SWTOR Galactic Command Boosts are now available on CM

Bioware has put up the Galactic Command Boosts on the Cartel Market for 200 CC each or 5 for 800 CC.

These boosts lasts for 3 hrs and provide 25% more command points. Does not affect Command Stash disintegrations.

  • 200 CC for 1, 800 CC for 5 pack

The 25% boost is essential for anyone strapped for time. If you can’t afford to have the boost running 24/7, then consider stacking your various CXP packs and use them when you have the boost active.


  • Sarigar
    • AbnerDoon


  • BioMilk present

    wow…wow. no words


  • Elliabella


  • Fred Garvin
  • SnowMeow

    Why stack the crates until the boost is active, if disintegration isn’t affected by the boost? I feel like I’m missing the point, any help would be appreciated.

    • Wraithy2773

      They mean the tokens you look from bosses in FP’s that give you a bunch of CP’s. Still stupid as fuck that they’re adding this shit so fast, just sends absolutely the wrong fucking message.

      • SnowMeow

        Aha, NOW it makes sense, thanks Wraithy.

      • COHorn

        It sends the message “we just nerfed how fast you get CXP so you’ll buy these boosters to not have to grind for over a year just to get back to the gear you ahd prior to 5.0.

  • Ben Gimson

    So, paying to gear faster than those who don’t pay. Interesting…

    • Houlihan McGillicuddy

      More like pay more to get gear faster than those who are already paying

      • Ben Gimson

        Heh, yeah, or that :’)

  • Daniel

    I think I will stop playing now. 5.0 is a total ruin. Story is good and all. But not worthy playing anymore.

    • Drivan

      I have to agree.

  • Farlas816

    I don’t plan on being subscribed for much longer…

    • Or4cl3


  • Ramzzess

    So this was what the hotfix was all about

  • gottagoslow

    Rip in pepperoni.

  • Dk-io

    Ain’t that a kick in the head ?

  • moocher


  • Anthony


  • moocher

    so %25 of 1cxp… yeah still pissed about that!

  • Van’zan

    Well pay-to-win just fn happened.

    • Anthony

      THey hoping no one noticed!

  • NGE
  • kirk

    i cant believe they went this far to fuck the game lol.

  • Drivan

    I love the White Knights who are like, “GC is the greatest thing ever! Oh BWA you are soooooo awesome!”
    Such garbage.

    • MTCason

      Except it kind of is …

      • John Kosto

        Between ALL the kinds of endgame content and gearing systems we have had in SWTOR, GC is probably the worst.

        • MTCason

          An actual endgame and reason to play each day is the worst? Oy. Get some perspective.

          • John Kosto

            I have approximately infinite more perspective than you. I had a reason to play each day between 2012 and 2015. Now is when I DON’T have a reason to play each day (and I don’t), because it’s not as much fun as it used to be.

            Besides, EVERYTHING in the Galactic Command system existed already before, with the exception of 5 new Uprisings. Which by the way are nothing more than sets of mobs and a few bosses placed in instances that already existed. No new settings, no new planets, no story, no dialogue, NOTHING NEW.

            • Paulo Gomes

              You know Kosto… I think so too! The story flowed much better, and it was WAY BETTER than KotFE. It’s a SHAME this expansion coincided with 5.0, because the gearing system made me not want to play, and it cast a shadow on an otherwise great ending to a story that started badly. But I’m actually considering a sub just to play the story and then be done with it.

              • John Kosto

                Well, I finished the story last night, and almost every chapter made me want to go to the next one:

                – Iokath and Nathema are sick. From an aesthetic and a conceptual point of view. Amazingly good, exceeded expectations. For the life of me, why make them instances where you can’t return, and include them only in the story of KOTET. Why not make them daily areas, even if it doesn’t make sense story-wise? I don’t care, I just want to quest on these planets. Add achievements, mobs, beasts, hidden areas, add a few champions, and it’s like good old times.

                – You get to ride a Walker, you get to play a little bit of classic rpg style where you seek elements to gain access to every room across 3 floors, and while there is a lot of that Valkorion family drama, it actually doesn’t become that annoying, with the exception of the last chapter perhaps.

                – There is resolution. There are plot twists. There is redemption. There are characters that you care about. And there is an epic fight in an epic setting.

                So, again, it’s too bad that all of this is overshadowed by the current status of the rest of the game 🙁

              • Darth Twinge

                I agree completely. The story is well worth playing. It has a good pace and most of the chapters give you the opportunities to kill some major characters that pretty much deserve it.
                But then, after the story ends, there is a strange sense of “Christmas is over time to go back to work” and its back to old PVP maps, old heroics, old daily areas etc.

          • Paulo Gomes

            We have perspective. We’ve had 5 years of perspective. We’ve had the perspective of having a similar gearing system a long, long time ago that people HATED. We have the perspective of a system that we used until 5.0 that worked PERFECTLY. You wanted to gear up? You did the content that you wanted.

            You see, IF I was playing this sorry excuse for a game, I would be stuck grinding to get the gear I need to do the content I want. Not actually doing the content I want in the very first place.

            How f*ck*d up is that???

            What this system does is take the FUN out of the game. Sure, for people who actually never had the guts and wits to do difficult stuff this is a godsend. BiS gear by doing mindless Heroics… Yeah mate, I can see the appeal in that.

            Oh and you’re right: an actual endgame and reason to play every single day…

            Like the guy that reached GC levle cap by doing Heroics on Tatooine and got the devs nerfing xp out of Golds???

            Keep your “great” Endgame system. I’ll pass tyvm…

          • Vinak

            Actual endgame? What are you talking about?

          • Anne Rogers

            “Reason to play each day” should not equal “If I don’t play I’ll just fall even further behind in the RNG lottery and let down my guild”.

      • Drivan

        The story is good, Galactic command is terrible. Given all of the different progression systems in all the different games, GC is the only one that is based on pure RNG luck and focused on gear instead of character stats, passives and buffs. SWTOR 5.0 is a joke as far as the endgame community is concerned. If you think that the Raid Community isn’t important, look at it this way. When there was new, challenging, ops being released on a fairly regular basis and the gear was obtainable, but still not easy to get most servers had standard and heavy population. Now that we are over 2 years without a new operation the server population have been light for over a year, except during yesterday’s fluke when several servers were crashing and were falsely reporting Heavy and standard population yet there were less than 1000 players per server.

  • MTCason

    No one should be surprised by this. We’ve known these were coming for a long time now, ever since the Command system was unveiled. It’s no different than usual XP boosts, and I don’t see the whiners bawling about those. Get over it. No one has a significant advantage over you just because they’re higher command rank.

    • John Kosto

      Gear. You get gear through GC. You don’t get gear via XP. The difference is that the game just became pay-to-win.

      • MTCason

        No, it didn’t. You cannot use CXP til 70 at which point gear is immaterial.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Immaterial? Does that mean I can go and do HM/NiM (screw the new designations, I’m using the old ones) in my greens??? Oh boy, that’s good news indeed!!!

