SWTOR Changes to Galactic Command Coming in 5.1

Bioware is doing some gearing changes to Galactic Command with patch 5.1. They will discuss it on the livestream on Thursday.

Changes to Gearing through Galactic Command | 12.13.2016, 10:06 AM

Hey folks,

Please keep all of your feedback coming on Command Crates, Command XP, and Galactic Command. The team is always looking over your feedback and looking for ways we can improve the system! We have been reading everything you sent our way, and there are couple of stand-out points (this is by no means everything):

  • There needs to be a way to work towards a specific slot of gear to fill in gaps (especially set bonuses) for people who are unlucky with Command Crates.
  • Gearing your other characters is too grindy.

With this in mind, the team has some important changes planned for Game Update 5.1 coming next month to address the above concerns! We are finalizing those changes now and will walk you through our plans during this Thursday’s Livestream, 12/15 so be sure to tune in. If you can’t make the stream we will be posting a recap on the forums. I just wanted to let you know that along with the changes we have already made in 5.0a and 5.0.1, your voices are being heard. We look forward to talking with all of you about the upcoming changes.

PS – I will be back on the stream this week so the stream dream team is back together again.

By Dulfy

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patch note 5.1: we removed the fecking Command system and went back to some kind of currency/token system because it was a probable way to gear all your characters. Bioware listens ™

That’s not entirely true. 4.0 was a major about face on most of their past changes. Basically they decided MMOs are hard and we don’t want to do them anymore, but we still want to charge that MMO money. Freaking criminals is what they are.

Yes! Yes! THAT’S what we’ve been saying PRIOR to you modifying the frackin’ system!

WHY , oh why fix what was NOT broken???

RNG is NOT fun! It sucks! A porn queen actress in a movie doesn’t suck as much.

Let’s hear what you got to say then…

Yes, yes, I know, “everyone” wants the old system to come back.

You know, the one where you could only get set bonuses from Ranked play or Operations, the one where there was no real point in doing lower tier content, the one where most content was basically irrelevant because you didn’t need the rewards from the blue and green cystals, the one where you had to choose between PvP and PvE and not both because they needed completely different gear, the one where Galactic Starfighter went unplayed because what was the point…

Yeah, Galactic Command has some huge issues. And they’re working to fix two of them for January. They’ve already made improvements to the tuning of the system. It also has a number of good points that are getting me to actually play the bloody game again.

Give them at least a bit of credit for what they’re trying to do here. It is late, these issues should’ve been realized during development, but they’re still going in the right direction…

Until I see the actual changes, I will remain skeptical. Pretty much all 300 people in my guild are unhappy with the system. Players are getting frustrated and no one wants to play on their alts. We’ve had to forego running operations because people did not want to bring their alts due to it being a waste of time.

As many people have pointed out, they just ran the DvL event for 5-6 months that highly encouraged us to create alts and followed that up with a system that discourages playing alts. Many of us that have been around for 3-4 years have already gone through the entire content over and over and over and over again. Why do we need to now restart with a RNG based gear grind, just so we can do contents that we have already completed?

Why did people who had no interest in running operations, need operation gear? Who was the previous system hurting? Why did they not implement the command system on TOP of the existing system, that way people who were interested in OPs and PvP could gear normally and then the casual players can go about getting their gear through the crates. There was no reason to completely replace the old system, they could have just appended the new system onto the existing one.

There are raiders in our guild who are command level 50+ who has 1-2 set pieces while there are non-raiders who are command level 15-20 who already has 3+ set pieces.

They could have easily had 2 paths to gear progression, instead they chose to remove the old system and force everyone to try out the system where you have no control over how you gear up. You can’t turn in tokens to choose the specific relic/implant/earpiece that you can use.

So yes, while it may have gotten some players playing the game more, the majority of the players are outright frustrated.

Well, they ARE going after the alt problem. And yeah, I totally understand wanting to withold judgement until you actually see the changes. My point is mostly just that… they’re making efforts to improve it. We can slam them for not thinking about those problems before release while also giving them some props for at least EVENTUALLY getting to them.

Why do those that don’t play Ops want set bonuses? Well, leaving aside that just because I can’t regularly do Ops, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them and would like to pitch in now and then, you

As for why not both systems, or at least just keeping the tokens from bosses? That probably would’ve been a better idea. If I had to speculate, they just didn’t want people racing up to the end-game gear so quickly they got bored with it, but that’s just a guess.

Part of it is just that I feel kinda bad for Bioware right now. Yes, they screwed up, absolutely and 100% a massive f-up. The whole Galactic Command thing has been just terribly handled, with problems clear to everyone making it to launch.

And yet, they’re not running away from it or stalling or anything, they’re actively working to make the system better, because there ARE significant strengths to it. And all they’re getting in response is attacks because they aren’t immediately fixing all problems forever or going back to the old ways, as though they could do that with a snap of the fingers.

Hold them to task for the mistakes of the past. Encourage them to fix things moving forward. But when they do good, credit them for that good, at least.

I’m totally holding to their past mistakes.
I’m totally urging them to move forward (which is 180 degree turn because they are currently sprinting backwards….)

Well if you enjoy ops and would like to pitch in now and then, you already could. The bolster system on story mode operations gave you more than enough to participate successfully on every operation that existed, as long as you could follow mechanics and try to maximize your dps/healing (if that your role) by using a viable at least rotation. I will assume that you did not mean Hard Mode ops, because these generally cannot be completed by people if they just pitch in once in a while (with the obvious exception of KP and EV).

