFE stuff. They’re making you play the SAME STUFF!!! How can you people not see this??? It’s in front of your eyes!

And everything is RNG now. That’s really the icing on the cake. I have NO CONTROL over Endgame rewards. NONE WHATSOEVER! Oh, and I have to do it ON EVERY SINGLE TOON I HAVE!!! At 24 characters, I’m not even going to bother.

I’ll leave you not with my words, but this time with Dulfy’s. See if you can spot the sarcasm:

“More importantly, we now have official confirmation of the max command rank of 300, a lengthy grind all subscribers can now enjoy with KOTET.”

I don’t know how this is possible, but it looks like somebody cut of the head of the headless chicken called BioWare developer team.

How they develop this game is as random as the gear will drop in 5.0.

I thought so. 5 uprisings at launch then the other 7 that were datamined release later. Their group content announcement in Jan will probably just be those other 7 uprisings, not any news about raids.

Assumptions. You don’t know what they have planned for the new year. It could be more Ops. It could be raids. It could be companions back. It could be any number of things and God forbid you wait and see.

God forbid people get sceptical after waiting for ops for 2 years now. And only having an announcement of a livestream discussing new group content.

I found it interesting that even when they mentioned the January stream I’m pretty sure he specifically said 8 player content which would imply nothing over that. It’s either some other half-assed thing they’ve come up with, another rehash, or a make-shift “Op” that’s going to make ppl long for the days of glitchy ToS and Rav.

Even if it were two new well thought-out Ops, what’s the point? Just proves they still can’t find a good balance and wildly swing from one thing to another, starving a large portion of their playerbase every time.

Theyd need a lot more the 1 op since 99% of raiders are long gone i think its most likely redoing those same ops for some other gear or some crap

Also, wtf is with choosing your advanced class at level one? There was an element of challenge to having to wait those first few missions, particularly if you were on your 20-somethingth alt and had to deal with Harkun for the dozenth time.

“No pre-Fallen Empire companions will be coming back in Eternal Throne.
They can allow you bring back companions you have killed off in the
story via the terminal in Odessen if players want this.”

I guess we all should have romanced Lana or Theron when we had the chance…

That’s not the whole scope of the problem. The fact is these guys don’t know what they’re doing. They can’t commit to a long time plan, because they haven’t got one! BW is like a ship wandering in the ocean without aim, wandering at the will of the wind.

All the time I was playing with companions that weren’t my favourite ones, when I could have just gone to the terminal and get them. Yeah, because I was hoping for a small story to get them.

So some of my favourite romances get ditched down the drain, because these guys can’t even full fill THEIR OWN PLAN!

Thanks a lot BW. You guys rock…


Ya all of that is pretty sad and it’s not like they couldn’t of had your romanced companion rescue you from that carbonite freeze instead of Lana.

Said it before, but I still feel if command rank was implemented as an additional way to gear and not the only way, a lot more people would be ok with it.

Yeh command ranks should be the non raiding method of gearing and raids should drop high rank gear directly. More CXP is not enough motivation for people to do HM instead of just farming SM (which they are already doing for conquest anyway). They should make EV/KP give less CXP too.

Wow. So some of the most beloved companions in the game are going to be gone from the story for at least two years now?

Yup and that’s why I only played 8 of my eligible classes through chapters 1-9 without starting KOTFE. And since I really don’t like the episodic type releases I have cancelled by sub until I not only get my original companions back, but the total completion of the KOTFE/KOTET xpacs.

“Drew Karpyshyn was involved in writing all of the story chapters.”

How involved was he, lead writer involved or did he just help out a little bit? Considering how damn good the stuff he’s done before have been, him as a lead writer or similar would actually make me resub for a month just to try the story out if he’s had significant hand in the writing of it .

I think I would have minded the whole “no old companions coming back in KOTET” thing a LOT less if there wasn’t also that whole thing about them getting reintroductions that fit into the storyline. Like, if he doesn’t come back in KOTET, it’s PROBABLY safe to say there will never actually be an opening in the “””storyline”””” for Lord Scourge.

So yeah, thanks Bioware! I definitely didn’t want to see my favorite companion again! :)! Other companions?? UM Hello,, We Have Lana!

holy shit scoundrel gets a SOLID AoE!!!!

I am resubbing right now, just let me read these notes one last time….

*reads this part:*

No plans to have Command XP system to be legacy wide.

Fuck that shit.

listen guys, I understand MMOs have grind factor in them. It’s in their nature.

But this new system is Grinding times 400. And then, I have to do all over again with an alt?

The only thing this system encourages is forcing players to play with one characters only unless you’re a masochist and love the torture involved in this horrible process.


“New Ravage/Blade Barrage animation. Changed from a channelled ability to activating instantly. Adds more mobility to the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight .”

Thanks a lot guys. One of the BEST animations in the game. And now we’ve lost it. Yes, I know, it’s now an instant ability, more mobility for melee classes, bla, bla, bla… Screw that. It looked COOL. Now it doesn’t.

Just a quick tip for you guys in the Forum:

If I was playing this sorry excuse for a patch (which I will be NOT), I’d get my Commandos/Troopers and lay down the law until Forums go berserk on this:

“Mercenary/Commando: New ability which absorbs all single target damage, reflect 50% of it and heal you for 5% of your health each time an attack is absorbed.”

This ALMOST makes me wanna test out those guys. ALMOST. But play them soon rather than later. This is going to get nerfed BIG TIME. I can hear the winning and the crying from here. And it’s a justified one…

I always liked that Ravage could immobilise a target while my harder hitting abilities came off cooldown. Guess it’s back to running hopelessly after all the ranged classes with their ridiculous mobility 🙁

Agreed on ravage, used it every time it was off CD just for the animation. And killing another player mid-ravage was the best. Was one of the best animations in the game

Personally I am happy blade dance is getting changed since I think its one of the worse animations in game (giving ur back to the enemy and stabbing backwards hoping he stands still is a almost certain way to get yourself killed fast in a an actual sword fight). To each his own I guess. My fav animation was flamethrower (even if it did low dmg) and will be gone too.

