SWTOR Game Update 5.0.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.0.1 that is scheduled to arrive on Dec 13, 2016.


In-game Event Schedule! There is a whole host of events going on in the galaxy this December! All events start and end at 4AM PST (12PM GMT):

  • Life Day (Dec 13 – Jan 10)
  • 5th Anniversary (Dec 13 – Jan 17)
  • Rakghoul Resurgence on Corellia (Dec 13 – Dec 20)
  • Bounty Contract Week (Dec 20 – Jan 3)
  • Relics of the Gree (Jan 3 – Jan 10)


  • Fixed an issue that was causing poor performance in the Zakuul Spire area.
  • The method of tallying points for Dark versus Light battles has been adjusted to make them more competitive across all servers.
  • Start @ 65 Characters no longer receive abilities that were replaced by better abilities when loading in Chapter II of Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • Master Ranos is now summonable by using the holocommunicator and by completing the Alliance Alert “The Light Triumphant.”
  • Shay Vizla is now summonable by using the holocommunicator and by completing her Alliance Alert.
  • The client no longer crashes when exiting the game from Full Screen mode.
  • In-game music no longer plays on top of the Betrayed cinematic when starting Knights of the Eternal Throne for the first time.
  • Female body types are no longer distorted when knocked down.
  • Bipedal mounts are no longer causing female characters’ bodies to distort.

Cartel Market

  • The Command Experience Boost and Leveling Experience Boost no longer share a cooldown timer.
  • Command Experience Boosts can no longer be stacked to increase the percentage of boost gained.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Silaraz, a Dark vs Light World Boss, no longer remains spawned on Tatooine, and now only appears during a Light Side victory state as intended.
  • Veteran Battle of Ilum now grants 300 Command Experience (up from 100).
  • Veteran Czerka Core Meltdown now grants 300 Command Experience (up from 100).
  • The Command Experience values of Command Experience items dropped from Flashpoint encounters has been increased.

Missions + NPCs

  • The KT-55 and PR-98 droids in the Crimson Fang Uprising will now do much less damage in Story Mode.
  • Command Experience gained by completing Uprisings has been increased. Story Mode Uprisings now give 340 Command Experience (up from 160), and Veteran Mode Uprisings now give 680 (up from 200).
  • Players who are defeated during the final encounter of the Fractured Uprising are no longer blocked from entering the final room, making them unable to collect their loot.
  • The Imperial Spy in Uprising: Inferno is now accessible as intended.
  • The highlighted Galactic Command activity now grants bonus Command Experience as intended.
  • Heroic and Daily missions completed on previous days will no longer count toward or autocomplete Galactic Command Planetary Mission activities. All Heroic or Daily missions must be completed that day in order to count toward Planetary Mission activities.
  • Gold Elite enemies now reward 2 Command Experience (up from 1).
  • It is no longer possible for a player to end up in a state where they can see two highlighted Galactic Command activities.
  • Players starting Knights of the Fallen Empire now have their Class Companions removed as intended.
  • Fixed a number of issues in Class Story cinematics that were causing faces to appear distorted.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Consular

Jedi Shadow

  • Using Mind Maze no longer grants Martial Prowess if the corresponding Utility is not selected.
Sith Inquisitor

Sith Assassin

  • Using Mind Trap no longer grants Hand of Darkness if the corresponding Utility is not selected.
Bounty Hunter

Shield Tech

  • Flame Engine passive ability proc now removes the Heat cost from Firestorm.

Shield Specialist

  • Pulse Engine passive ability proc now removes the Energy Cell cost from Ion Storm.

Crew Skills

    Endgame modifications now use the Operation Material instead of exclusively requiring the Conquest Material.
  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Should we tell them they misspelled the name of their own character Shae Vizla?

    • j’oe

      Shae still put us down on chapter 14 even after what happenned on SoR.. she mae as well be called whatever after that

    • Ben Gimson

      Shae herself seems to think she encountered the player character on Denova, so I’d say BW don’t know or care about the lore.

      • Andhros

        It is obviously Kephess in disguise. He is seeking to retake control of the Warstalkers from Qyzen and raze the Odessan base as one of their future Uprisings with bosses that have fight mechanics.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Well maybe Shay is her secret sister…but it could be Kephess indeed

      • Berserkk

        We first meet Shae on Tracyn island during SoR. Second time, on Yavin,when we kill Revan. Third time, on Darvannis. But never on Denova..

