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SWTOR December Producer’s Livestream Coverage

SWTOR December Producer’s Livestream Coverage and notes.



  • Community Topics
  • Cartel Market
  • In-game events
  • Five year anniversary
  • Coming to SWTOR
  • Wrap up

Community Topics

  • Response from the community has been awesome, people on Twitter loved the story and the option to kill certain characters.
  • Galactic Command Updates
    • Tons of feedback, lots of request for changes. We are flexible. Made some changes on live already mainly to fix exploits but they don’t consider farming gold mobs to be an exploit. They are going to bump up the CXP for champions a bit more to 2 points.
    • 5.0.1 changes are coming Tuesday, increasing the CXP gain for flashpoints and uprisings significantly. Storymode uprising gains 50% more CXP, Veteran uprising gains 80% more CXP to bring them on par to PvP.
    • Future updates will try to address the concrete goals in Galactic Command – like giving you the option to work on a specific gear but nothing specific yet.
    • Nothing specific planned for alt characters, we are looking at options like legacy perks to make it more alt friendly.
    • Operations are an issue with risk vs reward since it is not efficient if you are wiping a lot with lower gear but as you get more it should go better. They are buffing other group content first to make gearing goes faster.
    • Solo content CXP gain – they are keeping an eye on it, maybe Master Chapters could be good a CXP gain when they come.
    • They are willing to do a double CXP event in the future.
    • RNG – Lets see how it plays out. Purple shouldn’t be easy to get. They are monitoring the situation and implement a solution later.
    • Server Merges – They will get back to you on this after the new year. They want to monitor server populations after launch. Cheap transfers now available.
    • CXP Weekly Cap – they are monitoring it, they think only 1-2 players hit the cap. If enough people hit the cap by playing the way they expect players to, then they will increase the cap.
    • Stacking CXP Buffs – don’t do it, it is not good for you because it is a waste of money. They are fixing it on Tuesday but they are not considering it as an exploit.
    • They didn’t really say this but if you read between the lines, they want you to play the game in a specific way they intended.
  • DvL Events
    • DvL achievements were taken away, they are going to give back the meta achievements for each tier in January.
    • Master Ranos recruitment mission will be resolved with patch 5.0.1.
  • Harbinger Rollback
    • They are sorry about the rollbacks, they are working with customer service to get as much stuff back for you as possible. Submit a ticket if you havn’t.
  • Class balance
    • They will make a post later on the forums on when you can expect the class changes etc.

Cartel Market


  • Royal Fyrnock Mount coming Friday, it is a crossover from Star Wars Rebels.
  • Imperial Bastion armor and Tuk’ata companion available right now.

In-game events


  • Life Day – Dec 13 to Jan 10. Some cartel market for direct sales
  • 5th anniversary – Dec 13 to Jan 17
  • Rakghoul Resurgence on Corellia (Dec 20 –27)
  • Bounty week ) Dec 27 – Jan 3)
  • Relic of the Gree – Jan 10 to Jan 17

Coming to SWTOR Early 2017

  • Five more new uprisings in January, more interesting mechanics
  • Master Mode Chapters in January
  • Master Mode Uprisings in Feb/March. They might push the Master Mode Uprising to March to make it a bigger update.

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chapters were good, but didnt liked being forced to lose a cool companion. one thing is getting the choice to kill, or just making them go away… what happens on chapter 8 is veeery different

Would have rather had such a choice to lose someone else instead of Vette or Torian — such as Revel, Quinn, or Kaliyo [maybe] ….. or someone else a little newer to the group, that isn’t all that likeable or fun to customize.

virmire 2.0 basicaly. they had the guy who wrote mass effect 1 AND the guy who did the trooper story (which has a similar… choice) working on Kotet. and they just loooooove their forced deaths.

I hate it when people imply one person wrote a story for a video game.

Drew Karpyshyn is who you’re referring to, he was the lead for ME 1 and co-lead with Mac Walter in ME2. He left the ME team to work on SW:TOR.

He’s one of the few on the team to actually write Star Wars books before the game was released. He is the author for the Darth Bane books.

I am aware. however. he is a lead writer on KOTET. which means – he sets the tone of the story. prior to that lead writer was the same guy that wrote trooper story and this one as far as they know – they co-led. lead writer – sets the tone and assigns individual writing projects. they are the ones that decide what goes in and what doesn’t. so I guarantee you – Virmire 2.0? was his responsibility, its existence anyways.

Drew isn’t lead writer. Ian Ryan is. So blame him, but the actual blame goes to Ben Irving. He’s the producer and approved that hot mess of a story that started on Yavin.


maybe. I’m still blaming Drew for certain “why am I having mass effect dejavu” that includes but not limited to virmire 2.0

Any idea how much Star Wars is in Mass Effect? It’s a mix of Star Wars and Star Trek. Blue babes comes from Trek, Biotics from Jedi.

No what I’m saying is I have no idea how the mount is related to Rebels in any way at all. Unless it’s some really obscure background creature that I just didn’t notice?

I cannot for the life of me think of where in Rebels anything like this has appeared :S

I’m crying lmao THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE. The Rebels critters are actually eerily humanoid in the face thanks to those jowl flaps making it look like they’re wearing a cowl but that mount is just…the love child of a tuk’ata and a meowrr

“RNG – Lets see how it plays out. Purple shouldn’t be easy to get. They are monitoring the situation and implement a solution later.”

By all means, that is a “We will not change the RNG, just will give to you excuses”.

Well you know how long it takes BWA to change anything but suddenly they are making changes next week. I wonder why they are in a hurry suddenly, hmm? Well, maybe in a year’s time they’ll have made enough changes for me to resub. And how rich is it that they are already talking about class balance. Must be because of what one of my friends told me who’s still playing…nobody can kill him in pvp on a sage or scoundrel and set bonuses apparently make a big difference there too.

Of course BWA could’ve never seen this coming. It’s not like anyone warned them or anything. This whole RNG thing was a bad idea but it’s the great equaliser because it’s a competition that any idiot can join and win at.

Raising CXP by 50% and 80%..bringing it up to par with pvp…How bad do you have to be at math to not figure that out before release? You can afk pvp matches for 500+ points from what I understand. I mean the word trainwreck doesn’t even come close.

If they’re equating ease of acquisition with the RNG mechanics of command crates, then there is some serious misunderstanding of the nature of randomness going on.

Yeah, there’s nothing “easy” or “hard” about randomly getting the gear you need. It is only random, which means that for some it will be quick, and for others it won’t.

Brain surgery is hard. Getting set piece gear is random. Understanding this difference is really important.

The chat room in the live stream was a total blood bath. These guys basically said nothing the entire time. RNG is a total fucking joke and these guys are pieces of shit for acting like it’s OK. What a bunch of turds.

Basically i just heard a whole lot of: “we are looking into it, nothing specific yet”.
Hint hint hint to more announcements of announcements.

Manager talk. How to divert things so they do not become actual information.
Nothing about bugs that have existed for months (some even years) now, nothing about guild panel fixes, nothing about heavy latency problems (especially in new KotET chapters).

Nobody from the devs ever says out loud: we will have new Operations incoming. It’s all just too damn vague and i’m tired of listening to it.

How to make people happy with the Command RNG? Create some new gear as rewards instead of giving us vanilla content. >=/

Half of the ‘Cosmetic’ drops you’ll get from Command crates are Vanilla assets that’ve either been re textured or had their models altered slightly.

Water under the bridge. That’s all the thing i’v been hearing all over the stream.
Said literally NOTHING about main problem.
Just laughing and telling how awsome they are…

Is it even normal?!
WTF is bullshit like this?!

All their promises. All their words about “monitoring the problem is complete bullshit.
That’s just insulting.

Was pretty obvious it would end in them patting themselves on the back and talkign about an AWESOME reaction in the community. I wonder where they see that? Their own forums are a warzone, reddit is hell, even here you see not one positive word. They do try to supress all the negativity by moving threads as much as possible but sitting down in front of a camera and directly lying into everyones face is just a new level of low.

It all boils down to the same thing. They decide what is cool for the game, and they find RNG boxes totally cool. Which is understandable, they don’t have to actually gear characters, they can just cheat with the Dev button. So of course, for them everything is awesome.

Oh also, do not miss the funny few lines at the end. 5 new Uprisings in January. There you have your new group content for the next year.

Well, i lost faith in these people month ago and unsubbed, one of the smartest things I did this year I think. These days I only mourn the money I threw at that game, that was probably used by Musco to buy an island. Sure as hell did not go into new content.

“They didn’t really say this but if you read between the lines, they want you to play the game in a specific way they intended.”

Best wrap up of this live stream!

“We don’t want to play the game in the way YOU like it. We want you to play the game, like it would be easy for us.”

Actually they did mention that they are going to try and restore as much of what was lost to the rollback as they can. If you were affected they ask that you submit a ticket.

All this hatred makes me surprised I still play and enjoy this game.
However I do get the feeling they’re trying to intentionally drive this game into the ground, if they’re making so many choices other people hate.

That’s a good point and for those that share the same opinion one has to ask why does someone feel obligated to stay and continue paying a subscription fee to a game that no longer provides options and game play that the player enjoys. For myself I left after having been in beta for 2 years and then as a subscriber for almost 5 years. And it’s not that I did not find the game fun or enjoyable it was simply due to them making constant changes to the game that I did not like. They know most people wont unsubscribe to the game and that’s why they do like they do. And that there is the problem.

1. don’t need to be current subscriber to comment on Dulfy.
2. some people still have days/weeks remaining on their subscription becasue they used to buy it in larger chunks, so they use it to post on the forums while they can, in hopes that maybe changes will be made and they will be able to enjoy the game again.

For me I just like the setting and story. That’s why I’m still hanging around. If the next Star Wars MMO comes around and TOR’s still somehow around, I’ll probably leave for the new MMO. Assuming it’s better, at least.

Yeah I hear ya, but there is another Star Wars game that is currently production by Visceral Games and slated to be released in early 2018. Not sure if it’s a single player rpg,coop or mmo since they haven’t released any details about that.

It’s not an MMO. Pretty sure it’s single player, but the guy you’re responding to sums up the reason why most people stick around despite the shitty management by BW.

It’s Star Wars. The only Star Wars MMO on the market (they spitefully made sure they had no competition on that front). Everyone knows Star Wars, pretty much everyone has grown up with it. It’s a very unique and very special IP, questionable direction from Disney aside. Star Wars can get away with fucking it’s fans a lot harder than other franchises; something BW have exploited to the limit.

That’s why people stick around despite the ever worsening situation. Because it’s Star Wars, and they care about Star Wars and want to enjoy the game. But if another SW MMO was released next week, this game would not last another 6 months.

-We’re listening to feedback. Promise!

-Proceeds to ignore all feedback.

We didn’t ask for tweaks. We asked for the RNG to be removed. Period. End or rine!

Sorry, but after that livestream I refuse to believe anyone is that incompetent to intentionally anger, and ignore the anger of, the customer base. Just look how they responded to the companion and heroic nerfs. There is no way at all, they are that stupid to completely ignore the feedback on RNG and the length of the grind.

Being in the corporate world for quite a few years before starting my own businesses, I frequently saw this behavior – usually just before layoffs hit. Act like everything is fine, act oblivious to rumors, and then boom – one day you are being made redundant.

If I were a betting man at this point, EA has in fact handed down a shut down date for this game with the instruction to milk as much as possible from those who remain until that date.

I am always reminded of a line from the late Steve Jobs when you look at the events of the last three to four months – “Sometimes you just have to connect the dots”.

I find myself wondering how Ben Irving got the job as the game’s producer in the first place. When Fallen Empire was being marketed (and, I believe, when it launched, although I can’t find anything to confirm it), Bruce McLean was still Senior Producer, but then he just (apparently) vanished without a trace. The first I ever heard of Bozo Irving was when he posted his “please don’t leave us, we know what we’re doing, we really, really do” “open letter” on the forums shortly after Chapter 12 of KotFE launched. I wasn’t impressed with him then, and I’m sure as hell not impressed with him now.

Completely agree. I thought the start of the last stream seemed unprofessional and they topped it with this one. That bingo card is just one big FU to the player base but maybe is also indicative of something else? In addition to unprofessional that last stream seemed like 3 guys who just don’t give one fuck about anything. Now they start one with a bingo card basically trolling people with what’s pissing them off and what makes their stream a pile of cheerleading garbage? I’m with you. This game is done and they know it. They’re acting like ppl who are gonna be looking for jobs soon (maybe that’s where Musco was at…down the street at a Dunkin’ Donuts.)

If only more people were as intelligent as you. You are completely correct. Thank you for laying it out in digestible terms. I hope people see your post.

Commander XP system is super retarded, people who play 4~5 alts for example will need 2-3 years to gear them decent. U can even get like 50 crates and not even 1 set bonus item! thats tragedy. Why we have to earn green 228 junk from them ? Give on each crate an exchangeable BTL token and make it like X of these are tradable for X Set Part etc. With this RNG hell system one can get 2 gloves out of many many crates, pure nonesense. I’ve opened like 40 crates and got 1 set item so far GG BioFail.

Pay the sub and then you unlock all the new content. (Even if your sub drops afterwards, I believe?) Main thing you can’t do as a F2P is earn Galactic Command stuff, so you can’t do endgame progression, but at least you can play the storyline no problem.

I’ve been strongly supportive of this game over the years, but the gearing via GC system purely sucks. I don’t see how it could be really fun except maybe for someone who plays 1-2 characters exclusively, and plays every form of content in the game regularly.

For my own part, as someone with 20 active characters, who mostly plays solo or infrequently runs FPs and Ops with friends, I don’t expect to ever make much gear progress on any character. Before, I could craft gear to get all my guys to 216 (in KotFE), with the odd 220 here and there from loot. Now, I have no idea. I can’t even craft reliably anymore since the schematics are all drops.

On the plus side, heroics and such aren’t noticeably different or more difficult at 70 with 216 gear and a 220 weapon, so I will probably just leave it at that for a while, and if I get upgrades, hooray.

I have 17 characters these days, but since KOTET, I’ve decided to only play my main one, at least as far as end game is concerned. If Legacy opened the GC level across all characters it would be fine, but I just don’t see spreading myself thinner than this system already is.

They just ignored RNG hate posts, new Ops requests, bugs and rollbacks, everything we really want to know about and saber deflected it dead.

“They didn’t really say this but if you read between the lines, they want you to play the game in a specific way they intended.”

…that’s really, really big on the paranoia side of things.

Look, yes, the designers of a game want the game played in a defined manner. That is true of nearly every single game. It’s true of Minecraft, it’s true of World of Warcraft, it’s true of bloody Tetris. If a game’s designers don’t have a vision about how the player is intended to approach and enjoy it, that game is going to be crap.

Galactic Command is a good system with a great deal of potential, but it was launched very poorly balanced and with a large number of rough spots. Everything I’m seeing about Galactic Command says that Bioware wants players to be able to do whatever they feel like doing and getting rewards, with better rewards for group content and more difficult content, with a constant reward structure in place to consistently encourage them without ever capping out (coughskinnerboxcough).

Done right, it allows the entire game to feed into that reward structure. All those stupid events, all those fun FPs you used to play, going back and revisiting story chapters, all of it.

But they key word is “Done right”. Right now, it’s not being done right, the RNG is too aggressive, the lack of alt-support punitive… and I’m not too surprised. It’s a massive structural overhaul of the basic reward structure that MMO’s rely on. There’s more kinks in it than I’d like on release… but it’s hard not to see the kinks coming.

Not sure where you see that they want us to play anyway we want. If that’s what happened, they would have left the Heroic elite mobs unaffected. And they wouldn’t have given so many CXP points to GSF. It isn’t exactly a secret that GSF receives the least amount of interest by players. So giving so many CXP for it, is actively trying to push us to play this, instead of other types of content. And that’s just one example.

They DO want you to play the game the way THEY intended, and it’s not even if you read between the lines. It’s pretty obvious at this point.

Let me rephrase that: Play whatever content we want, in the manner it’s designed to be played.

So yeah, no mindlessly grinding Elites, no camping out the loot cave.

As for the uneven rewards? Yeah, no shit, it’s a problem, one they’re working on addressing next week.

The system as released was massively unbalanced. PvP overvalued, grinding nothing mobs overvalued, completing the most difficult content undervalued, compensation for getting nothing useful in packs undervalued. They royally screwed up the tuning for Galactic Command, but they are making some steps to improve it.

Yes, there’s bigger changes that need to be made. Improvements for alt-heavy players, compensating for the overly aggressive RNG and more, but there’s a key difference to remember:

Structural changes? Changes to how features operate, how they interact with other features, how they impact areas that the features weren’t intended to go near? That takes time to implement. It needs to be designed, developed and tested.

