GW2 Wintersday 2016 Coverage Guide

A guide to all the Wintersday 2016 activities and new items.

Gemstore/Cosmetics 2016

Weapon Skins/Items

Winter’s Heart Infusion (Rare drop from Wintersday Gifts)

Infinirarium Glider (Uncommon drop from BLC Chests)

Activities and Achievements

These activities and achievements are same as the 2014/2015 version.

Non-Wintersday Content


Time-gated Story



  • RKC

    You may also want to add that ophans loction map.

  • asdsadsadsa

    You could also add info that you can get a daily gift from the Tixx npc.

  • Alot

    Surely there is an obligatory cat hidden somewhere in this?

  • Jabari

    Could we get more info on Mini Tiny Snowball? [&AgG7OAEA]
    “Combine in the Mystic Forge to get a larger mini snowball.”

    • Finn

      i found 3 of the 4 ingredients (missing one) the others can be obtained in wintersday gifts
      1 pet + 2 things from gifts + ?

      • Kevin

        Exquisite Snowflake

  • FrycoN

    rofl ..this glider

  • Asheralia

    There is a new Mini : Mini tiny snowball. It seems to be upgradable like the skritts ones !

  • Emilee

    LOL that glider is awesome lol

  • iqValentin

    Opened 1 Black Lion Chest… got the glider right away… on my ALTERNATE account XD

    Daaaamn, that infusion is GORGEOUS!

    • wodaji

      mental note: mail all black lion chests to main account. lol

      • iqValentin

        Bad thing is the Black Lion Chest Key can’t be mailed to the main account =(

        • wodaji

          I just tested it and was able to mail the 3 I had on my tertiary account to my primary account. You had me scared that they changed something. lol

          • iqValentin

            What? How? Aren’t they account Bound. I mean, THEY ARE account bound; how can you send them from one of your accounts to another?

            • wodaji

              You were commenting on how you “Opened 1 Black Lion Chest” and I replied that I would mail all Black Lion Chests to my main account for opening. I never talked about keys, just chests. I only buy keys for my main account.

  • FrycoN

    Dulfy how many boxes did you open to get this infusion?

    • Ares Zax

      She didn’t. From the video you can tell it’s someone else’s character modeling the infusion for her.

  • Answerer

    so if you got the shoulders last year.. there’s really nothing new at all this year?
    I mean.. what..?

    • Julia Oceania

      There’d the infusion, which although it isn’t an achievement, is something new. There are also the wrapped weapons for achievement reward

      • answerer

        I didn’t see a new achievement in the festival tab.
        Did it get added somewhere else?

        • RabbitUp

          Daily achievements have 5 wintersday related chievs. Completing 3 of them gives you “Wintersday Cheer”, which is a daily. Getting this achievement 5 times (so 5 days) gives you “A Season of Merriment”, which is a new achievement.

          There’s also the Toymaker title, which I believe is a new one.

        • Julia Oceania

          It is mentioned on Dulfy, along with the outfit and the new glider

  • Krystal S. S.

    Now that’s a glider, shame it’s only in the BL chests though off to grind a few maps for completion for keys.

  • Ares Zax

    The glider is really eye-catching, but it’s also VERY vision-obstructing. Just keep that in mind if you ever need to do precision stops or landings.

  • OwO Winnie

    hi Dulfy~
    Can u make a vid for Halloween’s Infusion+Winter’s Infusion at body?

    it will helpful us to see the Aura

  • Definitely not Doge

    I’m really curious how charrs would look with the new infusion. would they be albino?

  • Hentai Akuma

    What would it look like if someone were to use all of the aura based infusions at the same time?

    • viguiry

      They simply stack up.

  • Arle Andersanka

    Most disappointing festival to this day. Recycling the same events is fine as long as they’re fun, but not even a new meta achievement? This game is more and more aimed towards multiplayer and multiplayer only. Soon we’ll see 10 man “zerk only” raids for level 1 personal story.

    • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

      I thought the daily thing that you have to repeat each day is the meta, to get those Wrapped weapons.