Ooh shit a woompa xD definitly gonna buy him or her + wish they changed animations on lighthing sorc 😛 skills

Well, as I said numerous times on various platforms, I will go through the story 3 times (LS, DS, Neutral), then try a few Uprisings, open up a few RNG boxes and then… well, we’ll see what happens then.

I’m already having lots of fun with SWGOH (best SW game out there!), enjoying Tyranny which satisfies all my RPG needs and secretly leveling a toon in ArcheAge(!). Civ6 has come and I’m still going to buy it and play (no time atm). So, I don’t know for how long I can stay subbed to SWTOR. This I will see in a few weeks after I finish the KotET story and play a few Uprisings.

“Command Points Weekly Cap that is unreachable unless you exploit.” looking forward for that achievement 😀

abilities were added/modified for uprisings? that is incredibly short sighted….

these are basically shorter tacticals and HM FP… aka mainly ignored after a few plays…
really great move guys! brilliant!
you rebalanced the game (maybe broke it) for seldom used content…

on a similar note… ravage RIP

They bring companions back, people get mad; They don’t bring them back, people get mad…

There is just 100% no pleasing some people who play SWTOR. Guess we’re all gluttons for punishment.

If anything, during the entire run of the 16 chapters of KOTFE, people were mostly complaining about NOT bringing back our beloved non-generic 40 original companions of the 8 classes. Personally I cannot recall when someone complained about bringing back any of them. Even the return of Skadge was celebrated, as it was accompanied with the option to kill him.

I remember people complaining about not bringing back their favourite comps, as was to be expected. Hell, when they brought back Vette I subbed just to get her. As Kosto says, I don’t recall people complaining about bringing back companions. I recall lots of complaints about not bringing some of them in, and being able to kill them. Like Quinn. Or romantic interests.

I won’t even go into Quinn man. I swear, the most moronic thing that happened to me here on Dulfy was some guy/girl that got on my case because I wanted to torture and kill Quinn, very slowly and painfully. What type of person I was, Quinn was misunderstood, that kinda thing… I swear, I could not believe this guy. I asked if I was hurting a computer program’s feelings or something… Maybe he/she thought Quinn was really alive… Like Pedro!!! 🙂

Must’ve been Pedro, he likes Quinn a lot. Probably because he can relate to him as a major bootlicker and suck-up… 🙂

But would make for an interesting playthrough with a toon that wants to romance and kill Quinn, like the SI but with more voices in the head…

I don’t remember anybody getting mad because of Companions returning.
You just made this up to camplain about other players.

They are making it up, or you and two are simply reading different forums? Good chance it is the latter, or the devs wouldn’t have a reason to come to their conclusions. Regardless, they are allowed to complain about other players if they want to. Especially the ones whose sole purpose seems to be finding ways to complain about the game.
Personally, I read people complain that focusing on have companions made the story drag, unhappy they didn’t get their favorite companions back, and complain about ones that did return. Proof to me the devs can’t win on this front.

We don’t need to find ways to complain about the game. The devs are EXCELLENT at providing news ways for us to complain.

Want proof? Here’s one for ya: when they thought comps had to be nerfed, there was a big poll. Players were asked if the comps should be left alone or nerfed.

Close to 70% of the people that voted wanted comps to be left alone. What did the devs do? Nerf them by more than 50%. Do you remember the shitstorm that ensued? Oh I do. They don’t listen. They live in their own little bubble-world and think everything they do is perfect.

Of course, after that they had to go back, and revert that big nerf to a small nerf to comp’s abilities… WHICH IS WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE, INSTEAD OF MAKING A POLL. Poor decision making. ZERO insight on how their own game should be developed…

The story did drag. But it wasn’t the comp’s fault. It was the PLOT that was weak. And if you’re going to bring some comps back, OF COURSE you’re gonna get hammered if you don’t bring all of them back, because people have their own preferences.

Indeed the devs can’t win. Because they put themselves on the spot with their lack of planning and poor decision making. Now it’s story. Next year it’s group content. God knows what it will be next… Or if they don’t change their minds again!

Not our fault man. THEIRS. Don’t point the finger at us, point it at them.

Ironically this scenario is one part where the devs did the correct thing by not listening to the customers. Not leaving he good nerf completely ruined this game. What they should have done is allow the super companions to be behind a pay wall so all the idiots that want a game that plays itself could buy that.

I agree. But once they made companions that could out-heal a proper healer they had no choice but to leave them. They don’t have the BALLS to do what it takes man. They’ve simplified, stupefied this game to the point all you have to do is spam the “1” button to play. If they thought the comps needed a proper nerf, just do it! Don’t even announce it, just fucking do it! But for the Force’s sake: don’t ask what the people want and then spit in their faces lol…

I don’t think people were complaining about companions coming back. They were complaining about the story sucking

I remember a point towards the end of KotFE when people kept asking the devs about the companions still missing. They let it sleep that they were keeping the best for KotET so people would come back for the next season.

I do believe that plan has backfired.

I’m not sure if i got this right. Dvl is ending soon. People (not I I 🙂 have invested tons of time into it to get the new companion. And at the same time you guys decide to make a wampa companion that’s available through the CM

Well played me for not participating

2 key take aways: more story to come, they are not turning away from it as they previously said. 2nd, no new ops, the new group content are additional uprisings set to rekease next year. Simple and clear, take it or leave it..

Yes, and a few nerfs on the way maybe… Makes sense: you guys were topping the dps charts, seriously OP… Right???