        • Ben Gimson

          Yup, I know. She’s not exactly been a regular character until recently so you’d think they’d be able to remember where she was.

  • They forgot to remove their dog shit command XP system. These guys are total pieces of shit.

    • Varath

      Why do you complain so much about a game that you can’t seem to stop playing?

    • Butt

      Later nerd

    • Nomad

      soooooo salty

    • Sandcaster Silverstar

      Trooooooooll! If that were really Smedley, it would hit the fan like that scene in the movie Airplane! Haha

    • Not a rapist

      I just come to Dulfy to see his comments, they offer plenty of a broad vision.

      • … dat name…

        • Not a rapist

          Just look at the pink guy if it seems less disturbing than the name to you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          • omg.. why’d u have to draw my attention to that? i need bleach for brain!!!

    • it’s not the GC itself per say, that COULD be an interesting thing. it’s more the fact that they forgot to come up with actual NEW content to go along with the GC lol. the RNG in loot i could totally do without though >.>

  • Acher4

    That increase in Uprising xp is much appreciated.

    I like the new leveling up (feels again like leveling) but this will surely help with multiple chars.

    • dunno, i certainly have no desire to grind CXP on more than one toon. it’s boring enough as it is. not that the uprisings are much better imo.

  • Vinak

    Any word of when they plan on removing RNG crates?

    • Phillip Chappell

      dont think they are

    • Wraithy2773

      I imagine they are considering and planning out ways to make the RNG less punitive, if not eliminate it outright, but here’s a rule of thumb to remember:

      Tuning changes? Those can happen fast. Which is what we’re seeing here, doubling the CXP for SM Uprisings, over tripling the CXP for VM Uprisings, boosting the CXP from FP bosses by unknown amounts, those are just changing some numbers in the client and server.

      Structural changes, like how you actually get items from GC or really anything that’s not simply changing numbers? That’s going to take a lot longer, it needs to be designed, created, tuned and tested. BW needs to start talking about their plans, but don’t expect to see any implementation until January or, more likely, February.

      • Bryan

        I think this guy’s been drinking the Koolaid, or a paid propaganda man.

    • yeah sure…. NEVER.

  • Jonathan Parker

    They still didn’t fix the glitch where crafted armor in outfit slots turns into the opposite faction set when you’re in a vehicle or controllable character section, like a walker or that giant droid during the KOTET story. That was really annoying, my badass armored Jedi Guardian constantly turned into a pure white Imperial Guard.

    • EleniRPG

      Oh that’s what that is! My white flow-y Jedi robes became scary red and black spiky things. They’re not crafted, but they’re the same model as craftable armor.

      • adfasdfa

        ho-ly SHIT, I could not figure out why my gear kept changing to some random armor I didn’t recognize , it’s because I had some old school discontinued fp drop armor on my jedi, it looked SO weird on him when it went imp, evne the headpeicechanged…. that is so crazy, I thought I was the only one… Now I get why not everyone had the issue.

    • Ben Gimson

      Yeah that was a weird one :’)

    • Bryan

      They still haven’t fixed beta glitches like caps clipping through everything and dead mobs freezing in standing position. I’m shocked anytime they fix any bug that’s not an exploit.

  • Xcelle

    wow the buff to gold mobs is impressive when you think about. When they nerfed them it was a 90% reduction in cxp and now they have given us a 100% increase in the cxp that we currently get. So we should be thanking them for the massive buff to cxp on the gold mobs. /sarcasm

  • Christopher Ballinger

    No word on them fixing the issue of disappearing models and textures while previewing…?

    • AbnerDoon

      It’s been a year they consider it a feature now.

  • Patrick Serevco

    No word about the fix to the shield relays in kotet chapter 3? 🙁

    • gog

      Don’t have The Answer you’re looking for, but if my Inner Logic is correct then it’s still Broken and you’ll have to Suffer for a while longer as BW seems to have No Direction when it comes to avoiding Incomplete patches since that’d be Too Much To Ask apparently…

      • Patrick Serevco

        Thanks for the reply. It seems I’m in for a loong wait :/

        • gog

          np, nice avatar btw 🙂

  • AbnerDoon

    I don’t see a fix for Shae being able to use custom armor listed. Hopefully they didn’t fix that as it was not seen as a bug by the player base.

