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Revelation Online CBT2 Running from Dec 20 to Jan 3.

Revelation Online CBT2 will be running from Dec 20 to Jan 3, 2017 with the same Level 49 cap as CBT1.


CBT2 on December 20th

We are happy to announce the second Revelation Online CBT which will be taking place from December 20th to January 3rd, 12:00 CET (3am PST)!

You will once again be able to join your friends in Nuanor and explore the latest changes that CBT2 has to offer:

CBT2 will have the same level 49 cap.

Localization & Client improvements

For the localization, you can expect the full English translation of the storyline up to level 49, including non-level-tied activities such as crafting, dungeons, PvP, and mentoring.

Our QA and localization teams are still busy with resolving all the bugs that have been reported via the Bug Tracker. As we near the CBT2 release you can expect most of the bugs to be cleared out so that we can resume a whole new round of testing within a newer version.

QA would like to update you on an important fix that hindered your experience during CBT1 which has now been resolved.

Memory leaks and missing items in the trade window.

Rest assured that all of our efforts will be put into fixing bugs in anticipation of the CBT2 and we would like to thank you again for your precious, indepth reports. QA is looking forward to the next round of bug reports!

Character progression preserved

As a token of our gratitude, we have decided to give access to CBT2 to all players who have received access to CBT1 by the means of a beta key, lottery or founder packs. If you haven’t done so already, you can download the CBT client right here:


Please note that you will be required to download another patch once the CBT2 client has been released.

We will not proceed to do any character wipes so you are able to continue to enjoy playing on your characters from CBT1, this will also allow you to jump in and try out the latest changes during the holiday season. If you wish to see the progress in localisation, feel free to create another character, such as the Spiritshaper.

Spiritshaper Class

To celebrate this great news, we have prepared a new class trailer for you, introducing the Spiritshaper! Armed with healing and psychic abilities, Spiritshapers can call upon spirit beasts and spiritual powers to initiate attacks.


CBT2 access & Giveaway

Remember, this is a closed beta test, with a limited number of players, and if you are not invited to participate that doesn’t mean you will not be invited to participate in the future beta tests. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels and your mailbox as we’ll be giving out keys as we move closer to CBT2.

If you don’t feel like leaving things to chance though, you can guarantee your participation in the Closed Beta by purchasing one of the Founder Packs!


Facebook Instant Win contest

From November 30th (15:00 CEST) to December 10th (11:00 CEST)*, head to our Facebook page and enter our contest for a chance to win a key for our second Revelation Online Beta starting in December!

Instant Win

We’ve got 100 keys for the second Closed Beta to give away, and for your chance to start exploring Nuanor early, all you have to do is log in with your Facebook account in order to be able to enter our Instant Win.
No one can be lucky all the time: If you didn’t won right away, come back daily on our app for another shot!

Discover what Nuanor has to offer by land and air: Try your luck and see if you can spread your wings in second Revelation Online Closed Beta.

*Only within the limit of available beta keys stock.

‘Like us’ on Facebook, join us on Discord and follow the game’s development on Twitter @RevOnlineGame for all the latest developer updates and news.

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