SWTOR KOTET Story Chapters Guide

SWTOR KOTET Story Chapters Guide with cutscenes and influence altering dialogues.  


Important Choices and Companion Affairs

Spoilers obviously but if you want to know the important choices, companion recruitment and companion death here is where all the action are.

Companions you killed off in story like Koth, Aric Jorgan, Kaliyo, Scorpio, Torian, Vette can be reacquired at the companion locator terminal in Odessen alliance base for everyday use. For story purposes they are assumed to be dead and won’t play any role.

  • I don’t know if you can get Senya/Arcann back this way, will need to double check.


Chapter 1

  • If you want to recruit Arcann as your companion, you must spare Senya and let her heal Arcann. Arcann will join you in Chapter 6. Otherwise you can kill off Arcann in Chapter 6.
  • You can kill Senya here and remove her presence from the story.

Chapter 2

  • You can kill off Saresh and Lorman here in this Chapter.
  • Acina will join you as a temporary companion in this Chapter.

Chapter 3

  • You can finally kill Koth here if he left your alliance in KOTFE.

Chapter 5

  • Koth can rejoin your alliance in Chapter 5 if you allow him.

Chapter 6

  • Arcann will either join your alliance here and become a permanent companion or you can kill him depending on your choices in Chapter 1.

Chapter 7

  • If you absorb Dramath into the holocron in this Chapter, he will reappear as a temporary companion in Chapter 9.

Chapter 8

  • You have to let either Vette or Torian die, there is no happy ending where both lives.

Chapter 1: Wrath and Ruin




The choices here you make in Chapter I are especially important for deciding if Arcann joins your alliance later on in the story. If you wish to have Arcann, do not attack Senya and help her instead.


Light side (Save Arcann)



  • Defeat Zakuul Assault Groups to Secure the Landing Area
  • Break through the bridge
  • Defeat PA-717 Planetary Assault Goliath
  • Rendezvous with the Alliance Force on the Northern Plateau
  • Find a Way to Reach Eastern Voss-Ka
    • Fully Involved (Bonus): Assist Friendly Forces in the Alien Enclave 0/5. 8814 credits, 87,521 XP
    • Extrajudical Heroism (Bonus): 8814 credits, 87,521 XP
  • Reach Theron at the Tower of Prophecy
Trigger: Theron says Voss are safe inside the Tower of Prophecy
  1. Protect the Voss at all costs
  2. Good work, Theron/[Flirt] Nicely Done – Theron appreciates (+200 Influence)
  3. Forget the Voss
  • Defend the Tower of Prophecy, Theron Shan Must Survive
  • Speak to Theron Shan
Trigger: Sana-Rae says she saw a vision of your arrival
  1. The Voss are safe now
  2. Your visions can help us
  3. Only fools trust prophecy – Sane Rae will remember that (+200 Influence)
Trigger: Senya says Hello Outlander
  1. Sorry I shot you (KOTFE choice)– Senya approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Good to see you
  3. Explain yourself
  4. Hello Traitor
  5. You’re wasting my time
Trigger: Senya says Arcann needs your help
  1. That is a big request
  2. Tell me why I should help
  3. Your son deserves death – Senya disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Board the Storm Rider
  • Reach the Shrine of Healing
Trigger: Voss commando says hiding is the only choice
  1. I’ll create a distraction
  2. There must be another path
  3. Rejoin the battle—or else (+50 DS Points)
Trigger: Koth asks if you missed him (if he didn’t betray you)
  1. Glad you’re here – Koth approves (+200 Influence)
  2. [Flirt] Let me demonstrate – Koth approves that (+200 Inf
  3. How’s the view?
  4. Not amused
Trigger: Koth says you look really small from up here (if he betrayed you)
  1. We don’t have to fight
  2. Offense taken
  3. That’s my ship! – Koth disapproves
  4. Give me back my ship – Koth disapproves
  • Defeat the Zakuul Walker
  • Find Senya and Arcann
Trigger: Senya asks you to trust her
  1. We will save Arcann together (+150 LS)
  2. Arcann must die (+150 DS)

This action is important as you get to kill Senya if you pick the second option and you don’t get Arcann as a companion later on

  • Stop the Skytrooper Ambush
  • Reach Senya’s Position
  • Use the Ray Shield Console
  • Hold Off Zakuul Forces
  • Speak to Theron Shan
  • Planet Explosive Charges on the Hallway Pillars: 0/6
  • Detonate the Charges at a Safe Location
  • Meet up with Senya
Trigger: If you pick the kill Arcan option previously and defeated Senya
  1. Die with honor
  2. Why die for Arcann?
  3. You can’t save him (+50 DS)

Senya dies here

  • Catch Arcann

Chapter 2: Run for the Shadows





Dark Side (Kill Lorman and Saresh)



  • Rendevous with Minister Lorman
  • Take Acina’s Private Shuttle
  • Defeat the Jungle Beasts
  • Find the Shuttle Locator Beacon
  • Defeat the GenoHaradan Scouting Party
  • Recover GenoHaradan Navigation Coordinates: 0/3
    • Discharged (Bonus): Use the Lightning Spire Controls: 0/2. 19.692 credits, 68,290 XP
  • Investigate Equipment in the GenoHaradan Camp: 0/3
    • Bonus: Jungle A.R.C: Defeat Jungle Creatures Using the A.R.C: 0/10. 19.692 credits, 68,290 XP. A.R.C. can be found in a locker at the GenoHaradan camp
  • Find a Way out of the Tomb
    • Bonus: Relic Hunter: Scan and Use Located Relics 0/4. 19.692 credits, 68,290 XP. Pick up the scanner at the entrance to the tomb to start this bonus mission.


    • Decorative Blade Relic


    • Stone Relic and Decorative Stone Podium


    • Blade Rock


  • Defeat the GenoHaradan Leader and Hunters
Trigger: Theron asks Lorman if this is who he sent to capture them
  1. What a relief.
  2. Eventful day?
  3. I missed all the fun – Lana is amused (+200 influence)
Trigger: Theron says you need to stop doing this to him
  1. We need to stop Saresh
  2. [Flirt] Miss me? – Theron missed you (+200 Influence)
  3. I’m destroying Saresh
Trigger: Acina asks if you like to kill the traitor
  1. Let him go, +50 LS
  2. Make him a slave – Acina greatly approves, +50 DS
  3. Why not both? – Acina approves, +100 DS
  • Take Lorman’s Shuttle
Trigger: Saresh says you know everything
  1. Confess
  2. Why, Saresh?
  3. [Punch Her] – Theron is greatly amused (+200 Influence), +50 DS
Trigger: Saresh asks what you going to do to her
  1. I’m not you – Theron Shan approves (+200 Influence), +150 LS
  2. Execution it is. [Kill her] – Theron Shan approves (+200 influence), +150 DS
  • Use the War Room Terminal

Chapter 3: Dark Reunions




Dark Side (Kill Koth)



Trigger: Distress call from Koth if he betrayed you
  1. We’ll hear him out
  2. It better be about my ship
  3. Let him beg for help – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  • Confront Vaylin on the Bridge
    • Infestation (Bonus): Eliminate Enemy Patrols: 0/5. 20,304 credits, 69,498 XP
  • Find a Way Out of the Power Generation Room
    • Reroute Power Conduit Aurek
    • Reroute Power Conduit Besh
    • Reroute Power Conduit Cresh
  • Confront Vaylin on the Bridge
  • Disable the Bomb Fuses: 0/3
  • Defeat the Horizon Guard
  • Confront Vaylin on the Bridge
  • Speak to Koth
Trigger: Len Parvek says he is sorry
  1. Where is she?
  2. Vaylin has a way with people
  3. You’re useless/Blame Koth – Koth will remember your indifference (+50 Influence)
  • Help Lana in the Dark Sanctuary
  • Defeat the Horizon Guard
  • Confront Vaylin
  • Deactivate the Shield Power Relays before the Bomb Explodes (check the maintenance tunnels in the southmost Power Relay Room)
Trigger: Koth says thanks for saving his crew (if Koth betrayed you)
  1. I did it for you – Koth appreciates that (+200 Influence)
  2. I’m not holding any grudges – Koth appreciates that (+200 Influence)
  3. That’s what you wanted me for
  4. You made them criminals
Trigger: If you didn’t pick the not holding grudges option
  1. I forgive you anyway – Koth appreciates that (+200 Influence), +150 LS
  2. [Punch Koth] You owe me this, +50 DS
  3. [Kill Koth] Die, traitor, +150 DS

If you picked option 3, you get to kill Koth for good.

Trigger: Koth says we didn’t blow up (If Koth didn’t betray you)
  1. From now on, keep me updated
  2. [Flirt] You owe me a kiss – Koth is amused (+200 Influence)
  3. Don’t go behind my back again
  4. [Punch Koth], +50 DS

Chapter 4: Where Dreams Die







Trigger: Scorpio says it will promise to remember you kindly
  1. That’s a huge revelation
  2. Just point me to Vaylin
  3. And I will bury you hatefully – Scorpio is disappointed (+200 Influence)
  • Repair the Omnicannon
  • Find Your Crew
    • (Bonus): Shadows of the Past: Access the Technoliths: 0/5. 70,528 XP, 9654 credits
    • Technoliths looks like consoles, the first one is pretty obvious. The second one you need to make a different path from the main objective (follow the green arrow). Third one is in the room with all the moving electricity traps and the last two are found in the East District.


Trigger: Torian greets you
  1. Thank the stars you’re alive! – Torian approves (+200 Influence)
  2. You’re taking all this well
  3. I almost attacked you
  • Defeat the Swarm Droids
  • Defeat the Knights of Zakuul
  • Speak to Torian
Trigger: Theron asks if you are having the same creepy day
  1. (Romance) I need to see you in person – Theron approves (+200 Influence)
  2. We’re less alone, now – Theron approves (+200 Influence)
  3. Things got even stranger
  4. Give me facts, not chatter – Theron disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Rendezvous With Your Crew
  • Speak to Vette
Trigger: Vette says you finally made it
  1. (Romance) I thought I’d lost you, Vette – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  2. It can wait. Are you okay? – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  3. Good news, I hope
  4. Broken relics won’t help us – Vette disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Defeat the Purifier Droids
  • Explore the tunnels
  • Investigate the Controls
  • Recover Power Cells: 0/3
  • Power the Bridge Control Console

Chapter 5: Ascension






Trigger: Scorpio says that ARIES is immensely powerful
  1. It makes sense
  2. You finally met your match
  3. I’ll destroy you both – SCORPIO disapproves
  • Defeat Purifier Drones
  • Speak to Vette
Trigger: Vette says it is completely shut down
  1. We must warn our friends
  2. This was a dead end
  3. Make yourself useful, or else – Vette disapproves (+50 Influence)
Trigger: Vette says this leads back to the Gang
  1. I have faith in your skills – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Don’t think. Be certain.
  3. Congratulations, you survive
  • Escape the Necropolis
  • Locate Power Cells: 0/3
  • Restore Power to the Door
  • Escape the Necropolis
Trigger: Scorpio says if Vaylin distracts ARIES, there is a stop to stop him
  1. Tell me what’s in it for you
  2. You must think I’m an idiot
  3. I want you all dead – SCORPIO will remember that (+200 Influence)
  • Defeat the Colossus War Droid
Trigger: Theron say he can establish a remote connection to his shuttle
  1. You can fly it here. Perfect! – Theron approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Why not the Gravestone?
  3. Think faster next time – Theron disapproves (+50 Influence)
Trigger: Lana says those droids will cut us down
  1. Unless we use that droid
  2. We’re stronger. We’ll survive
  3. Your attitude isn’t helping – Lana disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Defend Your Companions
Trigger: ARIES says when it fires this time, you will not wake up
  1. You’ll kill thousands! – Koth approves (+200 Influence)
  2. I think you’re bluffing – Lana approves (+200 Influence)
  3. That weapon should be mine
Trigger: Koth asks if we are melting SCORPIO
  1. I’ll bring her to justice – Koth/Lana disapproves (+50 Influence)
  2. Escape is not her plan – Lana is concerned (+50 Influence)
  3. She’s as good as dead – Lana/Koth approves (+200 Influence)
  • Locate ARIES in his base
  • Defeat Purifier Drones
  • Defeat ARIES
  • Shut Down the Iokath Weapon
Trigger: SCORPIO asks you to let her go
  1. You’re free/ I owe you that much – SCORPIO will remember your kindness (+200 Influence), +150 LS
  2. Not a chance/I know you too well. +150 DS
  • Escape ARIES Base
Trigger: Koth says this isn’t my home anymore (If he betrayed you)
  1. It could be again – Koth appreciates that
  2. You’ll find a new one
  3. Traitors don’t have homes
  • Speak to Lana Beniko

Chapter 6: The Dragon’s Maw






  • Board the Transport in the Military Hangar
Trigger: Theron asks you how he looks
  1. You make a convincing knight – Theron approves (+200 Influence)
  2. [Flirt] I like what I see
  3. I’m not feeling confident
  4. Like an alliance spy – Theron disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Sneak into the Party
  • Rendezvous with Indo Zal
  • Place Ion Charge on Control Node 1-6.
    • Talk to the Guard at the Guard Barracks on the upper floor first and then the Kitchen Attendant on the main floor right by the Kitchen


    • Charge Node 1 is near the kitchen and you can get access to it when you retrieve food for the guards
    • When you place food on the table inside the Guard Barracks, a new room opens up and you can retrieve a shield.