    • Ben Gimson

      That would imply they listen to feedback.

      • Mattador

        They listened to us about the DvL achievements. Well, by listened to us I mean they said they’re going to see about fixing that in January. But I think if they wanted to fix that, they’d have done it already.

        • Ben Gimson

          Perhaps they have a ‘once a year’ agreement in the office when it comes to player feedback. Who knows :’)

      • gog

        I’m fairly certain they listen to feedback, they just lack the ability to comprehend and do something useful with it….

  • Jep Fareborn

    I don’t see the CXP farming nerf update for KP and the XP nerf farming update for Bestia? What gives? ;p

    • Jerry

      I wonder if they are going to stealth nerf it and didnt want to put it in the patch notes so anyone (somehow?) still not aware of it can’t do it for a day.

    • Naq

      Bestia was farmed for XP all through last expansion…doubtful they care, mobs are being killed in exchange for experience.

      • lol in fact it’s been done since before SM ops bolster became a thing 😛

    • j’oe

      we have been farming bestia since sliced bread.. besides, its a great alternative for people with a toncraps of alts that just want to gear them up and be done with it..
      now, i dont know about KP, only heard about it.. its ok by me as long as people don’t spread the word too much around..

      • over this

        You’re obviously on a RP server or equivalent. Every second post on Harby = “KP farm” yawn

    • Lithy

      Bestia xp work since 3.0, so 2014. Why they should nerf it in 2016 when xp a toon is the most boring thing in the game ? And more when you have 25+ charac on different serv

  • Jerry

    WTF no KP nerf? Now I have to keep doing it.

    • jozopucik

      Will be a stealth nerf, datamine show changes on many mobs

  • Amodin

    Yay, still no item preview fixing.

  • Wraithy2773

    The CXP Tuning changes here are a good start.



    Yes, they have a great deal left to do. But the two biggest problems in my book, the lack of support for Alts and the too-aggressive RNG that means you can have a 6 piece set bonus and still using KotFE Boots?

    Those are structural changes, significant ones, ones that can’t be fixed just by adjusting some numbers in databases. There’s certainly more tuning changes that should be made (FFS, Bioware, boost the Disintegration values, if I’m getting nothing of use from a pack I should be getting more than 200 CXP from destroying the stat’d gear, make it like 500+), but again.

    A good start.

    • zorkovitch

      you’re being very unrealistic. A more realistic scenario would be to get twice the lvl 70 set bonus boots and the rest either green or blue lvl 70 gear. Or still use lvl 65 gear.

    • Bryan

      If only I could see the world through your blissfully ignorant eyes.

  • Przemysław Narbutt

    meanwhile kp farm

    • jozopucik

      KP farm is over 😀

    • Bryan

      Meanwhile, playing 5 year old content that wasn’t even good then because there’s no new content and a new stupid grinding system. I can’t believe anyone actually is falling for this sith…

  • Silverstar

    Bear in mind that patch notes are rarely complete. There’s bound to be things in the patch that aren’t listed. For instance, heroic missions will no longer be repeatable, a fact they conveniently haven’t put in the patch notes.

    • I wonder if that initial change was maybe intentional. Helps solo players keep busy, and it makes the Galactic Command Planetary Missions option always available for use.

      • Silverstar

        They did say it was unintended, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. It may have been “accidently” done to appease us while they nerfed the elites’ cxp and had a look at how to adjust cxp gains in other areas. After all, that way they don’t have to admit they knew they were doing something that would be unpopular, and can’t get blamed when they take away the repeatable heroics since they’re “fixing a bug”.

        That probably sounds like angry conspiracy theorist stuff, but I personally don’t really care one way or the other about this whole command business.

    • well they stated before that it would only be until this patch, so i guess they thought it pointless to repeat themselves x.x

  • Adam Haynes

    Sorry for the off topic question here but is Lord Scourge obtainable as a companion in kotfe or kotet?

    • Darth Ji’inx


      • Adam Haynes

        That sucks but thanks for the info!

        • JRP

          At least for now, he isn’t. From what was said in the Livestreams, it still sounds possible that we’ll see some new Alliance Alerts sometime next year.