Keeping both systems would have been ideal. People who love challenging endgame content would keep on doing challenging endgame content, and people who love to grind, would keep on grinding. And everyone would get gear.

In August 2016 I was at a point with my guildmates, where we were at 4/10 on Ravagers and TOS HM, and we were close to getting the Underlurker and the Wookie. Guess what? With the current system, even if 6/8 raid members hadn’t already quit the game between September and now, it would take A YEAR perhaps until we get a whole set of 240 gear, so that we can try to actually challenge ourselves with that content.

So LOL, no, I will never feel bad about Bioware…. I only feel bad about the players who have been getting disappointed constantly over the last 2 years.

At first I felt bad for Bioware…. like 2-3 years ago. In the past 2-3 years, it’s just been one thing after another. Between the numerous bugs, the blatant exploits that made it through to the game and lived on live server for over month (Ravager gear exploit in 3.0, companion gift exploit 4.0).

The worst part is, the community as a whole TOLD Bioware how this was going to turn out from the first day that they announced/showed the galactic command system (that was back in October I think?). We again gave feedback to them after the live stream they did where it showed that after opening 4 boxes, there was nothing in the crates. Yes, Bioware is ‘planning’ on doing something about the new system, but they if you look at their live streams and most of their devs post, apparently this expansion has been a GREAT success.

As to your concern about casually running OPs from time to time, if you are just running story mode operations or even HM flashpoints, you don’t really need set bonuses. You will do more than fine with normal vendor gear or the previous mk-2 gear. The set bonuses were there for the min/maxers and the hardcore players that were looking to push their dps any way they could to meet the enrage timers of HM/NiM Operations. I’ve even run SM operations with half my gear completely empty on alts, and did just fine due to bolster. With a high level companion, you can do most of the contents with no trouble, and vendor gear was more than enough.

Now casual players can’t even buy normal gear off vendors, which is sad. The people who are actually doing well are people who had gear leftover from before the expansion.

So very well said I have been playing since day one and have a Tank and Healer fully geared 224 ready to play HM OPS when I can find a competent group. That was then this new system I have zero faith that I will ever find a competent group again. This will be my last paid month until they fix the game.

Yeah that one, the good one…

I’ll give them credit once they do something worth a damn. They haven’t made a good change to the game since SOR.

Kool-Aid man, with the Kool-Aid…

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that too much artificially-flavoured sugar-water is bad for you?

New in the cartel market gc legacy unlock! Only 5000 cc per account character weve heard your feedback! Lmao

Classic diversion. When a government wants to take the attention away from laws that would create more inequality between people and more uprisings (tee hee), they come up with some scandal, some war, some manufactured hate crimes, and no one pays attention to the laws until it is too late… Politics 101.

When Bioware doesn’t want people to realize that practically they released a game with 0% new endgame content, they claim that RNG is fun, and implement an atrocious gearing system, that keeps people talking about it for 2 months (and even from before 5.0 was launched) so that they don’t focus on the complete lack of new content that this game currently has.

At this point, I don’t even care about the fact that I am Command Rank 24 with 2 set pieces and an implant, because, what would I do with the gear even if I had it?? There is literally NOTHING that I haven’t already done dozens of hundreds of times. Bioware even tried to get people to do GSF…….

PS. Please don’t respond to me with an argument about how Uprisings are new content, or I will find you and make you repeat Uprisings until you feel more stupid than Leroy Jenkins.

GSF happens to be one of the funnest activities I enjoy in SWTOR so please keep in mind that there are other players in this community who focus on other things that you may not find important. MMOs cater to a variety of play styles and I notice a lot of people who post here and on the forums never bother to take that into consideration. That being said, I’ve been following the RNG controversy and listening to a lot of legitimate complaints. I think it’s important to keep in mind that any new system will require time for the Dev team to analyze and evaluate the community feedback. They appear to be doing exactly that and hopefully we’ll be seeing them implement a solution that will satisfy the players. If Uprisings doesn’t satisfy your bottomless need for new content then I suggest being patient and wait to see what new content will be offered to us for 2017.

I’ve been playing regularly since launch and have never found myself without things to do in this game. I’ve had a great time enjoying content new and old and I’m curious to see what the Dev team has in store for 2017. I really do hope that they start developing more content for GSF and Operations.

would like to play the new storylines with one or two friends but no can only do the old content from years ago with friends, otherwise only single player, 15 minute flashpoints, or 1.5 hour ops- games has deteriorated to extremely poor

Awwwwhh… You were going great, until you suggested patience.

Sorry, but isn’t 2 years of patience enough for you?

Bottomless need for new content… Right… Because right now we’re spoiled for content, right? Let’s see: 1 new Warzone in THREE YEARS, TWO YEARS without an Operation… You say you play GSF… Well I don’t. YOU tell me the last time they added ANYTHING to GSF…

They didn’t need to analize anything. WE TOLD THEM THIS SYSTEM WOULDN’T WORK. MANY TIMES. Had they listened the first time around, maybe lots of people wouldn’t have left.

Take a good look around. You know, there are companies out there that discuss these things with their playerbase. They take MONTHS planning, presenting, discussing.