          • MTCason

            You can, yes, at level 70

            • Paulo Gomes

              You are either very well informed and the game has changed A LOT… Or you are completely wrong, and I must excuse myself out of this conversation… By doing HM/NiM in my greens I meant actually going in and not wiping the whole party. You see, unless BW has removed dps checks and enrage timers, I cannot for the life of me understand how that is possible…

            • Dazedandconfused

              I can’t tell if you are a troll, a confused fanboi or just wrong…
              As Picaso said. End game is where gear finally starts to matter.
              Maybe you have played a few tactials and got carried through SM in greens…
              If you try that in a HM.. You will probably be kicked.
              Try that in ranked and your team will probably kick themselves.
              Because… Gear matters

        • John Kosto

          It is LITERALLY the exact opposite of what you said. Between levels 10-69 you can do planetary missions, leveling, PVP, Heroics, Story Mode Operations, Tactical Flashpoints, Hard Mode Flashpoints, and ANY other mission you want (Events, Binoculars, Seeker Droid) with no gear at all because of that thing called Level Sync (probably one of the very few good things introduced in KOTFE).

          At level 70 you actually need GOOD gear and set bonus gear to finish Hard Mode Operations, Nightmare Mode Operations and Veteran Uprisings. And guess what, you can only get that gear through Galactic Command. Which is now partially pay-to-win.

          • Vinak

            I’ve leveled up characters to 65 wearing level 7 gear…

            Hard content simply can’t be done in shit gear. you hit enrage timers. incoming damage that needs to be healed and/or mitigated with good gear. etc.

          • Rob

            Pay to win, with some RNG built in so those same people pay again.

    • Paulo Gomes

      It’s A LOT different. Of course you don’t seem to see that. Or care. That’s fine. Hey, in pve I don’t really mind it, if the guy next to me is better geared in an Op, more power to him…

      … Now go say THAT to the guys that do pvp…

      • MTCason

        With the removal of the PvP-applicable stat from the game, gear no longer makes an appreciable difference. Bolstering takes care of that.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Well, I’m no expert in pvp, but does the bolster function in Ranked as well?

          • MTCason

            Gear does not make an appreciable difference in PvP with the stat revisions.

            • Paulo Gomes

              You didn’t answer my question: does bolster exist in Ranked?

              • MTCason

                I have no idea, but it is a level playing field regardless. Gear has no significant impact on PvP

              • Ben Gimson

                You’re contradicting yourself. If there’s no bolster, then gear has an impact and it’s not a level playing field.

              • Risqu’e

                Ok let’s duel. Since “gear has no significant impact on PvP”, YOU will fight naked.
                I will wear my mixture of 220 and 230 gear.
                Let’s see who wins, shall we?

          • John Kosto

            No it doesn’t. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He doesn’t even know you need endgame gear and set bonuses to tackle HM ops, nor that bolster doesn’t exist in endgame level pvp….

            • Paulo Gomes

              Well, he just confirmed bellow that I can do HM/NiM in my GREENS… Maybe the game changed A LOT, but I seriously doubt that… lol…

    • Lithari

      Its totally different MTCason, the XP boosts only speed up the XP gain, the enemies you kill don’t give you a random xp reward per kill, it isn’t ‘chance on kill to reward xp’ if the crates gave even a single piece of gear 100% chance of it per crate, i doubt anyone would be bitching about it, hell even 25% chance would be better than a purely RNG.

  • John Kosto
  • John Kosto
  • ilovemystarwars

    The 25% boost is essential for any game developer strapped for more ways to wring money out of a playerbase they dont respect.

    Wonderful story, ultra cheap cut & paste group content with uprisings, Dark V Light a train wreck on most servers and the garbage crates they want you to pay to grind are full of shoddy random tat.

  • AbnerDoon
    • ThatGuy

      Quick-witted, and funny

  • AshlaBoga

    They also nerfed Warzone CXP rewards.

    By about 25%….

    • Snarf

      well last week there was a CXP bonus to WZs. This week it will be a bonus to something different. So you’re probably just seeing it normal now without the weekly bonus.

      • AshlaBoga

        Ah. That makes sense.


    Am i missing something on this new system or i just did not get it? The question of mine is: How can i make two characters with min full 230 set gear in some normal time? Because i have main, vengeance jugg and it’s taking extremely long to get some progress with getting of gear. Have only 1 set piece of chest 230 which dropped for me yesterday. So this is only one char how i can get pve/pvp gear for my other toons? Tanks, Rdps etc…

    And one more question – i assume so because that “GREAT” move to remove PVP gear from game, have to build 2 gears – 1 for pvp and 1 for pve – it’s because i don’t need accuracy 110% in to pvp gear, rather get some normal stats

    • John Kosto

      You simply CAN’T. Unless you play hundreds of hours.

    • ScicleX

      Focus on ONE toon, level it’s command all the way up to 300+ putting together ONE set of BoL DPS gear with the best mods you get for that character. Once you complete your set with 242 (highest tier) gear, switch specs and start working on ONE set of BoL Tank gear.

      Then you will have a base set of 242 DPS/Healer gear, and a base set of 242 Tank gear without viable set bonuses to send to your alts so you can start to level their GC with a Super geared toon just for the top tier set bonuses for that class; allowing you to disintegrate literally everything in the low/mid packs for much faster CXP leveling.

      • Rob

        What about Implants, Ear and Relics. How can a person, like myself, who plays endgame with a Tank, DPS and Heal ever get the full 14 top tier peices in more than one toon? Yes we can legacy weapons, offhands and armour but I need the rest in multiple toons.

        I cannot and will not level 3+ toons to lvl300 GC and hope I get the drops, because it’s still RNG. The Galactic Command system would’ve been good if implemented alongside the existing gear system. Casuals would still have a chance of top gear, while not hindering the players that actual play group and play Ops and PvP.

        This is a big fuck you from BW to players who like endgame group content.

        • Sad

          This is my biggest gripe. My raiding mates have just literally vanished over last few days as they look at this system, sigh, and finally give up. And we were working old content for sheer amusement and camaraderie right up until they shut down for 5.0.

          • Rob

            I cannot like that comment as it makes me sad my friend, but to me it looks like all progression raids will disappear as it’s just impossible to get 8 people up to the gear level necessary quickly enough. No more making spreadsheets and dishing out the gear tokens on a fair basis. Now we rely on luck.

            Clap fucking clap BW, you have finally driven away your loyal playerbase.

    • Rob

      Well, my a lot of players from my 3 progression groups have essentially rage quit in response to this, including myself. I cannot get the 3 gear sets I need Tank(Jugg), DPS(Gunnie) and Heal(Sage) for the content I want unless I grind, grind, grind and even then there is no guarantee.

      All this catering for solo casual players has really pissed me off, I’ve played since launch and enjoy endgame PvP and Ops, but this ‘reward’ system is being contemptible. I thought a reward system was to actually make players do content that was challenging and took brains and skill. Now it’s all to do with luck, it isn’t right at all.

      Worse thing is that this is a MMO, we’re supposed to group and interact with each other.

  • Dazedandconfused

    2 days after nerfing gold mobs because we level too fast…
    They introduced a pay-2-win so we can level faster
    Yay hypocrisy!

  • Shawn Hargrave

    Rofl! How you people fall for this hahahaha. Selling a toothpick deathstar 100 million i take paypal bitcoin cash


  • Craig Chopper Kreskay

    werent these supposed to be 90@ and 5x for 200?

  • Rob

    Seriously? CXP boosts? It’s all RNG so this doesn’t increase your chances of gear.

    And don’t give me that’ I’ll get more boxes so it will increase’. It’s like buying 10 lottery tickets and saying ‘Ive got 10 times the chance of winning’. No, no, no, no,no.