    • Charge Node 6 can be reached once you deliver the food
    • Access the Security Center with the Shield equipped to place charges on Node 3 and 4 on the Sub-level 1
    • For Charge Node 2, you need to have the shield and then access the sub-levels from storage. There will be a separate door here on the sub-level 1 that allow you get close to the server room where you can get a maintenance badge to open the door to the room where Node 2 is located.


    • For the Control Node 5, talk to the guard at top of the Grand Ballroom on Level 2
    • (Bonus) Networking Opportunities: Access Palace Server Network. Use the Security Console on the table in the Security Center to distract guard away from one of the doors so you can access the control rooms and disengage the locks on the server rooms.


  • Get to the Ballroom
  • Defeat the Pit Beasts (You and Indo Must Survive)
  • Defeat the Rancor
  • Speak to Indo Zal
Trigger: Indo asks what you are your orders for the rebels
  1. Keep everyone safe. +100 LS
  2. You’re my cannon fodder. +100 DS
  • Find Vaylin (To get out of the rancor pits look for a pile of bones at the back you can climb). Then fight back to the second floor by going through the loading docks.
    • There is a Vayllin Holo decoration piece you can pick up on the table in the Grand Foyer room.
  • Defeat Horizon Guard Forces
  • Speak to Arcann
Trigger: If Arcann wishes to join your alliance (if you didn’t attack Senya in Chapter I)
  1. The Alliance stands with you. +100 LS
  2. Pledge yourself to me, Zakuul – Arcannn disapproves (+50 Influence), +100 DS
Trigger: If you defeated Arcann
  1. I am your protector, Zakuul. + 100 LS
  2. Witness Arcann’s disgrace, +100 DS
  • Escape the Penthouse
Trigger: Arcann says he is in your debt (If Arcann joined your alliance)
  1. She knew you weren’t lost – Arcann approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Prove we can trust you – Arcann appreicates your honesty (+200 Influence)
  3. And don’t forget it – Arcann disapproves (+50 Influence)

Chapter 7: Into the Void






  • Make Your Way to the Sanitarium
  • Defeat Horizon Captain
Trigger: Lana says the void wants to annihilate her existence
  1. I sense it, too
  2. [Flirt] I’ll Protect You – Lana remembers your kindness (+200 Influence)
  3. We’ll be safe
  4. We’re not stopping
  • Explore the Sanitarium
    • (Bonus): Jarak’s Journals: Listen to the Holojournals 0/7. +20 Command Points, 18,485 credits


  • Find a Way to Open the Door (Key is in one of the books on the table)
  • Open the Door
  • Find a Way Deeper into the Sanitarium
  • Find a Way to Open the Door
  • Open the Door
  • Explore the Sanitarium
  • Defeat the Twisted Experiments
  • Explore the Sanitarium
  • Escape the Vault
  • Activate the Backup Generator
Trigger: Dramath asks you to release him
  1. I will release you – Lana disapproves, +50 LS
  2. I’m keeping you imprisoned – Lana approves, +50 DS

If you imprison Dramath instead of releasing him, he will show up as a temporary companion later on to help you.

  • Defeat the Guardians
  • Defeat the Corrupted Vault Guardian
  • Escape the Sanitarium

Chapter 8: End Times






  • Travel to the Gravestone Dry Dock
  • Commandeer a Walker
  • Get to the Gravestone Dry Dock
    • (Bonus) Key Communications: Destroy Key Communications Array: 0/3. 22,182 credits,+20 CXP
Trigger: Torian says Mando reinforcements are coming
  1. Knew I could count on you – Torian approves (+200 Influence)
  2. [Flirt] I can count on you – Torian approves (+200 Influence)
  3. What about the Gravestone?
  4. Took you long enough – Torian disapproves (+50 Influence)
Trigger: Vette says she got toys
  1. [Flirt] Nice work, Vette – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Be careful out there – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  3. His toys could come in handy
  4. Try not to mess this up – Vette disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Continue to the Gravestone Dry Dock
    • (Bonus) Allies in Battle: Locate Allies: 0/8. 22,182 credits,+20 CXP. Right click on the NPC/companions to start this bonus
    • Nico Okarr, Pierce, Yuun, Kaliyo, Qyzen, Aric Jorgan, Gault. If you killed off any of the companions, they will be replaced by a generic Alliance Member. The last companions can be found in the Alliance HQ Base.
Trigger: Senya says she and Arcann are at the gravestone (if you have not killed them)
  1. Good to hear your voice – Senya appreciates that (+200 Influence)
  2. Senya? Is that you?
  3. About time you woke up
  • Stay On Course to the Gravestone Dry Dock
  • Defeat the Zakuul Forces Attacking the Gravestone
Trigger: Senya says now you are paying the price
  1. Don’t blame yourself – Senya will recall your kindness (+200 Influence)
  2. Time to earn your keep – Senya appreciates that (+200 Influence)
  3. Vaylin will pay for this!
  • Head to the Front Lines
  • Defeat the Enemy Forces
  • Commandeer a Walker
  • Continue to the Front Lines
  • Defeat the Enemy Forces
Trigger: Valkorion asks if you are ready for that burden
  1. Save Vette – Vette will remember your heroism (+Influence)
  2. Save Torian – Torian is grateful for your assistance (+Influence)

The companion that you don’t save will die, so pick carefully.

  • Save Vette or Torian
  • Confront Vaylin at the Alliance Base Landing Platform
Trigger: Vaylin asks you if you have any last words
  1. You are beyond redemption – +50 LS
  2. This is what Valkorian wants. +50 LS
  3. [Attack Vaylin] – +50 DS.
  • Defeat Vaylin (she reflects damage outside melee range)
Trigger: Vaylin says the Eternal Throne is hers
  1. I never wanted it. +50 LS
  2. It’s over, Vaylin.
  3. You can’t stop me. +50 DS
  • Talk to your Alliance Members in the War Room
Trigger: Bey’wan Aygo says Eternal Fleet is bombing Zakuul into oblivion
  1. We have to help them. +50 LS
  2. Valkorion’s behind this!
  3. Good. Let them burn. +50 DS

Chapter 9: The Eternal Throne




Darkside Ending



  • Get to the Bridge
Trigger: Lana says the fleet will stop at nothing to protect the throne
  1. The Gravestone can break it
  2. We’ll have to improvise
  3. Arcann. We need your insight – Arcann aproves (+200 Influence)
  4. The more carnage, the better – Arcann/Senya disapproves (+50 Influence)
Trigger: Romance option with alliance companion
  1. Kiss (+200 Influence)
  2. Inspire (+200 Influence)
Trigger: Arcann/Senya joining the fight
  1. Glad to hear it – Arcann/Senya approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Beware Valkoirion
  3. Don’t cross me – Arcann/Senya disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Seize the Eternal Throne
  • Take Cover
  • Defeat the Knights of Zakuul
  • Seize the Eternal Throne
  • Find the Holocron
  • Cleanse Your Memories to Open Your Inner Mindscape: 0/5
  • Locate the Holocron
  • Defeat Vaylin’s Spirit. Get out of the way for Force Overload when she reaches 30 stacks or position yourself by the stairs/pillar and use your stun break for Force Slam/Force Siphon. You can use the Memory of Healing that floats around to heal yourself. If you sucked Lord Dramath into the Holocron in Chapter 7, he will appear as a companion to help you, which makes the fight easier. If you can get Vaylin into one of the Memory of Healing, it will do massive damage to Vaylin.
  • Defeat Valkorion. When Valkorion is not in any transformation, use the Force Drain option on your Holocron to deal massive damage. If Valkorion transforms to light or dark, you can use the corresponding transformation on your holocron or just damage him as usual.


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533 replies on “SWTOR KOTET Story Chapters Guide”

I wouldn’t mind that option but if it comes down to the way it looks. I’ll kill them both.

One for betraying me and the alliance and the other for being a murdering psycho who kills millions of innocent from space because he can’t find me.

They said in the last Dev stream that no old companions would be added in Eternal Empire. They based that one imput they got that there were simply too many companions in the game during Fallen Empire and that those old companions we did get back isnt get enough attention to their stories.

In short, they will not bring anymore back until they have the right mix of attention to story and necessarily purpose to the game.

For this Xpac, I would say no old companions. For the distant future, I would “like” to bring them back, but it has to meld with the story and have a purpose. In other words, the writers need a reason to write them back in and the Devs aren’t giving them anything good enough to make that happen.

She started out as a slave. An Imperial slave. It’s what drives her rage against the Sith Empire. She likely would make you kill her before allowing herself to be a slave.

It’s so satisfying, but it’s far too slow. Really wish they’d let us have some fun with the kill options.

Choose kill option ——-> Character lifts them up with the Force/shoots a debilitating shot ——-> 3 options for how to murder them appear; stab/shoot for a quick death, throw them about a bit/beat them to death or crush their internal organs/grenade them 😛

Not sure if this is the place to mention this, but did anyone else notice during the Shae recruitment alert that she says it has been a long time since Denova? IIRC, didn’t we meet her on Darvannis?

Darvannis is the planet. Denova is an area/location on Darvannis. If Im not mistaken, I’m sure I’ll get corrected if so. 😛

I guess I’m the one; Denova isn’t on Darvannis. Denova is a planet, specifically where Kephess went rogue for the Explosive Conflict operation.

Well, we first met her on Rishi. Not sure where the Denova connection comes from, but maybe there’s some untold story? If not it must be a mistake.

I have to admit that the Shae recruitment mission was a little underwhelming!

“you wanna join me?”
“‘s’pose so”

I may as well have used the free token to get her!

Liking what I see so far!

For me, one of the items most needed in KotFE was a map on Odessan or Zakuul for dailies like they made on Yavin!

Hopefully that changes in future expansions!

Why the hell would I want Arcann anything but a corpse? Preview companion mods is broken for me (I just see an arm) Could somebody post Shae Vizla in both options from the alert


Is Acina a temporary companion like Marr?

Also, is the companion from Nathema (not spoiling who it is in case you haven’t gotten there yet) temporary or permanent?

Is there a point where he joins you temporarily before coming back later as a permanent companion?

Uh, it kinda sucks that Marr can’t be retrieved from the alliance base terminal, and apparently the other two cool new sith are equally temporary. We get shockingly few chances to reject/kill comps, however they seem perfectly happy to forbid the use of genuinly cool ones regardless of player choices.

Have you finished KotET? If so, is Arcann the only permanent companion, and is there a KotET option on the companion terminal?

Heh, yeah, liked him a lot more when he wasn’t being an irritating fuck-nugget.

As for the terminal; SCORPIO and Torian were my options IIRC. Pity they don’t let us use Acina as a non-canon companion purely for gameplay. Seems pretty wasteful.

EDIT (didn’t see your other post): And for Arcann’s lightsaber; hadn’t noticed, I only noticed that the icon for his lightsaber is the icon of a vanilla hilt. A Sithy looking one, with the ‘fat’ lower half.

