GW2 Wintersday

GW2 Upcoming Items from Wintersday Patch

A list and gallery of upcoming items from GW2 Wintersday Patch taken from reddit thread by that_shaman.


Outfits and Backpack

Ice Encasement Outfit – [&Cy4AAAA=]



Ice Crown

  • [&CoUbAAA=] Ice Crown (ligtht)
  • [&Cn4bAAA=] Ice Crown (heavy)
  • [&CoAbAAA=] Ice Crown (medium)


Mini Scruffy Backpack – [&CocbAAA=]



Mini Tiny Snowball (Drop from Wintersday Gifts)


Mini Snowball

Place following in the mystic forge

  • 1x Exquisite Snowflake
  • 25x Candy Cane
  • 50x Flawless Snowflakes
  • 5x Mini Tiny Snowball


Mini Large Snowball

Place following in the mystic forge

  • 1x Exquisite Snowflake
  • 10x Wintersday Presents
  • 250x Flawless Snowflakes
  • 5x Mini Snowball


Mini Festive Aurene



Candelabra Staff – [&AgGdOAEA] (Uncommon drop from BLC Chests)


Wrapped Weapons

These are from A Season of Merriment Wintersday achievement.

Wrapped Greatsword [&CpIbAAA=] Wrapped Scepter [&CpcbAAA=] Wrapped Shield [&CpUbAAA=]
gw2-wrapped-greatsword gw2-wrapped-scepter gw2-wrapped-shield
Wrapped Staff [&CoMbAAA=] Wrapped Sword [&Cn0bAAA=]
gw2-wrapped-staff gw2-wrapped-sword

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30 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Items from Wintersday Patch”

At least make the Ice covered armor look like an artisan took the time to shape the ice to correspond with the armor it’s covering. Not have it look like Jormag just sneezed on you : /

Some of it looks like it has, then Jormag sneezed on it again and then the person shaping the ice said “screw this, I’m outta here”

The garment underneath all the GEORmag snot might actually be interesting. I wonder if they’ll release it again without all that bland-looking ice.

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