          I’d like to also see a larger increase in the number of companions that we can send out on Companion Missions, since with the number of companions that we recruit brings us to having up to 25 to 40 companions [5 class; 13 or so as ‘Main Companions’; 6 recruited through the Star Fortresses; and 10 to 15 or so as ‘Other Followers’]

          • Adam Haynes

            Cool, I’ll keep up hope for Scourge. Agreed on the companion missions as well… that would be a nice change.

      • gog

        *cries in sith*

      • ./sad face

    • Kaelin

      But you can try to get him via console on Odessen. He is just not going to be part of story or have any new dialogs for now

      • Adam Haynes

        Oh awesome! I’ve been awol so long I didn’t even realize that was an option. I’ll check it out tonight, thanks!

        • Kaelin

          No problem. I never actually tried to return any companions that way, some people claimed to have problems.

  • Noomi

    Lets pray that they keep heroics daily … they won’t … but hope is good 😀

    • Bryan

      Why would you pray for that? That’s like praying for being sent to hell.

  • Lana Del Rey

    What about the repairing companion console on Odessen? I could get Torian back, i saw the conversation option but there was the Scorpio option so i clicked that first and now i cant go back for Torian, the option to bring back lost Kotfe, Kotet companions is grey and unclickable 🙁

    • I had this issue as well. So annoying! D:<

    • guest

      If Scorpio is destroyed on chapter 7 will u get the droid back on Odessen, from console ?

      • We were both able to get her back, yeah. Thing is, we got her back first, but then when returning to the terminal for Torian, the option disappeared. Hopefully it’s a glitch.

        • guest

          Thats bit unrealistic, at least all dead, destroyed companions should be renamed to : Clone, Prototype, Scorpio Mk2,etc,etc. It might be a droid, and rebuild later, but not the mandalorian, he is human.Still plot gap.

          • Lana Del Rey

            Yes, it’s not story-friendly, like they did with class companions that have still not returned. Dulfy claimed that we should be able to get companions considered as dead or gone (for example Torian/Vette, Senya, Scorpio) back via console but because of this glitch we can get only one i suppouse :/

            • Berserkk

              I was able to get back all dead and gone comps: Vette,SCORPIO,Senya, got no problem with the terminal whatsoever.

          • Kaelin

            You can have them back but they will no longer be part of story.

  • Dazedandconfused

    PSA :

    Datamine shows kp mobs got updated…

    So get ready to farm EV I guess.

    Never seen a community so united in purpose… Defeating the GXP 300 hour grind as purposed by devs…

    Yeah thanks but noooooo.

    • well, if there was actual new content to do this grind wouldn’t be quite as bad… as it is though, people will do whatever it takes to minimize the hours required to grind through the levels… well if they care enough that is lol

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    any news about dark side reward companion?

    • Jar’rick

      If you’re talking about DvL Zabrak companion you won’t get her. It was either Ranos or Zabrak.

      • i wonder what it was based on though?? 0.o

        • Kaelin

          That one was pretty clear from the moment LvsD companions were announced.

        • JRP

          It was based on which side of the Force won the DSC Vs. LSC Event by November 15, 2016 [at least for this first time the event was held]. Since the Light Side won, players who had completed the Eternal Level [Tier 5] of the DSC Vs. LSC Event were rewarded with Master Ranos.

          Since they now said that they might run the DSC Vs. LSC Event again in the future, that might make it possible for players to earn Darth Hexid [provided that time the Dark Side wins].

          Had they not tied the reward into which side won over all, and just had it based on your character’s individual alignment choices — it could have been possible to earn both on two different characters [meaning one character making Light Side Choices to get Master Ranos; and another character making Dark Side Choices to get Darth Hexid].

        • Dragon

          Are you new to the game, Anna, or do you just have no clue what’s going on?

          • eh well, when i realized that all of DvL was just a rehash of 2-5 year old content i just left the game for some 4-5 month. still managed to get legend in about a month after i came back anyway lol

  • Alekero

    grind as much as it possible – new way of BW

  • Sozinho

    Of course, we will have some hidden changes, as usual…

  • [Veteran Battle of Ilum now grants 300 Command Experience (up from 100).
    Veteran Czerka Core Meltdown now grants 300 Command Experience (up from 100).]
    … why just these 2???

    [Veteran Mode Uprisings now give 680 (up from 200).]
    sigh, another boring thing to farm just cause it gives more CXP than other things.

    • jozopucik

      Well they need to show good statistics to EA that their new content is being played!