I wonder if we can only get the dark side Arcann by using the terminal if we kill him…?

Also, did you see my question about his lightsaber?

Yeah didn’t get an email though so saw it a minute or so after I replied. Edited my post above with the answer^^

So it’s just the icon that’s wrong, correct?

Also, is that the Veteran Outlander gear from the Chapters?

Looks that way, aye. I would say maybe we’ll get customisation items to get his dark side/original look but… meh, who ever knows what BW will do next.

Wouldn’t be the first time they made something then never added it, but yeah maybe. Probably be a while before I run this again once I’ve done it on my mains, and they’re both LS.

How long have you been hoping to see that pack outfit with the creepy Sith mask that never got released again? 😉

A model, biography, and companion portrait are more than an armor (Shadow Disciple) made out of patched together reskins.

True, but then they also had that carbonite Malgus Blur trailer made at great expense and never used it. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was another idea inexplicably scrapped, but time will tell I guess.

Someone’s bound to find out one or the other sooner or later.

I just completed KotET. I killed Arcann and Senya, and they are not listed at the terminal.

News: Dark Arcann IS a companion. He’s a temp companion you get during the Valkorion boss fight if you killed him in Chapter 6. It’s a shame we can’t get a permanent masked Arcann companion :/

Well, you could get to the point where you get him in that chapter then leave the chapter. I’m told that method works for Empress Acina, so it could be something of a workaround for bad Arcann.

Looks like we can’t use this method to collect Marr, Acina, Dramath, and dark Arcann because the game only allows one active chapter at a time :/

At least my main has light Arcann 🙂
Now to wait and hope for a KotFE Arcann customization…

I figured as much. But they keep their influence (I think?) and can be re-obtained whenever, so I’m ok with that. That said, BW should just make them obtainable from the terminal instead of being douchey about it.

Apparently Dramath’s lightsaber pike can be used by the player if they can use a lightsaber, and it doesn’t bind on equip O.O

Ah, I’ve seen a guy selling them in general chat on TRE but I didn’t know where from. I imagine that won’t last long :’)

As a companion, does Arcann use the same lightsaber model as Thexan’s CM saber, or is it one from the vanilla game?

After Chapter 7, can you summon Dramath?

Also, do you know if he’s temporary or permanent at this point (I believe he’s present in Ch IX, most likely in a cinematic)?

He is a temporary one and only show up in Chapter 9 I think if you stuff him back into the cube rather than release him. I will know when I get there

Speculation: The Dark Arcann I linked to you might only be available as a reclaimed companion from the terminal if you kill him.

Oh I’ll tell you what happened to Nihilus: I got tired of waiting for the guys at the Cartel Market to make a Nihilus armor to go with the freaking mask! LOOOOOOOOL…

Any tips? I’m stuck on Chapter 5: Ascension. I need to “Activate the Technolith”. But I am stuck in a hallway with nothing to click.

Is it just me, or this game not really a star wars game anymore? I mean star wars is Jedi vs Sith, right? I couldn’t get through the new content. Just resub’ed for this month to see if it was getting any better. I think it got worse actually. Maybe they should kill this game and release a new MMO set int he The Old Republic universe. I’d love to play that!

Chapter 2 felt more Star Wars-y than any other chapter from KotFE or KotET. I enjoyed it, but yeah it really isn’t Star Wars anymore at all :/

one chapter had a distinct Dragon Age 3 feel to it – big event and you have to get an invite and sneak around three levels.

If Star Wars really has become nothing but “Jedi vs Sith” then Star Wars will die and I won’t be crying a single tear for it! Damn, I feel old. Get of my lawn, you goddamn hippies!

Dear Lord, I’m getting old too then because I’ll second that. Star Wars to me has always been a Sci Fantasy Space Opera to me.

Granted, the Zakuul plot is different from the main game. It’s a sequel more than anything else because it goes in different directions and obviously has a different presentation, but, it certainly still rings all of the bells for Space Opera to me: vast galactic changing events hinging on the personal decisions and choices of a few people, betrayals as good guys become bad and bad guys become good and, of course, battles, lots and lots of battles occasionally dotted with the brief mention of a romance and/or comedic moment here and there…

Yep. Space Opera.

Actually, I think that what folks are getting thrown by is that instead of doing the normal end story grind with the occasional new area getting released here and there, we’re getting furtherance of an actual plot. And, I do have to admit that decision and way of doing things IS different for an MMO. So, I can see how some folks are thrown by the fact that it’s different from the normal daily grind and raid-heavy end game.

Me? I’m liking the difference because frankly, I have just never been able to get into the “thrill” of clicking on the same *(&)*ing quest giver day in and day out just so I can try to beg my way onto a team where I never find out what the hell I’m doing or why I’m even doing it anyway.

Over here, we’ve actually stopped arguing about gear and fight mechanics started arguing about plots, characters, decisions we’ve made so far, who which character we need to bring through the content next, which companion we’re hoping to see return, which companion we are seriously looking forward to killing off, etc, etc, etc, etc…

It’s been kind of fun actually so, frankly, I just don’t care if Zakuul’s cannon or not or if SWTOR is still a typical MMO anymore. It’s an interesting and engaging story so far and we’re obviously enjoying the hell out of it- even the parts that have us yelling at the screen. 😉

I have been a regular sub but haven’t played in a few months (blame ArcheAge) so a bit out of the loop-

Have they said if Lana, Theron and the other new comps will be available for customization?

Chapter 3 is impossible. Seems like Koth wants me to destroy every power generate in every room. I cant even clear the largest room by itself in 3 minutes. My sith warrior isn’t designed to take out multipe targets especially when they dont generate rage/

You can do this. If you have a ranged weapon, like a lightsaber being throw, go to first room on left and throw it. It should detonate the entire room. Next go up hall and to room on right. There are multiple targets there, you do have to squeeze through spaces to get to them all. Last room is back on let side of all, a throw/fired weapon will again blow up entire room.

For “into the Dragon’s Maw,” I first tried this on Veteran, but by this chapter the hard gets very hard. The Rancor had over 600,000 HP. I ended up converting to story mode and he had about half that and went down pretty fast.

For your first run though, you’d probably be better off just running the Story Version. Can re-run the Chapter again at a later time on a different difficulty, as the Chapters are now repeatable.

In Chapter 6 you may want to add that there is a decoration chance when you pick up a Vayllin Holo (Grand Foyer area on a table during the escape to find Arcann).

Looks like even if you “Kill” companions in the story, you get them back at the end to keep using. So kill at will if you want to be evil, you won’t lose them 😀

There isn’t a terminal or anything, you just have them. That terminal thing was if you wanted them back mid story, and in case they wanted to give us any of those people back later. They aren’t doing those companion mission things anymore so it doesn’t matter I guess.

In Ch.9 I chose to save Torian.

When I went to the terminal, I wasn’t given an option to reclaim Vette. Is this coming in a later patch, or does her death completely block me from getting her back as a zombie?

I had no option to bring back Torian after I killed him off in the story. The Companion Locator Terminal didn’t give me that option. It just said “I want to bring back my companions that were lost in Knights of the Fallen Empire” and “I want to locate my original companions”. I think you can only reclaim Torian and Vette if they were your original companions. Since I tried this on a Jedi Knight, it is probably a feature not a bug. The devs want you to feel the pain of losing a comp.

Did you have him killed on a Bounty Hunter Character? If so, you can only reclaim Torian and Vette if they were one of your original companions.

No, he was a just a temp companion for those people who picked the dark side choice with regards to the holocron, Bioware doesn’t consider him to be a real companion I guess

Dramath doesn’t even get a spot on the Unavailable list :/

Have you done a second playthrough yet where you kill Arcann to see if dark Arcann can be reclaimed from the terminal?

I killed Arcann and Senya, and they are not listed at the terminal.

News: Dark Arcann IS a companion. He’s a temp companion you get during the Valkorion boss fight if you killed him in Chapter 6. It’s a shame we can’t get a permanent masked Arcann companion :/

They only said that they didn’t include any Alliance Alerts with the launch of KOTET, from what they said on the Livestreams. They didn’t say that there wouldn’t be any Alliance Alerts in the future.

It was literally a rip-off of a mission from Dragon Age Inquisition. Collecting your lost memories in a spirit world.

u lost 1 point of codex in Chapter 1

Second or third enrichment activity for the release, on the edge of the platform stands a lone silver droid hostage and 2-3 when you raise the platform codex is given, will not say exactly, but I remember that the platform offers incredibly beautiful views into the distance

Awww, rats …… I thought it would be nice if they added in that ability for Lana, Theron, Nico, Koth, and Senya. Tired of them being stuck in the same stuff, looking like everyone else’s.

Why can’t I keep the Empress!? And why can I bring back to life all the sleemos in the galaxy to be my minions except Marr? He already has gift preferences, and companion dialogue. Give me the Marr already.

Oh, yay, a forced “choose for character x or character y to die” sort of choice. Kinda disappointing, reminds me of everything I hated from the Trooper class story. 🙁

Give BW time. After the complaints they received I half expect them to add a long term sub bonus chapter where Dr. Oggurobb discovers the soul of both Vaylin and Torian/Vette inside the holocron and with the help of Sana-Rae puts them into clone bodies who rejoin your alliance.

I’m normally a light side Jedi… but killing Saresh was easily the most satisfying kill and too difficult to pass up lol

Yeah but that’s standard Theron behaviour. He’s usually pretty anti-execution, so hearing him saying he enjoyed watching her get killed was beautiful :’)

Given his comment as he hauled her off, I’m thinking that’s because Theron had himself some fun having an- er, “private chat” with her later on. At length. With LOTS of wonderful toys and maybe even a few pointers from some of the Imperials.

In fact, my bet is that he made sure that her cell was one of the few with nice shiny tiles and a central drain to make cleanup easier after their “discussion”.

“Nico Okarr, Pierce, Yuun, Kaliyo, Qyzen, Aric Jorgan, Gault. If you killed off any of the companions, they will be replaced by a generic Alliance Member. The last companions can be found in the Alliance HQ Base.” WHo is this generic alliance member? wads his/her/its name?

It had some good parts to it like Chapter 2 and Chapter VII. And the Chapter VIII gameplay was fun, but I think the SWTOR story team did a great disservice to the franchise with this one. Sure… all of the Vette romance scenes and long chapters you get are awesome, but to end the storyline here? And in the way they did? Not impressed….. Deeply saddened and feel scammed…. #bioscam++ #acrimon–

Thank you for your reply 🙂
Lol! He will face strongest of monsters on planets and I will not help him. It’s a shame I will not have Jollo style Arcann decoration and most likely unable to dress him up in all yellow and pink

Work in progress, how much more is there to go, just chapter 9?.
The wording makes it seem like anyone can romance Vette not just a male warrior?.

Not that it matters all that much but it’s your toon or Arcann striking Valkorion.

I may be wrong here, but I believe Heskal (scion) is sending a different letter after his death

Will there be a separate post just for how to recruit comps?, I know old class comps are not coming back, but I meant who we can have like Arcaan and what we need to do, a short hand version?.

Shae Vizla – Simply use the item in your mail to summon her. Conversely, use the Alliance Alert and do the underwhelming quest.

Arcann – Be sure to choose to let Senya take him at the end of KOTFE. In KOTET, be sure to choose every affirming option: that he can be redeemed, that he’s strong enough to face his father, etc. Don’t under any circumstances choose to fight him or kill him. And at the end, it doesn’t hurt to also choose to be the peacemaker and NOT sit on the throne yourself.

Master Ranos – If you were subbed during the summer and participated in DVL, she’ll be coming in the mailbox when the Expac gets released to everyone.

That is totally wrong for Arcann. For Arcann the only choice you make is at Chapter 1. If you spare Senya, you will get him as a companion at Chapter 6. None of the other choices you listed matter.

Chiss Jedi isn’t even really part of the new chapters though right? She’s just a reward for the DvL event. Seems kinda lame that they made all these other comps who we can’t even get (the DvL sith woman, empress, the weird black drone thing, Valk’s daddy) kinda odd to make them but then not use them.