    • go play, then comment

      The concept is you get to the next Tier faster and get better drops. Since you get a crate every level and the levels come much faster than expected, this whole system doesn’t seem as dire as feared. It’s just a bit evocative of ESO’s champion system and THAT was a goddamn bore.

      • Rob

        It’s not the CXP boosts that annoy me the most, they do a little as BW will make more money and therefore think they’ve done a good job.

        For me the annoying thing is the RNG, even at 300 you’re relying on pure luck to gear your character. Surely in a MMO where people want to have a fair PvP based on player skill and tactics this is wrong. Not to mention people who want to do the hardest content on numerous characters but cannot because the grind is too big and without guarantee.

        Under the previous system I knew that my effort and skill would be rewarded, Now I have to be lucky.

  • Vinak

    Yea I’m done. Bioware has gone full retard. Canceled 6 month reoccurring sub. I only have 1 day left.

    • Bogdan Paunescu

      Nobody cares.

      • Vinak

        I could say the same about you, troll 🙂

      • John Kosto

        I care. Kudos to you Vinak, I will follow after the holidays.

      • Gabriel Mican

        And nobody cares what you think either.

        • Or4cl3

          I care.

      • John Doe

        Sarantocule gura mica , aici vorbesc adultii!

      • Bryan

        Speak for yourself.

  • MEX

    Let’s see how many people think CXP boosts are actually a bad thing.
    Jesus, SWTOR got one heck toxic community

    • Patrick Bateman

      A toxic game with toxic development practices deserves what it gets.

      I don’t understand you fucking people. You complain about people that take issue with the game when odds are they PAID for this fucking product. Far as I’m concerned that’s not toxic or entitled, that’s completely justified. That’s being a good consumer. Bending over and taking it up the ass and paying for it, like so many people love to do, is the most retarded, ignorant, irresponsible thing a person could do. Period.

      • MEX

        Good consumer my ass 🙂
        How did introduction of CXP boosts made the game worse than it was 2 days ago?

        • Dazedandconfused

          Because they nerfed your progress so you’d be more inclined to buy a boost

    • Rob

      Yes toxic, but come on this is a fiasco. How can you justify paying more money for CXP boosts, when at the end of the day it’s all random chance.

      • MEX

        How did introduction of CXP boosts made the game worse than it was 2 days ago??

        • Vinak

          uhh. We don’t get gear from doing content anymore?

          • MEX

            And how CXP boost makes it worse?

            • Rob

              In a word, yes. If people buy these god awful boosts BW make more money, therefore they deem the GC reward system a success and nearly everyone would deem this unsuccessful in gaming terms.

              A RNG reward system is just not feasible in a MMO, where groups need to be geared similar to make PvP fair and where people who do more difficult content such as HM and NiM Ops need to be rewarded for doing so.

        • Rob

          It didn’t, I’ve been heavily critical of GC since the launch of 5.0. But this is just a desperate exercise in money grabbing from a desperate set of developers

          • MEX

            So it’s simple – don’t pay for boosts.
            Especially when (in your head) boosts do not increase your chances to get gear

            • Rob

              Use logic my friend, you’ll be opening 5 crates to everyone else’s 4. But it’s still RNG, you could get lucky, but you might not. You have NO guarantee, therefore you should not pay.

        • John Kosto

          The answer is simple. The introduction of CXP boosts eliminates the hope that they have not thought about the whole system very well, and that they might be planning to balance the system, so that people can get geared faster, and so that there is a meaning to play with alt toons. Now this hope is gone. Their clear intention is to have sheep paying until the game dies, or until it transforms to a solo mode game only.

          • MEX

            The hope was in your head. Why developers are to be blamed you put hopes in your head is another question.

            They never said they will go back to gearing via loot drops. And CXP boosts do not make gearing in 5.0 worse. It makes gearing faster. So why all the whine and butthurt about CXP boosts?

            • Mels

              Because everyone sees Galactic Command as a “pay to get screwed by RNG” system, so CXP boosts are items that say “Hey, you don’t like paying to get screwed ? well now you can pay extra to get screwed more often ! Happy now ?”

              People don’t “whine and [get] butthurt” about CXP boosts, they’re angry at the whole Galactic Command system. CXP boosts are just the pay-to-win cherry on that shitcake.

            • John Kosto

              The developers are not to be blamed because I hope to see a better game some day LOL. They are to be blamed for what I personally consider a sad relic of a once great game. The only butthurt I see here is yours, since clearly you can’t accept that people don’t approve of Bioware’s methods. Perhaps you work for them?

              It’s funny how you use what “the developers said” as an argument. According to what they said about ops back in 2014 (“never 10 months without new ops ever again”) then by now we should have have approximately another 6 operations, or 4 at least.

              To even include the words “gearing” and “faster” in the same sentence is a joke by itself. It will take many weeks even for the heavy grinders to get a full set of highest tier gear, and months for the players that actually have families and lives. You are funny.

              • Rob

                I agree entirely. This system is beyond contemptible.

                The previous endgame gearing system was probably the last thing this game had going for it. I mean you played the content you wanted, Ops, PvP, FPs, Heroics, Story, Starfighter or Eternal Championship and got gear or crystals rewards based on the difficulty of that content. It was a pretty fair system.

                But too many solo casuals complained that they didn’t have chance of the best gear. Instead of telling them to do Ops and maybe making a new Op, FP or two, they decided to screw us all. Clap fucking clap BW, you have finally driven away your loyal playerbase.

            • Diehard fan

              Let me clarify:

              The grind+RNG. People prefer to do OPS, or FPs, or whatever, but not the RNG. Now there are 2 walls before BiS gear – Grind and RNG. On top of that devs added 300 ranks to level to gearing system top tier, which is possible to get in casual gaming like in 7-9 months for ONE character, and there is no guarantees that you will get what you need each time.

              All that makes any progress with alts useless or very time consuming, which is again, too much for majority of players.

              This makes even me angry, I have like 1-1.5 hours a day to play, and now I prefer to spend my time in other games, SWTOR asking for too much attention, giving literally nothing.

              • Rob

                ‘SWTOR asking for too much attention, giving literally nothing’

                Couldn’t have put it better myself. Kudos on a great quote 🙂

              • MEX

                RNG system might be bad. But how CXP boost is a bad thing? It might be overpriced and all but it does make gearing faster.

              • Diehard fan

                People here told you already. While CXP boost is nothing bad, they added them right after nerfing the actual CXP income. Thats a facepalm #1.
                I havent even started leveling my chars to 70, will wait a week or two, when most bugs will be fixed. Honestly I`m waiting for new life day and Wampa companion, after that if things will go the same way they do now, I`ll start thinking about unsubbing. GC system is not bad at all, making new UI is a good idea. What is terrible about it is RNG behind it. And making all alts useless. Yes, we can travel mods with legacy weapons and armors, but thats not the same. The feeling of progress of the whole legacy is gone. SWTOR is possibly the only game, except for LotR, where legacy made sense for players. Well, at least for me it is.

                If devs will just make this GC legacy wide, people might consider doing it. 3-10 months of playtime to level just one toon is terribly wrong. For 20-40 characters is somehow more adequate.

              • Dazedandconfused

                If it did not competitively give advantage to pvp who pay more to win more i’d half way agree

              • Martin Marinov

                It can’t make random thing faster thats why its bad. You pay for random chance.

              • Dazedandconfused

                Well we’ve had our differences but it is quite sad that bioware has lost the goodwill even of captain diehard.