BW didn’t listen to us. If they had their ear to the ground, they would have heard the stampede brewing before it HAPPENED. They listened to the sound of subscribers slamming the door on them. That’s what they listened to.

Ravagers exploit was legendary…. It was going on for more than a month, and the devs decided that the best treatment would be to basically pretend that it’s not there, and hope that players will not exploit too much. So that they could go on with their vacation as planned.

For the life of me, why does SWTOR keep on releasing xpacs in December, if they know they will have to be very present and active over the next few weeks to fix anything that might be broken or not working properly or just not working out for players?

Another question that will go unanswered I’m sure… In their defence: KotFE was released in October. MUCH smarter move than this. It seems they can’t learn from their mistakes… Now where have I heard this line before…

Typing things in caps to EMPHASIZE your arguments isn’t NECESSARY. Regular grammar works just fine for those of us who know how to read.

In a perfect world we would be catered to by a massive tech support staff, Dev team and community relations department, all supervised by a company that operated with the best interests of its consumers in mind. Bug issues would be fixed in a timely manner, new content would be rolled out on a more frequent basis that catered to both PVE and PVP players and everyone else in between, there was weekly communication from game reps where hot topics were addressed in a timely manner and player feedback was openly discussed.

Unfortunately, what we have is far from perfect. I think the team of people who run this MMO are working within a stingy budget and a restrictive policy set forth by some greedy, corporate douche bags at EA and I think it’s probably a very shitty job trying to keep the ship afloat while having to disappoint and frustrate so many players.

So, what can we do? We have the choice to either quit the game in protest or to continue making our suggestions and providing vital feedback.. and being patient. When 5.0 rolled out there was a shitstorm of forum rage with players leaving their dramatic epitaphs blaming RNG as their reason for leaving the game. My attitude about it was, “Huh. Well, let’s give it a month to see how it plays out.” The Devs have evaluated the feedback and are now going to make some adjustments. No big surprise. Life will go on.

So… as you so aptly put it, let them “repair the mess THEY made”. For all we know the Dev who made this RNG decision ended up getting the axe.

Now that their emphasis on story is over, my hope is that 2017 will be the year for new GSF, Ops and PVP. Many people who hate GSF will undoubtedly scream bloody murder should the Devs ever put GSF ahead of PVP and Ops. If you want to talk about anger, resentment and neglect, nobody knows it better than people who support and who are passionate about GSF.

Ok no caps for you. Sorry, but in a world of ADD and” Tl;Dr” it’s sometimes the only way to put a point across.

Yes, it’s far from perfect. But it’s more serious than that, in my modest opinion. There’s a lack of direction in the way this game is developed. Too many ideas fall by the side, too many things get sidetracked because of “metrics”.

The communication with their playerbase is almost non-existing. It’s almost laughable to see these guys behave like stupid teenagers over their product. They are so “excited about this and that”. Well, I for one do not want them excited. I want them focused on the job, listening to the feedback we are providing and making timely decisions. Metrics are great, but they’re an “after the fact” kinda deal.

My original point was that they didn’t have to evaluate anything. They just had to listen to people say they didn’t want RNG in the gearing system. Simple. Everywhere I turned I saw people unhappy with this turn of events. TOR’s official site, Dulfy, Reddit, Facebook… It wasn’t difficult to see.

I think it was Dulfy herself that stated on Reddit that they were going for a “if it doesn’t work we’ll fix it later”. Well, I’m sorry but that’s just lazy and we deserve better. Not me. We.

Unfortunately the only language they seem to understand is money. If half the people I saw threatening to unsubb really did unsubb… Well, a lot of people went out the door. And it’s very difficult to get those people back. There are plenty of good options for MMO’s out there. I know. I’m playing one, after leaving TOR almost exactly a year ago.

Yeah and until all idiots realize thier bien abused here and catch on theyll focus on cartel market and not much else

I definitely agree with a lot of your commentary, especially in regards to the giddy veneer we see exhibited in the live streams. I wonder if that is a byproduct of people who have to jump through a lot of hoops and gloss over very relevant and serious questions and concerns. I’m not a big fan of Eric Musco tendency to interrupt his colleagues when they have things to say–almost like he needs to always be getting the last word in or steer the course of discussion back to safer waters. I’d be curious to take a close look at whatever non-disclosure agreement these poor guys undoubtedly had to sign.

I won’t pretend to defend the RNG idea. I’ve had some insightful discussions with some friends in my guild about the folly in all of that. However, I do think that there is a fine line when it comes to designing a game. I’ve no doubt that they were aware of all the RNG concerns before 5.0 rolled out, but my guess is that their decision to ignore the red flags and proceed as planned was a calculated risk that ultimately became dead on arrival. Wouldn’t it be nice if the person responsible for this decision appeared on the next live stream to explain the rationale behind it?

That said, I also don’t believe that players will always know what’s best. Sometimes risks should be taken in order to break the mold and help a game evolve. Considering the overwhelming negativity that poisons the forums over anything and everything that occurs in the game, I can’t say I blame them for trying something different. Ultimately, though, it was just a bad call. Let’s hope they roll out the necessary fixes soon.

Not sure why you had to feel offended and also be semi-offensive at the same time.