Yes indeed.. Big Bad Villain Gets Redeemed & joins to that whatever Alliance. Both Encounters vs Arcann were Uber Watered Down & made no sense cause of that. Also on both of those Cutscenes Class that could Dual Wield fought with only Single Weapon in Cutscene & didn’t use any Tricks “abilities” that has in arsenal.. :/ Don’t mean Jedi Shadow or Sith Assassin. Saw the Single Weapon wielding silliness with Gunslinger & Jedi Sentinel..

Was disappointing to see those Cutscenes & have Sad Giggidy moment :/ Villain Redeeming, Mother & Daughter Feud was a trololz move when compared to Eaware’s once good storytelling since Neverwinter Nights “During those days was good Biowar & some years forward”, Kotor 1, Baldurs Gate, ME Series & Dragon Age 1 & 2. Y DA2 had good story & Visuals, but Combat Mechanics was stupid Hack’n Slash :/

Not mentioning 3rd one as it was lackluster at launch & took a while before got big Rpg style patch. Seen many better moments in Good old Early Days Class storylines than saw in these both Semi Singleplayer Dlc’s. Both which offer rehashed Content, more Recolored Items “pets included lolz” via CM. Trololz 🙁

For me as Years long Subber the Cancel for Automatic Renewal happens before December’s Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i’ve backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan here. Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Some companion alerts would have been nice. Tanno Vik or Scourge or someone at least. Even if no love intrests, some of the old ones. Hell this is kinda lame. If the Empress and former Chancellor are both aware of who the outlander is shouldn’t some others have crawled back by now.

Agree. Now everyone knows who is that Outlander person. I just do not get it why at least romanced companions are not trying to even contact our characters. Like they do not care at all (well, only Jaessa do not care, she have found herself a new love interest). It going to be pretty lame for them contacting our toons now then they became a Galactic Hero but not then they really needed any help they can get.

Also looks like Angry Teen Boy.. Ofc Outdated & Glitchy HeroEngine as Game-Engine is to be blaimed for that. *Drools when thinks of Swtor with CryEngine Gfx / General Design & to have same Character Creation what Tera or Eve Online has..* Such a shame that Eaware took very lazy path with Character Creation & Gfx style. CryEngine & UE4 Engine can be lightweight for Rigs & as we know Swtor with Outdated Engine gives hiccups occasionally even for Well Pimped Rigs.

For me as Years long Subber the Cancel for Automatic Renewal happens before December’s Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i’ve backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan here. Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

I F—ING hate Saresh!!! was looking foward to killing her even if my Jedi is LS but noooo! she even takes the fun outta that by accepting it! hahah

That has been one of the most annoying, and least understandable, shortcomings of this game from the beginning, for a stoy-nut like me, anyway: A lot of the times when you’ve managed to finally corner a long-standing enemy in this game, the way that that enemy finally goes out is bloody anti-climcatic! Those enemy characters, whose plans and attacks you have been thwarting over and over again, treat you exactly the same at the end as they did in the beginning. The suggler storyline is the worst in that regard. You get absolutely no satisfaction, you don’t even get a word of your own in edgewise. The guy who steals your ship in the beginning keeps sassing you like you don#t even matter, right up until you kill him and his behaviour never acknowledges all the damage you’ve done to him over time. It’s dissapointing because it underscores the feeling that you are not having an effect when the game should be aiming to give you the feeling that you’ve actually achieved something. That’s a really story-telling failure, especially because it would have been so easy to fix.

youre so right! the class stories, freaking Revan! even the end of the last story wasnt all that though I guess here is where you can finally deal with arcann. But Revan ready bothered me the whole storyline with him just felt all over the place idk

Not sure if it was something I do but escaping the pit in Chapter 6 was different for me. I was able to use the stairs that go to the Security Center and went that way. The bones and Machie Room (the small room where you placed a bomb) was still accessible but could not find a way out.
And where exactly was that Holo decoration? Could not find it fighting up to find Vaylin and also when escaping. I’ll try and get it on another run through.

Whenever you hear Indo Zal announce the holos (around the time you enter the security room?), you can click one on the table in the lobby on the main floor.

Will i keep Darth Marr, alive, after entering the new expansion.
I’ve got him up with my trooper on chapter 1 kotfe.

Does it make a difference if we choose to heal the galaxy as peacekeeper or rule as emperor? I never know if the DS option is going to kick a puppy or just be selfish

I havent done all chapters. But you say it’s bad because Canon-Nazi?
It’s not bad written, or something, it just is against the holy rules of some shitty old canon books, that often are also really bad written?

Do even read Darth Plagueis? And yes… It is bad written.
When you got 5 hours of gameplay and 3 of them are boring it’s means it’s bad written.
When only two chapters among nine are good it’s means it’s bad written…
So hard to understand…?

I can’t decide if I want to kill Senya or not, my toon is darkside, and I want revenge, but I know for some of my toons I gave Senya gifts and got her affection to 20, I just can’t remember which ones.

She (along with her Influence Rank) should be listed under Unavailable Companions in your Companions & Contacts window.

Has it been confirmed?.
Either way, I ended up helping her even though my toon is DS, I can always replay the chapter and kill them.

I’m not sure about KotET (I’m waiting til the weekend to play), but I know she can be reclaimed after KotFE, and other companions killed in KotET can be reclaimed.

Yeah well that is why I chose to help her in chapter 1, either way I will get to kill her, I have 38 toons on bc.

Yeah and 30 of them are 65, more than 20 of them have done to chapter 9 of KotfE, plus 16 toons on Harbinger, only 1 did all 16 chapters for DvL.

Because it is heavily implied that the purifer droid ( which is the last part of Aries mind) believes that he could convince Vaylin she needs him(like Scorpio did)

AndVaylin used him then discarded him.

So, this expansion is 9 chapters only, no more coming out? Or I missed something? And we seriously don’t encounter any more of the old companions, then?

Really enjoyed this expansion. Got to kill tons of people I’ve been wanting to kill for a while and the story was pretty interesting.

One downside though is the horrible walker combat. I hate that thing.

He died a final time. We killed him. What’s your issue?

Also the whole point about legends is that none of it is canon. They can pick and choose.

Problem is that Valkorion is Sith Entity who leave his mark across the galaxy over centuries’ till the Era of Palpatine.
Another thing is that SWTOR was created in old canon and it’s still part of it because Disney never announced that this game will become part of new canon.

They did at some point mention, I think, that they wanted to produce canon stuff. Also, since both are declared non-canon they could go ahead and switch to another version? Don’t be salty. Enjoy what they delivered you. It was really well made.

The end of this expansion seemed to imply that this was the end of the story for my character. Only the cleanup now (Uprisings). Is it wise for Bioware to end it here? This could signal the official decline and death of this game.

Or the beginning of a new story. Just like the game didn’t end after our origin stories or Makeb or whatever other expansion they released.

Now that we practically rule the galaxy, where to go that advances our story in a satisfying way. Only thing I can think of is generate a new character and plot the downfall of the Eternal Throne.

They said numerous times in cantinas that the sith emperor is the big bad endgame. What we can hope for is a completely new mmo project and not dialysis with stitched up ‘content’.

Difference being that the class stories didn’t end with you becoming the most powerful being in the galaxy. BW stories are always aimed upwards; we’ve reached the ceiling.

It’s been said that both Empire and Republic are preparing for war with the Alliance. How is this the end of the story?

The Scions also write you a letter telling you, that they see a great dark coming, and you are in the center of that maelstrom

So the two governments that got spanked by the Eternal Fleet could be preparing for war against.. the person controlling the Eternal Fleet?

Did you read your mail? The Scions have promised to help you (again) in your hour of need which they claim is coming. Maybe they’ll actually do an expansion with Scion in it after ignoring them for half of KOTFE and all of KOTET.

Not at all, that’s the only real story in this game, the good old unique class stories. They should’ve continued, but they obivously didn’t.

He tried to have you killed. That tends to have a detrimental effect on employee morale. I do agree that continuing class stories would have been better. Post-Makeb stories don’t really make sense for non-force users.

If I stretch my imagination (by, like, a lot), then I can see some of my most-coldly-pragmatic-mercenary-among-mercenaries (read: Not necessarily “evil,” but definitely “amoral”) giving Arcann a go at the end;

To them, we’re both just professionals who ended up on opposite sides for a while, and are now, through the fortunes of Galaxy-wide-war, on the same side.

But that’s severely stretching it, and at the same time, I can’t see such a character having any professional respect for the Two Walking Daddy-Issues, that making such an asertion would require them to have…

They’d actually have more professional respect for the father, and well, it turns out that we don’t get an actually meaningful choice –as usual– there, now do we?

(That, and my Mercs will never forgive him for helping break their beloved Mako’s spirit to begin with, soooo….yeah.)

Shallow, lazy writing make me haz a sad, especially after re-playing the first two Mass Effects a lot recently.

RIP pre-sellout BioWare, we hardly knew ye 🙁

“the good old unique class stories. They should’ve continued, but they obivously didn’t.” <– Indeed.. Eaware can Focus on one Storyline atm. unlike in Good old Early days & even little after.. :/ All this Mother & Daughter Feud & Redeeming big bad Villain & Recruiting him is Trololz.. :/

For me as Years long Subber the Cancel for Automatic Renewal happens before December's Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i've backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan here. Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

His Tenebrae (original) body was gone by the time of SoR. That’s why Revan was trying to return him to a physical form.

The Tenebrae body was most likely consumed by the dark side from excessive use of Essence Transfer.

Indeed & Eaware put it available in Troloolz Solo Mode.. 😀 :/ Very much of Ditching down one of the Strongest Characters in the Known Galaxy.. Big Time.. Eaware.. 😛

For me as Years long Subber the Cancel for Automatic Renewal happens before December’s Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i’ve backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan here. Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

This…….this is the best they could come up with? A murderous child with delusions of grandeur becomes yet another companion? Really?

Standing by the stairs or pillars when Vaylin reaches 30 stacks doesn’t work ever, at least for me. 100% of the time I’m tossed from the island and have to start the fight over again. Every. Single. Time.

With the near lack of ranged attacks in a jedi Shadow now it means toe to toe combat till you’re at half health then running like mad to get out of the way and finding a heal. Still haven’t killed her. Add in the ability lag since this patch and it’s not fun at all.

Try to get her to stand at the edge, with you facing towards the middle. That way she pushes you back to the middle.

LOL I have a shadow I’m in this fight also and getting my butt kicked every time really pissing me off I attack her then get stunned for half my health or more and reflect added to it oh well till I figure it out this is a waste of my money

Good to use only once that 13€ or 15$ as all Knights of the Eternal Farming Small Dlc Chapters were given right away. No reason to feed more real dime for EA via Swtor as Knights of the Eternal Farming Small Dlc brought mostly Rehashed Content & then those 9’ish hrs of Singleplayer Chapters at same time.

For me as Years long Subber the Cancel for Automatic Renewal happens before December’s Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i’ve backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan here. Freelancer was golden espesially with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

I kept her at the bottom of the stairs. When she starts channeling Force Overload, you should see a faint red circle on the ground. It stops roughly around the backside of the steps. Just run towards the back of the arena and you will be fine.

So we kill the emperor without Scourge or Kira? Two of the most intertwined companions with this story? And no Reven’s ghost? No Satele…. No Marr? Just the good ol’famn damily?

I did it as a tank, and the fight immediately started so I couldn’t change Arcann from Healer to DPS… it took as long as a damn raid to kill him 🙁

That would make sense in terms of his power level, but putting an Operation for the final part of the (solo) main story would prevent a lot of people from finishing it, meaning they would not be able to progress in the game’s story anymore.

If you notice at the end, when you use the light holocron during the fight against Valkorion u get Satele Shan abilities and her double bladed blue saber; when u switch to dark holocron you get original Revan sabers ( red and purple) with some of his abilities aswell… I got these outcomes on my Jedi knight main, this is definitely a nod to these 2 galactic legends and their direct influence on your character 😀

I don’t know Dulfy, the people I killed in the story (Koth & Senya) just stayed with me as playable companions without having to go “get them back” from the terminal. I just went there to be sure and the line about getting back companions i lost in the expansion is grayed out.

