GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Frostforged Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Frostforged Weapon Skins gallery. These skins are available for 1 Black Lion Ticket each.

Weapon Skins


Frostforged Axe Skin


Frostforged Dagger Skin


Frostforged Focus Skin


Frostforged Greatsword Skin


Frostforged Hammer Skin


Frostforged Longbow Skin


Frostforged Mace Skin


Frostforged Pistol Skin


Frostforged Rifle Skin


Frostforged Scepter Skin


Frostforged Shield Skin


Frostforged Short Bow Skin


Frostforged Staff Skin


Frostforged Sword Skin


Frostforged Torch Skin


Frostforged Warhorn Skin


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19 replies on “GW2 Frostforged Weapon Skins Gallery”

Who keeps deciding, “Yeah, gems! We’ll put gems on these weapons!”


(Other than that, I like these. Thank you, design team <3)

I was thinking maybe they were going for Mordremoth’s green magic being infused into these Jormag type weapons. But maybe that’s a stretch.

O.o What is going on? Did they fire their old concept artist?? Why dont BL skins look like masterwork or Fine weapon skin?? O.o I am confused…. But I am glad. This is finally good BL weapon design since worth tickets since scientific weapons. And Dat Torch tho.

it’s too bad the fire effects from torch skills couldn’t be replaced with that snowflake and frost looking effect as well. Torch on it’s own looks amazeballs but then in the video when she sets fire around her, it’s a weird contrast with the snowflakes.

Why the horrible neon green gems, they fricken clash! Half the skins look like they were ripped from WoW as well >.<

Very nice as a Norn I approve, as a matter of fact on my Reaper I have stylized to look like Arthas I think that Sword looks better because of the frost effect then the Spectral Sword which looks more like Frost Mourne. I see my self saving up for the GS, Staff, Axe, Dagger, Hammer, Great Bow, Mace, and Shield. Time to start farming gold.

Oooh, these are nice! Rather tempted to pick up the pistol for my Mesmer as she uses a green/gold motif for her armor and weapons, but on the other hand, she doesn’t really use ice…

Finally…..I was thinking my 2-3 dozen tickets were about to rot away….nice skins…better if the Emerald would have been Saphir or Diamonds, but eh……8/10 is better than the usual 4/10 in the last dozen or so sets…this will be he third set I like enough to complete it.

maybe enough people complain about these ugly ass skins… they do something about whoever is currently designing them… they aren’t popular enough for anyone to really want to complete any of the sets… not like the reward for set is something worth the effort.

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