And this is the reason for no new abilities? Perfect logic dude. If you were owned in PvP by SorcSage improve your skill :b they are not OP. Try to win duel with OperativeScoudrell and then return here and say how SorcSage are OP.

Sorcs are OP. Sounds like you’re just not that good at playing it if Operatives are handing you your arse. No idea about PvE, but in PvP they top the leaderboards 95% of the time.

Leaderboards have nothing with real PvP because of syncher and wintraders, lol. Last 1v1 tournament was held with special rule for OperativesScoundrels and yet the winner was Operative – surprise surprise.

Well, in pve they’re not at the top of any charts. More like near the bottom really… I have NO clue about pvp, I’m the worst pvp’er in the world… Well, second worst, if you count Musco… 🙂

Fair enough, don’t know much about that. But in PvP they’re a joke. A good Sorc player dominates any match they’re in, and as healers they’re next to impossible to take down. Even if you get close, they pop the ‘I win’ bubble and it’s back to square one. Most regular warzone teams just aren’t coordinated or good enough to focus on them.

And if there’s more than one Sorc healer I generally just leave as it’s a waste of time.

Well, you just wait then… With Guard not being exclusive to tanks they will be even harder to take down…

NOBODY knows Ben! I see what they are trying to do: they’re trying to eliminate skank tanking… But this is not the way, I think. As I said, I’m pretty useless at pvp. BUT it seems to me, this is only going to exacerbate the problem, not solve it… Well, lets wait and see…

Yes indeed about Add Boy Musco.. 😀 🙁 Swtor’s Community Managers & Devs are worst Gamers that know about their own Product’s Gameplay since Birth of Ultima Online.. 😀 🙁 I’ve loved to watch Livestreams where Guild Wars 2, Wildstar & Elder Scrolls Online Devs fight each other. Oh boy do they know the abilities usage, movement etc. Yes.. 🙂

Just remove the RNG. period. Nobody wants it. No need to make “adjustments” when you don’t have to worry about rng. Why piss people off when the issue can be avoided entirely.

“… they will closely monitor the RNG and adjust it AFTER ppl are getting screwed over … ”

5.0 has not been released yet and I am already screwed over with this.

Unfortunately to many ppl like RNG and mega farming, after all they just told so to BW/EA by taking part in this LvsD nonsense.

“Oh god in heaven. I’m a poor and lowly sinner. I never prayed to thee. My lips are kept close all the time. But now I pray … please grant Roberts thy power and wisdom so this guy can finnally bring up SC fully fledged and filthy thus giving me release from this swtor addiction and letting me spend my immens valuable and sparely gaming time with something more to appreciate”.

This is the one thing that will ruin the Xpack. I can see the forum flames already, they never did this much of a shit ever since the -90% companion nerf.

True that.. Sadly many who Praised the Lazywork L vs D new “Event” that was mostly Put in so that Ppl get to see what is Cartel Market & get more ppl Hooked into it.. Are Big Part of the Reason for Lazymode RNG Loot System to arrive.. 🙁

I got curious too, so I went to Jedipedia and checked out it’s healing abilities:

– Revitalizing Wind: A gust of revitalizing wind heals a friendly target over the duration of the channel.
– Restorative Supplies: The wampa delivers a payload of kolto energy, healing the target and cleansing it of mental and physical effects for 9 seconds.
– Surge: Your creature bellows a restorative roar, healing the target

So basically it throws “kolto energy” (WTF. Isn’t kolto a physical matter, not energy?) and apparenty winds and roars can heal now.
WTF, Bioware?

gog, you gotta stay up to date man… That’s “Revitalising Wind” right there… We can get a farting wampa… I’ll be damned if that would not be the MOST INTERESTING THING about this xpac… loooooooooool…

My DS SW is pretty twisted and not even she would tolerate that. She’d probably gut the wampa on the spot if it farted in her face… 🙂

I’m not gonna lie to you: IF they came out with a REAL farting Wompa I’d buy him. I’m telling you, I would! And my younger son would coming be back to the game just to get him too! That would be a blast.

They sometimes forget Star Wars used to be FUN movies. You had fun with it: C3-PO, R2-D2, Han Solo and Leia, Jar-Jar Binks… Ooooops, no: scratch that last one… LOOOOOOOL!!!

“That would be a blast.” Well that’s one way of describing a farting wompa ;-D

But yeah, I’d want that wompa as well, add in some belching for stuns while we’re at it.

Hahahaaah yeah.. Such Damn Mindless & Mindfked Idea by Eaware.. Kolto isn’t energy y well said by @gelious:disqus & @disqus_us1UiL8k9h:disqus is prop right with Dots being applied via Stinky Healing Farts.. Should have Strong Healing Powah after Wampa eaten Tauntaun.. @disqus_oGhzQ0j1w0:disqus U r prop. right with that being best addition on Kotet “Expansion” and wrote it like that as so far it seems to be Small Dlc & not Expansion.

I’ll finally stop Years long automatic Sub Renewal before Is renewed in December 2016. Also supported this “currently” shameful Star Wars Dress Up Game few times with buying CC’s via CM even had that years long Sub. So have given my share of Bling for this disgusting Star Wars cash in, but no More. Not even if January brings the Rumored announcement & there Eaware’s lazy Half Blind Devs announce Ops.

Ofc if that happens it means that comes in end Feb or mid March at earliest. Not Right away.. Wish good week to all take care and enjoy gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Kind Regards: Mmo’er since 2004 & Gamer who Dislikes Char Proggression Simplifying no matter the Area instanced or Not.

“BIG announcement at end of live stream!!!!”

**waits for news of even just some small life day event based content**

“We are putting another companion for sale in the cartel market!!”

**blank stare**

I’m not gonna lie. I honestly thought after an hour. After they were like no more questions???? They were going to show us or even just say anything about ops. 🙁

Does that make me a fanboi now?