I’m really annoyed that they wont make a new planet that is Makeb/Oricron/Yavin sized with dailies/WB ect…. Iokath was nice but radiation makes it so we cant go back, Nathema is cool but totally empty with minor ruins. Where is the open world content ffs

What is with the forced companions? Lana and Theron are always tagging along-even when there are other options right there. Are Kaliyo, T7, etc. redecorating the War Room?
I just talked to my influence 50 Jorgan, why are you forcing my Trooper to take an influence 2 Vette along?

Is this some sort of hidden reward for those players who chose to grind influence for all their new companions instead of relying on their old ones with whom they had already done the grind?

Lana and Theron are your advisors so it makes sense.

Simple, Vette is fun, funny, a smartass, bit of a trouble maker with a good heart, and a joy to be around, Aric is a boring old coot who is angry since he found out his ancestors could wash their own junk and he can’t,the stupid grunt.

A very large thank you to Dulfy for posting these cut-scenes and the decision trees.

I haven’t played for months, and won’t be paying for this particular level of mediocrity. Watching it via these videos is more than enough to “enjoy” the story.

Yeah, $15 is sooo much money. If you have to justify spending $15 maybe you shouldn’t be playing video games. If you don’t like it don’t play it but don’t try to make it about the money.

Should consider thinking before you type. Whenever you spend money, from $1 to $1000, you justify it first.

$15 isn’t ‘sooo much money’. It’s just $15 more than this game is worth.

Oh and that’s ignoring all the CM stuff. If you want to get everything new in this game you have to spend more than the sub fee alone to pick it up.

The body is irrelevant (even if Tenebrae’s body still exists), the soul is the transcendent part, which is dealt with in KotET.

Finished it yesterday, KOTET’s pretty awesome. Piloting the giant robot and the two walkers were my favorite parts. I know it’s a crime to have fun with TOR to some people, but I enjoyed the hell out of it, so sue me.

Gameplay with early 2k’s Gfx style & Outdated Glitchy Game-Engine was ok, but nothing too fancy. Story was mediocre & below at times. Momma & Daughter Feud & Big bad Villain redeemed.. Yeah Eaware.. Nothing like some of the best Class Storylines or what Ex Bioware “now Eaware after EA’s Lapdog team as all know..” did b in Neverwinter Nights, Kotor 1 & DAO.

For me as Years long Subber the Cancel for Automatic Renewal happens before December’s Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i’ve backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan here. Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

ESO was a disappointment, all three times I gave it a chance. Star Citizen is too grand in scope for me, besides the fact that I don’t want to have my life absorbed in one single game. Back to casual gaming BF1 and the new For Honor come February. All things said, I will still play TOR…. just not the story shit they are feeding us. #QueueRanked

Well if I ever had a desire to experience what it would feel like to be an intergalactic family therapist this exp def let me live that dream!!

If you still haven’t figured it out: After you pick up the medicine, run back upstairs to the kitchen and click on the garbage can next to the droid behind the counter. In you mission item inventory, click the food, and it will merge with the medicine. Go back to Bergola’s pin and click on the trough.

But he have slot for it like every other companion. We have Mandalore customization for Shae for example, that makes me hope there will be more customizations for her at least. And I think some people who have Arcann pet will be happy to have “metall face” customization for him

The only way to keep him as a usable companion after finishing story,is to not killing him in chapter 1 ? Or is it possible to reacquired him even if he died in Kotet ?

Ah… You confused me a little, now I understand you. Yes, I believe the only way to have him is not killing him.

I think you can only bring back companion who are already in your contacts list (not sure about Marr)

Hell, can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope the Emperor comes back again. A) kneeling to him had no freaking real effect. B) Kira or Scourge should have played some role (even T7 would have made more sense than making it all about his brats and a bunch of side people) C) it should have been an OP to kill him or maybe more like the Revan fight. Seriously I shouldn’t need that much help for Revan and not for Valky. Plus we need some reason to reunite with our orginal faction. A Sith gotta Sith, a Jedi gotta Pub its just a fact.

How are you supposed to tell if Valkorian is transformed? I couldn’t. I just hit the buttons to see which one worked. And eventually the battle was over. Vaylin at one point actually threw me into the Memory of Healing.

He’ll have a buff that is either the Light Side star or the Dark Side triangle, that tells you which aspect he’s transformed into.

Okay… how the actual fuck do you beat “run for the shadows” in veteran difficulty? Gave the empress enough companion gifts to get her to 26 and we still die so damn fast. Sith jugg immortal 216 gear

I got to the last boss but it just can’t be done. 220/216 juggernaut tank. Acina is almost instantly nuked into the dirt. There’s hard then there’s impossible.

I really hope this whole Eternal Alliance thing gets downplayed sometime soon. Like give us a choice which faction to have it absorbed into and then just stop. We have no choices as emperor, we can’t kick out companions that serve no purpose to us, we can’t merge our power base back into our orginal faction, hell I can’t even fly the graveston around instead of my personal starship.

And it woulda been nice to get a gravestone starship hook deco, plus an eternal throne for completing achievments. Not everything has to be from the CM, some is fine but come on. Also would have loved to be able to get Marr, Acina, and Dramath back from terminal.

I’m not against my character ruling Zakuul. Wanted one more ending (with keeping the throne and not being an a**hole like in DS ending).

I like that story, but some things do not feel right:
– no more class story romanced companions… it will be pretty lame for them to return (other old companions as well) now that our character is a ruler of Zakuul;
– we can’t even visit important locations outside of story (Gravestone for example);
– no Zakuul sh/apartment? Are they for real? Could be given to us after finishing last chapter (I just hope they are working really hard to make us happy, like they did with Yavin sh);
– it may be just my opinion and I’m really not a big fan of operations, but I think a fight with Valkorion is operation worth thing (they could have done it like they did with Revan – solo fight, ops fight).

I am really glad the Emperor is finally gone (I pray). I get really frustrated when stories carry over a villain to long and don’t do something different. I felt that was the case with this game since he came back after the base game. So, I hope he is gone for good.
On the whole I did not care for the two latest expansions at all. Very boring boss fights, too many trash mobs and forced fights with trash mobs, both Arcann and Vaylin were horrible villains IMO. Yeah there were a few cool missions, but so many felt like a complete waste of time (chp 12 was horrible).
The big kicker for me, is that companions like Kira and Mako have been gone for so long and from all I have read so far there seems little intention to bring them back. Many may not agree, but I want more story with companions like them and it seems almost intentionally cruel we didn’t get it, especially with the LIs.

Sorry a little emotional here, just frustrated and feel cheated. Still like the base game, I just don’t see myself running these expansions again.

I understand your feelings about companions, but they can’t please everyone. One half wanted most if not all old companions back, the more important they are the better, other tells that Kotfe was all about companions. Some will be satisfied with their return with alliance alert mission, others telling that alerts are lame, they want companion return to be important in the main story.

I really do not see the way to balance all the wishes.

The could have easily done it. Here is a potential example:

After Chapter 9 of KotFE, the next three chapters should have been about your priority finding your companions.

Chapter 9 could have been solely about your love interest. In it, you would have a chance to reunite with them or turn your back on them. It would have also been a good time to put more back story to what happened in the five years you were in carbonite.

Chapter 10 and 11 would be similar, just maybe different settings where each chapter would focus on two of your companions. You could have options for taking them back, going your separate ways, or killing them integrated into the story.

That is one way they could have done it. Another way could have been to have five separate quests (like the companion alerts), to gather your original companions back between Chap. 9 and Chap 10 of KotFE.

Except for Scorpio, not a single companion of the originals were really integral to the story.

They’ve said they have EVERY intention of bringing them back. But they wanted to get out a chunk of story content as that was the most important thing to the vast majority of players. The new year will be devoted to group content: PvP, Ops, Flashpoints, more Uprisings, etc., and to returning companions.

In my personnal opinion, it was a mistake to try to allow every single companion to be recruitable by any class. They end up a waste of space or a side quest. You never truly have convos with them unless they are dubbed “Primary Companions”. They should have left it with the class specificity and carried on with new convos and interactions with them. Not that I don’t like Gault, but it seems an impossibility for the devs and story writers to do every single one of the 40 companions justice…. let alone implement them meaningfully into the story. In the end, One Story line does not work unless you started it out as ONE story line, and not 8.

Make picking up comapnions optional. Everybody can go collect just those (6 or 8) companions they want to have. (Should have done that from the beginning. Same goes for spaceships, weapons, etc. Make it all modular. You could even do that with the storylines – instead of tying them to a particular class. Our class characters are already complete placeholders anyway (“Hero of Tython”, etc.)!

What was a mistake is how it was done.

Chapter 2 in KotFE the original gave a good reason for the companions being scattered. Except for Scorpio, who is integral to the story, there was never a reason for other companions to join other off their main classes (i.e., a Jedi Knight with Kaliyo for example).

What they should have done is had three chapters where you go after your original companions. One chapter would be about your primary love interest, and the other two chapters would recruit two each for the remaining four. It could have been the same content and story for everyone, just inserting the different companions based on the class being played. Just like the Outlander was done for every single class, even though it is the same story.

I’d have preferred the option to just walk away as a neutral option and then follow up with a light/dark option that basically details which side you’d be playing for in the updates to come. Since Bioware wants only the Red vs Blue paradigm.

1 Idea/question i hadnt the time yet to try it myself, but maybe someone already tried it. About repeatable chapters and companions. How often can i replay one and the same chapter? So for exaple chapter 1 KOTFE “the hunt”. in this chapter i temporary get darth marr as companion. so if i choose to start that chapter and dont finish it, ill be able to use him whereever i can use companions right? if i then want to replay another chapter i just cancel/finish the chapter play whatever and if i want marr again i just select “the hunt” later again and again… same would be the case for empress acina, Dramath….

Am i right, or is this just wishfull thinking?
(I’ll let you know if its working, if nobody answered before it tested it myself)

I haven’t tried that yet but I did wonder if it’d work like that or not. I’d love to have Acina forevermore 😛

i just played chapter 1 “the hunt” 3 times in a row so there doesnt seem to be a 1time or once a week thingy. “darth marr” stays under main companions as long as you keep the quest open. same for “empress acina”. its even easier to lets say “reaquire her since its just dialogs and cutscenes with “lorman”… i mean “minister lorman” …you can skip and once you crash in the swamp u can leave the quest by clicking the “leave area” button at your minimap untrack the quest so it doest annoy you and voila you got a temporary permanent new companion

When 5.0 launched, my Malgus lookalike character had Chapter 1 reset (normal for expansion patches) and lost Marr.

Are you able to have a KotFE chapter and a KotET chapter open at the same time if you are replaying them, specifically, can you have Marr AND Acina at the same time?

Anyone figured out what to do with the medicine stolen from the sick animal during dragons maw before placing the last charge?

Both items are passive items. We can only interact with something else. That much I figured out. But I found nothing to interact with either.

Oh my, u ppl are boring. I really enjoyed this, almost free, expansion! Fun, interesting and very beautiful scenery. Well (voice)acted and so many variations of playing. So much whining everywhere. Why is that? Are u just spoiled brats or has it become custom to just be really judgmental about everything? Same ppl says “I’m gonna quit!” over and over again and again. But please do shut up and quit! I’m enjoying myself ingame. If ur not u should prob find something else to do and use ur energy for that instead. I chose to be grateful for that Bioware/EA still invests in the game and continues to make new content. So thx for that!

Only thing worse than complainers, are people who complain about the complainers. Just saying (shrug). If you are having fun, go do that and leave the comments for people who have something to discuss. Like why Eric Musco is short enough to run in a hamster wheel 😀

So u can only discuss smt if u agree that it’s bad? Nice logic. Also, complain on people who complain about people? Isn’t that forbidden as well?

A clue you should get and soon. Along with the ability to type something other than text speak. After reading this guide I cannot see any reason to play this, much less to have a player return to. It is once again weak writing at best and just a lazy excuse. Great that you liked it but not everyone is so easily amused.