Tuning changes? Adjusting how much CXP is rewarded by this thing or that thing? They can do it overnight. It takes a bit of time to come up with a proper value, but it’s an easy, simple change.

Expect to see more tuning changes come around quickly, structural changes January at the earliest… and probably not until February at least.

I am a very optimistic person in my personal life, but sometimes I prefer to be more realistic. I agree with most of what you said, and I do appreciate your point of view a lot.

But what would worry me if I was Bioware, is why would people prefer to run Heroics instead of Uprisings, if it gives a little bit of an edge? Honestly, the quality of the new content is what is the problem at this point, the way I see it. If Uprisings were FUN, and if they could motivate and intrigue players to do them more, regardless of the amount of rewards, then I’d be pretty happy with that. But it turns out that many players (including myself and a lot of guildies) prefer to run Flashpoints or even Heroics (which we’ve done literally hundreds of times) when we’re not running something as serious as an operation.

Uprisings are highly unbalanced, in the point where they’re mindlessly easy if you have a healer, and near to impossible if you have 4 dps. Seems to me that EVERYTHING in this game needs to be balanced currently, with the exception of crafting and perhaps pvp.

If they wanted people to play all the content that SWTOR can provide, and to also do it the way it was designed to happen, then they could just leave things alone and not come up with close to zero new content (honestly, the uprisings locations are instances from Ord Mantell, Tattooine that already existed, just enriched with some mobs and a few champions), while at the same time making people grind old content, the way they want you to, with RNG rewards. I mean, come on.

They can’t even figure out that the minimum cxp affected by the boosts is 4, bumping golds from 1 to 2 means they are still not affected by the boosts. And let’s not forget that when they launched tunings they said there would be craftable tunings, we all know how that turned out, just because they say they are planning to do something doesn’t mean they will actually do it.

I have 23 65s, and no reason to play 22 of them. I’ve grinded and grinded on my main as I am our raid tank, and have no motivation to play with this system. 35 boxes and I’ve gotten 4 usable pieces of gear, and not a single artifice schem. There’s no reason to run an op, do heroics, flash points, anything because you get no reward for the time invested vs doing PvP (which is dreadful as a shadow tank). This system is not rewarding or exciting, and them playing it off as being both is incredibly frustrating. I’ve still got two months on my sub, but I wish I could take it back. Coming from someone who’s been subbed since launch. We need to absolutely flood them with how unhappy we are with this system. Twitter, Facebook, twitch, in game support tickets, everywhere. We need a strong community reaction more than just talking to each other, we need to send THEM the message of how much of a royal fuckup the command system.

If you are playing since launch you should’ve noticed that they NEVER accept the blame for their errors. You can flood em with anything – they will keep patting each others backs and congratulate each other on a job perfectly done.

I cannot believe how counter productive this GC RNG system is. I played it until I got to lvl11 and I noticed PvP was popping more, great right? No not great, so many players who have never/rarely PvP just coming in and piggy backing for the CXP reward.

I’ve stopped playing so I dunno how participation in Ops is fairing but I can only imagine it’s suffering. Once a player has locked their main that’s it for the week I would assume, so fewer runs. No reason to run alts to make up the numbers 🙁

I swore so loud I woke my dog. RNG exciting, is he smoking crack? In fact are they all smoking crack? That would at least give us an explanation of why Galactic Command was concieved,

After he’s opened 11 crates and got nothing but Jawa junk to show for his efforts let’s see how excited he is about the next grind, grind, grind with no guarantee,

Watching them fellate one another about the good job they are doing was a bigger insult than RNG. What a bunch of c**nts.

I assumed they had a magic button that delivers 12x 242 pieces with SB. That way they could example themselves as evidence RNG works.

I think it’s obvious at this point they don’t actually play the game. I would just hoped they played it enough to realise that RNG cannot possibly work as a reward system in purely gaming terms.

I guess the whole idea is to frustrate everyone and hope that people will buy CXP boosts in CM to alleviate these frustrations slightly. I expect them to introduce a 25% increase in chance boost soon.

We can all see the game is dying, it’s about milking it for as much as possible now. 🙁

I know that you mean I opened one crate and all I got was a lvl 5 companion gift, a shell head piece, and some blue level pants, I wonder if Ben finds that “exciting”. My sub runs out in the beginning of February, after their stream talking about the new group content to come out next year. If it’s more uprisings, and no mention of a new op I’m done.

Community feedback has been awesome. That is, unless you check the hundreds of posts of complaints in every single topic on the official forums, on facebook, on instagram, on Dulfy, and basically, if you shut down your computer.

Too disappointed by that livestream to even “whine” (as some Bioware White Knights would claim) about anything really. They are going to buff Uprisings even more. SMH.

All complaints about Command Crate RNG aside, I was pleased to hear that the CXP returns on a lot of the content that I was already doing is going up, so good on them. I’m not thrilled by Galactic Command, but increasing crate acquisition should, on average, make it less awful.

“Less awful”

Yes, that’s apparently how low the bar has been set. This isn’t a job or a chore. It’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun. I wonder how long we have to wait until Ben Irving swallows his pride over his little pet RNG project and listens to the players.

That should be their marketing slogan moving forward.

“Subscribe to 5.1! We’ve added nothing, but now contains 10% less awful!”

They are stroking for all it’s worth by the looks of it. A full on circle jerk with the player base stuck in the center.

“They didn’t really say this but if you read between the lines, they want you to play the game in a specific way they intended.” They’ve said it many times over the years with various wording, but it’s always been ‘play our way or don’t play at all’ and they’re not good at hiding it like other games; other games seem to give subtle nudges to push you the direction they want you to go while Bioware Austin shoves you and then laughs when you trip and fall.

Expansion Announcement: Hey Guys, no real new raid/group content but we will announce some after it launches.

First post-launch Livestream: Hey Guys, no real new raid/group content and not even a mention of more in the future this go round. HAHA, GOT YOU SUCKERS TO SUB FOR A FEW MORE MONTHS, HAHAHA!!!

If people subbed because they thought there might be ops, without an official announcements then those people are retarded.

So are all these people whinging about ops, all the raiders left, its been over 2 years since new ops, even if they do make new ops it still won’t bring the raiders back.

New group content with story that requires thinking not blind button mashing is gone, your milk got spilt over the table, suck it up and move on.

Watching these guys fellate one another about the good job they are doing was a bigger insult than the ‘it’s our way or the highway’ attitude towards their playerbase.

We contribute towards your paychecks arseholes, listen to us! Without us, there is no game!

Yeah, my thoughts as well, I like progressing my characters, its been over a week and I’m level 70 only GC 13 and still in the same gear as I was 9 months ago. Nothing in this podcast suggests it will get any better, so I’m out. Shame, as I really enjoyed the new story and my enthusiasm to play was at a high.

I’m more or less in your shoes with a small exception of saying “screw” it, leveling up my crafters and making some 228 gear… which was also somewhat annoying as jawa’s weren’t updated yet, so its rng gear, vs rng crafting materials :/

I’d love to stay Leah, but I just cant, Ive thought about it for days now, and I just cant reconcile the direction of the progression the game has taken… It would take a major change, and from that podcast they done, its pretty well set in stone, with some tweaks to amounts, which does not in any way address my concerns.

oh I’m only doing this because i still have a few days left and because my guild suddenly decided to resurrect itself. still letting my subscription lapse but in case they see reason, at least I’d be able to jump right back in. but otherwise… this grind makes “soul crushing KDY spam leveling” seem like a vacation. honestly? if not for my guildies coming out of the woodwork, I wouldn’t even be doing this much. I have no idea what bioware is thinking.. unless their plan is to deliberately drive swtor into the ground.

I want to like the changes, because there is some good to it, (mainly in that it’s possible to get the best gear even just playing solo, rather than only by playing ops), BUT… yeah, you’re exactly right. I’m only up to rank 10 so far, and I think the only thing I’ve kept from the past three or four packs was an empty sniper rifle shell and a companion gift or two. And since I have no way of knowing if the next pack will be any better, or completely useless, that hampers my desire to keep going – if I spend the few hours I can spare for a night grinding enough rank to get a new pack, just to end up scrapping everything in it, it’ll feel like I did nothing but waste my time, for nothing.

Maybe they could add some sort of tokens in with the crates? I realize they were deliberately trying to get rid of using the commendations/crystals, but we need some sort of way to at least narrow down what we’re working towards – a goal, like you said. Having it completely random is just too unpredictable to provide enough incentive to keep going.

While I disagree that anyone playing solo should have access to top tier gear in an MMO, I do agree that there should be some kind of crystal gear system so that effort is a least rewarded in some way.

Really they should have implemented GC alongside the previous endgame gearing system. That way solo players would have a chance of top tier gear and it wouldn’t hinder the players who do group content.

I agree, and I don’t want top tier gear from soloing. I have always been happy two or three steps down, usually whatever the best craftable stuff was. But I can’t do that now, and it’s disappointing.

For the most part the players who solo in my guild were generally happy with 208 and we always ran SM Ops for players that wanted to try them. I even managed to but together a HM progression team of fairly new players toward the end of 4.0 and as it was my first Ops group as lead, I was excited to teach more difficult content to newer players as a lot my old raid buddies had left.

I reckon under the old system I could’ve got everyone to the gear level needed for HM with tokens in a month or so at two nights a week. Now we’re all relying on luck to get to a level where we feel confident that we won’t hit enrage timers all the time.

It’s very frustrating as RNG is stopping me from doing the content I enjoy and therefore all the fun is gone.

Someone on the main forum pointed out to me that purple 228’s are craftable once the schematics are RE’ed, and the 220 schematics are vendor-bought, so I should be OK after all; I’m not having any trouble doing the stuff I usually do even in 216, so 228 will work. But that doesn’t make this system OK for everyone else, or in general. I still think it sucks.

I cannot believe these guys.

Seriously, I can’t believe this. Just wasted a good 40 mnts of my life watching this…

This is like an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. How can these guys not see the tidal wave of criticism with GC? EVERYWHERE I turn there’s people complaining: here, reddit, their own site, even on Facebook that people were usually all pro-TOR I’ve seen people unhappy with this.

Why fix what was not broken??? The previous system WORKED! This one does not. And it never will, because RNG takes the fun out of everything!

Yes, the story is cool, but the rest of the game sucks!

Boy, I’m really glad that I unsubbed. I have NO faith in this game anymore. Not while these retarded teenagers inhabiting grown-up bodies are running this game.

I think RNG can work, but they need to at least give a guaranteed piece every 5 or 10 levels, just to make sure that everyone is keeping up. Thankfully they’re raising the FP CXP gains on Tuesday. 🙂

Exactly, no amount of tweaking will fix it, even having 1 point for weaks, 5 for strongs and 10 for elites would not fix or alleviate what is inherently wrong with the RNG gearing.
I think some people commenting on this just dont realise how some will never end up getting that piece of gear they need.

Well it wouldn’t be RNG if there were gear guarantees. Now the idea of a token every 5 or 10 levels is better than the current RNG system, but it makes the game pay to win as the boosts are on CM now.

I would like to see the old system of crystals and tokens back. That way if you do more difficult content you are rewarded with better gear. A reward system should be designed to make a player become better by progressing into harder and harder content.

i’m one of those that decline unless there is at least one tank or one heal. To many squids to attempt a full dps run in veteran uprisings

The q for Veteran Uprisings only accepts the standard format with healer and tank anyway, so you can’t decline what doesn’t actually pop.

You might be referring to Story Mode Uprisings (which are ridiculously easy with healer in group, and ridiculously hard with 4 dps in group)

any Vet mode Uprising I did had the proper setup, I think they are like HM FP’s you wait in the que for 1 tank 1 heal and 2 dps, dont think you can enter a Vet Uprising any other way unless a dual class que’s as a tank and actually does dps ect..

This. And they actually said that they will address the issue with guaranteed gear. I think the best way to do it is really make a guaranteed drop every 5-10 boxes as a TOKEN, that can be exchanged for a piece you need. Also make this tokens legacy bound. You can also get pieces of gear randomly. This way it will be also attended to alts and system will work.

I`m not saying that this is the best choice, but its the most easy way to do it right away.

You really should just address the RNG gearing instead of calling it GC.
GC is the new interface and system to access your activities.
Having your gear progression in RNG boxes is but one part of that system.
And I agree, that sucks. 😛

They only listen on their official Twitter which is pretty much all fanboys and they delete everything that isn’t.

“DvL achievements were taken away, they are going to give back the meta achievements for each tier in January.”
No. Don’t take it away then give it back. Every time they fuck around with the achievement system it breaks it even more.

“Class balance”
LMAO Another thing they can NEVER get right.

“They are going to bump up the CXP for champions a bit more to 2 points.”
Just leave the shit alone. Adding just one more is an insult. If they bumped it to five then maybe it would make more sense.

“RNG – Lets see how it plays out. Purple shouldn’t be easy to get. They are monitoring the situation and implement a solution later.”

Well RNG anything is fucked to begin with. My Sorc who is CmdRank 25 has received nothing but Jawa trash, empty orange shells, and rep tokens of things I’m already maxed on. My Merc who I just started working on GC with is CmdRank 7 and has THREE pieces of purple SB gear. I’m not complaining about it just stating that GC rank and RNG are 2 WAY different things. And what happens when someone gets “unlucky” enough to always have the feet or the legs drop? Will there be a way to trade those over for a piece you don’t have yet? Doubtful. They created this bullshit system to try to keep people grinding while they sit around with their thumbs up their asses thinking of the next way to destroy this game even more.

lol my sorc opened 39 boxes, 4 of them get rolled back, so i’m at GC rank 35 instead of 39 =( and out of 39 boxes – ZERO set bonus, ZERO upgrade AT ALL. just trash like empty shells of belts and boots, green crap gear that’s worse than my 224s, jawa scraps and rep. tokens for KDY or section X

rep tokens for SecX and KDY? So anyone can legend status without doing the content? This is almost as bad as the RNG.

I feel your pain on the crates opened 11 nothing but got green jawa junk and a few rank 5 gifts. There is no way on this earth I will go any further. Grind, grind, grind for the chance. Just no.

This just in everyone!
RNG is FUN and exciting, it’s “the thrill of teh chase!”

I’m almost speechless at that one…

And they eliminated it from rotations, where it was actually really fun and engaging.

Decisions like that are made if you play your own game signigicantly less than the average player. Their ideas of what things should be are so off most of the times, you can only explain that by the difference of playing the game a few hours per week (if they even do that) versus a few hours daily…

I hate RNG too but according to the livestream, “They are monitoring the situation and implement a solution later.” It won’t last when people are this displeased with it.

Indeed. Worse : Zombies in a dark dark dark parking :3 (Really I was scared to death in this quest !)

been enjoying ESO a LOT lately myself. its not free of the grind, but at least its account wide and while certain things are rng bound, they are usually other options. unfortunately, free weekend was couple of weeks ago, so can’t try it without buying the base game first. GW2 is nice, and you can actualy try it out for free.there’s always an option of star trek or secret world for a more modern feel (star trek is free, subscription optional, secret world need to buy, but subscription is also optional, genuinely optional, not swtor optional)

The game is VERY different compared to what it was in 2008, so if you didn’t like it then you might now. The TBC content is pretty boring compared to the rest of the game if you level a new toon from lvl 1.

Give ESO a try if you haven’t already. I left SWTOR back in July and this game will hold me over until they release Mass Effect Andromeda. I wont be coming back to SWTOR until all of the companions come back and I’ll sub for a month and get all the content.

Both ESO and WoW are solid options. Sadly none of them are in space, but WoW has a huge world, similar gameplay to TOR, only better done. It’s more fun than it’s been in years at the moment thanks to a crapton of improvements in Legion. ESO is a bit different than TOR and WoW in many aspects, but has better graphics, a cool story and a really fun world, plus it’s by far the most fun world to play a sneaky stealth/thief character in. So I’d gladly recommend you try out one or both depending on your preferences.

I don’t play it anymore but FFXIV is pretty solid. It’s also very alt friendly with each weapon you pick up changing your class and level, pretty slick system. The story isn’t nearly as good and is a little tough to follow though, but the game play itself is good and fun.

Totally un-alt friendly and non-Legacy wide Command system. Gear tied to RNG boxes. No new daily areas for solo players, no new ops for MMO players, no new PvP maps, no GSF stuff since forever… Am I missing something?

Yes, the story was really, really nice and it was well worth the 15 bucks. But paying $15 month after month? For what?

I think it’s time to head to the official site and see when my sub runs out and then to figure out what to do.

