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SWTOR 5.0a Game Update Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for the Dec 3 Game Update.


  • Crew Skills now display in the Crew Skills UI even if originally opened through the drop down menu.
  • Shae Vizla now properly receives bolster, and has stats comparable to other Companions.
  • The highlighted Galactic Command activity now gives bonus Command Experience as intended.
Missions + NPCs
  • It is now possible to complete the Makeb Mission “Descent into the Core.”
  • Vaylin now appears with the appropriate hologram VFX when seen on the Horizon Guard’s holocom in the opening Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter I cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Chapter XIV to not save player variables. The last playthrough of this Chapter completed will have its variables retained.
  • Chapter XVI: Battle of Odessen can now be completed on Story Mode.
  • NPCs spawned from the Hypergate Vortex in Terror From Beyond no longer grant Command Experience.
  • Planetary Missions no longer auto-complete when using the Galactic Command interface. The Planetary Missions option in Galactic Command has been re-enabled.
  • All gold NPCs now grant 1 Command Experience point (down from 10).
  • Chapter IX is no longer missing text in the French and German clients.

By Dulfy

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Definitely glad that I waited to play until until the Subscriber Beta Testing (Early Access) is over. Even still…wow. Think I may even wait another week. Geez, guys.

the longer you wait the longer your grind will be, I do not see this system changing back to the way it was. If you want to play, just grin and bear it.

It’s not the grind I’m concerned about. That’s always going to be there, with ANY game you play. It’s all the stuff I keep seeing that’s bugged with it since they put out the KOTET patch, even still after the most recent “fix” patch. Definitely think I’ll wait another week until hopefully more stuff is fixed with it. No hurry with this game now. Kind of sad.

Lulz. They nerfed the CXP from golds.

Not enough grind in BioWare’s eyes.

Fcuking 10 CXP are considered to be too much.

I made it to 14 and I’d actually been pretty satisfied with the amount grinding so far (though I expected it to get worse as I progressed). This sounds like a really bad idea, though.

made it to 25 and 2 pieces with a set bonus, so it will be much slower now I feel we got punished for no reason.

No DvL companion…
No DvL pets…
No DvL armors…
No DvL speeder…
No Turret Tank mount…

So as for the Devs erasing all of our DvL Event achievements from the past three months, am I to understand correctly that we are all essentially screwed?

Oh, hey! I’ve still got the DvL Tier titles! Whoop-de-doo!

Retraction: 2:30 PM (EST)… Just received the mail now. I’m guessing that the in-game mail servers must be really be working slow. Although the achievements are still gone, at least all of my hard work to get “The Legendary Victor” status still counted.

Devs actually replied that removing DvL achievements was INTENTIONAL. They did it, just because they might start it again, for fuck sake… All other events are ok to keep their achievements, but DvL not… what an actual fuck…

I`m trying to lose my patience with this shit.

All gold NPCs now grant 1 Command Experience point (down from 10)

kek, 1st lvl300 GC inc next year……… best. or they really expect some1 will play story mroe than 1 time at 1 character. such a jokeware.

1cxp per gold mob? Well their goes the enjoyment of running a Full Operation again, just as we were running 16M hm ev and kp again and having fun pulling all packs for the exp.. now they shit on us AGAIN.. fuck.

Is there a requirement for the alert? I just got her from but she just appeared in my companion roster rather than an alert…..Ive done all of Kotfe and Kotet

For what i been reading its looks like the alert is bugged for those who achieve legendary level in the event since those who were eternals got it

Fixed an issue that was causing Chapter XIV to not save player
variables. The last playthrough of this Chapter completed will have its
variables retained.

Does this mean I should replay it before starting KOTET?

One guy goes all crazy and plays 45hr in 3 days and hits cxp 100…
So they nerf all of us…

early access = we pay to bug test

(i’d say let him keep the gear but reset his level to 70… but only if he used an instance reset… otherwise… let gamers game dammit!)

3 days of purposely pulling mobs in Ops was very interesting ^_^ thanks for killing that BW…

it’s no different than spamming anything else in the game before or after the expansion. If I want to spam Black Talon for 45 hours it most likely would have granted me the same results give or take a few. So this person’s hard effort becomes everyone’s punishment, I do not see the logic to Bioware’s decision.

Knights of the Eternal Grind: grind some more you suckers!!!

Gold NPC’s worth 1 Command Experience point…


You guys really love to get fucked in the asshole by Bioware’s strapons. They nerfed an already frustrating CXP system.

And let me guess… guys will continue to play.

SWTOR player have developed stockholm syndrome from playing this game.

No gaming company would make a horrible grind system like this unless they’re main goal is too completely kill this game.

Because 10 command points is just too high. Oh yeah dont forget to do the same shit on your other toons too LMFAO.

How the fuck does this sorry ass game still have players?

Srsly. What’s wrong with them? 10 CXP don’t brea the system. What kind of idiot is there in charge. how can a compny treat it’s palyerbase like that? How is it even possible that one fuck in a meeting can make this suggestion and the rest of the team is as stupid as he is, and this goes live? How can a game company be so horribly stupid?

What’s wrong with this pathetic developer team? Where did they hire people like that?

This guy played hours and hours, he just earned it. It was only one guy. No harm was done to anything. Just one person was testing the system to the limit, an extreme that not often will happen.

To be honest, that one was ridiculous in comparison to all other cxp, if I still played, I’d farmed the hell out of gold mobs.

But, the problem is still that the cxp for everything else seems too low, so they probably should’ve increased cxp for everything else a bit while nerfing gold mob cxp instead of doing this which is kind of like shooting yourself in the balls….

No. This is WAY worse than that. This is ABSOLUTE PROOF these guys aren’t QUALIFIED to be running a SW MMO.

First they introduce this system. AGAINST the will of the majority of players in Forums EVERYWHERE (we could go into how they communicate with their playerbase as well, seeing how other companies actually discuss developments with who pays them to exist…but I won’t even go there).

They introduce a weekly level cap for GC. Fair enough, and logical.

Musco said that level cap was not possible to reach through normal playing methods (without resorting to exploits). He actually CHALLENGED players to try and reach that level cap.

One guy goes out to Tatooine, farms Gold mobs for 40 hours straight on Heroic places or something, and reaches the level cap.

BW nerfs Gold mob GCxp.

Now: why should ALL the players suffer from what ONE guy did? WITHIN THE RULES OF THE FREAKING GAME! This is unacceptable. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing. I feel sorry for whoever is still playing this, I really do. I get no pleasure from this debacle.

BUT I did warn that something like this might happen. And the frustration level is still low: people aren’t getting 5 belts when what they really need is a chest piece…

I find the whole thing hilarious, read his explanation and that was pretty much what I would’ve done if I still played. Gold mobs on low level planets are really easy to kill, find a spot with lots of them and fast respawns and you’re golden(…) . They needed to fix it because otherwise half the player base would be on Tattoine killing elites for the next few weeks.

I agree that the system itself is utterly idiotic and the nerf is basically a kick in the face of the players. They created an expansion where you need to grind like an idiot while making it low on new content. There’s a reason I didn’t resub.

And of course they didn’t think anyone would reach it because they didn’t realize how fast you can kill gold mobs in groups (they really should’ve seen that one coming), those 10 cxp add up fast. It’s like when they first started with guild conquests and we found out pretty fast that you could win those by crafting only. Which is how me and 3-4 other people in my old guild won those conquests without any exploits. And how I could place our imp side of the guild in top 10 by having 90% of our guild’s conc points on my alts. Aaaand then they nerfed to oblivion if after realizing conquests had turned into a crafting competition….