Yes, the rest can not be happier with just killing monsters without any real reason or background story, getting 100500 wolf tails (with 0.000001% drop chance) for npc no one cares about

Musco’s size, for reasons no one can explain, is tied to the quality of the content of TOR. The better content, the bigger he gets, and the worse/boring it is, the tinier he becomes 🙂

“I chose to be grateful for that Bioware/EA still invests in the game and continues to make new content”

Comedy gold :’)

Indeed as so far Kotet hasn’t shown much of a content.. 9’ish hrs of Single storyline & singleplayer Chapters still r not Content. Even the silly dev in the mid of 3x weirdo’s said on Livestream.. Then there’s some new things brought so far & they’re mostly rehashed old Content.. Eaware.. So far Kotet is considered as Small Dlc with Rift Mmo’s Random Wb spawns & badly designed Rng loot system. To put Rng loot system when there isn’t any new Content .. Go figure Eaware.. 😀

For me as Years long Subber the Cancel for Automatic Renewal happens before December’s Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i’ve backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan here. Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Yup, there’s nothing to stick around for at all. It’s really disappointing to say the least. Chapters were fun, but after 2 runs through that there’s nothing else to see. Already finished all the SM Uprisings, once the HM Uprisings are done that’ll be it.

Not even sure if I’ll bother. They really aren’t very fun at all.

You still haven’t killed Arcann yet, have you?

Also, does KotET give a glimpse at Tenebrae (Valkorion’s original body)?

Nope, both of my mains (Jugg and Guardian) are fairly lenient. They’d give him a chance for Senya’s sake, so neither will be killing him off. Might end up watching it on YT instead, it’s a pretty pro-active bad thing to do and so only one or two of my lesser characters would likely pick the option.

And no, it doesn’t. Kinda glad tbh. Would rather have it remain a mystery than BW show us some generic looking Pureblood using pre-existing appearance options.

I saw a YT video (AngrySithLord) with Arcann being killed. In terms of dialogue, you can kill him out of revenge, or for the sake of justice. Depending on the dialogue, killing him could be considered good, but harsh.
Honestly, I don’t care. I’m more interested in my dark Arcann/reclaim terminal theory.

The man’s dead! What harm could there be in showing Tenebrae’s appearance at this point? It’s like a permanent cliffhanger. Also, we even saw his dad and his homeworld for Bogan’s sake!
I would definitely like to see it if it were new art like Lana, Acina, or VALKORION.

I’d be fine with some sort of flashback showing his original body if they made a unique model. If not, I’d rather leave him mysterious on that front. Although I don’t care about that either way. He was just a Pureblood at the end of the day.

As for the dark Arcann thing; given that I think Senya has to die for Arcann to get his comeuppance my main’s wouldn’t deem the justice worth it, especially since Arcann’s a victim himself really. Weird how there’s never an ‘arrest’ option 😛

Just realized that since Tenenebrae’s eyes were described as pure black, he would look like a Killik joiner Pureblood XP

Side note: I also find it ironic that he’s a Pureblood and a bastard XP

Aye, bastards seem to be the ones who cause the most trouble in every franchise :’)

Saying that about the eyes though… it’s made me think how awesome it would be if the next expansion started an arc relating to Abeloth 😀

I’m not entirely certain they could do anything actually feasible relating to Abeloth or the Celestials. Perhaps we could get caught up in the routine of the Son and Daughter returning to The Maw to keep Abeloth all locked up. It could provide an interesting link with the Killiks, also. Still, I actually doubt there’s little the developers can do in that direction that wouldn’t be predictable and/or pointless due to the vast continuation that eventually ends with Abeloth’s death at the hands of Luke Skywalker and Darth Krayyt — 3676 years ahead of the game’s current setting.

I’d enjoy the idea, don’t get me wrong, but I just see it as highly unlikely unless they can create something original yet feasible considering how our characters are now, arguably, the most powerful figure in the galaxy.

Well, they junked Legends so there’s not really much need to stick to the existing lore. After Valkorion, what else could possibly pose a threat to the Outlander other than a crazy Force-God thing? :’)

Couldn’t agree more. They are whining but still can’t let it go and find a better game to play and comment for themselves.
And don’t you dare to like that game. You will be in an enemy list right away. Some haters will even call you names.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against constructive criticism of that game. But instead of constructive criticism most of the time I read hate comments and bullsh*t from haters.

Wait it out it will finish.

Before you tell me that I am stupid … I had the same problem … waiting worked for me.

I am still waiting for my early access to work. I now have 4 alts at 70 and command ranks between 10 – 15. The drops have been pets mostly and empty armor/weapon shells.

I want to give it a chance but the fact that I can’t start the new chapter on any character that ran through KotFE without seeing you need to sub to access this content. It’s just a kick in the nuts I’m sure that it will work tomorrow but outside of customizable Shae and hitting 70 this has been a wash. Not to mention Shae is a bug and they will be taking away the fact that you can put her in custom armor.

what exactly is the official reason why we are not able to customize the look of the new ‘main cast?” It is one of the (albeit many) reasons I unsubbed and retired from this game.
Please tell me just not pure laziness. Its really pathetic decision on their part (one of many).

i thought it might have something to do with the customized gear look not carrying over propery into movies but still come on GRRR. I could care less about that as for the most part the story movies are terrible anyway.
With their track record it is prolly a lazynes thing.

Still no official reason given. But all the speculation that the new companions were different or special models can be tossed out. It is just something they have to switch off and on. So all new companions have the option to be customized they just don’t want them to be.

There’s some speculation that this is in regards to Disney’s plan a year ago to remove Leia’s slave outfit going forward from all things SW’s. But if that’s the case just remove it from the game and let us have unique looking companions again.

It’s clearly so over the next year when there’s no new content, they can keep the Barbie’s Dreamhouse players happy by selling them Companion Customizations on the Cartel Market (similar to the Treek pack that came out once upon a time)

Not sure if you like Lana, but she will bash him too.

That expansion give you a chance to personally bash and kill some of the hated characters.

Who seriously hates vette? Or whats to actually hate about her???

I dont like thorian much but vette is clearly the choice to save.

I can tell the same thing. I don`t know how you can hate Torian unless you are…. well, you know the rest

My powertech is Torian’s wife. She understands she can only save one of two endangered soldiers, and one such soldier is her husband. Who will my powertech choose to save? Exactly.

Im not sure where you are going with that. Thorian is a mandalorian. He would be insulted if you tried to save him. At least my non-romanced thorian was disappointed when I tried to get to him after saving vette.
And he was kinda against saving the mandalorians that I was about to fire upon during the assault on darvannis.

I hate Vette, she’s annoying as hell. Her little comments and quips aren’t cute or funny, they’re irritating and grate on my nerves not to mention to me her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

I’ve been playing Sith Warrior as my main since the game launched years ago and from day 1 I wanted her dead. When Vaylin snapped her neck I felt immensely satisfied albeit slightly disappointed I didn’t get to do it myself.

I don’t think you can punch him AND kill him. I tried punching him first, and it acted like he was rejoining the Alliance after he got hit.

I doubt it’s all THAT important. I’m not 100% sure about all the choices I’ve made playing that chapter (had to replay it because of some bug). But I can tell for sure he is humiliated, alive and not part of the Alliance.

Sort of off topic, but is there any plans for a guide to getting tokens fast, and what to do in the dark light stuff they just started.

Pathetic how they ends and destroy Vitiate’s Sith Emperor story (a “mental fight” FFS) and all the good storyline in Swtor-like “Star Wars” background, novels, comics, guides ,single class story, kotor etc…, before this AWFULL! 2 expansions with this like space vikings family soap opera is horrible feeling so sad to be a founder or even to have a collectors edition right now. This is a monument to the whorst storytelling actions ever and how to destroy once a good game. ;( Unsub forever no more comebacks to give them a chance. Bye guys.

“2 Expansions with this like space vikings family Soap Opera is horrible feeling so sad to be a Founder..” <– Indeed pretty Sad & to know that Recent one called as Kotet can't be called Expansion, but more of Small Dlc. As it so far it brought 9x hr'ish story, Half Baked Stripped Fp's known as Uprisings & another Copied Feature from other Mmo. That's ofc randomly spawned Wb's.. Rehashed Content & Then his Momma & Daughter Feud with Redeemed Big Villain in Single Storyline.. 🙁 No Class Storylines continuation.. Some of em were better than many moments in these Singleplayer mode Chapters that come with Mmo pricing heh.

For me as Years long Subber the Cancel for Automatic Renewal happens before December's Charge Date. Did also feed the Crap Market & EA with buying CC's few times in 2015. So have given my share of Bling for Swtor's Eaware crew / Half Blind Greedy EA. After Renewal stops Heading to Eso & Esp. to Star Citizen that i've backed so far with 130€.

Buying Ships with real Dime is optional as most of them can be acquired via adventures once SC launches. Happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan here. Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

Combine it with some meat found in a bin in the kitchen. Then place it in a trough on the lowest floor near the sick creature

Yes.. Almost on same lvl with Frustration bar as The Forced Scripted Combat at some chapters.. Linked with every Skytrooper a.k.a Cannon Fodder at previous semi Singleplayer “Expansion”..

So to get level 66+ you have to start KotET itself?

I have a character that is ~midway through KotFE and sitting on 1xp under lvl 66. Can I start KotET from the ship computer so I start gaining XP, then quit out of the first mission, then go back and play KotFE chapter 10+ before I play KotET?

Why would you want to do that? The KotET content is specifically geared for lvl 65+ – you should not feel the need to get higher than that to finish KotFE. But to answer your question, you need to finish KotFE to get to KotET.

The devs said multiple times that you do NOT have to complete KotFE to start KotET (although certain “choices” will be made for you by the system and locked in permanently. No, I do not know specifically which choices, but since the choices in KotFE barely mattered anyway, who cares?).

Addendum: seriously, why did my Tier V light-side Shadow who was NOT abandoned by Koth have the option to punch him when they “reunited” (which they didn’t do, since KOTH NEVER LEFT)?

Because, the choices that you make in the previous chapters can cause him to take the Gravestone and run? You also lose him as a companion if you do that as well- at least until his return. You can also kill off other companions as well btw.

Does it matter in the grand scheme of things plot-wise? Not really but, then again, it’s an MMO. By their very nature, they have to be on the rails a bit- always have been that way and always will be. 😉

All I have to say is that, I’m very happy with this expansion since I get to kill everyone who’ve crossed me. Even for just a moment, my Sith Marauder feels like himself again, which was lost in the whole KotFE mess. I’m disappointed on two things; one, I don’t get Jaesa back; two, the time with Acina is too short. I love the fact that Shae joined my alliance, but I would also love to see Jaesa and Acina as companions. Acina’s model and VA is very well done and I simply cannot get enough of that. Compare to KotFE, this expansion has a replay value since it has more content in its 9 chapters than KotFE’s 16.

I really don’t get why people are so gung-ho about Imperial / Sith stuff. >_>
Personal Preference I guess.

I would agree Acina should have been a companion and the overall look of her was better than previous characters.

Well, to be fair, whenever you’re developing an entirely new storyline with new worlds, characters, et al…. it DOES take a little bit to rev things up because you have to take time to introduce everything and everyone and, really, this entire Zakuul thing IS a completely different storyline from the original. Not better, not worse- just different.

That being said, I think that their idea of putting their time and effort into story content (chapters where things happen to people) instead of traditional expansions (areas where you just have more dailies) has been a really good one. I just hope that they don’t ruin it by taking the plot into areas that piss people off or by concentrating on the plot SO much that they ruin the gameplay.

I wouldn’t hold your breath. This game is in it’s death spiral. This expansion exacerbated the problem rather than fixing it…and I think the devs know it.

People have been saying that since 2011. Maybe it’s time to admit, that the game isn’t dying anytime soon…

I don’t think it is going to die, but it may potentially have irreparable damage from the implementation of CxP. The last time there were as many peeps on the forums claiming to cancel subscriptions was in the v1.x era – and it turns out that indeed a lot of people did thus the gimped F2P was introduced to “save” the game. This time, they will not have the F2P to save them. The CxP system is THAT bad.

No. This is different. They’ve neglected to implement meaningful content for 2-3 expansions in a row now. Any content they did implement was half-assed.

They were expecting and relying on a surge of new and returning players with this expansion. That simply didn’t happen.

The RNG grind is actively driving people away rather than magically drawing people in like expected.

They can’t exactly go F2P again to bail them out this time.