    • Arkira

      I am sorry, but all those changes change NOTHING. Here’s a simple math why:
      – you need a decent group with decent gear for veteran mode uprisings
      – it then takes anything between 6-15 Minutes.
      – Result 680 CXP.
      Compare that to non-ranked PVP:
      – no group required
      – takes anything between 3-12 Minutes
      – result 300-800 CXP
      In the long run PVP just is faster and I am not even talking about ranked pvp here…

      • dazedandconfused

        yes… there may be some EV farming for the trash Up to Gharj but it is not quick and easy like the KP Piggies.

        So PvP will be the new go-to… get ready for even more AFK!

        But ranked is way better than regs… it’s all arenas.
        600-1000 CXP for 5 min of play.

        There is no AFKing of course and the community can be quite demanding… also no guarantee for a quick pop.

        Grats again to bioware. This EPIC patch has people playing content they don’t really like… PVE forced to PVP because FP and UP* CXP is a joke.

        Forces us to not really play… mindless trash mob farms**

        Or not play at all… AFKers and those who have unsubbed

        *UP – can’t think of a good abbreviation for uprisings… then again, I doubt anyone will ever spam chat to group for em either.

        **KP Mob farming was way more challenging than Vet Uprisings… to perfect the timing to pull all the mobs, not have the piggies massacre at spawn camp and also have little dps down time, was actually fun. At least more fun than their new group content. Actually… although it was unintentional, this was new and original group content… the 8-4 man KP SM Trash mob uprising.

      • oh well. the RNG is against u when it comes to groupfinder lol. chances are you will be stuck babysitting either 1) clueless newbies or 2) stuck up pricks that rage quit at the drop of the hat.
        so first 1) sit in queue long enough for it to pop 2) hope no one declines 3) pray to RNJeezuz ur group isn’t retarded 😛 that’s how fps and uprisings usually go for me lol

        • Berserkk

          Praying to RNJeezuz might not work, i recommend praying to Loki instead LMAO

          • lol if i start thinking about Loki, i’ll drift to yaoi fanfiction VERY fast lol

  • Kaelin

    Some nice fixes. But…
    “Gold Elite enemies now reward 2 Command Experience (up from 1).” That one changes absolutely EVERYTHING. I enjoy SWTOR and have nothing against creators team, but that one… I bet they had a good laugh.

    • like seriously, what the hell is that one suppose to fix exactly??

    • FXFZ

      Strage. Normally BioWare would say: “Gold Elite enemies now grant 200% Command Expierience.” because it sounds like they are generous.

      Everything below 5 CXP is not acceptable for me and an insult.

      • i’m not pleased with the fact that all heroics and quests only give you 20 points.

        • DoubleDoom

          We found that many in our guild didnt realise that you had to use planetary missions in command window to get the heroics CXP award. So, you get 20pts per HC if you do it the old way but 20pts plus the award if you do it via the command window.

          • huh. okay will have to try that. but through the GC it’s random which planet i have to go to right?
            also. when i tried to choose flashpoint in the GC… it automatically made it solo. is there no way to q for tacticals through it? 0.o

            • Leah

              you can refuse until you get the planet you want. however. you only get that extra reward when you finish the requisite number of heroics on a planet (which is usually either all of them or like all but one) and its still somewhat minor, IMO

              to change flashpoint difficulty – there is a drop down menu, select difficulty you want. though personaly, I prefer doing them solo nowadays. faster and less annoying that way.

              • thank you. though story or veteran it is still solo anyway. dunno. i prefer to do stuff in a group. when i solo it, i alt-tab every five minutes and forget that i’m actually in game… cause … kinda…. boring lol

              • Leah

                I usually just catch up on some TV shows on a second screen so 😛 my problem when it comes to doing it with other people is that unless I’m lucky or with friends, it can be such a drag sometimes. and its weird that it didn’t change? because I have been able to run veteran (which I have found is just fancy name for tactical >_>) though GC. I did find it that it reset back to story if I changed role selection after picking difficulty. it also would reset to story if I moused over any other GC task.

              • eh, i just hate playing by myself by default lol. at least when it comes to MMO

            • Dragon

              If only that had been said somewhere . . .

            • DoubleDoom

              Random but you decline and try again until you get what you want. It gives you an extra mission that says “coruscant heroics 0/5” and gives a quick travel icon to the heroic terminal on the planet. When you get the number required, the mission grants the or extra CXP. Cant recall the base figure but it is in the hundreds.