They are clueless man, utterly and hopelessly clueless about their own game. People are ALWAYS going to find the quickest way to do what’s required. Problem is, they can NEVER anticipate that…

They are totally clueless, and it’s gone from annoying to infuriating to funny for me. He reached by doing pretty much what was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the cxp list here, only I would’ve spent some time finding a good spot as well. And I haven’t played the game in almost a year.

How someone that makes the game doesn’t see it coming is mindblowing. You give the highest rewards/minute to stuff that aren’t easily grindable, like weeklies and dailies, NOT mobs that are everywhere in the game or ranked arena matches where win/loss doesn’t matter for this purpose….

When Musco said you could never hit the cap without exploits, I just knew someone somewhere would pull it off lol

The decision to nerf CXP has made even bioware’s white knight defenders angry.

Not me though. I am sticking by bioware forever. Best company ever.

I dont care about the rest of the complaints on here but am i the only one to notice the game bugs are like x10 since the update?

It’s a TOR tradition called “new expansion”. Will get sorted out just in time for the 6 month content draught before the next expansion.

I guess the guys at BW didn’t feel they were having subs cancelled at a fast enough rate…

I have seen some stupid business decisions in my 50 plus years, but I have never seen a company so intent on doing the exact opposite of what paying customers are asking for. These guys are absolutely clueless as to how to handle a business.

In case they read this, here is customer acquisition 101 guys:

1.) It is most cost-effective to keep an existing customer.
2.) It is expensive to acquire a new customer, but not as expensive as No. 3
3.) It is very expensive to acquire a lost customer.

In other words, if you know these business basics you should always strive not to create any No. 3s. But BWA could give business lessons in how to create those type of customers in droves.

You forgot 4) If you have a digital product, it is cheap to do all 3, because there is only the fixed costs of servers and staff. And if they can get new subs at a high enough rate that it trumps the ones they lose, they’re still in the green. Had many subs -actually- been lost, EA would’ve not funded 5.0 as much as it did. From what I’m seeing, they completely reworked the leveling system, and that means this game has potentially 1 or 2 more profitable expansions in the waiting.

For the record: just because you’ve worked in business doesn’t mean you know how all businesses operate and under what principles. You seem like a pompous ass with little substance, so you should love empty content.

Sorry but I own three internet businesses my friend and have been in business for myself for over 16 years. I think I may have some idea of what I am doing. Because I speak the truth about poor business decisions does not make me a “pompous ass”. A pompous ass is someone who throws insults at people simply because they don’t agree with them (sound familiar?).

Customers still don’t magical show up on your site or use your product. There is still a cost to acquire them – in all types of businesses. Do you happen to know the number one spend by digital companies for acquiring customers? It is direct mail. Yup, good old fashioned direct mail.

Lastly, a CAB business model (churn and burn, what you are referring to in acquiring more customers than you are losing), rarely works for any business. It doesn’t take a genius to see the servers today are less populated than the were at the same time last year. So, unless there is some hidden server somewhere that no one knows about that has millions of customers, than it is less likely. In addition, EA made a distinct point of pointing out that, of 18 titles in their sub business, they will be down almost a million in revenue and they specifically pointed to SWTOR being the main cause of that.

Right on. And if someone questions if servers are less populated than they were a year ago:

Last expansion servers were in an uproar. “Heavy”, “Very Heavy”. I even saw a “Full” server once. People were excited, and the ones that weren’t really that excited (yours truly) just wanted to try it out and see what it was all about;

Today they BARELY break “Standard”. With a new expansion just launched. And you guys don’t have to take my word for it. Just click the link, browse the site and see for yourselves:

Source for them being down a million in rev cause of SWTOR? I’m just curious. I don’t doubt that that is the case.

Last financial quarterly reports from EA. Just to clarify, they are down 1 million across their sub business (not exclusively SWTOR), but they made a comment that the primary driver of being down is SWTOR. What that number actually is they didn’t say.

Still, that isn’t good. I doubt they are going to be patient with SWTOR at all. I would guess they look at it as an annoyance based on how I feel it’s been treated over the last year.

You sir are protecting the notion of reinventing the wheel, that is exactly what Bioware is trying to do here. And with no regard to it’s MMO customers, I said it before and I’ll say it again. SWTOR was always meant to be a single player game, and it should have been sold as such. With that said there is 2 very simple rules

1. “If something is not broken why try to fix it,” -You would disagree naturally.
2. “Keep your customer’s happy.” -Matter’s not if a product is sold digitally, wrap in gold with a rainbow for good measure. Point of the matter is it’s a sold product to a consumer base which should hold up to a certain amount of standards. If they want to continue shoveling this stuff down our throat, then they need to listen to their customers.

See… That’s just bad, man. You were going great until your last paragraph. And then WE that discuss the game from our critical point of view are “toxic”…

Fortunately the GENTLEMAN answering your comment is an educated person, or we’d be in “toxic” territory already.

For the record: try not to offend other people. It does little to substantiate your points of view, and does not further the conversation.

I can finally play the new chapters without them telling me to sub every time I hit play after maintenance. I guess 5 days late is better then never. Funny that isn’t in the patch notes though but it’d probably make them look bad.

so you r a prefered or F2P Player??? and can now play the eternal throne story line Do to BW panicking over the GC exp and this patch that has a new bug Nice BW at it’s best lol

No I am sub with early access who couldn’t access. There were quite a few of us but we got swept under the carpet.

This is priceless… Award for “Post of the Month” as far as I’m concerned.

LOVE the look on the Zabrak’s face…

Charles: Subscriptions aren’t faling at the rate we were hoping for.
Ben: Shit. What can we do?
Charles: Give less CXP, a really offensive low amount, like 1 CXP.
Ben: Hahaha! That’s grat. Let’s do this. They’ll get mad.
Eric: Patchnotes are already ready! Let’s see if the subscriber will cancel faster.
Ben: I hope so, I’m so sick of this job.
Charles: Yeah.

This small amount of 10 CXP made annoying gold mobs less annoying, because there were not a total waste of time, at lease they gave you something! But now… they again just suck. Well done, IdiotWare.

10 CXP never was much. 1 CXP is an insult. At it is taken as one.

Do we get the Credits return from the loss of datacrystals ? On all my toons I kept hitting the limits and had nothing to buy on any of them {because at the time I had everything possible for that level}, so when they took out the data crystals there WAS to be a credit return on the removal of the crystals {I recall having 999 common, 459 glowing, and 400 radiant} Shouldnt we get those credits {up to 2mil credits per toon}

The following comments were made by two people. One was dulfy in reddit. One was by a player in the forums. Both sum up Bioware perfectly:

People complained about it on the forums after the livestreams announcing these changes, they chose to not to listen and do the if it catches on fire, then we will fix it approach.

Player in forums:
You all should know by now how this works. They will increase it next week with an apology, stating some mistake blah blah, then raise the CXP gain some so it is more than it is now thinking that it will pacify everyone who hates the system and everyone will be okay and just dislike the new gearing grind instead of hate it.

More smoke and mirrors…

I love Dulfy’s comment, it is almost true. After today, though, it seems they are taking more of the “if it catches fire, we’ll throw a lot more gas on it!”

To see the number of comments and goodbyes from people that have been subbed since launch is disheartening. I cannot imagine they are sitting there surprised by the sudden drop in subs. If they are surprised, then it is a sure sign of utter incompetence.

The January LS will be interesting. But I am sure, at this point, it will have a LOT more people not watching it since they’ll have high tailed it from the BWA folks by then.

legacy wide isnt enought, they have to increase alot and i mean really really alot the xp and put back tokens, this sistems is bullsht, game is dying and they think making us grind this will keep us paying when is going do exactly the opposite, since when token sistem was any problem? wath i never agreed was getting 224 from hm aside that……..

