GW2 Strange Rock Ascended Ring Guide

A guide to get the Rurik’s Engagement Ring ascended ring from Strange Rock.

Rurik’s Engagement Ring

Ascended ring you can pick your stats, all HoT stats available. There is no achievement for this, just the ring. The ring has no aura either.


Step One: Obtain a Strange Rock

You can find the Strange Rock as a rare drop from the Skritt caches that litter Ember Bay. You will need to purchase Skritt contracts from the heart vendor by Skritt Anchorage in order to open these caches. They can also be found on the Trading Post.


Step Two: Converting it to Round Lump

With the Strange Rock in your inventory, go to Destruction Maw (remember you need to take the Thermal Tube on top of Burnng Grotto) to get there. Stand at this exact spot (walk to the edge of the perch the tube shoot you to) and you will get a window popup. Pick the option to throw the rock and you will get a Round Lump in your inventory.


Step Three: Converting it to Encrusted Ring

Go to Burning Grotto, stand near the lava at the bottom and you should get another popup to throw your ring and convert it to Encrusted Ring.


Step Four: Covert it to Soot-Covered Ring

Convert this to Soot-Covered Ring by standing near the Lava in Titan’s Perch. Make sure you have LOS with the lava when you throw it or it may not work.


Step Five: Ascended Ring

For the last step go to Sealed Entrance POI and throw it into the lava to get your ascended ring. Rurik’s Engagement Ring.


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25 replies on “GW2 Strange Rock Ascended Ring Guide”

Really nice addition. Unfortunately, without re-selectable stats or an appointment point, I’d rather grind for a ring through other means then engage is a low hit skittish rng-fest :/

If you just want an ascended ring, yeah, go for the ones easier to get. But this one is strictly for the players who like lore and want it because they think “OMG Prince Rurik!” and remember the Ring of Fire was his final resting place.

So THAT’S what it’s for. Hehe. Nice scavenger hunt. However, given that you can easily get HoT stat rings via BFF or BSF farming (not to mention how easily you can get Ascended rings from Fractals), it’s not really worth it to grind Skritt Caches for the RNG. May as well just buy the Strange Rock off the TP once the price drops enough as people realize this.

I just a little bit curious about how do people find this method out.
Having the Strange Rock in their inventory then visit every corner of the Ember Bay? or analyzing the data files of the game?

No one found it or bothered it for months. Then a developer mentioned on reddit that no one has found it yet and everything associated with it has been “shipped”. People went crazy to find it thinking it was a legendary ring but turned out it was just an ascended ring in the end

I am sorry but it has the pricetag/stone rarity of a legendary trinket. You must be downright dumb to actually make the ring instead of selling the stone. You can get ascended rings through other methods.

Then what does that make the people buying it when they can get ascended rings cheaper elsewhere? Some people might just want it because they’ve played GW1 and like the idea of having Rurik’s ring.

Those are called “special people”. Take that as you want.

I played the fk out of GW1, i know what that item is and it’s meaning/history. Hell a 2yo can find out about it just by wiking it.

Nah dude. People love to speculate heavily on the TP of this game. The stone has been acquirable since Ember Bay’s release, and the supply was low to boot. If anything, all ascended items have references to significant people to both GW1 and GW2, and there’s already one of Rurik’s rings acquirable since years ago.

The price should go way down now that we know what it’s for.

Which is a really average ascended ring…

The price is way up there because people thought this might be the 1st component to make a legendary ring.

It’s nowhere near the cost of a legendary anything. They cost thousands and require you to play different areas of the game, this costs about 150g and requires you to stand in 4 places and right click something.

a free stat selectable ring with HoT stats with a nice little scavenger hunt attached to it? why are you even playing GW if your time is at such a premium?

Step 4: “Make sure you have LOS with the lava when you throw it or it may not work.”

Sure, but what the hell is LOS?

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