I admire you for being a huge fan of GSF. By all means, go and play the shit out of it. Aesthetically, it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the game. I am sure you would not disagree that the vast majority of players doesn’t really enjoy its gameplay though. That’s not even my point. I can praise GSF all you want if that’s what you want to hear. The point is that I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO PLAY GSF. And sure, no one is making me, but if in the same time that it takes me to complete an operation, I could have acquired 5-6 times as many CXP by playing GSF or doing PvP. Well, that seems unfair to me, not sure how you feel about it?

Besides, why the hell would you want me playing more GSF? Do you actually enjoy it if there are 3-4 people in your group that can’t really get ANYTHING right? I don’t know about you, but I feel bad if I mess something up for my team. That’s why I don’t do ranked. I don’t do NiM Ops. I generally don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Why would you approve a system that makes everyone play ranked so that they can get 850 CXP in 5 mins even if they sit around and do nothing?

And to respond to your sarcastic comment. It has been 2 FUCKING YEARS since I personally got my ideal endgame content. So you can’t really say that I have a “bottomless need for new content” exactly. At this point, our expectations are so low, that even if they throw a crappy buggy operation with no story background, idiotic mechanics and no good loot, we’ll still take it.

If you have never found yourself without thing to do in this game, and if you have had a great time enjoying content old and new (where exactly is that new content?) then I am happy for you. It’s nice that your threshold of expectations is bottomless, and that Bioware can keep you happy even if they just say that for the entire year of 2017 the endgame content will alternate between Ragkoul and Gree event for the whole 52 weeks. I am sure you would enjoy that.

I apologize for trivializing your grievance about a lack of substantial endgame content. I’m not clear on what endgame content means for you. I considered KotFE and KotET, Star Fortresses, Alliance Alerts, the Eternal Championship, Galactic Command and Uprisings as end-game content. What would have been great was if they capped it off with 1 or 2 Operations. Maybe we’ll see something in 2017.

Where I took semi-offense was your one-liner: “Bioware even tried to get people to do GSF…….” Your connotation there suggested that such an idea was ridiculous or absurd. It’s a bitter slap in the face to those of us who enjoy GSF and who have been fighting to get GSF it’s fair share of dev support for new content. You mentioned it has been 2 years since you got your ideal end-game content. Those of us in the GSF community have been enduring for over 2 1/2 years, last I checked, so please believe me when I say I sincerely understand your anger and frustration. Considering how much negativity it gets from a lot of toxic and ignorant people on the forums, GSF has been made to feel like the bastard step child of SWTOR. I’m very weary of that so I will defend it whenever I am able.

GSF may not be appealing for everyone, but those of us who enjoy it understand what makes it so much fun. The GSF forums are filled with thousands of threads that go into depth about problems, solutions and suggestions for improvement but without Dev support we are left in this crippling state of neglect. One of the few positive scraps that has been given to GSF with this latest expansion is the payout for CXP. Yes, it is a deliberate incentive to get more players to participate. I’m sorry you feel that isn’t fair, but some communities need more help than others and I would place GSF at the top of the list. Part of the problem, aside from the lack of new arena maps, is that the Devs have not made any effort to integrate GSF into the regular mechanics of the game. It’s a very separate and isolated thing and there is no incentive for new players to play. That could all change if the Devs offered more incentives: exclusive decos, weapons, armor, mounts, titles, flair, companions–all of it themed for space and starships. That alone would do wonders for bolstering GSF’s player base and stopping the mass exodus of pilots from every server to move to Harbinger, which has become a bastion for the GSF community. In the meantime, GSF gets a teeny, tiny little incentive boost by offering more CXP than other activities. I hope you can recognize the value in this. It won’t fix the current problems, but at least it offers a valid reason for players to queue up.

I have a raid with the few members of the guild that somehow still login…. so I will be short:

1. I love GSF. I am just not good at it, therefore I don’t play. When I see GSF people complain about the lack of content, instead of putting them down like people do to raiders when they complain about lack of new raids, I sincerely hope they give you more GSF maps. Perhaps even new mechanics? Or ships? I honestly feel that you guys get even less attention than raiders.

2. I was talking about group content, story is always there and it will always be there, otherwise what’s the point? I would LOVE to see them go back to a Republic VS Empire story though, as it was hinted towards the end of the story. KOTFE and KOTET are solo content.

3. Alliance Alerts and Eternal Championship are solo missions.

4. Star Fortresses were a joke, as they were all the same, it was basically ONE new flashpoint. I would never find people to do it with, even a couple of weeks after KOTFE was released… NO ONE wanted to do it. If I could find people to do them with… maybe I wouldn’t complain about that part so much. But I think everyone by now felt underwhelmed by SF.

5. Galactic Command is a new version of a group finder, not sure why you mention it as new endgame content? It is literally a screen where you can click on the old content you want to play.


What Alliance Allerts? Besides Master Ranos and Shae Vizla, there was no other allert, the devs pushed back Zenith and Malavai Quinn, they were supposed to be recruited since 4.0.0

Dude, don’t be like that. Leroy Jenkins is a legend, the patron saint of dumb group wipes and the nemesis of over planned combat strategies.


I can see reason to get best gear, it allows you to do everything faster, care less about everything and it increases your defenses. When you in best gear you can do hm fps and ops. When i finally get 6 set bonus for my Sith sorcerer healer i was so happy, all became easier to do. Down side of this is after 2 weeks there was 5.0 update and now i need to start to get it again.

There is literally NOTHING in this game anymore that does not have bolster, except from Hard Mode operations.