Bioware really needs to start listening to player feedback and stop ignoring us. It is really quite self evident they haven’t bothered.

The only way they’ll learn their lesson is if people start speaking with their wallets. If sub numbers drop, if cartel store sales tank, if the playerbase dwindles is when they’ll have to start listening. The way that people are going about this is all wrong. It’s like a wife that goes back to an abusive husband. Leave. Leave until they get a clue. Leave until they start listening to the playerbase that make the game function. Leave until the game becomes what it should be. Because as it is now, it’s a fucking shell of it’s former self.

It’s wishful thinking and never works, but I honestly hope that the player numbers and sub numbers tank after the first one or two months after this expansion launch. I already intend to stop playing and uninstall at the end of December and I hope that other players do the same. Not one or two, but hundreds.

Won’t happen though which is why this game will continue to go down the toilet. Shame. Star Wars. MMO. It should be good, and it was in 2.4 or so. Now? No. Not even close.

Even 3.0 SoR was good compared to the sit they’re feeding us now. I mean nine chapters of this crap and a RNG reward system for endgame content that’s not even legacy bound. Fuck off BW. I personally hated KOTFE, worse story ever and then came KOTET and once again I’m a secondary character in my own story. I’ll say it again Fuck off BW.

People who still play this game must have stockholm syndrome, there’s no way a sane person could be playing lash after lash and still saying that they love the direction this game has taken.

Omg… Just been over to Those guys are going apeshit! The shitstorm is here, even if not all of them will actually unsub, there is nothing but negative comments on the current system and the subsequent nerf. It seems BW did not anticipate players would actually kill enemies lol… And remember: they are ALL subs! No frees or prefs.

Quoting a guy called Diefenbaker:

“This makes the NGE in SWG look like genius.”

Couldn’t agree more.

I really like the new chapters – played about half and the increased quality of story was delightful. But for the first time ever, I just don’t know what to do when I finish them. I hated ESO’s champion system and here it is, duplicated here, and not even legacy wide. The grind to even get geared enough to play in NiM with friends is so depressing – I mean we were already mad fans to keep doing that old material, but now, the incentive to keep plugging away for just the laughs and camaraderie is kinda … gone.

Oh… The Victorious Trailblazer’s Armor set isn’t Legacy bound… Well… I’ve just F*cked myself.

Well, I’m an idiot. Just realized it gets sent to all of my alts. Not just the one who completed DvsL. xD

It does mean you’re screwed if you get rid of it somehow. They should really add that stuff to collections, or at least make the armor legacy bound like the bonus XP set.

Yeah accidents happen. Seems strange that it’s not legacy bound anyway. Those types of things usually are.

I’m fine for now anyway, I’m only using the armor on one character. The Titan set fits my Commando perfectly, except for the helmet, even if the gauntlets are a bit of an odd design. I’m also using the Trailblazer set for Elara. I’m actually glad the two sets turned out to be similar enough but still have a few differences, it works perfectly for that duo. I just wish they’d bring back her and the other companions now.

Trailblazer looks like a bit of a cheap cop-out to me. Like they couldn’t be arsed to make two reward armours so just made one and then made a shittier version of it to bulk up the rewards. The Titan set looks neat though.

As for companions… given what they’ve said about the coming year I’m not optimistic on the story front. Clearly they only work on one element at a time, and if it’s group stuff (though we can rule out ops I think) it’s not story.

Really would like a good explanation as to why some comps haven’t appeared yet though.

Looks like SoR all over again when they screwed up that launch and did a bunch of patches to correct their mistakes and started a fire storm with the player base For me it’s easy just buy the crafted modes and run SM content and not care about this GC bs I got burnt in SoR so do not play the game the as I use too

I’ve been told that the alert mission for Master Ranos is glitched out and unavailable if you got up to Legendary during DvL. Is that correct? I got to Legendary, and I completed Eternal Throne today, and even after logging on hours later, the alert still hasn’t appeared. I know the instant item works, since I used it on an alt, but i want to get the “story” version on my main.

There isn’t really much “story” there. At least there wasn’t for my Trooper. However when I took the mission on my Sorceror there was an option to ask about Ashara Zavros. I won’t spoil the response. You’ll have to see for yourself. It isn’t much but it’s kind of interesting.

I’m actually not looking forward to seeing Ashara again on my Assassin. I must have picked the wrong response one time, and now the story is convinced that I picked the light side path with Ashara, despite the fact that I’ve been darker than dark, as dark as dark can be, from the beginning. On my Commando though, I can’t wait for Elara to come back. She’s been one of my favorite romance companions from the start.

This comment on the forums has to be the most accurate yet:


This is all smoke and mirrors. People have been going on and on about how terrible the RNG system is for the last couple of months. Bioware needed to do something to distract them.

So they nerfed it to 1 CXP.

Queue rage.

This is what’s going to happen:

On Monday, Eric’s going to make a post like this, “Hey guys! We know some people are a little upset about the changes we made to the Command XP gains. We would like to talk to you about that But we DO value your feedback. So on this thread please give us your input! We would like to hear from you!”

Queue a 200+ page thread in response.

The following Tuesday 5.0b will be released. It will read: “We listened to your valuable feedback and we have increased CXP gains on gold mobs by 500% (Translation: They’ll be worth 5 CXP)! Once again, thank you to everyone for their input!”

And people will be just SO FRIGGIN GLAD that it’s not 1 CXP that they will profusely thank Eric and the rest of the Dev team for “Compromising.” They will call it “reasonable.”

And THEN, if anyone DARES to call BW out on their BS RNG system, those people will be told to shut up because it could be so much worse.

Sounds familiar? It is, because this is EXACTLY what happened with the Companion Nerf. Except THIS time, even most of the White Knighters are against this.

This time feedback will be easier for a lot of people.

Hey Eric, you didn’t listen before it went live, so my sub died just like your ability to listen did.

I don’t why you people want ops, I be happy if they just provide us with flashpoints that require a lot of strategy and coordination to complete. The age of Ops is done, people are tired of trying to form guilds and groups to run content, and people are so impatient that can bare to pug anything. I say good riddance to old school “raiders” and their toxic wannabe “elisitism” the only real elites are pvp’ers but lemme stop there.

They nerf that shit because people already bitching about this game being single player. So you’re telling me that masses of people in heroic areas in their own group downing golds is resolving the issue? Hell no.

If you want to rank, do group stuff, interact with your group and form bonds to maybe tackle harder content. All I see is people not saying a damn word, Zerg through a FP or whatever and just saying koombiyah!

Why ops are happening anymore? I’ll tell you the real reason. The community. For example, a typical HM or higher pug run will include:

LFM 8m whatever HM, must have star parse, done it before, link achievement, have voice comms, the list goes on.

Knowing a small percentage of players have actually completed these “hard” ops the community doesn’t allow new blood to come play in these groups. The reason BW did what hey did in 4.0 was a response to this nonesense. It’s sad that this games pvp community is less toxic than the old fashion I must have purple loot fetish bullshit. Why don’t you sad fucks learn to develop your game community and stop relying solely on the developer to cater to your special snowflake asses. If you don’t like it leave, if you’re one of those wannabe gamer god people that can’t handle a new player thrive, go back to WoW with the rest of the garbage players.

To hell with Ops, give us harder FPs, and squeeze solo play rewards even more. Boom forced multiplayer.

I am sorry to say that from experience, the requirement of strategic thinking would eliminate 90% of the playerbase, since they just rush in and just die and then cry and moan.

I personally find group content to be a waste of time, since as i said 90% of the playerbase tends to just rush in and get killed.

I like a challenge, but its only worth doing if its a full guild run, random groups is just asking for trouble.

