Black Desert Dark Knight Armor and Combat Animations

Black Desert Online Korea has the character creation for Dark Knight ahead of its official release a week later.


Armor + Combat Animations


Face and Hair Options


Character Creation trailer


Combat Trailer


Armor Screenshots

Armor 1


Armor 2


Armor 3


Armor 4


Armor 5


Armor 6


Armor 7




More Screenshots


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30 replies on “Black Desert Dark Knight Armor and Combat Animations”

Very FF15-ish all things considered. I do wonder what the male counter part will be though.

Can’t help but feel this is why the game has declined in popularity though. The fact that they race and gender lock the classes. Mildly annoying to be quite honest.

I don’t think the game’s popularity went down because of the classes or the genderlock. These are the least of it’s worries.

Not the reason. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the lack of a true, engaging story makes the game feel hollow and listless. Sure there are bits of narrative here and there, but nothing to glue them together and raise the emotional stakes of the character’s journey.

Popularity went down due to the constant mismanagement and incompetency shown by Daum/Kakao when it comes to translation and the constant cutting of content and unfulfilled promises.

A female class with pants.
I mean… hyper sexualized pants, but pants nonetheless.
A step in the right direction for me.

You know Sorcs wear pants too right? And with the coat the skinniness is rendered kinda moot if we’re talking sexualization.

Well while I was still playing I do recall sorc did have a few non sexualized options. In the cash shop the Eckett was my favorite and there was one that was available for multiple classes but I can’t remember the name. I really didn’t think the in-game armor for most classes wasn’t super sexualized either.

Because there are more than 1 demographic.
Some people like cute things, some like cool, other like sexy and so on.
Females in BDO keeps getting sexy, and little else. Because that is how South Korean society is.

I don’t have anything against sexualized outfits.
I have something against almost every outfit being sexualized.

As it stands there are only a few outfits (camouflage ones) that are not sexualized for all the female classes. The rest have a lot of their legs showing, or skin tight clothes, or show of their breasts.

I am in the “I like cute” demographic, and I am really creeped out by my Tamer, which is supposedly a young girl; wearing skin tight clothing, or things that show off her legs.

there are actually some armor outfits out there that hardly show anything
Look for the Delphe Knight armor skins there bit hard to get
but they dont reveal an thing

Rachel you. totally should. I took a little time off the game for other stuff. But got back like 3 weeks ago!

Is there already any form of estimated release date for NA/EU?
Cause it looks like they wanna catch up to the korean versions
by having such quick awakening updates in an row

will we see this soon?
or is it 100% uknown as of when it will be released/announced

It looks like this class will use leather armor damn…I wanted it to be heavy user so much :’) (may should I expect an outfit from $shop? @_@)


Can you confirm if the ingame crafted costumes (Delphe Knights, Jarret’s Armor, etc) are also available for the Dark Knight yet?
Thanks say’s it should be sold by Ornella in Heidel, but it’s no where to be found on my list.

edit: never mind… it’s further down the list mixed in with other items.

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