I just can´t understand why they don´t just give us new ops. Why make a fun game that had success(with population on servers and active raiders there had to be some kind of success with the subs) into this crap?
That´s just like experiencing the like of icecream as a seller and then sell crapcakes because fuck you that´s why.
If it´s the case that they want to cashcow this game into the ground then fine, I just don´t get why they want to milk rather then expand it even more.
There´s clearly a huge fanbase left who want new group content and want to keep playing by the numbers of complaints on every forum on the internet.

Then on the other hand I don´t get many other things to.

Silly me.

You said it yourself, “they want to cashcow this game into the ground”.
Given that premise, there is no reason for Bioware to spend more resources on developing new Operations or any other endgame content.

It’s obvious, fanboys & fangirls: This game is dead & Bioware/EA are milking every penny they can out of existing content.

THIS is why Galactic Command was implemented; to rehash their existing game mechanics.

Derpy derp derp.

Oh, look! Reskinned subscriber “rewards”!



Wow I knew I miss read something and just wow. Galactic command is sub only which means after this week I could no longer even try and get some good gear or even tokens for dvl. I’m all for give subs some special treatment but damn really lock out command packs, which are really just cartel packs by another name. Hell I’m a casual that was gonna actually try and go for harder content but after the story l, you have to sub just to get gear? Smart move Bioware.

The move is some what telling since the start of 5.0 the game now requires a sub to get all access. You can look at it in one or two different ways. Either there is a slow down in cartel market purchases and/or now they have to really start watching where ever little penny goes.

So many of us knew this was going to happen. Had to many people crying ” I want end game gear, and I dont want to run ops or grind pvp for it”. Well to all of those people you got what you wanted, you got what so many of us warned you would happen. Now we got to live with it thanks. 5 cxp boosts bought 2 days ago plus hours and hours of grinding still at GC level 73(tier 1 yet), and here is a tip dont keep anything T1 drops as the tiny stat gain you get is worth TONS less than the cxp you gain by disintegrating them, do this till you get at least T2(level 90) if not T3(level 180). Took a system that worked perfect and now they have pvp and pve players grinding all day just to gain a crappy Galactic Command tier, thanks BW and thanks complainers. Oh and BTW one good thing was the story, and difficulty levels on said story. Wanted to give BW at least 1 think.

Well ” Unlock: Galactic Command” would be awesome but since there are no new group content , it will drop the number of subs so that won’t happen :/

And for sooooooo many of us nothing short of an “OPERATION” will be considered new group content. HEAR US BW PLEASE!!!!

Listen biowurr, I know of a way to maximize your profits even more and squeeze every single penny before closing the game. Start selling GC booster tokens (every token gets you 5 GC lvls, then nerf it to 2 or 1 lvl per token) for enormous ammount of CC. I can guarantee that at higher GC lvls ppl will be so frustrated and disheartened with lvling that they will kneel and bend to your will.

Yours sincerely,
EA Executive #363

Ok, there is now way that BioWare didn’t know we will hate Galatic Command Crates with all this RNG gearing. So what is the real resaon why they did it?

Don’t tell me Commendations are too confusing because they aren’t. When I read the general chat on my server – people are more confused by 5.0 gearing than ever before.

I’m not familiar with every hip game there is. Are there other games, who introduced this method? Are they successful in any way by doing it?


So the game can go into maintenance mode, that’s why, if the last grind you do is a long one, they can pretend they are making content, and keep the suckers subscribed all “hoping” for new content.

Other then the Uprisings, the only “new” crap that will be added to the game are Cartel Packs.

SWTOR is over (has been since 4.0), pretty much everyone knows it, the ones playing it are just in denial. 4.0 was a chance but they screwed that up going the “Story” route and introducing too many changes.

note: you only make changes to the core game elements if your desperate, it almost never works out, EVER.

So now we know full truth. According to Bioware team leader he finds its exiting to chace gear with RNG element and from grinding packs. Its so much joy doing 1 week CXP grind and not getting any upgrades at tier 1

I guess thre is no hope for this game afterall.

I’m not 100% happy with GC gearing system… but at least I don’t have to deal with scumbags getting top gear they do not even need only to try to sell it for a crazy price.
Can’t speak for you. But my toon is 14 GC level (without bothering all that much). So far I’ve got 4 pieces with 230 blue mods, 2 purple 230 relics, around 6 purple 230 schematics (gear and mods), I’m not talking about green gear. Not perfect, but I can’t tell it’s absolutely terrible.

No more chances for no life people getting top gear in 1st week. I’m really not against it 🙂

You could not sell token gear to people. It was BOP only able to trade it with people from that raid group. What game are you playing? Trolling maybe..

Like i said better guilds would do Sale runs and sell the token pieces… are you that dumb? or just apart of a shitty guild? its not hard to carry 1-2 people through operations… my guild, before i quit swtor, used to do sale runs on JC to get noobs their 224 gear.

they need to go back to 2.0 where people got gear with skill, not Everyone gets gear through RNG (eventually) because games dying a slow death… but really with them not producing any end game content there is 0 need for upgraded gear beyond 224s… i really dont see the point in BiS with no new end game…

The game is dead, there will not be any new story content and the uprising s are the last of the group content to be released

You can live in denial, but that is the truth.

Every mmo will die in time. But I’m talking about now and right now the game is far from dead.

Who I am to tell you not to live in denial

If a game doesn’t grow it stagnates then begins to rot away. That is what has been going on with this one sadly. When the people that produce the game give no shits about it, that game has begun to rot. These jokers have shown us without a doubt they give none. They had a game with such awesome potential and they just pissed it away.

“No more chances for no life people getting top gear in 1st week”

Right, because people earning their gear is such a terrible idea -_-

Well… I’m not a trekkie, but here goes:

In “The Wrath of Khan” (1982) Spock says, “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

So you’re saying because a few people did that, this system is good because now we can all pray to the gods of RNG to gear up… So in essence: the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many…

And getting top gear in a week or not is not the issue. We EARNED that gear. We did the work. We went in and did the Ops. Now you don’t even have to step foot in an Op to get BiS. Maybe that’s why you love this so much, hey???

Did you ever consider joining a guild and do gear runs? I GUARANTEE you that wouldn’t happen. A guild would get you geared in no time. No more “scumbags getting top gear they do not even need only to try to sell it for a crazy price”.

With the old system, I would have AT least one toon geared and prepped for HM/NiM RIGHT NOW. With this one… Gods knows when. And hey, it’s nobody’s problem but mine, but I have 24 TOONS! Can you advise me how to gear, let’s say, at least 6 of them for HM/Nim???

I thought so.

I hear ya Paulo. I had 22 characters about a year ago. I deleted down to 8. One of each base class. They all share legacy gear minus earpiece and implants of course since they are bound but the grind will still take a while.

You only need set bonus if you’re doing HM or great FPs and OPs and why would you at this point when it’s all ancient content and there’s no point. Bigger issue would be stats like defense and alacrity unless all 8 characters are DPS spec. Legacy gear is a good call out, I might actually try that.

The problem is that top tier gear SOULD be earned by doing the most challenging content. This system rewards the lucky and not the skilled.

Says who? There is no almighty rule stating “Only top tier gear should be given to players who do the most challenging content”
Even the almighty WOW is making gear easier for players to obtain.

Surely logic dictates this? You get rewards based on the level of content you actually play? Why would you need top tier gear if you’re not going to use it and challenge yourself?

Challenge? You mean extra mechanics to deal with plus boss hitting harder no problem trying to get folks to do these things is the challenge in itself

I’m sure you could find a team to join for HM and NiM Ops if you really wanted. I was in 3 myself prior to 5.0.

The fact remains is that some people in this RNG system will be rewarded with gear and some won’t. Some will hit the jackpot, some will not. I ask if this is a fair gear system for any player?

I don’t want hand outs, I want to earn my stuff no matter what level I play. Surely after grinding for hours you want at least something to show for the effort.

Grinding for hours for the CHANCE at a set of bracers or boots? Oh yes, what a ‘reward’ for the effort. From all I have seen the old system wasn’t broken, they just want to cash cow this game into oblivion. Sucks but there it is.

Hey, I don’t mind top gear being easier to obtain. Hell, BW could even mail a complete BiS set to every guy out there, I would not care.

Just don’t make it more difficult for the raiders, that’s all.

Agreed. They have watered down all the challenge out. Which is fine, if people want to face roll content, IDC, but give players who want it a way to get it without having to grind for it.

Wish you were here then one scumbag wanted to sell me 224 relic. Before you ask, no, I won absolutely nothing in that run. Healer is my main class and believe me, I did my job. It’s telling that only now it’s all about luck

Boo fucking ho, you did an Ops run and didn’t get gear. We’ve all been there my friend. I’ve been screwed plenty of times myself. I’m sure the other members of your group had just as much chance as you did for the relic.

This does not take the fact away that you were doing content that dropped the piece(s) you wanted. You could now play until 6.0 and not that 242 relic because it’s RNG.

That was just 1 example.
Not then were happily gearing their *nth toon and I could not fully gear my main. If all the scumbags I described were more understanding may be I will be more understanding now.

But the point it was all about luck before, it’s all about luck now. The difference is no life people are unable to get the best of it in just few weeks.

Well the luck has changed drastically against us in odds. At least in a raid you’d have around a 50/50 chance of a token (dependant on Op and excluding winners from future rolls) plus the chance at non token purple from each boss, plus if you do win a token it can be exchanged for whichever set piece you need.

If you’re running your main now you could get lucky and get the pieces you need, however as all sets from all possible builds are available. It is highly unlikely you will ever get the full set bonus.

Your aggro seems to be aimed at people who have more time to play the game than yourself. I assume you play less than me and I’m fine if you’re casual. I enjoy HM and NiM Ops and PvP. The current system hinders me from being able to do the content I wish to, and that is my gripe. I want, in fact NEED better access to better gear to do the content I want.

I pay my sub like everyone else, I do not think this is a big thing to ask for.

You are assuming… never do it with me. You will be wrong most of the times.
Aggroing only you and your people on everyone who is not in a hate wagon.

I can undestand why Elitist club members are so angry, and I do NOT feel bad for them. That a shame they can not gear up their toons in best just in few weeks.

We differ in opinion greatly and maybe that is the problem, too many people want top gear without doing the content previously needed to earn said gear.

I won’t begrudge you your opinion and I am not an elitist, the more who play the game the longer the game will survive and I still enjoy playing so it’s a win win.

I however cannot understand why they would want to hurt players who like to run multiple toons regularly. I like variety and would fulfil any role needed to get groups for Ops and PvP going in my guild. However now I’m stuck with one toon for GC and for me this is a mighty shame as If I want to earn top tier gear I am now forced into levelled my GC on one character, plus even then I have to rely on luck which is a like being kicked whilst already down.

So yes I’ll never get full top gear on multiple toons now, but isn’t that counter productive? Surely by encouraging players to run on multiple toons, they would have more people playing content and therefore be more opportunites for everyone to join groups and experience more difficult content?

A gear no-one cares about.

I can’t tell will I be lucky later, but so far I’m pretty OK with everything I’ve got. Far from the best of the best but not all that terrible.

People really too obsessed with top gear. It’s not like we need it to clear most of that game offeres us so far.

uh. which is the whole point of still being able to buy stuff with crystals. its next best thing and still gave player enough wiggle room to compensate for average skill. right now? most of the stuff I got out of the boxes? I disintegrated. I kept couple of gifts, a pet, headpiece and offhand. and I was lucky. people have gone with twice as many boxes and got NOTHING useful. none.

Sorry but old system was better. If you randomly joined ops groups then its your fault if people are greedy and take all the loot. Any social guild could do most content. Now?
Lets see im rank 32 and i have 1 relic and 1 set item 230.
Is this fair? Hell no i put a lot effeort and hardly get ANYTHING.

~5 bosses 8 people, see? If you are so unlucky its your fault.
Now I`m lvl 16 you can add to it 1 set piece and a little bit more blue 230 items. I can call it pretty fair for just a week of playing. Not too fast, not too slow. Looks like Elitist club got used gearing up in just around 1-2 weeks. I do understand why they are angry now

Do I look like I care?
If that game will die (every mmo will die sooner or later to be replaces by the better one), I will just find another one. Its as simple as that for me.

I`m enjoing the game I like while I still can, I`m not wasting my time hating on game I do not enjoy anymore, commenting on game chat or game themes. My free time is too precious for such petty things.

Everyone who hoped they would change the CXP situation HAHAHA , you mofos better unsub fast if you want another expansion for this sinking ship !

Who would want another expansion of this crap? Honestly I hope they are done. They’ve pissed away so much of the potential this game had by this point that they shouldn’t bother anymore. Put it into maintenance.

Well…I have seven or eight level 65s. I went through the expansion once, to see the story. It was rather like the movie you go see in the theater because of all the hype, then never want to see again. Once was plenty. I haven’t done any of the post story grinding, and have no desire to try it.

What is it about the SW franchise that makes the powers that be want to fix what wasn’t broken and add systems that are well, for lack of a better description, just bloody stupid? I’m having NGE flashbacks.

I’ve cancelled my account. To quote a great man, “No reward is worth this.”

just 7-8? lucky person. i have 35 toons at 65 and 4 at 70. any time i log on any of the 65s, i promptly log back off 2 minutes later cause there is just no incentive to level them up… this endless grind and with an RNG carrot, is just so NOT worth it

Actually, I may have a few more, don’t remember them all, but I know I don’t have that many. But yeah, not worth it for me.

45 toons across three servers and I haven’t logged in since since the second week of DvL. Everything I’ve seen has not inspired me to log in, much less begin this grindfest. Two out of the three guilds I was in are gone, everyone left. Sad as this was such an awesome game with great potential, now ass raped by the devs idiocy.

“They didn’t really say this but if you read between the lines, they want you to play the game in a specific way they intended.”

And this is probably why I’m not playing anymore. Went through the chapters and that was enough for me. Didn’t even feel the urge to do it on dark side again; there were a couple of chapters that really annoyed me. Overal the story was pretty nice, but that doesn’t keep me in the game.

Great job once again BW:
“Increasing 1CXP to 2CXP / GOLD enemy”…
Oh yeah here is a little problem with this:
CXP boost can’t work properly below 4CXP/each gold enemy.
Here is why:
25%bonus of 4CXP is 1CXP.
And while the system is not counting the quarter of each CXP aka meaningless (0,25cxp) points this whole thing is totally BS..Even with my elementarschool failed english, this whole thing have only one meaning: Another scam from BW.

You’re forgetting the CXP Boosts exploit: you can stack them up! So what they’re REALLY trying to do is get people to stack Boosts to get MORE CXP… Don’t forget though: you have to pay for the Boosts… While also maintaining a sub! Loooooool…

Oh damn… Well girls and boys, you have your deadline: Tuesday it goes down… Spend your cash while you can!

logic? what is this thing you speak of? bioware doesn’t operate in logic, they have a wheel with random parts of ideas that they spin to see what next change they should make to the game!

or possibly a dart board. with a blindfold.

You’ve clearly never been to Austin. It’s actually quite liberal and hated by most of Texas for said reason. Anywhere else in Texas and you’d probably be right, but Austin feels more like Portand, OR than Dallas, TX.

Oh, I’m sorry. Let me edit that to:

You know, in case there might be confusion between stupid liberal Texan hicks and stupid conservative Texan hicks.

Since Ben thinks RNG is exciting, how about making his salary RNG dependent? Give him a 5% chance of receiving a higher than normal salary, 40% chance of his actual salary, a 20% chance of less salary and a 35% chance he just receives a box in bronze that contains various office supplies? Pretty sure he will be very excited at the end of each month!

Awesome, answer is one of the best reply’s i ever seen, this should be placed on forums but ofc they dont like hear the truth so post would be removed and most likely be flagged with a offensive treat from bw, and suspended or banned from forums 🙂

That is exactly what would happen. They really dislike it when people don’t get into the stroke fest with them.

I like the idea but you should use the same odds as players get on set gear.

So 0.001% chance of receiving higher than normal salary.
0.009% chance he receives his normal salary.
10% chance he receives 10% less than his salary.
10% chance he receives 20% less than his salary.
The remainder is a piece of paper he can disintegrate for the next roll on his paycheck 5 minutes sooner.

Puff puff pass there Ben. Might as well share what you are smoking with the rest of us, then we too can appreciate this vision of yours.

Wait wait people still complaining but still playing? Like seriously if you hate this game sooo much why don’t you just quit and go play some other MMO. Oh yes please bring your White Knight/BioWare Fan boy comments and insert memes.

Ah yes I said bring your white knight comments towards me if you read my post guy. And don’t worry my bubble is pretty strong you didn’t burst anything lol

Ah yes the Pollo Loco strikes again. I’m guessing your still butt hurt at our last flame battle. First of all is there such a thing as a ignorance bubble? I mean since you said it on the internet it must be true lol. Listen here Pollo Loco we can do this all night if you like.