Good insight, and do agree with you. I think this community itself just becomes too impatient with new players who want to strive to develop. Sometimes even in a guild, they get dumped because they don’t have the knowledge. The problem I see is, we the players don’t give enough time to just play and help people out. Lately, and yes, I run solo, but do HM content come across groups that gets anal how to do instances and flip by one damn wipe. It’s HM, you’re suppose to take awhile to complete.
Seriously if you just want to blow through repeated content go play ESO, their get content you can sleep half way through.

I get the trickle down, but I feel a lot of community issues is definetly feomthe ground up.

To a certain extent I agree with you, I myself was a Operation noob at one point and had to learn. I am willing to pass on knowledge and so are a lot of people I know. But we have given on on HM and NiM Ops now and just do semi enjoyable SM runs as pugging is challenging enough on SM

The problem I see for HM and NiM is threefold –

1. Many ‘elite’ players as you put it, have left due to the lack of new Operation content.
2. Level sync, overcharged companions and med stations everywhere have made general content so easy that basic game mechanics are simply not learnt at all.
3. DPS is so hugely important on HM and NiM that rotations MUST be almost perfect, it therefore requires people to get an Operations dummy and practice these. Its process that requires dedication.

Now I for one used to love this game, an MMO and Star Wars! Brilliant!! Sadly the game has taken a tragic turn toward solo play and will never recover. I doubt BW care tho, it’s all about cinematics and CM reskinning. Not actual gameplay – a strange policy for a game developer to take.

I think what frustrates so many, particularly experienced (not elite) MMO players, is they have always been able to see the potential in SWTOR to be a great MMO – like it could have been a serious contender to WoW by now.

Instead, we have watched head scratching decision after head scratching decision (the most recent being this ludicrous CxP system) and just further shake or heads and say what would this game have been like if actual people competent in MMO design were in charge of things.

I don’t mean to be insulting or harsh in what I say now, but in watching the livestreams, with the toons in full 244 set gear, and seeing them struggle at points you did have to question if these guys ever play the game.

While I agree with you points, I also tend to think the design of the game lends to that. With all the healing stations, rapid level ascension, etc. The solo and story content has become like a cake walk. As a result, you don’t learn your class as well as you should. Where there is more challenge in the content, it becomes difficult because the game hasn’t required you to really learn your class.

Played with one of the new crop yesterday… a sorc-healer in a Rakata tactical… dropped a circle once so i know it was actually spec’d heals but…
apparently it leveled to 70 just spamming force storm… and played the entire FP… just spamming force storm…

not that I blame it, probably the most efficient way to get through the nerfed level-sync content… probably killed Arcann like that too…

But somehow the healer died at almost every trash pull… hummm aggro… what is aggro? Broke every CC and… of course… never healed any of us…. not even with kolto stations.

Now with the new menu system we can probably add… never picking skill points to the list…


1. Stop attacking the community itself and then turning around and asking it for solutions. The segment of the community your trashing is tired of seeing BWA/EA go out of its way to run this game like a circus and have moved on to games that put effort into content and don’t hide behind excuses. Making excuses for why you can’t succeed with one of the biggest IPs in the world is a joke.

2. Find better ppl to play with and/or lead by example (other than throwing temper tantrums here.) Two years ago my guild ran open 16m Ops several nights a week and often pugged a 1-6 of those spots. Rarely had issues and occasionally picked up new guildmates. Took the time to explain fights and took anybody as long as they didn’t behave like a child. What killed it? SoR and it’s two Ops that ruined 16m runs and had garbage balancing from boss to boss. What kept it dead? No new group content for 2 years and counting (Star Fortresses and Uprisings are pathetic.)

3. Realize you’re 2 years too late to fix anything with SWTOR.

I have to respectfully disagree with you. Last night while running KP with my guild, there were 48 people in KP – meaning 6 raids were running at the time we did it. After finishing KP, we went into EV. By the end, there were 32 peeps doing EV – so four groups.

After that later ran an Uprising, there were 8 people doing the Uprising.

Still seems more peeps on JC are running raids than the four man content.

I mean, people always run KP and EV because it takes like no focus to do those.

Can you really say the same for Ops like DP or Ravagers? I mean when you have either those two ops were priority, people had a field day. Because they far easy ops, cannot deny this.

The point I am getting at is there are still people that run Op content, not necessarily elite raiders. In addition, the Catch 22 of the CxP system is that Ops, without question, are the fastest way to gain CxP (not to mention getting the mats and mods to make higher end gear). So more people are going to want to run Ops than before just to make the grind more tolerable.

The problem with teaching new players how to thrive is that a lot of new players don’t want to learn. They think what they’re doing is fine and they blame other people. Thing is, veteran players do this as well.

Some people are willing to teach, but when they’ve run into repeated instances of someone refusing to learn, showing no signs of improvement, or just flat out telling them to fuck off (yes, it happens), it just seems fruitless. So, yes, new players should be given room to improve (provided they show a willingness to improve and show that they are trying to do better – this is not as common as you think). At the same time, though, I find it hard to fault people for wanting experienced players to join their runs when they’ve experienced so much difficulty vetting new players and teaching them. It’s a frustrating circle and there is no one solution.

Veteran players could be more forgiving, just as new players could be more willing to learn instead of performing the same mistakes over and over again in a futile effort to succeed. Run in and die. Well, that didn’t work, I must have to run faster to avoid dying.

Veteran players alienate new players because of their hesitancy towards them being able to perform, or learn, tasks in an efficient manner. They want their runs to be efficient because they want to get things done. If they’re constantly teaching, the efficiency ratio declines.

New players want to play the game, including what group content that exists. The issue: a lot of them want to do it *their* way and just refuse to believe that they could possibly be doing anything incorrectly, and that just doesn’t work. If somebody knows something you don’t, and they’re trying to help you, there’s a reason for it. It’s not always arrogance or self-righteousness, it’s because they want the team to get through content, which means you need to stop doing something wrong or do something that you’re doing right better.

Both sides alienate one another. Veteran players are not the sole cause of a deteriorating community.

“Why don’t you sad fucks learn to develop your game community and stop relying solely on the developer to cater to your special snowflake asses. If you don’t like it leave, if you’re one of those wannabe gamer god people that can’t handle a new player thrive, go back to WoW with the rest of the garbage players.” I understand your point of view (when it comes to your actual arguments and not this portion that amounts to a temper tantrum), but your attitude only lumps you in with that same toxic community you’re attempting to berate. That is not productive – it makes you a part of the problem.

Well, the problem is that random groups are a bad thing and i experience it alot, the only time i have a good experience with grouping is when its a premade, no one cries, no one bitches, no one ragequits after a single death.

The only time flashpoints and operations are fun, is when its in a guild group…..or a group of friends, groupfinder found groups are just……crap.

Oh, I know. Been here since the game launched. I’ve seen it in all of its high states and low ones. Now, I just do what I enjoy and don’t really worry about the community in general. Every once in a while, I’ll get involved in a discussion, but for the most part, I keep to myself and my circle.

In FFXIV, which has a cross server duty finder with story locks that force everyone to group and a good incentive system to keep experienced players doing runs with it, I play with random groups all the time and they are completely fine on average and a bad group that struggles or can’t finish things is rare.

All they have to do is copy Square Enix’s approach. I mean somebody at SE learned a thing or two from running FFXI for about a decade before putting it in the A Realm Reborn relaunch.

Bioware should put all NA servers in the same data center and do cross server queing. This will almost be enough by itself to make it so you could do any FP or raid whenever you want, and play PVP around the clock.