I can complete any operation or flashpoint even without any gear on me. I actually did that with the xp boost gear during the DvL event, without mods and enhancements. And if I want to complete HM flashpoints, I can still use my old 216/220/224 (depends on the toon) set bonus gear and complete it easily, with bolster helping me.

So that’s why there is no reason for gear at endgame content anymore, unless you do HM operations. And the gear needed for those…. will take months to get.

I know about bolster, but if your gear level is high enough it will be higher then bolster. Lower then this will be unnecessary challenging and will take long time to do. I just want when in hm fp or op to be useful team player and without normal gear i cant do this. Im sorry, but i need best gear to perform well.

I wonder how many peeps left SWTOR that they making decision so quick… Irony.. Community of this game sience first mentions of this “gearing system” says that RNG is bad decision… Yep we were right…

Of course a lot of people left. It was all over the forums. It was all over here. It was all over everywhere. What’s funny about it is that they had said they would leave even since November. Well if it makes them improve the game, I hope even more will unsub.

I hope the game finally dies the engine is shit all they do is rehash everything im glad to see people catching on here finally…

Why are you even spending time here if all you want to do is see this game crash and burn? Here’s a great suggestion: go spend your time playing a game that you like and stop being such a cat turd.

Heres a suggestion for you learn to take criticism and whats it to you anyways? How bout stop bieng such fanboi covered in shit asking for more shit to be thrown on you

Yes, I am indeed a fan of this game. That’s why I am here: I enjoy this game which is why I continue to play. It’s pretty simple. I don’t know you and I only post here once in a blue moon but I have noticed your commentary on many of these threads and anything I have ever read from you is always full of nothing but vitriol. If you want your gaming experience to be improved I suggest you offer feedback and criticism that is constructive rather than just ranting and lashing out at everybody who doesn’t agree with you.

First off I can’t offer constructive criticism or criticism because Care Bears like you can’t handle it and by the way you started this pissing match with me for disagreeing with me because you couldn’t handle it in the first place so you know you want to be a carebear and have a boner for bio fail that’s your deal you’re being abused and shit on which is what you don’t seem to understand here like the 99% rest of us

Bro you literally just post angry rants on a game you don’t even like. Get a life man or just find another game you enjoy instead of wasting your time

Bro you literally just wasted yours why bother with posting this? Secondly this is not ur forums if you cant handle criticism you shouldnt be on the internet wasting your time in general

I’m going to address you one final time before moving on. I will quote you where you made your strongest point:

“I can’t offer constructive criticism”

That is all. You are an absolute waste of my time and energy.

You forgot add b/c carebears like you cant handle it. You started this with me your an absolute pile of shit fanboi in general whos proven my point go run to your “safespace”

I going to have to throw a flag here for a run-on sentence.

I believe your point was strong but lack punctuation left me out of breath trying to read it.

That’s why i unsubscribed. My main is lvl 70 in 220 purple gear set. I’m sick and tired of heroics and OPS, nothing to do all day but stay in my Dromund Kaas stronghold and watch meatbags bickering in general chat.

“Gearing your other characters is too grindy”
“There needs to be a way to work towards a specific slot of gear”
Reallyyyy???? That sooooooo unexpected! You don’t say!

“There needs to be a way to work towards a specific slot of gear”
You mean like, (novel concept coming your way!) having the gear drop from the bosses??
That would be ridiculous!

You bastard! You mean actually having to go into Ops to get BiS gear??? I was doing great killing NPC’s on DK… On my lv 70 main!


Dude, if you’re actually doing any kind of combat then you’re doing it wrong. You should throw snowballs instead, that’s what’ll make the galaxy great again….

I was only kidding hehehehe… I’m not even subbed, can’t access GC… But this sure is dumb…

I know, but it’s gonna be fun to see how many players that reach the cap by throwing snowballs only….

Yeah… And BW’s report saying: “This years’ Life Day event was the best in TOR’s history…”

At 20 GCxp??? No shit, Sherlock…

Yep, gonna be fun….

Think I’ll stick to wandering around a post apocalyptic wasteland with a shotgun wielding drunken hobo who keeps getting better and better at befriending random animals….

its kinda crazy that throwing a snowball is worth 20 GC – the guy that hit the cap was killing gold level monsters for 10 GC. which in theory, takes longer to kill and find each one than alternating between 2 cd items in a crowded area.
We’re all going to cap baby!

Plus, IIRC from grinding those parcels a few years ago, you basically have them hot keyed while the mouse is at your debuff so you can remove it in order to spam like crazy with another person who does the same thing.

I love the fact that the SWTOR team acts like their community is a bunch of children, or to naive to understand complex ideas. It makes me feel like BW has so much respect for this community.

I can tell you how to fix this!
1- Rise the amount of xcp per activity, like, a lot.
2- Make the tokens and the gear bound to legacy.
3- Rise the chance of a nice drop.
4- Allow prefs and f2p access it they have the expansions.
There you go.

Make tokens available in OPS again.
Problem solved.
Raiders are happy.
Casuals are happy.
SWTOR gain his subs back.

How hard can it be to understand?

How willing are you to bet that if they do this, the people who grind to get gear now, the “casuals” as you say, will complain because then we will be able to get gear that is of no use to them anyway, much faster?

They’ll complain if you put in a vendor to buy set pieces on fleet.