Apparently it must have been epic for you as I don’t remember it. However you like little one, You come across as a college dudebro trying to defend BW like it was your buddy that just gang raped a girl. The name says it and then your speech just backs it up. If it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside to suck BW dick then have at it man, you really seem to enjoy it. The devs had made it abundantly clear they are going to shut this down and are now milking it for every $ they can.

lol I don’t even know what you said lol. Ok let me get this straight Pollo Loco you think college dude *did you just assume my gender?* LoL and then my buddy gang rapes a girl? So there must be drugs involved? Like seriously you must be huffing and puffing typing away random nerd rage. Yes I feel warm and fuzzy 😉

Yeah sorry, no rage. You can’t even rate annoyance to be honest but whatever floats your boat. Maybe after I’ve had some more coffee and finish dealing with real life idiots I might find the time to be annoyed. You sir/lady are not but a troll, I’ve been reading your stuff naughty naughty. No more food for you.

What are you saying now you need coffee to deal with real life idiots. And here I thought this was Narnia?

What a dumbass. To reiterate was has already been pointed out already… you apparently have no idea what white knight is. As per Loco’s assessment you do seem like a sad little troll trying his hardest to sound cynical and witty. Sorry friend but you’ll never be comic book guy. I’ll save you the comeback by saying “Why are you even talking to me, Big talk from a guest account etc.” But you would be right, I immediately regret spending the 60 sec or so of my life that I have just wasted in typing this.

lol what just happened one minute I’m talking sweet nothings to Pollo Loco and. Now this person named Guest 33 wants some loving too? So you do regret typing out your message….right…why even type it if you were going to say that at the end? Come young Padawan or Acolyte try harder 😉

Ok mate, here goes:

LOVE IT!!! Bioware this is fucking AMAZING! The 8 class stories are GREAT! I made 24 characters just to enjoy them!

But you didn’t stop there! You outdid yourselves with the Oricon storyline! The best stuff in the game for me. Just… Words cannot describe it!

The Strongholds bit was very good too! Keep them coming! ( I KNOW you will…)

Wish you would add something to Galactic Starfighter. It’s a great idea, pvp in space! Oh I’m sure you’ll get round to it…

SoR was great, as always with you guys. I had reserves about putting Revan in there, but you guys pulled it through! Yes, it was bugged as hell, but you solved it… Like you ALWAYS SOLVE ALL BUGS IN THE GAME! It’s not like we have bugs from the BEGINNING OF THE GAME…

Just on a sidenote: 5.0 SUCKS BIG BALLS!!!

There. Did my best, hope it’s White Knight material for ya…

*Claps* Ore wa oh chin chin daisuki dayo. I must say sir you clean up nicely. Best white kight comment ever how about the Bio Ware Fanboy one?

I guess you are one of the whales always eager to spend your paycheck on their packs. It’s your preferred monthly “new and exciting content” that Bioware provides in this game.

well, can’t find anyhting better to play and all my friends play swtor, i can’t handle an MMO by myself. tried WOW for a couple months, but it just felt like a single player with no one to talk to on TS while grinding the 110 lvls lol

Some people like to play a Star Wars MMO and not some asian emo boygroup mmo like FFXVI, or some Smurfvillage cartoon Gnoll stuff like World of Warcraft.

FFXVI was actually quite good from a game play stance. Story was pretty bland though. If they could marry SWTORs story/cinematic aspects with that level of content plus the SW IP, they’d be in business IMO.

I dove deep into FFXIV for a month after the SWTOR Xpac was announced and all the people in my guild that mattered quit because again no new raids were announced. It has a lot of great systems and gameplay, but to your point, ultimately I didnt’ care at all about the story so I lost interest and quit. Same thing happened to me with Wildstar when it launched. I jsut want to play a Star Wars game that I like that also likes me damnit 🙁

Some people like to play a real MMO with actual content and not some Korean cash shop grind fest like SWTOR.

What MMO are you playing? SWTOR ceased being one about a year ago for the most part. Single player savior of the galaxy drivel now.

I’m subbing this month to give it try (first time I’ve subbed since my 2 month trial of KotFE). I might do a second month if I don’t get through the story enough times in 1, but I’m gone very soon. Game’s a joke. Story is good and that is literally it. I’d rather just send them my character alignment and look and get a DVD sent in the mail cause that’s pretty much all the game is now.

I dont know if they all hate it or are stuck in the vicious cycle of *i love star wars and i love mmo/rpg’s, but i dont like what they are turning this game into…and yet i will play this until they make another better one* which is where we are stuck……

It’s starting to get to the point where complaining about SWTOR is better than actually playing the game. More fun.

I gave them a year worth of subs (roughly 150€) just to try their new “ideas” out. I didn’t unsub now, I unsubbed a year ago. Been a pref ever since, with occasional subs during this year when the material was to my liking.

Yes, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I tried it THEIR way. It didn’t work out for me. It STILL doesn’t work for me. Even less now, because being pref I get to do exactly NOTHING. I can’t even do Ops anymore. All the rewards I could get are now tied to GC.

And let’s not forget: we have almost ZERO NEW CONTENT. Obviously haven’t played the Uprisings thing, but it seems to be a watered down version of FP’s.

In this last year they gave me NO reason to re-sub. In fact, they continue to give me even MORE reasons not to sub! I never thought it was possible, but it’s even WORSE now than a year ago!!!

So yeah, TL;DR: it’s WAY MORE fun to come here and vent my frustration than actually logging in, staring at the selection screen TRYING to find SOMETHING I could eventually do, and log off again…

the problem is these fucktard whiteknights and tools buying a 150 packs until these stupid clueless fucks leave the game will always be a pile of shit

My exact feelings. It’s mind boggling how out of touch with reality these guys truly are. Talk about an alternate reality.

So…came back to try the game. Did a two month sub for shits and giggles. The story that they have isn’t too bad though didn’t like the palace one as it bugged out for me a bit. I still shit talked the game while playing. Cringed a little while looking at the Cartel Market and the packs. Cringed even more of how ridiculous it is to get money fast in the game…prices are hiked, RNG hates my tank but loves my DPS characters. PvP still the same and based on server only still but with some different maps….eh, whatevs. Got bored fighting and competing for objectives in heroic areas as everyone and their grandmother is out doing them…even switching instances didn’t help so took longer to do them…whatevs. Crafting isn’t too bad but the lame ass Cantina RP chat is still there followed by the scrub lords that brag about whatever in PvP…same old shit but different MMO, nothing new there. Looked at Galactic Command and its not too bad but…character specific only and not legacy wide. Guess that’s a move to make people play alts more for diversity. Found a way around it. Whatever gear you get just strip it, put it on a legacy item and transfer via legacy storage and GG…still annoyed that RNG hates my Jugg tank.

SWTOR in late 2016 gets 4 asses out of 10. Might play again after fixes are done but that’s like asking the Pope to become an atheist.

okay i’ll just say this so i don’t forget about with all the RNG rage, i do like the story, only finished chapter 5 on one toon, but i’m enjoying it.
but well, clearly 1 good thing is the limit for BioWare. this game had SO MUCH potential. and it could still be saved…………. but certainly NOT by RNG dependent loot boxes

Agree with this for the most part. I’m at the start of chapter 5 and enjoying the story, but not the combat. It makes me so sad how they ruined the combat so badly in KotFE and veteran mode only really helps if you have comps at or around 20. Especially since you’re forced to play with certain comps, sometimes new ones…. So dumb…

The more I hear sentiments like this the more I think I’m just going to watch the chapters on YouTube. I subbed for only 1 month to clear out cargo, move creds to a 1 man guild, and play the story…but why take time away from WoW (a game I’m loving right now) for crappy gameplay? I can just watch KotET while playing a real MMO…lol.

I thought the story was ok, better than KOFTE but still lacking substance. Considering that all resources have gone into the story I expected better. Especially as actually playing most of the chapters is tedious as we’re just trying to get to the next cinematic.

Exile RNGeesus from GC and I may keep my sub, but right now it feels like EA/Bioware is trying to milk players for cash through a gear grind instead of delivering real content.

It feels underhanded and honestly makes me angry. I know this is just a game, but personally I have invested quite a bit of time and money playing and now feel unwelcome as a player and unappreciated as a customer.

I don’t mind the GC as a concept, but with RNG gambling boxes being the only way to get BiS gear you may never get the pieces you need to fill out your set. Grinding all day/week to get a crate and then get nothing you need, totally; disappointing, frustrating, and depressing. Poor implementation plain and simple.

I watched the livestream and heard them say all these wonderful things about wanting to do right by the players, but words are wind. Until they “fix” the travesty that is GC their hallow intentions mean nothing.

I meant that the focused on all the wrong things, from my perspective. I care about new ops, new PvP maps, return to old gearing, better single player difficulty.

Actual group content that isn’t glorified ancient FPs would have been keen. NEW things, not this horror show of rehashed years old content with a grind to boot.

Okay cancelled my sub. Another player with the Founder title just left. Too bad it has come to this but at least I know it wasen’t me but them who brought me to this point. I love the game though, and nothing beats swinging lightsabers and force choking people to death :). And I will be the first one to re-sub the moment they get rid of this stupid Command system with RNGearing.

Now, what to do, what to do?

Same, I’ve invested a lot of time and money into the game over the years but this RNG is a kick in the teeth.

I may play one of the vanilla stories before my sub runs out but I am not grinding all the other content I have played hundreds of times before on the chance that the RNG gods smile on me.

I also did the same tired of this stuff and Like ya said this system stinks end game has gone worse than WoW expax WoD IMO

“Response from the community has been awesome” for the story maybe every other change made I highly doubt that, and they probably ignoring that fact too.

As is stands I not renew my account I opened 40 crates on 1 toon and got 1 set peices and 1 implant that goes with that set level gear… rest was empty shells and schemes i dont want or jawa junk.

1 person could get 2 set before moving on to tier 2 another person could never get set while another could old see 1 or 2 pieces that could be same pieces.

Forget about fact they added more bugs to the game that will probably never be fixed like all the other bugs, less there a exploit cs, related or part of the “story” If i want Story I go play RPG i dont play mmo’s for story

“Response from the community has been awesome” I doubt about that in general and in every and single specific area. Even though the story of Kotfe (I don’t know about KOTET) was kinda good, a) it was not KOTOR material and b) it was not enough to keep players in the game, including myself. And I have always been supporting swtor focus on the story!! The reason is the incompetence of the dev team. Their lack of transparency and communication with the community, the numerous bugs and exploits, their focus on re-skinned CM content, have drove me away! Don’t get me wrong I will play KOTET! When it ends! It just doesn’t deserve 15$ per month. I will buy access to its entirety at August 17 or something like that, play swtor one last time and then (probably) leave for ever! Now you may ask why they think that the response from the community was awesome? The answer is kinda the same for the question “why did Trump get elected?”. Only those who bothered to express themselves were taking into consideration. In swtor’s case the “community” shrank and shrank to the point that for the first time in years there is mention from Bioware about server merges!! So you say “Response from the community has been awesome”? I ask, what community? The one that is left?

You don’t have to wait for KotET to end. They released the expansion as a whole. There’s chapters, but they were all released at once.

And the story’s good. I hated KotFE, and this one is way better.

If you are canceling your sub, remember to explain to them why. Maybe if enough people put Command system and RNG as their reasons, the devs will at least consider some changes…Maybe.

Listen up Bioware Fukkbois, I have an easy solution for you.

You want to:
1) Do away with Comms
2) Make loot RNG
3) Not completely lose everyone who Gear Grinds

Combine any 10 Command Crates = 1 gear piece of your choosing

So for the gamblers in the group, they can open each pack if they want and potentially get a piece of gear, or grind and save them and get the gear piece they want/need every 10 command levels. And this becomes increasing harder and takes more grinding as you go up levels. So to get a full set, it would take 140 levels. So make command crate level turn-ins between 1-150 be fore 230 gear, and then 150-300 be 240 gear.

You can even add an additional step like how PVP used to be, where the next level piece would require 10 Command Crates PLUS the prior piece (i.e. the 230 helmet + 10 crates for the 240 piece).

Everyone wins!!! Grinders will do what they’ve always done to grind points to get the gear they want, gamblers and non-grinders still have the opportunity to get the best stuff it they are lucky with RNG, and you don’t have to manage a comm system (which is really the reason you ditched it, less work).

Tell me how this isn’t a perfect, easy solution? They can even put the conversion/piece selection thing into the Command Pack interface so they don’t need to put gear vendors back out on the fleet.

You’re welcome in advance!

You’d still have the option to get a different lower level set if you want once you finish your first set (instead of upgrading to 240’s). Or you can just get the crates on an alt and pass them over via legacy gear the old school way <3

Oh I know. I had 70 level 65’s at the launch of 5.0 across a few servers. I narrowed that down to my best 6 (1 tank, 2 dps, 1 heals on each side) and that’s all I’m ever playing again :-/

Oh the sad anger continues. The “i’m leaving, I left, this sucks” etc of people who will be hear weeks and months later complaining some more. Use to take these folks serious, now it’s just pathetic. If serious about leaving, move on. Otherwise you are just here to give yourself a voice for your own sad gaming life status.

Wow, you’re amazing. Where would we be without this nugget of wisdom… So you’re angry at people who are angry. Truly enriching.

Actually not angry at all, which is why your the only person I’ve responded to. I guess I just find the whole anger thing funny and sad. It’s a game, not a relationship, which is how it looks when seeing some leaving, like it’s a breakup.

Assuming that’s you in your avatar picture, you should probably take another look at the odd shape of your enormous head before judging anyone else. Please and thank you <3

I would move on, IF there was another SW MMO out there… Sadly, there isn’t. So I’ll continue voicing my dissatisfaction over this one… That is, if you don’t mind…

The amount of whining and threats to unsub (or people like me who are pretty open about not being subbed or playing the game at all) here is actually a pretty good indicator of how well this game is doing. For everyone here blasting BW for their idiocy, there are far more people who simply don’t bother and simply unsub and leave for another game.

Also, a lot of us who blast the game at the moment used to defend it previously, or at the very least complain about some stuff while reiterating that it was still well worth playing. Main reason I still check the forums is for the same reason I enjoy disaster movies, it’s kind of fun to see everything go to hell while some sane ones mourn “oh why wouldn’t they listen?”… 😛

OK kid let me tell you something.

I bought and played Black Desert for a couple of months, then I had enough with its pve grinding fest and left. I am not anywhere near its forums and otherwise social sites and I am not talking about it with the exception of making a reference on it as a negative example. Just like now. If, on the other hand, you see people threatening to leave a game or complaining about it or etc at the said game’s forums/social sites (such as this) then take a hint! THEY CARE ABOUT THE GAME! The more they complain the more they care (although they dislike the game a lot). By telling them “shut the fuck up don’t complain about a game you think is going the wrong way”, in short you are encouraging them NOT TO CARE! And please do tell me that swtor does not need every and single sub. Swtor has a very low population even though it is f2p(ish)! At this very post there is mention of new server merges! That have been long overdue! So in short your attitude is not helping swtor. Your attitude will alienate people from swtor, people who are on the verge of leaving. You just give them one last push! Kudos!

Good for me I am not a SW fan so I can bail (and have bailed). But unfortunately I am a sci-fi fan and there is no good sci-fi MMO out there. Good for me though is that I am an open world pvper and there a game on the making for us. Its name is Camelot Unchained! Long story short? You can’t have everything in life! All you can do is try to make it better.

I do complain and its my last day in this game, tomorrow my sub is running out. Your argument is invalid.

Actually you’d really enjoy Star Trek Online. The content for F2P is massive and they have are true to the canon unlike Disney/EA butchering up Star Wars lore. Lots of Star Trek actors offer their voices and it’s all Free.

STO has its moments, as long as you never leave youre ship (planetside is beyond words) and dont mind cash buying youre ship (about as expensive as a hypercrate)

Nothing…..NOTHING… worse then how they continually tell us live on video all the ways they are destroying this game we love with smiles on their faces, in a tone like they are relaying good news. I will ALWAYS hate everyone at Bioware for this alone….

And nothing of the credits return for lost datacrystals… Grrr. How long do we have to wait to get the credits on each toon for the reomval of the datacrystals ?

I think they added them directly, i didnt receive any notification, but my every character now ~1 mil richer.

They actually added them automatically. No mail or notification. I checked with my characters and their credits increases accordingly.

When ? I never got mine on any of my toons {my main should have been given 544K at the very least due to the sheer amount of datacrystals she had {999,44,2 common, glowing,radiant respectively} Never got them}

“Rng is exciting” Enough said. At this point the only thing that keeps me playing is the hope that they’ll add Centurion gear back into the game again and for the PvP, of course.