SE’s incentive system for doing random daily duty finder stuff is another key part of what keeps it full of experienced players. What SWTOR has is weak by comparison, and combined with the long que times from nobody using it to begin with, the experienced players just run with their guild or with the same small community of ad-hoc group raiders who use the ‘allies’ chat channel on their server to run semi-pugs (they all know eachother a little). Thus in Star Wars, it’s new and inexperienced players that are most likely to try and do content with random groups.

I mean really, why otherwise should the average flash point pug group in SWTOR be so much worse than the average dungeon run in FFXIV?

And of course Biofail even took the additional nightmarish step of letting groups without tanks or healers try do do runs. I mean I’d rather wait a half an hour for another healer to que or even wait another day till prime time and try again, than try to do runs without a tank or healer. I mean what is the point of faster que pops that take you straight to hell?

How you dare to call the elite ops players in their bull****?! That same s**h happen to my guild when we move from BC to harby, we say lets move so we can lear for experience players and start to do harder content, then all you see in fleet chat is that crap of link chivo have starparce and parce like a trillon, be heared and dont you dare to actually need the gear. After that my guild just for a group and we did it for ourself.

The worst mistake BW did wasn’t this new system of gearing, the worst was the highlited one were people got used to gear in 224 their alts in 2 days instead of having only 1 toon NiM ready and the rest in a mix of tier 1 and tier 2. Those raiders forgot that tier 3 was the reward for defeating NiM not a necesity for doing NiM.

Now BW try to fix the problem with a new (less crapy but still crap system) that take the time to gear back to months of grind, like it was in 1.0 – 3.0 (to get a full 198 set of gear you need to have 10/10 in Ravager/ToS and i bet that most of those that want new ops are mostly 3-4/10 in those) you used to be in full tear 2 to even attempt NiM and the reward was tear 3, new people wants to play for a couple of days and be in full tear 3. And sorry if you are a casual player and the grind will take you alot of time but for definition if you are a casual: why do you even cared for tear 3 if you provably never going to step in a NiM ops anyway?

And no before you ask i dont like this system at all, what BW should have done was to rebalance all the current ops so that you need to do them in order and go back to tear of gear for ops. exp: tear 1: EV KP EC HM tear 2: TfB S&B DF HM tear 3: DP RAV ToS HM and have a tear 4 as reward for NiM DF DP, but that amount of work will never happen, but one can hope that a someday we will come back to a true progresion system.

I am probably somebody who if we met in a game you would label as an
old school “raider” and toxic wannabe “elitist” even when I was never
really good hardcore raider.

back in 1.0-2.0 my most favourite thing was doing FPs with GF groups. I
love tanking and occasionaly I heal. Back then you met a lot of
competent ppl and doing FPs was fun. If you met a newbie you just taught
him the basics and he listened. For example LI took us regulary 2-3
hours, sometimes even more, but I made so many friends there.

they introduced tactical FPs I just stopped doing FPs at all. I got
tired of beiing labeled as elitist by ppl who does not know a squat
about a game, are unwillinng to learn anything and always blame the tank
or healer for their problems. Please do not take this personally. I do
not know if you fall into that cathegory.

After tacticcal FPs
were introduced I occasionaly did some raiding or FPs with friends, but
they are all gone by now. And because as a pref I am locked out of any
end game content anyway I guess I will be saying goodbye to TOR in short
time. What a pity I used to have so much fun here.

I am afraid
there is no solution other the to return back to drawing board. The game
itself is in such a state that it does not require any skill and thus
it does not require from its players to learn even basics. There is no
need for you to get better and because of that so many players think
about themselves as great players even if they are not. But you can not
change that without changing whole design of the game.

Have fun.

You have a very distorted view of reality unfortunately, and I am not sure whether you actually ever tried to complete operations. SWTOR was my first MMO when I started playing back in 2012, and before that, I didn’t know a single thing about the nature of the game. All I knew was that you could “level and gain new abilities” (<—- Bioware has removed even THAT part, how idiotic are they really?)

In 2012 I didn't even care about ops, I actually didn't even know what they were. I was on fleet looking at people talking in weird codes like "LFM EV SM 8M" and had no clue what these things meant. At some point, I joined a guild in 2013, and started interacting with them. They taught me many things, things as simple as the advanced crafting process, but also as complicated as doing HM FPs and simple ops in the beginning. So slowly, day after day, I got absorbed into every single part of the game. And my guild did this with dozens of players.

The vast majority of these players stayed. And throughout 2013 and 2014 we would do 16m ops every Wednesday and Thursday. We actually made the transition to 16 HM ops and were able to take down the first 4 bosses in each one of DF and DP HM when they were relevant. All that from players that learned how to play the game on their own and evolved over time to tackle the most challenging content, after reading many guides at the same time. Actually devoting some time to become better and achieve things, the maximum sense of satisfaction that any of us had felt while playing this game.

My guild was not the exception. All friendly guilds that we interacted with and collaborated with, had the same history and mentality, and were always open to recruit new players and teach them anything they needed to learn.

Throughout that time we had TWO specific members that we continuously tried to include to our raids, but they just wouldn't listen. They didn't have the patience, or the will to sit down and learn mechanics, learn how not to aggro everything, learn rotations, even learn the gearing system. We gave a 180 body armor token to this guy, and even though he was a commando, he got the Willpower set piece.

So yeah, I do agree with you about the community and how it's their fault that we don't get new ops. But when you say the "toxic community", you obviously mean players such as oure commando, and most probably from what I can tell, such as yourself. Impatient, greedy, spoiled players, who think that raiding should be entering any kind of group you want, fucking it all up, and then get the maximum rewards, otherwise complain about it and wish that there are no any new ops, not even for the players that actually do it right.

Omg… You actually brought a tear into my eye… That could be my story, almost ipsis verbis. I too stood at the Fleet, wondering what those weird codes were. I too joined a Guild with GREAT guys, people I miss to this day. They literally CARRIED me through my first few Ops, and started me down a path I enjoyed so much…

The game had a learning curve back then. A way to gradually move on to bigger, more difficult challenges.

I get it when people talk about elitism. Yes, it does happen. But I was always against that. I NEVER kicked anyone from a group, FP, OP or whatever, except for being a dick. If you disrespected me or a member of the group, you were out.

I’m sure you know all these stories… But I spent HOURS playing, teaching “noobs” the tactics, what a cleanse, an interrupt, an aggro drop was, etc, etc. I was an unofficial trainer for SM Ops in one of my last guilds, now disbanded.

I don’t get the hate for people that are veteran raiders. You either like to raid, or not. IF you don’t, I don’t understand why you would hate someone for being a kick-ass player… Unless you SECRETLY aspire to be one of those you (say you) hate…


We even enjoyed the game in 2015, after 3.0 dropped. Our guild was not what it was, mostly because we lost our most dedicated recruiter and op runner for personal reasons, but we still had a core that was able to run ops on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we had fun, despite the various bugs, and the lack of content during the summer, leading to KOTFE. We always found things to do, like flashpoints, random missions, achievements on planets, datacron runs, and other stuff.

I am on Harbinger btw, we should plan to run things together 🙂

People don’t get the sense of achievement (real achievement, not the achievements in-game) that I get from doing group content. I play guitar, and playing with other people is way more satisfying than playing by myself.

In my Portuguese guild we used to do the silliest thins you could think of, just to play together! One day we were siting around, nothing to do… And then I remembered: “Hey! Has everyone jumped in the Sarlacc pit in Tatooine???” And off we went, just jump in the Sarlacc pit. Taking snapshots, putting it in our Facebook group…

Was it better than running an Op? Hell, no. But it was FUUUUUUN!!! And this game is less and less fun with each update…

My experience is very similar to yours but I was on JC. There are mostly good ppl out there…or at least there were. My guild was so helpful to someone who had no damn clue of what was going on. On my very first run with them only a few days after joining they gave me every gear token from the Op we ran since I was the least geared player. I was amazed. Never thought that ppl would be so helpful to me because it helped the guild overall. They also stopped and explained every fight, even the trash pulls.