      • narg

        well, kinda it is, but it could be done better

      • Arle Andersanka

        I would hardly say a meta is endlessly repeatable and gives no grand reward at all,

    • I mean, it’s an MMO. Of course it’s geared towards multiplayer. That’s largely the point of it. 😛

      • Arle Andersanka

        As well as it’s an MMO, it’s also an RPG. And the PvE role-play/point of the entire story is adventuring and exploring all by yourself. It could have worked if GW2 had a friendly and nice community, but when the PvP retards (of which I have about 150 in my blocklist, lol) set the rules, say you either have to be perfect or fuck off, and you *have* to rely to them in order to get your achievements, then the whole RPG part of the entire game has failed.

        • Gitgud

          What? PvE is meant to be solo role-play? Where did you get this idea? What do map wide meta events count as then or dungeons and raids? As for pvp I’m fairly into that side of the game also, yea there are some toxic people but in general it’s OK and I’m by no means a skilled pvp player. To be honest GW2 actually has a pretty solid community so sorry if you’ve run into shirty people but it’s not representative of the entire game by any means

          • Arle Andersanka

            1. Dungeons and fractals are pure multiplayer content in their own instances, completely separated from the open world and personal story. Totally irrelevant example.
            2. Raids are even more irrelevant, it’s like claiming I said WvW is solo role-play.
            3. Bosses were the only point of relevance you managed to make; however those are a) too strong to take out solo and b) post level-80 endgame content, like all the other examples above.
            4. There is a very reason people don’t PvP, not even a 25k AP/6,000hour veteran like myself; and the problem is when Anet totally aims the game towards, and favorizes, the retards and trolls in PvP.

            Yes, in PvE, the climate is quite OK. Used to be quite easy to find random friends. In WvW, it’s a bit of both, with mostly commanders standing out as retards (also on HoT PvE maps). PvP isn’t even discussable; when you have to block 8 guys in 5 ranked matches without even saying anything to them, because of their massive inferiorities, you know it’s way out of hand (I mentioned this in the forums in some pathetic Dragonball thread, and pointed out how Anet’s iGnorance have reminded me to stop purchasing gems; then I got warned at once xD).

            That’s where I wanted to go: There’s no wonder why PvP turds are constantly whining about content, noobs, achievement points and hunters, legendary weapons, rank farms, PvE players/mobs/loot/community, etcetera. They’re so constantly busy trying to assert themselves that they simply can’t take that most players, good and bad, level 1 necros and level 1000 daredevils, find a way to love the game for theirselves. That’s why I never PvP, but happily I’ve found a great guild hosting a bunch of PvP farms.

          • Arle Andersanka

            1. Dungeons and fractals are pure multiplayer content in their own instances, completely separated from the personal story. Totally irrelevant example.
            2. Raids are even more irrelevant. It’s like claiming I said WvW is also solo role-play.
            3. Bosses are a fair point; however those are a) deliberately made too strong to be taken out solo and b) post level-80 aka endgame content, like all the other examples above.
            4. There is actually a very good reason people don’t PvP, not even a 25k AP/6k hours vet like myself. The problem is when Anet doesn’t just ignore, but actually follow the train and pretty much entirely aim the game towards, if not favorizes, the retards and trolls in PvP.

            Yes, in PvE, the climate is quite OK. Used to be quite easy to make random friends by doing stuff together. In WvW, it’s a bit of both; mostly due to a hot climate between troll commanders and map chatters. PvP, on the other hand, isn’t even discussable. When you have to block 8 guys in 5 ranked matches, playing as you should without even saying anything, you know it’s way out of hand (I mentioned this in some pathetic Dragonball whinefag thread on the forums, in a parallel discussion of Dragonball activity, trolls and PvP trolls; and pointed out how Anet’s iGnorance of this have reminded me to stop purchasing gems, then I got warned instantly xD)

            That’s where I wanted to go: There’s no wonder why PvP turds are constantly whining about noobs, content, achievement points, achievement hunters, legendary weapons, rank farms, PvE players/mobs/loot/maps/community, etcetera. They’re so constantly busy trying to assert themselves that they simply can’t take that most players, good and bad, level 1 rangers and level 1 million daredevils, find a very own way to love the game they’ve purchased for. That’s why I almost never PvP. Happily I’ve finally found a guild hosting a bunch of PvP farms for me, so I don’t miss out on the dailies (:

            • Gitgud

              OK what do you mean by pvp troll because I think we are coming from two different lines of thinking here. This season I placed in low gold and have recently broken out into platinum rank so I’ve played a fair share of games. I think the thief meta this season is the hardest on people who are not regular pvp players or have taken time away from the scene but as for true trolls? The most I’ve seen is people afking matches for the reward chests. Of course if you are on a losing team some people will be toxic and start whining but that’s with any competitive game. On the other hand if you and obviously new player and it does show in matches then you shouldn’t really be jumping into ranked games immediately that’s what unranked if for. When learning a new class for example id never jump into ranked because if I can’t play the class there’s no way I’d be able to compete with it so effectively my team would be a player down.