Yep indeed it should happen.. Same for some others so that they would still Come out of the “all the same” Comps Box.. Shameful work for 4.0 when took away the Uniqueness that some Companions had..such Blind Worship of Lazymode & Sheep minded players by Eaware 🙁

HK-51 too!
Gearing companions used to be a pain but i miss it in that it made not everyone’s equal. In Shadow of Revan I used left over WZ coms to gear out HK. It saved me from a ganker on Yavin once. :O

“Gearing companions used to be a pain but i miss it in that it made not everyone’s equal” <— Well said & 110% agree. Shame that Simplification to Gameplay came also like that.. Congrats for Pimping Your Comp well saved your butt in World Pvp attack 🙂

These guys are so competent they left an aggro drop from the old HK-51 in his tank stance. Result: HK is useless as a tank. And Treek is weak as a healer and useless as a tank as well. But they’re boosting her healing in this patch…

After this last livestream before release… I’m not exited. They are so poor at promoting their game, it’s unbelievable.

True that & have been for years now.. Even Dog learns when touches something that shouldn’t.. Swtor’s Eaware Crew.. Not so much.. *Brainstorm moment when thinks about it..* I wish them good learning times.. Musco with Add & his Merry Devs Duo.. Ben & whatever the name is for the dude who always sits on middle.. 😀

Well, dev team said they’re going to advertise the game harder after 5.0.
I’m also having a good feeling about getting new group content on 6th year. Devs experimenting, trying to find the best possible way to keep the game, maybe they will start producing over again after new year.

For haters:
My Hope is not what makes me look stupid in your eyes, its the lack of it in your own hearts.

“Since Command Crate has a RNG element, they will closely monitor and if people are getting screwed over with set bonuses by the RNG, they will adjust it.”


Yeah I’ll believe that when I see it.

What that actually means is:

“If players won’t complain we’ll increase the drop rate on belts and bracers until the forum goes mental.”

Green armor stuff can be used for outfit studio at least, there’s a few cool older ones around. Using them as actual armors never happens tho

Exactly… 😀 Knowing the Laziness of Swtor’s Eaware Dev Crew.. Y y budget and Crew Size is more than Triple Size of Swtor’s, but Wow’s 1st patch that came after Legion Expansion “with big E” had Muuch More Content “Content not Singleplayer Chapters” than Whole Kotet “Expansion” as one. Yeaa Eaware 😀 🙁

But SWTOR have new cartel packs which WoW doesn’t have, that must account for something right?

On second thought, it doesn’t 🙂

Lol yeah what a joke eh were screwing you in general but we want to make sure we dont break ur hip when we bend u over

What will happens with the rewards that you get from raising influence with specialists in Odessen? Every 2 levels you get comms of all kinds. Also, what will drop from supply crates? Same as 4.0?

Supply crates remain the same. About tokens… they might change it for CXP more likely. I’m still collecting gear from this crates, so it worries me as well.

“No new strongholds in KOTET” NOOO!!!
“Celebration Jawa” Yay! Always wanted it!
Members of Horizon Squad will be killed off for good.
Master Ranos…. OK, no companion in full zakuul knight armor with pike for me…

Wampa comp will look perfectly on my wampa rug 😀

But grindfest sounds like trouble, I had enough rng in games already. Anyway, looking forward to see and test it! Too bad no love for GSF (

20% Command Points Booster in the Cartel Market.

fuck no. I will not subscribe until it’s changed or removed.

Its the same as xp booster or pvp valor booster. It only makes you get cxp faster, you’re not able to buy cxp directly. Whats the problem? Its just a game, its not like people in some rich eu country gets money because they are citizens, while less rich countries population barely have money for food. Think thats fair?

let’s focus on the game not the fact some people can’t afford corn.

Wtih 5.0 PVP and PVE gear with set bonus (BiS) is only from Galaxy Command.

First P2W paywall is the fact that if you are not subscribed you can’t get past GC level 70 (out of 300!) that’s mean you will be locked out of the best gear.

Second is the boosts. let’s say I’m pvper I want best gear ASAP as there are many skilled players and I want best gear I can asap. with previous systems I had to play pvp and get my gear – everyone had even chance to get it based on effort and time played.

with CXP boosts I can get Command level 25% faster over players which don’t have the boost. that means I’ll get to top level gear 25% faster over the other players.
even with RNG fest still I’ll get better gear then the lower Command ranked player.

so basically PVP going to suck until you get the top level gear and get proper gear only then you’ll go pvp.

With PVE it’s bit different as you don’t compete with anyone but still some player’s will get their rank higher 25% faster for money. if we tinker it further before 5.0 you only had to get to level 65 to start your pve end game gearing and progression – with 5.0 not only you need level 70 BUT you need to raise your command rank in order to get better gear to do HM and NiM content.
without the boost it takes 25% more time which means this boosts are almost mandatory.

it’s horrible practice.


Valor means nothing beside fancy title and small insignificant bar on your character. XP since 4.0 is useless you get to maxed level before you finish chapter 1.
Boosts for social skills are also meh only opens some social items which are not mandatory for the gameplay itself unless you RP.

Dont forget the fact, that people dont play the same time. Ofc rich kidz with alot of spare time will get 300CR in no time, with or without a booster. You talk like 25% will make you get cxp 10 times faster. Its not like that. 25% from an hour is 15 minutes. If you play hard, its not alot, if you dont, like myself, reaching 300 cxp will take ages, if I’ll ever start, because I’m not much into it anymore. Top crafted gear will only be 2 tier lower, so like 224 and 222.

Personally I will use crafted gear. Even if I’ll sub.

you want set bonus it’s inevitable.

Bioware devised a way to force people to subscribe if they want to play blocking the GC system behind subscription – then they added the cash grab which is the CXP boost.

it’s bad and supporting it is bad.

Well, Im not going to rush it anyway. At average you can get 1-3 levels a day, so about 3-5 months of average gameplay. Thats a shitload of time.