All of the group content leaders have moved on from my guild now, including myself (I eventually became an officer and ops leader.) Sad.

The only point I disagree with you on is that its the players’ fault for no new Ops. No new Ops/FPs and zero new open areas to explore is the fault of EA/BWA and nobody else. Ops were fine until they dropped Rav and ToS on ppl. They were ill-tuned and bug-ridden. After that they just gave up and hid behind the “you want nothing but story” excuse. That doesn’t even touch on their garbage communication skills with the community. Musco isn’t anything but a cheerleader. How pathetic is it that most of the info about this “expansion” didn’t even get to players until a couple of weeks before it dropped and, in some cases, days before (at least officially)?

Well I wasn’t actually blaming the community…. I was being sarcastic towards this dude, and I was saying that only a small minority of the community was responsible for operation runs getting a bad reputation. And I doubt the developers completely abandoned developing operations because of that. It is very obvious that they stopped developing that kind of content, because they thought it doesn’t bring money. They focused on casuals, which will spend a shitload of cartel coins to indulge their cosmetic and vanity purposes (which is fine btw) instead of focusing on everything, like they had until a couple of years ago.

The one part I partially disagree with you, is about ToS and The Ravagers. Yes, these ops were buggy when they launched, and yes, I mean 1000 times yes, they were ill-tuned because basically they made everyone abandon their melee DPS main toons. At least for HM.

Grandpa on the porch…
this is not just reminisce talk… this is sinking ship talk

Any raider patient enough to still play SWTOR… you/we are “the band that played on.”

it has been an honor
/salute …

… /accusedrunkcaptain

Omg, all the love I’ve ever felt – I wish I could just send your way. Unfortunately, I’m one of those elitist jerks about whom the OP was speaking and, therefore, I’m incapable of basic human emotion. So, instead, I’ll just say that I was there in those days, and I’m still here today. Only, now, I’m missing those days like a grandpa sitting on his front porch talking about how it used to be better.

I miss the actual challenge of downing content and earning real rewards, not this whole do the same simple task repeatedly in the HOPES of getting rewarded with useful items RNGearing.

Thanks for your sentimental response, and this is exactly what I’m trying to get at. Look at this long hard life story in a game you tell me, well hate to break it to you. That shit is over.

And yes, raiding is child’s play, anyone should be able to enter to enjoy themselves, to me, the hardest fight in this game is Brontes NiM, but still, once you learn the mechanics, its clock work, there aren’t any surprises, unless of course your server admin puts up, 15 mins until server shut down. My pvp guild decided to run stuff, and mess around with the HM content, trial and error, boom. Done. I would see other guilds, write all that nonsense in chat or see other guilds breakdown the niddy griddy of these ops, and still fail. Common, positioning mechanics, taunt swaps, cleanses? What is so complicated about that? You don’t need a damn resume and years of experience to run this shit. Rank play, we do these so called “mechanics” constantly, sure we got focus targeting and baiting but for the most part, to me is more complicated, yet you don’t see pvp’ers stopping players from playing in ranked. They suck, they suck, but they can still play. Now in 5.0, you start to see more ranked play, because it offers the most cxp, at this point in time, we just wanna play the game.

I suggest the 4 man super hard flashpoints as it requires less effort to form a group of likeminded players that can go do equally “hard” things, to satisfy to some extent “progression”. Whats difference will it make between 4 players and 8 players when you can add in mechanics and other obstacles that can make the gameplay equally hard.

As for the other ranting, no, I’m not what you described me as. I’m just a pvp’er breaking your damn balls, but you chumps always have your feelings hurt. Call me a pvp extremist, I get it, but in the end its just a damn game, let the people play, mess around, and have a good time.

Add more ranked maps, and bring back 8v8 ranked.

I don’t classify people as pve-ers and pvp-ers, nor do I care about bragging rights, which apparently is all you do. So your entire response was not really necessary. You can compare PvP and PvE as much as you want, if that’s your thing, as it seems to be. Is is really NOT my thing.

8 players group content is a lot more interesting than 4 man group content. End of story. It’s funny how you want the 8v8 ranked back, but you don’t seem to think that 8 man (or even 16!) operations are wanted content from players. The irony is real.

You are not breaking my balls. It would need a response with actual arguments and relevant to what I said, to break my balls 😛

Peace, enjoy your pvp, which appears to be in a pretty good state now that it’s a good way to farm CXP for many people who prefer PvE. Let’s see how much that lasts before you also realize (like almost everyone at this point) how this game is in a very sad state right now.

Actually the game is better for me, more PvP participation, less moaning of you PvE’ers about loot. 8v8 ranked, guess what man, you don’t need to organize an schedule time why, you just queue for it.

I cleared HM DF/DP in 2.0, and then did Rav and ToS. I’d admit, I never cleared Hateful entity, because of people not knowing how to cleanse the death mark, but bottom line is. Those took so much preparation, and it felt like a dance rehearsal, run it back until we get it right! And guess what? When you cleared it, then what? Gear to do it again? Why? The fights don’t change. Perhaps if you want the 1 hour Dread Master Title, or Gatecrasher, sure, but thats bragging rights, and besides my group apparently had messed up schedules, so we just did pvp. Quick, to the point, and it was Dynamic.

I don’t care if people who play pve come over to play pvp, they are probably going to get spanked, thats okay, they need to learn and get better. I welcome CXP, man ranked has had more pops than in 4.0. So yeah, thanks Bioware. Keep going this direction, this game is in a very Happy state right now. Keep the community alive with competition and gameplay!

Q. Why make an endgame reward system RNG?
A. To drive away the final few people who keep asking for new Ops, FPs and PvP Maps.

Now Musco and co. won’t have to bother even lying to us because we’ll have all fucked off somewhere else. I hear WoW is decent these days……

im not seeing any mail on creds given out for comms/data crystals. I’ve been subbed since October. Others in-game are claiming theyve gotten theirs. Were they given automatically without mail? Or theyre upcoming?

Havent gotten my credits for crystals yet on any of my toons that had upwards of 900 common datacrystals {one toon had 999 common datacrystals, I want those credits!}

They introduce a grind system, and as soon as somebody grinds gold mobs they go crazy at BioWare’s headquarter?
I don’t get it! What do you want us to do? We are obviously doing it wong. But how do we do it right, BioWare?

Do we have to hail your dumbed down boring stupid new Adds’n’Voids Uprisings?

We are not allowed to play the game the way we want, so please BioWare be more clear about what we have to do to please you.

Someone beat the system so they nerf it that nobody can beat it like that within a few days. From their point of view it makes sense but from our point of view we think we get kicked in the nuts for playing by the rules. But the command system was a failure before it hit the live servers.

They had Musco actually CHALLENGING players to do it. And lo and behold: someone did. Players beat these guys at their own game… LITERALLY loooool…

I soloed the Uprising they did as a clicker.
I do decent in Ops as a clicker.
I did/do alright in PvP as a clicker (as a sniper mostly)
“Clicker” is just an APM stat, not a skill stat.

Surviving as a clicker (sniper) is a new skill of its own, since I have to do the Engineering Rotation while moving for last boss of Crimson Fang. It’s fun 🙂

Its demonstrated that someone with two healthy hands is much more efficient using the keyboard and mouse for more than just turning around. If someone has issues with one or both hands, I agree thats a different situation.
But devs who display such poor understanding of their own game and lack most of the basic skills to use their class even remotely efficient… they just suck. They have no excuse.