They’ll only talk about maybe starting a new oops but in reality it will be no earlier than June or July. By that time we’ll see the RPG Star Wars game by Visceral to be released and then every soloist currently playing dress up Barbie jedi in their stronghold will head over there. Once that last demographic clears out SWTOR will be done.

Even if they do announce a new Op do you really expect it to be worth a damn? And unless they’ve already been working on it for awhile it won’t be out until probably summer. Not to mention what will the Op be? The story is finished. Just some random BS? No thanks. There’s nothing they can announce at this point that will pull me away from WoW (and I’ve been playing Diablo III and Witcher 3 as well.)

I’m going to go out on a limb (well, maybe not) and say swtor will never have a new operation ever again. Just can’t see it happening. I’d be surprised if we got so much as a new flashpoint tbh.

Holy shitbeans, what a pair of absolute, utter fucking prats

That’s it, I’m done, man.

The 5th Anniversary thing. I’ll stay for that to put an explict “just so” coda on my time here, but it’s /unsub, followed by /un-install after that. (Room on my SSD: Wow, what does that even look like, anymore?)

There is no way that FuckwitWare will ever get a dime from me ever again, because smarmy, deluded punks like this don’t even deserve jobs, let alone to be paid for same with my money.

MtFBWY funsters, it’s been a surprisingly good five years, warts and all, but this is just hopeless. (It’s not even really StarWars anymore, what the fuck….)

Just an observation.
There are far fewer Fanboi’s and Kinghts here, on Reddit and the SW forums.
I’m noticing a trend, There is a new crop of fanboi’s with each patch and that group gets disenfranchised with the newest big patch and then a new crop of pops up out of nowhere. Eventually they have got to run out of Superfans.

Or maybe they’re just doing so much stuff that’s WRONG that EVERYBODY is against it.

Believe it or not, I WAS a fanboi a while back. Well, a LONG while back. But as things got worse and worse I just could not agree with what this game has become.

It’s ok to like the game. I hope there are fanbois out there, because the day there aren’t we all will be out of a game.

Just don’t forget: no matter how wrong you fanbois think we “haters” are, we too were fanbois once. SOMETHING happened to turn us into these hateful ogres that dare to criticise BW and EA.

Remember that.

Oh I’m right there with you.
I used to defend this game as much as anyone else. The Ravaging of the Ravagers and the fall out of that debacle is where I started to slowly begin to pick away at the problems with SWTOR, more specifically the choices of teh Dev team. By the time they made that announcement of No New Ops I was 60% detractor and 40% defender. I’d put my numbers at 80% and 20% now because this dev team just keeps making really bad decisions for a game that is supposed to be an MMO.
GC has made it so difficult to defend anything about the game other than the solo aspects, that really seems to be their primary focus, but my problem is, this is an MMO and I want those MMO aspects to be a healthy part of the community and they aren’t.

The number of defenders seems to be dwindling, in the absolute sense…

And yet, the ones that remain seem extra-extra-strident and shrill lately.

This is telling of something, I think.

I mean, if you’re new to the game, enjoy good stories and chew through the original content on 8+ toons, then you have every reason to enjoy the game for a long time despite the clusterfuck that is the end game gearing and most of KotFE/KotET.
For those who’ve already done that and are still enthusiastic, gonna be fun to see where they are in 6 months or so…. 🙂

Currently playing Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny and WoW depending on my mood while working full time. And the new Torment is due in 2017 which I will play religiously until I burn out on it, as is ME Andromeda where I suspect all useful BW staff are at the moment. And then there’s the Homestead in ESO as well which makes me wanna play that some more….

Even if TOR started to become awesome again I’m not sure I’d have the time to jump back into if for the next year or so.

I’ve just finished my ME run, ME 1, 2 and 3 (yes, I had never played ME3, finally did it!). Currently going through Fallout 3, going to play Fallout New Vegas next in what I call my “Fallout Nostalgia Tour” before I hit Fallout 4…Waiting for the holidays so that my son and his friends can have some time to play ESO. Could do it alone, but what’s the point? Have to squeeze some time in there to play the Witchers (yep, you guessed it – haven’t played Witcher 3).

TOR? Well, the final step for me is hitting that “uninstall” button. I still can’t bring myself to do it. Don’t know if I will. Want to play KotET first. Then maybe I’ll vacate that space on my hard drive…

Oh Witcher 3, don’t even have that one on my to do play list yet, you’re not alone there. Problem with Fallout 4 for me is I’m the “FO1/2 were the best” kind of person, so I think FO3 is kinda crappy, FONV is the true successor and FO4 is utter shite since there’s no goddamn role playing in it and the dialogues and main story suck. Yes, modding that game was fun tho I eventually spent more time doing that and dicking around with settlements than everything else combined. Also avoided another Skyrim play through since the last time I tried that I ended up spending 8+ hours in the modding tools, one in the actual game and then realized I had to get up for work in 2 hours….

Have run through ME trilogy far too many times, hate the ME3 ending so usually go up to Horizon, then play Citadel DLC instead and pretend that’s the actual ending. But tempted to do another run, Tali and Garrus are the best and the games are great as well despite that ending.

Was thinking of checking out Fallout 3 cause I’ve played through all the Fallout 4 expansions. Been getting my PVP fix with Overwatch and have never seen a game look so slick on an old PC with zero lag.

Yes! Well… No: me 2 waiting for ME 4, not me 2 as in waiting for ME 2…



You’ve got more grit than I have, I’ll say that. Don’t think I could stomach all he restrictions, so for me it’s a case of sub or leave. Good idea, though- without the ‘you’re a sub really!’ buzz-phrase the drones really don’t have much else in their arsenal.

Wait a New Yourk minute there… Did you say there’s a NEW TORMENT??? Oh and I thought I could only read bad news on this site… You sir/mam just made my day!


Depends on what kind of games you like really. It feels a lot like Baldur’s Gate 1&2, with magic and class systems, only less annoying than DnD. (Personally I prefer the class system in Tyranny, but that’s mainly because I’m in love with the magic system there, and that it just works exceptionally well. PoEs systems are still well done.)
Combat is good, you can choose between easy and hard, and you can micro manage all 6 characters or just your main and depend on AI for comps.
The story is good, and it has a lot of cool characters, including some really interesting companions. Felt like I could role play the character quite a lot.
Graphics are top notch, like a perfectly updated version of the old 2.5D CRPGs. Same with sound.

So yeah, I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoy old school CRPGs with a good story and isometric view. Or for someone who wanna try that kind of game.

Same here, though I hated the graphics in NWN, isometric games are far more beautiful 🙂 (NWN2 was pretty good looking tho)
You might wanna take a look at Tyranny as well, it’s a bit on the shorter side, but I haven’t enjoyed a single player CRPG that much in years. Partially because I could really play both good and evil in it and both made sense.

<—Doing another play through of ME1, got a suicide-mission in ME2 all ready to roll (hopefully all will survive this one), might finally buy and do ME3 just to round it out (It’s just….EA, they make me feel icky)….

You know, from back when “BioWare” wasn’t a synonym for “sad, bitter joke.”

Also, The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs, Remember Me, maybe GTA 5, couple of the Deus Ex games, what looks like a delightfully hilarious and well-done spiritual successor to Wing Commander: Privateer called Rebel Galaxy (It starts with a fart-joke, so it’s gotta be doing something right), also got my eye on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (second coming of vanilla EverQuest, basically. Am considering pledging-in, I’ve got very high hopes for that one. We need a real old-school MMO again!).

Also keeping tabs on a Russian MMO3PS called Project Genom that looks really interesting, and maybe Firefall if I can free up enough room on my C: drive (120 GB SSD, it won’t unzip to anything else because reasons)…

Hell may even give Overwatch a go, although I need a lot more depth in my games than just match-PvP.

Tyranny because FOR TEH EVULZ!!!! (and classic cRPG, too!)

Oh, and Borderlands 2, mustn’t forget that. (And if Red Dead Redemption ever gets a quality PC port…)

Aaaaaaaaaand, I still have, and hopefully will always have, EVE Online to go back to.

This game isn’t even really StarWars anymore, and it certainly isn’t good anymore, so with all of ^that^ on the to-do list, why do I need to submit to the pitifully deluded hubris of these idiots and their half-assed train-wreck with that inescapable, repellent little cash shop anymore, again?

I wanted ToR to be so, so much more than it is, but it just keeps going headlong from nadir, to nadir, to nadir and there is clearly far better out there.

Fuck BioWare Austin, they have betrayed me one time too many even with the buff to Merc (co-main class with Gunslingersince Final Beta Weekend)…I only hope/pray that the people working on ME: Andro are not the same smugly deluded, useless chair-fillers that this crew is.

Yeah I’ve been like that for almost a year now, hence why I haven’t subbed in a while. And it’ll take a lot of stuff in the game for me to jump back in, too much alternatives when you’re a story and pvp junkie….

6 Months?
6 weeks.
After 5years of playing this game and really enjoying it (right up until they announced “no new Ops during KotFE” a week and a half of the GC grind and I’m already sick of it.
I still play SWTOR because I like the people I’m gaming with, but I can’t take this GC garbage. I’ve given BW every chance I can, but I’m all out of chances to give.

Just an another observation.
The more hate you put in comment the more likes you will get. Its that or be disregarded, disrespected or called names just because you dare to like something in that game.

Strange how so many of the white nuts see opposing comments as hate when so many of us loved the game and are PISSED at these incompetent jackasses. You’d think we were no longer allowed to care. Odd.

That is why we will never understand each other.
If game game or things happening with it displeases me so much, I’m deleting that game without thinking twice, I’m not commenting in themes and for sure will not waste my time writing hate comments in game chat.

That’s why you don’t understand us. And never will.

Let’s see if I can explain this properly:

I have accounts in many MMO’s. Some I cannot even remember. I play (or have played,a t one point or another):

– Neverwinter, Warframe, RIFT, Defiance, LOTRO, D&DO, TESO… These are the ones I actually remember.

Do you know how many of those I even BOTHERED to find a Forum to express my opinions? I can tell you: NONE OF THEM! I will eventually find a Forum for TESO, but for now I’m happy just going through the game.

You know why? Because THEY ARE NOT STAR WARS GAMES! I only bitch and moan because this is STAR WARS! It’s too close to my heart to let go. I am old enough to have seen the original movies in theaters. It’s one of my passions.

And if I see a group of people doing a TERRIBLE JOB at a Star Wars game… Oh you can bet your lightsaber I will be bitching and moaning about it.

Just like I bitched and moaned when another group of people BURIED SW Galaxies.

Just like I bitched and moaned when Disney decided the EU NEVER HAPPENED! Well, I got shelves full of books that never happened tyvm…

You cannot judge this game by the same standard you judge other games. Too many passions, emotions in SW. How many of these people HERE only really play this game simply because it’s Star Wars? Hell, I know I do! If it was another kind of game, I’d be looooong gone…

only because its Star Wars. I hear from my housemates that WoW and various other MMOs are better and at this point they are more right then they’ll ever know. But this is Star Wars! It’s part of our culture, even my Mum knows who Yoda is 😛

Seems like a shame if a few months later they change things and you might enjoy the game again. Some people are more invested into games than others. It’s a bit like being a huge fan of a band and then they bring out an album you totally hate. Will you delete that all from your life or do you let them know you hated it and hope the next album will be better? Cause that’s how this is to some of us. Nothing or nobody is perfect their entire life. There is such a thing as second chances.

I hate the RNG gearing but not the total game. I hope that BWA get that they can gain subs again by changing some things from here on out, but it won’t happen if we all stay subbed and play nice on the forums. Sadly companies don’t change unless you press the issue and press it hard. Blame their poor communication for that one. Most people don’t have faith they really listen unless we shout at them…over and over again. They already will implement the first changes Tuesday I saw…

Sure, but not everybody’s the same. I was really upset with them in the first year when masses of people left and we had two server merges and I lost a lot of character names because of it. I quit, but came back after they made some changes and I played for almost 4 more years.

Maybe you don’t understand that but knowing this I would regret not giving it a second chance back then.

You may simply be another type of person entirely and that’s cool and I can get that. In fact there are a lot of games that I’ve dropped and never looked back but usually early on as they don’t really grab me. It’s a shame that you can’t see it from another point of view, but you’re not required to of course. Just know that not everybody’s the same and that our view doesn’t invalidate yours but that yours also doesn’t invalidate ours. There’s no one-size-fits-all solutions in life really.

Exactly right! Exactly right! With that understanding comes another problem. Why should people who are not in hate wagon and finding positive things in 5.0 should be called names and disrespected terribly? You are not one of these retards, for that alone I’m really grateful. But don’t you think we have the same right to protect ourselves if we got insulted or our opinion? To like some changes in game?

That I agree with. If you’re not being disrespectful or dismissive towards other opinions, people should also not do this to you.

Case in point:

“Why people who are not in hate wagon and finding positive things in 5.0 must be called names and their opinion disrespected terribly? You are not one of these retards,”

Why do people have to complain about being insulted and then insult people? Are you better than what you hate when you lower yourself to do it too?

I like a lot of things in SWTOR. I also like the new KotET story…however, the RNG gearing put a big stinky blanket over the whole max level game experience, so it actually keeps me from enjoying the nice parts of the game. That and a chronic lack of new content outside story. It’s just not worth subbing for, in spite of the good things.

I have seen you in other threads reply to a bunch of posts that expressed negative opinions about swtor trying to bash the posters because you disagreed.

That’s sounds an awful lot like this “hate” you seemed so enamored with.

Is their opinion not valid, or just not to your liking?

Good for you. I’m too lazy to stalk other people or create other accounts just to write something to some people.
No, they are not if they have nothing to do with constructive criticism and insulting.

Lol, you are being extremely hypocritical with your posts. I don’t have to stalk anyone, just clicking your tag “kaelin” brings up all of your past posts, but nice insult right after complaining about insults. Also I don’t have to create any account, I’m posting as a guest. Not a very good attempt at deflection.

You may ask yourself why I even care? But that would be because of some of the complaints you yourself mentioned.
1. You throw insults (scumbag seems to be your fav).
2. Nothing to add to the convo except “people are haters.”(referring to this thread)
3. Not using constructive criticism.

Then there are the things you didn’t mention
1. Not respecting the opinions of others for doing the same thing you are.
2. Your victim mentality.
3. White knighting.

In conclusion, in my “opinion” your hypocritical behavior makes any rational argument you could make about the positivity of this game less likely to be taken seriously let alone accepted. And the fact that you so vehemently oppose any negative opinion leads me to believe you are incapable of any objectivity on the subject.

How much you want to bet they are going to give the trash in KP a reset range in the patch after this one on Tuesday? lol. Or nerf Champion mobs down to 10 or 5? lol.

It would be the end for the game. Even dulfy who is in BBB and farming Kp that i see outside phase a lot would leave im sure.

I suspect that because she players multiple MMOs that she does a lot of work for here, this RNG thing is not a good thing for her either.

Ok devs here’s how u can get some real rng excitement! Have ur team bake a dozen cupcakes, but make 8 of em made out of exlax chocolate! Then randomize em at lunch. Then when u spend all day on the toilet ull see just how exciting rng is!!

I find it hilarious that these devs fell into the same trap the swg devs did /smh how anyone takes this seriously and gives these idiots money is beyond me just lolz its like each update is stupidier and worse the one before it and they sit thier and praise it lmao

reading below the point was made – people complain about the game because they care about it and really feel a loss here in the virtual world. There used to be a game set in the Old Republic. My main raised the ranks from slave to sitting on the Dark Council! She was a evil, ruthless, powerful as any Sith. I loved it. It was a great game, maybe best game I ever played. She’s gone. I have no idea what’s going on anymore. Apparently I’ve “transcended the Sith. Became something more” – uhh…No, I’m pretty sure i was cool with being a Sith. If she’s not a Sith anymore then what is she? Why do I care? This isn’t even a Star Wars game anymore.

So, yeah, I”m sad and I vent where I think people might be feeling the same way. I’ve missed my main – I’ve used the character and done some grind type things, but she hasn’t been what she is, a Sith Lord on the Dark Council in a long time. It’s clear that’s never coming back, so the game has left me. That’s a lot of time and energy put in to a character, let alone all the alts.

Remember when you could arrange your legacy and build a family tree? This one was married, children, adopted, enemy, etc. Is that even still a thing?

yes of course it’s still a thing lol. and if you don’t like the chapters, you really DON”T have to do them, leave the story finished when u were still sith and lvl up through other things available 😛

The thing that gets to me most in this is that long-time players, who really do have an idea about what the effects of changes can be, were summarily dismissed before the expansion hit with comments like “we can be flexible but we’re confident it’s gonna work out”. The problems that now exist in the game for a lot of players are EXACTLY those things that were brought up in the months before the expansion hit.