                That they did this 2 days after nerfing regular mobs…

                That’s just contemptible and greedy.

              • Paulo Gomes

                And the frustration level is still very low! Most people are getting stuff they still don’t have. It’ll be curious to see the frustration in a few months time, when you really need a chestpiece and all you get is a pair of boots… For the 5th time! loooooool…

              • Diehard fan

                I already decided that I will craft the gear when I`ll need it. 240 vs 242 with set bonus? I`ll stick to 240 for now. I saw videos where people already did NiM OPs in 224 + full 208 augments. So… except for the fun of it, there is not much need for new mods.

              • Kaelin

                The point was “CXP boosts do not make gearing in 5.0 worse.” and boost is not the right place to whine about GC and all that stuff. People can’t choose 1 theme to whine about things they do not like, they want to whine about GC system in storyline theme, in CM theme… near dogs sh*t. And it really do not make sense or helping in any way.

              • Diehard fan

                And what will help? Cancelling subs?

              • Kaelin

                The game will be a better place without whiners

              • Diehard fan

                Totally agree. But will this game be better with empty servers also?

              • Kaelin

                How whining here is helping to populate servers?

              • Diehard fan

                Here? Its said that community managers actually do read dulfy and forums, so its a way to communicate with the dev team. So they can understand, that some changes are way over the limit of temper.

                If alot of people will say “GAME IS SHIT” they might actually listen. And make it better. Better game – higher population. See? Logical.

              • Kaelin

                You are missing the point. And the point was that its stupid to whine about end game gearing in CM theme (for example). It helping no one, not us and for sure not managers to understand us. Dulfy and official forums have proper themes for everything.
                Don`t you think that its easier to undertand things if all problems (problems and things you do not like, NOT whining and hating) are discussed is a proper theme? I was hoping its not all that hard to understand

              • Diehard fan

                So… you whining about whiners who whine in wrong place?

              • Kaelin

                That is exactly why the game will never get better for no brains losers with no logic in their actions

              • Diehard fan

                You possibly dont know how right you are!

              • Paulo Gomes

                Let’s discuss logic.

                How logical is it for a company to introduce a system NO ONE WANTS, not listening to the outcry of their playerbase across different Forums saying they will leave if things turn to RNG?


                How logical is it to CHALLENGE players to reach the Weekly cap on Cxp, and THEN when ONE GUY reaches it nerf one of the main sources of Cxp for EVERYONE?

                How logical is it to do an unannounced patch just to introduce Cxp boosts RIGHT AFTER THAT?

                As EyesOfGehenna said above: it’s not toxic to use logic.

                How logic is it that by this time last year servers were going CRAZY: “Heavy”, Very Heavy”. Once I even saw a “Full” on the Red Eclipse.

                Today? They barely break “Standard”. With a VERY GOOD expansion out: KotET is far superior to KotFE…


                In sum: why should we respond with logic to the dev’s UN-LOGICAL behaviour?

              • Shawn Hargrave

                the reason the game will never get better is b/c of people who buy 150 cartel packs and the idiot white knights who praise this stupid shit THATS why the game wont get better not to mention idiot devs with next to 0 budget for tor on top of it

              • Ben Gimson

                When this game closes, know that you and your ilk helped to shut it down faster.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                how is bad decision making on the dev teams part going to help populate servers?

              • John Kosto

                The game might me be a more safe place to satisfy your need for invalidation without whiners, but it will be the same game. And guess what, it’s not a very good game. If you can’t handle the valid complaints by thousands of players about 5.0, then just don’t visit this site.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Not this site Kosto. ANY FREAKING SITE, just don’t go ANYWHERE…

              • Kaelin

                That is why people like you will never be happy about that game. You are whining not to help make that game better but to get tons of up votes since its so popular to whine, write hate comments about that game and calling names people who like that game.

                Not sure who exactly are you all helping whining in the wrong themes in the wrong time. May be whining making you feel better?

              • John Kosto

                You are completely wrong in every single thing you wrote. I WAS happy about THAT game. It’s a game that I love and I have spent countless hours playing. In fact, I was even happy until the summer of 2015, when 90% of my guild had already quit due to the lack of ANY NEW CONTENT between Ziost and KOTFE. Not only that, but I was defending the game to people that were complaining about it.

                You can search ALL the comments that I have typed in this website, I can assure you that I don’t generally respond to people who just happen to have a different opinion than mine and still enjoy this game, unless they criticize of the opposite opinion. Like you did.

                Oh and that argument? About ways to help this game? In the year 2016 where huge companies have total control of the market, the ONLY defense that paying customers have is to review the product that they’re paying for. Just take a loot at Yelp, TripAdvisor and any other website that is able to inform people about the quality of certain businesses.

                I guess you’re the kind of guy that would visit a steakhouse, even if multiple reviews on yelp say that they came across rats in that place, or found hair on their food. You would probably treat these comments as “toxic” and “not helpful”. As if these customers should go and clean the kitchen on their own, and make sure that the food is well cooked.

                So what you’re telling me is that instead of “whining” I should basically apply for a job at Bioware, then come up with new ideas about endgame content, then maybe even write up some code because it’s the holidays and they’re short staffed? Should I probably also try to come up with story concepts?

                My best friend works for a company and he is an artistic concept creator. He comes up with concepts that could be used in art, advertising etc. He tells me that the company scraps most of his and his partner’s concepts, EVEN IF THEY DO EXTREMELY WELL in focus groups. Because the company does what the company wants. The market is full of people who take “executive” decisions but are not very relevant with the actual object.

                If you think that Bioware cares for its customers and doesn’t try to maximize profit with every single change in the game, I feel bad for you. At this point, they’re not even subtle about it. Pay to win, grind to maybe win (if RNG is on your side, which it rarely is), buy boosts to gear up in 5 months instead of 6. Good luck with your endeavors. You don’t get to tell me what to do. Bioware told me that I can enjoy the new content in any way I want to. Well since there are not many ways to enjoy it…. I’d rather point out the negative aspects of the game and hope they fix them. If not, they will lose eventually most of their customers.

                PS. Not sure where I “called someone with names” I guess you have to stretch some things like you do in game?

            • Paulo Gomes

              Oh they’d BETTER return to loot drops. I was never one to profetize the end of days when it comes to TOR, but this is going to kill the game, imho.

              I’ve seen this happen before. It was called NGE. And it didn’t go down very well…

          • Лев Сафаров

            Maybe they should implement system when you have some unique item for example 230 grade boots with set bonus, you now cant get duplicate of it.

            • LargeMass

              Like for Collections, once you get the item from a crate drop, its in your collections? Or at least make it Legacy to share with another toon if your main cant use it. ?????

              • Лев Сафаров

                I mean for specific character, remember you get gear for your current discipline. Something to remove possibility of getting duplicates when you get set bonus items.

        • Bryan

          This is actually a pretty fair point. The game was a shit taco before boosts came out. Now you can pay to eat more shit tacos faster. Is that really that bad??? LOL

      • MEX

        It’s simple – don’t pay for it.
        How did introduction of CXP boosts made the game worse than it was 2 days ago?

    • LiL Rogue

      Yes because why not increase the value of Minor/Major experience boosts when you can only access GC once you’ve reached the highest level, thus making a boost that already exists redundant? Riiiiight,
      SWTOR got one heck of an intelligent community

      • Лев Сафаров

        Interesting idea, would be nice if existing xp boosts in level 70 converts to command boosts.