LOL 1 Box per hour… yeah… if you play like Musco maybe…

Play like a normal human that likes games… OMG the metrics are off!!!
Cheaters all of youz!!!

I thought it was pretty obvious. Your task is to be so incredibly occupied with gearing up, preferably as many alts as possible, so you will be too busy to notice the lack of new content.

Then when 6.0 hits, they reset it and you must begin being too busy to play for fun for another year.

37 pages of criticism with this system and the cxp nerf, and counting. I swear, I could not find ONE comment that was made in favor of these changes…

Well, at least there’s a positive side to this thing: it united raiders, casuals, pvp’ers, lovers, haters… Everybody is against this. Way to go BW: you’ve united your entire playerbase in one clean swoop…

Boy, these guys at Bioware, Austin really love their shitstorms…

To nobody’s amazement…
Bioware could care less that the super old ops were actually enjoyable again.

WHAT! you accidentally aggro’d a MOB? DAMMIT… good job… Do it again. Lol…

You don’t know the secret path to not aggro any cats in EV? No problem let’s just kill all the cats!

Let’s be honest here… This is not because a few players went wild and hit the cap in semi-questionable ways.

It’s because the rest of us will hit level 30-40 by the end of the first week and they know they have no content besides a new grind and a few new stories. (uprisings… Hecknawww… They call that new group content?)

They want to us blame those gold mob grinders.. But the truth is…

They don’t play the game… And/or they can’t do math. They are scrambling because we will all hit level 300 in two months and this is very very bad….

Somehow, droves of subs ragequitting the game, cursing Bioware and unsubbing permanently… Is better than a few casual quitters who might come back occasionally for new content.

Tl;Dr Bioware wants us to grind… Not game

Ah, the legendary “pre-paid beta” where everyone who pre-ordered the expansion got the privilege of doing QA for it while wasting millions of in game credits that everyone else never had to spend and that we never got a refund for? And they still left critical bugs well into the next year? Actually think this is less awful from that particular perspective. Was it one or two weeks before we could finish the final quest in Revan without using exploits?

I played during both 3.0 and 4.0, early access on both. Revan was far worse for me, had a lot less issues with KotFE from a technical standpoint, can’t speak for 5.0 tho. Still, experiences may vary, I did have a better comp when 4.0 was released. Mainly because 3.0 made pvp impossible for my old comp to handle…

I don’t know, the bugs and problems with 3.0 were highly exaggerated. I remember that during the pre-order early access, I had a ton of fun with crafting, Rishi, Yavin, even the new ops… sure, you couldn’t finish the main story, but it’s ok, I was patient enough to finish it a couple of weeks later, I didn’t mind it that much. Besides, there were many quality of life improvements at that time, and a solid effort to organize crafting mats better, to organize the game better, and actually take care of raiders, pvpers, crafters, rpg players who wanted to have their strongholds and decos…. I didn’t see any of that with 4.0, which still had (yes, not as serious) technical issues and bugs…

True, Revan had more content than KotFE, which is probably one of the reasons it was more buggy. And overall I also enjoyed Revan more, although it made me stop playing the JK toon almost completely due to Scourge being unvoiced (it’s the single thing in this game that I hate the most, wish I was ironic). So I had a blast with it despite being unable to pvp for 6 months.

You could finish the main story at launch, just not as intended…. I finished the final quest on 3 toons well before the patch that fixed it was released, because it was so bugged that players eventually (read: in far less than 48 hours) found a way to create a bug that prevented the other bug from appearing. It was totally an exploit, but since the only point in using it was to finish a bugged quest BW never bothered with it. Which for some reasons made the completion of that quest one of the most satisfying single player experiences I’ve had in this game since I really had to push things to kill him 🙂

I waited a week to complete SoR (was it a week? Two maybe?). Solo Revan was also bugged for the Early Access. I completed it single-player, because at that time ToS was still bugged. But that was ok, because you could go back and do the Op after the bug was corrected.

I was very critical of the company going away for holidays and leaving a broken game behind. I was ok with SoR, even though I wish they didn’t play the Revan card. But I went along with it. I have the conscience that not everything is going to be to my personal liking when I commit to this sort of game. Looking back NOW, I think it was a proper expansion, with dailies, Ops, and a likeable story. Not their best work, but definitely not their worst.

Funny thing is: this whole nerf problem put a damper on KotET… Which I think is far superior to KotFE!!! With a dailies area and killing Valkorion in an Op or doing it solo like SoR, I think it would be a good effort from the guys at BW. The irony of these things…

I binged played SoR during Early Access, IIRC I completed the main quest during second day, would’ve been the first if not for that bug. Did the same in KotFE, still nowhere near as insane as Lich King in WoW. Had a 1 week vacation, must’ve spent 80+ hours in that expansion in the first week, for SWTOR it was more like 30 hours in 2 days on both occasions…

The main issue with SoR was indeed its release day just before the holidays, they fixed that part for KotFE, and KotET is eeringly similar to SoR. (SoR was dec 9, KotET was dec 2 while kotFE was oct 27) So will be interesting to see what happens in the next month. Liked SoR fairly much, and the build up to it was excellent.

The main problem with KotET besides the shallow content is probably the dependency on grinding in combination with RNG. The latter is probably a way to decrease the impact of the former, but when put next to RotHC and SoR, it’s too apparent.

Yes, I agree. But I was actually commenting on the story. KotET flows much better than KotFE. KotFE had way too much exposition, plot holes and lack of character development. This one flows a lot better. At least from what I can gather from the vids lol…

What i find hilarious is that it seems harder to kill revan then it was this god like emperor from the youtubes of it lolz pretty backwards and 1/2 ass and vayln looking like meth head on top of it /smh

Need to play KotFE to compare it properly to KotET as far as flow and such things. There was some char development in KotFE, only it sucked for most of my toons since they went off character too much in it. SoR and RotHC was vastly better in that regard.

I remember that Revan fight. Using one of the bugs to circumvent the gamebreaking main bug. When you’re fighting bugs with other bugs, you know you’re playing some buggy fucking shit XD

I was speaking purely from a technical/bug related point of view (probably should’ve wxpressed that clearer…), and SoR was awful there. As far as game breaking stuff, KotET doesn’t seem that bad. The gold mobs was a braindead oversight, since they didn’t seem to want players to gain cxp as fast as they’ve done.

From a fun/overall quality/gear system standpoint I fully agree that this xpac is shit and waaaay worse that SoR.

The toggle is a new UI element. If you have customized your layout like I did, I found the toggle *behind* the mini-map. Go into the interface customizer and look for something called “Alignment Toggle” or something similarly worded.

You can’t turn it off. It’s either Light or Dark. You are required to pick a side. It is a per-toon setting and it defaults to your toon’s alignment. But there is no “off” setting. You either contribute to the Light or fight for the Dark on your server.
I have one toon that is true neutral (literally 0 alignment, balancing light and dark choices) so I will log in today and see what they chose for it.

So my lightside sith is stuck fighting for the darkside forever because I clicked a button I didn’t understand? that’s stupid.

I’m pretty sure you can change whether it’s Light or Dark, you just can’t not have it be one or the other.

Light is default…. there is no off even if you never touch it.

AKA: why light side will win for about 3 months striaght

Command rank 25 – 5x set bonus pieces, 2x 230 implants, multiple 230 schematics. I seem to be the lucky one!

Honestly, despite my Avatar name, I am not lying. My guildies have not been so lucky. Mind you I have had to farm a shitload of PVP matches – if you get 8 medals in a match you achieve 530 – 900 Command Exp per match, depending if you lose or win. 3 – 5 matches = 1 command rank. Much quicker than ops.