Rushing through content is what making problems for top guilds in any mmo. I’m not saying 300 levels of RNG is an awesome idea though. I said that I’m going to avoid it as much as I can. I dont like the rng grind.

It’s swtor. ffs you can’t slow it even if you try.

I took my time when KOTFE was released. I finished 9 chapters in a binge took me around 6-7 hours at weekend (with breaks ofc).
got alliance 20 on all 4 advisors in 2 days.

alerts takes me around 10-15 minutes tops.

considering how fast you get xp I bet you could get 300 in week.

Wow, I’m not that fixed on getting everything fast. I play an hour of story a day at best. And I hate grind, I do it on rare occasions, when I cant avoid it.

Anyway, we’ll see how it will work.

You can barely do anything in an hour best get some free time do 2-5 hours sessions when you got the time.

you’ll enjoy your game better.

Proggression been supah silly fast and y those who remain in silly 5.0 + content will see how it will work. I finally give up after years of support and with supporting i mean Sub since launch and even occasional CC Purchases in 2014-2015. Not past 2015 when i noticed the shameful Development focus. Automatic Sub Renewal canceled before Charge on next month.

Glhf if u stay in this SW Dress Up Game 🙂

Care to explain what I said wrong here?

I’ve changed my name to better reflect my views. Dont you think it fits better?

Not sure about the command system, if i’m preffered, can i still enter GSF/Warzones/Flashpoints or Operations? (kinda sure i can’t enter ops but not sure of the rest)

You won’t be able to join ops and i think its a no for uprising aswell. But you csn forthe othets within the weekly limit. Since there are no more passes you cant expand the weekly limit.

So as a preffered player i can still do 5 warzones a weel and (unlimited?) flashpoints a week? (don’t really know about GSF as i don’t play it often)
So the weekly GF and WZ queues stay the same, just the subs gain command points and the rest not if i’m correct?

U’ll see it soon… Sad that EA logo is attached to SW Games.. Shame that Disney Scrapped Lucasarts before they were able to Finish SW 1313 game.. Now we just have to wait for next SW adventure that comes in 2018.. Take care and enjoy gaming whatever in whatever game that is 🙂

New SW Adventure made by Naughty Dog Developer Crew called Visceral Games. They’ve done Dead Space, but it still could some Uncharted design.. So can expect SW adventure with Uncharted & maybe even The Last of Us Syle 🙂 Could be nice or fail esp. as EA is the Publisher.

I hope works out as i’ve been big fan of products made by Naughty Dog <3 Saw the news about it during summer this year.

Take care and enjoy gaming in whatever game that is.

I think you will be able to join sm ops. But you might not receive any loot for downing bosses. You certainly won’t gain cxp

what Bioware have done is put gearing up in any content behind a paywall.

So preferred/F2P will get to level 70 and be blocked from any new/decent gear unless they sub.
So if you wanna pvp you maybe get a weekly pass but then when you go into a warzone your gear will be shit and you will be owned by everyone that has subbed.
Same for ops, you will suck and be booted no doubt.
The only way around this is to sub, gear your toon up to a decent level then unsub.
Bioware masters at pissing down your back and telling you its raining.

But as a preffered player, i can still join (unranked and not max level in my case) pvp, do flashpoints and even sm ops but don’t receive gear, is that correct?

And why, tell me, F2P should get the same stuff as people who sub? Its not P2P game, its a classic sub model, even WoW works the same way.

I’m not defending anyone, I’m asking why you think you can drive a ferrari, and pay only for 1 door.

I agree subs should get more but the amount of F2P/preferred players is Biowares fault.
Why should people pay a sub for a single player rpg game?
I dont blame anyone for pulling their sub money.
What they are getting new content wise for the past 2 years isnt worth it.
Bioware realise that most people will burn through the story and go preferred so to screw those people over they put gearing up into uber giant grind fest that can only be done subbing.
Its a dick move by them.

“Bioware realise that most people will burn through the story and go
preferred so to screw those people over they put gearing up into uber
giant grind fest that can only be done subbing. Its a dick move by them.”

Exactly.. Disgusting Greedy move that has no Respect for their supporters.. Instead they could’ve finally made the content more Challenging for everyone by Default and then add those extra Difficulty lvls for Chapters that have close to 0% Replay Value.. Nooo we do this way.. lolz.. 🙁

I’m really disappointed they decided to take the laziest route with the Advanced Class system.

First of all if I can pick one at level 1, that’s hardly an Advanced Class anymore.
Second, it kinda ruins some of the prologue class stories, like the importance of building your own, very first lightsaber as a Knight. I was already disappointed their is no story and/or gameplay difference later between taking the light and the dark choice (just before making it).
Third, I really wished they will eventually add story to picking the Advanced Class, something similar to KOTOR’s jedi class pick where a teacher asks questions from the player to see which class would suit them best. Maybe tests and depending on how you do them the teacher will recommend a class but the player can still pick the one they want.

Well said… Sooo well said.. Please put this to Official Forums with 2x sections & use Visible Coloring for key parts. Let me know after posted there 🙂 Post it once in 2-4x weeks to keep it on 1st page. Take care wish u good week 🙂

“something similar to KOTOR’s jedi class pick”
It..kinda does that now. I think most people skip it now though since you hit level 10 well before leaving the starter planet and it lets you pick as soon as you hit 10 now.
It used to be that you couldnt choose until your reached fleet after level 10. When you got to fleet there was a special trainer that would test you and ask you what you were interested in.

I remember that but it never had any actual quest or story attached to it. The trainers just stood there near the elevator, told you to pick an advanced class and showed the details of it. That was already disappointing to me.
I was looking forward to some… I guess some roleplay stuff in an MMORPG (in name at least).

Ok, now is the time to get the stupid Jawa Achievement… as long as it’s new to many people they will use it in warzones.