              I’m not being elitist I think all content should be available to everyone and to the most part it is but just like raids ranked pvp requires a little bit of skill, game type and profession knowledge behind the player before they enter or you just won’t have a good time

        • Haldir Orlly

          You have so many preconceived notions about MMOs, then go on to tell us how the game is broken due to 150 people telling you how to play. Sure thing, bud.

          • Arle Andersanka

            To be corrected, GW2 is my first MMORPG. I have started from absolutely zero with the community, and really loved it when I was new; until the PvP turds showed up. There are nice PvP players as well, but they’re way fewer in size; and it’s not a coincidence that the guys who have the biggest lack of confidence also have to PvP all the time.

            Also, if you seriously think calling other people as shit and that you can’t get expericenced in PvP, or on the other hand crying over getting raped in there, then it abides for you and your idiocy. I’m open-minded and simply know better 😉

    • Alot

      The disappointing part for me is how easy it would be to add a gliding mini-game.

      • Arle Andersanka

        It’s GW2 bud. When you have so much content you lack the ideas for something new, it’s time to start removing content (daily/monthly achievements + a cap for instance, which you’ve always before been 100% individually free to choose to either do or not to do)

        The only good I can see about this system is that I’ve already finished Snowball Mayhem and Winterland Wonderland or wtf it’s called. Incredibly time-wasting and boring activities.

        • Alot

          I cant quite make out what you saying about the system?

          • Arle Andersanka

            Well, because they failed to find out that you could add a gliding mini-game, they removed content (achievements etc) to make it look new. The subject was new content.

    • Sty

      Not sure what’s aimed towards multiplayer in the last couple of patches.

      • Arle Andersanka

        Lol, are you for real or just trolling? You can make one big multiplayer patch and two million small single-player patches without changing the point of the game’s direction.

        • Sty

          Well you are repeating yourself, while I am merely asking for some enlightements and arguments.

          • Arle Andersanka

            Arguments for solo-playing single-player content? Um… that the moon is yellow, I assume…?

            • Sty

              Guess you can’t read posts before answering ^^ Nevermind!

  • Tsar CUBE

    I see the Winter Jumping puzzle still hasn’t been fixed and is the same buggy piece of horse shit that it was last year… Pity.

    • kadeui

      uh…they did polish it a LOT. read the patch notes. ive done it extensively, it is really good now, its finally working properly. there is some latency, but nothing extreme. i’d say its more your skills than the puzzle itself, at this point.

    • wodaji

      didn’t have any problems for the last couple years and this year isn’t any different. Sorry you aren’t have the same experience.

    • iqValentin

      Usually most of the time ppl complains about the jp being “buggy” are just incapable of completing it. Pro tip: Try jumping.

    • Gitgud

      What wintersday jp were you doing? It’s not buggy at all. take some time and learn the jump puzzle first before crying it’s bugged

      • Tsar CUBE

        Nope it’s still buggy, at least the left most path is where the snowflake right after the peppermint sticks disintegrates the moment you touch it and knocks you back. And just for the record I have no problem completing this path by working around the bugs in it, however it doesn’t excuse the sloppy programming.

        • Gitgud

          Well I cant comment on what youve personally experienced but the leftmost path the gingerbread path with only one set of candycane steps is the one i run to farm gifts and after HUNDREDS of runs i dont think ive ever seen bugs on the snowflakes, occasionally on the shaking present staircase but never on the snowflakes. You know the snowflakes disintegrate on a timer right? are you sure you arnt just reaching the 2nd snowflake section at the wrong time and getting caught by the timer?

  • Alot

    It would actually be nice if Dulfy added a link to the festive guild hall decorations which can be made during Wintersday. They did add a new one and its something I actually missed during the last Wintersday and Halloween.

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