    • Yallida

      Nope you are wrong. Peeps don’t think that boosts are bad they already think they are to expensive and they have right.
      Second thing is peeps thinks that whole CXP and Grind Mastery is a bad idea and they have right because it’s suck as hell…

    • Fred Gret

      And why is it toxic?

      You guessed right, toxic development and a toxic publisher EA.

      • Bryan

        The truth is toxic, that’s why people can’t handle the truth…

    • Gnuk

      One simple acronym …P2W

      …It is now true, what was once Pay-2-Look-Good

    • Ben Gimson

      No, we’ve got a toxic dev team.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    After experiencing the extremely low drop rates in GC and the additional nerf on gold mobs from 10 to 1 CXP, you’ll have to forgive me for being cynical that now you can spend money on top of your sub to reduce the grind they made. If you are happy to get a massive grind just so you’ll feel more inclined to spend more on these boosts, then they really have you by the balls. Your choice, your money, but for someone who plays a lot of alts the GC system is the death of fun and achievable gearing goals. It’s not toxic to use logic people. If GC was more fair in the reward system these boosts would be a non-issue. But the poor gear drop rate make it a scam in my book.

    • Rob

      They’ve essentially made this game a ‘one toon’ only for endgame, as it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get the full 12 top tier gear on one, let alone multiples. I always messed around with lots of toons and that was the fun for me, variety. I liked to Tank, DPS and Heal depending on who was online. GC has robbed me of that pleasure.

      • Spcell90

        Actually I have to play between 6 – 11 hours per day straight on one char to reach the weekly cap. Its literally impossible for any casual player to catch up to those who got already max with the gold mob grinding. BW should at least multiply all cxp with x5, so thats possible to max out multiple toons depending on your time.

        • Dazedandconfused

          Bioware hears your cries. And they have decided to release the boost early to help us catch up.
          Such compassionate and benevolent marketing

          So, now you can earn almost as much cxp as before the nerf

          • Spcell90

            Thats the usual crap way Bioware takes…not willing to listen over months to the playerbase.

        • Yallida

          Hey can you pls tell how high is cap coz I’ve missed that info.

        • Rob

          Is that playing everyday? 6 hours a day for 7 days a week? I haven’t been playing much since 5.0 as I played for a day, hit a few GC levels, saw that it was RNG and decided it wasn’t worth my time. Effort can go unrewarded for weeks.

    • LiL Rogue

      “It’s not toxic to use logic people.” – Well apparently it is

    • Fred Garvin

      It’s worth noting that, unlike myself since I dropped SWTOR, EyesOfGehenna doesn’t come here mostly for a laugh and has always (imo) been reasonable and thoughtful in his posts over the several years I’ve been coming to Dulfy. So to me he probably is a good representation of the majority of SWTOR players who are trying to stick with it…and even he now has to call them out on their BS.

  • Snarf

    All opinions of GC aside, I feel like this is too expensive for a buff/boost that only lasts 3 hours.

    • MEX


  • Gabriel Mican

    This game is going full retarded at this point. Sad.

  • John Doe

    lol let the pay 2 win finally BEGIN !

    • Rob

      If you get lucky 😛

  • It’s boring now

    “Our shit is broke but please buy our stuff. Thank you.”

    -The Management

  • Spc

    I am not buying this, it’s useless

  • Caldrus82

    I paused SWTOR since Revan. I will now Sub for 1 month and play through the KOTFE + KOTET and Level to 70. After that, i will cancel my Sub again, if they don’t change this stupid RNG endgame-loot-Desaster.
    I just dont get it… they could’ve easily give non-set-items the Chance to drop off those damn rng-lootboxes, if only they let set-items drop exclusively in raids. BAM, problem solved.

  • Paulo Gomes

    These guys at BW are delusional, and they will sink this game. They are completely disconnected from their playerbase, and think everything they do is right, because of their sacred metrics.

    Read and weep. Or laugh, the end result is the same…


    • abaddonsmummy

      This is the issue as I see it.
      Some people want Solo story and are very happy people just now.
      Some people want PVP and from what I’m hearing on fleet people are happy as their is no more pvp gearing requirement and as a result PVP is popping more because of CXP points.
      Some people want GSF, the’re pissed from lack of content.
      Some people want social MMO action, were happy at Uprisings and social OP runs for command points.
      Some people want Raid level MMO action, they’re seriously pissed off, nothing for years.
      It seems that with the available resources they can only satisfy some of the player base at a time, an unenviable task.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Yes, that might be. But NONE of those people want a RNG system that makes them have to play for months to get any kind of gearing done.

        IF you’re lucky.

        On ONE toon, when this game was one of the most alt friendly games you could find!

        What a shame these devs can’t see this…

        • Diehard fan

          I have to agree on that. This RNG-horror united all the parties that were separated before. Devs did good on setting the whole community against them.

        • abaddonsmummy

          That’s the problem, multiple alt’s.
          The game was crazily Alt friendly, at last count I had 14 220-224 geared Alt’s. with the full set bonus which is mad, and I know people who had many more.
          You got to admit that’s mental, I’ve not played on some of these alt’s for many, many months.
          This comes around from having weekly limits on comms/crystals so you had to have something else to do so gearing/leveling alts was the answer and they made this too easy IMHO.
          The about turn here is going to hurt a lot of players who are going to find it hard to adjust from a dozen alts to 1-2 alts for gearing.
          I haven’t had a chance to play a lot but I got my scoundrel to LVL11 on Galactic Command and already have a purple 230 mainhand pistol, relic, ear, 1 implant and blue 230 head and legs. Not bad for 3 nights work I would say.
          Also the small guild i’m in have accumulated schematics for 230 dps hilt, armouring, mod, enh and a few tank pieces so we’ve started to knock them out for everyone and were a small social guild so it can be done.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Yes, I see your point. Can’t really argue there, they DID make it too easy to change around between alts.

            But is this the answer? Having to focus on only one or two toons at a time? I don’t think so, but time will be the best judge. Let’s wait and see… I sincerely hope it doesn’t turn many people away from the game. Contrary to what some people may think.

          • Rob

            I agree that gearing had become easy but I don’t think this is the answer. I enjoyed having various alts all geared, it allowed me to switch to whatever was needed Tank, DPS or Heal, to make group content happen in my guild.

            For me the game is supposed to be played with people and I fear this will make it harder to do so.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          anyone that falls for this shit deserves what they get just lolz dont worry paul the white knights the 2 of them left here will show us all how great this is lolz /smh

      • Bryan

        I highly doubt the PVP is suddenly happy. There’s a trade off between more pops but lower quality players in each pop. It could get boring if you’re always face rolling everyone. Also, they have the same lack of content problem that GSF and Raiders do.

        Only Solo are happy and that’s all BW cares about anymore.

    • Todd Carter

      i wonder if disney isnt letting them do as much as they want. disney should just make this canon. and let them add more shit from the canon and legends universe, i feel like the game is fun and everything. new content, but i feel like the stuff they add on the cartel market, has always been their cash cow. and always will be and could be more if they could do more canon related stuff but i agree with u

      • Fred Garvin

        I doubt any of this nonsense is directly related to Disney; EA has a proven track record of being perfectly able to mess up games on their own.

        I don’t want anything with this game to be canon. Overall it’s trying to appeal to too wide of a player base to trust it to fit into a cohesive narrative. This KOTFE/KOTET story is nothing more than fan-fiction in my opinion. If anything this is an good example of why Disney ditched the EU and started fresh.

