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SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.0.1

SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items from Patch 5.0.1. This patch will bring in Life Day and Five Year Anniversary items.


New Pack Image for the Eternal Command Pack, looks like this pack is ready to be released soon.


Life Day Stuff

New Life Day Bundle


Creature Companion: Wampa

  • This item is exclusive to the Cartel Market. Available for Direct Purchase


Festive Tauntaun

  • This item is exclusive to the Cartel Market. Available for Direct Purchase


Five Year Anniversary

Celebration Jawa

  • This item can be claimed for a limited time from the Anniversary Vendor


Senya Holo Trainer

  • This item can be claimed for a limited time from the Anniversary Vendor


Decoration Bundle

The Distant Worlds Decoration Bundle


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125 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.0.1”

i hope i can buy that damn trainer!!! I SICK come back to fleet everytime because Satele Shan holostatue is crazy expensive in gtn

An alternative way to get the Satele Shan holostatue is to build up Rep with the Contraband Resale Corporation — up to the Friend Rank, and have 4 Cartel Market Certificates and 25,000 credits. And then you can use Cartel Coins to unlock for your whole account.

Correction – you cant unlock such items for account anymore. I already wrote about that – it was a devs decision. Support dude said that if I dont likt it I should write on forums, if enough people will address this shit, they might get it back.

You mean to tell me you wrote to the guys, and their response was for you to write it on Forums??? Oh man… That’s INSANE…

The reason for that response is to get as much reaction from players as possible. I think alot of players want this unlocks, including me.

Sure. I’m with you on that one Captain.

But I think that puts to rest a lot of people’s comments about them not reading social media…


When will these be available? And does anyone know if that jawa will be like a new version of the party jawa?

I’m confused. Those armors are supposed to be in the Stalwart Leader Pack. Did they switch armors between the packs??

I would assume that the packs may contain CXP tokens that can be redeemed for command points. You know, like when earlier shipments could potentially include a credit boom / credit explosion item.

You’re right. Upon closer inspection of the image, I’ve noticed that it’s the “Unstable Peacemaker’s Lightsaber,” which is PLATINUM.

BioWare practices such a nice way to celebrate:

Here are your shite decorations that took 5mins to make.
Now open your wallet to buy the real stuff!

Wonder if we’ll get the Nexu too. Appears during the last cutscenes as you leave Nathema, just casually strolling around like it wishes it had a master 😛

I believe it’s a voreclaw from Nathema. They only appear ingame as corpses, but I guess a few are alive if we can ride around on them.

Also glad they’re finally adding another holotrainer … god last one they gave out was with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel … damn that was so long ago.

She should, though. She’s older than the main cast and- we can assume- closer to Valkorion’s physical age than any of the other characters. Now she just looks like her face has been melted :/

Valkorion looks ancient. He’s aged considerably since the beginning of the “Sacrifice” cinematic (~20 years?).


What we know:

-In Chapter II of KotET, the emperor says that Valkorion was originally a great warrior living on Zakuul before he arrived and made him into his vessel.

-Tenebrae has lived in the Valkorion body for several centuries, hence the “Immortal Emperor” title.

-When the Hero of Tython struck down the Voice of the Emperor on Dromund Kaas, it damaged his spirit, weakening Valkorion’s control over Vaylin’s power.


Typically, the Voice doesn’t last long, yet, the Valkorion body’s lasted for hundreds of years without aging (notice black hair and younger face at beginning of “Sacrifice”). Sometime between Arcann and Thexan’s childhood, he finally aged. Could it be due to the damage inflicted on his spirit by the Hero of Tython? If the damage was enough to weaken his control over Vaylin, then perhaps it was enough to disrupt his stagnated aging process?

Possibly, though I think the Valkorion body isn’t -that- old. There was a line of dialogue somewhere that made it sound like Vitiate turned up on Zakuul a century ago. Valkorion was likely a young-ish man at that point, and given the Human lifespan + Force user lifespan his aging was probably natural.

As for his control over Vaylin- I think the code word was the only actual control he had over her. Up until his death I think she just did as she was told because she chose to for whatever reason, and her stint on Nathema was to simply break her into being more submissive while he secretly put in his failsafe in case that submission faltered later.

“When most of the Emperor’s power was locked away on Yavin 4, he was no longer able to hide Vaylin’s strength from her…”
— “Vaylin” codex entry

Hide as oppose to suppress, though. I’d need more convincing to think he was actively smothering her powers, rather than just her perception of them.

He founded the Eternal Empire somewhere between 3954 BBY and 3681 BBY. Probably during the years that Revan ‘thought’ he had control over the Emperor which was probably a case of Vitiate playing along and laughing himself silly at Revan’s attempt. For however strong Revan was, the Emperor beat him thrice. On their first encounter before he became Darth Revan. Again when Revan tried to slay the Emperor and T3-M4 and Meetra Surik (the Exile) ended up dead. The third time being on Yavin when he thought he had everything in order and the Emperor played him in the Shadow of Revan expansion.