  • grrr


    • Dragon

      Um . . .

  • Arkira

    “Crew Skills
    Endgame modifications now use the Operation Material instead of exclusively requiring the Conquest Material.”

    Read: Now every person can get endgame gear. Wait – every person who is doing operations… so basically we are saying: “Sorry, was bad idea, we want you to do operations, even if you can’t – like before… back to square one. And no – no tokens. Not yet.”

    • Лев Сафаров

      If sm ops and drop for everyone it means just a matter of time.

    • dazedandconfused

      Yes and no.

      If you are willing or able to buy, tier 1 and 2 mods should be more affordable. A toon can only do conquest once but can raid all week. Most guild crafters I know are planning to make a bunch because the new recipe is much easier.

      But if you prefer to craft yourself and don’t raid much…. well, unfortunately Bioware does not think you should play that way.

      The Metrics show all crafters love raiding.

      Also, The Metrics show that PvP only players love getting schematics they will never use.

    • dcu

      So the scematics from CXP crates are now useless for someone like me, who doesn’t run Operations…?

      (I don’t have all day to wait till a group is formed, waste of time for a PUG like me. Nobody uses GF for OPs.)

      So I can now buy the materials from the GHN (which are as expansive as buying the item, so it makes no sense t craft them.)

      And… what can I craft with the GC materials? Are they of any use?

      • DoubleDoom

        You can buy VMCs. Operations dont give you much credits for the time. So, doing heroics etc gives more credits. So, you can buy the VMCs. The better schematics drop in operations though. So, you are going to need to do Ops if you want the best. You will probably find ops will become more likely to be played by pugs now the mat is important again. Or you can join a guild that runs guild ops.

        • and are the credits for them VMCs supposed to pop out from thin air? even without the CXP grind i’ve always been terra-bad at making money now after an hour or 2 of grind i’m in no shape to go and try to do dailies lol

    • they should hurry up and bring back unassembled tokens. i don’t want to get pieces for a healing set when i’m trying to build a dps set lol

      • DoubleDoom

        Before you open the crate, respec to dps and then open the crate. It will give gear on your current ability at time of opening. Not at the point you move up a CXP level.

        • yeah… but like…. what about making it more alt-friendly so i can help my GCrank 1 guardian get gear while on my GC 45 sorc? 0.o

          • DoubleDoom

            Cannot disagree with it being made more alt friendly. Not so bad if you have alts of the same role for ops runs but if you heal and dps or tank/dps etc then its a horrible system.

            • i don’t mind it when i have 15 sages and 10 sorcs lol, but what about my other toons darn it?? lol. oh what am i saying… my first and only set piece came at rank 44. if that’s my RNG rate, then i’ll need like… 528 crates to get a set bonus. and that’s for one tier. so yes. i immensely dislike the RNG the way it’s currently implemented.

            • zorkovitch

              its not only about being alt friendly, also respec friendly. having to respec before opening crates is inpractical, and it doesn’t protect you from getting say twice the boots for dps and twice the gauntlets for healers (with tokens you could get one of each for each spec)

              • DoubleDoom

                Tell me about it. My commy has only had two purples. Both head.

    • DoubleDoom

      It was always meant to be the VMC. It was acknowledged early as a bug on the dev tracker. It has been great buying up VMCs dirt cheap over the last week or so knowing that they were fixing this.

  • x-Fx000-y

    BioWare Employee: What bugs should we fix first?
    BioWare Bosses: They ones that make the game less fun!

    BioWare Employee:But I could fix some bugs that are annoing people for years! And some that would make the players happy!
    BioWare Bosses: No, don’t do this. And never ask that again!

  • ⁠⁠

    Now that you can’t farm CXP from KP anymore because of the stealth nerf, the best way to hit the 318k weekly CXP cap is to run story mode uprisings with a high dps group.

    • are we 100% certain there actually was one? 0.o

    • Bogdan Paunescu

      what stealth nerf?

    • chameleon2000

      What stealth nerf?

  • Annubis1991

    they should allow pref to get acces to cxp just at lower rate than subs… like half less. But i guess it’s not gonna happen ;/

    • lol if that is gonna happen, that’d be like a year long grind

      • Lastinor

        i dont know, for me a year long grind sounds better than a no access to the new expac gearing system. Which is as it is now a piece of shit, but better than nothing.