The fact that people have been predicting the game’s death since its launch has NOTHING to do with whether or not the game is dying now. The most you can say is that there’s a CHANCE of recovery. Whether you die of a bullet wound or from septic shock a month after the bullet is successfully removed, you’re still dead.

The game’s population has been steadily declining for over a year, and KotET has done nothing to remedy it. The whole point of expansions is to REVITALIZE games, both keeping old players happy and drawing in new ones, not to piss off half the player base and hope the replacements get hooked because they don’t know what they’ve lost. True, the expansion is still new and could pick up steam, but face it: it’s not looking good.

I’ve seen it repeatedly pointed out (both here on her site and elsewhere) that SWTOR generates more comments than any other MMO Dulfy covers. It’s also a known sociological trend that people who are unhappy are more likely to vent on public fora than people who are happy with a situation. Could it possibly be that those other games generate so few comments by comparison because those players LIKE what those devs are doing? Could it possibly be that people are complaining and predicting death in an attempt to PREVENT it?

You can make all the claims you want about it “just being a game,” or about how it won’t permanently die until another Star Wars MMO comes along to replace it, and you’ll be right, but that is not and has never been the point. The point is that BW is making us feel used, like it just doesn’t care, and who the hell wants that?.

Just to point something out – wasn’t there another Star Wars MMO once? Did it die? Yes, after a time it did. And what killed it finally? Making a change that a good portion of the customer base didn’t like.

Sounds a bit like the CxP system doesn’t it?

Two things:

They also said, in Dec 2014, we wouldn’t go another year without a new Operation. As of this coming Monday, it will officially have been two years since they have done a new Operation (or Flashpoint).

They said they WANT to focus on group content (not they are going to) and they will have more information on the January livestream. We’ll have to wait and see but I wouldn’t get my hopes up of anything earth-shattering being announced.

It saddens me to see that if some mentions something that might be a rumor that can actually have the potential to be true is shut down by the same community. You can tell them all you want if they fail, but shutting it down before it happens doesn’t solve it.

i LoL at how ignorant you are… they say a lot of things that have never come true… and their idea of group content is probably this uprising garbage… same way it was Star forge crap or w/e it was for 4.0… Game hasn’t seen actual MMO content for over 2yrs now

Im wondering how much the VA strike thing is part of the reason they are going with ‘group content’. Maybe it has nothing to do with it at all, but I have to think they are considering options.

So what?

They say a lot of things, many of which are outright lies, the rest just leading people on for as long as they can stretch it.

(Just as an aside: #StillWaitingForBetterThanXServer)

The only thing these second-rate/head-up-arse snowflakes ever say whose sincerity I can actually trust is:


It ain’t making it that far. The new endgame reward system will drive too many away. It’s a complete shambles, all rewards are RNG so you could grind for a year and never get the full top tier gear set you want.

Will Torian and Vette become non-canonically returnable like Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo after KOTFE? If not, that is just beyond stupid to kill off companions we have lots of influence with. They weren’t guests like Darth Marr and Empress Acina, so they should be returnable.

Also, if you choose to sacrifice Torian as a Bounty Hunter character, can you return him using the companion locator terminal since he’s an original companion for the BH?

For some reason I can’t get it to work. All that’s displayed is “I want to locate companions lost in Knights of the Fallen Empire.” and “I want to locate my original companions”, but I can’t click on “I want to locate companions lost in KOTFE”, and if I click on “I want to locate my original companions”, it displays a message saying it located all companions possible.

I guess that unless Vette or Torian were one of your original comps, you can’t return them after finishing the story if they died.

But my point still stands. And if you ask me, not all companions could be nicely integrated into kotfe /kotet and in main storyline

Same person, different identity. That changes nothing. They still feel his presence. And since my toon was a Jedi Knight, do you think it’s a feature(not a bug) that he can’t get Torian back after he died in the story? Maybe the devs want you to feel the pain of losing a companion.

Just finished on my Warrior and Torian’s available for me. Again, it’s probably a bug.

If the issue is that he’s listed but he doesn’t actually return when you select him, it’s because you have to reclaim all of the companions listed before him in the order they are listed :/

He is listed where Marr and Acina are in the companion roster, but there is no option to summon him. The KOTFE return menu on the locator terminal is unlickable. All that is clickable is the original companions terminal. Oh and I did use the KOTFE return function on that Jedi Knight to return Koth, Senya, and SCORPIO.

After saving the galaxy by killing Arkann and Vailyinn over public broadcasts I would think your original companions should find you right away now 😛

The character I’m trying to do this with is a Jedi Knight. Because neither Torian nor Vette are one of his original comps, they might not be returnable.

Update: My Warrior still has the option to reclaim Torian, but my Inquisitor can’t reclaim Vette. Seems kind of random.

Maybe only Warriors and Hunters can reclaim both of them??

@dulfy:disqus : In Chapter 6, if you cure the beast by finding the leftover food from the kitchen rubbish bin and combining it with the medicine you pick up in the Beast Care, the pit beasts join you in the fight (you still have to fight the rancor)


A few notes for the final Chapter 9 bossfights:

-Both fights apply the passive HoT ability “Valkorion’s Favor,” even when you fight him (XP)
-BOTH fights spawn the “Memory of Healing” adds. Not sure if they hurt Valkorion like they do Vaylin.

First Fight:

-If you killed Arcann, he teams up with Vaylin for the fight. Fortunately, he only has around 150k health. Unlike his KotET boss forms, he’s only Elite difficulty. Also, he uses the same moves from the final KotFE bossfight minus the force energy adds that charge him up.

-I found it helpful for Vaylin if you get her to come down the throne’s stairs to the main level. This way, you have plenty of room to move when she does her big knockback.

-“Memory of Healing” does massive damage to Vaylin if she touches it.

bump because the memory of healing is a big thing for ranged dps who cant tank hits if u kite her right its a cake fight but if u dont its terrible

It’s a big thing for DPSes of any sort. As an Annihilation Marauder, I was getting my ass handed to me. Would die in about ten seconds in any fight with her; had to just run away, lure her into the thingies, and hope for the best. Still had to use more than half of them myself. Not fun.

I highly recommend the Memory of Healing trick. Vaylin killed me (As a Sith Jugganaught) several times before I read your post. When I read your post, I lured her into most of the memory of healings (Saving a couple of myself) and that made the fight much easier.

Glad it helped 🙂

I only got her to touch one of them on my first playthrough (also a Jugg XP). I simply had to slowly beat her down :/

Note: I almost died at the beginning because I started the fight up on the throne platform, and she knocked me off. Fortunately, I landed on a branch like rock extension and jumped to her when she came down to the bottom platform XD

Something I also noticed with Vaylin when shes on the main level, If I positioned myself between the two torches at the bottom of the stairs she didn’t seem to be able to throw me over the edge anymore.

@dulfy:disqus , I was wondering if there was any way around Senya and Arcann ? what I mean is , if it is possible to keep Senya yet kill Arcann .
If anyone know if it’s possible , please let me know !

I want to add to this guide that you can skip KOTFE and jump to KOTET – just choose first KOTET mission, it’s available to level 65 characters.
You get all companions that you should have received by doing KOTFE story.
Some story choices are made by default, and are shown in companion info (all story companions become available), I’ve tried to sort them in order they should have appeared in KOTFE Chapters. Same choices go for Token-created characters:
You let civilians die during your escape.
You don’t help exiles you meet at swamp.
You lie to Lana about Valkorion in your head.
You took Senya instead of Koth to the Heralds of Zildrog.
You don’t help civilians when rescuing Jorgan.
Description of events on Spire is bugged – in Kaliyo’s description you destroy it, but Senyas descriptions state that you decided not to destroy it… Koth description has both options – that he left alliance because of destruction of Spire, and that you preserved it. By the other choices I’d say you’ve destroyed it for sure.
You sent Kaliyo to capture GEMINI frequency.
You criticize Shae Vizla in front of Mandalorians.
You tried to shoot down Senya and Arcann.

You saved civilians during your escape.
You helped exiles you meet at swamp.
You told Lana about Valkorion in your head.
You took Koth instead of Senya to the Heralds of Zildrog.
You helped civilians when rescuing Jorgan.
You saved Spire (unlike with Imp side, no doubts here)
You sent Jorgan to capture GEMINI frequency.
You praised Shae Vizla.
You let Senya and Arcann go.

So, Republic has all LS choices, Empire has all DS. I guess all choices with Valkorion were done the same way. It’ll be useful for most of players, but If you want to have DS Republic, or LS Imperial character, you have to complete story by yourself.

I want to add to this guide that you can skip KOTFE and jump to KOTET – just choose first KOTET mission, it’s available to level 65 characters.
You get all companions that you should have received by doing KOTFE story.
Some story choices are made by default, and are shown in companion info (all story companions become available), I’ve tried to sort them in order they should have appeared in KOTFE Chapters. Same choices go for Token-created characters:
You let civilians die during your escape.
You don’t help exiles you meet at swamp.
You lie to Lana about Valkorion in your head.
You took Senya instead of Koth to the Heralds of Zildrog.
You don’t help civilians when rescuing Jorgan.
Description of events on Spire is bugged – in Kaliyo’s description you destroy it, but Senyas descriptions state that you decided not to destroy it… Koth description has both options – that he left alliance because of destruction of Spire, and that you preserved it. By the other choices I’d say you’ve destroyed it for sure.
You sent Kaliyo to capture GEMINI frequency.
You criticize Shae Vizla in front of Mandalorians.
You tried to shoot down Senya and Arcann.

You saved civilians during your escape.
You helped exiles you meet at swamp.
You told Lana about Valkorion in your head.
You took Koth instead of Senya to the Heralds of Zildrog.
You helped civilians when rescuing Jorgan.
You saved Spire (unlike with Imp side, no doubts here)
You sent Jorgan to capture GEMINI frequency.
You praised Shae Vizla.
You let Senya and Arcann go.

So, Republic has all LS choices, Empire has all DS. I guess all choices with Valkorion were done the same way. It’ll be useful for most of players, but If you want to have DS Republic, or LS Imperial character, you have to complete story by yourself.

Actually makes sense now that I’m thinking about it. I mean, how else would they break it down? LOL. Of course, I wouldn’t have thought about it like that before without seeing the list like that so, thanks for the heads up!

There are two incidents involving a Spire, to my memory; regardless of whether you skip KOTFE or not, though, Koth’s log will mention two.

At the beginning of chapter 4 when the gravestone comes out of hyperspace I hear theron saying “thats the holy turtle fleet” instead of “thats the whole eternal fleet” 😀

Ugh this was just yuck. In fact IMO both KOTFE and KOTET have been awful. I read better story lines in Nar Shadaa chat when I log into a RP server.

That moment with the music when Jace Malcom looked at Satele Shan, while she was rebuilding coruscant gave me the chillss… Never thought I would see these 2 back together! 😀

Honestly the story is fun and the new abilities (and ability animations) are fun. The uprisings are cool, uber short, but fun and the Vet mode seems to be challenging.

Vet mode of anything other than Uprisings is not accomplishable yet, not in this gear and it is really, really sad that the content is tied to gear stats instead of player skill.

The Galactic Command System kills what, otherwise, would be a great update to SWTOR. I understand teh need for a progression system and other games I play have progression systems, but those systems are about character development, not an RNG Gear grind. With this system it is possible that a person with crappy luck, could play this game for years and never get a full set of Vet mode ready raid gear.
It also makes it so that a person who plays once or twice a week just to raid with their friends is now holding their team back. Unless the team wants to run SM ops forever while the guy that only plays 8 hours a week takes 3 years to reach CR300 that person will soon be pressured to drop to make room for someone who plays more often. The team was the only reason the guy was still playing the game so now he unsubs and leaves SWTOR never to return.
This is a scenario that we will see occur more and more often with this system. Honestly, in my humble opinion, GC is the worst idea in the history of gaming. I have seen a lot of mistakes made in video games, but this is the worst.
I won’t kill the game, because, Star Wars, but it will definitely reduce the overall playerbase and change the type of players subscribing to SWTOR .

just cleared the last chapter in vet mode….
224 gear on… everything fine with vet mode
if it would be less challenging then it would totally misfit its purpose
we did bloodhunt hm aswell in 224… you just need a raid damage of 16k to beat the enrage at the first boss… maybe you should whine less and practice more if u want to beat the vet modes

please dont get me wrong i hate the command system aswell,,,,
but vet mode is mostly ok.. especially fps are fun again

there are some fights which are shitty balanced in the story i have to agree…
especially in the kotfe line.
but please dont say the fps need a nerf because thats not true

Is there any way to toss Arcann’s ass in prison for the rest of his life for his crimes? My goody-two-shoes consular might not want to execute him, but I sure as hell don’t want him in my alliance or as a companion.