    • John Kosto

      “We want everyone to have fun playing the game, and we think adding this system contributes to that because you’re ultimately getting much more loot much faster than you did before.”

      They are not delusional, they are puppets of a team that commands them to say things like that so that they can release CXP boosts on the Cartel Market now and make more money with less content.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Well… If they’re really concerned that we might get screwed over RNG, this is what they should do before the game turns into a ghostown:

        In that interview I linked, they talk about a vendor to solve the RNG problem. Say you hit level 200 of GC and still don’t have the gear you need, etc…

        I say: fuck RNG altogether! Put the damned Vendor at the Fleet, but as you progress in GC level, you get to CHOOSE what gear you want! It’s so simple! Go to the vendor, like you used to go to trade the tokens, but this time it’s GC level-based. Pronto. Problem solved… Well, not really. It’s STILL an enormous grind. BUT it would be far more straightforward than this…

        • gog

          There’s a system that I think some MMO’s have used where, when you complete activities in the game, you receive tokens. Like, 100 tokens for a FP, then you can use those tokens to buy gear, like a chest piece for 650 tokens. Then, you can have another sort of token for the next tier, like HM FPs, which in turn can be used to purchase even better equipment…


          • Paulo Gomes

            Another reasonable option. That’s 3 just in answer to my post. Ironic: if they listened to us things would be oh so much easier…

            • gog

              Or if they didn’t change a gear system that was already working well. The token + loot drop system has been a standard in many MMOs because it works. You had some RNG with boss drops when you ran things, but you also got tokens that were used to purchase equivalent gear which made the former RNG feel less like a chore and more like a reward when you got a nice drop.
              They took something that worked and made it significantly worse.

        • Andhros

          I think that this new system has potential (i.e. ain’t worth s**t yet, could prove itself later) I think the Skinner box(RNG crap) is too popular to ignore, since ESO just added it making it found on all the MMOs I play. However, instead of a vendor you will get the… say chest piece at level 5 and at every 5 levels you would get a new guaranteed piece. They could even advertise ‘X levels til ___ piece’.

          • Paulo Gomes

            That could be another way of doing it. In fact, I think the way they decided to do it is the worst possible way. But of course, it’s BW we’re talking about here. Leave it to them to do the worst possible course of action…

        • Bryan

          So the old token system essentially, just applying the ability to get the tokens on easier content.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Yeah!!! I mean, if people are so hung up on getting BiS gear (which I honestly don’t understand WHY), give it to them! I don’t care! But don’t penalise the people that really NEED it to play. I’m forced to grind like crazy to get the gear I need to do the content I want! That does not compute…

    • Don Loco

      Wow. People think think place is salty, the comments on that spare nothing.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      lol thats the site that vicariousfanboi tryed to sell here what a fluff site that is

  • Paul Jackson

    Please just put the Imperial Bastion Set up :C

  • ConcernedGuest

    Just go only a little step further and put full gear sets into the cartell market, rang 244 whatsoever including setbonus & BiS inlays, ear and implants, MH and OH, and i will GLADLY spend my money on it.
    After all, this is what you wanted all the time, isn’t it.
    Well, well, you’re welcome … here’s my money … just give me the gear set
    and let us have a true P2W instead of this garbage command system

    • LOL, they would NEVER EVER EVER do that. They would put them in gambling packs where you get one piece for every 10 hypercrates you open. This game is total dog shit because the people running it are total dog shit.

    • Nogs sgon

      stfu carl!

      Seriously, don’t give them ideas. You know one dev would accidentally go to a swtor fan site (or their own) by mistake

    • Bryan

      You jest, but i could honestly see this being their long-term plan.

      Step 1: Make a horrible RNG gearing process.
      Step 2: Release boosts for money to increase the amount of slot machine pulls you get.
      Step 3: Once that’s milked dry, release the gear itself for straight up cash purchase.

  • Switish

    Wow…..Before this I would have said Swtor was never Pay 2 Win, but the day has come where I stand corrected. What the hell.

    • Teddy

      Not really, you will just grind faster, end point is still the same.

      Still, the system is shit, to put it simply.

      • Switish

        The boost is paying for an increase in an experience system that has the potential to give the player gear, regardless of tire, it is still end game gear; yes its a RNG, but its still giving the player a quicker (if not better because you gain rank quicker) rate to obtain said items and have ‘better stats’. Its still p2w, those who dont purchase such boosts are at a ‘disadvantage’ to those that do (i use the term liberally because its not a huge difference) because they level slower.

      • Gnuk

        That is quintessential P2W ..Those that pay extra get better gear and crush everyone who does not

    • Gnuk

      You are correct ..It was Pay-2-Look-Good

      ..Now nothing more than every other P2W MMO

  • OmegaZone

    I think the CXP system would work fine for HM and ops level gear, but to make the entry level purple, which you need an unlock or a sub for anyway, now something where you have to grind for months, even if you are just grinding for the HM crafting items, is ridiculous. I access that casual players like myself, I have a family and a farm, would never get the HM and Ops gear before, but I was happy in my entry level purples from having leveled and done heroics all the way through the story, for the 20th time, but now, I get to level 70 and cannot even get a single purple, I have to grind again. Really poor form.

    I would see a hybrid CXP and Crystal system being a best of both worlds. But i have doubts bioware will go there, too much money can be made of cartel items. Mind you the newest story ark has left me cold too, so not exactly much left to do in the game for me.

  • Paulo Gomes

    On something completely unrelated: ESO will get Homesteads (our Strongholds) in February. And lo and behold, you can even test it on PTS in January…


    • abaddonsmummy

      I think your on the wrong forum Paulo.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Well, I do play this now. And since it’s not been updated here in Dulfy for the longest time and I know some people here have started playing this… Thought I’d share some good news for a change. Pitty it’s not about TOR…


        • abaddonsmummy

          Yes it’s a pity you couldn’t stay on topic.
          TBH although the graphics are nice it does nothing for me.
          Star wars all the way for me.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            oh excuse us admin lol

            • Paulo Gomes

              Na, it’s ok. abaddonsmmmy does have a point, and he’s not a complete White Knight. He’s cool, we disagree a lot but he’s a rational guy that has a different opinion to mine.

              • Shawn Hargrave


              • Fred Garvin

                Agreed. I disagree with most of what he says but, eh, whatever. Plus, I think he’s the one who made some badass Dread Master cosplay? If not then forget it, he sucks. Just kidding…lol.

        • Andhros

          Considering the last “Good news, everyone!” ESO sent out was crown crates this is an improvement.
          Unfortunately they already said that you can purchase a lot of items with real money and the crates make me think that a lot of furniture may come in them as well.
          Hopefully they either neglected to mention resource node points or plan on including them in the near future.

          • Naq

            So far they;ve said that 23/25 of the homes are available without the ingame store. And they also stated that the majority of the furniture is player crafted like heartfire.

    • Naq

      WTF is a public test server? Is that early access? You have to pay for that right? Where do you buy that in the Cartel Market?

      • Paulo Gomes

        You had me going there for a sec… Just for a sec I thought you were being serious… Lol!

      • Bryan

        Well played sir.

    • Fred Garvin

      Looks cool but unfortunately ESO puts far too much in-game stuff in their cash shop so I’d be wary of most housing upgrades ending up on there.