Now, a bunch of people unsubbed. I’m sure it won’t kill the game in January but it seems to me that these losses were at least for a significant part unnecessary. And now the process starts of changing and adjusting those things that made the game un-fun to play for many people. This will likely cause more people to fall away until they feel it’s worth bothering again.

Wouldn’t a company want to keep these players subbed for better numbers? I mean, couldn’t they have figured out that 10 minutes in a pvp match with virtually no risk/reward element would be imbalanced with pve activities that do have a higher risk involved and get fewer points upon completion? Honestly? Are they THAT bad at math?

You can do a pvp match and just mess around, doing virtually nothing and still get 500-600 points for it. And when it comes to grind, some people actually like to just take an area and just kill mobs while playing music. So how the hell do they decide that this is not fun and therefore people shouldn’t do it?

It’s fair enough that they are flexible and willing to change things but they do seem to be disconnected from the reality of playing the game and it’s so reactive that they caused a lot of UNNECESSARY anger and people unsubbing. A lot of this was totally avoidable and they didn’t want to avoid it. It’s just too weird.

i for one htink that 500-600 CXP should be BASE line reward for a warzone… if a person earns 2 medals. and then every next 2-3 this CXP increases by say 10-15%. that way people will be more inclined to actually TRY instead of putting their toon in a corner and then bending over to suck their dick >.> (if you think this is crude, i’m sorry. but those retards that don’t even want to pass the ball if they get it really get on my nerves lol)
and of course PvE rewards should be bumped up to match. so long as they don’t nerf PvP rewards to match the crap CXP of PvE lol

Well, there are some issues to think about. People standing around getting free CXP for just showing up is not trying and it’s detrimental to the PvP experience. Also medals are not a good indicator. Warzones are not won with medals mostly because there are objectives to be had. People often leave objectives undefended because they don’t get as many medals as people who just dps and dps but do nothing to actually win the warzone. That’s not behaviour that should be rewarded in 8vs8 particularly.

I do understand the issue with the queues and wanting to entice more people to do PvP but at the same time if losing warzones is a very effective way of gaining CXP without having to actually put in any type of effort, then something’s not right and it affects the overall GC set up. It’s good that they are upping the rewards for Uprisings on Tuesday but it’s still a strange thing that you can just enter warzones and, in line with your terminology, just dick around and get 500 CXP for it. Nowhere in the PvE side of the GC can you do this, certainly not to this extent.

Your sentiment is right, but I fear that the only way to do that is to make losing warzones less rewarding than it is now. If you lose in PvE you pretty much get nothing, so why is that different in PvP? Do PvP’ers need their hands held? I would say that if you lose a warzone the base CXP is 100 and the rest you’ll have to earn with comms to get maybe 300 CXP on average IF you do something. Of course as I said commendations don’t tell you everything but then to win and get the real reward you’ll have to play the objectives.

It still won’t be perfect and it will meet resistance but it actually would be more fair towards PvE. Of course we wouldn’t have needed to compare the two if they hadn’t put everything under one gearing system as they have with GC.

But currently PvP is the easiest and laziest way to get CXP because you get a hell of a reward for doing nothing and not that much more for actually performing well. Rewarding showing up more than actually playing well just really doesn’t seem right to me.

yeah again, works on paper and on paper only. because then we’ll have some pre-mades from pvp guilds face-rolling through it and everyone else crying because then they have NO quick way to get CXP. keep in mind, flashpoints and ops take WAY more time than your average pvp match. so pvp being less rewarding won’t really make anyone happy. everything else just needs to be bumped up to match

Well, I dunno if everything was awesome but a lot of stuff just takes too long to be addressed and the release of new content has been steadily going down. It’s a real shame and I do something feel exactly the same. I just want a SW game I can enjoy more fully. Right now the game just doesn’t feel fun anymore to me, so I can’t keep playing it as long as that’s the case.

It’s a bit of an awkward time right now but there are a lot of games coming out next year and I can imagine being busy with them for quite a while.

Nah the game actually improved a lot over the first 2 years of its existence, vanilla was cool and it had the best stories, but leveling, gameplay, and the whole experience took FOREVER. They added not only great material with the next couple of expansions (most people will say up to 3.0, I choose to include that because it still had a lot of content that I personally found great content after the bugs were fixed) but also the quality of life improvements were great. Strongholds, teleports, unlocked taxis, quicktravel, legacy perks and the whole legacy system, even the Cartel Market and its collections is a great system when they don’t overuse it to make more money by putting out 100s of reskins.

I have only one word for you: Oricon. That’s the peak of the game for me. THAT’S epic storytelling. It doesn’t get any better than that. For me at least.

This is a fact. Dreadmasters’ storyline was delivered almost perfectly. The whole thing was so diverse in gameplay, solo and Ops play as well as the dread seeds for some grinding should you fancy it 😛

I agree. 4.0 and 5.0 and the drive toward solo have really killed this game. The strange thing is that in 3.0 you could solo Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi and grind the dailies to finish the story if you didn’t want to do ToS. Why did they change this model?

I will look upon pre 4.0 with fondness and forever curse BW for ruining a SW MMO with CM reskinning and fondness for solo fanbois 🙁

This what I’ve been saying all along.
For it to have been said by John Kosto?……..I need a strong drink!
p.s I know you hated it after 4.0 and the KOTFE expansion btw (I hated KOTFE also) so no need to hurl that at me 🙂

I have said 1000 times that the game kept on improving between December 2011 – December 2014. And since mid 2015 is has been getting worse every single month. At this point, it is nearly unplayable.

No longer enjoyable for the hard core raiders – absolutely, I feel for you.
The rest of us…still fun but needs some work.

I am not a hard core raider. I would enjoy all kinds of other content, if there was any. No, not uprisings. Playing uprisings 3-4 times each is more than enough. A lot more than enough. And I wish they didn’t come up with new ones.

Yes, it is nearly unplayable. There is no goal anymore once you hit 70 and there is no incentive to play with alts. The sad status of the game right now can be summarized in two codes, which I am sure you know what they are:

1. LFM KP CXP farm
2. LFM Bestia farm

This is what SWTOR is right now. Pathetic.

The goal when you hit 70 is gearing up and i’m actually genuinely loving it. I’ve managed to get enough schematics to give purple 230’s to all my alts (except relics – only have the tank one so far) and I’ve got a few set pieces.
Jeez I played some of the dungeons in GW2 and WOW 50+ times and yes they were boring after 10 times. That’s MMO’s.
The Bestia farm has been around since 4.0, that’s not new, neither is it SWTOR’s.
People inevitably find a way to maximize a work around similar to KP CXP which they have now closed. No big deal.

I can craft all the 228 relics, implants, ears, armorings, mods. And the 230 are slightly better than the 228, but require a lot more expensive/hardtoget mats. So what? Who cares? Gearing a toon has ZERO value at this point. There is NOTHING to do with that toon anymore.

Star Wars The Old Republic is NOT just an MMO. It’s funny how you constantly contradict yourself. For MONTHS you have been defending Bioware saying how story is what most people care about, and that’s what they’re focusing on. Then you are defending how you can actually craft to gear your alts. Then you defend the nature of MMO’s being that you have to grind a lot, as if the story suddenly doesn’t matter anymore. Now you are defending them about a gearing system that literally every-single-person-except-from-you loathes and finds idiotic. And next, you will defend Bioware in 5.1 when they get rid of that system that you are “genuinely” loving.

Farming Bestia was not a huge issue, not as KP CXP was. The issue was that with their stupid way of handling things, and FORCING players to do the content that they want us to do, had a backlash. I was on queue for tactical flashpoints and story mode uprisings for 20 minutes yesterday. NOONE wanted to do them, because guess what, they all preferred to farm CXP or level through Bestia. So, if you ever thought this Command System is the right way to go, or that any new system they come up with to FORCE PLAYERS TO DO REHASHED CONTENT until they die, THINK AGAIN. Players will ALWAYS find loopholes in the system to maximize efficiency without being told what to do by Bioware and their primitive ideas, UNLESS they release GOOD endgame content. That is what everyone wants. It has always been like that, and it will always be like that.

Just goes to show you never bothered to read my posts and see what you want to see as all you entrenched moaners do.
I always said all along i hated KOTFE and now KOTET, single player isn’t for me and I find it way to Force user oriented, I simply said they were doing it to try and get new blood into the game. Long term op’s players will go from MMO to MMO as soon as ANY content becomes repeatable as I know myself so they tried to go back to what SWTOR was great at – STORY. I don’t like it but i’m not gonna shit a kidney over it.
Yes I like the new gearing, I don’t find it hard at all. People moaning I’ve only got 1 set piece in 3 weeks. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. IT SHOULD TAKE MONTHS. It should be hard.
We’ve all been spoilt for too long.
It’s partly Biowares fault in letting us all have 15+ fully geared alts with set bonus but it has to change it’s crazy. I’ve got alt’s I haven’t played for months.
A game forcing players to do what they want? There are boundries in every game I can think of (except perhaps EVE) but there is so much to do it’s crazy.
Is it old content at the moment – Yes. Uprisings are new but few of them.
Is it fantastic rich old content – Yes.
Do other MMO’s have you playing old content – Yes
Is there more coming – We all hope so and soon, there are murmurings January.

I always read and fully comprehend whatever you write. You just defended Bioware AGAIN after hearing the news that they will implement changes to the Galactic Command system, AFTER you had already defended the way that it is now. You will basically be happy with whatever they give you, we already know that.

You might be happy with getting 1 set piece per 3 weeks, and perhaps you are even happy that you can repeat content over and over and over again for 2 years, before you are able to have a full set of gear at Tier 3. If that’s how you like playing a game, good for you. It is the most idiotic thing I have ever read on Dulfy. And I am not even exaggerating. Seriously, if you think that a game should take you a year or two to get gear, you have major issues, and I cannot solve them for you.

I don’t know about you, but I have not been spoiled at all. I have been doing content that I like, I have been enjoying the game, and I have been working towards clearing harder content as time goes by. You might feel that it’s crazy that I should enjoy the game and get rewards for my time spent, but apparently it’s not that crazy. It actually made sense. For everyone. Except from you and 2 more people perhaps.

It has been old content for 2 years. Keep on bending over.

LoL… If u want know I don’t play madness spec…
Besides sorcerer dps are nerfed constantly for 3 years while dumbass mercs are non stop buffing sience 3.0

Madness is as good as Lightning, if not a little bit better in pve. Of course, I do prefer Lightning, because it’s way more fun and a bit more mobile. I’m talking pre-5.0. I have NO idea how the classes are balanced right now.

Pre-nerf Madness was my go-to class to do FP’s and general group content. It was AWESOME. You had something like 50% hp’s in self-heals. Healers loved me. Other classes loved me too, because if the healer messed up I could do a lot of off-healing and bubbles. As I’ve stated repeatedly, I know next to nothing about pvp, but I’ve heard reports that they were very hard to beat if played properly.

Yeah I played it for years without ever touching another spec. Only recently tried lightning, and it’s not bad but in terms of enjoyment I’ve always liked Madness more. I rarely play my Sorcs either way. Tank Guardian all the way 😛

And yet it’s seems that merc/commando community is most hypocritical community in SWTOR…
First most of them crying and moaning about op sorcerer healers and now when their are over tuned and over powered (mostly dps spec) they acting just like sorc community…
The thing is when you crying over something and then you became basically the same you should have enough honour to admin it and do everything what you can to bring back that what you love to like call “balance”…

TBH, I haven’t played PvP since like 4.4

I just remember I always had a problem killing people with Commandos, but I did just fine with PTs, Juggs, Sins, Gunslingers or OPs.

So about the CXP increases for Uprisings. What I got from the livestream is that the 50/80% CXP increase is for the quest reward and not the token that drops or the mobs you might kill. So the overall CXP increase per Uprising might actually be a lot less, like maybe 20-30%

Why would it be less if the CXP that drops from bosses is left unaffected? Even the proposed increase, would give more than 500 CXP per Veteran Uprising and 300 CXP per Story mode…. not bad for the time that you need to spend to complete those. If only they were fun and interesting after the first time you play them…..

You get 500 CXP now for standing around picking your nose in a warzone. Still sounds like a good deal to you?

If people joined and actually participated in the matches that’d be great, but just standing around leeching CXP is just horrible and it’s not a new issue that never happened before in any game so I really don’t get that BWA thought this was the right way to go.

uh no its happened before at launch with ilum with win trading for gear back then no its just in warzones with this cxp lol

hehe, I thought my sarcasm was obvious…of course it happened before…leeching is common practice wherever people can do it.

You didn’t mention PVP in your original post, so I thought that somehow you meant that it would be a loss compared to what it was before… which I know didn’t make sense, but hey, honest mistake 😛

Ok I see what you’re saying now. I don’t usually do endgame level PVP because it’s the only part of the game that I have found atrocious elitists which can be very rude, and while I have a thick skin and laugh it off, it’s not my choice of fun. I think it’s really bad to be in a warzone and not give EVERYTHING you got. The other day I did 2.7 million damage in a Novare Coast match where we had an amazing comeback from 8% – 70% to win it. I did have more kills and objective points that 4 players, but the feeling of playing and winning as a team was much more satisfactory.

I logged in to do chapters last night, but my guild suggested we power level me to 70 on Bestia first so I gain cxp while I do the story. They told me my class was nerfed, but even more than the fact that my cooldowns are all wierd, and my overall healing was reduced, I also felt REALLY slow, because I’ve adjusted to ESO healing, which is VERY fast paced. Everything about swtor combat feels like its underwater. I adjusted, started relying on my bubbles more to prevent dmg, because I feel like I am always waiting for my old toolbox to come off cooldown.

When I hit 70 I was frustrated and disappointed, so I thought I would hit up the fleet. I bought a ton of troopers, imperial crates and the pvp pets from vendors who used to try to charge me currency I normally didn’t have much of, and was sort of happy with those changes, the comp gift vendors are selling me blue and purple gifts for decent prices…not bad. The new dark and light vendors have decent stuff (light vendors pets suck), and light side wins all the time on my server so like a hypocrite I mocked my dark side friends in guild chat.

Time to head over to Odessen, get my new Chiss companion (#BlueAgenda) and meet up with Shae who now that she is a paid for companion, might as well be dead for all we will be seeing from her in the future. The new Chiss companion seems to have been voice acted over the phone. There is a notable pause between every sentence in the cut scene, and tone and inflection are way off. But, she’s here to hold lightsabers and have conversations and we are all out of conversations, so whatever. Shae was like “Hey whats up we are buddies now.” and joins the group. Shortest recruitment ever. And I gained my first Cxp level!

1 green earpiece, 8 blue scrap, 1 ugly empty shell helmet…

Overall experience 4/10, I got some furnature and pets I wanted, watched a cool npc become a garbage companion.

Heres a festive picture of me and Johnny Gat making a snowman.

LOL, Naq you are so fuckin weird, I love your posts. I’m sorry a game you put so much into is making you feel like this.

Naq is the best poster on Dulfy, bar none. I really miss her witty sense of humour. She could be critical without going into “toxic” territory. Ever. Something I wish I could do. But I can’t.

She chose the high road and has been dedicating her time to ESO, as I understand. But it’s always nice when she makes a comeback…

That was the original reason I logged in, but I got sidetracked and its like everything that I noticed changed kept bumming me out more and more, so I just logged out. I am going to take another stab at it today. Well, cept less stabbing cause they took my saber ability away.

You’re trying to compare a tab-target based combat system to a twitch-based combat system? If you like to mash buttons then stick with ESO.

Not sure what you’re talking about…there aren’t any “grown-ups” posting here and you’re definitely not one either.

You misunderstand: I don’t care about your preferences about combat systems. I know all about TOR’s combat system. And ESO’s. I’m a veteran of NiM raiding in TOR, and I too, like Naq, have been dedicating my time to ESO. Not because of the combat system. Because TOR used to be good. Now it sucks big balls. ESO used to suck big balls, but now it doesn’t.

So: go out to the yard and get some friends to play. Let the grown ups have their talk…

If anyone is being a child here it’s you. I’ll leave you to play with your pals and say childish things about SWTOR.

It took you 21 minutes and THAT’S the best you got??? That’s it! You’re grounded! You’re going to “Intensive White Knight School” next week! And I don’t care if it’s Christmas! You’re going and that’s that.

White Knights used to be able to put up a fight…

I’m not at home sitting in front of my monitor 24/7 like you are, kid. I’m out running errands doing grown up things so sorry if I’m not giving you instant replies to your childish remarks. I think it’s pretty damn pathetic that you’re calling me a child when you’re spending all your time saying negative things about SWTOR on a SWTOR fan site. Pretty childish if you ask me.