I read that there will be 12-13 different gear sets from command crates. Is it 12-13 sets per one gear lvl or is it 12-13 sets across all gear levels? By gear lvl i mean 216, 220, 224 etc.

So are there only new abilities for those adv classes? Or have they just not showed the others. I’m sitting over here with my Watchman wondering if we are getting anything new in the ability category.

mainly the only advanced classes that got a new ability was the ones that had their form as part of the discipline path, ex Combat Sent with Ataru form. It was removed from the tree and made into a passive so they replaced it with a new skill.

The Vanguard/PT got new skills only cause they wanted to make it more melee focused so replaced a few of the 30m abilities with new 10m or less abilities. The rest of the advanced classes just got new passives or forms turned into passives as their “new” abilitiy for 5.0

tl:dr No watchmen gets no new skill to use just a passive

The pt and vanguard new abilities are replacements for the ones they have currently, same for knights and warriors. Vengeance and the guardian one of that get hew because they used to have a stance that was a specific ability in their skill tree, since stances are now passive, they needed a 4th ability, hence hew. Same goes for Deception and infiltration, they lost their stance ability and so instead of having 3 abilities in their skill tree, they got reaping strike and vaulting slash so that they had 4 again. Watchman gets nothing new as it didn’t have a stance in its skill tree, but it does get the new blade barrage. Hope that answers your question!

Seriously 9 likely shirt chapters for an entire expansion. Bravo. Proves bw can only do one thing at a time story or end game. I bet I’ll have quit within 2 months

Maybe they are longer than Kotfe’s chapter dude think about chapters 10-16 they were longer than the first nines

It’s like they want people to play. Leave come back with something releases an option leave for months to wow or elder scrolls. Or some other mmo wait for a small expansion then return play for 2 months then leave. Only this new lame gearing system will probably be the final nail on coffin. No return for fan fav companions like jaesa, kira, ashara and so on. 9 most likely short chapters no raid until next year. I’m starting to become unsure how long game will last at this rate. I am lost quit when I learned flamethrower was being removed lol

Well, we will still have flamesweep and that short one flame puke, forgot the name of ability =)

I think they removed FF to make BH more ike a mid-range class, with all that close range fire abilities it was a close range style, which is kinda wrong for a blaster user.

Maybe but flamethrower is so iconic. It’s wasted on being heroic moment only. They could have made it channel on the move like the new ability or likes of thundering blast, boltstorm. The new ability just doesn’t seem as iconic to me at least.

Yeah but that’s my point. It shouldn’t just be a heroic moment only ability. It should remain a proper skill like it is now. But what is done is done they won’t change there minds now

Wait, a couple weeks ago they announced they were eliminating WZ coms and all the crystal currency because it was “too confusing for new players” and now they turn around and introduce:

“New reward currency: Dark and Light side tokens. You can purchase brand
new cosmetic stuff that are particular to your alignment.”


Didn’t they do something along those lines with the Cartel Market? I don’t really buy CM stuff, but I read something about the tiers…

yeah they decided they would not make any new bronze items. Instead, all bronze item chances are replaced by the chance cubes (which give something old). Then they added platinum tier which is rarer than the gold tier.
So its a bit different, overall it just made it harder to get anything new out of a pack. But I do see what you’re trying to say.

Decos have always been worth more, and since they’re consumables except for guild SHs/ships, there will always be a demand for more players and in larger quantities. Ever since the first pack with decos, prices have been consistently high on most except the really pointless ones, and even those increased once the pack left the CM market.

How’s prices for bronze armors (or silver equivalents)?

It really depends on rarity and coolness of an item, rare bronze set can be worth over 2 mil creds, like Nomad set. Some bronze armors really look nice, though most of them are really crappy.

Heh, Nomad set was from one of the last packs I purchased a lot of, recall a lot of bracers from that particular set. Thankfully a lot of really cool looking armors have had bronze rarity, like the Dark Seeker set. Was just a pain in the ass to have a ton of bank tabs filled with stuff that wouldn’t be worth selling for another 2-4 months until the prices went up

Exactly. Have the same issue really, have a full 3 tabs with silver and bronze armors that worth nothing now =(

Its all about supply on the market, demand is always active, at least on my server. I can sell 1-2 armor sets a day. But dirt cheap now.

Bronze armours vary, but for the most part they’re pretty cheap. The price jump to silver is generally more expensive though, and gold is usually 2 mil+ per 1/3 of the whole set.

Hmmm, sounds sort of similar to when I still dealt a lot of stuff from the packs. Some items were awful (almost all cybernetic armors), and prices varied a lot both up and down in the first 3 months after a pack was released. And some items that both looked cool and were rare had crazy prices (like Xoxaan chest).

Yeah, I feel your pain, I`m a decoration collector myself. I usually wait first week to get the most common deco for lowest price, but gold should be purchased at first hours, they will rarely go down in price, which is 4-10+ mil =(

Tis why I made a private guild. Now I only need one of any given decoration, and from there I can donate as many as I need. Only feasible way to do it these days, given that basic things like chairs can be 400+ a piece.

Cubes can actually be any item. I got gold items from cubes several times.

Platinum is platinum, because gold rarity havent moved a single bit.

They lie, they act stupid and they don’t keep any promise they make.
If you put a headless chicken in charge of BioWare you get the game development managed better.

Who cares about the 15 minutes on the starter planet when you are in your base class. Really so much text about 15 minutes gameplay that is now no longer played with a baseclass?

What they meant was that PvP was too confusing for players as it requires skill. Since aquiring these tokens will require less brain power from the players, they consider it an improvement. ..

Cmon, its still not fair! You still need to click on it to win!