“WTF!!!?? We have to go to fleet and spend credits to get set piece gear that we don’t even use in our single player game, except for the failed attempts at HM OPS content because we think gear = skill.”

I consider myself a casual and I would not complain. In fact I’ve supported similar suggestions on the forums. The GC system is fine for me because it’s just a nice bonus, but for everyone who does endgame content it’s ridiculous and I really hope the devs fix it.

Except for the rehashing of old content again as a raider with no new ops even talked about. Flashpoints (what they now call uprisings) are all there is

They have been. I did the Champion of Voss achievement on Sunday while doing the heroics there. I don’t think i would want to grind on champions, but its a good way to break things up if you’re in the area anyways. 😀

Is that the one where you have to kill 21 different Champions across Voss? I have only done 2/21, I will get to it at some point… What I’ve been doing during the last few weeks is actually getting a bunch of these weird achievements on various planets, since there’s not much else to do :/

Oh man… I just had to write this one in. I just HAVE to.

Ok… I know I’m labelled as a “hater” here. I don’t mind. I have lots of fun writing in this site, and sometimes I come across someone that makes me change my views a bit. Not much, but a bit.

But this just hit me. Please try to use your logic in this. Forget about hating or loving the game. Just use YOUR LOGIC.

So as you are all familiar with, Golds got nerfed because some guy hit the GC lv cap killing Golds on Tatooine. Nerfed from 10 gc to ONE. Ok, now 2 gc, right?

BUT… And this is a big BUT: if you throw snowballs around, you get 20gc!!!

What is the logic? Are they trying DELIBERATELY to piss people off? So you get actual playing nerfed… But throwing snowballs around is better???

That’s all really. I’m sure there are people out there ecstatic about this… Me, I find it… Peculiar.

That is actually a good thing. I took part in only 3-4 of these CXP farming runs for only 20-30 mins at a time. It’s not fun. Even the people who do it, say it’s boring. Maybe now people will actually do ops. So, I haven’t logged in tonight, did they actually keep their status as champions, but nerf the CXP? I wonder why they couldn’t just make them gold mobs…

They were still Champions. Also of note is that they were just changed in KP (haven’t looked in other Ops) BUT they are still 20 in Heroics and on the planets open world. So it’s not a complete nerf really. Just Ops most likely.

“Throwing snowballs on other people is one of the most fun activities on SWTOR for players like me actually. What I have noticed by reading posts like yours, is that you can’t realize that other people might have fun playing this game doing different content than you. I am very happy that they increased the CXP to 2 for each gold enemy, and it’s a clear sign that the devs are listening to feedback and care for us having fun while we play this game.

I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us for 2017 and the years to come, and I really hope they add 700 more Command Ranks, for a total of 1000. Can you imagine working your way towards an amazing goal of being at Command Rank 1000 by having to choose between 20 different Uprisings, 26 different Flashpoints, more than 100 different Heroics, 9 Operations and various maps of pvp and GSF?

I wish this community wasn’t toxic, and that all of you could appreciate this amazing game that Bioware has given us”

That’s not fair Kosto. You’re taking the drones’ material from them even before they can use it… looooool…

It’s either sarcasm or Kosto was in fact a covert White Knight all along!!!

OMG!!! It would be a better story than KotFE for sure!!!

What you have is a bunch of crybabys with a gambling addiction who are defending thier gambling addiction…
i say fuck em all they do is cry and tell me to leave b/c thier feelings are hurt and act like thier some kind of admin here lolz

Please, don’t leave this place :3 Because… Beyond the sarcasm, you stated the truth: I’m clearly addicted to this game. I mean, I can’t explain why I still play, and why I continue knowing that CG pisses me off.

I did about 300+ Héroics, near 50 FP for a total of 60 ranks (of course, the last 40 crates were totally disintegrated….). I’m nearly the last player of the guild. And I can’t explain why I still love this game (My “madeleine de Proust” syndrom ?). Yep I feel stupid, and in this case, your comments pull me off that dead-brain state 😀

So, this is your duty to continue Shawn Hargrave.

End Game: Grind old content to get gear to play old operations while buying packs that are re-skins of every past cartel pack.

People playing this are no different than the senior citizens playing slots in the casinos.

Look at it this way. The ONLY reason people are still into SWTOR is because of the IP. Take away the IP and have this be generic fantasy/sci-fi, it would have died in 4.0.

I think what they were trying to do was to insure that there were mobs for people to advance their heroic quests with instead of someone just randomly killing the mobs just because. That I can get behind. What would of been even better though is to have a system like ESO where the mechanic of it not only allows you attack mobs that another player is in combat with but you can get xp and loot from that mob. It makes players become more social without really trying to to force grouping on.

you know what’s wrong with galactic command? that I past the last 5 ranks getting only gloves!!! fuck you all, happy new year

They can change what ever they want. The system is foul from the roots to the leafes. There is no tweaking of the CXP system. You can’t polish shit.

I wish there was a way to see how many subs there are. I dropped for the summer and resubbed for the last chapter of, whatever it’s called, to get the Legendary DvL achievement, and then the new expansion. I ran my main through and immediately unsubbed.

I got LUCKY the first RNG crate I opened. Won a 230 item level Sorcerer off-hand. Wow… Just like that Hypercrate I opened and won 3 weapon tunings.

” I just wanted to let you know that along with the changes we have already made in 5.0a and 5.0.1, your voices are being heard. We look forward to talking with all of you about the upcoming changes.”