    • Diehard fan

      I have ESO account, but not a sub. Will it be available to everyone? I`m not much of a fan of Fantasy MMO settings, but I`m trying to play ESO when I have time, right now I feel interested.

      • Paulo Gomes

        I think so yeah! If you click on the link above the video and scroll down, they explain it very well… Well, they explain it a lot better than the guys at BW would, that’s for sure… 😉

        It seems only Imperial homes won’t be available without a sub. ALL others will be available to everyone, and you can spend in-game money to decorate them.

  • The CXP system is so fucking stupid and boring. More gambling bullshit from a bullshit team. They have totally ruined an amazing game.

  • Mattador

    I’m leveling just fine without it. I don’t see the big deal.

  • Anonymous and Annoyed

    RIP SWTOR, you used to be so fun. I remember creating my Agent for the first time, and he’s seen some sh*t. Awesome story, alts like to tomorrow. Then the adaptive armor came, you brought back THE character of KOTOR (Revan), and helped unravel the mysteries of the Emperor. In fact, I enjoyed KOTFE and KOTET as the casual player. The commendations system was nice, getting to 65 and collecting companions like Pokemon. Throughout the life of your game, you did some things I was able to forgive. But… This… What happened to you? Did we, as a community, offend you? Did we forget your birthday? I mean… Why?

    If you made this CXP legacy-wide, I think this may have slid. But… We have lives, why are you wanting us to commit to this failing relationship? I’m sorry, but this can’t continue. I hope someday you are able to find what made you great again. But, until then… Good bye. I will remember your former glory. Perhaps you could split off from whatever is contaminating you? Make a console game where you could play solo, and a separate game where you carry all the MMO components. But, as you stand now… No, it’s not us… It’s you.

    • Rob

      RIP indeed, part of the fun for lots of players is the variety of different classes. Could play as Sith, Jedi, Agent, Trooper, Hunter or Smuggler or Tank, DPS or Heal depending on how I felt or who was online. Now we’re forced into a grind on one character and to make it worse we have no guarantee even if we are willing to do the grind.

      I too was willing to forgive many things they have done, but to force us into focusing on one character I cannot forgive. I mean this is a game and it’s supposed to be fun to play, why do they want to suck all the fun out of it?

    • Bryan

      Legacy-wide wouldn’t be enough to let it slide, but it would be better… I guess…

  • ??

    what are command boots?

    • Fred Garvin

      It’s what you put on while walking through the shit pile that is KOTFE.

    • Bryan



    LOLOLOL!!!! Fuck you, this is some total bullshit. They let the early access players grind to max GC level, then nerf CXP rewards, then release a paid CXP boost? Fucking greedy ass bastards, how about releasing some decent new content for money instead of trying to manipulate your consumer base into buying a faster way through your stupid ass grind?


    • Shawn Hargrave
    • Whitedragon
    • Drool Bear

      The failure is us. We continue to subscribe thus Bioware feels they are doing nothing wrong. I was gonna cancel my 6 month subscription but wanted to see how KOTET ended. I now know I should have just quit.

    • Or4cl3

      I love watching idiots like you rant. :)) *grabs popcorn*

      • Rancor Rustler

        Oh I see you really are the shit poster I was imagining. Here you are slinging your feces on yet another persons opinion with zero counter argument unless you count your insults.

        Not that I necessarily agreed with the original posters extreme opinion, but your response makes you look like an EA/Bioware fanboi.

        • Or4cl3

          Not at all. Neither was worth an intelligent rebuttal.

          • Rancor Rustler

            “Well I for one am sick of shit posters such as yourself. At least both F Galactic Command and I have reasons spelled out why we don’t like something.

            You just post; vitriol with zero contribution, name calling, etc…

            If you had any form of counter argument this would be a non-issue, but

            “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, whiner.” or “I love watching idiots like you rant. :)) *grabs popcorn*” bring nothing to the conversation and only serve to make you look like a forum hipster desperately trying to look cool.

            Pro tip: if you have to try to look cool, you aren’t.

          • Rancor Rustler

            I really like how you edited the above reply.

            Original response was “Not at all. I am just sick of people like you both.”

            Hence my response in the first line. Wish I would have screen shot it so I could post a pic of your hypocrisy. LOL!

            Moving on, dude seriously upvoting yourself? Trying to get that upvote train moving huh? Well points for effort I guess, but common can you get any more pathetic?

            • Or4cl3

              What about it? I am sick of people like you and the FGC guy. You’re a blight on the community, and will not be missed. :))

  • gog

    Can’t wait until they introduce the “Golden Mob cxp pack” which increases the cxp granted from golden mobs from 1 to 10, will only cost 250 CC or a pack for 1k CC. Due for release in early 2017…

    • Shawn Hargrave


  • Paulo Gomes

    Omfg… The circus really is in town. Now the Cxp boosts are broken as well!!!


  • Naq

    This is pretty tasteless. Not much else to add. Cranking down Cxp rewards and then selling increased Cxp…I havent even played since new content was released, I logged in, rode my new mounts because I left myself subbed apparently, and then logged out, and even though I barely give a shit, this is still very tasteless. Shameful.

    • CraigMitchell

      Not even tried the new story or do some RP? :O

      • Bryan

        Story content takes like 9 hours. You can RP for free anywhere.

  • DassJennir

    And now the cycle of ripping money is complete…. I knew they would have done something like this as soon as they announced this command crate system.

  • Hunterr

    Bioware you arnt doing enough! Think of the money!! Time to take the mobile approach and if people do too many command activities they better buy some energy nodes to keep playing! Or wait 6-12 hours!! Can’t have them leveling too fast!!

    • Errtai

      Stop giving them ideas you silly! 🙂

    • Tsvetan Dimitrov

      Are you playing SW GoH by any chance?

      • Hunterr

        Nah I stay away from any mobile games. Can’t be giving money to that God damn Canadian devil!!

  • Callypsilon

    Man this is just plain dissapointing. I´m not a beta player but I played this game since launch of the Asation and Darvannis OPs. I haven´t played a mmorpg until this time and did not even know what a tank was(turned out my char was in tank spec when my guild dropped me there without a warning). From there on I was in 2 guilds with half of the same people other a time peroid of 3 years. Raid evenings were awesome. Dedication in defeating bosses were awesome. It was just simple fun. At this time there were just as many sm operations running as there were people looking for nightmare raids.
    pvp was filled with spam because there were so many people online mashing their heads in.

    And then there comes Ben and his team and the idea of never releasing decent group content ever again.
    Even before kotet there was nothing more to do in this game except for just getting gear for every character you have played period.
    That was actually the last fun part of the game.
    Even that was destroyed with this patch now.
    I was a sub for over 3 years now but 2 months before kotet came out I decided I had nothing to play for and wanted to wait if it was worth the money when I cancelled.

    It is just sad that it just isn´t anymore.
    I loved this game since I started playing it.
    I grinded the shit out of the gree and other events just to get legacy gear for all my chars to raid with in hope that some lucky day there might just shine up 1 or 2 awesome new operations again to challenge our skills again.
    Playing borderlands 2 right now even though I have never touched a shooter before because even this game has more to do with useful gear grinding than swtor(And it is fucking fun as hell and I have never played it since just a few weeks ago).

    I will wait on pandora for my good old swtor to shine again in maybe a few years from now or in form of a brand new game.

  • Christian Forgione
  • Rancor Rustler

    So with the current server roll backs on Harbinger they took hours of game play time from me, a couple GC levels, and all of my GTN postings.