        • Annubis1991

          @ Lastinor – That’s what i mean… heh better get this than nothing at all….

          • Lastinor

            yeah i know 🙂 anyway it is the worst try, which will scare more player away from the game than motivate them to play with it. Especially for prefered players who payed for the game. Those who are saying that you can get pref status by purchasing the cheapest cartel coins, well to play with the new expac u have to have the previous ones to get to the appropriate lvl. I am totally understand what they trying to do. but right now i think they are perfectly doing the opposite-

        • well. i suppose so. but from the way i look at it, restricting the system to sub only is them trying to motivate players to subscribe lol

          • Annubis1991

            Poor attempt of them… if that’s what they tried to do

            • can’t really see much of other reasons >.> but since i don’t work for them i can only guess hehe =) though imo the F2P do have too many restrictions tbh.

        • Bryan

          I’d actually vastly prefer nothing. This is just a hamster wheel to distract idiots into thinking there’s an endpoint.

  • TimmyT

    Did they fix the distortion on Vette’s mom’s vagina going out of control. Its almost as if its possessed. Also can they fix the problem with Consular’s storyline with the conference room. Nadia’s face during cut scenes show her head jammed right up her dad’s ass

    • TimmyT

      Sorry made a mistake and forgot. Its not Vette’s mom. Its Vette’s sister’s pimp lady Teilek on Nar Shadaa. Big mistake. Not trying to be inappropriate. I actually had these problems.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Please post pictures this sounds hilarious.

      • gog

        Please tell me you took screen shots….

  • soon

    1 minute to go. For how many hours will the mainenance be expanded?

  • Disqus this

    No adjustment to their shitty RNG gearing. Thats disappointing.

  • kirk

    feels bad man

  • Luca

    What’s the size of this patch? How many GB/MB

  • so. piggy farm 5 CXP per mob…. instead snow-covered parcels give 20CXP per 1.

    • Andrew Humphrey

      On average you will kill 5 pigs far faster than you will get 1 parcel so this point is redundant.

      • lol it really depends on your RNG 😛 but in average certainly true.

  • Jaina81

    Master Ranos is now summonable by using the holocommunicator and by completing the Alliance Alert “The Light Triumphant.”
    Shay Vizla is now summonable by using the holocommunicator and by completing her Alliance Alert.

    still no Alliance Alerts for me, after using the holocommunicators 🙁

    • i had no problems summoning both of them even before this patch though 0.o what’s the problem exactly? O.O
      if you already used the thingie that came in mail i’m assuming the companion just joined you and therefore you wouldn’t be able to do the alert mission to get them on those characters?

      • Jaina81

        Text while using Holocommunicator says, you can play the Alliance Alert, even if you you use the item. worked the same way with Nico Okarr last yearand is still working. had a shae vizla alert and used the item, then the alert just disappeared. same with ranos.

        don’t really care about Master Ranos-Mission but you get a reward of companion customizations after doing the shae vizla-alert.

        • zorkovitch

          you get a customization on her by default. And from friends who did the alert, there’s nothing to do but a dialogue, so doesn’t matter really.(and no achievement)

          • Jaina81

            I did the Alert on another char and got 2 or 3 customizations as reward of that Quest

          • Ben Gimson

            You get 2 customisations for actually doing the alert. If you use the item you don’t get the alert and you miss out on those two customisations.

    • Ben Gimson

      Yeah same issue here. No rewards for doing the quest though so I’m kinda ‘meh’ about it.

  • R315r4z0r

    I find it funny that they advertised this system as “get rewarded for playing how you want to play.”

    Then they continue to nerf all the CXP gains that people generally flock to farm.

    If someone wants to spend all their free time grinding champion mobs in a daily area to rank up… what difference does that make?

    These nerfs just seem like the devs don’t understand the most basic rule of game design: the player is always right. You can’t design a game to be played a certain way. Because it won’t be. Ever.

    Design a game to be fun. If people have fun ranking up their CXP doing mundane things… more power to them.

    • Haldir Orlly

      What? The quickest way to get CXP for time invested is Uprisings. Everyone is doing them and the ques take no time at all….and they’re BUFFING what you get from them; but sure, they nerf all the good gains people flock to.

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