Hummm… Still not good enough I’m afraid. You’re still grounded. Work on it some more, we have WAY BETTER Whities here…

That’s the best response you got? Guess my expectations shouldn’t be high for someone still in diapers.

Nope… Tell you what: why don’t you ask someone who is a regular here to help you out? Maybe it will spice things up…

Guess I’m lucky that I’m old enough to go to school. You’ll get there eventually…. when you’re older. Take care. ☺

Oh my dear Knight… You’re never too old for school! You can always learn! Those that think they can’t learn anything more… THOSE are the problem…

Take care. Hope to see some more of you around here…

Yep and one day, my child, you will get there, I promise you.

Seriously though, why waste your time and energy bashing a game you don’t like? Don’t you think that time would be better well spent playing ESO or talking about it on their forums? And I’m not a “White Knight” for ESO. I cancelled my sub months ago but I always check Dulfy’s site to see what’s going on with the game. I still enjoy what the game is and that’s a really good single player RPG. My problem is when people bash an MMO because it uses tab-target combat. It’s not old or outdated, it’s a good system and a preference. For those that don’t like it there are plenty of other MMOs out there that don’t use it. Go enjoy them.

“why waste your time and energy bashing a game you don’t like?”
“If you like to mash buttons then stick with ESO.”

Pot. Kettle. Mate….er Black……

My eyes just rolled so hard, they fell out. I hope this is spelled properly, because I’m blind now.

Sticking with the Breakfast Club theme, this nwstud guy is Dulfy’s Principle Vernon: stick-up-his-butt blowhard who thinks he can berate everyone into his point of view.

Nope, not even close. Maybe you should go back and read some of your own posts and then look up the definition of “berate”.

I know the definition very well. I’ll even use it in a sentence for you:

Fred Garvin likes to berate SWTOR and internet ne’er-do-wells (like nwstud) on

Here is another example of you being a dickish asshat. Maybe you should re read the things you say before calling someone a Hypocrite.

Again….sigh… I was sticking up for someone being target by the ‘usual’ crowd.
This is too easy man 🙂

You aren’t a hero, you aren’t the knight in shining armor to the rescue. You’re an asshole, just like me.

That’s the thing we are 2 of a kind. Both assholes, only difference is that I know I’m an asshole and you are trying to hide it.

Your obviously new here, so let me educate you.
Dulfy has set up this excellent informative site for the players of SWTOR.
The forums were meant to be a place to chat about game mechanics and a source to help other players who had questions.
However this is the internet after all and what we have instead is a small community who care about the game, some like me still love the game but can see genuine issues, some like Paulo see more serious issues with game but intelligently put their arguments forward (usually), but still have the games best interests at heart.
Then you have the others….. like Fred, drivel (drivan), Don Loco, Gog, Naq, Kosto and a few other sad tag along’s that like to gang up and bully anyone who see’s any good in the game for reasons that range from being banned for cheating and being bitter to just wanting to feel they belong to something even if it is just a sad bunch of kids who bully others on a forum.
It is sad but true.
Welcome by the way 🙂

Since you decided to mention me by name and to also toss out an insult I will respond to your blatant blind knightness.
I play SWTOR, have since launch. I love this game, HATE what BW has done to it. I have never been banned I have never, “cheated” nor have I “bullied” someone for a sense of belonging and teh only bitterness I hold is against BW for destroying a game that had the potential to be one of teh greatest games ever.

I have stood up to those blind knights such as yourself who have decided it would be fun to trash another person’s opinion for the simple fact that they don’t share it. I have spoken out against people who, falsely, claim that the reason critics are in these forums are so that we can bash a game we don’t like or play any more and people who are fans of SWTOR. I have stood up for teh people who have been bullied by the likes of you and your fellow blind knights.

I am and always have been a fan of SWTOR. I have paid a subscription since December 2011 and currently have 3 months of sub time. I am extremely irritated that teh Dev team claims to be listening to teh fans, whilst simultaneously doing the exact opposite of what teh fans and teh community is asking for. I’m irritated that SWTOR seems to have teh only Dev’s who can only focus on a single content area at a time and get so laser focused on doing what they want to do that they don’t see teh big picture effects on their game. They drop a patch and break about a dozen things, they release a content update that is a bug filled mess. I’m pissed off because many of the problems with this game suggest that they completely lack any type of quality assurance or version control.

I play other games, I compare the successful things those games are doing to the terribad things SWTOR is doing, sue me. When some Blind Knight starts talking out their ass about something they have limited experience with I call them out. When someone one starts blatantly bashing someone else with false information I assist with facts.

I suggest you bark up some other tree than this one young man, because teh outcome will not favor you.

Firstly “I suggest you bark up some other tree than this one young man, because the outcome will not favor you.” – Am I meant to be scared big man? BWAHAHAHA
“nor have I “bullied” someone for a sense of belonging”- hmmm lets have a look at your messages, o dear you seem to be talking shit unless someone actually is an orangutan!!!! Following a poster about and targeting them calling them a name is bullying in anyone’s books
Hypocrite again?

You’re barking up the wrong tree as in i don’t give a rats ass about your feelings. I’m blunt and don’t sugar coat things for people who think they are special.
Basically you are an asshat, a special snowflake that thinks their opinion is right and anyone who disagrees is wrong. People tend not to like self righteous jerks and many people just ignore those types and let them go on to bully others. I don’t like people like you, so I call you out for your actions.
You come on Dulfy knowing that a very large portion of this population does not share your opinions and then you track those people down to troll them and make rude, snide remarks. You See yourself as some type of moral authority, yet really your just that guy no one likes.

I don’t pull punches and I call it like I see it you are a condescending, punk who champions a game among a community that, for the most part does not. If you view my comments to nwstd, as bullying then you should go back and read not only his comments directed toward others, but your comments as well. I reacted to him the way he was acting toward myself and others, thanks for ignoring that little tidbit of info in order to make yourselves look good there hero.
You should take a look at those “out of the blue” dickish remarks you are fond of making when someone expresses an opinion that differs from your own.
Hypocrite much?
People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones buddy.

You see, this statement here. This was you starting the Asshole behavior. You didn’t have to write this post and you didn’t have to name the names of the people you don’t like.
But you did and that naming included a direct insult made toward me. My actions from this point on have been asshole in nature as a direct result of your actions in this post.
If you wish to continue along these lines we can because I don’t stop.

Truth hurt m8?
The names of the people in this I have picked for those exact reasons and if your annoyed by it then don’t do what you are doing daily.
If you think i’m intimidated by someone like you that’s hilarious.
Your just proving the person you are.

You are trying to take a stance of being “in the right” and simply sticking up for yourself. This i sthe tread where you started shit. Where you engaged in and started the asshole behavior.
You weren’t defending anyone and you weren’t standing up for anything or speaking out against anything. You were being a douche for the sake of being a douche. You want to come across as some kind of hero to the rescue, when in fact you are just a jackass.

Jeez you still blowing about this?
“You weren’t defending anyone and you weren’t standing up for anything or speaking out against anything” – had just read you following a poster from thread to thread calling him an orangutan so I was quite in my right to include you in my post.
You still calling me names bro? lol.

So, you saw that picture, and assumed the reason I posted it was because of my over rated status on a game forum, and my struggles with narcotics? You feel that is the reason I posted that? Like a desperate cry for help only you were able to decipher. Thank you, Saint Nwstud.

Now I would like to post this picture of Rick, from Rick and Morty. See if you can detect the deep meaning behind this one.

Not sure about the druggie bit, but as probably the only female poster here the morons drool over her and up vote every banal comment she makes.
So overrated yes.

I’m done messing around and feel it is time to just tell it like it is with you.
You are an asshat, no one likes an asshat and they are never in style.

Uhmm, no it’s not. Dulfy covers various games, not just SWTOR. She also covers Guild Wars 2, Revelation online and Black Desert Online. And here’s the kicker…even though she stopped covering it, this site also has an ESO section.

I think the point he was making is that this thread is a SWTOR thread.
Perhaps his terminology was slightly off.

Oh and twitch-based combat IS mostly about mashing buttons. So I was stating a fact, not bashing the game.

Seriously now? Well, no one is saying TOR doesn’t have a nice combat system. Naq refered to ESO’s as more fast paced. I’m sure she enjoys the combat in TOR, since she is a veteran raider too! It’s just… different, I guess. Why can’t we make comparisons here? Is it forbidden? Is there a Forum policy that says we can’t comment on anything other than how great TOR is?

Oh wait… I’m mistaking this site for TOR’s OFFICIAL site…

Just don’t go off like a firecracker when someone POLITELY criticises your game. Because, you know, I could ask YOU what’s the purpose in THAT too…

Merry Christmas and happy gaming… WHATEVER game it may be.

One more time as the white nut training school seems to lack reading comprehension skills again. We ‘bash, bitch, moan, groan and raise hell’ in the hopes of a game we used to love coming back from the dead. Just because you lack the ability to understand that does not mean we hate. Here’s a quarter, kindly buy a clue?

Thank you. I’ve been looking for a game to play now that Fallout 4 is getting old. Ex-SWTOR subscribers are a great source of alternative games to play.

You hit the nail on the head wit this one man.

For nwstud:
Like Palo and Naq, I to am a vet of NiM raiding in SWTOR and have been playing since the game launched. SWTOR made a commitment to improving in the vanilla-2.9 era of teh game. With 3.0 they laid a big turd. Sure the Ops FP’s, story and game play they gave us was decent, But that was overshadowed by some game breaking lag on the entire planet of Yavin, terrible mechanics in the Solo Revan fight and 3 debilitating exploits (one of which has never been fixed, I just tested it yesterday…). This was topped off with the entire development team taking off for teh holidays less than a week after this turd was shat.
They left all this garbage broken for almost 2 months, for the first 3 weeks they didn’t even address anything other than “Minor lag issues experienced by a few players…” Anyone who went to Yavin experienced a drop in FPS to about 4.
This was roughly teh same time ESO began to make changes to improve their game.
Today SWTOR is a runny little shart of it’s former self and ESO is looking more like Thanksgiving dinner!

Well, I see you hate everything since 4.0 so much you left out that entire part of TOR in your comment. I can understand that, really can hehehehehe…

I am not so critical of 3.0, but I can see where you’re coming from. Yes, going on holidays and leaving a wreck behind them was not very professional, let’s put it that way.

One small note: in the first 2,3 weeks they did fix the SOLO Revan fight, where you had to do the Dailies instead of the Op, which was ALSO broken for the Early Access… If they didn’t, we would not be able to finish the expansion AT ALL…

The difference between the 2 systems is significant enough that when you switch from one game to another, it’s noticeable. Solo PvE in ESO requires the same concentration as PvP in TOR, while you can do most solo and tactical PVE in TOR while half asleep, to that in ESO and you die. While which one you prefer is a matter or taste and possibly mood, TORs combat is indeed a lot slower paced than ESOs.

Yep… I went “TOR Mode” a couple of times when playing ESO… And got my ass properly kicked all the way to Oblivion…

(See what I did there? To Oblivion… hehehehehe…)

SWTOR is like child’s play when compared to ESO. Especially in group content.
You are right, you can’t compare the 2 systems because ESO is focused on being a skilled player and SWTOR is focused on being a well geared player. There are aspects of SWTOR that take some skill, but not as much as in ESO.
I am currently playing both games, admittedly I’m in ESO more, but I believe that ESO requires more skill.

If you call button mashing a skill, OK. And you don’t need gear in ESO? Give me a break! Set bonuses from gear can make or break your character. Don’t give me that shit that ESO is more focused on skill rather than gear.

Main reason I left ESO was combat was repetitive and boring. Dungeons were nothing but a DPS race to the boss – absolutely no strategy involved. PvP? A zerg-fest. I spent more time on a horse getting to where the action was than actually fighting in battle because 99% of the time you were being steam-rolled by a zerg. So I guess if you enjoy that type of PvP then ESO is your game.

I can see where you’re coming from. Unfortunately you don’t seem to have read my comment on the game. ESO is not like that anymore. You talk of pvp??? Well, TOR’s pvp is a FREAKING JOKE compared to ESO. You have MASSIVE pvp in ESO. And I’m not even that good at it.

And TOR is better? I can let my comp kill EVERYTHING while I talk to my wife when she comes into the room. In fact, that’s what I do. Repetitive and boring… Well, are Uprisings better? Star Fortresses? Eternal Championship? Only the really old material is good in this game, and that I have done a ZILLION times!

Just as Drivan as said: ESO upped their game A LOT when Bethesda got DIRECTLY involved in the game. At roughly the same time, the standards in TOR started to drop.

So yeah, that’s our type of game. A game where the developers don’t treat the people that pay their salaries like SHIT! Where we see actual improvements, things are announced and done ON TIME instead of cancelled altogether, and the devs are a VERY CLEAR IDEA of what their game should be.

Don’t like it? Don’t eat it. Order something else. It’s a free world… And a free site as well, where we can discuss anything we like.


I haven’t played ESO in about a year. You’re telling me the game has changed that much since then?? So, PvP is no longer a zerg fest? Dungeons actually require a strategy to complete?

And TOR’s PvP is not a joke. It actually promotes team play…yah know strategy? In ESO the strategy is find a zerg and roll with it. Maybe if ESO introduced some smaller scale PvP like Battlegrounds I’ll give it a shot again.

I guess you weren’t around when pvp on Ilum was one of the greatest feats in TOR… ANOTHER idea by the devs that went puff in the air… The guys at BW are so smart they even went with an engine that makes large scale pvp a lagfest! THAT’S why pvp in TOR doesn’t have something like ESO. It’s not about strategy. It’s about TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. They can’t pull it off my friend!

And yes, before the “ESO uses the same engine as TOR” argument comes: that’s not accurate. They designed their OWN engine around the Hero engine, but it’s not the same. Because if it is, the guys at BW have some MORE explaining to do…

I’ve been playing SWTOR since beta and yes I know all about Illum. When it comes to SWTOR and their use of the Hero engine, world PvP does not work well. The game couldn’t handle large scale PvP. They tried to remedy this by releasing the game with low-res character models but people complained because the game didn’t look as advertised. But SWTOR does handle small group PvP really well. And why are we comparing Cyrodiil to Illum anyways? Illum PvP hasn’t been a thing in years. Also Cyrodiil is still a lag-fest when there’s a large group of players on the screen unless they magically fixed those issues in the past year as well.

“Illum PvP hasn’t been a thing in years.”

Exactly my friend! Exactly! It isn’t, but it should be! If you are here since Beta (I’m not, just since launch), I’ll ask you this question: how many great ideas have gone by the wayside with this BW team? Just how many?

ONE pvp map in THREE YEARS. I won’t even talk about Galactic Starfighter. Oh boy, let’s not even go there mate… Ops? Currently going in TWO YEARS… AND COUNTING…

So yeah: going back to your original question. Do I prefer the combat system in TOR? Definitely. It’s more to my liking. Not that I think the ESO system is bad. BUT if I really had to choose (which I don’t hehehehe), I’d have the system in TOR.

BUT what’s the point of a great combat system if it’s wrapped around a game that seems to be going into maintenance mode?

Ok first off, I’m going to apologize for some of my comments to you yesterday. I was not in a good mood to start the day off and the slight against SWTOR’s tab-target combat set me off. I was mostly defending MMO’s that still use tab-target combat and not really SWTOR specifically. Like I told you yesterday, SWTOR is a really good single-player RPG. It used to be a really good MMO but they’ve made some pretty bad decisions over the years that changed all that. Yes, Bioware has been making bad decisions pretty much since the game launched.

A year before the game’s launch I attended a PAX event in Seattle where I got to talk with one of the lead devs on the PvP team who had previously worked at Mythic. He hyped up Illum pretty good and how great large scale PvP was going to be in SWTOR. The reality is the Hero engine and Bioware’s implementation of it just didn’t work with large scale PvP and unless they completely overhaul the game engine there’s really no way to re-introduce it to the game in its current state. I agree, it should be a part of the game but its not going to happen. Small scale PvP works well and the Warzones are fun maps, especially Huttball….sadly their focus has been the Cartel Market and new 1 hour chapter stories…oh and making the game as single-player friendly as possible.

Just curious if you’ve played PvP in WoW anything? Been playing both a lot, and overall I’d say WoW beats TOR mainly due to the different team sizes depending on WZ. You have 40 vs 40 zergfests all the way to 8vs8 and arenas. And that diversity is something I’ve always missed in TOR. They are far closer in terms of play style than TOR and ESO, just that there’s more in WoW.