    I guess they were mad people wouldn’t buy enough of these P2W boosts and had to set us even further back so we wouldn’t benefit “too much” from our play time.

    I think it’s time for a different game. The changes recently coupled with these P2W boosts and server roll backs basically mean zero progress for me. Good bye SWTOR.

    • darkfather

      I quit playing with 4.0. I barely ever log in and have nearly 10,000cc just setting there.

    • Callypsilon

      Zero progress since the “recent” changes? What were you doing the last 2 years in swtor? Progress stopped with 4.0…

    • Fred Garvin

      Rollbacks are part of the “innovative new gameplay” changes. In this new game mode, Valkorian uses his power to turn back time in an epic STORY twist you never saw coming!

    • Or4cl3

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, whiner.

      • Rancor Rustler

        Lol, great contribution to the discussion. I really appreciate all of the thought you put into your response.

        This is a shinning example of shit posting; zero contribution to the discussion, name calling, and negativity for no reason. You sir are the antithesis of the White Knights. Kindly fuck off until your brain has developed enough to make an intelligent response.

        • Or4cl3

          Tell me, why respond to a post regarding a game you’ve supposedly left? Are you a liar or a hypocrite? Choose, because at least one applies here. Further, where did I ever claim to be a white knight? lol

          • Rancor Ruslter

            Sigh…..lets start with your last comment about White knights. You obviously don’t know the meaning of the word “Antithesis.”

            noun: antithesis; plural noun: antitheses
            a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.”love is the antithesis of selfishness”synonyms:(complete) opposite, converse, contrary, reverse, inverse, obverse, other side of the coin;

            So that would mean I am saying you are the opposite of a white knight. Maybe figure out what has been said to you before responding so you don’t make yourself seem more unintelligent than you actually are.

            As far as “Tell me, why respond to a post regarding a game you’ve supposedly left?
            Are you a liar or a hypocrite? Choose, because at least one applies

            In reality, not your skewed perception of it, I posted that 4 days ago and have not played since. Can you explain to me in a logical, well reasoned argument why responding to someone who responded to me in a forum makes me a liar or a hypocrite? Does looking at and posting in a forum for a game I no longer play somehow equate to playing that game in your mind?

            If you are referring to my original post, the situation that made me leave had just occurred and I was posting my opinion about it. Nothing dishonest or hypocritical about that.

            So what exactly is your point? As far as I can tell, you just want to post shit talking to people you don’t think will respond to make yourself feel good or look cool. It might do the former, but only does the opposite of the latter.

            • Or4cl3

              You have some serious issues, brah. When was the last time you visited your shrink?

              • Rancor Rustler

                Are my “serious issues” my failure to just stop posting and let you have the last word?

                That seems to be your angle post some snarky comment in the hope it’s never noticed, and then act all self-righteous when called out.

              • Or4cl3

                I’ve already had the last word, you fool. You’re just making yourself look pathetic at this point. 😀 I’m done with you.

              • Rancor Rustler

                The only pathetic thing about this discussion is you upvoting your own comments.

                And what happened to that ignore button you were yapping about earlier. I see you edited that away as well. What didn’t it work? That’s honestly too bad, I was hoping to be rid of you for good.

                How about if you just act like it worked and just pretend my comments don’t exist.

              • Rancor’s Owner

                I win.

    • Or4cl3

      Oh look, Disqus has a Block User feature! *clicks!* XD Bye bye, loser.

      • Rancor Rustler

        I really hope it works both ways because you are analogous to cancer in these threads.

        You lack any respect for others opinions.

        You sling insults. (something witty and on topic can mostly be forgiven, I refuse to name drop, but many examples can be seen in this tread)

        You make few if any meaningful points on any subject reasonably related to the game.

        So hopefully this will ensure I don’t see anymore of your nonsense. I really appreciate a well thought out post or response, but not drivel such as you produce. I understand that my perspective is not the only perspective, and have been occasionally persuaded to change my stance if a good argument made me see things differently.

  • Baldarhion Martelsoleil

    Some “fun” maths stats:

    Considering that Tier 1 consist of 35 pieces of gear (Weapon, offhand, ear, implant : 228 and 230; armor : 228, 230, 230 with bonus set)

    What is the probability to loot the best gear in a row (with the first 14 crates) ?

    P= 1/35^13= 0,0000000000000000000085

    What is the expected number of crates to loot at least each piece of the set ? (classic coupon collector’s problem)

    35 x ln(35) # 125 crates.

    Well, you will rank Tier 2 before at least…. So at rank 300+5 you may ***probably*** have the BIS gear.

    Let’s say that you can earn about 4000 GCxp per hour, rank 305 is achieved after 307,5 hours.

    WIth the GCxp boost it falls to 230 hours (about 58 days if you play 4hr/day) = 77 GCxp boost.

    77 GCxp boosts will cost —> 12320 cartel coins.

    So to obtain BIS gear in fast way, you need # 126 $ (and stop having a social life as well :3)

    • Snarf

      you’re forgetting that instead of one of these gear items you might get a cosmetic item in your crate instead, or a green item, or a blue item. so the odds are actually lower.
      I don’t believe we have a full list of the possible items to fill that gear slot in the crate.

      • Лев Сафаров

        1 of itmes always gear, worst case its green 228.


        I also think that the clueless people who run swtor have probably made some drops rare. Just because they think this whole random loot process in “fun”.

  • NoMoreExcuses

    I still fail to realize why anyone gives a shit about Galactic Command. Uprisings and other things that you enjoy (like PVP for some) that get you command points are one thing. But ultimately there are no new raids, so who needs BiS gear?

    The Gear Grind is a never-ending hamster wheel but it has a purpose. Get gear to be able to do harder raids to be able to get better gear to be able to do the HARDEST raids to get the BEST GEAR so you are ready for the next raids.

    There are no new raids. I’ve had no problem destroying the flexed up to 70 HM Old raids in my 224/220 gear from pre 5.0. There is no reason to strive for BiS gear AT ALL!!!

    P.S. – Miss me with that “new raids are coming” bullshit too. They’ve been saying they are working on “group content” for over 2 years and all we’ve gotten is tactical flashpoints and uprisings, which are tacticals minus a story. These lazy sacks of shit haven’t even given us a new dailies area since Yavin IV…..

    • OhByTheWay

      You left out the part where the hamster wheel is also now broken since loot drops are RNG from these stupid, stupid command packs….

    • gog

      Oh there will be a new raid in 2017. It’s a gargantuan hamster wheel that your whole group need to run for 25 solid minutes, and at the end your reward is a random piece of gear that will most likely be a belt or a pair of bracers (95% chance).

      • SadMelendez

        I’d kill for either with a set bonus right now…..command rank 9 and i haven’t gotten a single useful piece of gear yet :-/


        You mean that the raid will probably only drop 1 schematic (+ junk) that has a 95% chance of being belt or bracers, that only has a 25% chance of being for your class, and that you might have to fight for (if it is for your class) if you pug a group because everybody needs :p

        • gog

          pretty much yeah….

    • Kubrickian

      If tonight’s raid could be compared to taking dad’s car out for the evening then you need to first do your homework, clean the house, wash the car, run a few errands, mow the lawn, and then you can do your raid as long as your home by midnight when the servers go to ‘Light’ mode.

  • kirk

    RiP swtor you were once a fun MMO

  • Or4cl3

    Oh good… SWTOR has officially gone ‘Pay to Win’

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