Valkorion might have simply aged because it was by his design, looking older and more feeble would make it more likely that he’d get usurped by his children, timing that with the Outlander arriving in wildspace. Almost nothing he does happens by accident. We’ve learned that by now.

I like her original face better, but it might have been a bit young for her. I assume Arcann’s in his 30s, which would likely make Senya in her 50s or 60s. Her original face would be a stretch for a woman in her 60s who has had 3 kids, mourned one of their deaths, and spent years in battle.

I didn’t think her original looked all that young tbh. Would really love for BW to explain wtf is up with her eyes though. They never say why they’re like that.

It seems that Valkorion, Arcann, and Vaylin have new Dark Side eyes. I’d always assumed that Senya’s eyes were some kind of Light Side change.

This. I don’t have the other trainers, so I am stuck with the disgusting Hutt…. now it’s going to be so much better every time I level. I will miss the “HU HAAA!” though.

Saturday night midnight EST and only two servers show Standard population (Ebon Hawk, Harbinger) one week into the new content.

Will get myself Decoration Bundle for sure, if only for Zakuulan decorations collection.
Life day item are great, decorations, companion, mount. Love them.
And finally I will be able to have that Celebration Jawa!
New pack do not look all that amazing. New weapon tuning looks ok. Looks like we will get that datamined flair. Armors I see so far are nothing I`m eager to get. Mounts and companion are ok.

Off-Topic. I just saw a person with green Force Pike on the fleet. Its pretty much like companions weapons, but you can use it with lightsaber skill. Any ideas how to get it?

He took it from Valkorions dad when u use him for a short time in the last battle, it’s weird because you can send it to multiple Alts, it doesn’t “Bound ” to you and it’s considered a light saber , not dual saber .

It has no slots for hilt, mod, or enhancement, and no inherent stats. Also it does not animate properly. So about all it’s good for is walking round with it in RP.

And suddenly im not so special anymore with my Celebration Jawa .__.
This used to be a reward from being a sub before f2p.

I imagine they main reason they’ve brought it back is because it’s less work than making a new item. Easier to reskin a loyalty reward.

Most of the people (including me) that I know have it… but no one uses it anymore, because it’s 5 years old 😛 I don’t have the achievement that comes with it, but couldn’t care less about that particular achievement

I’m ok with that sort of thing. As long as they don’t start doing things like putting Wings of the Architect on sale in the CM, I’m ok with people getting access to stuff they otherwise would not have.

Big drawback being that you can’t donate such decorations to guild without having a physical copy of the decoration. So things like lamps (of which you’d realistically need a couple dozen) are largely unusable.

True enough. However, such packs are great starters for personal SHs, and good investments for guild leaders. From what I see here, these aren’t common, fill the space with them items. These are accent items.

And on a side note, after visiting several guild SHs and starships, I can say that most overdo it with the decor a bit too often. Sometimes less is more.

Sometimes, aye, and I agree this pack doesn’t look too bad on that front. Only issue I could see would be the chandelier. For me all the lights have to match, just like they tend to in reality.

This guy is like a zit, you cant block him or pop him without him showing up again right when u thought he was gone for good

New armor? and a new lightsaber? Will we get the overview of these new items shortly as well? I don’t see them listed as appearing on the image..

Not sure about the new saber it looks like the arbiter’s saber or a normal saber with the lightning tuning so maybe it’s a new colour crystal.
And is that a chance cube at the bottom left?

Good question, I’d rather not buy more than 20 of her so that every character can have it… at this point I’d rather get another mail on every toon…

If I roll a new alt, they literally start with 51 emails at this time.
I think if something is a gift or a reward item, it would be best if they let you get it once and then unlock it to legacy for free if you have it. So we dont have to mess with all that.

Thanks for literally being a complete dick for no reason. We literally don’t have enough of those around here. Is that literally the biggest problem in the world for you? Literally amazing.

So . . . because I commented on it, it’s the “biggest problem in the world” for me? Hyperbole doesn’t serve you well.

if it’s truly like the “party jawa” you just reuse him. Just like if you have a toy or recharge item in your inventory.

I must admit although I’ve got a full American Football team (yes that’s including the Special Play guys) of companions I would love a Wompa companion.
What gifts does he like though?
Is there a Jedi Arm gift? XD

Other games are having holiday events and rewarding customer loyalty with cool holiday themed items. Meanwhile, EA comes out with more shitty gambling packs. Fucking disgraceful shit right there.

The Senya statue, does it unlock for collections after the 2 hour period or do I need to log into every toon to get this?

Yep, exactly what I wanted to add. Previous Life day stuff was for symbolic 1 CC, but this year… You have to add this manually to all of your characters…

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