Huttball is the best WZ of any of those 2 games though, and I really wish they’d start arranging huttball tournaments with prizes. I’d watch that even if I didn’t play the match myself…

I used to do battlegrounds in WoW long time ago but most of the time people focused on racking up their kill count than actually trying to win the match….and Blizzard awarded players for the # of honorable kills not if you won or lost the match. I think that has somewhat changed in Legion with the removal of PvP gear and a focus on gaining ranks in PvP to unlock PvP related abilities. I haven’t tried it yet but have thought about it. I’ve been away from MMO’s for a while. I was hoping Bioware would actually do something good with this latest expansion for SWTOR but I was wrong. I still love the stories and Warzones but I’m hesitant to return with the changes they’ve made to PvP with DvL.

And I totally agree with you about Huttball! It is the best small group PvP match I’ve played in any MMO to date and I’ve played quite a few over the years. I wish they would have done a tournament thing a long time ago. I would totally still be playing right now just for that alone! There’s a long list of stuff I wish they would have done with the game that hasn’t happened and that never will happen and it’s very sad to see because this game was my favorite MMO at one point.

I’ve PvPed a bit in Legion, you get higher rewards for winning the WZ, so there’s usually enough players going for objectives that most of the combat takes place there, which means you don’t have half your group doing braindead combat in the middle of the WZ. AV is sort of an exception but that’s half the charm with that one, it’s always been either complete chaos or 2 lemming trains running around. Still a bit disappointed that they removed PvP gear, but it’s still fun and varied enough that I enjoy it more than TOR PvP. The ranks are fun there as well, gives a sense of progression in PvP. Not sure if you’ve played after they added achievements, but it made playing WZs a bit different more rewarding.

Agreed, this is a game with tons of potential, half of it screwed over by the engine, and huttball is a brilliant WZ. A tournament is just one the things they could’ve done with the game that they haven’t bothered with.

It’s ok man. It’s not like I treated you fair either… No harm done, and I also apologize on my part. We all want the same: a GREAT Star Wars game where we can have fun.

I like the depth of ESO, I like that there are a ton of set bonuses, and abilities, so even with all the people playing, if I have a eureka moment, I could bring something to the table nobody has ever seen. I like that they keep adding to what can be done in the game as well. Like pick pocketing, burgling and assassination, and those things can be done stealthily or like a thug to different rewards. I like that pvp can be a zergfest at times, but with a group or the right guild, it can be amazingly tactical, with 10 people fighting off up to 50 with communication and a good plan.

I love synergies, its neat when someones ability allows me to do something I don’t normally do. Like inner fire, a tank taunt, prompting me to activate a massive aoe dot that helps that tank lock down adds, or my veil of blades giving dps an opportunity to stealth out for a second if they are overwhelmed. Press X to do something cool based on your party members load out? Work as a team? I love it.

Three factions adds a very interesting dynamic to pvp as well, and used to act as a gate to who you can interact with for content, but they fixed it with One Tamriel, allowing you to do questing, dungeons, rp and raids with anyone in any zone, regardless of faction (and for a few of those, level as well). They’ve tied a few set bonuses to each area of the world too, so if your friend is going through the story somewhere, even if you’ve done it already, it might be worth it to play with them, even if you are maxed out, just to pick up a few pieces of gear to fiddle with.

And those set bonuses aren’t just 3 boring stat bonuses either, and come from several sources that can build to your character. Often 5 piece bonuses add a new ability to your toon, and mixing two sets can create a ton of play, but if you just want the stats, there are sets for that too. I sometimes sub in as a tank for easier combat(I heal…so I am still nervous) and use a set that gives an aoe jolt to enemies nearby to help me keep aggro, another set has a chance when I do dmg to lay down an aoe circle that leeches health to me for survivability, I paired it with a helmet and shoulder set that leeches more health but also increases my healing received. Combined with a few choice abilities, I am a self healing tank who does pretty good dmg, and I made that. Its my build, and it works, and thats something nobody in swtor can say, not even the people who write guides on play. Everyone is doing almost the exact same thing.

That was a bit of a read, a reward for those who finished…me and Keith David making snow angels.

I never like KOTFE as I did with 2 non force users and it didn’t seem right if you know what I mean, and have done the 1st chapter of KOTET, 1st part ok second part in the walker was dire.
Maybe better to come.

So you said before that you haven’t played ESO in over a year, but you now say the Cyrodiil is “still” a lag fest…
You don’t know anything, you are drawing from experiences that are about 4 massive updates old…
Go away orangutan, you are frakin clueless.

Holy crap you’re a moron! I said “unless they magically fixed it in the past year”. Learn to fucking READ!

You, by your own admission, haven’t played ESO in over a year. It would be like someone who hasn’t Played SWTOR since July of 2015 talking about issues it has, (except ESO’s issues have actually been fixed).
You cannot say what ESO is and isn’t at this point because they have released 4 major content updates in 2016 these have all included fixes and patches as well. Not to mention that they fixed the lag issue in Cyrodiil you were talking about in June of 2015 PvP improved again in August of 2015 when teh Imperial City DLC dropped giving players 2 more PvP areas. The Imperial City, (which is sectioned off into smaller districts instances) and the imperial city Sewers. With Imp City we received a great many PvE objectives to chase in the PvP instances as well.
If Cyrodiil proper is your only PvP experience in ESO then you weren’t around for the IC DLC and that puts you at about 18 months since you played ESO, A LOT has has changed in teh past 18 months. It is practically and entirely different game at this point.
Tactics are vital in the sewers of the Imperial City as is knowing your class, when to swap weapons, which abilities to have on your bars, which potions to have in your quick slots and the ever important situational awareness since there are mobs in the City and in the sewers below that will rip you to pieces.
Yes it is beneficial to get involved with the zergs, strength in numbers plus the ability to work together as a team to take down a keep or capture one of the Elder Scrolls and gives your entire faction an advantage. It isn’t like SWTOR has an abundance of 1v1 PvP going on either… The only way to be successful in SWTOR open world PvP (on the rare occasion that it happens) is to have superior numbers (with at least 1 healer that is worth their pixels). The instanced PvP in SWTOR is monotonous, the same maps over and over; the same people, over and over.
You must experience the current condition of the game with an open mind before you can begin to talk about it’s issues in comparison to SWTOR. If you go into ESO thinking you can mash buttons and get any where other than the respawn point then you don’t know how to play.

ESO is still an Imperfect creation and their version of PvP is based on an open world model which ESO is more than capable of supporting. They don’t instance PvP because they don’t have too they don’t have to create a system to bring players together, they simply allow players to go into the PvP area and seek each other out.
SWTOR PvP is small scale and they have 3 types Capture the flag (everything that is not an arena or Huttball), deathmatch, and objective based (Huttball) It is monotonous and, given the 8 character types, will always be “unbalanced.” PvPers talk about balance constantly, but the only way pvp in an MMORPG can achieve the balance that players want is for all character types to be on absolutely equal footing. You have 12 abilities and each ability does the exact same thing for every player, the animations are different for each class, but the ability accomplishes the same thing. Until this is a reality SWTOR PvP will always be unbalanced. “Balanced PvP” will only happen in gabe like Overwatch where PvP IS the game, not a side game. Let’s be honest, PvP in SWTOR is an afterthought for teh Dev team.

With Galactic Command SWTOR has given the gaming community the worst Progression system they could have. Progression systems should be focused on character development and provide gates for gear and end game content. By removing all gear drops from the bosses and placing them into an RNG system they have created a system that leaves gearing up to chance, a person’s luck of the draw. Every game out there, at the very least gives you a location where you are guaranteed a chance to get exactly what you are looking for. SWTOR guarantees that you have the chance for the Random Number Generator pop out something, maybe crap, maybe good. If they have put all possible green drops, blue drops purple drops, gold drops and set bonus drops on the same roll then it is far more likely that you will get crap than they are you will get a good piece.
Pre 5.0 I knew that when I ran HM DF I had a 1 in 8 chance of getting the piece I need. I have opened 28 command crates and have gotten 1 pair of purple bracers. Thus far my odds are at 1 in 28. If this holds true and I continue to average good piece every 28 crates then my odds are 3.5 times worse now than they were before 5.0.

At the end of the day ESO requires that the player have a particular skill and ability with the game. Manual blocking, dodging and rolling is a skill that many gamers do not possess, SWTOR makes those skills an RNG factor and has since day 1. ESO Requires that you have a steady aim to stay on target and do damage to your enemy, otherwise your attacks will miss. SWTOR’s tab targeting system makes it so an enemy can run at a 90 degree angle away from you and your lasers will curve around a rock to hit them… thus taking a human player’s ability to aim at a target out of the mix. Having a set rotation may not be the best method for optimal DPS, tanking or healing in ESO, but not knowing the perfect rotation with the right skills will get you in big trouble in SWTOR.
ESO requires that you know which skills are best for your build, which ultimate ability will complement your build skills and play style the most and which set bonus will allow you to optimize all of the above. For me I can use the crafted Kagrenac’s as my 5 piece, Spinners as my 2 piece and Engine Guardian as my monster set. Or I can swap in Spell Power Cure for my 5 piece and take the will power set as my 3 piece. I can try Spinners as my 5 piece, or even Burning Spellweave. Luckily as a Templar Healer I have lots of options, but I have to know which options work best together. Toss in the Champion point system that is all about allowing a person to customize their character so that they can build their stats towards whatever they want to do… But that takes a degree of skill in theorycrafting, or at least a willingness to learn more about your chosen class, role and personal skill (being honest about your degree of skill helps as well) that many players tied to the tab target style games are unwilling or unable to achieve.

Bottom line Games like ESO require a degree of skill that many gamers have forgotten about whereas just about anyone could pick up SWTOR, learn a rotation (aka how to smash the ONLY the buttons that are glowing) and succeed.
Even an untrained orangutan can understand the combat system in SWTOR.

He’s making an intelligent argument as he has all along and you resort to name calling?
Very sad.
Your very angry about defending a game that isn’t even relevant to this forum.
What does that make you I wonder?

He isn’t making an intelligent argument if he hasn’t played the game in over a year, so he is making an assumption based on incorrect information. His argument is for the sake of argument and isn’t intelligent. He is attempting to White Knight SWTOR by bashing ESO. I play both games, there are still likeable things about SWTOR, not many, but some. Most of which are being overshadowed by Galactic Command.

Anyone who has even read anything about ESO knows that about this time last year ESO was 2 updates in to a 6 update cycle (culminating with One Tamriel) that completely changed that game and the majority of players agree that the changes have definitely been for the better.

No this isn’t teh ESO forum, but he began bashing ESO while trying to place SWTOR on a pedestal. Add to this that he admits he hasn’t played ESO in over a year. Given his comments I am guessing it has been closer to 16 – 18 months.

It makes wonder why someone would bash ESO, a game that they have very limited experience in, so hard when the conversation started when talking about experiences in SWTOR and how a person prefers the system in ESO. It makes me wonder why this person was so angry and was attacking people with every comment he made rather starting off with a conversation.

oh dont even get me started on ilum and large scale battles with this pos that engine is shit when you have a dev saying that 15 people in one area makes the server shake you know its time to leave. as for pvp in general its probably im guessing better without expertise since everyones on equal terms now but from what i remember back then its was lik 95% of pvp was inquistors/sages lol i.e electricity city and flying rocks lol. had that pos engine been able to do large scale pvp it might have been worth hanging around but everything went to warzones fuck that instanced pvp shit

Actually yes, TOR PvP is a bloody joke. I suck so bad at PvP it isn’t funny and I can hold my own in TOR. Long ago it was a challenge and rightly so. Now? Not even close.

SWTOR PvP is a joke and a complete waste if time.
You can stand around and “guard a node” aka do absolutely nothing and earn 5 medals or more.
You don’t have to do anything at all and you “win”daily rewards. You can run around and avoid fighting and get the same rewards as everyone else. In ESO if you don’t participate you ton’t get telvar stones, no telvar stones and no PvP gear. No PvP gear and you die fast.

ESO is large scale open world PvP that, again is dependant on actual player skill. Players without skill will fail.
You can’t play ESO like a Noob-ass-orangutan.

How ya doin’ orangutan?

The words of someone who hasn’t really played ESO.

The fight mechanics in ESO require thought, strategy and attention to detail.
Have you ran anything in SWTOR lately? It’s all been dumbed down to the point that EVERY boss in EVERY op is now a tank and spank. They have removed most of the mechanics from SM and the ons that still exist can be healed through and ignored.

Yes you do need gear in ESO, but it doesn’t make or break you. For skilled players you can get through most vet mode stuff with top of the line crafted set bonus gear. Getting dungeon drop, set bonuses enhances the skill you bring to the table. If you have no skills then you NEED the better gear.
Not getting out of stupid will make or break you. Thinking you don’t need tactics or strategy will break you. Going into each fight thinking it’s simply a DPS race will break you.
Playing like a noob-ass-orangatang will frakin’ break you.

How ya doing Orangatang?

Recommend you utilize those godawful cybernetic armors from a couple of years ago and give her a cybernetic helmet so her voice makes sense. Then you can just pretend her voice module has a bit of lag from an old fight with Darth Baras or something. 🙂

Yeah, jumping back and forth is rough. I like the pace and the healing in ESO much more than I like it in SWTOR. There are gameplay aspects that I enjoy more in SWTOR, but those are overshadowed by all the things that are frustrating me.
I completely understand where you are coming from though definitely a 4/10 experience in SWTOR these days.

Don’t complain about Master Ranos and Shae, they are like the only human or humanoid companions you will get till 2018. Not to mention the fact that you can either summon Jaesa,Kira and others via companion locator terminal or forget about them, cause they will never be reintroduced to game. But hey.. you get a new droid companion!

I thought it was elites they were bumping up to 2 cxp as they are 1 cxp now. Champions were always 20 cxp. They arent bumping them down to 2 are they?

I think need to work on end game. Players who are soloing should not be able to get endgame gear. its a mmo no a rpg.

Indeed. They have driven this toward a solo game so blindly that at this point it may as well be KOTOR 3.

The only new group content in 2 years have been Star Fortresses and Uprisings. I mean can any other MMO seriously get away such measly deliverance of group activity. This game has limped on because it’s Star Wars.

However the final straw is asking for players to grind, grind and grind without the guarantee of any reward. Why would I do all the previous content with the possibilty of nothing to show for my effort.

If however they had released some new Ops, FPs and Dailies, I may have tolerated the RNG gear system as at least the grind would be new and different.

To ask us to grind the same old content with no guarantee is an insult.

Hey man, you’re being unfair! What about the Eternal Championship??? How much FUN did we have doing that pile of sh… Excuse me, that wonderful and exciting new challenge???

The Eternal Championship….How I loathe that. Seriously who thought a that was a good idea? Surely those 10 bosses could’ve been used to give us 2 Operations. Would it really have taken that much more time or money. At least that way we couldn’t complain about the lack of group content.

You know… Now that you mention it, it’s probably what those lazy asses in Austin, Texas did: picked up some leftover bosses from a couple of Operation sketches, put them all in a room and done…

That’s the most heartbreaking thing. They likely have drafts for future Operations from way back and either are to incompetent to realise that this game is crying out for some new group content or are simply unwilling to implement them as it goes against they way they want us to play – solo.

Holy sh*t you are right. Those bosses in the championship did have new tactics for SWTOR that could have been refreshing new OPS bosses.

They could have even made it relevant to the story. An Eternal Championship Operation where the goal is to shut the place down or take it over whether you choose Light/Dark.

We could fight the place’s guards along the way for mob fights and even recruit Bowdaar at the end as he would owe us a life debt or respect us for dismantling the whole thing.

I think they threw the towel into the ring when it comes to trying to compete with other MMO’s on the multiplayer field. So they had a sit down and asked themselves “what made SWTOR different all this time for other games”?

Their answers probably were that it’s Star Wars (a theme of personal journey), that they have the most expensive and extensive voice acting cast of any MMO so far and that they have very elaborate (singleplayer) character stories.

They probably made the judgement call to focus on singleplayer content with a more generic and less hardcore multiplayer environment built around it to try and draw in the casual MMORPG crowd to make enough revenue to survive the next few years and turn a profit. Sadly Ops and FP’s don’t measure in well with that crowd.

Very well put. I guess people who don’t mind playing the same solo will point out that it’s BW’s prerogative to deliver the game they think will make the most profit.

For 2.0 and 3.0 however we paid them more money as we needed to buy the expansion as well as pay subscription. I would be interested to see the profit margins for 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 over the year to see the difference. I would hazard a guess that 4.0 was their most profitable year because the overheads were smaller with no Ops, FPs or Open worlds to design, but by how much I’d like to see.

Not sure what this means …. That I just prefer being solo with some multiplayer aspects or that MMO people are just really whiny and I should never attempt an MMO again if it’s true?

Just play how you want too Just as the others posting here do the same. The last year of this game new content has been Story (solo) And very little new group nothing for 8-16 in 2 years They pay for this game same as you do and have a right to be mad about that Since it’s how they wish tp play