The best MMO is plain black screen and just numbers of $$, who donated more – the winner. Thats the best scenario for any dev team 😀

Heh, that I agree. I like WZ as it is now. I met some uberpvpdudes, that faceroll everything, but other that that it was pretty balanced, if we exclude known wintrades and cheaters, and bugusers and OP classes… well…

PvP have always worked fairly well in the game, and huttball remains one of the more fun aspects of the entire game. PvP was one of the last things that made continue to sub. What I do miss, especially since I went from WoW to TOR, is WZ’s with more people than 8 vs 8. The potential in 16vs16 and 40vs40 is huge, and it would add a ton of variety to PvP, assuming it came with cross server queuing (40vs40 wouldn’t be viable otherwise due to queue times).

Also, have they ever made a big public huttball tournament where we could enter with teams for some cool price? Because I’d actually watch a tournament like that. There’s legit e-sports potential in those huttball.

No & one reason is that Swtor’s current Eaware Crew is incapable of doing such things. For upper section ^^ as we know it’s not possible cause Swtor’s Eaware crew made maybe one of the biggest mistakes on Vid Gaming History.. With choosing totall wrong Game-Engine known as HeroEngine for the one of the biggest Mmo Franchise “Now Sadly been Half Mmo for a while” 🙁 So much more Goodiness could be on Swtor, but Outdated & Glitchy suffering old Engine a.k.a Core is keeping them away :/

Very sad thing is that @Swtor Devs propably don’t even see that.. It’s ok for them ofc as they can Milk out a lot of $ with this poorly baked Star Wars Dress Up Half Mmo.. Thanks to so many paying real Dime for Recolored, Remade pieces put out to CM. Y those features or even some of them would be very nice to see in Swtor. Shame that Odessen’s lame faction mixed Warzone was the next 8vs8 Warzone.. When i still did Pvp / was in Old Republic i always did /spit for every enemy faction member on same team.

Y y in novels there was more than 2x factions and doing war, but i prefer Rep vs Sith.. Btw only now noticed that another feature what Swtor’s Eaware crew took from elsewhere was the “increase item Stack size” & it was taken from Blizzard’s Wow..Surprise surprise and so was the Diff. Lvls for Silly Singleplayer Mode Chapters..

Y those that have close to 0% Replay Value & If ppl can use Overpowered Healing Comps there then they’re cheating themselves with Higher Diff. as that completely wipes out the meaning of doing it on Higher Difficulty 😀 Eaware.. Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Thats totally clear as day – they just going to remove stacks of this comms from people. DL Token system is good idea, but I got your point.

i just want the answer to one question on a lot of peoples minds… WHy did the developers shit all over this game… and abandon any sort of MMO aspect, and re-doubled their efforts for the cartel market. now the game seems to have the Lowest player base in the game’s 5yr history

No story content besides the first 9 chapters? Whelp I guess that’s me out. Story is why I play SWTOR. I mean it’s nice to get it all at once, but still. It’d be nice to have a few side storylines at least.

“It’d be nice to have a few side storylines at least.” <– True that and Funny Disgusting thing is that Eaware Dares to charge 13€ for those Singleplayer Mode Chapters.. Eventually being more expensive adventure than Witcher 3, Fallout 4 or any similar product that clearly has more Content.. Shameful 🙁

“No pre-Fallen Empire companions will be coming back in Eternal Throne. They can allow you bring back companions you have killed off in the story via the terminal in Odessen if players want this.”

Am I misreading this, or is this mean we won’t get characters like Jaesa and Kira back?

They have said that it is very difficult for them to bring companions back in ways that will satisfy fans. They will probably hold them back until they have a bigger plan about them.

The voice actress for Jaesa terminated her collaboration with BW/EA/Lucas Arts. That’s why they introduced Master Ranos ( remember they did it before, when Khem Val was replaced with another Dashade).
About “bring companions back in ways that will satisfy fans” – as far as i’m concerned i don’t care if Zenith comes in a stolen ship to Odessen,or is found by Theron or just appears outta nowhere, i just want the chance to talk to him again.

If that’s the case, they could offer Ladyinsanity the role for voicing Jaesa. I once thought she had voiced her, until i found out it was an actress.
Ladyinsanity has a very similar and beautiful voice to that actress and could voice Jaesa, imho.

One other problem is DS Jaesa, in the letter you receive after being frozen in carbonite for five years, she says she’s with another man. That means that she might not be interested in returning to you at all – if you remember Tanno Vik did the same when he refused to re-join the trooper.

What pissed me of with the whole engine selection is like you guys have said is there were better engines available at the time but chose to go with an engine that was outdated when they used it and was already going out of use at the time as unreal being the go to engine at the time.

Swtor in its development had grand plans to change the face of mmos. It had all these ideas and plans, but they didn’t stop to realise the engine would not be able to support those goals hence why we have the shit we have today. Had they gone with unreal engine perhaps the game we have today would have been far different compared to what could have been

“But Eaware didn’t stop to realise the Engine would not be able to support
those goals hence why we have the shit we have today.. :/ Had they gone with Unreal Engine perhaps the game we have today would have been far
different compared to what could have been”

<— Yes indeed & also other better Core "Core as in Game-Engine" options out at the time of choosing. Like said maybe one of the biggest mistake made by Developer Team on Vid Gaming History.. Wish you nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

And you. I’ll check out kotet but I doubt it will hold me attention. Massive range grind vest for gear, no new story after first I chapters none of the remaining original companions returning. I doubt expansion will hold alot of people’s attention for more than a couple months.

Can’t do much better with Suffering Outdated & Glitchy HeroEngine “Game-Engine” and really shitty Decision for Eaware to take it for Vid Game Franchise that’s one of the biggest on Planet Earth.. There was Better options available in 2008-2009 when started to build the product on it. Then EA who are Eaware’s Overlords rushed the release.. :/

Dude… the game is really awesome, but I gotta say, my thoughts exactly… I mean, Unreal and Source and other good ones sends their regards.