Like you heard your players about phase walk & shadows/assasins ?

I’d think that receiving trade-in parts when you disassemble armors, which can be traded in with a 2:1 or 3:1 (number of parts:piece of equipment) for the relevent bits you need would calm things down a bit.

I cant be the only person who doesnt mind the grinding. the previous expansions since launch have made gearing super easy year by year. you new folks have had it too easy

Yeah, all of us were doing content that we love all the time for 3 years, getting rewards for our content, and did not complain because we were happy paying customers that actually had fun while playing with friends that now all have unsubbed and play different games. Crazy, right?!?

No, we weren’t. How many times can you go to the same well? EV has been around since launch and flexed from 50 to 55 to 60 to 65 and now to 70; same for KP. The rest have been flexed at least twice now. And to make it all worse, you can’t even grind those things in an established group to guarantee the gear pieces you want….you’re just grinding CXP now to RNG shit.

The whole DvL thing that “rewarded us” to do ALL the old content again was a crock of shit; this is even worse…

Well I didn’t mean that we spent 3 years doing the same content, but that content evolved, and new content was added… People started of doing a bunch of flashpoints, then moved on to hard mode flashpoints, then started doing EV and KP, then moved on to the Oricon operations, and finally we had 2 final operations that were non-melee friendly, but they had great locations and interesting mechanics, with ToS and Rav. There was NATURAL PROGRESSION. The only thing we are asking for.

And throughout ALL of that time, we had new flashpoints being added on a regular basis. There was ALWAYS stuff to do, and there were rewards for it. Throw in a couple of events, some story, some new content like Strongholds and GSF, and you had a game full of stuff.

Oh and EV/KP were never flexed to 55 or 60…. they stayed lvl 50 ops until 4.0 dropped, when everything became lvl 65.

Its all the community’s own fault … or should i say “reward” ? Why did so many of you grind this stupid so called “DvL Event”?

For another companion? LOLZ!!! As if there are not enough of them trolling around. And some of the important ones (from the original chapters) are still missing (Jaessa, Kira, Mako, …)

Was the message of BW not clear? A message like “DO YOU GUYS LOVE GRINDING? DO YOU WANT MORE GRINDING”?

And all of you just jumped on the train with greedy eyes … oh a new companion … oh some boxes to unpack…

You all got what you wanted: Super mega asian gaming grinding power. Oh so dump the mass of the player community. So ignorant of the obvious.

I did not join the DvL shit. Even now 0% in my legacy. And I will not farm cxp. They come in in small numbers, while i’m going for GSF or PVP or just doing on of the still skipped planetary stories.

I’m also out of this cxp insanity. Don’t care of it even if it means never to run any ops again … but then, for what do I need BiS gear anyway?

People only did DvsL because there was literally nothing else to do during that time before the next xpac. Old expansion was ending, nothing until end of year, mine as well do something with goals/achievements….

“And some of the important ones (from the original chapters) are still missing (Jaessa, Kira, Mako, …)” .
Jaesa will NEVER be back to game, she is like Khem Val. At best you get to see and talk to her like troopers did with Tanno Vik, but thats all. Kira? Master Ranos says Kira went into the uncharted space to find you and didn’t came back. Mako? Torian says he left her on Carratos, alive and well, so we might actually have a good chance of seeing her again.

4.0 fucked up everything. What we hate is the fucking stupid reward system. Not grind itself. You wanna do ops only, you are not being rewarded properly as mindless husk that runs uprisings 24/7. And even that husk in on mercy of rng. Dafuq im playing? Casino simulator?

They didnt wanted us to play just ops or PVP,they made us so,to play EVERYTHING.Guess why?Subs=Money,more u have to play longer they recive money.But I dont mind it THEY SHOULD ASK US WHAT DO WE WANT.AND make that cxp shared by legacy so u can enjoy other toons

Well… How to say it… There is grinding and “grinding”. If after 300+ heroics, 50+ FP you achieve rank 35 on a char and rank 27 on the other you will end up bored. So bored. Since 5.0 all I did was grinding (well, i’m nearly the last man in the guild…).

And I MUST obtain rank 89 at least to improve my gear. For each char. 89 hours (and i doubt it’s really possible since at each rank you have to grind more.)

It’s not grinding, it’s only tiedous playing. When I log on, i only try to compute what is the best way to improve my GCxp/time ratio. A fun fact : Yesterday evening, on the imperial fleet, we were 48 (of course only one instance). Yep, anniversary, 48 peoples who decide to grind with snowballs.

Answering to this message make me lose at least 100 GC xp :'(

*shake off his head, alt-tab on SWTOR, grind while laughing histerically. His lat words were “A CRATE !!!! A CRAAAAAAAATE !!!!! I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED !!!!”*


And you’ve got a bright, shiny new UI for opening them, too — are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

Hahaha, let me guess: “We bring a new item to the cartel market, allowing you to open a crate with a 100% chance to get a set item for your class. This item will only cost 500 CC and will be awesome.”

This whole debacle is just a huge demonstration that bioware doesn’t understand how a theme park mmorpg works at a fundamental level.

Between the removal of the entire freaken loot table to the refusal to add more mmorpg content to the game for nearly 3 years, Bioware and EA simply don’t understand MMO’s.