Lucky bastard. Rank 23 on my main and only received 230 legs. Rank 15 on alt healer and received only 230 mainhand. Rank 16 on alt tank and only 230 belt. RNGeezus hates me 🙁

We leveled too fast WITHOUT exploits…
so they nerf us…

But soon they plan to sell CXP boots on the CM… so we can level faster…

ohhh ok… I see what you did there. Well done Mr.Smithers…

I actually liked the Command System (minus the RNGearing). We already start grinding at end level and the Command System merely organizes it and gives us a purpose. I mean, I’m already doing heroics. I’m already doing the new Uprisings. People already PvP or do ops. Command System awards us for the things we already do.

The one thing they did wrong (HORRIBLY wrong) though, was to add gearing into this system. Gearing should have stayed the way it was. There was nothing wrong with it in the first place! Command Boxes should have given us cosmetics, rare speeders, companion gifts, decos, crafting schematics maybe etc…. Maybe some random green and/or blue gear too. But that should have been it.

And then came the last patch…. It’s just the same thing we had last year after they messed with the companions. Too powerful at first, heavy nerf, people got mad, BW took a step back. The same is happening now.

Ah well, I think I will continue enjoying the story a 2nd time while BW sorts things out and makes up their minds. At least the story was good.

I would not agree that 10 Command points per gold mob were “too powerful”! As a casual gamer it was just about the right balance between frustration and satisfaction for me. With my playstyle it was closer to 1 crate per 2, or even 3 hours than the promised one per one, and given the cap at 300 command rank that still would have been a godawful grinding slog to get to 300. I estimate at LEAST half a year, considering the time I can alot to gaming. Probably longer. But I would have been fine with that and was actually enjoying being encouraged to go for the golden mobs and above, because you actually get more stimulation out of fights if they’re not over in 2 seconds! Who knew!^^
With gold mobs reduced to 1 point per, watching your bar just became as exciting as watching paint dry! F U C K that!
If the Command System is geared more towards casual players (at least in principle) because casuals are the rule of the game these days then let it actually serve those casuals! If hardcore gamers max out in 2 months, for Gods sakes, LET THEM! I guarantee you it will not make the game any less attractive to them then it already is!

Edit: I am, btw, ranting at the devs, not you, Errtai! 😉

I totally agree. My play time is very limited and thus I’m at command level 9 right now (almost 10 though). Did a few Uprisings, a few heroics and repeated chapter 1 in veteran mode a few times (350 command points in more or less 10 mins; good deal).

Those gold mobs in heroic areas were helping a lot and now they nerfed it. Now with my speed, I don’t think I can reach level 300 before 6.0.

But what bothers me the most actually, is that the system isn’t legacy wide. This is the MOST alt-friendly game I’ve ever seen (or was rather), and this just doesn’t make sense. Every moment I’m playing an alt seems like a waste right now.

Bottom line: They really should bring the gold mobs back to 10exp and make the Command System legacy wide. I really don’t know how long I can endure replaying chapter 1 over and over. Seriously.

Also a tip to those who don’t know it yet: Repeating chapter 9 takes like 5mins total. In 2 runs (10mins tops) your level 65 toon reaches to 66. So if you have the “stomach” to repeat chapter 9 over and over, your toon can reach to level 70 in like, I don’t know, an hour? Then you can start playing the new chapters and get CXP while doing so.

Thought I should mention.

I agree. I’ve been a sub since pre-launch, pre-ordered the Malgus statue edition, and so forth. I work 60+ hours a week, have a family and kids. I can’t guarantee the time to do group content and honor the rest of the group. Heroics I can pop in, knock out 1-2, then get back to my busy day.
Pre-nerf, I got my main to L70 and only got to Command Level 4. That’s not a ton of play time, obviously, and now I’m only barely inching my way along to Command Level 5.

Preview SWTOR Live Stream in January:

– we did a fantastic job with Kotet and Kotfe is even better

– CXP is a huge success and everybody loves it

– We listen to the Community and we want new Group Content.
We have something in hand but cant talk about it right now. More about it in July….
like ever.

Yeah, we give Tait breaks every once in a while. Tait is supposed to be developing our new Gungan themed subscriber rewards. Coming in March, a Gungan themed Jockstrap to be worn as a Sith Breathing Mask.

– Eric Mucuso
Community Gungan Fashionista
Star Wars: Knights of the EAWare Throne

So quick question. What does everyone think of the new Ravage and Blade Dance (now Blade barrage) animations?

I kinda liked them. Takes me a while to actually realize that I can press the next button and not wait until the animation is over 😛

Compare to existing i think a bit worse, but not that bad as it could be. Old are smooth and fairly realistic. This 2 new animations too fact considering and in my opinion defy gravity and inertia.

They need to fix some bugs, i found that playing Sith assassin (dunno if it affects Jedi shadow) i have utilities even if not choose them or even too low level to use them. I have now hand of darkness and +35% speed from depredating volts even im 33 level on this character.

If you’re referring to farming gold mobs on Tatooine that is not an exploit. It’s playing the game in a ridiculously mind-numbing to the point of suicide fashion…but not an exploit.

No not that. It was something else. Really don’t know what but devs speak about it right before releasing patch 5.0a

Ok so they fixed the gold bug so people didn’t camp out heroics. I get that. But all golds get 1? Bioware is trying to force the ways of getting cxp. Forcing us to do instances to get any type of real cxp gain. And while they still haven’t nerf’d the quick way i found on day 1 of early access I can see it coming.

The point of newer mmo’s is to let players play there way, not calling something a bug and getting rid of it because people aren’t dumb. Yes we get there are lvl 70’s making heroics impossible for lower levels due to the 10cxp from golds but really a bug? It’s not a bug it’s how you intended it to be. Just say you guys fucked up cuz non of the devs even play and be honest about it… Seriously.

Every time I log out of the game it just freezes and I have to force the window closed. Sorry SWTOR, you can’t make me play with you. Consent denied so go grind on someone else. I’m just here for a few minutes to continue selling off my items.

The same thing happens to me, and I thought it might have been random or maybe my computer got heated up or something….

I’ve bought the 1 month sub last night, the new UI look cool, also 30-40 fps more (up from 50-60 fps in single player content). 1st chapter seem lame, nothing new, its just Voss on fire. One heavy squishy walker (it feels exactly like UNREAL Tournament) that blew 4-5 times on veteran mode. Those checkpoints (after they destroy your walker) kinda lame…no insta spawn possible. Story is cool (for now). Also i didnt see any diference between veteran mode and normal mode…sure it took me some time on my 208 pvp sage to finish chapter1 on veteran, but at the end boss dropped some green poo, and some credits to fix my gear lol (on each boss @ D3 t6-10 u get like 300k gold and 3 unique items). So whats the point of that, like i havent done hard mode fps already …3 wipes on each boss its casual thing these days. Problem came on chapter 2, those Bounty hunters are impossible to kill…i mean the boss does like 50k per hit and i cant survive with my sage, even my comp cant heal me (maybe because is lvl 1, and i cant change it to HK, or anything else).
The other problem:
some of the mobs are lvl 70, when i’m doing it at lvl 66. Maybe the veteran mode is for lvl 70, but its not locked on lvl 65, and thats lame. you get what you pay for.

Has anybody who supposedly qualified for the KotET pre-order+rewards noticed that once they go f2p, they are immediately locked out of KotET?

My sub ran out in November, yet I still received Shae Vizla in the mail, the KotET welcome message and the Play button is highlighted. However, I still can’t get into KotET.

With these new changes (with 5.0 and this patch) do you guys know if recovered relics/manaan research data still drop? both in solo and tactical?

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