I know. But how hard would it have been for BioWare to add that option? A choice where you temporarily ally with a “reformed” Arcann to bring down the Eternal Throne with the understanding that as soon as it’s over he has to face justice for his crimes? The guy murdered PLANETS. He conquered the galaxy in a war that doubtlessly cost billions of life. “Oh, but it’s OK, he’s all better now. It totally wasn’t his fault.” At the very least he should be facing a trial and the rest of his life in a cell.

That’s Star Wars, of course… the mass-murderer Anakin got a happy existence as a force-ghost because he flipped back to the light side at the last moment. His victims? They’re gone, and they don’t get that.

Well he is “needed” for the last chapter fight resolution. Although, I agree that KotET needs a Mass Effect 3 epilogue expansion to deal with Zakuul and several other dangling threads. Of course, They may wait til the next expansion pack.

I know that the Light side won the DvL event. But I was under the impression that both companions would be available to characters created for the event. Based on their personal decisions and not just the entire community.

“The merciless Darth Hexid Companion or the courageous Master Ranos Companion – your Dark or Light side decisions in-game will determine which Companion reward gets unlocked!”
I think it’s really disappointing if there is no way to get Darth Hexid. =

Well, if they ever do the DvL event over again, and don’t create new rewards… I guess you could possibly get the other afterwards… but DS would have to win, which appears to be… unlikely.

That was simply wonderful! 😀
Perfect story, fullfilling chapters and a true ending to the Outlander story and to a decade long story that started at the background of Kotor.
Seriously, I feel that Bioware has finished Kotor 3 and it was worth it 😀

It’s weird that there will be more things to do after this, after all, the story mode does feel kind of done. But I guess they did say they are going back to group contents [which is great,
and a good story point to actually do that].

ToR today is, truly and officially, utter amazing!

During chapter 6, there is a way to get help from the beats. If you first run to the basement, you can listen in on a conversation about feeding medicine to one of the sick beasts. You can then pick up the medicine inside the beat pen. Then you can run up to the kitchen and find meat in a canister next to the chef droids. Mix them up from your inventory and run back down to feed the beast… This means you’ll get a bunch of animals helping you out once the fighting starts… Was pure luck, or Monkey Island experience that kicked in here… 🙂

There’s an email after the final chapter from the scions saying something to the effect of “There’s more coming.” What that more is, no one I’ve talked to really knows.

Chapter 6 makes no sense. Reading this, and trying to do what it says, I can’t do it. I don’t have time for a stupid puzzle.

hey the puzzles are really easy to figure out, and if you get stuck all you gotta do is press the hint button on your action bar, and look at your map the places you are told to go to are all named places. It’ll help guide you to where you gotta go. As soon as you find one hit the hint button again, and it will help you along. Run around for a bit enjoy the atmosphere and the cantina like party music. You’ll also get used to your surroundings by like the second to third hint that puzzle, should be a breeze.

Ok so I think i am crazy, in the last fight I got no hologram to use in the fight, my moves did no damage on only the ghost companions actually did damage what did i do wrong as it actually spoiled the last chapter for me.

The Veteran mode is ridiculously overpowered on some bosses. They hit WAY too hard, if u not interupt on time, and not doing it as tank (good gear+stim+adrenal+medpad). Last night i broke my headphones on 6 pieces after few wipes on Horizon Guard champion at the new planet from Mad Max. Sure make them do dmg to you, but at least OFFER insta respawn.
Besides Lana on lvl 7 infl. is not good enough, and without recources (or new player) u cant boost your comp to 20-50.

(sigh) I love this expansion. There’s new multiplayer content for the first time in forever (I’m sorry, I can complete the heroic star fortresses on my own) and with the new Veteran mode, I’m able to play the story twice and actually get in a good scrape. But unsurprisingly no one else is happy. With some people complaining they shouldn’t be “forced” to do a puzzle and others saying that Veteran mode is too hard. Newsflash geniuses, its supposed to be hard. While I agree that a new Op wouldn’t hurt I als know how much time has gone into this… That said, How interesting would an operation version of the chapters be…

So did they make it one story per legacy? I tried running a fresh toon through the KotFE line and it didn’t save any of the choices (did a light side the first run through, tried doing a dark side).

– Tried running a new character through the KotFE story.
– Story choices (SPOILER —- like Killing Kaliyo are not saving – she was alive next chapter)

For Chapter 2: Run for the Shadows. Please add the following codex entries to the codex section:

Sleen, Yozusk, Gundark, and Jurgoran. You get these when you crash in the Dromund Kaas forests. There are a bunch of these creatures roaming around. When you kill one, you will get the codex entry.

Also, please add to the Chapter 6: The Dragon’s Maw section, the thing about getting the medicine and mixing it with the meat in the kitchen section so players can get the 4 creatures to help them.

Thank You!

The stuff for Chapter 2 is only relevant if you neglected to do anything on DK when you were leveling. All of those codex entries are originally found in the regular DK map. If you don’t have them by the time of KOTET it triggers the original codex on kill, like many other places throughout KOTFE and KOTET.

It may be a factor of glitching out =, as the game is prone to do, but my Sniper lost several of his codex entries when starting Fallen Empire for the first time. I got the codex entry for the player ship back in chap 9 for crying out loud.

So I did in fact get a few of the DK codex entries, despite having gotten the loremaster/beastmaster of DK on that character back in 3.x

Anyone know what the armor is she’s wearing in these vids? It’s the same set Jarak wears but can’t find it anywhere and don’t know the name

Aah I see now, was searching for the little threads hanging from the shoulders but with the default black dye i couldn’t see them. Thanx a lot

After the end of Chapter 9, we end up in the alliance planning room/throne room. Anyone have an idea of what the room is supposed to be used for?

When I hover my mouse over one of the consoles it says Eternal Command Console, but I can’t click it.

It seems something related to uprisings, but not sure.

Haven’t finished either FE/ET expansions. Curious though. Lots of the LI companions never appeared. Notably, Kira, Doc, Risha, Jaessa, and Elara. Think also Nadia is missing. Probably even more, haven’t played through all classes.

So big when, if ever, will they reappear, now that the Eternal Empire story seems to have come to a close?

They don’t return in the story, but in the Alliance Camp HQ on Odessen in the Commander’s Quarters (right side on your way to Hylo Visz’s area) there’s a Companion Locator Terminal on the right before you go up to the bedroom. You can get *most* of your missing companions back there.

Will Arcann and Senya stay with you if you choose the dark side option at the end of Chapter 9? So go the Empire way so to speak XD

Good … was afraid I lost them if I went that way.

Also is it true that depending on what choice you make, the room you end up in the end, the extra room on Odessen, changes?

So I was finishing levelling a shadow I made during 2x xp, and got a question, after all the mystics and rubbish on Voss, how did they miss the eternal throne turning up on their door step.

You can, don’t help him in chapter 1 (thus killing him in chapter 6) then leave the story while fighting valkorian in chapter 9 while he is your companion. If you play another section of story you’ll lose him as a companion.

Hey Dulfy, you are missing what to do in dragons maw with the beast medicine. You go to the kitchen and click on the trash can behind the droid. You then go to your mission items and click on it and it will combine the two items. You go back downstairs and put it in the sick beast’s trough. Not only do you not fight the little guys in the rancor fight but they join you for the rest of the chapter, including the final fight. Makes the last fight easy even on vet mode.

If you kill off Arcann in chapter 6, He reappears as a temporary companion in chapter 9, and if you leave the story while he’s with you, you can use him anywhere. He retains the appearance of when he was Emperor in KotFE.

The Relic Hunting bonus mission for Chapter 2 isn’t complete in the guide. You take the two relics… and put them into the two pillars and it unlocks another area, which has traps, which gives a relic buff.

To add on, after you scan the four items (two relics and two pillars) you get the update to add the two relics to the two pillars. Basically just click the pillars. After that the update is to get the final relic. In the booby trapped area, you can scan both sides of the floor. I died a few times figuring out how to avoid the floor traps but just walk down the middle of the floor and grab the final relic and you’ll have a relic special ability bar for the remainder of the chapter.

am i the only one disappointed by the romances in this expansion? it really just doesnt “close” them… much like the mass effect series.

I search through the comments and don’t see that anyone ran into what I did. I dind’t complete the server room bonus and found myself locked out of any progress in Chapter 6. I was able to climb up the bones, but was stuck on the kitchen side, blocked by closed and locked down doors. Anyone else get this problem?

After finishing Chapter 2 and picking 3 dialogue options that Theron approved of, I should have received +780 (with buffs applied) influence with him, according to this guide. But I only got 260. Any idea why?

I can’t beat ‘defeat the genoharadan scouting party’. I can’t find any combat guides on how to beat this encounter, and my gear(1) is as high as I can get without PvP or group runs. A single beam shoots out and take half to three quarters of my life in the first few moments of the fight. If I kill of the small mobs and then cloak and heal, I still get stomped against the boss, with the boss being mostly whole when I die. I as stomped and frustrated I can’t experience this story. Is this gated some how?

1- The pieces you put into gear are all 228(crafting purple) and 230(command 1 drops).

Am I wrong, and story mode for this is group only?

Which armor set is your character wearing? I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t seem to find its name :/

If you are talking about the armor set with the knives on the back, it’s the Nathema Zealot armor set.

Go to the kitchen with the medicine. Listen to a little conversation between a chef and a kitchen droid, then check the bin behind the droid. Click the items in your inventory and feed that to the exoboar.

Hey quick question ive done Chapter 12 of kotet in fact the entire story of kotfe/kotet now a couple times but for chapter 12 specifically when you have to cleanse your memories is there a certain order like to tell a cohevsive story with just those little memories ive done them mostly at random the last two times i did it, i did it from the left most “road” going right and vice versa going from right to left? im just wondering as this is one of my favourite chapters in the entire kotet expansion

So does the choice to ally with the empire or not in Chapter 2 have any consequences between then and when we return to Iokath for the superweapon storyline that’s been released recently?

I’ve only done kotet with one character that allied with the Empire in chapter 2 and then dissolved the alliance in favor of the republic on Iokath, but I don’t remember much of the stuff in between since it was a while ago I did it.

Having some difficulties with this chapter and the one before it… no companion = no heals :/ All I have is white robe Arcann as a pet with those 3 abilities, but from everything I’m reading it sounds like I should be able to have a companion healer too? And possibly Senya? (She keeps talking like she’s with me, but she’s not actually here (even though she should be)…)

Am I just suuuper bugged?

I did have this issue (and I was a healer and killed her anyway, Very Slowly), but I wasn’t aware it was an issue…

I accidentally started another chapter on my ship for some reason. I honestly don’t understand the difference between starting them there and in the chapter list, but I have two different chapters active and it’s very confusing. Especially since I can not abandon either. I’d really like to tho.

@dulfy:disqus I’m not sure if I posted this before, but in Chapter 1, the bonus quest “Extrajudicial Heroism” will be auto-completed for you, IF you destroyed the Star Fortress over Voss. Rokuss (The Gormak companion tied to the Voss Star Fortress quest line) will take a number of fighters to complete the quest for you.

Thank you for all the cut scenes! I’ve been out of this game since the 2nd expansion and wasn’t sure if I wanted to get back into it but you pretty much summed it all up for me. Story was awesome and my daughter now wants to play so maybe, just maybe I’ll join back just for a bit lol, you know how MMO does to one, it consumes you 🙂

Alderaan also has a third secret questline, called Whos Scruffy Looking? . This miniquest spans across three planets, and the Alderaan portion starts with a datapad near Fort Alde and Outpost Talarn. If you want to go scruffy hunting, you guessed it, there s a link to a guide in the description of this video.    SWTOR Nerf Calf Pets and Hidden Achievement Guide by Dulfy

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