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Revelation Online Black Friday Flying Balloon Deal

Revelation Online is offering a discount on the Flying Balloon mount for players who own the various game packages this Black Friday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us and we’d like to start things off a little earlier with this exclusive offer. From the 24th of November until the 29th you get the chance to purchase your very own Flying Balloon.

You can travel in style as you explore the world of Nuanor from the sky. As a special thank you to those of you that have supported us with the purchase of our Founder Packs, we’re offering you the chance to obtain the Flying Balloon at a discounted price, this discount varies depending on which Founder Pack you own.



As for the rather high “normal” price of the Balloon, staff had this to say

Hey guys,

This balloon is in no way representative of the cash shop policy of the game.

It is a standalone offer of exclusive content aimed to provide rare items to early adopters funding the project. While the standalone price looks high it is not effectively targeted as being sold outside of a founder pack bundle which then bring it only a bit north of 22 usd…

No one should even considered buying the balloon alone it doesn’t make any sense unless you have a pack.


If you are looking to purchase Revelation Online founder packs for access to the beta, you can purchase them here and help support the site! The second closed beta will start around end of this year.


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