Black Desert Dark Knight Class Coming to Korea Dec 15

BDO Korea will be getting the Dark Knight Dark Elf Class on Dec 15. Kakao has released a teaser for the new class.



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i think that a person with such legs would have serious problem when walking. that’s not human at all

I would have been satisfied with this teaser if they did not already revealed the class earlier…if this would be the first glimpse at it and see the weapon in the end would be cool…but due to the fact that they already revealed the class and it’s weapons…it’s a waste somehow :/

If they call it a “reveal” or “class highlight”, sure it’s unsatisfactory, however, as far as the word “tease” is concern, it served the purpose. It’s not really a waste if the target audience are those who have not heard of the new class…like me.

I like those legs…and that sword…its just the right size. The cape? Badass.. I’ve always been a fan of the warrior awakening but I don’t like big swords. I left all my hopes on the dark knight and surely it didn’t disappoint. I’m guessing that the class is a variation of sorcerer and warrior. Totally thinking of dark knights from FFXIV. I wouldn’t mind if I can use a skill that takes off 95% of my hp to do an instakill haha jk..

Yet another female class that does not have pants.

I don’t mind sexualization… as long as there are options. There are barely any.
If you don’t like skirts or tights, then the outfits in this game for women won’t appeal to you.

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