Yep yep.. Didn’t say that product itself would be Terrible.. Just the Engine selection done by Swtor’s Eaware crew was one of the Biggest if not Biggest moves in Vid Gaming History.. When it comes to making 1st step & most important decision when starting to Create Mmo “Half Mmo on these days :/” that’s based on Huge Franchise.. :/ I’ve been Sub since launch & even gave some bling bling via Milking Market for Devs for few times with buying CC’s. Stopping automatic renewal before December’s charge. Cause of this Rehashed Content & Poor Development Direction..

Which still continues & can see how Swtor’s Eaware crew still watches over only for their casuals & Half Blind Sheeps who feed the CM a.k.a Milking Market. They have no Respect for their Veteran Supporters as no love given for them for ages. One more step what shows it is now Party Jawa coming as 5.0 Anniversary Gift.. For me That was final nail to Coffin of Disappointments brought by this Half Mmo..

Can say that have given my share of support.. Stopped Feeding Milking Market when noticed that nothing’s gonna change & system keep staying the same so no reason to Feed it like so many Half Blind Sheeps do & with massive amounts. For mostly Recolored Pieces with new Name.

Y indeed quite a few better ones giggling out there for Eaware still whipping the Poor Old HeroEngine in late 2016.. 🙁 *Shiver me Timbers when think about it..*

I understand you completely… I have subbed since 1.2, took a break around 3.8 or so and then came back a couple of months ago to just leave again.
The engine, which was selected in its beta status as people say, is laggy and has some pretty lame textures sometimes for a mmo in 2016, even older ones like WoW did an overhaull in their engine.
Now, I moved to The Division that has improved a hell lot since patch 1.4 and now the Survival expansion and Wildstar, a mmo from Carbine studios that have some people from vanilla WoW, which is a great mmo with deep lore, awesome graphics and a hell lot of fun to play, with tons of modern culture references and jokes.

So, they did that whole big thing about Dark side and Light Side, and oh hey! Why not play the same toons all over again… THEN, they change all the characters so they do not resemble the toons you already played. o.0 Seems really ass backwards to me.

“Drew Karpyshyn was involved in writing all of the story chapters.” 10 years ago i would have been very excited about this but i hardly think that he can save this game.

So what we really have for content in a new “expansion”:

9 New Chapters at 30-60 minutes each.
5 Uprisings at 15-30 minutes each

Total of about 6-12 hours of new content or 1-3 days of playing on a toon.

No wonder why we got a tedious beast of an RNG system on top of all the existing content. It is time to call it like it is – calling this an expansion is a complete and utter joke. If you get on at noon on launch day, you can play through the entire “expansion” of new content by dinner time.

If you want real story, go play LotRo, Lord of the Rings Online. They release more content then EA even in maintence mode.

If they don’t allow passes for wzns and operations for the preferred and free to play players around the Galaxy emptiness is coming in the Universe

I’m too lazy to do reserch to confirm or deny it, but i think that with new gearing system being only availible to subs, BW might open WZ and OPS for f2p and preffered (imho its obvious and logical step).
Not that it matters, because noone will do the same op for 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 if he/she can’t get gear out of this.
And if they can’t gear themselfs HM/NiM is still locked for them, effectivly forcing ppl who want to do this content to sub. Not that it matters, because noone will put an effort to do HM/NIM without rewards.

Big indeed and Trololz Eaware for not thinking about “Not that it matters, because noone will put an effort to do HM/NIM without rewards.” 😛 Though ofc there are manyyyy who have already left the Building cause Eaware didn’t give new Ops for 2x years. Mother Star Fortress as Ops.. Eternal Championship as Ops.. Oh boy giving Love for True Mmo Community in Spring or Summer 2016 like that would’ve brought lots of ppl back.

Go figure half Blind Eaware who focused for their silly singleplayer “y both can be done with max 4x member grp, but lolz..” “content” and dared to charge 13€ for simple mode Singleplayer Chapters.. Hihi.. Ah such is easy time to Cash In with Big Franchise no matter how silly Gfx style & Outdated Game-Engine it has.. 🙁

Wow, no more returning companions? That sucks… That REALLY sucks… I want Mako back (and I don’t meant he terminal, I mean story) and Risha!

Deadly Onslaught is just about the dumbest-looking animation in the game. Jesus. I hate to say it, been a loyal sub since 2011 but…I think I’m finally done. I’m out. Ya’ll have fun.

Personally I think healers needs to be nerfed. Call me a crybaby but bare in mind I also play as a healer from time to time (I’ve got 3 healers) and even then I think they’re way too OP in WZ.

Something is broken when it usually takes 3-4 players to focus me down for over 10-15 seconds to kill me! and that’s when am not guarded or being helped. IMO 1 healer should be able significantly counter heal sustained damage from 1 DPS to a near standstill but not out heal it completely.

ATM Healers do a better job tanking than tanks and has passable DPS to boot 1-on-1 I can kill other classes quite easily most the time. Healer’s ability to heal other players is fine as it is IMO but I take issue more with the OP self-healing mechanics. Healers should be an effective support class not a damn tank class. 1-2 DPS players focusing an unguarded 1 healer should be able to shut them down relatively quickly to make balancing fairer.

Don’t get me started on a healer guarded by a tank. Yes good tanks are meant to guard healers but at the moment healers don’t really even need to be guarded to be OP. Guarded healers are just unkillable. I’ve seen 6-7 players try to focus take down a competent healer being guarded and still failed hard.

Too often WZ are decided by 1 healer and that just seems like bad balancing to me :/

Quote: “Celebration Jawa. This Jawa counts for “That’s Just Wrong” achievement where you need to kill players with the Party Jawa out.”
This is not the correct achievement – “That’s Just Wrong!” refers to killing Jawas with the Party Jawa out, which, at this stage, appears to be bugged

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