Black Desert Nov 23 New Korean Costumes

Black Desert Online Korea updated today with four new costumes for Ranger, Kunoichi, Musa, and Tamer.


These costumes are from the design contest a while back


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13 replies on “Black Desert Nov 23 New Korean Costumes”

the tamer one looks the best why didnt they give it to the ranger ughhh i dont wanna be an open boobs slut stupid outfit XD

Even for Tamer… it has a skirt…
All I want is pants.
Some proper pants..
If the Winter Holiday outfit had pants, it would have been perfect.

The Musa outfit is AMAZING!
Too bad Tamer or any other female classes won’t ever get something like that.

Apparently to some people, they do. IMO, they aren’t really designed with a theme. Sure, people can say those haters have no style, but for the most part, fan made outfits are very similar with the ones made by developers, they don’t always belong in the game. I played games where it was a dark, muddy world, but apparently had french maids. Or a monster infested village in an eastern themed game, which had modern day outfits.

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