They’ve failed to take player feedback into consideration since beta. So forgive me if I take a “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude towards this.

Frankly. Nothing short of a full restoration of the loot table will be considered a “fix” for me. They can keep there GC system, just give us the loot back.

As for helping alts…Best solution I can really think of is if the overall GC level was legacy wide…but your alts obviously not getting free gamble crates. (I dunno. The whole GC system as implemented is a half baked, poorly thought out mess as far as I’m concerned.)

Then start working your asses off implementing 3 years worth of MMO content…

Make the Command XP points and new CXP Ranks Legacy wide so we an play all our alts as we like and not focus only to 1 of our toons only

I agree man! SHARED BY LEGACY not by char.U cant play now all toons as u wish,u must grind with just one

I just got a email survey about the expansion and galactic command. They must be seriously thinking about changing things…

a series of questions. I paraphrase from memory – It went something like:
How likely are you to recommend SWTOR to friends or family? (score 1-10)
Why did you answer this way?
How satisfied are you with KOTET?
Rate KOTET features such as galactic command, veteran mode etc
How can we do to make KOTET better?

I did a nice, long, erudite (if I may say so myself :)) rant for that…Had to chop it down to one short paragraph.

So pitiful. They screw with you to make themselves look like they’re not totally incompetent and stupid no matter what you do.

Remember: “RNG is exciting!”

(Has that utter prat been sacked/asked to resign yet?)

Man I thought the DvL was a beast of a grind. This is gonna be 10 times that chaos. I can run Esseles in about 9 mins so maybe 5 times an hour but you can only do that for so long. The Uprisings are great but inconsistent as I’m pugging it so you really can’t get the time down a lot and the Command bonuses seem to be out of my grasp on the days I’m hoping for them. Been grinding the s#t out of this and barely level 40. Ugh! I’m feeling pretty bad for the Imps on JC, haven’t been victorious even once since this came out so no bonuses for those guys. I am so not doing this with all my toons. I mean level 300, nuts!

best way to fix GC? remove it. just fucking remove it. its awful, the system is awful, the RNG shit is awful, the monotonous grinding is awful. bring back tokens/commendations, and give us new raids, because this game needs new shit fast. seriosuly tho, no new content in 2 years….. biofail at its finest

This new GC thing is not good at all.How can I gear my all 9 toons ?U cant,coz CXP is char. thing,not shared by legacy,which could make things lot more easier,or I have to sit and grind lvl,which I do,and still tier one,lvl 32 atm.But it is going to take me a months to make it to lvl 300,hich doesnt mean u will have best gear by than,and it can be so,than u need to grind it 100-300 times more 😀 woohoo,revome this thing.I cant play all toons,now i have to and we are made to play just one char,I had to delete all my other chars,left just 2.We are paying to play AND NO ONE ASKS U WHAT DO U WANT ! They just made it so,that u HAVE to play more and more,and more,so it means iu have to pay more and more for sub.Now it looks like this,People are doing just PVP or one Veteran Uprising,that is all.Not so much Ops going on,Just Bestia (Planetary Boss).
Anyway They must make CXP shared by legacy so u can ENJOY YOUR ALL OTHER CHARS.

Only thing they MUST CHANGE,Is that XCP to shared by legacy between chars so U CAN ENJOY playig all your chars,not just one toons,with which u do just PVP or Veteran Ups,same thing till 300 than u will lose your will to play.I was considering to stop playing really.It made me so made that i had from my 9 chars,I left jsut 2.More u cant and u dont have time to play with. SO SAD

Translation: we are going to trick you into staying sub for another month.

The game is dead ’cause most guilds are near dead ’cause they killed non-subs by not allowing them access to GC.

Back in a few months for more episodes.

The grinding and random loot is idiocy. One toon at level 7 with three 230 set pieces. Another at 67 without a single purple. No one gives a damn about yellow armor items, Bioware. I started playing right after launch and this is the first time I have seriously considered quitting the game. There is basically no reward for playing. It’s like paying someone else to do mindless drudgery. From a story perspective, the game has been dead for a while. They removed companions (which some of us worked hard to max affection one – all that work and just stolen), left story lines incomplete, created no npcs with interesting potential that never materialized, left other story lines hangin. The newer content since KoFE is not replayable since your actions don’t seem to matter and every class and faction has exactly the same story line. We get it Bioware. You’re just sucking the last revenue from a dead game. If 5.1 doesn’t fix this, I am done.

The biggest mistake they made was removing loot from all activities, it’s nice to have something drop and be better than what you’ve currently got equipped. Nothing like that at all in any activity now and that really kills the enjoyment of the endgame for me.

The galactic command system, while being a grind, it works. However, it SHOULD have been to compliment the previous loot system and NOT a replacement. It’s nice to be able to progress outside of Operations and other endgame activities but it should be by no means be the only way to progress.

Until the next update there are no reasons to do anything other than the ‘cookie cutter’ methods of grinding cxp. Operations are a waste of time, which is a shame as it was my favorite aspect of the game.

● Original loot system should return, purely because it’s way more fun to find things out in the wild than just grind a box of disappointment.
● Galactic command system should remain to compliment the old system and allow some form of progression outside of group activities.
● Hard mode operations should have a high chance of dropping max level gear.
● The daily galactic command bonus event should be available to f2p players, this includes unlocking operations for that day if it’s the bonus event. However they will not get the bonus cxp.

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