GW2 Gemstore Update–Eir’s Longbow, Cosmic Harvesting Tool

GW2 Gemstore today added Eir’s Longbow, Cosmic Harvesting Tool and brought back the Fancy Winter Outfit.

Eir’s Legacy Longbow – 600 gems



Cosmic Harvesting Tool – 1000 gems



Fancy Winter Outfit – 700 gems

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19 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Eir’s Longbow, Cosmic Harvesting Tool”

The cosmic veggie eater seems faster then the normal sickle. Not sure why the character had to bend down though – seems at odds with the animation.

I don’t think it’s as fast as the Consortium sickle or the Molten sickle, but yeah, it does seem slightly faster than the baseline sickle.

Perhaps we should partition Dulfy to list animation times when they lower or higher then normal.
I’m able to farm frost berries with a squishy teleport Mesmer without engaging in any battles but only because the consortium sickle allows me to harvest and flee before the local icebrood realise I’m there – so harvest time is now actually relevant to an in game activity -.-

Does anyone know if Eir’s Legacy causes slain enemies to die using the fire animation? (e.g. similar to what happens if you kill enemies with a Fiery Dragon Sword.)

The Cosmic Harvesting Tool seems a bit bland compared to the mining and logging tools, but eh, it’s nice for people who want a complete set, I suppose.

So they basically took “Eir’s longbow” (a bow you can already get in the game) and added fire to it and decided to sell it for 600 gems…. oh well I guess it’s a part of the story but I still disagree with that price.

The model is new (it’s a revamped version of the bow, with more details, like the wolf head, and better textures), but yeah, it’s not worth 600 gems. Maaaybe for someone really desperate for a practical/realistic bow with a hint of added effects.

Overall, I do wish weapons are created with ornate design rather than putting some particle effect on a stick or floating rock and call it a day. I don’t know it’s incompetence or just pure laziness, or both. Look at the bow before, nothing over the top in ornate details, slight glows, but it sure is captivating. Anet could learn a thing or two from their competitors when it comes to art work.

I think it comes down to personal taste not “incompetence or just pure laziness”, because that bow you posted looks ugly as sin to me…

For reference my favorite bows are Odonata and Ydalir.

This fire bow goes with the fire quiver (not released yet but it is already datamined), which both go with the fact Braham has the fire scroll he needs to kill (or at least harm) Jormag.

They are both “NPC exclusive items” hence why they are only sold for gems, like most other NPC’s unique weapons and armors.

That being said, is it worth the 600 gems? Hell no…

While I don’t really like the non functional, stripper look for all cosmetic armors, what I do like about BDO’s outfits is they come with weapon skins that complete the look.

That’s something GW2 could use, or at least an option to dye weapons…

So you telling me they added a bow with fire on it, in the gem store… with no fire arrow animations or aoe animations? and expect people to be interested in buying it? Come on now thats just pure laziness. I was considering spending money on buying it too but they aint put forth no effort in making the bow visually pleasing.

Yep. That’s why I don’t play the game anymore. Occasionally I would stop by dulfy to check out if they have ANYTHING good but usually I’m left disappointed. I’m a heavy cosmetic gamer. I actually log on to archeage…and buy the new costumes and don’t even play the game. I keep asking myself..GW2’s sense of fashion is nothing near most off the MMO that I’ve played so why do I still care? Well..its the lore and the community that made me come back to play every now and then. Everytime though..when I see trenchcoats with pot helmets and pan shoulder pads…I’m turned off and I leave just as soon as I spend a few minutes in.

They need to sack the concept artists and hire new ones.

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